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Bigg Boss 2: Anchor Shyamala evicted


Big Boss show is running towards the climax. It is just two more weeks to have the grand finale. Eight contestants are in the house and four of them are in the nominations for today’s eviction – Kaushal, Deepti , Amit and Shyamala. Most of the people predicted it will be either Amit or Shyamala evicting the house this week.

Finally Nani announced that it is Shyamala who is leaving the house this week. Shyamala seems to have taken this sportively and she admitted that others who are in the house for more days than her are more eligible to continue in the house at this crucial juncture.

Shyamala, before reentry and after reentry had played the game completely differently. Earlier, she was seen passive and soft. After re-entry, she was seen more active and seen moving closer with Kaushal. Also, “Abba, Em Cheppaaru Shyamala Garu..” phrase used by Tanish and Roll Rida while teasing her has become very popular.

Shyamala has thrown big bomb on Roll Rida while leaving and as per this bomb, he will be servant for this entire week for all housemates. Nani asked a question to Shyamala after she came out of house about her view on who will be top 3 contestants. She almost gave a Shock to Kaushal fans by saying it will be Geetha Madhuri, Tanish and Roll Rida.

Prior to the nomination process, Silly fellows actors – Allari Naresh and Sunil were in the house. Nani , Allari Naresh and Sunil – all have great sense of humor and they played a game with housemates and that made this episode full of fun. Incidentally, evicted Bigg Boss contestant Nandini Rai was heroine in Silly fellows movie.

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Big Boss 2: ‘Manu’ hero and heroines in the house


‘Manu’ movie hero and heroines Gautam and Chandani Chaudhary came to Bigg Boss house today as part of promotions of the movie. It is known news that the movie already released and got poor reviews, mainly because of its confusing screenplay.

It was also Tanish birthday today and ‘Manu’ hero and heroines were part of his birthday celebrations. Tanish turned 28 with this birthday. His parents, family members and Deepthi Sunaina sent him birthday wishes.

Yesterday’s “ticket to finale” task continued today also before Manu team entering the house. Out of the five members who entered the car yesterday, Geetha Madhuri and Samrat left car before completion of the task. Remaining 3 – Tanish, Deepti and Shyamala were in the car by the end of the task and so nobody won the task.

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Bigg Boss 2: Ticket to finale task


Bigg Boss today gave surprising task to the housemates. Whoever wins this task, will get ticket to finale episode. That means, they will have immunity from nominations and elimination for rest of the season until final episode.

Housemates were very much excited after hearing about this opportunity. As per this task, once siren buzzes, housemates have to enter into the car that is there in the garden place. The 5 housemates who enter into the car first will be competing for this ticket to finale. Out of these 5, whoever stays in the car for entire 24 hours period will be the winner. If anyone comes out or at least step out of the car, they will be disqualified. Another twist is, if more than one person is in the car at the end of the task after 24 hours, nobody will get the ticket to finale. that means by the end of the task, housemates can convince others to leave or even force others to leave the car.

However, as Kaushal is already nominated for entire season he cannot compete in this task. He will be overseeing this task. As per another rule, whoever touches the car before the siren sound will be disqualified to contest in this task. Kaushal disqualified Roll Rida after his mike touched the car. Roll Rida argued that he did not know that his mike is touching the car at all but Kaushal did not agree.

Finally – Tanish, Samrat, Deepthi, Shyamala, and Geetha entered the car. The task will continue tomorrow.

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Bigg Boss 2: Another fun filled episode


Yesterday Bigg Boss started a task and as per the task, all the housemates were allotted different songs to them and whenever that particular song is being played the housemate who has been allotted that song has to come to the dance floor and dance for the song.

Today’s episode was full of fun. Bigg Boss teased Kaushal by playing his song when his Dhoti was loosen. Kaushal held his dhoti with hand and danced. The song stopped for a brief period and Kaushal went to adjust his Dhoti but Big Boss played the song again without giving him time to adjust his dress. Bigg boss repeated the same process couple of times that evoked a few laughs among audience. Similarly, Geetha Madhuri was about to go to washroom but Big Boss played her song. She came to dance floor and tapped a few movements but asked bigg boss to allow her to go to washroom. Bigg Boss stopped the song for some time and Geetha Madhuri started walking towards washroom. When she was just about to reach washroom, he played the song again and she had to come running towards Dance Floor. Bigg Boss did the same with Roll Rida too by playing his song whenever he is far from the dance floor. As soon as the song started , Roll Rida came running to the dance floor but the song was stopped after he danced for a few seconds. Bigg Boss repeated the same process to generate a few laughs.

Other tasks during this episode also generated some lighter moments. Especially when she was trying to draw a picture, inadvertently the picture gave some suggestive meaning and all the housemates were literally rolling on the floor laughing. Anyway, this is one task that had less confrontations and more entertainment in the Bigg boss house.

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Bigg Boss 2 : housemates dance to Tollywood songs


In Bigg Boss show, weekly task usually starts on Tuesdays. As part of the task, this week all housemates have been given different Tollywood songs and they have to dance for the song whenever that particular song is being played in the house. If somebody fails to show up on the dance floor for a song, that particular contestant to whom that song is allotted will lose points and that will affect their luxury budget.

Each of the housemates have been given a song for them. Geetha Madhuri got Jigel Rani song, Deepthi got A ante Amalapuram song, Shyamala got Junction Lo song, Kaushal got Tauba Tauba song, Tanish got Sarainodu song, Samrat got DJ song ( seeti maar), Amit got Tring Tring song, Roll Rida got naire Baba song. In addition to these individual songs, whenever Kevvu Keka song is being played all ladies have to do a group dance, whenever Adaragottu song is being played all guys have to do a group dance and whenever Ammadu Let’s Do Kummudu song is being played entire house has to do group dance.

It was enjoyable watching all the housemates dance to these songs. Entire episode was filled with dances of housemates.

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Nani responds on “biased hosting” comments


Nani today responded on negative comments about his hosting. Actually Nani is doing very good job as host for Big Boss 2. Jr NTR, host of the season 1, also praised Nani for his hosting skills. Even though he is doing good job, there has been criticism that he is being biased towards some of the housemates. Today Nani responded on those comments and put forward his point of view very firmly.

Actually , most of these critical comments are coming from Kaushal Army that has grown big in recent times and at some point of time was dictating terms to the show. If any contestant is fighting with Kaushal in the house, that housemate is trolled by Kaushal Army on social media platforms. These comments were some times crossing the limits, especially when they were aimed at women contestants. Some TV channels ran special stories on these abusive comments and reminded people it’s just a game show. The same Kaushal army was lambasting Nani whenever he points out any mistakes of Kaushal. But to be frank, Nani was doing this to all contestants. In a tweet, today Nani responded on all this.

Nani tweeted, ” Logged in to share something nice with all of you and I saw few of ur replies regarding BB .. the team believes that I need not reply but how can I not 🙂 So here’s my last and only reply regarding the show- I am sorry guys if some of you here I feel so.. but you need to understand that you all watch the show from your point of view and want your favourite contestant to be treated specially every single time and I shouldn’t be doing that as a host and give everyone equal chance from my side.” He added that, “trust me every single one there equal to me” .

Nani also questioned these trollers, ” regarding voting and eliminations, do you think I really have a say in it?, Ok.. then I leave it up to you..” . He concluded saying, ” at the end my conscience should be clear.. and it is crystal clear”.

We will have to wait and see how social media will respond to Nani’s comments.

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Bigg Boss 2: Samrat saved from nominations


After murder task last week, five people nominated for eviction directly. Out of these five, Samrat got saved from nominations today.

Amit, Deepthi, Shyamala, Samrat and Kaushal were nominated for eviction during murder task. In fact Kaushal is nominated for entire season. Today Bigg Boss gave an opportunity for housemates to save one of these five. As most of the housemates voted in favour of Samrat, he is saved from nominations.

Later, Kaushal was seen arguing with Deepti for not following Bigg Boss house rules during her captaincy. Of late, Kaushal is always seen questioning other housemates on following rules and they are tired of answering him. In fact it is this behaviour of him got him into nomination for entire season.

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Bigg boss tidbits: Double Dhamaka this week


As already revealed by Nani in the promo video, there is double dhamaka this week in Bigg Boss house. So two housemates will be evicted from the house this week. Totally 5 housemates, Kaushal , Nutan Naidu, Ganesh , Samrat and Amit are in the danger zone. Ganesh is evicted from the house today and one more housemate will be evicted tomorrow.

Before announcing this eviction , Nani gave a task to all housemates to write whatever allegations they have on other housemates. They can write whatever they want and they don’t need to write their name. Nani will read out these allegations and housemates can give explanation from their side.

After this task Nani announced that Ganesh is the one who is leaving house today. Discussion with Ganesh after coming out of the house and big bomb is not covered in this episode.

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Bigg boss 2: No captain for the house this week.


It is 82nd day in Bigg boss show. This season will end in the month of September. After completing murder task yesterday, Tanish, Roll Rida and Nutan Naidu were selected by housemates as contenders for captaincy this week. Finally none of them selected as captain for this week.

Actually, this week’s captaincy task itself did not generate any curiosity. Mainly because, the nominations for next week have already been finalized during murder task. Usually captaincy task will be done on Thursday or Friday and housemates compete for captaincy because whoever becomes captain will have immunity from nominations that happen next Monday. But this week, next week’s nominations have already been finalized. So, no special benefit (regarding nomination) even if they selected as captain.

This week’s captaincy task is to ride bicycle without stopping. Housemates can disturb the contestants. But the contenders shouldn’t stop. Meanwhile, Nutan Naidu’s cycle chain losen many times during the task but Bigg boss allowed him to have chain fixed by housemates. Tanish felt Nutan is getting undue benefit and he left the task. But Roll Rida and Nutan, both were on bicycle the time of end buzzer. As nobody wins in the task, Bigg boss announced no captain for the house this week.

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Bigg Boss : After murder task, Kaushal got biggest shock of the season


While last week’s marriage task in Bigg Boss was very boring, this week’s murder mystery task was able to engage audience for couple of days. But after this task, Kaushal got rude shock of the season. He got nominated for entire season. That means he will be in danger zone each and every week until final episode.

The task:

As per this week’s task, housemates were given different roles like police officer, detective, murderer and common public. Roll Rida and Ganesh were police officer and detective respectively. Rest of all are part of common public. But twist is Geetha Madhuri, who is also part of common public, is actually murderer but housemates don’t know this. Bigg Boss gave her a set of secret tasks. She can complete those talks with any of the housemates. As she completes those tasks, the housemates whoever fall into her trap will be treated as dead. Big Boss will announce the name of the candidate who is dead. Police and detective has to find out why they are announced as dead and who the murderer is.

Geetha completed all tasks successfully:

Geetha Madhuri intentionally provoked Kaushal into a heated argument as part of the secret task. She made Shyamala to dance with her. She fed bread to Samrat. Same way, she finished tasks with Amit and Deepthi. As and when she completed the task, Bigboss announced those candidates as dead. Actually those tasks look silly but at the same time if it is not for Geetha and her bizarre attitude, Police and detective could have identified the murderer.

Geetha nominated Kaushal for entire season :

After Geetha Madhuri completed all the tasks given to her, the murder task came to an end. Bigg Boss asked Roll Rida and Ganesh Now announced the name of the suspect. They have a chance to question the suspects. However roll Rida and Ganesh failed to figure out who the murderer is and they got it wrong as they announced it is Tanish. After both of them failed, Bigg Boss announced that it is Geetha Madhuri who is the murderer. So as per the agreement, she got immunity for nomination. Not only that she can nominate one Housemate for rest of the season. She told name of Kaushal. Kaushal was seen very much disappointed with this.

Geetha explained Kaushal:

During a conversation with Kaushal later, Geetha Madhuri explained Kaushal why she chose him. She told three reasons for this. First, Kaushal always says Bigg Boss game has to be played strategically.

Second, Kaushal always advised Geetha to consider the decisions that is most beneficial. Finally, she told, Kaushal has the support of Kaushal Army and so he is the safest person to be in the nominations. Because anyway he will come to finals because of huge following he has. Kaushal, for the first in the house, realized and told Geetha that, all his heated arguments with her also might have helped her take decision against him.

Even though this action looked like a jolt to Kaushal, actually Geetha also took the risk, because had she failed she would have been in the similar danger zone. We’ll have to wait and see how this is received by the audience.

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Bigg boss : It’s nomination day again and 5 in danger zone


Bigg Boss show is getting very intense week after week because of the stiff competition among the housemates. As usual , Monday is the day of nomination. This week nomination process looked a bit innovative. Each housemate has to take three members along with him into activity room that looked like police interrogation room. The member has to nominate 2 out of these three and save one of these 3. He has to explain reasons for all the nominations.

Nutan Naidu nominated Amit and Samrat saved Kaushal from the nominations. Shyamala nominated Ganesh and Nutan Naidu and saved Tanish from the nominations. for the eliminations. Deepthi Nallamothu nominated Amit and Samrat and she saved Roll Rida. Samrat nominated Kaushal and Nutan Naidu. She saved Shyamala. Roll Rida nominated Kaushal and Nuthan Naidu while he saved Ganesh. Ganesh nominated Amit and Kaushal. He saved Geetha Madhuri.

Big boss announced that Kaushal, Nuthan Naidu, Ganesh, Samrat, and Amit have been nominated for the elimination from Nani’s Bigg Boss Telugu 2. Ganesh’s altercation with Kaushal surprised audience. While Kaushal called him a lazy bum, Ganesh seriously questioned Kaushal if he thinks he is the bigg boss? Their fight surprised audience.

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Reentry of the housemates, biggest blunder: Bigg Boss 1 contestant


In Bigg Boss Telugu season 2, two housemates who have been evicted from the house, later got a chance to re enter the house. This didn’t happen in any other Bigg Boss season in any language till date. Many people wondered how this could happen and Big Boss Telugu season 1 contestant Sameer, while debating in a TV channel , told this is the worst strategy by Big Boss team and because of this, people lost interest in the show.

Sameer argued, re-entry is wrong idea and people lost interest after re-entries:

It is known news that Nutan Naidu and Shyamala got evicted from the house in second and third weeks. But after Bigg Boss team decided to re enter some of the candidates, asked audience to vote for their favorite contestant, Nutan Naidu and Shyamala got more votes and joined the house. But, basic concept of big boss is that- some contestants will be locked inside a house and they will not be allowed to watch news and know anything outside the house. After isolating contestants, they may feel stressed and their original psychological strength will come out. So, as per the basic concept of the show, reentry itself is a wrong idea. But there are people who argue that, even wild card entries also know what is happening in the show and join the house later. But wild card contestants know things from outside the house whereas re-entered candidates know what is happening inside the house as well as outside the house and this will definitely change the dynamics of the show.

Bigg Boss season 1 contestant Sameer told that many people whom he meet during his film shootings also expressed with him the same opinion that they lost interest on the show after seeing this reentry concept. He added, they questioned, what is the purpose of evicting someone in second and third week if they were to re enter the house couple of weeks before the finals.

Shyamala’s game after reentry looked like sycophancy:

Shyamala, in her initial weeks before eviction never seen supporting Kaushal. But after coming out of the show, she came to know about social media trends and after re-joining the house she has been interacting the most with Kaushal. In fact it looked like sycophancy as she is intentionally moving close with Kaushal so that his fans may support her during the voting.

Not only Shyamala, but even her friends like Deepti also came to know about this. During Men versus women task when Kaushal cheated women’s team, Babu gogineni,as a rationalist, argued in favor of women’s team . However women told they don’t feel like being cheated by Kaushal but treat this incident as a lesson. Babu gogineni who participated in a TV debate after coming out of the house pointed that this happened because re-entered housemate giving clues about what is happening outside the house. He also opined, it is sad that they couldn’t fight for themselves fearing ‘armies’ outside the house. This, as per him, is defeating the concept of the show itself.

Nutan Naidu’s re-re-entries becoming a laughing stock:

Nani called him “Alludu (son-in-law) of the house” because he is coming into and going out of house many times. Audience wonder, why Bigg boss makers don’t understand such things becoming laughing stock among audience.

No value-add from the re-entered candidates:

Audience also feeling, there is no value added from these re-entries to the show. They are neither great entertainers nor great fighters. What could have been done is instead of reentering these housemates, Bigg Boss team could have gone for another wildcard and introduced some entertainer in the house. Because what is lacking in the current show is the entertainment. Of course the tasks and the fights are engaging, but the show is becoming dull when there are no such engaging tasks and confrontations. Marriage task that was done couple of days back proved the same.

Will re-entries be in the finals?

Now the question is, will one of them or both of them be in the final episode? If that happens, it will be another blunder because, the ones who saw the game from outside and who are not in house for some time will have advantage of assessing the game better. But if they win title, credibility of the show will take a toll. So, it is obvious that they can’t win title. So if they find a place in finals, it would be injustice to some other strong candidate , at cost of whom, they secure their place in finals. After all others took more stress inside the house than them and they didn’t have luxury of knowing the game from outside. Moreover, the ones evicted in the first couple of weeks by audience becoming finalists will spoil the credibility of the show completely. That may affect future seasons of Bigg Boss.

-Zuran (@CriticZuran)

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Bigg Boss – Nani in the house & Pooja evicted.

Nani, the host of Bigg Boss show , entered into the house today on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan and spent time with them. As this is Raksha bandhan, housemates who have sisters, received messages from them and Nani read those messages to them.
Deepti, who lost captaincy yesterday as the housemates are not following the rules of the house, got it back today as Nani personally requested Big Boss to forgive her for this time. Also Nani showed the housemates memes and funny comments netizens created on the housemates. Nani had dinner with them and spoke to housemates about how they are doing in the house.
Finally, it is Pooja who got evicted from the house this week. Audience also predicted her eviction already but there are rumours about double dhamaka this week and audience were curious to see who will get evicted along with her. But there was no double Dhamaka this week and it is only Pooja who got evicted from the house.

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Complaint to Human Rights Commission on Bigg boss Telugu, Babu condemns


Rapolu Bhaskar, a high court lawyer, filed complaint on Bigg boss show in Human Rights Commission on the grounds of violation of human rights. He made several serious accusations on Bigg boss show.

He accused Bigg boss organizers are house-arresting 16 members and asking them to do irrelevant and meaningless tasks. He also alleged, the show is hurting the sentiments of people and also telecasting obscene content. He argued, the show is not doing any good to society but instead it is harming society. He requested human rights commission to intervene and direct the organizers to stop the show. He appeared in a TV channel debate and raised several legal points on this show.

The lawyer also accused there is child rights violation because of this show. During the debate in the TV channel, in which the lawyer also was a participant, it was pointed out that one of the contestants (Syamala) left his kid who is less than one year old at house to participate in the show and depriving him from the feeding. Pointing out this, he argued there is child rights violation too in the house.

Babu Gogineni, one of the contestants in this season, argued against the points raised by high court lawyer. He told, it is not a house arrest. It is evident that housemates are in fact fighting to continue in the house rather than leaving the house. He also told, there are swimming pools, lawn, good food apart from the tasks that test psychological strength of the tasks. So, Babu argued, there is no violation of human rights in the show. He called the show, a unique and life time experience.

We will have to wait and see how HRC responds on this.

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Bigg boss : Captaincy task exposed Kaushal’s weakness, yet again


Friday is the day of captaincy task. Initially, there was a task to choose contenders for captaincy and as per that task, there will be a siren sound to start the game, and after that, whoever goes first and sits on the sofa in confession room will be the contenders for captaincy. Only the two people who reach first will be the contestants for captaincy. Some people like Tanish, Geetha, Amit did not even run as they wanted to help Deepthi who is nomination to become captain. Only Kaushal, Deepthi, Samrat, and Pooja ran towards sofa. Finally Deepthi and Kaushal were in first and second position, so they became contenders for the captaincy.

Kaushal was disappointed after knowing the details of the task

Then for these two contenders, there was another task to win the captaincy. In fact, this was not a task but it was like ‘election’. In front of both the contenders there will be weighing machines. Housemates can put objects or anything they want in the weighing machine of the contestant, whom they want to see as a captain. Whoever gets more weight in their weighing machine will become captain. In other words whoever has more acceptance among other housemates will become captain. Immediately after listening to the details of the task, Kaushal got disappointed as he also knows he doesn’t have that much acceptance among other housemates. On the other hand, Deepthi has got sympathy of other housemates also because she is in the list of nominations. Moreover she lost in the captaincy task earlier 3 times and so that sympathy also worked in her favour.

Kaushal’s weakness exposed:

Earlier also it was analysed in an article that, not having acceptance among other housemates may work against Kaushal in future (https://www.telugu360.com/biggboss2-telugu-kaushal-fans-and-housemates-part-2/) . No doubt, if it is an individual task, he would have become captain because he gives his best performance in individual tasks. However, before the start of the task, Kaushal went to other housemates and requested their support. When he went and asked Tanish, he reminded Kaushal about his own words that “I am not here to make friends or form relations”. Almost all other housemates replied him same way (later). Kaushal was seen requesting as well as emotionally blackmailing housemates to support him. He tried to remind some of them, the favors he had done to them earlier. But still, most of the housemates defended their decision of supporting Deepthi and even explained their reason for doing so. It is only Amit who supported Kaushal. Finally Deepthi won over Kaushal. After Deepthi winning as captain, Samrat, Geeta and other housemates were seen making fun of Kaushal’s behavior during the captaincy task. Later, Amit, who supported Kaushal in the task, also joined them in this.

Tailpiece: (Nutan Naidu’s re-re-entry )

Nutan Naidu, who left house in 2nd episode and re-entered house along with Shyamala couple of weeks back but retired hurt during a physical task, ‘re-entered’ the house once ‘again’. He undergone a surgery for shoulder and now recovered fully. Nutan Naidu’s entry seemed to have upset other housemates because while they are all striving hard to keep their stay in the house by playing games and all, Nutan Naidu is coming into and going out of the house just like that.

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Neevevaro team in Bigg boss house


“Neevevaro” movie team, Tapsee, Adi Pinisetty, and Ritika Singh joined Bigg boss house today.

They conducted a “BB Radio show” in the house and gave some tasks to housemates. One such task is to Samrat to make Pooja fall in love with him. As part of the task, Samrat proposed to Pooja and even sang a song for her. Samrat did ‘Sheershasanam” too for her after that Pooja accepted his proposal. Of course, it’s part of the task. Same way all the housemates performed tasks as per request of the guests. Earlier, the marriage task was completed by housemates and the task of marrying toys looked so fake and artificial.

Neevavaro is remake of Tamil thriller ‘Adhe Kangal’ (meaning ave kaLLu) released in 2017. It was written and directed by Rohin Venkatesan. The film was remade in Kannada and it fared decently in Kannada too. The film will be releasing today (on 24th August).

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Jabardasth Rashmi predicts Bigg Boss season 2 title winner


Jabardasth anchor Rashmi Gautam predicted who will be winning the title of Bigg Boss in season 2. She gave an interview to YouTube channel as part of promoting her upcoming film and expressed her opinion on Bigg Boss season 2.

She told , she doesn’t follow Bigg Boss completely because of lack of time . But she follows the feed in social media regarding the show. She told that she knows many of the housemates like Geeta ,Kaushal and Nandini Rai personally too. She opined that she has been seeing the feed from Kaushal army in Twitter and by seeing that feed it looks like he will be winning the title. She told , by seeing all the feed, posts and videos from Kaushal Army , it looks like if he is not given the title of this show, his fans may even do a demonstration or dharna to express their disappointment.

Bigg Boss season 2 is becoming even more popular than season 1. Partly because of Kaushal. In season 1 there was no army for any housemates like this. There was no groupism also in first season where as season 2 has stiff competition compared to season 1.

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Bigg Boss : This week’s task is very boring


Bigg boss gave this week, task of organizing a marriage. Housemates are divided into 2 groups – bride’s team and bridegroom’s team. Bride and bridegroom are toys but the roles of relatives of bride and bridegroom are played by housemates. All pre-marriage and post-marriage functions like Mehendi, Sangeet and other functions need to be enacted by the housemates.

Compared to previous tasks like pirates and survivors or movie making or other tasks, this task bored audience, mainly because of lack of conflict and lack of entertainment. Entire event looked more of an advertisement for KLM shopping mall that provided dresses for this marriage event rather than an interesting task designed for Bigg boss show. Anchor Anasuya was there in the house for a brief period of time and she tried to cheer housemates. Although she could make her presence felt, overall episode was boring because of the boring task. Meanwhile Samrat and Roll Rida were given a secret task to complete which they did successfully. We’ll have to wait to know what reward they’ll get for this.

Usually, while watching the task itself audience could predict who will be the contestants for next week’s captaincy because they keenly observe how the housemates are performing in the overall task. But this marriage task doesn’t give enough scope for the participants to demonstrate their skill or spirit. This one is definitely boring task compared to previous tasks and it seems, Bigg boss makers might have accommodated this task, keeping in mind advertising and commercial prospects alone.

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Bigg Boss tidbits: Kaushal, Tanish , Deepthi and Pooja in danger zone


Nomination process for eviction from the house is on and this week- Kaushal , Tanish , Deepti and Pooja were nominated by other housemates for eviction from the house.

Big Boss asked each housemate to come into activity room and give the names of two housemates for this week’s eviction. Roll Rida is Captain and so nobody can nominate him. This week, except Roll Rida and Geeta, all other names have been given by one or other housemate. However top 4 housemates who got more votes only have been nominated for the eviction. Samrat ,Shyamala, Ganesh and Amit were also proposed for nomination by some housemates, but they are not in final list of nominations as they got comparatively less votes than the top 4.

Just before the start of nomination process, Kaushal came to Tanish and told him , even though both of them are strong competitors to each other let us forget all that game now onwards and let us be brothers. Tanish, who used to nominate Kaushal most of the times, didn’t nominate Kaushal this week. It may be because of Kaushal’s gesture towards him before the nomination process. However once into the activity room , Kaushal nominated Tanish and in fact it was the first name he proposed for nomination.

All the nominated contestants are considered very strong candidates in the house. In Big Boss house strong candidates are getting nominated and getting evicted from the house sooner than the weak candidates. Compared to the ones who are not in danger zone, the ones that are nominated are definitely strong candidates this week. Audience are wondering if this trend continues, the weakest contestants only will be there in the Grand Finale after evicting all strong candidates from the house.

We will have to wait for the weekend to see who out of these 4 will get evicted from the house.

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Vijay Devarakonda in Bigg Boss house


Vijay Devarakonda is at his peak in his career now. After huge success of Geeta Govindam, his following among youth got doubled. Today (August 19th) he is joining Bigg Boss house along with his director Parshuram. Star Maa has released promo regarding this and obviously it raised lot of curiosity among audience.

In the promo, It is seen that Nani and Vijay were having lot of fun with housemates. Especially they were seen teasing Deepthi Sunaina a lot. The promo surely raised expectations on today’s episode. Vijay Devarakonda’s Geetha Govindam movie is still going strong in theatres and team is still promoting the movie on large scale.

Big Boss show is getting very good TRPs and show is growing bigger and bigger each day. Also it was seen that the votes polled by audience for reentry of Nutan Naidu and Shyamala were close to the total votes polled for grand finale episode in Bigg Boss season 1 Telugu.

We will have to wait and see how much ratings this episode with both Vijay Devarakonda and Nani in the show will bring for Star MAA.

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