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Minister Malla Reddy weakening TRS in Medchal!


Telangana minister Ch Malla Reddy is famous for courting controversies. He often lands in controversies with land grabbing allegations, demanding bribes from realtors etc, and causes embarrassment to TRS leadership.

Despite all this, he continues to be the minister and enjoys the support of KCR and KTR. His critics say Malla Reddy is safeguarding his minister post as well as his political career with his huge ‘money power’ by donating crores of rupees to TRS every year.

Latest, Malla Reddy has landed in another controversy. His own party leaders in his own Medchal district are accusing Malla Reddy of encouraging ‘groups’ in TRS and adopting ‘divide and rule’ policy to check his political rivals in TRS in Medchal district but in the process, he is weakening TRS in the district.

Several TRS elected representatives in Keesara municipality submitted resignation to their posts to protest Malla Reddy’s group politics in TRS.

They complained to KCR and KTR that if Malla Reddy is not checked, TRS will lose ground in Medchal district and it will benefit either Congress or BJP.

TRS local leaders and cadre are planning to join Congress and BJP unable to bear group politics of Malla Reddy.

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6-yr-old’s rapist will be killed in encounter: Telangana minister


A Telangana Minister on Tuesday said the guilty person in the rape and murder of a six-year-old girl in Hyderabad “will be killed in an encounter”.

Labour Minister Malla Reddy’s sensational comment came a day after state Congress chief Revanth Reddy made a similar demand.

“We will definitely arrest him and will do the encounter,” Malla Reddy told reporters on the sidelines of an event in Hyderabad.

Asked to react on criticism by opposition leaders for not calling on the family of the victim, the minister said they would definitely meet the family members and pay them compensation.

The talk of encounter gave new twist to the case amid the ambiguity over the whereabouts of the accused.

Initially, the police sources had claimed that the accused was arrested from his native village in Yadadri Bhuvanagiri district.

However, a senior official clarified that the accused is still at large.

Fifteen special police teams of the commissioner’ task force are said to be on the lookout for the fugitive.

Police have succeeded in securing a CCTV footage from Falaknuma that shows the accused wearing a cap and face mask, while moving along with another person.

The child was sexually assaulted and murdered on September 9 by the 27-year-old accused who happens to be her neighbour in Saidabad.

The body of the girl, who was missing since 5 p.m. Thursday, was found in the house of her neighbour after midnight.

Autopsy done at the government-run Osmania Hospital revealed that the child was sexually assaulted and strangulated to death.

The horrific incident had triggered angry protest from residents on Friday. They staged sit-in for seven hours on Champapet-Sagar Road, demanding immediate and harshest punishment to the guilty. Some of the protestors also demanded that the guilty be killed in an encounter.

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Revanth- Malla Reddy rivalry has a long history

The war of words between TPCC chief Revanth Reddy and TRS Minister Ch Malla Reddy shows no signs of abating. The war of words has all the elements of a melodrama with the leaders hurling abuses at each other. The chest thumping, thigh slapping and the wild gesticulations between the two leaders is turning out to be an edge-of-the seat thriller.

But sources say that the rivalry between the two leaders is as old as their politics. Both were in the Telugu Desam Party together and their rivalry began from there. In 2014, both Malla Reddy and Revanth Reddy vied for the Malkajgiri MP seat. However, it took a lot of persuasion to make Revanth Reddy relent and contest from Kodangal Assembly seat. According to Malla Reddy, Revanth then threatened to target Malla Reddy’s educational institutions. In the later developments, Malla Reddy joined the TRS. In 2019, Revanth was pitted against Malla Reddy’s son-in-law Marri Rajasekhar Reddy in Malkajgiri.

According to Malla Reddy, Revanth pursued the politics of vendetta by raising several questions against Malla Reddy’s institutions in the Lok Sabha. He said since then, the targeting has been continuing. Malla Reddy too is being seen as the arch rival of Revanth Reddy. Revanth’s choice of words for Malla Reddy too shows the kind of aversion he has for the Minister. He used words like ‘Pala Malli Gadu’ (milk seller) to criticise Malla Reddy. Malla Reddy too used unprintable expletives against Revanth Reddy.

Sources say that with both the leaders in different parties, the rivalry has come out into the open these days. Revanth Reddy is trying to settle the old scores, say those in the know. They also say that the rivalry will continue in the days to come and it could even get worse.

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KTR justifies Malla Reddy’s abusive language!


TRS working president and IT minister K.T.Rama Rao tried to justify the abusive language used by minister Ch Malla Reddy on TPCC chief A Revanth Reddy recently.

Malla Reddy conducted a press conference at Telangana Bhavan two days ago and hurdled abuses ignoring the fact that he is holding a constitutional minister post.

He even got up from his seat and slapped his thigh to abuse and challenge Revanth Reddy.

When media raised this issue with KTR when he was addressing the press conference today (Friday) from the same venue in Telangana Bhavan, KTR said, “There is Newton’s law which says for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Revanth abused Malla Reddy and Malla Reddy gave back. What can I do? Why don’t you question Revanth Reddy on using abusive language against KCR, myself and TRS every day.”

KTR said their party leaders waited for seven years and showed patience despite opposition leaders abusing me, KCR and TRS every day.

Now our party leaders and cadre lost their patience and are giving back.

No one can fault TRS leaders and cadre for this because this dirty game was started by opposition parties and we are only giving them back, KTR said.

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RRR taking shelter under Malla Reddy!


YSRCP rebel MP Raghurama Krishnam Raju is taking light of ‘disqualification petitions’ being filed by YSRCP with Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla seeking his disqualification from the Lok Sabha on charges of ‘anti party activities.

The YSRCP on Friday filed a fresh petition with Lok Sabha Speaker seeking Raju’s disqualification.

However, Raju made light of YSRCP’s complaint. Reacting on YSRCP’s petition on Saturday, Raju said that it is not that easy for YSRCP to disqualify him from Lok Sabha.

Political circles are surprised over Raju’s confidence on this issue.

Raju reportedly is taking shelter under failed disqualification attempt of Telangana minister Ch Malla Reddy.

Malla Reddy won from Malkajgiri Lok Sabha seat on TDP ticket in 2014. But he defected to TRS in 2015.

The TDP lodged several complaints with Speaker to disqualify him from Lok Sabha as per anti-defection law. But then Speaker ignored all these petitions though TDP was part on NDA government then and Speaker was from BJP.

Malla Reddy had officially joined TRS by meeting Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao at his camp office. Despite this, the Speaker did not disqualify him.

In the case of Raju, he did not defect to any party. He is still continuing in YSRCP. He is only raising his voice against YSRCP leadership and AP CM Jaganmohan Reddy.

Raju is confident that Speaker cannot disqualify him from Lok Sabha just for criticising Jagan and if he does, he can question why Malla Reddy was spared when he joined another party and plans to fight a legal battle against his disqualification.

Malla Reddy continued as TDP MP even after joining TRS till December 2018.

Malla Reddy resigned to Lok Sabha on his own in December 2018 after he got elected as TRS MLA from Malkajgiri in December 2018 Assembly polls.

Raju is now reportedly taking shelter under the failed attempt of Malla Reddy’s disqualification.

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TS minister Malla Reddy audio clips go viral, Cong demands corruption case


The Congress has demanded that a case of corruption be registered against Labour Minister Ch. Malla Reddy who allegedly collected crores of rupees from aspirants to give TRS party tickets for municipal elections. It also demanded that Malla Reddy be sacked from cabinet with immediate effect.

All India Congress Committee (AICC) Spokesperson Dr. Dasoju Sravan played out some audio clips which went viral on social media which suggests that Malla Reddy and his close relatives asked for huge money to give TRS party tickets. He said the audio clip was of a telephonic conversation between Malla Reddy and son-in-law Rajshekhar Reddy who alleged demanded aspirants to pay lakhs of rupees to get TRS ticket for municipal elections. Asking whether seeking money to give party ticket was not corruption, he demanded the Anti-Corruption Bureau to register a suo motto case against the minister and his relatives. He said some aspirants have also spoken to media accusing the minister of demanding huge amounts. He said when ACB could arrests employees for demanding money, why was it silent when a similar crime was allegedly being committed by a minister?

Sravan demanded a high level enquiry into the allegations and stern action against the minister. He said that the Congress party would lodge a formal complaint with the police and the Election Commission in this regard. He reminded that Chief Minister K.Chandrashehar Rao had announced in the past that he would not spare anyone who indulges in corruption. He asked whether KCR maintains the same stand on corruption and if yes, then why he is silent on allegations against Malla Reddy.

The Congress leader also demanded that Election Commission take against Minister Errabelli Dayakar Rao who intimidated the voters by saying that he would come to know whom they have voted for in the municipal elections.

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KTR sold ice-cream for 5lakh rupees

As a part of Telangana Rashtra Samiti Pink laborers week, Minister K T RamaRao, worked in ice cream parlour. KTR sold ice-cream in a parlor at Kompally and earned 7.30lakh rupees. His richest customer was MP Malla Reddy who bought an ice cream for 5 lakh rupees. Another prominent buyer was a local leader Srinivas Reddy who spent 1lakh rupees to buy ice cream for KTR.

KTR worked as an engineer at a construction site and also sold juice and ice-cream at Qutubullahpur. He was rewarded with 7.30 lakh rupees for a total of 25-minute work. The minister is likely to work for another 2 days. The money he earned will be used to fund the expenses of the annual convention of the TRS. The energy minister G Jagadish Reddy, took up coolie work in Nalgonda district wherein he earned 3 lakh rupees.

Starting today(April14) for a week, TRS leaders will be available for hire for two days against daily wages. The Chief Minister KCR has titled the week-long initiative “Gulabi Cooli Dinalu” (Pink Labour Days) wherein the TRS leaders are expected to earn enough to pay for travel and food expenses to attend their party formation day at Warangal on 27thApril.

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