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‘Mouth irrigation minister’ became ‘zip irrigation minister’: Deepak


Telugu Desam Party MLC G. Deepak Reddy has urged Irrigation Minister P. Anil Kumar to stop his attention diversion games and start giving clarifications why 60 per cent budget allocation was not spent on irrigation projects in the very first year of the Jagan Reddy regime. The Minister was apparently unable to even cover up his failures going by how he was making irrelevant statements against the TDP leaders including Lokesh instead of giving convincing answers to the people.

The TDP MLC refuted the latest allegations of Anil Kumar and clarified that the TDP only commented that a hopeless situation was prevailing in Andhra Pradesh that a Minister was trying to open his zip on the floor of the Legislative Council. The TDP never said the Minister unzipped in the House. But, the Minister’s confusing statements led to needless campaigns in social media. Eventually, Anil Kumar’s followers were taking pride that their leader was so courageous that he did that in the Council itself.

Mr. Deepak Reddy advised the Minister to stop making a mockery of his behaviour and realise that the TDP MLCs would not bother what he would do with his zip but it was a fact that members in the Council would only be concerned about the public issues. The Minister should clarify why 60 per cent of the budget allocation could not be spent in irrigation sector last year. The Government provided a budget of Rs. 13,988 Cr but had spent just Rs. 5,345 Cr. It could not spend Rs. 8,793 Cr for which there were no answers. Meanwhile, Anil Kumar seemd to be taking pride in being called ‘Zip Irrigation Minister’ on social media.

Mr. Deepak Reddy also slammed Mr. Anil Kumar for reducing himself to the position of being just a collection agent while Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy was performing duties as the real irrigation minister. It was correct that TDP leader Devineni Umamaheswara Rao was rightly calling Mr. Anil Kumar as the ‘mouth irrigation minister’ because of his loose talk and use of unparliamentary language. The TDP had proved completion of 70 per cent works in Polavaram but Mr. Anil Kumar has not removed his moustache till now as per his hasty challenge.

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YCP Ministers counter petition baseless: TDP MLC


Telugu Desam Party MLC G. Deepak Reddy has flayed the ruling YCP Ministers for launching a misinformation campaign against the TDP members over the chaos that took place in Legislative Council during recent brief budget session. The TDP has complained to the Council Chairman the next day itself but there has been no action against the ruling party Ministers who used unparliamentary and abusive language against the Opposition members.

The TDP MLC deplored that in order to cover up their violations of the House proceedings, the Ministers were now spreading lies and made a counter petition to the Chairman. If the Ministers did not commit any wrongs, the Government should disclose the video footage of the House proceedings at that time. The YCP should explain whether or not over 18 Ministers stormed into the Council only to hijack the House for passing the Bills illegally.

Mr. Deepak Reddy asserted that the women members were witness to how one Minister went to the extreme extent of pulling zip on the floor of the House. When this was complained to the Chairman, Minister Anil Kumar responded very cheaply which was evidence of the YCP atrocities. Minister Vellampalli Srinivas used offensive language when TDP members tried to complain against non-members in the Council. Vellampalli launched an attack on TDP members who pushed him aside.

Stating that Ministers lowered the dignity of the Council, Mr. Deepak Reddy said it was clear from how social media went viral with photos of ‘Assembly Kalakeyudu’ following the zip pulling incident. The YCP members were not asking for the video footage even now which indicates their feeling of guilt for what has happened. Only with ulterior motives, the Government was stopping live telecast in the Council every time YCP wanted to disrupt and hijack the legislature.

The TDP MLC said it was the ruling YCP leaders and Ministers who have a shady track record considering how there were cases against 95 MLAs and 12 MPs belonging to the ruling party. The YCP leaders were facing the highest number of cases among all the regional parties in the country at present. Even Assembly Speaker Tammineni Sitaram was neck deep in allegations of corruption in land deals, sand smuggling and job scam in Srikakulam district.

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Deepak Reddy lists 100 failed promises of Y.S. Jagan


Telugu Desam Party MLC G. Deepak Reddy has blamed Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy for ‘cheating’ the voters of Andhra Pradesh by turning away from scores of his promises, assurances and commitments made to people at the time of elections. CM Jagan Reddy has now become seen as a master of J-turns by virtue of his deliberate attempt to suppress the people if they are asking about the implementation of his election promises.

Deepak Reddy said the CM went back on his great oath to bring Special Status by taming and subduing the Central Government with the threat of resignations of all 25 MPs of AP. After adorning the CM chair, Jagan Reddy literally forgot about his vow and not at all talking about the Special Status which he once advocated as the only panacea for all the problems and ills of the unjustly separated Andhra Pradesh state without a capital of its own.

The TDP leader listed out over 100 such commitments on which the CM has turned back, thereby leaving the people in a state of crisis and deepening troubles now. Because of Jagan Reddy’s spectacular performance in breaking his own promises, another word called J-turn has entered the dictionary as a synonym for U-turn. In a very objectionable manner, the CM attended the inauguration of Kaleswaram irrigation project in Telangana which he described as a curse that would reduce AP into a desert when he was Opposition leader of the state.

Mr. Deepak Reddy recalled how the Sakshi media and Jagan Reddy family accused the Reliance Group of conspiring the death of YS Rajasekhara Reddy in the past. But now, CM Jagan totally forgot about that and gave a warm welcome to Reliance Chairman and even offered his party Rajya Sabha ticket to a Reliance top person. Perhaps, this was the biggest J-turn taken by Jagan Reddy in utter disregard to his own conscience and that of the people of the state.

Stating that people were being burdened with taxes and high prices, Mr. Deepak Reddy deplored that Jagan promised not to raise current charges but now the consumers were suffering heavily in view of the changed slabs and abnormal bills. RTC, petrol and other prices have also gone up. While in opposition in the past, Jagan Reddy supported an Assembly resolution for Amaravati Capital City but once he got into power, the YSR son started demolishing and shifting Capital City out of sheer political vendetta and personal greed.

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TDP welcomes HC notices to CS and Council Secretary


TDP MLC G. Deepak Reddy has welcomed the AP High Court notices to Chief Secretary and AP Council Secretary on the issue of defying Council Chairman orders for referring the three capitals bill to Select Committee. The court has issued a separate personal notice to Council Secretary Balakrishnamacharyulu indicating how his unconstitutional act of defying the House Chairman was taken very seriously.

Mr. Deepak Reddy said that Council Secretary had personally committed an offence by defying his superior’s orders only after accepting the Government’s quid pro quo offer for his term extension by one year. Many officials were behaving like this in violation of the laws and the Constitutional norms. All of them would face serious consequences and would have to pay a heavy penalty eventually.

Mr. Deepak Reddy warned the YCP Government that it would have to face dismissal if it continued to cripple the Constitutional institutions and make a mockery of the courts’ orders. Just because it has got 151 MLAs out of the total 175, the YCP cannot bypass or ignore the democratic norms or institutions. CM Jagan’s thoughtless actions are creating a constitutional crisis and already the courts have passed strictures against his governance for over 60 times.

The TDP leader said that more and more cases would be filed against the omissions and commissions of the YCP Government and the officials who were hand in glove with it. The AP people gave a massive mandate to Jagan Reddy to serve them in a better way but not to cripple the institutions that serve the people.

Mr. Deepak Reddy deplored that the Council Secretary’s act defying Chairman orders was like the bench clerk refusing to follow the orders of the judge and like the Cabinet Secretary not acting on the orders of the Cabinet. By spoiling the democratic institutions, the YCP has set a wrong signal to the people and to the State administration as a whole.

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T-TDP leaders term MLC Deepak Reddy small fish


Telangana Telugu Desham Party seems to be self-regulating itself. Even before TDP national president Chandrababu Naidu had a say about detention of MLC Deepak Reddy, the TTDP leaders said that there are plenty more fish in the sea while Deepak Reddy is just small one. While the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister is yet to respond on the incident, Minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao said that after finding out all the details they will respond. It is apparent that TTDP is aware of the wrong doings of the MLC by terming him as a “small fish”.

It may be noted that after the arrest by CCS police, Anantapur MLC Deepak has been remanded to 14 days judicial custody and is shifted to Chanchalguda Jail. It may be recalled that KCR critiqued Chandrababu for having deceived the Telangana TDP and abandoning it last week. The TDP chief, said he would guide and lead the TTDP leaders as they are also working for the welfare of the people. Evidently, TTDP leaders preferred people over the guidance and leadership of Chandrababu.

TTDP president L Ramana also alleged that thousands of crores worth land is being encroached by chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s followers. Ramana asked the CM, to handcuff the trespassers instead of chaining the farmers who are demanding fair price.

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TDP MLC Deepak Reddy arrested in Hyderabad


TDP MLC arrest, Deepak reddy arrest

In a major embarrassment for the Telugu Desham Party, Andhra Pradesh MLC Deepak Reddy has been detained by the Hyderabad police on Tuesday. Deepak who was unanimously elected as MLC few months ago, was arrested in four land grab cases. His gang has been accused of criminal trespassing in major parts of Hyderabad. The allegations include document forgery, grabbing hundreds of acres of land among others. Deepak along with his lawyer Shailesh Saxena and another broker were detained by the police.

Deepak who joined TDP in 2012 is married to the daughter of JC Prabhakar Reddy. There are several cases already against him related to encroachment, damage to property and other related activities. Deepak who has MBA degree from United States allegedly owns mining and mineral companies. This incident against MLC comes within less than a month after CBI booked TDP MLC Vakati Narayana Reddy. It may be recalled that Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu suspended Vakati from the TDP hinting that the MLC might be taken back if he proved innocent.

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