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Bigg boss: Only Srimukhi &Baba playing individual game in the house?


Of late, it looks like, Bigg boss house is divided into 2 groups – one containing Baba and Sreemukhi and the other containing entire house including newly joined Ali Reza. Out of these groups, it looks like only Sreemukhi and Baba playing their own individual games while other housemates playing as a group. Shiva Jyothy and Ali, at times, daring to play a foul game to help each other.

It is known news that Vitika, Varun, Punarnavi, and Rahul has formed a group in the house and always supporting each other in the games except for a couple of times when they were opponents in the tasks. The recent Battle of Medallion task once again proved this groupism. In the first round of the game, Vithika was supported by Varun and Rahul while Ali Reza played a foul game to help Shiva Jyothy. In the second round of Battle of the medallion, Baba emerged winner. Later Bigg boss asked housemates to select their favorite out of these two. Obviously, Punarnavi, Rahul and Varun – who have been part of Vithika’s group supported her. Ali Reza, who recently re-entered the house, also supported Vithika. Sreemukhi, Shiva Jyothy, and Mahesh supported Baba.

However, it looks like Punarnavi, Rahul, Varun, and Vithika have been playing a group game instead of individual games and that is defeating the entire purpose of the show. Moreover, Bigg boss also framing the nomination process in the past so as not break this group is raising doubts about the makers of the show. As of now, it looks like Vithika, Punarnavi, Varun and Rahul’s group game is winning over others, who are trying to play their game individually. We will have to wait and see how this game turns in the upcoming weeks.

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Bigg boss Episode 74: Battle of Medallion


Bigg boss today gave another physical task to the housemates and winning this may directly get them to the finale of the Bigg boss show. However, the housemates who got nominated – Rahul, Punarnavi, Mahesh, and Varun are not eligible to participate in the task.

The task:

As per this task, each of the housemates is given a glass container. They need to fill the container with water and see the stress ball in the container raises up. But the catch is, water will come from the taps only for a while when Bigg boss gives a buzzer. Moreover, there will be only two taps from which 5 housemates have to get water. So there is competition for water. Also, other housemates who are not playing the game can either help their favorite contestants or hinder other contestants from winning the game.

Varun vs Baba altercation during the task:

As Vithika is playing the game and Varun is not playing, its obvious that he will try to hinder others’ game. Baba Bhaskar made it an issue when Varun hindered his game. However, the Coordinator of the game, Punarnavi, read the rules again and confirmed that there is nothing wrong in Varun trying to stop Baba. Later Rahul also joined Varun to hinder the game of Baba and Ali.

Ali – Shiva Jyothy’s foul game disqualify both of them:
Despite the rule that each housemate has to play only for himself or herself, Ali tried to help Shiva Jyothy by pouring water into the container of Jyothy. Sreemukhi objected for this and the coordinator Punarnavi also reminded that the contender cannot help other contenders as per rules and only the housemates not contending the game can help or hinder others’ game.Ali told that he did with all his conscious and he wants to help Jyothy. Even Jyothy acknowledged that she knows Ali is helping her. As this is against rules, Bigg boss disqualified both of them from that round of the task.

Vithika reaches the final level of the task:

Not only Varun but also Rahul helped Vithika by stopping other contestants. Baba and Sreemukhi did not get help from any other housemates. But still, Sreemukhi gave tough fight to Vithika and was almost close to her. Overall, Vithika reached the final level of the task of the Battle of Medallion. The rest of the housemates will have to play the next levels of the task.

The task will continue in the next episode.

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Bigg boss 73rd episode: Rahul, Punarnavi, Mahesh, and Varun in nominations


This is another interesting combination of nominations in Bigg boss season 3 Telugu. Yesterday’s nomination task continued today as well, and finally, Rahul, Punarnavi, Mahesh, and Varun got into nominations for this week. Details as follows.

Most strenuous nomination process of this season:

The physical task of collecting toy bricks that started yesterday, continued today as well. Rahul was nominated yesterday. The physical task continued until late at night and sometimes even in the rain. Probably this is the most enervating nomination process of this season. Contestants are not allowed to use any of the facilities inside Bigg boss house. They had to cook outside the house in the garden area and that too with very limited items. As the task continued the next day as well, the contestants had to sleep in the garden area on the mats. Blanket also had to be bought with the amounts they collected. At some point, housemates felt irritated with the task as they had to sleep outdoors in the cool night.


Mahesh was the first one to come to nominations today. After him, Punarnavi got nominated as she got the least amount in the next round. In the final round, Varun got the least score and came into nominations. Ali once again proved that he is the best performer in physical tasks as the amount that he collected in one of the rounds is much more than the total collected by two other contestants put together. Shiva Jyothy also played well and saved herself from nominations. But after the nomination process, she looked tense, probably she was fearing of getting nominated by Sreemukhi, captain of the house. But Bigg Boss didn’t ask Sreemukhi to nominate or save anyone in the capacity of captain of the house. After the nomination process, Punarnavi provoked Varun against Baba Bhaskar. She told, Baba had lied with Varun during the task that he had only around 2000 amount but later it was found that he had much more than that. Rahul, Punarnavi, Mahesh, and Varun are out of the battlefield now and only the remaining contestants will play the next level of the game.

Punarnavi or Mahesh?

Out of Varun, Rahul, Punarnavi, and Mahesh, Varun and Rahul seem to have good voting. So, either Punarnavi or Mahesh may leave this week. We will have to wait and see who will evict this week.

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Bigg boss episode 72: Physical task for nomination


Monday is nomination day in Bigg boss house. Today, Bigg boss gave a different physical task for nomination instead of asking housemates to nominate their fellow housemates. These kinds of physical tasks for nomination changes the dynamics of the game. Because usually the contestants who win the housemates’ favor, as well as audience votes, will sustain in the game. If they win the favor of housemates, they will avoid nominations and if they win votes of the audience they will get saved from eviction. However, physical tasks like these save those housemates who got negative feedback from other housemates and may get nominated otherwise.

The task:

As per this task, toy bricks, labeled with some numeric values like 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, etc will be thrown into the house and housemates have to collect those bricks and save with them. Housemates can trick other fellow housemates to steal their bricks. Whoever has the least value of bricks, will face the danger of nomination. Moreover, the house will be closed as long as the task is going on and housemates will not have access to any facilities and items inside the house, Even the washroom also not accessible and housemates have to use the washroom in the jail.

Fights during the task:

During the task, Rahul again showed his laziness by joining the task late as he came from the washroom after the task had started. Later, Mahesh lambasted other housemates for trying to steal his bricks. He even gave away his bricks to show off his resentment. However, Varun averted possible altercation between Rahul and Mahesh. Later Mahesh requested the housemates to give back the bricks that he gave them voluntarily. Some responded positively and some like Punarnavi did not.

Trade-off with the amount for the dinner:

Housemates have no access to any items in the house. They have to prepare even their dinner outside the house. To prepare dinner, they will need items like a matchbox, vegetables, onions, etc and all those items come at a cost. Housemates have to buy those items by paying the amount they have with them. For example, matchbox costs 2000 and each of the eight housemates contributed 250 to buy that. Punarnavi gave 300 and Mahesh paid only 200 for this.

Rahul Nominated:

As of the end of this episode, only Rahul got nominated for this week. The game continues and in each round, whoever scores less, they will get nominated. We will have to wait till the next episode to see who all come to nominations this week.

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Bigg boss tidbits: Baba got a lifeline, Will he mend his ways now?


A friend in need is a friend indeed, say many. But Baba Bhaskar recently became an unreliable friend in Bigg boss house. Even though Ravi Krishna got evicted last week, as per the reports, the difference between the votes polled between Baba Bhaskar and Ravikrishna was very minor. In fact, Baba bhaskar also was very nervous this time, unlike during previous nominations, when he was super confident about getting saved from eviction.

In Bigg boss house, Srimukhi is one of the very close friends to Baba Bhaskar. In fact, she helped him many times in the house. She always supported Baba Bhaskar while playing for captaincy task, unless she is also one of the contender for the captaincy. But, when he was captain and got a chance to save one of the housemates from nominations, he chose Ravi over Sreemukhi. Later, in previous week nominations, he saved Shiva Jyothi over Sreemukhi and Vitika over Ravi. It is very interesting to see that, Sreemukhi was close friend of him compared to Shiva Jyothi and Ravi is close to him compared to Vitika. Nobody understands why Baba intentionally saved others over his best pals.

His decisions last week got negative feedback from audience. Of course Bigg boss is an individual game. But if he’s playing an individual game there will be no objection but he always says that he value relations over playing the game ruthlessly. That is why audience expect him to behave what he preaches.

He got a lifeline now. We will have to wait and see whether he corrects his mistakes and becomes a finalist or not.

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Bigg boss weekend episode:


Bigg boss weekend episodes are always enjoyable. Sometimes they are fun to watch and sometimes they are very intense. Today’s episode also was very engaging.

Nagarjuna patching up between Varun and Rahul:

Audience were very curious to see this weekend episode because of the incidents happened during this week. One such incident was the fight between Varun and Rahul. Nagarjuna tried to patch up between Varun and Rahul. He even called a doctor to see if Varun and Rahul were really hurt during the game and doctor confirmed that there are no injuries.

Nagarjuna reprimanded Varun for reminding past incidents to offend Rahul. He told Varun shouldn’t have talked about those past incidents. Nagarjuna also sought clarification from Vitika whether she is happy for Varun and Rahul fighting with each other and not in talking terms. Because she told with Sreemukhi that, after this fight Varun is giving her more time.

Nagarjuna reprimanded Punarnavi for not playing task and using foul language on housemates:

Nagarjuna also reprimanded Punarnavi for not playing the game during the task. she reminded that she was standing like an umpire rather than a player. It is known news that, in one of the previous episodes also she got a tag of “Umpire of the house” for not playing the games. He also reprimanded her for not trying to stop the fight between Varun and Rahul and stepping back and watching so that she doesn’t get injured. When Punarnavi said that she doesn’t know clearly what happened, Nagarjuna showed her video that conveys she knows the incident clearly. Nagarjuna also showed a video in which Punarnavi was speaking in foul language about other housemates. Even though she is youngest in the house, she many times used the words – ‘vedhava’, ‘howla’ on housemates.

Nagarjuna calls ‘Baba Masker’ (Bhaskar):

Nagarjuna also reprimanded Baba Bhaskar for his double standards. It is known news that, despite being good friend, he nominated Sreemukhi over Shiva Jyothy and in one of the previous episodes, he clearly told that he will target strong contestants during nominations this week. But when Sreemukhi asked him why he nominated her, he told different reason. Nagarjuna showed the video and exposed his double standards.

Nagarjuna sought clarification from Sreemukhi:

Nagarjuna asked Sreemukhi why she didn’t try to patch between Varun and Rahul. She told,Punarnavi and Vitika sorted out themselves the issues between them many times.

Broken hearts game:

Nagarjuna asked the housemates to play the game of broken hearts. Mahesh told Baba broke his heart. Rahul told Shivajyothy broke his heart. Shivajyothy told Rahul broke her heart. Rahul broke it on Punarnavi. Baba broke it on Mahesh. Vitika and Varun, both broke on Punarnavi. Sreemukhi and Ali broke on Bhaskar. Punarnavi broke it on Varun.

Today Varun saved and SReemukhi, Ravi and Baba are still in danger zone.

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Bigg boss episode 68: Ali Reza’s grand re-entry into the house


As already reported, Ali Reza, re-entered the Bigg boss house today His entry was planned in a grand way by the Bigg boss team. He entered in the house with a grand dance sequence with female dancers. All these dancers and Ali Reza entered the house dancing. Even though Ali Reza was having a mask on his face, almost all the housemates predicted that it is Ali Reza. Housemates like Ravi and Shiva Jyothy shed tears by knowing Ali’s re-entry. Sreemukhi, as usual, screamed in high pitch after seeing Ali Reza. Even though Punarnavi and Mahesh also behaved as if they are happy with Ali’s re-entry, it looked a bit fake.

Click here: Ali Reza Re enter into the house

Before this, the task of previous days continued and came to an end in today’s episode. After this task, Sreemukhi, Ravi, Baba and Shiva Jyothy selected for captaincy task. As Sreemukhi and Baba built bigger wall that Rahul-Punarnavi and Varun-Vitika, they were selected for captaincy. Shiva Jyothy successfully hidden her will from other housemates and so she became contender for captaincy. When Bigg boss asked housemates to select one best performer in the task, house selected Baba, almost unanimously.So these 4 became contenders for captaincy.

We will have to wait and see how will Ali Reza’s re-entry influence the game.

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Bigg boss tidbits: Ali Reza to re-enter the house?


Is Ali Reza re-entering the Bigg boss house? Is he joining the house very soon? These are the rumors among media circles and some reports suggest Bigg boss team almost finalized the re-entry of Ali Reza.

Ali emerged as favorite so quickly but one mistake costed him the eviction:

Ali Reza was a very strong contestant and there is no match for him in the house in physical tasks. Even though he entered as underdog, he emerged favorite for many very quickly, in a span of couple of weeks. He didn’t even come to nominations for many weeks. But housemates nominated him as he didn’t come to nominations for several weeks. But his aggressiveness became his weak point. The way he behaved with Himaja and Mahesh during tasks earned him lot of negativity. Moreover, as he didn’t come to nominations frequently, fan-base was not built (in the form of voting) for him. That proved a disaster for him and he got evicted after 50% of the game.

No artist willing to join house as Wild card now:

So far two contestants entered the house as wild cards – Tamanna Simhadri and Shilpa chakravarthy. Both left the house within 2 weeks of their stay. As wild cards are failing miserably in this season, now no artiste is willing to join the house as wild-card for the fear of getting evicted within couple of weeks. As Bigg boss wants to spice up the show by introducing one more contestant into the house but no celebrity wants to join as wild card, Bigg boss team has no option but to re-enter someone into the house.

Surprisingly, Ali got more fans after the exit:

Ali’s exit shocked audience as well as housemates. Many opined that, Bigg boss has given many chances to some other housemates despite their repeated mistakes but Ali Reza was evicted in his first mistake. Surprisingly, he got more following even after the exit. Some candidates that are in the house are very weak especially in the physical tasks. Punarnavi was given tag of umpire earlier because of her non-participation in tasks. Mahesh also doesn’t participate in the tasks much. So, by considering so many factors like this, reportedly, Bigg boss wants to give Ali one more chance by re-entering him into the house.

We have to wait and see whether Ali will join house soon, as per these reports.

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Bigg boss episode 67: Best friends Varun and Rahul fight fiercely


Anything can happen in Bigg boss. Rahul and Varun, who have been best friends in the house since beginning, fought tooth and nail in today’s episode. All this happened during the task that started yesterday and continued today.

The task:

As per this task, Sivajyothi is rich but stingy mother. She owns a bricks business. She has 3 sons – Rahul, Varun and Ravi. Rahul is married to Punarnavi, Varun is married to Vithika and Ravi is married to Sreemukhi. Baba Bhaskar is manager and and Mahesh is assistants to Shiva Jyothy. Sivajyothi has written a will to her sons and the 3 couples can try to steal the will from her. Also, these three couples have to impress Shivajyothi. In today’s episode, Shivajyothy gave bricks to three couples. She gives assignment to build wall. The task is Who builds biggest wall. The contestants can steal the bricks from others.

Varun and Rahul were best buddies:

Varun, Rahul have been best buddies since beginning. In fact, Rahul, Punarnavi, Varun and Vitika formed a gang in the house. When Rahul’s elimination was announced, it was Varun who cried a lot. When Rahul came back, the gang celebrated a lot.

Click here:Tidbits: Bigg Boss orchestrating the game to save Varun’s gang of 4?

Varun and Rahul fight fiercely:

Nobody expected rift between Varun and Rahul will fight tooth and nail in this season. During the task, Rahul tried to steal bricks from Varun and Ravi. During this, Rahul was a bit aggressive and pushed Varun. Vitika tried to enter and tickle Rahul so that he leaves Varun but her nails bit Rahul. Then Rahul started complaining about the scars on his skin and Varun started complaining about Rahul pushing him too much. The argument grew big and Rahul told he didn’t push Varun at all. Varun reminded that, even in an earlier task, he pushed Himaja the same way but he didn’t realize until video was shown and concluded that he is not realizing that he is pushing too much aggressively and causing injuries to others. After this fight Vitika and Varun became one group while Rahul and Punarnavi became another group while most of the housemates were with Varun and Vitika.

Punarnavi’s insecurity on Sreemukhi during the task:

Sreemukhi is obviously one of the strong contestant in this season. Housemates like Punarnavi always had issues with Sreemukhi for no reason. In today’s task, when Varun and Rahul were fighting, despite being best friend of both of them, she was focusing on Sreemukhi and was seen saying to Varun and Rahul that Sreemukhi is sliently building the wall to win the game. Even in the promo, she was seen saying, Sreemukhi will be the happiest person because of this fight.

We will have to wait and see whether Rahul and Varun patch up in next episode or will continue the fight.

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Tidbits: Bigg Boss orchestrating the game to save Varun’s gang of 4?


Bigg boss season 3 going strong with good ratings. Already the show completed 10 weeks and as of now 9 candidates are there in the house. Some candidates like Ali and Himaja who are already evicted are definitely stronger than candidates like Shiva Jyothy and Mahesh and yet they got evicted because of various seasons. One more observation by audience is that, the gang of Varun, Vitika, Punarnavi and Rahul is becoming strong in the house and some audience opine, Bigg boss team is orchestrating the game to save the candidates of this gang.

Gang of 4 – Varun, Vitika, Rahul and Punarnavi:

Right from the beginning, these four formed a gang and mingled only among themselves. In the initial weeks, Mahesh even poked a satire that, if someone has to join this gang, they need to have US Visa. Punarnavi used to mingle only with this batch and nominated several times by housemates because of this reason. Mahesh also told at one instance that(in the initial weeks itself), whatever may come, none of these 4 will be eliminated as Bigg boss saves them.

Vitika not into nominations for 7 successive weeks

Vitika is not nominated in last 7 weeks. Out of the 10 weeks, she was there in nominations only for first 3 weeks. She is not into nominations not because she is liked by all the housemates but the way nominations scheme is designed. For example, in some weeks, all the housemates get chance to nominate any two of the housemates. But some weeks, Bigg boss forms pairs and one of them must be saved and other must be nominated. Bigg boss formed the pair of Vitika with Ravi two times and in both occasions, Ravi came into nominations and Vitika got saved.

Punarnavi got easiest secret task and waiver from eviction:

In case of Punarnavi, Bigg boss seems to have gone extra mile to save her several times. Punarnavi got lot of negative feedback during initial weeks. That is mainly because of her “I am Ok but you are not Ok” attitude. The week when Ramya Krishna hosted the weekend episode, as per reports, Punarnavi was supposed to be evicted but she got waiver that week. Himaja after eviction gave interview to a channel and raised the same point. Even before that week, Bigg boss gave a simple task to enter a secret room without knowledge of housemates to get immunity for a week. That was the easiest secret task of this season.

Bigg Boss eliminated Rohini to save Rahul

The same applies to Rahul also who had too much of negative feedback in the initial weeks. As per the reports, the week during which Rohini eliminated, Rahul was having least votes but despite that Rohini was eliminated as Rahul-Punarnavi’s track was giving lot of footage to the show.

Click here:

However, Rahul transformed a lot later and earned good fan following and reached a stage where Bigg boss team doesn’t need to do anything specific to save him now.

Varun has good fan following

Out of this gang, Varun got good following and voting consistently since first week, probably because he was a hero. He didn’t do anything extraordinary in the house till now.

In recent interview after eviction, Himaja told that, Bigg boss team does try to save some contestants in the house at the cost of others, as the team itself told her after eviction. So, it looks like, Bigg boss team is orchestrating the game to save this gang at the cost of other housemates. We will have to wait and see how many of these 4 will be in finals.

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Bigg boss episode 65: All strong candidates in nominations


Many people thing that, in Bigg boss game everything is decided by audience who vote. However, if we carefully observe, Bigg boss makers can orchestrate the game by cleverly designing the nomination process. This week, Sreemukhi, Varun, Baba Bhaskar, and Ravi – all strong candidates came into nominations. Details as below:

Rahul came back from secret room:

Nomination process started after Rahul entered the house from secret room. It is known news that, Rahul undergone a fake elimination process this weekend and Punarnavi cried a lot after knowing he got evicted because of her. However, today Rahul re-entered the house and Punarnavi elated after seeing him coming back. Later, nomination process started but Bigg boss pre-designed the game by making 4 pairs of housemates and one from each pair will get nominated and another will be saved. 4 Pairs Bigg boss made from the housemates are- Punarnavi and Baba, Ravi and Vitika, Varun and Rahul and Sreemukhi and Shivajyothy. Out of these pairs, each of them has to explain why he/she is better than the counterpart to continue in the game. Later, housemates should vote on whom they want to save in that pair.

Audience could predict nominations by seeing the pairs:

Out of the 4 pairs, Sreemukhi and Shiva Jyothy pair was least predictable. Surprisingly, when there was tie breaker between Sreemukhi and Shiva Jyothy, Baba Bhaskar broke the tie by saving Shiva Jyothy at the cost of Sreemukhi and Sreemukhi came into nominations because of Baba this week. Later when Vitika and Ravi came as pair, many people predicted that Ravi will be nominated even before the start of their argument. Because Vitika, Varun, Rahul and Punarnavi formed as gang and they are saving each other. Later when Varun and Rahul came as pair, audience predicted Varun’s nomination. In fact, Varun gave up and he himself told, he would like to get nominated to save Rahul. The last pair Punarnavi and Baba also could be easily predictable as the gang voted in favor of Punarnavi. It can be said by seeing this, Bigg boss could orchestrate the game even though housemates nominate and audience vote.

Bigg boss didn’t ask captain to nominate 5th person this week:

After the voting, Sreemukhi, Varun, Ravi and Baba came into nominations. Usually, Big boss asks captain to choose one more person to nominate if there are less than 5 contestants in nominations. If there are more than 5 housemates in nominations, sometimes, Bigg boss asks the captain to save one person. However, this week, Bigg boss did not ask Mahesh to nominate 5th person.

We will have to wait and see who out of – Varun, Sreemukhi, Baba and Ravi exit this week.

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Bigg boss tidbits: Shiva Jyothy spoiling her prospects by crying a lot?


Bigg boss game show has finished around 10 weeks and the show is getting good ratings as usual. As only 9 contestants are there in the house now, people started predicting who will be the top 5 finalists. While doing this analysis, many people are opining that Shiva jyothy is spoiling her prospects herself to be in the finals because of her too much of crying.

Shiva Jyothy, who is popular as Teenmar Savitri, entered the house as strong contestant. Her Telangana accent and her performance in Teenmar program earned her lot of fans and so, she was considered strong contender in the initial weeks. However, after she entered the house, people understood how emotional she is. She cries a lot and many times for silly reasons. When Vennela Kishore entered the house, he gave her the title of “Pathala Ganga” for continuously shedding tears.

However, after Nagarjuna advised her not to cry too much and be strong, she changed herself a lot and audience started predicting her to be finalist. But within no time, she slipped back to her original nature. When Baba Bhaskar told a puppy story, she cried too much to the extent that it irritated the audience. In one of the other episodes, Bigg boss played a sad and emotional song in the morning, while waking up the housemates and for that song also she cried a lot. Sreemukhi carried her on her waist like a mother carrying a crying baby.

Many people are now opining that Shiva Jyothy is spoiling her prospects to be the finalist by crying for trivial reasons and on silly occasions. We will have to wait and see whether she will become strong again and appear in finals or continue crying and leave the house in coming weeks.

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Bigg boss weekend episode: Varun Tej in house


Varun Tej, who got super hit recently with Gaddalakonda Ganesh, joined Bigg boss house today. Varun came in the get up of Gaddalakonda Ganesh spoke to the audience in Telangana accent. Later Nagarjuna asked the women of the house to enact how they will propose to Varun Tej. Vitika proposed to him Bheemavaram accent and Shivajyothy proposed him in Telangana accent. Sreemukhi also proposed but Varun and Nagarjuna both liked the way Shivajyothy proposed.

Later Himaja Reddy evicted from the house as expected. After coming out, she shed tears and told that in life she learnt that, whenever she gave lenience to someone, she faced problems. So, in Bigg boss she tried the same but it didn’t help in Bigg boss, she told. Later she labelled the housemates like Jyothy, Ravi, Varun, Sreemukhi as good but Mahesh,Punarnavi, Vitika are bad. Out of all those housemates who are labelled as bad, only Punarnavi argued with Himaja even after she exited. She has thrown Big bomb on Mahesh and he should open the door for housemates through out next week.

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Bigg boss Saturday night shocker to audience through Rahul’s fake elimination


Bigg boss gave a shocker to the audience this weekend through fake elimination. Initially, Nagarjuna announced that there will be double elimination this week and that statement shocked audience as there are only three contestants nominated for eviction this week i.e. Mahesh, Himaja and Rahul. Everyone thought, as Rahul has good voting, both Himaja and Mahesh will exit this week.

Rahul’s elimination:

However, when Nagarjuna announced that Rahul is eliminated. entire house got shocked as they are sure that Rahul is the strongest contestant among these three. In fact, during the earlier discussion, Vitika told that both Mahesh and Himaja has equal chances of exiting this week but there is no chance of Rahul getting eliminated. Even when Nagarjuna asked the housemates today about who may get eliminated, most of the housemates predicted Himaja may get eliminated.

Punarnavi’s reaction on Rahul’s elimination:

It is known news that Rahul has been trying to impress Punarnavi since the first week of this season. He directly asked her many times, albeit jovially, whether she accepts if he proposes her after coming out of the house. Moreover, this week, Rahul is in nomination because of Punarnavi. He sacrificed for her by drinking 20 glasses of bitter gourd juice to save her from nominations. Moreover, when Bigg boss gave an option to Punarnavi to nominate herself for entire season to save Rahul from nominations this week, he himself did not agree for that and he came into nominations willingly. So, Punarnavi has been saying, he should not get evicted this week, as it will make her feel guilty.

However, before announcing Rahul’s elimination, Nagarjuna asked Punarnavi how is she feeling about Rahul’s sacrifice to save her from nominations. For that, she replied casually saying, he would have done the same even if some other housemate is in her position. Nagarjuna teased both of them a lot by asking Rahul, why did he sacrifice for someone who wanted to cut the friendship with him. Rahul answered for this saying, that statement of Punarnavi was not heartful. But when Nagarjuna announced Rahul is eliminated, Punarnavi was completely in tears. She asked Nagarjuna, with whom should she fight now on in the house.

Other tasks today:

Even though there were some other good tasks today, Rahul’s fake elimination overshadowed all other things. Before nomination process, Nagarjuna gave a task and as per that task, Mahesh will hold the photos of the family members of housemates who entered the house in previous episode and housemates get a chance to speak out their heart as if those family members are present before them. While all spoke emotionally, the way Baba Bhaskar spoke funnily and yet emotionally liked by many.

Varun broke the myth:

Apart from Punarnavi, all other housemates also cried a lot after knowing Rahul’s elimination. In fact by crying a lot Varun broke the myth that men can’t cry. It is known news that he could not cry as part of a task in previous episode.

Overall it was a blockbuster episode. But only thing is that most of the audience also were doubtful when Nagarjuna announced Rahul’s elimination. Some audience even predicted that Rahul might be sent to secret room. We will have to wait till next episode to see who will be the actual elimination this week.

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Bigg boss day 61: Mahesh Vitta becomes captain for the first time


In today’s episode, Mahesh becomes captain of the house. Also, Bigg boss gave a surprise to the housemates that made all the housemates very emotional. In fact, the opening song of the day in the morning itself was an emotional song and housemates became a bit emotional after listening to the song. Housemates like Shivajyothy even cried after listening to this song.

Housemates became emotional after seeing their beloved ones:

Today bigg boss brought beloved persons (from family members or relatives or friends) of each housemates into the house. Bigg boss told the housemates that they should not talk or do any gestures after seeing them and they need to sit in sofa silently without moving. The housemates are not allowed to meet their beloved ones immediately. Bigg boss asked each of these persons to pick a box from a bunch of boxes. The box may contain either Bigg boss logo or a joker. If it contains Bigg boss logo, they will be allowed to meet the housemates and if they get joker, they will not be able to meet the housemates. So, out of the 10 housemates, only 5 of them may get chance to meet their beloved persons.

Immediately after seeing their family members or friends or relatives on screen, housemates became very emotional and within minutes, entire house charged with emotions. Sreemukhi cried a lot after seeing her brother. Shivajyothy shed tears after seeing her husband. Ravi became so emotional after seeing his father. Almost all the housemates became very emotional. This will be continued in tomorrow’s episode. We will have to wait till tomorrow’s episode to see which of the housemates will get a chance to meet with their beloved ones. As of today, Vitika got chance but Mahesh lost the chance.

Mahesh Vitta becomes captain of the house:

Before this, Mahesh became captain of the house for the first time. From the college task, Baba was chosen as best lecturer among Varun, Vitika and Baba. Mahesh was chosen as best student among rest of the housemates. Out of these two, Mahesh was chosen as captain of the house. He is in nominations this week. If he survives this week’s nomination, he will be in the house at least for next two weeks. Out of Rahul, Himaja and Mahesh who are in nominations, Rahul is leading with clear majority while Himaja and Mahesh are getting almost equal votes, as per reports.

We will have to wait till weekend to see who will exit this week.

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Bigg boss day 59: Rahul & Himaja pair wins in ‘Love chemistry’ task


Bigg boss today continued yesterday’s ‘College task’ in which Baba Bhaskar, Vitika and Varun are lecturers and remaining housemates are students.

As part of the task, students were conducted some exams also. Before that, Shiva Jyothy cried a lot because of Baba Bhaskar’s puppy story conveyed that she is emotionally weak. However, her crying is not creating sympathy nowadays. Later, Bigg boss announced a task in which housemates have to enact a short but romantic scene and Vitika & Baba will judge which pair is the most romantic. As this task is created to promote a soap, the scenes looked artificial. Mahesh & Punarnavi, Mahesh & Shiva Jyothy, Ravi & Sreemukhi and Rahul & Himaja acted different scenes. Baba and Vitika opined that Rahul-Himaja got good chemistry. After this, they both performed for a few romantic songs.

As the task was created to promote particular product, there was no emotional connect. However, the housemates with their performance made the episode watchable. It was just an average episode.

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Bigg boss tidbits: Sreemukhi changed her game after Ali Reza’s exit?


Bigg boss season 3 is going strong even in its 9th week. Recently there is an observation by the audience that Sreemukhi changed her game in the house after Ali Reza’s exit. Audience wondering whether it is a strategy or she mellowed down really.

Game turning unpredictable in recent weeks:

Some of the contestants like Hema who were considered strong in first week got eliminated from the house in the first week itself. Some other candidates like Ali Reza, who was considered finalist after seeing his performance in first 2-3 weeks also got evicted in the middle of the season. Some other candidates who got negative feedback in first couple of weeks like Vitika, Punarnavi and Rahul are becoming stronger and stronger. With all this, it has become difficult for audience to predict who will be title winner. Meanwhile, there has been discussion about Sreemukhi changing her game in recent weeks.

Sreemukhi used to be hyper in the initial weeks:

Sreemukhi has been the favorite contestant for many since beginning. Given her popularity outside this show, some of the housemates have been targeting her since first week. But she didn’t care about her critics in the initial weeks. She used to display her usual hyper character in the house. Moreover she has been giving her 100% in the tasks. Apart from her, another housemate who did extremely well in all tasks was Ali Reza. Sreemukhi has become good friend of him in the house as their frequency matched in several aspects.

Even though she is still herself, she mellowed down a lot:

However, after Ali Reza’s exit, Sreemukhi mellowed down a lot. Probably it has struck her that, our audience vote based on emotion rather than performance in the tasks. So, she has been trying to struck emotional link with audience rather than playing it hyper and being winner in the tasks. In one of the recent episodes, she was seen crying after her altercation with Varun. It is not usual of Sreemukhi to cry for a small reason like this. Also, she changed her attitude towards Rahul, her arch-enemy in the house, recently. Despite saying in the initial week that she will nominate him each and every week, she didn’t nominate him after Ali Reza’s exit.

We will have to wait and see whether her recent change will take him till finals or not.

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Bigg boss episode 58: Mahesh, Himaja and Rahul in nominations


In today’s episode of Bigg boss, telephone booth task continued for Rahul and Ravi. To escape nomination, Ravi has to convince Shivajyothy to cut her hair and he was able to do so and got saved from nominations. For Rahul, the task was to convince Punarnavi to get nominated foe entire season. However, Rahul did not want Punarnavi to get nominated for entire season so that he can be saved for one week. So, Rahul got nominated for this week’s eviction. It is known news that Mahesh got nominated already in previous episode. Later Bigg boss asked captain of the house, Vitika, to nominate one person. She nominated Himaja citing the reason that she could not do her task properly to save Mahesh. So, Mahesh, Himaja and Rahul are nominated for eviction this week.

Later there was college task in the house. Baba bhaskar, Vitika and Varun are lecturers for the subjects of love, gossispology and chillology respectively and rest of the housemates are college students. There are some fun moments in the task but it is not a very interesting task. Similar task, for school students in season 1 came out extraordinarily well, mainly because of Navadeep’s timing. However, today’s task was just ok.

As Rahul got more voting after his transformation in last few weeks, mostly, Himaja or Mahesh will get evicted this week. We will have to wait till this weekend to know who is leaving house this week.

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Bigg boss episode 54: Vithika becomes captain for the first time


Thursday is usually day of captaincy task in Bigg boss. Today. Bigg boss gave the opportunity to become captain only to the housemates who had not become captain earlier. So, housemates like Varun, Baba, Shiva Jyothy were out of the race. Out of the remaining, Punarnavi did not evince interest to compete for captaincy. So, Himaja, Sreemukhi, Ravi, Mahesh and Vithika competed for captaincy. Out of these 5, Bigg boss asked the house to select three contenders and the house selected Sreemukhi Mahesh and Vitika through voting.

The task is – these three people need to go for a race – either sitting on someones back or holding someone else on their back. Ravi helped Sreemukhi, Varun helped Vithika by carrying them on their back. Mahesh did the task y carrying Jyothy on his back. In each round they have to keep their flags in a box and Vithika won the tasks by putting 21 flags where as Sreemukhi put 20 flags and Mahesh put 21 flags. Vithika could not hide her happiness as she became captain for the first time.

Before this task, Punarnavi who rebelled against Bigg boss yesterday agreed to do the task of shoe polishing today. Varun convinced her for so long but she was still adamant. Rahul asked only for a while. But she looked like she changed her mood after Rahul told. Then again Varun convinced and she agreed.

Baba Bhaskar etc teased asking who should be given credit of convincing her whether Rahul or Varun given the track between Rahul and Punarnavi. However, after captaincy task she again argued with Rahul for a while but reconciled with him later.

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Bigg boss episode 52: Ghosts vs humans task


If you had followed Bigg boss Telugu, you might have seen this Ghost vs humans task in previous two seasons. Today Bigg boss gave the similar task to season 3 housemates. As per this task, house is divided into two groups – of ghosts and of humans.

Baba bhaskar, Vitika, Raul, Himaja and Shilpa are ghosts and remaining are humans. Ghosts have to kill humans to become humans and the humans that got killed become ghosts. However, killing means some specific task, for e.g. if you throw Punarnavi into swimming pool, she is considered dead or if you make Mahesh change his dress 5 times, he is considered dead, if you break an egg on Sreemukhi head, she is considered dead, if you make Shiva jyothy cry, she is considered dead and if you kiss Varuna thrice and write Varun is dead on mirror, he is considered dead. However, the catch is the humans don’t know which condition makes them dead and they are just told that ghosts will try to irritate them and they should not get irritated and not even respond. Himaja could kill Sreemukhi and ghosts could kill Punarnavi.

This task will continue in next episode as well.

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