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AP police to book a case against Chandrababu


The Andhra Pradesh police have decided to book a case against TDP chief and Leader of Opposition N Chandrababu Naidu holding him responsible for the death of eight persons in Kandukuru town of SPSR Nellore district.

State Home Minister Taneti Vanitha said that the police would book the case after preliminary enquiry on the incident. She said that the police have given permission to the TDP chief to hold his meeting at the NTR Circle in Kandukuru town. However, she said that Chandrababu Naidu had moved to a narrow road close to the NTR Circle leading to the stampede.

The Home Minister further said that Chandrababu Naidu was engaging drones and cameras to shoot the public meeting. The visuals clearly expose how Naidu violated the rules and went into the narrow road against the permission given to the party.

She alleged that Chandrababu Naidu’s lust for publicity had earlier claimed 29 lives during the Godavari Pushkarams in 2016. The Kandukuru stampede was also similar to that where Naidu tried to record the crowd for his publicity.

The Home Minister said that the police have already taken up the case and are collecting evidence on the incident. The police were also questioning the TDP leaders who had applied for permission to hold the public meeting and rally.

Meanwhile, the TDP issued a statement blaming the police for not regulating the crowd at the meeting. The TDP said that the police have totally failed to see the law and order at the meeting leading to the crowd entering the road and leading to stampede.

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Police Warns Booking Cases on Employees Who Participate in Protests in Vijayawada Over CPS


The police warned the employees unions, particularly those who announced a protest on September 1, demanding the State government to abolish the Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS). In a media statement here on Saturday, Kanti Rana Tata, Commissioner of Police, NTR District warned that the police enforced Section 144 under CRPC and Section 30 of Police Act and they would not allow anybody to stage protests in Vijayawada city. He further explained that no employees’ organisations have taken permission from the police department to organize any kind of protests in the State. He also added that the police neither grant permission nor allow the protests in Vijayawada city limits.

Kanti Rana Tata informed that the police have intelligence that some anti-social elements were trying to take undue advantage, when the employees’ organizations would protest on the streets. There would be a Law and Order disturbance, if they allow these protests, he added.

The Commissioner of Police warned that those who would participate in the protests by violating these rules and regulations, would face the consequences. He explained that the police would lodge cases on the violators under IPC sections 143, 427, 452, 283, 341, 506, 120(B), R/W 149, Section 3 of Prevention of Damage to Public Property and Sections 141, 146, 147 and 151 of Railway Act.

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Andhra police burn 2 lakh kg cannabis valued at Rs 500 cr


In what is believed to be the biggest operation of its kind, Andhra Pradesh police on Saturday destroyed more than two lakh kilograms of ganja (cannabis) valued at Rs 500 crore.

The dried ganja was set afire at an event organised on a massive scale by the police Visakhapatnam district.

Director General of Police D. Gautam Sawang lit one of the heaps of seized ganja to formally launch the event that was organised in an open area at Koduru village in Anakapalli mandal.

Andhra Pradesh Police and Special Enforcement Bureau (SEB) Visakhapatnam district conducted the event.

The authorities pitched fancy tents and deployed drone cameras, speakers, sound systems for the well-organised programme. Personnel from the Disaster Response Force and fire services department were deployed besides a large number of policemen.

Print and electronic media were also invited to cover the event.

This is said to be the largest quantity of drugs destroyed anywhere in the country in one go.

The ganja was seized during the last two years at various places in north Andhra districts of Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram and Srikakulam and also East Godavari.

According to police, the ganja was seized under operation Parivartan. The police registered 1,363 cases and arrested 1,500 accused including 562 from other states.

As part of the operation, the police also destroyed cannabis plants spread over 8,500 acres in the region during the last 15 months.

The Andhra-Odisha border area is notorious for large-scale ganja cultivation. In recent months, police in Telangana, Maharashtra, Karnataka and other states seized huge quantities of ganja while being transported from the region to different places in the country.

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Jagan to axe police, intelligence officials for employees rally’s roaring success!


The YSRCP government in Andhra Pradesh headed by Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy is yet to come out of the shock of the roaring success of “Chalo Vijayawada” rally conducted by AP government employees and pensioners on Thursday (today) demanding withdrawal of GO (government order) on new PRC salaries and demanding higher PRC pay scales.

Despite Jagan government denying permission to hold the rally and imposing several police curbs by deploying a heavy police force, over a lakh employees and pensioners reached Vijayawada and held a massive show of strength against the government.

The Jagan government is unable to understand how over a lakh employees and pensioners reached Vijayawada even after police stopped buses and trains and barricaded all the roads leading to Vijayawada to prevent the rally. Employees and their leaders were taken into preventive custody a day in advance. Despite all this, the government could not prevent the rally.

More than preventing the rally, what hurt the Jagan government the most was the massive participation of employees in the rally, considered to be the biggest gathering and rally in recent times.

Jagan is learnt to have took this issue seriously and started a post-mortem of what led to government’s failure in preventing this rally.

It is learnt that Jagan is very angry at the police and intelligence departments for the success of this rally. Jagan sees total failure of police and intelligence departments in assessing the ‘secret arrangements’ being made by employees to make this rally a big success.

Jagan is likely to initiate stringent action against few police and intelligence officials who failed to discharge their duties efficiently to prevent this rally and is likely.

The CM is expected to review this issue and punish police and intelligence officials by removing them from their posts.

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Andhra cops threaten to drag Naidu to court for ‘unfounded’ comments


Andhra Pradesh Police Officers’ Association (APPOA) representatives on Friday threatened to drag former Chief Minister and Telugu Desam Party (TDP) Supremo N. Chandrababu Naidu to court if he doesn’t stop making ‘unfounded’ statements against the department as well as its Chief.

“If you do not stop making these unfounded statements, we will take you to court under the relevant rules,” threatened APPOA representatives.

Representing thousands of policemen, the police reps have condemned Naidu’s allegations levelled against the Director General of Police (DGP) Gautam Sawang.

The police body questioned Naidu if he was making such remarks in the light of the state panchayat elections results and told him that they could understand why.

The policemen alleged that there was nothing new in Naidu’s opposition to the police force.

“You cannot demoralize police and the DGP with your threats laced with casteism and regionalism,” the policemen said.

The APPOA representatives asked Naidu if the police department and the DGP were responsible for TDP’s losses in the recent rural local body polls.

Saying the TDP supremo’s statements reflect his personality, the policemen highlighted that they could comprehend why he is making allegations against Sawang laced with casteism and regionalism despite 40 years of political experience and 14 years as Chief Minister.

Standing behind the seniormost Indian Police Service (IPS) officer of the state, the policemen said the DGP has been serving the state and the country for 35 years and called it a heinous development to ascribe caste, religion and regional motives.

“Didn’t you remember region and caste when the DGP handled key responsibilities during your government,” the police body asked the former Chief Minister.

Sawang worked as Vijayawada Police Commissioner during the TDP dispensation under Naidu.

The policemen warned Naidu that his statements violate the law and reminded him that he was not above the law.

This open letter to Naidu from junior police officers assumes significance as it is not the first one and was in response to Naidu’s speech in Kurnool on Thursday.

Naidu had alleged that the Andhra police are ‘shameless’ and are hounding the TDP which is known for its integrity and observed that they (police) are also from the state.

“They (police) are also from this state. Your children also have to stay here, do remember that. They have to live here. All have to live and die here,” said Naidu while addressing a crowd from an open top vehicle in the run-up to the urban local body polls in Rayalaseema town.

Naidu went on to claim that the state’s future is allegedly being pushed into darkness and what could he say if the police cooperate with people responsible for it along with criminals.

“I am raising my folded hands with Namaste (respect), please do not do such wrongful deeds. Your DGP will leave in a few days. He will leave for Hyderabad or to his village in the north-east but you and I will be here. Your children and our children will live here. A situation is arising in which the state may become an orphan, I request you all to be careful,” said Naidu.

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Police caught up in Andhra political crossfire


The Andhra Pradesh police department is facing some unique challenges which it has not encountered all these years.

In the endless battle to gain one-upmanship in the political affairs of the state by the principal opposition Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and incumbent Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress Party (YSRCP), the department is getting caught in the crossfire inadvertently.

Following this unsavoury development, Andhra Pradesh Police officers Association (APPOA) has issued statements more than once to clarify their stand and appeal the political forces not to drag the department into unnecessary controversies.

On December 18, TDP national president Nara Chandrababu Naidu alleged that even policemen were not safe in AP.

“A shocking and horrifying picture of what AP has become. This brazen attack on a policemen guarding MLA Velagapudi Ramakrishna’s office shows the extent to which the YSRCP ‘goondas’ have been emboldened,” claimed Naidu.

He shared a photograph in which a man was seen laying his left hand on the head of a policeman and attempted to give an impression that the ruling party workers were attacking the police.

A section of the media also pounced on this matter and publicised it in a similar tone and tenor. However, the police department immediately swung into action and refuted his claims with a fact check post.

“FactCheck: Respected leader of opposition party Nara Chandrababu Naidu. Sir your post is not correct. The allegations are false again. The YSRCP cadre was only helping (the) officer and massaging his injury after a fall,” asserted the police department in a Twitter post.

The department substantiated its assertion, sharing a series of photographs showing how the police officer fell down and a man rushed to his aid.

“Sir, request (you) to please refrain from such falsehood and spreading incorrect news. It will needlessly misguide the citizens and also demoralise policemen,” the department posted.

The police officials requested the TDP supremo to cooperate with them in maintaining law and order in the state.

Later, an elaborate press conference ensued in Visakhapatnam, in which the policemen explained what actually happened on that day.

A few days before this episode, members of the Andhra Pradesh Police Officers’ Association (APPOA) accused Naidu of encouraging the misuse of legal provisions against policemen.

“In a video conference, former Chief Minister Naidu encouraged filing false cases against policemen so that they are compelled to come for a bargain,” said an APPOA statement.

The policemen said a person like Naidu, who served as the Chief Minister for three terms, cannot stoop so low. They said that such statements from Naidu shows his faithlessness in law and related institutions.

The police have also expressed their displeasure over Naidu regularly targeting their chief, Director General of Police (DGP) Gautam Sawang.

“Your statements expose the belittling view you have on police and reflects your mental state,” the police highlighted, saying they recall the struggles they were subjected to during Naidu’s regime.

The police categorically told Naidu that his statements and threats will not scare or demoralise them.

Meanwhile, another worrying trend has also emerged in the state which has been immune to communal politics since inception.

A few political parties are politicising the secular nature of the police department, with the intention of dragging the department into these controversies for scoring political points.

Following a Christmas party celebration in a traffic police station in Vijayawada by a few off-duty cops, a few political leaders drew political mileage from it.

“Christmas celebrations by on-duty policemen is an insult to their uniform and oath. Had this been a Hindu ritual, secularists would have started shaming India. People of AP are observing state-sponsored promotion of Christianity. All must condemn this overstepping,” claimed AP BJP co-incharge and national secretary Sunil Deodhar.

He shared a video of the celebration 10 days ago, which was viewed more than 2.4 lakh times.

In a similar vein, AP BJP general secretary S. Vishnu Vardhan Reddy had also questioned the celebration.

However, an APPOA office bearer said the state police are dedicated to serve everybody, irrespective of caste, creed and religion and condemned the attempts by some political forces to communalise the department.

“When we did Ayudhapuja during Dasara, nobody pointed a finger at us but when a small off-duty Christmas celebration was held, some people were politicising it,” the police officer told IANS.

During Dasara, all the police stations carry out elaborate Hindu rituals wherein vehicles and weapons are also part of the ceremonies.

For 2020 Ayudhapuja, like most superintendents of police, East Godavari SP Adnan Nayeem Asmi has also participated in the rituals, wearing traditional Telugu dress.

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AP Police notices to Kodela’s son over Covid violation


The Jaganmohan Reddy Government is not leaving the slightest opportunity to embarrass and harass the family members of former Speaker Kodela Sivaprasada Rao. A day ahead of his first death anniversary, his admirers and TDP followers are making large scale arrangements to hold memorial meetings all over especially in Narasaraopet and Sattenapalli assembly segments. Seeing the rising political temperatures over the nature of Kodela’s death, the police promptly stepped in and took on the Kodela family in their own typical style.

The Guntur district police served notices to Kodela’s son Sivaram saying that he was organising crowd-based meetings in violation of the Coronavirus restrictions. As of now, the national level guidelines have been relaxed and a limited number of crowds were being allowed at the political meetings also. However, the AP police were having their own set of rules and guidelines. Even with regard to the inter-state borders, the AP police did not stop checking the vehicles coming from other States long after the Centre relaxed the same.

Greatly irked at the police notices, Kodela Sivaram expressed his deep displeasure and decided to ignore the notices. His followers have decided to go ahead with their meetings in memory of the departed leader who has got a mass following all over the Palnadu region.

Even Chandrababu Naidu has called upon the party cadres to observe death anniversary saying that Kodela Sivaprasada Rao was the first TDP leader who fell victim to the oppressive and persecuting YSRCP regime.

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AP High Court pulls up state police over advocate’s arrest


The Andhra Pradesh High Court turned its ire on the state police over the illegal arrest of an advocate.

Hearing a Habeas Corpus petition filed by the wife of High Court advocate Subhash Chandra Bose who was arrested by the Andhra Pradesh police, the HC expressed deep anguish over the high-handedness of the cops. The court observed that if a senior advocate was arrested and ill-treated by the police, it is difficult to even imagine the plight of the common man. “It is not just about a lawyer. It’s about the common man on the street,” the court observed.

The illegal arrests by the police are continuing in Andhra Pradesh despite assurances made by state DGP Gautam Sawang to the court that such arrests will not reoccur, the HC observed.

Earlier, the High Court had summoned Gautam Sawang to appear in the court in February 2020 in connection with a Habeas Corpus petition filed against the police for illegally arresting two people – Reddi Gowtham and his wife Y Lochini from north Andhra in October. The police had failed to produce the duo before the court. After examining the Habeas Corpus petition, the HC had ordered a judicial inquiry and a senior civil judge of Vizag city was appointed to conduct an inquiry into the petition.

In the Habeas Corpus petition filed by the wife of High Court advocate Subhash Chandra Bose, the petitioner argued that her husband was illegally detained by the Prathipadu police, Yeleshwaram village in the East Godavari district without following due procedures. The petitioner contended that her husband was arrested in the middle of the night by breaking open the doors of their residence. She stated that Prathipadu CI, Yeleshwaram SIs and constables bared into their residence on Sunday midnight and illegally detained him.

She also informed the court that the police did not inform why her husband was being arrested or where he was being taken. In the petition, she also mentioned that her father–in-law worked as Yeleshwaram municipal chairman.

She also stated that her husband has political differences with the ruling dispensation and that her husband was threatened on several occasions by the ruling party leaders. In this context, her husband also filed a complaint with the National Human Rights Commission. In the petition, she appealed to the court to give orders to the police to produce her husband before it.

A two-bench of the High Court headed by Justices Rakesh Kumar and Suresh Reddy on Tuesday ordered the East Godavari Superintendent of Police to produce the arrested advocate, Subhash Chandra Bose, before it on July 27. Further, the HC directed the Andhra Pradesh police to submit a detailed report on why it had to swoop down on the residence of Subhash Chandra Bose to conduct the midnight arrest. The court also questioned why Andhra Pradesh had failed to follow due procedures in arresting the advocate.

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Police taking illegal custody of Amaravati farmers?


The Amaravati Agitation JAC leaders said that the AP Police had taken illegal custody of Capital City farmer Vamsi Krishna. When asked, the Police officials are saying that Bansi is not in their custody. Now, the JAC leaders released footage of how the police secretly took away Vamsi Krishna.

The JAC leaders held a protest demonstration in Amaravati Capital City area today demanding immediate release of Vamsi. They threatened to approach the High Court once again on the disappearance of their fellow farmer.

Amaravati agitation leaders recall how the Jagan Reddy government is making illegal arrests to suppress the struggle for Capital City. Only a fee days ago, the High Court ordered CBI probe into the disappearance of three opposition activists over complaints of indecent social media posts. The court took objection to the manner in which Guntur Urban SP PHD Ramakrishna and his team acted in the issue of disappearance of three activists.

In the latest incident, Vamsi Krishna was long a target of the police as he was coordinating the activities of Amaravati protests from the beginning.

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JC harassed by police: Tension in Anantapur


TDP Ex MP JC Diwakar Reddy was made to wait at the Anantapur Rural police station for over eight hours today in his defamatory statements case. Even by evening, the police are not completing the bail formalities to release JC. Because of this, the followers of TDP gathered in large numbers outside the police station. The district level leaders also came there but they were not allowed to go inside the station. A follower of JC tried to set himself ablaze if Diwakar Reddy is not immediately released.

TDP leaders threatened the police with dire consequences if they continue to harass their leaders. JC has been given court bail but the police are not accepting the papers immediately. The case was filed against JC for his comments insulting the police. At a meeting recently, JC warned that after coming to power, the TDP would appoint only those police officers who lick their party leaders boots. JC comments were blown out of proportions and the police association filed a complaint.

JC comments came amid growing impatience among the Opposition leaders against the police harassment in collusion with the ruling YCP leaders. Even the police cases against Amaravati Capital farmers are triggering massive protests. Jagan Police Rajyam is creating widespread fears of greater unrest and conflicts in future.

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Police terror tactics to suppress Amaravati protests


All the 29 villages in Amaravati Capital City area are aggressively standing up against the police atrocities. All sections of villagers including women and children are protesting in the streets against YCP police excesses. They are refusing to stop their 3-weeks-old anti-Capital shifting agitation despite terror tactics being employed by the police. Now, the police are forcefully entering streets and houses in Velagapudi and other villages. The residents were also harassed with searches in bedrooms, bathrooms and everywhere. The police attack on women in Mandadam villages made the local people angrier. Women protesters suffered injuries. The police provoked them by using nasty and indecent language against the women residents. Some women protesters lost their jewellery when the police attacker them inside the police van.

National Women’s Rights Commission Chairperson Rekha Sharma has promised to order a probe into the police atrocities on women protesters in Amaravati. The anti-Capital shifting protesters are demanding resignation of CM Jaganmohan Reddy asking him to face the elections once again. The Amaravati farmers are also demanding the imposition of the President’s Rule in AP as CM Jagan Reddy is presiding a reign of terror in the state. Jagan Reddy and YCP leaders are oppressing the people only to increase their wealth and hide their failures.

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Andhra Pradesh police network hacked


In major embarrassment to the Andhra Pradesh government, the state police network has been hacked. The servers have been hacked subsequently the systems failed to start on Saturday morning. The Ransomware virus attack created disruption in functioning of Police in the state. Around 25percent of the police network is not functional.

The police networks in Chittoor, Vizianagaram, Guntur, Vishakhapatnam and Srikakulam districts are not yet operational. The systems have been hacked in Veppadu, Tirupati and Kalikuri police stations in Chittoor district. A Cybercrime case has been registered in Tirupati West Police Station. Around 18services in these police stations are unavailable due to hack.

DGP Sambasiva Rao said that the attack is not confined to just AP, but the computers across the country have been affected. Unidentified hackers allegedly launched ‘ransomware’ attacks across the world and this has impacting 99 countries across the world including India. The virus infects the computers and then demands bitcoins(money) to unblock them.

Police officials alerted network security experts who are trying to decode the issue and bring up the systems. The virus attack was specific to windows operating system servers as the IBM OS systems are operational. The officials are alleging that network in Hyderabad has also been hacked.

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