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Bigg Boss 4 from August


The most awaited television show Bigg Boss 4 will commence from August. Star MAA is making all the necessary arrangements. The set work is complete and the contestants are finalized recently. Nagarjuna will host the fourth season of Bigg Boss which will take place for 50 days. There are several speculations going on about the contestants. There would be limited contestants and selected tasks this year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

There would be no grand launch and Star MAA is in plans to keep it simple. The official announcement about the launch date of Bigg Boss 4 would be made in the first week of August. Tarun, Shraddha Das, Varshini Sounderajan, Sunitha, Viva Harsha and others are rumored to be the finalized contestants. The list of contestants will be announced only on the day the show commences. As per the update, Bigg Boss 4 would be telecasted on Star MAA from the mid of August.

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NTR back as Bigg Boss Host ?


The first three editions of Telugu reality show Bigg Boss received tremendous viewership and emerged as a huge success. Star MAA roped in superstars NTR, Nani and Nagarjuna as hosts for the first three seasons and they have garnered terrific response from audience for their inimitable hosting skills. For each Bigg Boss season, the TRP ratings have considerably improved making it one of the most talked about reality shows in Telugu till date. The third season concluded recently and Star MAA is now chalking out strategies for the next season.

As like for the previous seasons, there is a lot of anticipation among audience on who will be the host for the fourth season. Telugu360 has exclusively learnt that there is good chance for NTR making a comeback to Bigg Boss as the host for the next season. NTR wowed audience with his comedy timing and impromptu mannerisms in the inaugural season. His hosting skills mesmerised audience and resulted huge hype on the show. So, Star MAA is once again planning to bring Tarak on board for the fourth season.

NTR was the forerunner to host the third season as well. However, due to his busy schedule in films, he couldn’t allot dates and Nagarjuna was roped in his place. He is currently busy shooting for his upcoming film RRR in SS Rajamouli’s direction. He will wrap up the shoot by mid next year. So, he might be available to host Bigg Boss season 4. Even though nothing is official yet, reports suggest that Tarak might comeback to host the next season.

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Bigg Boss 2 getting bigger than Big Boss 1?


Franchises and sequels always have advantage of faring better than the originals. They only have to live up to the expectations to surpass the ratings or revenues of the original. For example the collections of Bahubali 2 are for more than the collections of Bahubali 1 even though the ratings of both the movies are almost same.

Bigg Boss -1 is huge success but lagged behind Telugu serials and Rana’s show:

Thanks to NTR screen presence, Bigg Boss 1 was a huge success. As it was NTR’s first appearance on small screen, people were curious to see how he will do as host of the show. Compared to Big Boss 2, Bigg Boss 1 has less drama, less confrontations on weekdays and people watched it mostly for weekend episodes of NTR. Reality shows in Telugu could never beat Telugu serials and Bigg Boss 1 never found in top 5 programs of the week, as all the time it is Telugu serials that occupied this top 5 slots, as per the list released by BARC. Even among non-serial programs also, Rana’s number one Yaari program with Balakrishna surpassed NTR weekend episode of Bigg Boss1’s TRP. Rana’s show managed to get a 10.3 rating for its 9th episode while Jr NTR’s Big Boss managed a 6.23 rating. Interestingly, both the shows were aired during the same time. Big Boss 2 also could not beat top 5 Telugu serials but at least among non-serial programs, it occupies the top slot.

Nutan and Shyamala reentry got 11.7 crore votes Vs Bigg Boss 1 Finale’s 11.95 crore votes:

The initial episodes of Bigg Boss 1 got criticism that the show is becoming dull and not entertaining audience especially on weekdays. But during the final weeks, people got curious to see who will be the title winner and got huge TRPs. Final episode of Bigg Boss 1 got 11.95 crore votes, as announced by NTR. Nani announced that during the re-entry of Shyamala and Nutan Naidu, almost 11.7 crore votes have been polled. Even though 11.7 crore is less than 11.95 crore votes, fetching such huge voting for reentry itself shows how big is Big Boss 2 getting compared to Big Boss 1. It is obvious that votes that will be polled for grand finale of Bigg Boss 2 will be definitely much higher than Big Boss 1.

Volume of memes, trolls, videos and articles created for Bigg Boss 2 is way higher than Bigg Boss 1:

Ever since Bigg Boss 2 started, people have been responding on the content aired last night through memes, trolls , YouTube videos and blogs. The volume of this content is way higher that was created during Big Boss 1. In fact some YouTube channels started recently are completely surviving on Bigg Boss 2 videos. This clearly shows the power of franchises and sequels and clearly indicates response to Big Boss 2 is higher than Bigg Boss 1.

Leakage of eviction info shows how curious people are:

One negative comment that Big Boss 2 faced is – information leaking about who will be evicted this weekend. One of the main reasons for this is, Bigg Boss 2 is happening in Hyderabad while Big Boss 1 happened in Pune. So, some of the audience who attended the show are revealing through their social media accounts about who got evicted. But this information is even published by leading newspapers through their online portals and within few minutes of publishing that news is going viral in social media. This really shows how curious are people to know who will be evicted this weekend.

All of this clearly shows Bigg Boss 2 is really getting bigger and bigger than Big Boss 1. While Bigg boss-1 was aired only for 70 days, Bigg boss 2 is running for more than 100 days already and sustaining momentum for these many days is really a big feat. Once the TRPs of finals are out, it may clearly emerge how big is Bigg boss 2 than Bigg boss 1.

-Zuran (CriticZuran)

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What are Bigg boss “stars” doing now?


Bigg Boss show is currently talk of the town. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most successful reality shows in India. The show was successful across many languages in India. As the show will telecast everyday for (around) 100 days, people get connected to them emotionally. Also, there will be huge discussions on their acts, their words and their personality traits in social media. But once the show is wrapped up, within a few weeks, everyone will come to their normalcy. Let’s see what these Bigg boss stars are doing now and whether they got benefited or not with this show.

Bigg Boss 1 Telugu:

when it comes to Big Boss 1 Telugu, there was totally 5 contestants in the finals. Archana, Hari Teja , Adarsh navadeep and Shiva Balaji. even though Shiva Balaji was the title winner, his career did not take any big boost even after he became the title winner of Bigg Boss 1. Archana Adarsh and Navdeep also work at the same place where they were before joining Big Boss show. it seems it is Hariteja who got little benefit from the show. she got some TV shows, and she was also seen in some commercial ads. It is because show was able to successfully utilize the opportunity by showcasing her talents.

Bigg Boss 1 Tamil:

Arav, who debuted with Vijay Antony-starrer Saithan (Bethaludu in Telugu) won the title in Tamil Bigg boss-1. The success of his appearance on the show, prompted several filmmakers to approach him to play lead roles in their films. He signed projects like – one with director Saravanan, another with director Maran. However, even after 1 year since the title, he didn’t get much needed break. In fact, compared to her, Oviya got better chances than him. She is acting in couple of movies now and she also got some commercial ads. She was also seen attending several showroom openings.

Bigg Boss Hindi:

In 2006, by public vote, Rahul Roy won the first season of game show Bigg Boss. Before Bigg boss, he was already actor and acted more than 20 movies and after Bigg boss, he acted in another 5 to 6 movies. Ashutosh Kaushik won the Bigg boss title in 2008. After winning the show in 2008, he got a few blink-and-you-will-miss-it roles in a string of eminently forgettable films. Later he shifted focus to the small screen. Vindu Dara Singh, who won the title in 2009, did small roles in movies like Housefull and Son of Sardar, and a few a TV shows. In 2013, his name got embroiled in the IPL betting scandal.

Shweta Tiwari, after winning the fourth season in 2011, she did some TV shows and a dance reality show. As of now she is not doing anything. Same is the case with Juhi Parmar, who chose to spend time with her family after winning Bigg Boss 5 in 2011. Actor-dancer Gauhar Khan did not see any major change in her career post her Bigg Boss victory in 2013. She had acted and performed dance numbers in a few films before and continued to do so even after winning the seventh season of Bigg Boss.

TV actor Gautam Gulati saw a major shift in his career after he won the eighth season of Bigg Boss. He bagged couple of films and his acting was praised by critics in those films.Prince Narula won bigg boss 9 title. He continued his TV career as before. Manveer Gurjar, who entered as common man and later became the winner of Bigg Boss 10, participated in couple of TV shows but no major change in his career.


Overall it seems, as long as the show is running, all the participants of the show become household names, but once the show is over, it all depends on their own mettle to get opportunities. It would be naive to think, film makers will queue up for them asking for their call-sheets. Woman contestants have a bit more advantage in terms of bagging commercial ads.

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Tarak offered a fortune for Bigg boss, Rejects


NTR says no to Bigg Boss 2

Young Tiger NTR received accolades for his hosting skills for Bigg Boss television show which marked his debut to small screen. The actor even has been paid huge remuneration for Bigg Boss and the first season of the reality show is a huge success. Now Star MAA is in plans to kick-start the second season of the reality show and is in talks with Tarak to repeat the magic. There have been talks that Tarak gave his nod and the second season would start from June this year.

The latest news is that Tarak opted out from the second season of Bigg Boss. The actor will be shooting for back to back films and signing Bigg Boss 2 will sure make things hectic. Tarak will start shooting for Trivikram’s film from March and the film has been planned to be wrapped up by the end of July. Tarak also signed his next for SS Rajamouli and the actor has been asked to join the team from August to prepare for the role and the film. Hence Tarak decided to walk out of the reality show as he could not allot dates due to the packed schedules.

Despite of being offered thrice the remuneration, Tarak’s no disappointed Star MAA big time. Star MAA Head and their team tried to convince the actor but Tarak is currently in call sheet crisis because of which he had to opt out of Bigg Boss season two. Small screen audience too have been disappointed as they will not get a chance to witness the hosting skills of Tarak anytime soon.

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Bigg boss team, what next??


Bigg boss show that ended 2 days back, is undoubtedly one of the most successful show Telugu TV history. NTR got full marks for his energetic anchoring and Siva Balaji got the title. Remaining participants also got huge attention from audience and some of them, who were not celebrities earlier, got celebrity status over night, to be precise – over 70 days and nights 🙂

However, how they are going to utilize this status is most important if they plan to reshape their careers. We have previously seen Gabbar Singh Antyakshari team, running from one channel to another to give interviews for couple of months after the stupendous hit of Gabbar Singh movie and especially that Antyakshari episode in that movie. But after 4 years, they are still at the same place where they were previously. This shows, no matter how much attention you draw, it is bound to fade out if not properly planned.

So bigg boss show has given excellent platform for artists like Madhu Priya, Deeksha, critic Mahesh, Sameer, Hariteja, Prince etc who were not very well know to audience. On the other side, Sampoo, Mumaith, Archana, Dhan Raj etc were already more popular and they added value to the show. But by the time they came out of the show almost all are equally popular. They all received grand welcome at Shamshabad airport by Telugu media.

Coming to the prospects of the contestants, Kathi Mahesh has been saying he is writing a book on this show. HariTeja who got immense popularity is expected to get more and more offers. Karthika told she is actually in the business of interior decoration designing. For Madhupriya, its double dhamaka as she got super hit song in Fidaa movie almost at the same time. As she got more popularity now she is also expected to get more singing offers. As far as Diskha concerned, we have to wait and see . Because immediately after eviction, she made allegations on the show as well as on other contestants like Dhan Raj. Prince and Adarsh who became very well known names now may get more offers if they are not keen on lead or second lead roles. Regarding Hari Teja, there are already rumours like she will have a role in NTR and Trivikram combo as she is close to both of them now.

Kalpana, Mumaith, Sampoo, Archana, Sameer etc didn’t gain anything more than what they already have from this show.

Anyway, as already mentioned, if not properly planned, it is not soon before this popularity fades out. So, they have to be quick and well planned to maximize the opportunity they have now. Moreover, if bigg boss-2 starts, again there will be new team and new members to take on the opportunities!!!

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Who will be Bigg Boss title winner? SWOT analysis…


Just 1 day to go. Most popular Star Maa TV show Bigg Boss Telugu has almost come to an end, The grand finale of Bigg Boss Telugu will be aired on Star Maa channel this Sunday. on 24th September 2017 (Sunday). The Telugu version of Bigg Boss which was started on 16th July 2017, with 16 contestants got tremendous response from the audience. Now after various rounds of evictions, top five contestants have reached the grand finale. The top 5 finalists of bigg boss show are Adarsh, Archana, Hari Teja, Navdeep and Shiva Balaji. Now everyone is curious to see who will win the title of Bigg Boss season-1 in Telugu. It is known news that there will be cash prize of 50 lakh rupees for the winner. Let’s have a look at strengths and weaknesses of these contestants and their prospects to win bigg boss title show.

Hari Teja: She got very good response from the show and now became almost a household name in Telugu states.

Strength – Her sense of humor and screen presence are her main strengths. The episode where she narrated ‘burra katha’ of bigg boss show is still remembered by audience

Weakness– There is a perception that she is somewhat manipulative. Some people even went to the extent of saying she is doing a bit ‘over action’.

Opportunity – She has a good chance of winning votes from audience as she earned good fan following

Threat – By seeing her performance in last week, it seems she doesn’t want to do any major mistake or controversy in last week and play safe game. This may turn audience away from voting for her.


Strength – When the show started, she was definitely a bigger star when compared to other female contestants.

Weakness – Contestants as well as audience were irritated by her nagging and ever-complaining behaviour. Seems she is also aware of her nagging behaviour.

Opportunity – After surviving the week when almost 8 contestants nominated the eviction, she became stronger and improved her chances of winning the title.

Threat – Her inconsistent behaviour that sometimes very sportive and sometimes very moody is driving people away from voting her for the coveted title .


Strength – He is really star of the show.To be frank, he elevated the show when rating were dipping with his energetic screen presence. His sense of humor and ‘dont care’ attitude are his biggest strengths.

Weakness– Late entry is the main Weakness. Still audience not full-fledgedly convinced to have Navadeep, who entered as title winner

Opportunity – Even though many people are not betting on Navadeep’s prospects as he is wild card entry, bigg boss show is all about surprises. Who knows? Navadeep can also be title winner as no rule in the show stops any wild card entrant from winning the title

Threat – Though audience unanimously agree that after Navadeep’s entry, show became more interesting and audience always voted for navadeep to stay in the show without being evicted, somehow the same audience not willing to see him as title winner. Maybe his entry after 4 weeks is stopping audience from accepting him as title winner

Adarsh :

Strength – His main strengths are his balanced & composed behaviour, his sincerity towards the tasks. Also the display of his sensitive nature when it comes to his family really connected well with the Telugu audience.

Weakness– The episode where he was alleged to be the reason for his friend prince’s eviction created some sort of negative impression on him. Also, he is not a guy who entertains. He is just quiet on the screen.

Opportunity – The way he told he is quitting smoking for his spouse also connected well with the audience. Audience always saw him as a matured and composed guy. So implicitly audience will have no complaints on seeing him as title winner.

Threat – His behavior and the maturity in playing the game brought him till the finals. But he doesnt show any thing above audience expectations or he never thrilled or entertained audience. So, the audience opinion is also somewhat nuetral when it comes to Adarsh winning the title.

Shiva Balaji :

Strength – His genuinity is his main strength. The way he handled the housemates when he was captain won the hearts of house mates and audience alike.

Weakness– He is also not a great entertainer. He also showed some mood swings.

Opportunity – Whether Shiva Balaji agrees or not, audiece say definitely there is some transformation in his behaviour. He seemed to have transformed from a short tempered guy to some what composed guy. However, his sincerity and genuinity are main reasons for people to vote for him to be title winner.

Threat – As already mentioned, he is not a great entertainer. Though he is staying away from controversies, he is seen as someone who couldn’t make very strong impression when there were opportunities to make so .

But all these finalists have it in them to win the title. Whoever misses the title also will be losing it with small margin in the votes. Though each of them have their own strengths and weaknesses it is up to the audience to win the title winner. Anyway, its just 1 day to go to know the final winner. Let’s wish all the best to all the contestants!!!

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DSP to burn the dance floor on grand finale of Bigg Boss Telugu


The countdown for the finale of the biggest reality show of Telugu television Bigg Boss has begun. While we were already informed that the Grand Finale on Sunday will be BIGG from 6 PM to 10 PM, there are a lot of suprises awaiting the audience.

We exclusively reveal that Devi Sri Prasad will be performing on the grand finale. DSP who is enjoying back-to-back blockbusters with the host NTR, will set the stage on fire with his sizzling performance and will also promote Jai Lava Kusa.

Over this week, viewers have noticed that the contestants have been thronging to Bigg Boss house and sharing memories with peers. With the finalists getting a makeover and ex-contestants in home, there will certainly be some dance performances. While there is only one day left for viewers to cast their votes, the grand finale will not be a live telecast for obvious logistical reasons and will be recorded just few hours before the broadcast.

Of the 16 contestants who entered the Bigg Boss house, the five finalists to complete 70 days Bigg Boss Telugu season 1 are Shiva Balaji, Navdeep, Adarsh Balakrishna, Veda Archana and Hari Teja. The winner whose name will be announced towards the end of the show will receive prize money of Rs. 50 lakh.

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Bigg Boss Tamil vs Telugu – Interesting similarities and differences


Bigg boss (season 1) show in Telugu almost came to end with just one week left for grand finale. There has been lot of curiosity among audience to see who finally emerges the title winner thanks to the new form of entertainment and NTR’s energetic anchoring. Almost same is the fate of Tamil bigg boss which is being hosted by veteran actor Kamal Haasan. It seems there are lot of similarities between both the shows.

To start with, Telugu audience still remember how Sampoornesh babu cried and asked for his eviction from the show. Almost same thing happened with the actor named Bharani in Tamil. He was popular for his role in Nadodigal movie.

Nadodigal was remade in Telugu as “Shambho Shiva Shambho” with Ravi Teja and Allari Naresh. Bharani played the role that was played by Allari Naresh in Telugu. He in fact he tried to escape from the house that created lot of chaos in the show. In Telugu, Sampoo also behaved the same way and attributed that behavior to claustrophobia that he supposed to have.

Recent episodes having family members of the contestants in the house also happened in both the languages. Adarsh, Siva Balaji, Navadeep, Hari Teja, Deeksha, Archana all had their family members entering the bigg boss house and spending some time with all the in-mates.Same thing happened in Tamil show also. Even the task of freeze-release also repeated in both the shows.

However there are some differences too. While Tamil show is of 100 days, Telugu show is only of 70 days. Moreover Telugu show is without any controversial remarks as NTR is doing anchoring very carefully where as Kamal Hasan keeps delivering some political punch lines now and then. For example when some house mates in Tamil show called Bigg boss house looks like a jail, Kamal immediately retorted “Jails nowadays have much better facilities”. That was an indirect and subtle reference to Sasikala getting all luxuries in Jail. Jr NTR confined himself to the activities done within the house. There were no political or other kind of references so far.

One more difference is Tamil show created a huge social platform for the show, with many netizens passing comments and expressing their opinions on that platform, almost on daily basis. Telugu show didn’t create such a platform. Also there was Oviya in Tamil who became extremely popular after the show and got tremendous following in Tamil Nadu. To some extent, Hari Teja also got similar popularity in Telugu but what Oviya got is unparelleled in Telugu. It was surprising to see Tamil people in social media formed a social media group called “Oviya army” group. Moreover, Oviya’s romatic thread with another contestant (Arav) was more intense and cant be compared with lighter vein thread between Prince and Deeksha.

Also, while Tamil show initially started as flop show and went on to become a big hit, Telugu show was instant hit and steady since then. NTR and Kamal both are doing great job and revealed their extrovert personality, their wit and humor, which are delight to watch for the fans and general audience alike. Both shows are coming to end soon. Let’s wait to see who emerge as final winners in these shows.

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Tarak’s heroines on Bigg Boss


Young Tiger NTR wrapped up Jai Lava Kusa which is all set for September 21st release. The actor will be romancing Rashi Khanna and Nivetha Thomas for the first time and the actresses too have been super excited about the film. As a part of the film’s promotions, Rashi Khanna and Nivetha Thomas are entering Bigg Boss sets today. Both the actresses will shoot for the television show today. Bigg Boss turned out to be a good platform for promoting films and all the young actors promoted their recent releases on the super hit show.

Tarak is said to reveal many interesting updates about Jai Lava Kusa and he will be shaking leg with his female leads on the sets of Bigg Boss. Rashi Khanna and Nivetha too will spend some quality time on the sets of Bigg Boss interacting with the housemates. Directed by Bobby, Jai Lava Kusa is one of the most awaited films and Nandamuri Kalyanram bankrolled the movie on NTR Arts banner.

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NTR to take a much needed break


Last couple of months for NTR have been very fatiguing. He has been juggling between the shoots of his upcoming film Jai Lava Kusa and his first ever reality show Bigg Boss. He has managed to wrap up Jai Lava Kusa in time and Bigg Boss show will come to an end in the next week, giving him a much needed break.

Having consistently worked for both Jai Lava Kusa and Bigg Boss, the actor is longing for a break to spend time with his family and to rejuvenate himself. Sources say that NTR will go on a vacation for a few weeks before he commences work on his next project which will be directed by Trivikram Srinivas. It is learnt that he will train for martial arts for this film after returning from vacation.

Jai Lava Kusa is slated to hit the screens on September 21st.

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Bigg Boss Telugu: Tarak stands up for women and against violence


‘Don’t be a prey, fooled by so-called affection’ hinted Tarak on the biggest reality show on Telugu television Bigg Boss. The Tollywood actor expressed serious concern for not raising this issue of violence.

During the Devils vs Human tasks, Shiva Balaji slapped and dragged Hari Teja several times. Even though violence is prohibited in Bigg Boss house, Hari Teja took it on a lighter note.

While taunting Hari Teja for remaining silent, Tarak made a very big statement asking people to stand up for anything that is wrong. What was shown as a comedy bit on the weekday was actually a serious matter, for it was not about the bond but about the control a man had over a woman.

People are relating to the characters of the show in reality. Bigg Boss with its reach, doesn’t want to encourage anyone to connect with Siva Balaji and slap a woman in the name of task or anything.

In the same episode, Tarak stood up for the women in Bigg Boss house and declared Sunday as holiday from the daily chores. Despite Hari Teja and Archana constantly asking relaxation from running errands, the men of the house did not seem to encourage the very idea. But Tarak not only understood it but even asked the audience to think about giving a holiday to their homemakers.

Hope the viewers take away Tarak’s message that “by standing up for the rights of women that we truly measure up as society”

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50days of Bigg Boss Telugu: The best, shocking, bad and good incidents from the house


Bigg Boss Telugu episode telecasted on Tuesday marked 50 days of journey for the contestants in the biggest reality show on Telugu Television. Anchor Suma said that the viewers are using the personalities of contestants to describe the people or incidents in their real life. Undeniably people must have come across many individuals who behave like Archana, Prince, Deeksha, Hari Teja, Adarsh, Shiva Balaji and Navadeep. Here we quickly rewind, the best, the shocking, the good and the bad moments in the journey endured by audience of Bigg Boss Telugu.

The Best incidents –

  • Tarak’s impeccable hosting skills, the bond he shares with contestants and the connect he establishes with audience
  • Hari Teja creatively narrating Bigg Boss journey in Hari Katha style
  • Navadeep humorously presenting the happenings as a reporter
  • Archana’s ramp walk in Manyavar’s outfit was a treat to watch

The shocking –

  • Sampoornesh Babu’s leaving the Bigg Boss house midway
  • Sameer’s elimination was unquestionably the most shocking dismissal from the home
  • Prince and Kalpana peeing in front of the cameras and the house mates during a task
  • Audience expected Mumait to exit from house, but she was sent to secret room
  • Relationships keep changing in Bigg Boss house – While Hari Teja-Archana’s friendship faded slowly, Mumait-Dhanraj and Adarsh- Prince friendship unexpectedly took a toll

The Bad

  • In the initial two weeks, the contestants never cared to dress up
  • Madhupriya constantly crying and Mumait’s struggle for captaincy
  • Kalpana’s overbearing behavior and the fury of Mumait and Shiva Balaji
  • Archana’s constant nagging and Deeksha’s confused behavior
  • Tapsee’s guest appearance on the Bigg Boss show
  • The diplomatic nature of contestants in first few weeks
  • Several unseen episodes of Bigg Boss were merely repeat telecasts

The Good

  • Rana and Suma sharing stage with Tarak and their comic timing
  • Bigg Boss himself trolling Archana
  • One-liners by Sameer and Navadeep
  • Dhanraj playing pranks on co-contestants
  • Prince sportsmanship in tasks
  • Nobody can forget Mahesh Kathi’s dance and Kathi fried chicken
  • Adarsh’s acting skills in the very first week and in the Bahubali skit

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Bigg Boss Turning a Lucky Charm for Films?

Promoting films by roaming around almost all the popular TV shows has been a tactic used by Bollywood for long. Telugu film industry has slowly adapted this trend, and Bigg Boss Telugu show seems to be strengthening the belief that promotion on its platform will help films by adding the Midas touch besides bringing attention.

Young actor Vijay Devarakonda was the latest celeb to appear on Bigg Boss, and his ‘Arjun Reddy’ is on its way to become a hit. The reviews, word of mouth and the opening numbers were all great for this bold film. Earlier, films such as NRNM and Anando Brahma were promoted on Bigg Boss show and they became big hits, thus staging a belief that the show is lucky for new releases.

It may be noted that Bigg Boss organizers charge Rs 50 lakhs for movie promotions. Which producer would back off from such a deal if it comes with the luck factor too?

Meanwhile, the show is running smooth, thanks to NTR’s hosting and the steadily improving attention grabbing aspects in it.

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Tarak approached for Bigg Boss Second Season

Young Tiger NTR left many in surprise after he has been asked to host the television show Bigg Boss. The actor nailed it in style and the shot fetched the highest TRPs for any television show across the Telugu speaking states. Star MAA telecasting the reality show has been leading the list like a king. Now the actor has been approached to host the second season of Bigg Boss. Tarak is yet to reveal his decision and a source close to him said that the actor too is quite excited about the second season.

The shooting schedules and his remuneration are yet to be finalized and the actor will hike his pay after the first season got tremendous response from the audience. The actor has been shooting for Bigg Boss along with his next outing Jai Lava Kusa without any breaks and is eagerly waiting to take a long break after wrapping up his commitments. Jai Lava Kusa has been aimed for September 21st release and Tarak signed his next in the direction of Trivikram which is expected to start from November.

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Tarak talks to the eyes of the Bigg Boss viewers

Bigg Boss Telugu

Tollywood ace actor N Tarak Rama Rao or Junior NTR has all the keys to unlock an excellent hosting experience for Bigg Boss Telugu viewers. He is leaving not just a good impression, but a lasting impression on the viewers of his show. The show is half way through, yet every weekend Tarak rewrites his own record with impeccable hosting.

He comes up with fresh ideas and in Saturday’s episode on 20August – he dancing like a common man during the Ringa Ringa Roses Game (Musical Chairs) tickled the funny bone.

The audience can spot fake or scripted stuff very easily. So, Tarak does his homework well. He is not just a host but a regular viewer who watches all the episodes telecasted during the week days religiously. This is the reason that the actor is very spontaneous with his comments and also imitates them extremely well. Being truly involved in his work is helping him not only with the hosting but also to establish connect with the audience

Let’s face it, it is not an easy job to be a host for the biggest reality show in Telugu. Every week he is expected to do it all – hold the contestants, entertain the viewers and all with a smile on his face. They will feed off his energy or die by it. But he is comfortable in his skin, conversational and keeps it real. Every participant who left the house has been singing praises for the star.

Tarak’s trait is he communicates with the eyes of the audience by painting a picture, using the whole body. Starmaa in picking Tarak not hired just a host but most likeable actor with great spark. He makes being spectacular host look like a cake walk.

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Bigg Boss Telugu makers need self-introspection after Sameer’s elimination

Sameer one of the shrewd contestant of Bigg Boss Telugu was voted out of the show on Sunday. This eviction came as a shock not only to the followers of the show but also to the host Tarak. Sameer was the second contestant to enter the house and the third contestant to be evicted through the nomination process in the very first season of the biggest Telugu reality show. He said that he hoped to stay for long but nonetheless he doesn’t have any regrets and has thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The viewers and contestants didn’t expect Sameer to get eliminated. They anticipated that Kalpana would leave the house. In the past three weeks, Sameer got enough screen time compared to Kalpana, Karthika and Hari Teja. Even wildcard contestant Deeksha who entered the house last week, to generate TRPs, couldn’t shadow Sameer. He was one of the first faces to become meme on social media and his timing cracked up everyone.

But what went wrong? Did Sameer fail to generate TRP? Was he not controversial enough? Did he not provide entertainment? Why would the channel remove him if he is well-calculated?

Clearly, he received very less votes and was thus evicted. It was only about giving a missed call and not even SMS. Also, last week, Bigg Boss makers had a tie up with Google for online voting. It is not just the audience who are to be put on the spot for failing to vote but the makers are equally responsible.

Social media was under the obvious assumption that Kalpana will leave. Almost every poll on twitter showed the doors to the singer. But definitely the singer who is not so famous with the online audience must have received votes from the offline audience.

Most of the viewers were under the assumption that someone will vote for Sameer. It is similar to the situation where Mumait saved Archana and Balaji from the nominations hoping that Dhanraj will be saved by others. But ultimately Dhanraj got nominated. People also like Mumait hoped that Sameer will be saved by others but the actor couldn’t establish himself as anyone’s favourite.

If people have to vote, they should be constantly reminded that they have to do their job. There are no unseen shots or content that can generate curiosity among the viewers or give entertainment.

With Bigg Boss Hindi and Bigg Boss Tamil the unseen episodes and clips are put up on social media. The Hindi handle seeks votes by airing small clips and requesting voters for the contestants. At any point of time in a day there is definitely some new content or updates for the viewers and fans of the Hindi broadcast.

Bigg Boss Telugu unseen is aired at 10:30am in the morning which is obviously not prime time. The unseen episodes are in fact better than the actual episodes. However, these are not available on social media handles. There are one or two trailers or precaps that fail to keep the audience hooked to the show.

The social media handle also doesn’t promote voting aggressively. Neither their handle gives away information on voting trends nor do they seek votes. The twitter trends like #OppoBiggBossTelugu or ‘BB Telugu’ are just not enough.

The makers so far have been promoting only Tarak and were hardly promoting the show on weekdays. If we draw parallels between Bigg Boss Hindi season1 to Bigg Boss Telugu season1 – one should note that there is a difference of 10years. If the makers want to take off like season1 of Hindi, then the weekdays will definitely be uninteresting and monotonous. If a canny contestant like Sameer is eliminated any number of Deeskhas cannot help and less votes alone are not to be blamed.

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Rana Daggubati for Bigg Boss Telugu


Rana Daggubati has been pretty confident about his next movie Nene Raju Nene Mantri. Directed by Teja, Nene Raju Nene Mantri is said to be a political thriller and the songs, trailers have been receiving good response from the audience. Rana has been spending most of his time promoting the film all over. The actor is said to have promoted Nene Raju Nene Mantri across various tv shows and a massive pre-release event of Nene Raju Nene Mantri took place recently.

The latest update is that Rana Daggubati is all set to promote Nene Raju Nene Mantri on Tarak’s tv show Bigg Boss. The actor flew to Pune to shoot for the episode which will be telecasted tomorrow. Tarak too has been extremely delighted for Rana making up to his television show Bigg Boss. Tarak has been winning the hearts all over with Bigg Boss and Nene Raju Nene Mantri has been slated for August 11th release.

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Tarak’s Hosting Skills: Star MAA turns Bigg Boss

Young Tiger NTR has been hosting a television show for the first time in his career with Bigg Boss. The actor has been exceptional with his hosting skills and the TRPs alone revealed about the impact the actor created on small screen. The television audience have been completely impressed with the way the actor has been hosting the show. Star MAA in which the tv show has been telecasted released the ratings and growth the channel witnessed in the recent weeks. Star MAA is leading the race by a huge margin currently.

Tarak has been juggling between the sets of his next movie Jai Lava Kusa and Bigg Boss. The actor is said to have taken no break from the past four weeks and is busy wrapping up his commitments. Though he will be active in Bigg Boss house only during the weekends, the show has been widely accepted by the audience. On the other side, Jai Lava Kusa is gearing up for September 21st release which is directed by Bobby. Tarak will be seen in three completely different roles in the movie.

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Tarak proves that he is the king of Television


Young Tiger NTR faced the heat after he took the decision to make his small screen debut with Bigg Boss. Though the audience have been a bit disappointed after they went through the names of the contestants, it was NTR and his stupendous hosting skills that made him the king of television. The Sunday’s episode fetched a huge TRP of 16.18 which is huge. Star MAA has been back to top with the show. Tarak’s flawless show as host has been well accepted by every household.

On weekdays, the show has been getting 10.4 tvrs which is decent. The actor has been shooting without breaks and is working for Bigg Boss over the weekends. He has been balancing the shoot of Jai Lava Kusa which is taking place in Pune. Bobby is the director and Kalyanram is the producer. Tarak’s fans are quite delighted after Bigg Boss fetched huge TRPs.

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