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Bigg Boss episode 51: Nomination day


Monday is nomination day in Bigg boss. Today Bigg boss divided house into 2 groups. Shilpa, Rahul, Punarnavi, Vitika and Varun in one group. Baba Bhaskar did not belong to any group being a captain and rest of all belong to second group. Each group can nominate only the housemates belonging to other group. Each housemate has to nominate 2 members from other group and nominations are as below:

Ravi – Rahul and Shilpa
Punarnavi – Mahesh and Sreemukhi
Shivajyothy – Shilpa and Punarnavi
Shilpa – Shiva Jyothy and Himaja
Sreemukhi – Punarnavi and Shilpa
Vitika – Ravi and Mahesh
Himaja – Shilpa and Vitika
Varun – Mahesh and Himaja
Mahesh – Punarnavi and Varun
Rahul – Ravi and Sreemukhi

Out of these, Shilpa, Punarnavi,Mahesh, Himaja, Ravi and Srimukhi – got more votes and so they got nominated for eviction this week. Rest of the guys like Varun, Vitika, Shiva Jyothy and Rahul got less votes for nomination and so Bigg boss didn’t consider them for nomination. After this nomination process – Bigg boss gave an option to Baba Bhaskar to save one of the six housemates who are nominated. Baba saved Ravi from nominations.

We will have to wait and see – who will be evicted this week, out of Sreemukhi, Punarnavi, Mahesh, Shilpa and Himaja.

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Bigg Boss 3 @ 50 days: It’s Nani’s show

It’s 50 days in Bigg boss for the housemates. Nagarjuna announced it to the housemates and they felt elated. A video of 50 days journey of all the housemates is shown and that made all the housemates emotional. Later, Nani entered into the house to promote his upcoming movie ‘Gang leader’ in which he played the role of a writer whose pen name is ‘Pencil’.

Nani’s show:

Nani entered into the house and he felt nostalgic to be in the bigg boss house. In fact, audience too felt nostalgic hearing “Naa Nee TV” from Nani. All the housemates in the house introduced themselves to Nani and Nani suggested what kind of roles they could fit in the movies, albeit funnily. Nani once again proved how spontaneous he is, in this show. Some tidbits of Nani as below:

Shiva Jyothy told Nani that she cannot see Nani playing the roles of a poor middle class person, somehow and it wrenches her heart to see Nani facing financial difficulties. Nani immediately suggested she can give the money she gets from this show to him once she comes out of the house.

  • He also poked fun at hyperactive nature of Sreemukhi by saying, wherever she is in Bigg boss house, whichever room TV is in his house, he can always hear Sreemukhi’s voice.
  • When Ravi Krishna introduced himself, he told that, he is mixture of some goodness, some shyness etc, Nani countered saying, he doesn’t have to elaborate on that as by seeing his body language anybody can easily make it out.
  • When Nagarjuna told about Rahul that he is ‘pulihora raja’ of this season, Nani told, “Oh, is it he for this season, there will be one person like this in every season” indirectly referring Tanish of season 2.
  • Mahesh Vitta and Nani acted together in ‘ Krishnarjuna yudham’ movie and the way they greeted each other in Chittoor accent is a delight to watch..

Nominations: Ali Reza out

Ali Reza, who is considered finalist material till now got evicted this week and it shocked all the housemates. Housemates like Shiva Jyothy, Ravi and Sreemukhi cried a lot after knowing this. In fact many housemates did not believe this and they were expecting it to be some sort of joke.

However, audience predicted that Ali might get eliminated because his arrogance was fully projected in two incidents – one, nominating Baba Bhaskar and two, demeaning comments on Mahesh Vitta. He came to nominations only this week for the first time and he got evicted. Some say, it looked like, because of his aggressive nature, audience waited to evict him. But some other audience say, he has played game sincerely. They also say, Bigg boss saved housemates like Rahul (by sending Rohini instead of him) and Punarnavi (as Ramya gave waiver last week) earlier but sent off Ali in the first nomination.

Ali’s superb analysis on his eviction:

However Ali told he predicted his eviction this week. He told, as he didn’t come to nominations in the initial weeks, audience didn’t get a chance to vote him and so fan-base was not built for him. He added, Tamanna, Jaffer, Rohini and Ashu – all left the house in their first nomination.

Overall it was a blockbuster episode.

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‘Devadas’ combo in Bigg boss house again


Natural star Nani is visiting Bigg boss house today and the promo released regarding this already went viral. The audience are keen to see the host of Bigg boss 2 with the host of Bigg boss 3 and waiting to hear from Nani on how Nagarjuna doing as the host for season 3.

Nagarjuna visited the Bigg boss house during season 2 when Nani was hosting the show for promoting the movie ‘Devadas’ that had both Nagarjuna and Nani in the lead. Audience still remember that episode. Now the roles are reversed and Nani will be visiting the house to promote his upcoming movie Gang leader while Nagarjuna, as host, will be receiving him in the house. The promo regarding this was already received well by the audience.

We will have to wait and see what will be Nani saying about the show, about the contestants of this season, and more importantly about the hosting of King Nagarjuna.

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Bigg Bos episode 47: Baba Bhaskar becomes captain for the first time


Baba Bhaskar, who entered the show as an underdog, surprised Telugu audience with his sense of humour and positive attitude in Bigg boss Telugu season 3. He gets the support of most of the housemates in any tasks he does. However, he has never become captain. Last week he became one of three contenders for captaincy but lost it to Varun. Today, he won the task and became captain of the house. Before this task, Vitika and Varun got into a quarrel as she complained on him that he is not giving time to her. Baba Bhaskar pacified both of them and told that they need to live together for many more years to come.

Captaincy task:

Housemates elected Sreemukhi, Baba Bhaskar and Himaja as three contenders for the captaincy this week. Bigg boss gave a task for the three contenders. As per the task, each of them will be given three containers. Housemates can fill given sand into those containers and the contenders for captaincy have to protect their containers from being filled with sand. Each of these contenders get one helper. Shilpa is helper to Baba, Ravi to Sreemukhi and Rahul to Himaja. These helpers can throw away the sand poured in to the containers. In this task, finally Baba emerged as winner with the help of Shilpa.

Fighting during Captaincy task:

During the task, there was a fight between Punarnavi and Ali. As most of the members were trying to stop Sreemukhi from becoming captain, he tried to protect Sreemukhi’s container and Punarnavi objected to this saying, as per rules, only helpers can help contenders. Ali argued, there is no rule that he shouldn’t help any housemate he likes. Punarnavi raised voice and Ali retaliated. After the task, she apologized to Ali but he didn’t accept her apology. Punarnavi prolonged the issue by telling Varun that Ali didn’t accept her apology. She tried to provoke Sreemukhi by loudly countering Ali’s comments that most of the housemates targeted Sreemukhi. However, Sreemukhi took it lightly and just ignored her shouting.

Baba Bhaskar’s captaincy:

After becoming captain Baba Bhaskar, told he doesn’t want to be captain. When Rahul and Varun asked the reason, he revealed that Sreemukhi etc told that Baba became only because of Shilpa’s help but not because of his own merit. Baba told Rahul and Varun that he got disappointed with her words.

As per the promo of next episode, Baba seems to be entertaining the housemates even after becoming captain of the house.

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Bigg boss episode 46: Task cancelled and Ravi & Rahul jailed


In today’s episode, Bigg boss continued yesterday’s task of villagers and thieves.

Bigg boss cancels task after violence in house:

Shilpa Chakravarthy is queen of thieves and Ali, Sreemukhi, Vitika, Himaja, Ali, Mahesh and Baba were in the group of villagers. Rest of all were in the group of Shilpa as thieves. Villagers have to do some tasks like recovering gun from queen of thieves, seizing treasure of thieves from swimming pool. Today, Bigg boss asked villagers to put queen of thieves in Jail. Shilpa immediately jumped into Swimming pool and villagers attempted to lift her out of pool to put her in jail. Subsequently there ensued some sort of violence in the house. Bigg boss announced that because of the violence by housemates as well as damage to the property, task was cancelled with immediate effect. However, audience wondered why Bigg boss gives the tasks that need physical force in the first place and cancel them later by citing there is violence in house. Moreover, in this season, Bigg boss is cancelling tasks more frequently compared to previous seasons.

Ravi and Rahul jailed:

Bigg boss announced that because of cancellation of this task, there wont be luxury budget to the house this week. Bigg boss asked all housemates to name two housemates who are responsible for cancellation of task. Most of the housemates named Rahul for his aggressive behavior. He got 8 votes, Ravi got 5 votes and Ali Reza got 4 votes. So, Rahul and Ravi were finally decided to be culprits and Bigg boss asked them be put in jail. Unlike previous incidents where housemates got jailed, this time Bigg boss told they must only eat the food that will be provided by Bigg boss separately. They were given food that is generally given to prisoners. Ali Reza cried later as his friend Ravi got jailed and he told he expected he himself will be going to jail along with Rahul. At the same time, in jail, Rahul also wondered why many housemates named him.

Vitika and Varun’s F2:

Vitika has been complaining on Varun since beginning that he doesn’t support her and he is not giving her time. Varun got irritated with her nagging and reminded her that they are in Bigg boss house but not in honeymoon. Vitika offended with this statement and cried more. It seems her crying will be continued in tomorrow’s episode too.

Overall it was an engaging episode.

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Bigg boss episode 45: Thieves in the house


It seems Bigg boss wanted to pep up the ‘action’ in the house. Today thieves entered into the house. In fact, this kind of incident happens in every season. Bigg Boss watches how the housemates protect their belongings from the thieves.

Today, as thieves entered, housemates immediately got alerted and tried to save kitchen items. Housemates like Sreemukhi, Vitika, Shilpa and Ali put their total efforts to save the items in the house. Others like Baba Bhaskar, Varun and Mahesh were not very aggressive in protecting the items from thieves. Even though housemates saved kitchen items, they lost their make-up and other cosmetic items to thieves.

Later there was another task that also resembled the thieves episode. House divided into two groups – one is thieves group and the other is villagers. Villagers need to save their belongings from thieves. Shilpa is the queen of villagers. Ali, Sreemukhi, Vitika, Himaja, Ali, Mahesh and Baba were in the group of thieves. Others in villagers group. As the task has lot of physical activity, there was no scarcity of action and even violence in this episode.

Overall, it was an engaging episode.

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Bigg boss episode 44: Nomination task with wild card contestant


In Bigg Boss house, Monday is nomination day. Nomination day is expected to have lot of altercations and emotional content. However , this week, Bigg boss gave a small twist to Nomination task. Today Shilpa Chakravarthy entered as wild card into the house, But before that, she handled nominations this week, without showing her face or revealing identity.

Bigg boss sent housemates in pairs into the confession room. Shilpa will be talking to them without showing her face and revealing identity. Lighting was so arranged that housemates could not predict who this person is. Ali-Ravi, Vitika-Punarnavi, Sreemukhi-Baba, Rahul-Mahesh, Himaja-Shivajyothy entered as pairs into confession room and finally Varun entered alone. Each of these pairs nominated two housemates for eviction. The pair cannot nominate each other. After this task, below are the contestants, who nominated for eviction.

  1. Sreemukhi
  2. Ali Reza
  3. Rahul
  4. Ravi Krishna
  5. Mahesh Vitta

After this process, Shilpa officially entered into house as wild card. Immediately after her entry, Bigg boss asked her to nominate two housemates for eviction. She nominated Ali and Sreemukhi. As of now, anyone can predict Sreemukhi and Ali Reza are strong contestants compared to the other three and so one or two of the remaining three might be eliminated this weekend. As there was no eviction last week and so far 2 wild card entries happened into the house, there is possibility of double elimination next week or subsequent week.

We will have to wait and see who will be evicted and how will be the game of Shilpa.

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Bigg boss episode 39: BB express task


Bigg boss today gave a luxury budget task that looks like a skit. As per this task, all the housemates will travel in BB express train to various cities of India starting from Srinagar to Hyderabad covering total 6 stations. Each of the housemates will play different role and they can enjoy site seeing at each station. Depending on their performance, some of them will get additional points for luxury budget. Roles of housemates as below:

Ravi and Punarnavi: Newly wedded couple who got married a week back after eloping from home. They come to this trip for honeymoon
Ali Reza: Handsome travel manager
Sreemukhi: Unmarried woman who is searching for a nice guy to marry and she like Ali Reza
Himaja and Mahesh: Himaja is loud mouthed wife and Mahesh is henpecked husband
Shivajyothy and Vitika: Vitika is naughty teenager and Shivajyothy is her mother
Rahul and Varun: Drivers
Baba Bhaskar: The ‘Chaiwala’ at station.

During their halts at different stations, Bigg boss also gave some tasks to the housemates. Overall it was a bit boring episode as there wasn’t much entertainment nor much of emotions.h

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Bigg boss episode 38: Three out of six housemates saved from nominations


In yesterday’s episode six members got nominated for eviction, Varun, Ravi, Rahul, Mahesh, Punarvi and Himaja. Today Bigg boss gave an opportunity for them to get saved from eviction. However, only 3 of them can utilize this opportunity and they need to decide among themselves who will be those three. Mahesh, Himaja and Punarnavi let the other three to go for the opportunity.

Bigg boss called each of these three separately into room and asked them to select couple of the tasks written over board and finish them. These are like secret tasks for them. If they can complete these tasks, they will be eligible for getting saved from nominations. Ravi successfully finished the tasks like – putting foam on to someone’s head (Vitika), spoiling bed of someone (Shiva jyothy). Rahul finished tasks like – destroying someone’s favorite item (Vitika’s pillow). Varun could successfully finish tasks like throwing cold coffee on someone’s face (Vitika) and cutting with scissors someone’s dress (Vitika).

As all the three could successfully finish the secret tasks, they got saved. So, only Mahesh, Punarnavi and Himaja will be in nominations in this week.

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Bigg boss episode 34: Himaja fails in secret task


Bigg boss has the habit of giving secret tasks to some housemates and they will get immunity if they finish that secret task successfully. Today he gave such task to Himaja but she fails to utilize the opportunity.

Nowadays, Bigg boss contestants became so smart and whenever Bigg boss calls some housemate to confession room, they are predicting it might be secret task. So today Bigg boss gave a small twist. He called Punarnavi to confession room and showed some videos to her in which Vitika spoke bad about her. Same way, he called Sreemukhi to confession room and showed videos in which he showed Vitika, Punarnavi and Rahul talking negatively about her. He did the same with Ali and then he called Himaja to confession and gave her secret task to create chaos in the house and ensure house doesn’t get luxury budget items.

She intentionally picked up an argument with Baba bhaskar and thrown away her plate of omlet, broke the eggs in the house. Ali Reza and Ravi objected her for her behavior. Later during luxury budget task, she tried to erase the board of luxury items task but Ali, Ravi and others stopped her. She was no match to them in physical strength and had to give up. Later Bigg boss announced that she failed in the task and she doesn’t get any immunity. Housemates celebrated for saving their luxury budget.

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Bigg Boss episode 33: Complaint box task led to arguments


Bigg boss today continued the talent show of yesterday and 4 of the housemates qualified for next level. Those four – i.e. Ravi, Ali Reza, Mahesh and Varun performed today again and out of them judges selected Ravi and Ali for next level. Out of these two, housemates chose Ali to be top performer and he got some celebrity status in the house, as per Big boss orders. However, continuous successes seem to be going into the head of Ali as it became evident during complaint box task.

Mahesh targeted:

Bigg boss provided a complaint box and housemates can write complaints on any housemates anonymously and captain Shivajyothy need to arbitrate and resolve the issues. One such complaint was on Mahesh about provoking one housemate on other. Mahesh became emotional and asked to prove when he provoked any housemates. Punarnavi interfered and argued against Mahesh. Punarnavi has been highlighting herself only in negative emotions. She was not seen gelling well with housemates (except Vitika, Varun and Rahul) but whenever she gets a chance, she is expressing her negative opinion on other housemates very harshly. Even Ali also targeted Mahesh.

After back to back successes, Ali displays arrogance:

Later Mahesh’s complaint on Ali also finally became like Ali’s complaint on Mahesh. Mahesh supporting Baba bhaskar in the episode of Ali vs Baba is in sync with audience’s emotion. It was because of Baba Bhaskar’s efforts Ali became captain but he nominated Baba bhaskar for eviction, which Baba termed as backstabbing. During Mahesh vs Ali argument, this topic again surfaced. Ali’s body language during the argument with Mahesh shows his arrogance. At some point he told, he doesn’t even want to listen to Mahesh. Mahesh looked helpless as he couldn’t argue as forcibly as Ali. Moreover, it looks like with back to back successes, Ali seems to have become a bit arrogant. Last week he was captain and prior to that he got immunity because of secret task. Today, he won the talent show and he is not in nominations. All this seems to have gone to his head.

Rahul and Mahesh to jail

Rahul wrote letter in which he stated he wants to clear the air between Sreemukhi and him. Sreemukhi felt very happy and even hugged him as a gesture of forgiving. After that, he started explaining his version again in which he tries to project Sreemukhi was wrong. Sreemukhi felt offended again and told she cannot forgive him. After all this complaint box episode, as per captain’s feedback, Bigg boss told Rahul and Mahesh have got more complaints on them and asked captain to put them in jail.

Overall, Bigg boss episode today was engaging.

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Bigg Boss saved Rahul and eliminated Rohini, as predicted


Bigg boss season 3 is engaging Telugu audience and getting record TRP ratings every week. Nagarjuna’s effortless hosting as well as competitive contestants make this show very interesting.

Today, Nagarjuna played a game with housemates to decide whether they unmasked themselves to express their feelings openly or not. As per this game, the housemates who are nominated are considered accused and some other housemate will be playing the role of prosecutor. This prosecutor needs to explain the reasons why the accused should be evicted from the house. Depending on the prosecutor’s version, and accused version, Nagarjuna and other housemates decide whether they both are still hiding their emotions behind a mask or genuinely expressing themselves.

Later there was another fun game in which each housemate has to choose their villain from other housemates and deliver a punch dialogue on them. Both these games entertained the audience.


Today – Sreemukhi, Baba Bhaskar,Ravi, Rahul and Rohini were in danger zone at the beginning the show. Sreemukhi, Baba Bhaskar and Ravi got saved in the first half of the episode, leaving Rohini and Rahul to be the last two contenders facing the danger of eviction. Earlier, there were reports that Bigg boss wants to save Rahul even though he got least percentage of votes for the sake of ratings.

Click here: https://www.telugu360.com/bigg-boss-tidbits-will-bigg-boss-save-rahul-for-the-sake-of-ratings/

It is known news that Rahul and Punarnavi’s track has been enjoyed by some sections of audience and they are giving footage to the show with this track. There have been reports that Rohini got better voting than Shivajyothy and Rahul but Bigg boss may save Rahul for the sake of this footage and ratings. Moreover, Rohini was not in nominations as per initial list but as she violated rules by discussing about nominations, Bigg boss directly nominated her. Her elimination is expected to give strong warning to other housemates to not violate rules. Bigg boss saving Rahul at the cost of other housemates Only twist in the prediction is that Bigg boss saved Shivajyothy instead of Rohini to save Rahul, as per the reports. Even the mock polls in various websites and dailies also showed Rahul getting least votes lagging behind Shivajyothy and Rohini.

After nominations, Rohini was asked to score each of the contestants out of 100 marks. She gave thousand out of 100 for Baba Bhaskar and gave good marks to Shivajyothy, Varun, Ashu and Ravi. But she gave least marks to Sreemukhi and Mahesh. Overall it was enjoyable episode.

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Bigg boss day 24: Ali Reza becomes captain of the house


The captaincy task that started yesterday, continued today as well. In the dragon eggs task of yesterday, Rahul sipligunj, Ravi Krishna and Ali Reza emerged as winners. These three guys got to play the next level today.

As per this task, there will be a throne like chair in the house. One of these three guys have to occupy the throne and not leave it until big boss announces. Other two contestants can try to pull the contestant occupying the chair. Housemates can help the contestant occupying the chair to retain it or can help the other two by pulling out the contestant occupying the chair. Among the three, Ali Reza got the support of most of the housemates. Srimukhi, Baba Bhaskar , Shiva Jyothi and Mahesh Vitta helped Ali retain the chair. Rahul sipligunj tried to do a mind game by asking Ali to face him without support of other housemates, and Ali also agreed for that. However, Rahul and Ravi could not dethrone Ali. So Bigg boss announced the Ali Reza becomes captain of the house.

Meanwhile Rahul sipligunj, who ditched Srimukhi during the task despite being in her team, tried to patch up with her by offering apologies. It is known that, Nagarjuna also reprimanded Rahul for insulting srimukhi based on her profession. Despite this srimukhi selected him into her team and clearly told that she doesn’t want him to play against her. However, he spoiled her game and ensured that she doesn’t become next captain. She accepted the apologies but told she will be nominating him every week until he leaves the house.

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Bigg boss day23: Dragon eggs and captaincy task


Bigg boss day 23 started with a captaincy task. This task is almost like a physical task that demands physical stamina from the contestant. At the same time, it needs a good brain to play strategically to win the game.

There were three dragon eggs in the garden. Bigg boss announced that , immediately after the buzzer sound , whoever seize those eggs will get some special benefit. So, Rohini, Shivajyothy and Vitika were quick to grab those eggs. So, they directly reach the next level of the task. Later there will be another task but while doing that task, housemates can grab the eggs from these three and if they do so they will reach next level while those who lost the egg will be out of the task. In addition to this, housemates were divided into 2 groups led by Sreemukhi (red team) and Himaja (blue team). Each team represents a kingdom and Sreemukhi and Himaja represent Military generals. Each team has to keep their flags in the borders of other kingdom and whoever keeps more flags in other kingdom will be winner in the first level.

Out of this game, Rahul, Ali and Ravi emerged winners in the first level. The task will continue further and whoever wins in the next levels will become captain for next week.

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Bigg boss: Nagarjuna chiding housemates for wrongdoings appreciated a lot


Bigg boss season 3 Telugu is garnering huge viewership and STAR MAA is currently ruling the roost in Telugu channels. Nagarjuna’s hosting has been superb and he proved he is king of hosting indeed. However, till date, the audience have seen Nagarjuna’s hosting in entertainment and easy episodes but today he shown serious angle in him today and the way he chided housemates who misbehaved or who did wrong things during last week earned him huge respect among audience.


As everyone knows, captaincy task in Bigg boss show during last week turned violent and Ravi, one of the housemates got injured. Following this injury, Bigg boss cancelled the captaincy task. It is known news that Sreemukhi who was acting thief during the task used dumbbell to break the chest containing money. As per her advice Ravi tried to break the glass with hands and it cut his hand. Following this incident. Rahul called Sreemukhi as ‘Faltoo’ and told she should better go and do anchoring rather than giving this kind of ideas. Nagarjuna chided Rahul for using the word Faltoo and also insulting Sreemukhi’s profession.


This was another interesting bit. During the task when Ravi broke glass and cut his hand, Vitika didn’t bother about the injury and focused on winning the game by taking the maximum money she could take. Even though Varun was showing concern on Ravi, she forced him to safe the money first. After saving her money, she came out and cried for Ravi and cleverly highlighted that it was Sreemukhi’s mistake that caused this injury. Nagarjuna initially appreciated her for her concern on Ravi and she felt happy as all housemates clapped. Later Nagarjuna showed the videoclip of Vitika saving money first that put her into extremely embarrassing position. The way Nagarjuna embarrassed her by showing the video clip without shouting at her appreciated by audience a lot.

Ali Reza and other housemates:

Nagarjuna chided Ali Reza for his behavior towards Himaja during captaincy task. It is known news that Ali trying to put his hands in Himaja’s pocket during the task got lot of criticism. Moreover, he shouting on her, attacking personally despite she apologizing without her mistake also made audience sympathize with Himaja and hate Ali. Nagarjuna chided him for same reason and even told he should have common sense on how to behave with woman contestants. Nagarjuna also pointed all other housemates, except Tamanna, maintained silence in this issue and did not support the woman contestant. He appreciated Tamanna for standing for Himaja.

Tamanna Simhadri:

Nagarjuna chided Tamanna for insulting journalism profession during her conservation with Shivajyothy. She told that journalists are also like actors and they also act for money. Nagarjuna reminded Tamanna that many journalists supported her as activist and her activities. She apologized to journalist community.

Punarnavi and Baba Bhaskar:

It is known news that Punarnavi showed her negative attitude during the nomination process and displayed “I am OK you are not OK”. Nagarjuna gently reprimanded her for the selfishness she showed. He also gently scolded Baba Bhaskar for not standing up and saying to someone that you are doing wrong when they did wrong.


Overall, even though Nagarjuna played some games after all this bashing, audience remember his bashing part more than the games part . Audience felt happy that Nagarjuna did not hesitate to lambaste the housemates when they crossed line. In fact this episode earned more respect for Nagarjuna as host among Bigg boss show fans.

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Hebbah or Shraddha or Swathi? Even Bigg Boss is confused


This week, they are likely to kick out one more inmate from the house, but that doesn’t mean the downsizing of the contestants has started. Bigg Boss 3 is all about churning maximum heat through emotions, which of course translate into TRPs. So they can’t let the house numbers dwindle too early.

As elimination is a must every week, Bigg Boss is said to be looking forward to introducing their second wild card entry, like how they made Tamanna Simhadri enter the house the previous week. Bigg Boss team actually finalised two heroines for the same, and they are Shraddha Das and Hebbah Patel, but here comes the confusion.

Both these heroines have signed all the agreements, but Bigg Boss is looking forward for someone who could shake up the house with their aggressiveness like how Pooja Ramachandran did last year and both of these heroines are bit softer in nature in real life.

There comes Colors Swathi aka Swathi Reddy, who is said to have initially given a go for Bigg Boss, but later felt like joining the show the mid way. However, she has suspended her Instagram account as many fans are asking this Bigg Boss thing.

In the wake of these happenings and thoughts, we have to see who is going to enter as the second wild card entry into the house. It is no surprise, even if an unexpected new one makes the cut.

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Bigg Boss day 10: Varun and Tamanna in Jail


Bigg boss has given a task yesterday to the housemates to keep riding 3 different bicycles to get access to house, water and gas. Today, there were 3 other tasks given to the housemates. Winning each of the task will free the housemates from incessantly riding the bicycles.

Initially, Tamanna Simhadri, tried to poke Ravi Krishna but he didn’t get trapped. Then, Bigg boss announced the first task and that was taken up by Mahesh Vitta. As per this task, he has to save oil and yet keep the lamp lit until the next orders of Bigg boss. The second task was taken up by Srimukhi and Ali Reza. As per this task, they have to make bratty out of cow dung. Srimukhi and Ali successfully finished this task. Then third task was taken up by Vitika and as per the task she has to take out coins from an aquarium. She could also finish the task successfully. During this task, Shivajyothi gave a suggestion to Mahesh but Bigg boss objected such tactics to finish the task. Housemates like Vitika and Varun laughed after Bigg boss objection. Shivajyothi got offended and cried. It looked silly on the part of Shivajyothy to cry on such trivial thing.

Later Bigg boss asked the house to tell who are worst performers among all in this luxury budget task. Tamanna and Varun came forward voluntarily naming themselves as worst performers. Bigg boss asked both of them to be in jail until next orders and they will be given food only once per day. Tamanna cried after knowing this.

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Bigg Boss day 9: The bicycle task and fighting


Bigg boss season 3 is full of “masala”. Almost each day some altercation or fighting creating chaos in the house. Today Bigg boss gave the house task of cycling. As per this task. there will be different bicycles in the house and each of them represents different provisions to the housemates. For example, water will be provided to the house as long as the somebody is riding the bicycle representing water. The same applies to domestic gas and even house access. The catch is that one housemate or other need to be riding the bicycle incessantly till next day.

It was Shivajyothi who started argument today. She felt that she was not getting the chance to ride bicycle as some housemates like Srimukhi are proactively taking the bicycles and riding them without giving opportunity to others to ride. She went to the extent of crying on this silly issue and that created some chaos in the house.

Later there was argument between Vitika and Punarnavi. Vitika had been busy with kitchen and she didn’t find time to ride the bicycle. Punarnavi being friend of Vitika reminded her that she didn’t participate in this task and that may hamper her prospects. Vitika got offended with her statement and reminded that she had been cooking for the entire house and also she was suffering from headache. However, Varun sandesh found fault with Vitika’s response to Punarnavi and advised her to participate in the task. Her husband supporting other housemate against her made Vitika burst and cry and the ‘cycle’ ended up as fight between husband and wife. Finally the fight ended after Varun and Vitika apologizing each other.

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Bigg boss: Nagarjuna proves he is king of hosting

Bigg boss Telugu season 3 completed its day 6 episode. This reality show has already become superhit among Telugu audience in previous seasons. The current season also already engaging and entertaining lot of Telugu TV audience. Nagarjuna ,who is hosting the bigg boss show, proved he is indeed king of hosting TV shows. He was at ease while handling the housemates as well as the show.

Jaffer and Shivajyothi emotional burst out:

Earlier in this episode, Jaffer became emotional in the house for the first time as he felt homesick after remembering his wife. Srimukhi and other housemates consoled him and he came out of the emotion within couple of minutes. He also displayed his funny side by dancing moonwalk step. After Jaffer episode, Shiva Jyothi made housemates as well as audience emotional by revealing her life story. She revealed that she married without consent of her family members but her husband has been taking care of her very well. She burst into tears while explaining the hardships she faced during the early phase of her life. Another housemate Ashu Reddy was completely in tears while listening to this story. Later, Nagarjuna teased Shivajyothi asking her husband should open a training centre for all husbands.

Nagarjuna interaction with housemates

Unlike earlier hosts NTR and Nani who used to enter the house with blazer or suit, Nagarjuna entered the house with casual attire and his interaction with housemates also was very casual. He appreciated Srimukhi for the way she consoled Jaffer when he was in tears. He also appreciated Punarnavi for the maturity she displayed in the house. However he evoked a few laughs when he made Baba Bhaskar to offer her chapati as he earlier stolen her chapati . Nagarjuna however reprimanded Ravi Krishna for insulting Mahesh based on his colour during the ‘recall childhood task’ . Nagarjuna also reprimanded Hema for trying to dominate other housemates. By asking Ali Reza to explain what exactly happened, he indirectly put Hema in embarrassing situation. He also teased the couple Varun and Vitika. Singer Rahul entertained the audience with his song.


Out of Himaja, Punarnavi, Rahul , Jaffar Vitika and Hema who are nominated for eviction this week, Nagarjuna revealed that Himaja and Punarnavi are saved from eviction today. Rahul Jaffer Ritika and Hema are still in danger zone.

Overall, with emotions, fun and Nagarjuna’s hosting, the episode was very enjoyable and for the audience, It looked like almost one and half hour passed very quickly.

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Bigg boss day 4 updates: Fun and Frustration


Bigg boss Telugu season 3 is entertaining audience from the day 1. In last 3 episodes, the main highlights were, the war between Hema and Himaja, the subsequent emotional burst of Himaja in confession room, Baba Bhaskar’s happy-go attitude and the way he is mingling with all the contestants.

Today’s episode has a fun task for the contestants i.e. to act like kids and recall their childhood. All the housemates participated in the task except Mahesh Vitta, who told that he will not participate in the tasks that he doesn’t like. The contestants like Srimukhi and Rohini who have good comic timing entertained the audience. However the actor Ravi Krishna’s attempt to generate comedy by shaming the colour of Mahesh backfired. When he called Mahesh Vitta ‘ karrodu’ ( black guy) he resisted it and told he doesn’t like to be insulted by his colour. This fun task created sort of frustration for him.

Other than this task, there were some other developments that created slight tension in the house. Actually Hema has been handling the kitchen from day 1. She has been telling that she is good at cooking. However, she dominating the kitchen, and at times becoming serious on other housemates is creating sort of tension among other housemates for e.g. Rahul. Other than this, Varun Sandesh and Vitika couple’s lighter moments in the house also entertaining the audience. In fact already memes are created on their behaviour in the house.

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