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Okkarante Okkaru ( Savyasachi) : Emotional melody


Okkarante Okkaru savyasachi song

The second single of Naga Chaitanya’s Savyasachi ‘Okkarante Okkaru’ is out and it is an emotional melody rendered beautifully by MM Keeravani.

The heart touching song portrays the mother’s distress about her son’s abnormality ( vanishing syndrome). Lyricist Ramajogayya Sastry comes up with simple yet poignant lines and singer Sreenidhi Tirumala complements them very well with her soothing vocals. Keeravani’s violin produces a desired effect to catch the attention of listeners.

Directed by Chandoo Mondeti, the film is said to explore a novel storyline with interesting character for Naga Chaitanya. The film is releasing on November 2nd.

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I wanted Geetha Madhuri to win the title: Deepthi Nallamothu


Bigg Boss 2 Telugu finalist Deepthi nallamothu share experiences in Bigg Boss house in an interview to a TV channel. During the interview, while answering to a question, she told, between Kaushal and Geetha Madhuri , she wanted Geetha Madhuri to win the title. She also told, she is very happy and contented with her performance in the show. She told, Big Boss team approached her after seeing her videos in Tv9. She revealed that her family members encouraged her to participate in this show.

On safe game comments:

She answered to the comments after playing safe game in the house. she told, she is always like that – be it is organisation or be it in the family, she never shout at anyone even if she feels that what they are doing is wrong. she added that, at max, chicken Express her opinion firmly but softly.

Tanish and Nandini phonecalls:

She got phone calls from Tanish and Nandini during the interview. Tanish had special bonding with her during the show.Tanish told that she was there for him in all the tough situations. Nandini also was her best buddy at a point of time in the show. Deepti told Geetha Madhuri was her best buddy in the house and added that, had Geetha Madhuri was not there in the house her journey would have been much difficult in the house.

On Kaushal and his Army:

Deepti told that she is very happy for Kaushal for getting huge fan following through Bigg Boss 2 show. She added that, all the 17 contestants are winners in a way, because they were selected from crores of people and that itself is a very big achievement.

On Kaushal versus Geetha Madhuri:

Kaushal and Geetha Madhuri top two contenders for the title. Deepti stood at 4th place. So when the anchor asked, what was her mind set at that point of time, she answered that, between Kaushal and Geeta, she wanted Geetha to win because she was her best buddy in the house.

On manipulating Bigg Boss voting pattern comments:

She told, there is nothing fake in Bigg Boss show and it is 100% reality show. Many people think that voting pattern is manipulated, show is scripted, and the tasks are fake. But Deepti , who was in house for more than hundred days, clarified that there is nothing fake in this show and they don’t give any scripts for the housemates.

Finally she told that she is very contented with her performance in the show. She revealed that many people told her, that they expected her to be at least runner-up and which itself is a very big compliment for her.

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Why is Kaushal still dragging ‘sympathy card’ ?


Kaushal emerged as winner in Bigg Boss season 2 Telugu. Undoubtedly, he is the one who got benefited the most from Bigg Boss season 2 Telugu. He gave an interview to a Telugu channel and he was seen playing sympathy card again in that interview.

Kaushal told in that interview, none of the housemates called him after the show to congratulate him or to talk to him. It looks like, Kaushal is still carrying the hangover of the game, even after coming out of the house. To be frank, he didn’t have good relations with any of the housemates ( except Nutan Naidu ) and he himself told that he intentionally avoided such bondings and relations so as to focus on the game. So it was him who wanted to avoid relations with other housemates but not vice versa, as admitted by himself.

Moreover, forming any relation, is most of the times a two sided process. it cannot be a one side process. If they did not call him, how about him calling any of the housemates. It seems Kaushal wants to get carried away with the same negative emotions even after coming out of the house. We will have to wait and see how and whether this will help him in shaping his future.

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Kaushal gets a superstar reception


The popular reality show, Bigg Boss season 2 winner Kaushal seems to be thoroughly enjoying his success. Now he is getting flooded with many opportunities.

On that note, Kaushal was invited for the opening of popular retail chain, KLM Fashion Mall in Hyderabad. Getting to know that Kaushal is going to inaugurate the store, people reached in large number to the spot to have a glance of this television celebrity. At one point of time, things turned difficult to manage the crowd.

Generally only heroines would get such a reception during a store launch but Kaushal’s craze is totally unpredicted and it has touched the peaks.

Seriously Bigg Boss has changed the fortunes of Kaushal and hope he gets into the real business from here.

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Mahesh Babu congratulates Bigg Boss 2 winner Kaushal


Tollywood superstar Mahesh Babu has congratulated Bigg Boss Telugu season 2 winner Kaushal. Mahesh took it on his official Twitter handle and added that he is extremely happy for Kaushal’s success and asked him to enjoy his victory.

The other day speaking in a news channel’s interview, Kaushal had thanked Mahesh and shared his association. “I’m here right now because of Mahesh Babu. During the making of ‘Rajakumarudu’ Mahesh had backed me in establishing a modeling agency and I can never forget his unconditional support,” said the Bigg Boss Telugu 2 winner.

Further Kaushal said, if that would not have happened, he would have returned to his hometown Vizag and doing some odd job.

Kaushal also made his debut with Mahesh Babu’s first film ‘Rajakumarudu’ in the year 1999, in a supporting role. Later he featured in many films.

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Bigg Boss hosts: NTR vs Nani (Part-3)


We have seen in previous article the situations when people thought NTR could have done better job than Nani. At the same time, Nani, who has excellent timing, handled the show very carefully. Despite not having NTR like stardom, he made the weekend episodes huge success, thanks to his natural anchoring.

Click here for Bigg Boss hosts: NTR vs Nani (Part-2)

Instances when Nani did better job than NTR:

There were many instances when Nani did great job as host and did better job than NTR.

Exemplary sense of humor:

Of course, he fumbled a bit while handling tough situations. But when it comes to handling happy situations or celebrations, Nani simply rocks and did much better job than NTR. His great sense of humor enthralled audience (https://www.telugu360.com/bigg-boss-tidbits-nani-showing-his-humor-and-imitation-skills/) Starting from first episode, his comic timing, his imitation skills and friendly nature impressed audience. Of course NTR also showed his sense of humor at times, but Nani’s boy next door image and family image worked big time here and when it comes to entertaining tasks, Nani did much better job than NTR.

Improvisation of Bigg Boss hosting and setting new benchmark:

Nani improvised the hosting of Bigg boss show a lot. The way he created parables and interpreted them with housemates was very much applauded. Even season 1 host NTR praised showers on Nani for these improvisations. In fact, Nani set a new benchmark for future Bigg boss hosts. The way he improvised “Naa TV (My TV)” in season-1 as “Naa nee TV (My and your TV)” that sounds like “Nani TV” etc all showed his skills. The impromptu replies he gave to the housemates also showed his presence of mind. Actually BB hosting really requires some inherent talent and one cannot manage it with scripted dialogue. While handling such impromptu situations, Nani was much better. Probably his experience as RJ and host ( for some events) might have helped him. Definitely he proved once again, he is one the very few heroes in Telugu who can handle these kind of shows.

Handling the show for 16 weeks compared to 10 weeks and sustaining momentum.

When season-1 started, they kept it crisp and concise, for several reasons and it was for 10 weeks only. Whereas Bigg boss season 2 is much bigger in every aspect. It had 16 housemates plus two wild card entries. That is total of 18 contestants. The show ran for 16 weeks. Handling the show for these many weeks and sustaining momentum is humongous task and Nani handled this humongous task with such an ease. There might be criticism on Nani by the fans of housemates whenever Nani bashed them, but there was never a single remark on Nani regarding his hosting skills and Nani’s weekend episodes were very much enjoyable. His natural performance was liked by all. The only complaint he had – i.e. being biased towards certain contestants, is also not completely true. In fact, in the initial episodes of season-1, some people commented NTR’s anchoring as artificial. Of course NTR was quick enough to rectify such things. But as far as hosting skills is compared, Nani did better job than NTR.

Is stardom is required to handle Bigg Boss show? Could BB2 have become Bigger hit if NTR had hosted?

When some people troll hosts and housemates on social media platforms, it looked like had a bigger star like NTR hosted, things would have been different. But the fact is, it is not about stardom. Showing some guts during hosting and taking some strong decisions is the key. But at the same time, we can’t conclude – if Bigg boss 2 would have become bigger hit had NTR hosted it. Kamal Hassan got extremely good applause for Bigg Boss Tamil season-1, but during season-2 he was criticized a lot. As fate of each film is different depending on story, the fate of each Bigg boss season is also different depending on the housemates of that season and “narrative” created by Bigg boss.


Both NTR and Nani did great job as hosts. While Nani’s strength lies in his exemplary hosting skills and sense of humor, NTR’s strength lies in handling the entire show in a dignified manner. Obviously, Bigg boss 2 became much bigger hit than Bigg boss 1 and season-3 may become bigger hit than season 2 also. It depends on many factors like host, housemates, “narrative theme” created by Bigg boss etc. But as far as the hosting this show is considered, like NTR, Nani too set a new benchmark for the future hosts. More than that, this natural star made a strong impression on audience as Bigg Boss host with his performance that is as natural as perfect.

-Zuran (@CriticZuran)

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Bigg Boss hosts: NTR vs Nani (Part-2)

Bigg Boss 2 was huge hit and finally Kaushal emerged winner in the show. Nani did a fantastic job as host of the show. His exemplary hosting skills, great sense of humor, and universal appeal as hero worked big time. NTR also did great job as host for season-1. But if we have to compare their hosting, there are instances when people thought NTR did better than Nani and vice versa.

Instances when people thought NTR could have done a better job than Nani in season 2 :

After seeing NTR’s hosting, some believed that nobody else can make Big Boss show successful in Telugu if NTR doesn’t host the show. However, Nani made the show successful and proved them wrong. But there were definitely times when people thought NTR could have handled better than Nani if he had hosted season 2.

Nani’s too much bashing of housemates irked audience sometimes :

Initially Nani was too soft and some pointed out that Nani is not able to bash housemates even when they are doing mistakes. But later, Nani started bashing them and it continued till the last week. Compared to Nani, NTR’ did a better job here. He lambasted them when it was very much needed and housemates also took it very seriously when NTR warned them. But Nani’s bashing became a routine affair after couple of weeks.

Nani followed social media too much :

Nani gave too much importance to the voice of social media. Nani responding to trolls of social media during the show itself as well as through his twitter didn’t do any good to the show but in fact it fetched even more trolls. Also, Bigg boss season 1 didn’t have social media armies, trolls and memes. NTR didn’t have to handle any of them. Nani’s job became tough with all these social media armies. But whenever Nani tried to counter those trolls, it bounced back. Celebrities criticizing media or social media is always a losing battle and Nani must have realized it by now.

Lack of stardom :

Nani is hero with universal appeal and family audience immensely like him. He also has very good sense of humor and hosting skills. But hosting Bigg Boss is not just about ‘hosting skills’, it is also about “handling some very tough situations” – with the housemates as well as handling the feedback . Many people trolled Nani, trended hashtags that degrade Nani. But Nani didn’t have huge mass following to at least counter such trolling. Had it been NTR or any other mass hero, their fans could have handled such media trolls and situations might have been much very different. But there was one mistake from Nani’s side i.e. he openly announced some housemates as his best buddies in the initial weeks itself, and that created a doubt among audience that he may get biased towards them later.

These are the various aspects that made people think whether NTR could have done a better job than Nani, if he had hosted season-2 too. But there are other situations when Nani did better job than NTR. We’ll see that in subsequent article.

– Zuran (@CriticZuran)

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Nani on hosting Telugu ‘Bigg Boss’: It introduced me to the real world


Actor Nani, who made his television debut as the host of the second season of Telugu version of “Bigg Boss”, said the experience of being associated with the popular reality show introduced him to the real world.

The show ended on Sunday as Kaushal Manda, one of the most popular contestants, emerged as the winner and took home a cash prize of Rs 50 lakh.

“‘Bigg Boss’ changed my view of the world. Before I joined the show as its host, I was living in a bubble. I believed the real world is a happy place. ‘Bigg Boss’ made me realise that the world is made of all kinds of people, including some judgmental ones. It has introduced me to the real world,” Nani told IANS.

As much as he enjoyed his association with the show, his stint earned him his share of bouquets and brickbats, especially from the supporters of Kaushal, known as Kaushal Army on social media.

“I’ve never dealt with so many hate messages in my life. This show made me realize you can’t please everyone in this world. There will always be some people who won’t like you and there’s nothing one can do about it,” he said, adding that working on “Bigg Boss” took up more of his time than anticipated.

“The last three months have been the most stressful phase of my career. Even when I was doing three films a year, I would somehow find two weeks to spend time with my family apart from the regular weekend breaks. But ‘Bigg Boss’ took up more time than I had expected. On top of it, I also had to shoot for ‘Devadas’. It’s finally time to go on a much-needed holiday,” he said.

In “Devadas”, which hit the screens last week, Nani shared the screen space with Akkineni Nagarjuna for the first time.

“The initial idea of ‘Devadas’ came from Bollywood writer Sridhar Raghavan. When Nag sir and I heard the idea, we felt it needed tweaking to suit local sensibilities.”

“We wanted the film to be neither too commercial nor too realistic,” said Nani, adding that director Sriram Adittya was roped in and handed over the responsibility of developing Sridhar’s idea into a full-fledged script. “That’s how ‘Devadas’ got rolling.”

On the experience of working with Nagarjuna, someone Nani grew up idolizing, he said: “It felt so surreal to stand next to him and act.”

“I grew up watching his movies. There have been instances where he would step out of a caravan and walk towards me and all I could think of was standing in a long queue to watch the first day show of his ‘Ninne Pelladata’. This memory kept flashing in my mind,” he said.

Nani didn’t have any qualms of doing a multi-starrer at a stage when his career is going great with a few successive blockbusters to its credit.

“I don’t consider myself an image-driven actor. I believe audiences come to watch my films because they are entertaining and not because of my image. Having grown up idolizing Nagarjuna sir, I couldn’t refuse an offer to work with him. I’m glad he had no qualms to work with me.”

Nani will be next seen playing a cricketer in Telugu sports drama “Jersey”, a story about a late bloomer which unfolds between 1986 and 1996. The film will be directed by Gowtam Tinnanuri.

“It will be one of the most prestigious projects of my career. I play a batsman and I’ve been training really hard for three and a half hours daily. We start shooting from Dussehra,” he said.

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Nani refuses hosting for Bigg Boss 3


Nani hosted Bigg Boss season 2 , that became a smash hit. He hosted the show for 16 weeks and the final episode of the show was over yesterday. However as per reports, Bigg Boss team has approached Nani for hosting Bigg Boss season 3 too but he rejected the offer.

Bigg Boss Season 3 will be in next year. In a recent interview Nani told that, while agreeing for Bigg Boss season 2, he thought, he had to spend only one day per week i.e. half day shooting for Saturday episode and half day shooting for Sunday episode. But, Nani added, Bigg Boss takes so much of life as he needs to follow the show each and every day to give proper judgement and to pass correct remarks on housemates on weekends. So, as the show is taking too much of life, he will not be able to accommodate his schedules for Bigg Boss 3 and he told the same thing to Big Boss team.

With his Candid reply, now team of Bigg Boss has fewer options for Bigg Boss season 3. They may go back to NTR, who hosted season 1. But he may also be busy with Rajamouli movie during that time and he may also not be able to take it up. Vijay Devarakonda and Allu Arjun also might be considered at that time as there are not many heroes who can take it up this kind of show.

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Bigg Boss hosts: NTR vs Nani (Part-1)

Bigg Boss season 2 ended last night and almost entire Telugu audience glued to the TV sets to watch the Finale. The show has become much bigger hit than Bigg Boss season 1. There has been discussion that how did Nani do as host when compared to NTR. Most of the people answer to this question, saying, both did very well and both have different styles and you cannot compare them with each other.

But let’s see some analysis on their hosting of Bigg Boss. This is just to check how both of them did and NOT to prove who is better than the other.

One housemate said NTR is better and the other housemate said Nani is better:

Obviously all Bigg Boss contestants of season 1 and season 2, whoever answered this question on TV interviews gave diplomatic answers saying both are good. But there are two exceptions for this.

Bigg Boss season 2 contestant Sanjana compared Nani with china phone and NTR with iphone to answer this question. She said NTR did much better job than Nani as host. On the other hand Big Boss season 1 contestant, Jyothi in other interview told Nani did better than NTR and praised him for his hosting skills. Incidentally both of them got evicted in the first week of the season 2 and season 1 respectively. Probably the housemates who got evicted in first week, seem to be believing that Big Boss team or the host did injustice to them and that is reflecting in their answers . So it is more like their personal opinion rather than a rational answer for this question.

But to be frank, even though both the hosts did exceptionally good job, there are definitely some instances when people thought NTR could have done a better job than Nani at some places and vice versa too.

Both Nani and NTR started at a disadvantageous position

Nani started the show at a very disadvantageous position. Just before Nani starting the show, Sri Reddy made some scathing comments on Nani and unfortunately most of the major news channels gave wide publicity for those comments. Already Nani was in pressure to prove himself as NTR did a good job in season 1.

Not comparable to above, but NTR also started at a disadvantageous position as the show was first of its kind for Telugu audience and there were apprehensions about how the show will be received. Moreover, the host will be there only for two days but housemates have to run the show during the weekdays. If they do something seriously wrong, star hero like NTR has to face the blame.

But despite starting at disadvantageous positions, both the hosts were successful in making the show huge hit.

We will see in subsequent articles –

  • What are the aspects in which Nani did better than NTR and
  • What are the situations in which NTR could have handled better than Nani


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Kaushal is Bigg Boss 2 Title winner


BiggBoss telugu2 winner Kaushal

At last suspense is revealed. Kaushal became the winner of Big Boss Telugu season 2. Geeta Madhuri, Deepthi, Tanish and Samrat reached the Finale battle along with Kaushal. But finally Kaushal has emerged as the winner.

Kaushal background:

Kaushal entered into the show as 11th contestant. He entered the house as an underdog but within the span of 16 weeks his life got completely transformed. Before the show he was just a supporting actor in TV serials. Now he emerged as favorite for many. He was a model and contested in Mr India contest in 1998 too. He featured in many Telugu movies in supporting roles. He is the CEO of The Looks productions that does event management and celebrity wedding planning events.

Click here for more details about Kaushal’s background

The episode that completely changed the dynamics of show and Kaushal’s fate:

Bigg Boss started on 10th June. The episode on 22nd June completely transformed the show. Telugu360 reported it as the most ferocious episode in Bigg Boss Telugu till date (https://www.telugu360.com/kaushal-turns-aggressive-most-ferocious-episode-in-bigg-boss-2-telugu-till-date/). The argument started after Tejaswi commented some people are wasting food while others, who are joining the dinner late, are starving. Kaushal reacted strongly on this. Later, Kireeti tried to squeeze lemon into Kaushal’s eyes accusing he was misbehaving with woman housemates. These two incidents earned lot of sympathy towards Kaushal and fans went on to start “Kaushal army” to vote for him.

Click for details of the episode that changed Kaushal’s fate

Kaushal army’s full-fledged support

Kaushal army that formed to help Kaushal win the title stood for him in each and every moment. Ever since it formed, whoever fought with Kaushal during the week, got evicted in their next nomination. Bhanusree, Tejswi and Babu Gogineni eviction helped understand the remaining housemates what might be happening outside. Later, Syamala and Nutan Naidu entered the show as Kaushal army voted for them in huge numbers to ensure Tejaswi or Bhanusree doesn’t go back into house. Housemates then got complete picture of what is happening outside. Kaushal army even did 2K rallies and blood donation camps in support of Kaushal. Even when Bigg boss telecast negative side of Kaushal during the last couple of weeks, they didn’t flip

Kaushal’s focus and determination:

Kaushal’s focus on the game and determination to win the title paid off finally. Another biggest advantage to him is no other housemates were able to raise to the level of him despite getting several chances. This helped him win the game with record margin.

We’ll have to wait and see how he designs his future with the image he got from the show.

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Bigg Boss 2 Final — Live updates

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Live Updates

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Live Updates

9:00 PM Kaushal is announced as final winner .

Geetha Madhuri and Kaushal spoke.

Kaushal told he started from zero in Hyderabad and now became winner of this show.

Kaushal thanked housemates for giving him tough fight and that helped him focus even more on the game.

8:40 PMRoll Rida received ‘Happiest Person in the House’ award from amazon contest winner.

Nani joins all the housemates and they watched a video reminiscing their entire journey in Bigg boss house.

Nani enters into the house to bring the top 2 contestants Kaushal and Geetha on to stage.

Nani holds the hands of top 2 contestants and brings them on to stage

Leaked Pic :

8:15 PMTanish told, every moment in the house was precious for him.

He spoke about his mother that made audience emotional.

He also reminded Nani, what he told when he joined the house – Nani will entertain audience only on weekends and he will take care of entertaining on weekdays.

Kaushal and Geetha are top 2 finalists.

(As shown in promo) Victory Venkatesh will be announcing who is the winner between these two.

8:10 PMTanish evicted.

Before this announcement, a team from US performed a dance with “Bigg boss” theme.

7:50 PMDeepthi evicted.

Nani appreciated her for her perseverance and the way she transformed herself.

Deepthi told, one thing she learnt in the house is to “Never Give up” in life.

7:35 PM

Dance performances by Nandini, Tejaswi, Deepthi Sunaina and Syamala.

7:20 PMSamrat got evicted.

He was the first one to get evicted among the five finalists today.

Incidentally, he was the first one to reach the Finale during “Race to Finale” task.

7:10 PMTelugu Titans Kabaddi team that is playing in Pro Kabaddi League joined Nani on the stage for some time.

Nani, who acted in ‘Bheemili Kabaddi jattu’ movie played Kabaddi with them.

He launched jersey of Telugu Titans.

Meanwhile Nani also announced his next movie “Jersey” on Bigg boss stage.

6:50 PMNani spoke to Finalists.

Nani showed them their family members and some of the housemates could not control their tears after seeing their family members.

Geetha Madhuri almost wept after seeing their family and Tanish’s mother cried a lot after seeing her son.

Nani is looking so energetic today.

6:30 PM
Ex-housemates entered into the show dancing while “Family party song (from Nani’s MCA)” is being played.

Nani spoke to all the ex-housemates about how the show transformed them.

Most of the housemates admitted it is a learning experience.

Some told (Bhanu who got TV shows after Bigg Boss and Nandini who acted in Silly fellows movie as heroine after Bigg boss) told they became busy after Bigg Boss.

6:10 PM Nani’s started the show.

Nani spoke to family members of housemates.

Geetha Madhuri’s mother, Samrat’s parents and Tanish’s mother became very emotional while talking.

Deepthi’s husband and Kaushal’s wife also expressed their feelings about having their family member participated in Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu will be live on Star Maa from 6 PM IST today

Finally Bigg boss season 2 came to an end. People are waiting to see who will be winner of the season-2.

The show started on 10th June and it continued for 16 weeks. Totally 16 housemates plus two 2 card entries, i.e. total 18 contestants participated in the show. 2 housemates had re-entry into the house.

Finally, 5 contestants – Kaushal, Geetha Madhuri, Tanish, Deepthi and Samrat became top five contestants and one of these five will walk away with trophy today. In a few minutes, we will come to know answer to this question..


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Bigg Boss 2 finale shooting amidst high security


Today is grand finale of Bigg Boss 2 and people are waiting very curiously to know who the winner is. Bigg Boss season 2 has become much bigger hit than Bigg Boss season 1.

Reportedly, yesterday night, around 200 people, who claim themselves to be Kaushal Army, reached Bigg Boss set in Hyderabad and shouted slogans of “Kaushal, Kaushal” outside Bigg Boss house. They also pasted posters of Kaushal on the walls of Annapurna Studio. Finally, after management and security people intervened, and then they left the place. So, today’s grand finale will be shot amidst high Police Security. Shooting will be started shortly. Today the episode will be telecast at 6 p.m. and will continue till 9 P.M.

It seems, setting up Big Boss house in Hyderabad seems to be disadvantage to the show. Even though it is helping the hosts who are very busy with their movie shootings, there are other problems popping up because of this. As shooting is happening in Hyderabad, there have been more leaks about who is getting evicted during weekend before the show is telecast. This has been spoiling the curiosity of the audience. Now the fans of contestants also going to the sets and doing “Hulchul” and that is giving headache to the organisers of the show.

Anyway, within a few hours the show will come to an end.

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Bigg Boss 2: Gala time in the house before Finale


Tomorrow is grand finale of Bigg Boss 2. Already the season has become a smash hit , fetching higher TRPs than Bigg Boss season 1. Just a day before the finale, Bigg Boss housemates had Gala time in the house.

All housemates who got evicted earlier also came to the house and it was like a get together event for them. Geetha Madhuri enthralled all the housemates with her mesmerizing voice and dancing numbers. Then they had awarded some funny titles to all the housemates. Roll Rida and Amit did anchoring for this event and they tried their best to entertain the housemates as well as audience. Tanish evoked a few laughs with his performance like a drunkard. After that, all the housemates danced, hugged and celebrated.

As most of the housemates are good entertainers, they made the episode enjoyable. It is just one more day to go and audience are extremely excited to watch the finale.

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Bigg Boss 2 : Housemates reunion


After showing journey of Deepthi , Samrat and Tanish in Bigg Boss house, today’s episode continued with journey of Geetha Madhuri and Kaushal in the house.

Bigg Boss appreciated Geetha Madhuri for displaying her childlike nature and her naughtiness. Bigg Boss told he was surprised to see a celebrity like her becoming a child in the house. Bigg Boss also appreciated her for taking a stand when the situation needed. Bigg Boss also revealed that, he himself danced, when she mesmerized every one with the songs. Telugu 360 earlier SWOT analysis on her ( https://www.telugu360.com/swot-analysis-geetha-madhuri-biggboss2-telugu/ )

Later , Bigg Boss showed the journey of Kaushal in the house. Kaushal became very emotional when he saw his family members in the video of Bigg Boss season. Bigg Boss appreciated his focus and hard work in Bigg Boss house and his determination to win the game.

Later, it was the reunion of all the contestants of Bigg Boss 2 season. Except Nutan Naidu, everybody visited the house. As usual Tejaswi dominated the house with her hyper active nature. Bigg Boss also evoked some laughs by teasing Ganesh. All the finalists were curious to know from their friends, who joined the house today , about their prospects in the finals but most of them did not reveal anything except Tejaswi who was seen indirectly criticizing Kaushal Army for character assassination they were doing on all other housemates on social media platforms.

All the housemates spent quality time in the house. Bigg Boss took them down the memory lane by reminding their beautiful moments in the house.

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Bigg Boss 2 : Star hero as chief guest for finale episode


Venkatesh as chief guest for Big Boss Telugu 2

As the second episode of the highly popular Telugu reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ draws to a close after nearly four months, audience are busy guessing the potential winner out of the five final contestants. Kaushal, Geetha Madhuri, Samrat, Tanish and Deepthi are vying hard to grab the prestigious title.

There has been a lot of suspense on who will be the chief guest of the finale episode which will this weekend. Speculations are rife that NTR, who hosted the first season of Big Boss, will attend the event as special guest. However, it turned out to be just a rumour.

Telugu360 has exclusively learnt that star hero Victory Venkatesh will grace the Sunday show as chief guest. Sources revealed that Venky immediately said yes to the request of MAA TV management to attend the final episode. He will announce the winner of this season. Venky is currently busy shooting for multiple projects. His presence will definitely garner more views for the already smash hit Big Boss program.

On the other, there is a buzz that Vijay Devarakonda is likely to grace the grand finale of Big Boss Tamil version.

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Why Sakshi & other media published fake news about Bigg Boss Deepthi?


Sakshi published in its online portal yesterday a news about Deepthi Nallamothu. It reported Bigg boss is evicting her from the house before finale. Obviously, it is fake news and now people are discussing why Sakshi published such fake news.

Deepthi entered finale and she is one among top 5 contestants. As per social media trends, she is currently at top 2 position and giving tough competition to competition to Kaushal. As per social media trends, competition will be between Deepthi and Kaushal only. Telugu360 earlier predicted she will be emerging as favorite for many (Click here for : Deepthi nallamothu emerging favourite contestant for Kaushal anti-fans).

Then suddenly Sakshi and some other online portals started giving misleading information that Bigg boss is evicting her from the house during mid week. Obviously, it is fake news as she didn’t evict in latest episode and Bigg boss wished her all the best for Finale too. But by seeing this article from reputed media house, many youtube channels propagated the same news and it spread quickly. People who were voting for Deepthi got confused for almost one day. It seems this news is published with an intention of helping Kaushal.

Whether Sakshi itself did it to help Kaushal despite knowing it is fake news or Sakshi got misleading information from some one in Bigg boss team is not clear at the moment. But in either case, either someone in Sakshi or someone in Bigg boss team created this “fabricated” news to help Kaushal.

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SWOT analysis Bigg Boss Telugu 2: Kaushal


Telugu 360 has done SWOT analysis on the finalists of Bigg Boss season 1 earlier ( www.telugu360.com/will-bigg-boss-telugu-title-winner-swot-analysis ). Let’s have a look at strengths and weaknesses of the Bigg Boss season 2 contestants and their prospects to win bigg boss title show. Totally 5 contestants are in the finals- Geetha Madhuri, Kaushal, Tanish , Samrat and Deepti. In this article let’s focus on Kaushal’s strength , weakness , opportunity and threats to win the coveted title.

Undoubtedly his strength is Kaushal Army. After Kireeti the tried to squeeze a lemon in his eyes, many people sympathized with Kaushal and started supporting him. Some of them even became his strong fans. Later , after Tejaswi eviction, Bigg Boss announced a contest to bring one of the housemates into the house back. Many people thought it is an attempt by Bigg Boss to bring Tejaswi back into the house and that made audience consolidate towards Kaushal again. These two incidents helped Kaushal big time. even though some people call he has dedicated PR teams that are working perfectly, the fact is that he has lot of support in social media and undoubtedly he is enjoying much bigger fan following than all other contestants.

Even though many people got sympathized with Kaushal and became his fans, there are people who don’t like him for his behaviour. He is like a person either strongly loved by people or strongly hated by people but can’t be ignored. The people who love him love to the core and the people who hate him hate to the core. He is always busy with passing negative remarks about his fellow housemates. The way he always says that he is not here to form any relations but his sole aim is to win the title also doesn’t go well with some audience. Even though it is a game and the contestants are there to win the game, some audience think that it is an experience and the behavior in the house during the game will be on record for entire life. Venting lot of negativity for the sake of winning the title may not go well with some audience. Also he shows jealousy for even small things – like he pointed out playing Roll Rida’s songs in the house may give him boost up.

Definitely he has very good opportunity to win the title. He has huge fan base that was earned with in a span of 100 days. The Kaushal Army took it very personal to see him as title winner and they are his main strength. None in season 1, including the title winner got the craze Kaushal has. His fans are working very hard to make him a winner. In fact many heroes from star families also couldn’t get the craze he earned in the span of 100 days. Sustaining it in long run is a different matter, though. At this moment, it looks, he is the most probable winner and even in the worst case, he may end up as runner up.

The same Kaushal army which is his strength is also his weakness. The Kaushal Army , that trolls all other housemates and create memes on all other housemates, seem to be not able to take a single negative remark on him even if it is genuine. Kaushal Army was seen supporting his negative remarks of “wash my as*” as well as his “dogs” comments on other housemates. This made general audience rethink about voting for Kaushal. The way Kaushal Army abusing women housemates through their trolls also didn’t go well with general audience, but they are not speaking up in social media platforms for the fear of getting circled with abusive comments by the so-called Kaushal Army. This may lead to silent voting for other house made by these general audience. Already, these audience started voting for ‘single’ candidate with sole purpose of defeating Kaushal and this is biggest threat for him.

As of now Kaushal has very good chance of winning the title. But in case if he doesn’t get the title , the blame will go to Kaushal Army as it was the one who provoked other general audience to go for silent voting.

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SWOT analysis: Deepthi


Telugu 360 has done SWOT analysis on the finalists of Bigg Boss season 1 earlier (Click here for : Who will be Bigg Boss title winner? SWOT analysis…). Let’s have a look at strengths and weaknesses of the Bigg Boss season 2 contestants and their prospects to win bigg boss title show. Totally 5 contestants are in the finals- Geetha Madhuri , Kaushal ,Tanish , Samrat and Deepti. In this article let’s focus on Deepthi’s strength , weakness , opportunity and threats to win the coveted title.


Her fighting Spirit and perseverance are biggest strengths. The way he resisted Tanish physical force during ticket to finale task surprised many. Even though luck did not favour her many times, the way she fought was applauded by audience. The way she formed bonds in the house also liked by family audience. Tanish always calls her Amma and Samrat calls her Akka. The way she spoke sensibly during the campaigning task about these bondings also struck chords with general audience. She always puts her 100% during the tasks. She always behaves very carefully so that she doesn’t hurt anyone’s emotions. Perseverance and her careful game brought her till the finals.


The way she played safe game is her biggest weakness. Also after Shyamala Re entry, and knowing about Kaushal Army, she was seen playing safe with Kaushal in order to avoid nominations and evictions. It was only in Geetha Madhuri who confronted Kaushal despite knowing social media trends. Had Deepti also taken a stand by then, she might have been in much better position now.


There is a campaign going on about a woman contestant winning in the title. If people get influenced with that, she might get benefited. Also her steady increase in the graph, as revealed by Nani, makes people think about consolidating votes towards her. Kaushal has biggest fan following in social media but the way Kaushal Army trolling and abusing women housemates is not going well with many other audience and they want to vote for someone who is giving tough fight to Kaushal. This actually is helping Deepti a lot as people are considering consolidating their votes towards Deepti. Also, she is always reminding people about her love for Vijayawada. This may Trigger people of that place to unanimously vote for her.


There was not much buzz on her until last 4 weeks in social media. In fact Tanish and Geetha Madhuri have got better following than her in social media as they took a stand when some issue was happening. But Deepti played it safe most of the times. Maybe it is her motto in life to not offend anyone, but when it comes to game, people expect each of the contestants to take a stand and justify it. Also there have been rumours about her using paid agencies to get more votes and Kaushal’s fans are trolling her on social media platforms regarding this.

As of now, she is having very good chances of giving tough competition. Bigg Boss caption for this season is “Anything can happen”. So, we will have to wait and see whether she can win the title or not.

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Samrat’s mother hurt by Kaushal Army abusive comments


Samrat is one of the finalists of Bigg Boss season 2. He is competing with Kaushal, Tanish, Geetha and Deepthi for the coveted title. Today Samrat mother came on live in social media and interacted with netizens.

She told she is happy with her son reaching Bigg Boss 2 finale. She also told , she is happy with her son having earned so many fans through this show. She added, the family is eagerly waiting for her son to come back home as it is almost 4 months since he is in Bigg Boss house.

Later she started expressing her displeasure over some abusive comments on the internet by the fans of other housemates. Even though she did not mention the name of Kaushal directly, it was very clear that she was referring to Kaushal Army comments on Samrat. As of now no other housemates fans have attacked Samrat on social media with any type of abusive comments. She told, those people are abusing even the family members of Samrat , which is not good. She urged those netizens not to use abusive language on other housemates or their families. She told they have every right to campaign for their favourite housemate and they even have right to criticise other housemates. But it should be within the limits and they should not be using abusive language. She added, even words said on the face can be forgotten but the abusive words written on the net will be there forever and even after the years they will still be on record.

It is very clear how she is with her son facing abusive comments on the net because of the fans of other housemates ( read it Kaushal). Anyway that show will be ending in couple of days and all this will be ended irrespective of who wins the title.

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