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Ramesh gives colours twist to Jagan ration vehicles


The YCP’s fascination for giving its party flag colours to the public property has given it many troubles and embarrassments. The YCP colours on the panchayat buildings have been dragged to the court in the past. Now, once again, the colours issue came to the fore. State Election Commissioner Ramesh Kumar issued fresh orders asking the Government to change the colours on the ration door vehicles.
In the beginning, based on the High Court orders, Ramesh Kumar allowed ration delivery through the vehicles. But, objections came pouring in that the YCP colours on the ration vehicles were having an impact on the voters. Wherever the panchayat elections were being held, the Government was asked not to use the present vehicles in their present condition to deliver the ration items.

Already, the SEC has put objections to the use of CM Jagan Reddy photos on the vehicles. Accordingly, the officials took suitable measures to hide the CM photos during ration distribution in the election-bound villages.
Ramesh Kumar’s order would be final in this respect. The YCP would have no say any further other than that it would have to approach the court once again. In its previous order itself, the High Court instructed the SEC to inspect the ration vehicles and give permission by making suitable suggestions.

The SEC instructed the officials to change colours to other those being used by the political parties. Going by this, the blue, green, yellow, red colours would have to be avoided considering their prominent use in the parties’ flags. The colours problem arose for the first in AP in the entire country only after the YCP started using its party colours on the Government buildings and property against which the Opposition parties were approaching the court.

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Who is a true YSR loyalist? Jagan or Ramesh


Suddenly, a raging debate is going on now on the issue of loyalty of different persons to YSR. It all started after State Election Commissioner N Ramesh Kumar raised the issue during his visit to the Kadapa district. He has asserted that he rose in his professional career only because of YSR’s patronage. Ramesh worked as the Finance Secretary under YSR rule. Thanks to YSR support, Ramesh later served at the united AP Governor’s office.

But, the YCP leaders asked why Ramesh was now ordering to cover the YSR statues in the name of the election code. This question might look odd to the neutral persons but in the eyes of the YSR family loyalists, it was okay. Blind loyalty was what they would expect. Going by that, Nimmagadda should close his eyes to whatever violations of the YCP. Only this would prove his loyalty.

Not keeping silent on this, the TDP stepped in and asserted that Ramesh seemed to be a true loyalist of YSR going by his past association. Whereas, CM Jagan Reddy had no such loyalty. Though he was a son, Jagan Reddy gave priority to collecting signatures to succeed as the next CM while his father’s body was still untraceable.

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CM Jagan’s unstoppable plan to shift High Court to Kurnool


The YCP Government is making unbeatable smart moves to shift the High Court of Andhra Pradesh from Amaravati to Kurnool as early as possible. The Jagan regime is confident that the BJP Government at the Centre would have no objection to this. Moreover, it is just enough for Union Home Ministry to denotify on this issue so that the High Court could be shifted to Kurnool without further hurdles.
During his recent visit to Delhi, CM Jagan had sought Amit Shah’s support for this. The ruling YCP leaders say that the BJP AP unit had made it an election promise to set up the High Court in Kurnool. Now, the Jagan regime was making fast moves to first get the Centre’s support on the shifting of the High Court.
However, there were already stay orders on the formation of 3 Capitals. As such, the stay orders would also be applicable to the High Court shifting issue as well. It is a question now whether the Union Home Ministry would take these state orders into consideration or not.
On its part, the BJP was saying that it was against 3 Capitals. At the same time, they were saying they were committed to the High Court in Kurnool. Whatever, CM Jagan seemed to have focused on shifting the High Court first and then the Executive Capital to Vizag.

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It’s a real estate agitation: Jagan on Amaravati stir


Once again, AP Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy launched a scathing attack on the Amaravati agitation. His attack came on a day when Amaravati agitators were taking part in Jana Bheri public meeting to mark one year of their protests. CM Jagan called Amaravati women just real estate women and that only real estate businessmen were running the agitation.
The CM asserted that much before it was formally announced, a decision was taken to develop Amaravati as Capital. Then, they bought lands in the Capital region under benami names. With the help of insider trading, they bought Amaravati lands at far cheaper rates.
Mr. Jagan Reddy said that now, the agitation was being carried out only because all those who bought lands were now worried about the fall in the land rates there. Chandrababu Naidu was thinking with a bad mind and making baseless allegations against the Government.
The Chief Minister addressed a BC Sankranthi public meeting at Indira Gandhi Municipal Corporation Stadium in Vijayawada. It was held as a show of strength to counter the Jana Bheri of Amaravati agitators. Jagan Reddy said that it was for the first time in the entire country that such a meeting was held for the BCs.

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Jagan announces Rs 50 lakh for martyred jawan Babu Rao


It is well known that CM Jaganmohan Reddy announced Rs. 50 lakh for the family of army jawan Praveen Kumar Reddy who died in a terror attack in Jammu and Kashmir in November. At that time, many people heaped praise on the Chief Minister. At the same time, they suggested that the CM should have made a similar gesture in respect of other jawans also.
The YCP critics began questioning why the Chief Minister did not announce similar assistance to the family of Bongu Babu Rao of Srikakulam who was also killed in a terror strike in October. Was Jagan showing discrimination even in the sacrifices of jawans?
A month after the issue subsided, the Chief Minister responded and announced Rs. 50 lakh also for the family of Bongu Babu Rao. This time, Jagan wrote an open letter asking Babu Rao’s family to come and collect the amount. Better late than never. Thus, the Chief Minister has brought curtains down on the unseemly controversy.

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God gives a solution: Jagan on fishermen’s ST status


It is well known how the politicians of all sorts make tall promises on the issue of providing reservations in jobs and educational opportunities for the weaker sections and backward classes. Even the forward castes are also demanding these reservations. Different parties have promised reservations to the Kapus and successfully got their vote bank to come to power in the past. But, there has been no progress on this issue till now in the past several decades.
Now, it has become the turn of fishermen community who are seeking ST reservations. As of now, they are placed in the backward classes. Even then, many fishermen communities are lagging far behind so much so they are asking for ST reservations for the sake of social and economic upliftment.

The YCP leaders have promised the ST reservations to the fishermen in the elections. But now, CM Jaganmohan Reddy has clarified finally that he is not able to do anything in that direction. The CM has used his typical divine comment once again. He simply said that though he could not fulfil the fishermen’s request, the God would provide a solution at an appropriate time.

In Andhra Pradesh, the unusual and unhealthy political competition is taking the heat to a new high as the voters are finally left upset as their promises and prayers are going largely unanswered.

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Jagan GO removes Ashok Gajapathi Raju as East Godavari temples chairman


Even as the controversy over the appointment of Sanchaita Gajapathi Raju as the chairperson of MANSAS (Maharaja Alak Narayan Society of Arts and Sciences) Trust and Simhachalam Devasthanam Trust Board continues to rage, the Jagan government hurriedly brought in a new GO to remove senior TDP leader Ashok Gajapathi Raju as the chairman of a group of temples in East Godavari.
As per the GO, the Jagan government has appointed Sanchaita Gajapathi Raju as the new chairman of the group of temples in East Godavari.
Sanchaita Gajapathi Raju is the daughter of former MP P Ananda Gajapathi Raju, elder brother of senior TDP leader and ex-Union minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju.
In the politics of vendetta, the Jagan government had already removed Ashok Gajapathi Raju as the chairperson of Simhachalam Devasthanam Trust Board replacing him with his niece Sanchaita Gajapathi Raju triggering a row between the Pusapati families. The MANSAS trust holds more than 14,800 acres of prime lands in Visakhapatnam and Vizianagaram districts worth more than Rs 50,000 crore. MANSAS also controls prime lands of 108 temples, including the Simhachalam Devasthanam
Reacting to the Andhra Pradesh government’s latest GO, Ashok Gajapathi Raju’s daughter Aditi Gajapathi Raju lashed out at the Andhra Pradesh government’s decision to remove her father as the chairman of a group of temples in East Godavari. “This is a midnight GO brought in only to defame the Pusapati family. The hasty manner in which the GO was brought in raises suspicion. The MANSAS trust was set up by Pusapati families with high principles and ideals. The trust controls prime lands of 108 temples including the Simhachalam Devasthanam besides several educational institutions. The Andhra Pradesh government’s decisions are only to defame the Pusapati family and the high principles and values of the  MANSAS rust,” she said,
Further, Aditi Gajapathi Raju the Andhra Pradesh government was eyeing the properties of the Pusapati family, especially those which are under the  MANSAS Trust and Simachalam Devasthanam assets. “Simachalam Devasthanam has more than Rs 123 crore in FDs in various banks, while the MANSAS Trust has more than Rs 110 crore in FDs. The controversial move of the government to remove my father is to defame our family, and also usurp our properties,” Aditi Gajapathi Raju alleged.

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Supreme Court judge refuses to hear Jagan contempt case

Supreme Court Judge Justice Lalit has stepped aside and refused to take up the contempt of court case against Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy today. Justice Lalit has excused himself, saying that he cannot hear this case in view of the fact that he has argued for the respondents in the past.
Justice Lalit has suggested that the case be transferred to some other bench of the Apex Court. The Supreme Court bench consisting of Justice Lalith, Justice Uday and Justice Umesh, is supposed to hear the contempt case today. With the stepping aside of Justice Lalith, the case has to be transferred to another bench.
The case is pertaining to a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed by GS Mani, Pradeep Kumar and SK Singh. They are pleading for removing Jaganmohan Reddy from the CM police as he had misused his position to level baseless allegations against a sitting Judge of Supreme Court and also judges of the High Court of Andhra Pradesh.
The petitioners asked for a deterrent punishment in this respect in order to prevent any such brazen attempt to pass defamatory comments against the courts and the judges. The petitioners have also asked for a probe by the Central Bureau of Investigation into the allegations made by the Chief Minister. They also said that the AP CM is facing serious charges in several cases of money laundering and corruption.

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Jagan meets Governor on Polavaram, polls


Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy on Friday met Governor Bishwabhusan Harichandan to discuss a host of crucial issues.

On the eve of Diwali, Jagan extended his greetings to the Governor. Among the key issues, Jagan reportedly discussed the local bodies elections which were postponed by state election commissioner Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar in March in view of the spread of coronavirus. The SEC had recently held an all-party meeting to arrive at a consensus on holding elections to local bodies, even was the ruling YSRCP stayed away from the meeting. The Andhra Pradesh government had filed a petition in the High Court that elections should not be held in view of the pandemic situation.

Jagan also apprised the Governor about the Polavaram project and the pending dues of ₹4,013 crore from the central government. The Chief Minister reportedly informed about the central government’s decision to cap project cost to Rs 20,398 crore as against the Rs 47,725 crore. Jagan had already written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying capping the project cost would result in the project remaining incomplete.

Another key that came up for discussion was the appointment of VCs. The Andhra Pradesh government has sent the file on the appointment on VCs, but the Governor is yet to take a call on it.

Jagan also discussed with the Governor on holding the next Assembly session and the Bills that needed to be passed.

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Supreme Court to hear anti-Jagan petitions on Nov 16


Finally, the Supreme Court of India has admitted three petitions filed against Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy’s letter to the Chief Justice of India. The petitioners sought stringent and deterrent action against CM Jagan for his baseless allegations against sitting Supreme Court Judge Justice NV Ramana and other members of the judiciary. The Supreme Court decided to take up hearing on these petitions on November 16.

The petitioners also urged for the court to give a show cause notice to the CM. The petitions will come up before the bench consisting of Justice UU Lalith, Justice Vineet Saran and Justice Ravindra Bhat. Among the petitioners is also the Anti-Corruption Council of India Trust. 

Petitioners GS Mani and Pradeep Kumar told the court that CM Jagan made twin mistakes of not just making baseless allegations against the judges but also made his letter to the CJI public in a very mischievous way.

All the petitioners pleaded with the court to take action against the Chief Minister and his Principal Advisor Ajay Kallam Reddy, who released the CJI letter at a press conference in utter contempt of the court.

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Jagan’s letter timing is a suspect , conduct is contumacious : Attorney General


Attorney General of India K K Venugopal for the first time reacted to the letter written by Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Jagan Mohan Reddy to the Chief Justice of India S A Bobde making allegations against Justice N.V. Ramana, the senior-most judge of the Supreme Court of India and in line to become the next Chief Justice of India.

Jagan in his letter alleged a “nexus” between senior Supreme Court judge Justice N V Ramana and former chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu and judges of the Andhra Pradesh High Court. In a letter (dated October 6, 2020) to Chief Justice S A Bobde, Jagan alleged that N V Ramana “has been influencing the sittings of the high court including the roster of a few Honourable Judges” in connection with Naidu’s Telugu Desam Party.

In response to a letter written to him by BJP leader and Supreme Court lawyer Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay, Attorney General of India Venugopal on Monday said Jagan’s letter to CJI S A Bobde making allegations against Justice N V Ramana are objectionable and amount to contempt of court.

. The Attorney General noted that he has carefully gone through the contents. “I find that the objectionable statements have been made in a letter dated 06.10.2020 written by the Chief Minister to the Chief Justice of India Mr S A Bobde. This letter was then released to the press by Sh.Ajeya Kallem, Principal Advisor to the Chief Minister at a press conference on 10.10.2020. The Chief Justice is therefore well aware of the nature of the allegations contained in the said letter,” the Attorney General noted.

“I am of the opinion that the timing itself of the letter, as well as its being placed in the public domain through a press conference, could certainly be said to be suspect, in the background of the order passed by Justice Ramana dated 19.09.2020, directing pending prosecutions of elected representatives to be taken and disposed of expeditiously. 

As you yourself have pointed out, there are 31 criminal cases pending against the Chief Minister. In this background, prima facie, the conduct of the said persons is contumacious. 

“However, what has to be noted is, that the entire case of contempt arises out of the letter dated 6.10.2020 written by the Chief Minister directly to the Chief Justice of India and the subsequent press conference held by Sh. Kallam. 

The Chief Justice of India is therefore seized of the matter. Hence, it would not be appropriate for me to deal with the matter. For these reasons, I decline consent to initiate proceedings for criminal contempt of the Supreme Court of India,” the Attorney General noted in his letter.

He also remarked that more than 31 criminal cases are pending against Jagan.   Further, he noted that Jagan’s letter has raised several doubts about the motive behind writing such an insinuating letter to Chief Justice.

He also said CJI was in the know of things. “There is no need for me to move contempt proceedings against the chief minister as the CJI is seized of the matter,” Venugopal stated.

Ashwini Kumar in his letter to Venugopal stated that Jagan made the.letter public not only to derail the Election Reform matters but also to intimidate judicial proceedings.

Further, Ashwini Kumar noted that serious cases of corruption, black money, benami property and disproportionate assets are pending against Jagan Mohan Reddy and his colleagues. “Reddy and his colleagues are facing serious charges of crime and corruption which would have landed any ordinary man in jail for at least 10 years, if sentenced concurrently, and for more than 30 years, if sentenced consecutively,” Ashwini Kumar had noted.

Aswini Kumar appealed to Venugopal to give its approval for initiating contempt of court proceedings against Jagan Reddy.

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CM in Waiting Jagan thanks voters and God


Chief Minister in Waiting YS Jaganmohan Reddy thanked the people of Andhra Pradesh for the landslide victory. He said that this massive victory was along their expected lines. He asserted that his party main agenda would be to secure the special category status.

Jaganmohan Reddy refused to talk on Rahul Gandhi. He said that he would take time to finalize his party stand on the national level politics. YCP is emerging as the third or fourth largest party in the Lok Sabha. Jagan said that the people and the Gods gave their blessings to his party. The YCP swept the polls all across the state.

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Why is Vijayasai targetting KA Paul so strongly?


Already, the YCP is facing a very difficult time to counter the TDP in the April 11 election. Adding to its problems, there is another issue coming up to embarrass the YCP. Its election symbol ‘fan’ is allegedly looking just like the ‘helicopter’ symbol which is allotted to the Praja Shanti Party of international evangelist KA Paul. Two weeks ago, the Central Election Commission rejected the YCP petition to change the symbol given to KA Paul.

In the midst of increasing tensions, the YCP once again appealed to the Election Commission to change the symbol of Praja Shanti Party as the election day is drawing nearer. Speaking on this, YCP senior leader Vijayasai Reddy got irked by the media questions. He lost his temper and described KA Paul as a joker who is appearing every day to provide a lot of comedy in state politics.

Seeing the YCP’s weak position, KA Paul is making good advantage of this by increasing his attack on Jaganmohan Reddy. He says Jagan will not become CM even if he spends not just Rs.100 crore but all the Rs.3 lakh crore he has reportedly earned illegally. Paul said there is increasing support to his party from all sections of the people.

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Jagan using KCR money to pay Rs 5000 per vote, says Naidu


AP CM and TDP President N Chandrababu Naidu took his criticism of Opposition leader Jaganmohan Reddy to a new high. Naidu said Jagan has received Rs. 1,000 from TRS boss K Chandrasekhara Rao. This is the ‘return gift’ that KCR has been vowing to give me, said Naidu. With that money, Jagan is planning to buy each vote at Rs. 5,000 and win the election. This is how Jagan-KCR duo are bent upon destroying AP’s future.

Naidu addressed an election meeting at Salur assembly segment in Araku Valley Lok Sabha constituency. He said PM Modi and KCR are conspiring to commit all election malpractices to put Jagan in CM chair with only one objective to get an iron grip over Andhra Pradesh. This is not good for the future of 5 crore people of the state.

Chandrababu said that Jagan has a criminal background and his life is full of crimes. At the mention of his name, industrialists and investors will run away from the state. Modi and KCR are interested in the AP development but they want the state to get crushed under the rule of a criminal who will do anything they order him to do. Naidu said that there will be permanent darkness if Jagan gets power in the state.

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‘One Chance’ for Jagan – possible threats listed by TDP


Jaganmohan Reddy is actively campaigning with two slogans mainly. One Chance for CM post and Nenu Vinnanu Nenu Unnanu (I listened, I will help). This has become the strong points for the rivals to make embarrassing comments against the YCP. The past track record of Jagan is being dug up to tell the people what happens if YSR’s only son is given a chance as Chief Minister. The following are broadly perceived as immediate threats:
– Rampant corruption will rear its ugly head as Jagan as YSR’s son did historic damage and if he becomes CM, he will take corruption to unimaginable levels.
– Faction killings will return to hurt the image of the state and take it backwards by two decades.
– The Capital city may be shifted from Amaravati to Donakonda in Prakasam district borders nearer to Kadapa.
– All the development projects like Polavaram, IT industry, etc will take a back seat.
– No chance for AP to get special status as Jagan cannot influence a Congress government at the Centre while BJP already ignored this promise.

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Jagan and Pawan throw Andhra self-respect to winds?


NTR could create a record in the electoral history of India just because he talked about Telugu self-respect and fought bravely against the then mighty Congress. Cinematic charisma is just another factor in his victory at that time. But now the AP-based parties are least bothered about this self-respect factor. While Jaganmohan Reddy is depending on TRS boss KCR for winning 2019 election, Pawan Kalyan has gone all the way to Lucknow to get alliance support with BSP leader Mayawati.

By comparison, TDP boss CM Chandrababu Naidu is gaining greater credibility because of his continuous fight against the Modi-Shah duo on the plank of Andhra self-respect. The TDP’s lonely struggle is leaving an impact on the voters’ mood. In terms of experience in leadership, Jagan and Pawan are lagging behind Chandrababu who is going forward with his careful planning.

Jana Senani has given out his anti-corruption stand as the reason for his leaving the TDP alliance. Analysts say it is a tactical blunder on the part of Pawan Kalyan to tie up with Mayawati who is facing a lot of corruption allegations. This is a big loss to Pawan on ideological grounds. It is also a risky experiment to work with Mayawati and get good results in AP politics.

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Mission 2019- Why Radha wants to defeat Jagan?


Former MLA Vangaveeti Radha is on an outright mission for the 2019 election. It’s not to join some party and contest election from his most preferred Vijayawada Central assembly segment. But it’s the strong determination of Radha now to see the defeat of Jaganmohan Reddy. It’s to see that Jagan will not become CM in the coming AP assembly polls.

What has made Radha so angry? He outwardly says that the YCP leader has insulted his father late Vangaveeti Ranga. He shared the same opinion with ex-MP Lagadapati Rajagopal. It’s not yet known why both leaders met. But it’s clear Radha talked about his total hatred for Jagan. He would campaign against Jagan extensively.

Radha has not joined any other party after quitting the YCP. The TDP offered him MLC post. But Radha has not taken any decision yet to take the TDP offer or not. Seeing present political situation, Radha may not contest in assembly polls. His mission clearly is to defeat Jagan for not giving him expected respect in YCP.

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Why is Jaganmohan Reddy avoiding open alliance with BJP?


It is well known that YCP leader Jaganmohan Reddy has a secret deal with the Modi-Shah duo. The burning question is why Jagan is not ready for an electoral alliance with the Bharatiya Janata Party. Jagan’s friendship with BJP is exposed yet again. YCP leaders are claiming that Jagan’s housewarming in Amavarati capital city brought good news to people of AP as the Centre announced Railway Zone for Visakhapatnam.

All political events involving the Modi government at the Centre are taking place to suit the electoral needs of YCP as far as AP state is concerned. The BJP’s graph might have risen after the country’s brave and bold counter attacks on Pakistan. Yet, Jaganmohan Reddy is avoiding an open alliance with BJP. Analysts say Jaganmohan Reddy is not an innocent to lose total support of the intellectuals, neutral voters and also muslim community.

At the very mention of BJP, almost all leaders in YCP are against any alliance with that party. They know that BJP is now enemy number one for AP people and the Congress comes only next. The 2019 election is indeed going to be a very tough poll because of presence of too many parties and also Pawan Kalyan. Jagan is not ready to take any chances.

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Why is Jagan celebrating KCR victory? asks CBN


The TDP is hell bent on exposing secret deals between Jaganmohan Reddy, BJP, CM K Chandrasekhara Rao and Pawan Kalyan. It is known YSR Congress Party leaders are putting flexis praising KCR and KTR over their win. It is surprising these flexis came up in towns and cities in AP. CM Chandrababu Naidu is wasting no chance to target this, asking why is Jaganmohan Reddy and his party men are excited and jubilant over TRS victory in Telangana.

During his visit to Srikakulam, Naidu mostly attacked Jagan, saying the Opposition leader is not bothered about welfare of farmers and irrigation needs in Pulivendula and other parts of Rayalaseema region. He accused Jaganmohan Reddy and Pawan Kalyan of running politics of collusion with the TRS and the Bharatiya Janata Party. CBN attacked Jagan, asking why the Opposition leader is not questioning the Modi government at the Centre over absence of Central funds for the Polaravam lifeline project and also the Amaravati Capital City project. On his part, Jagan is trying to project Naidu’s failure to complete the projects.After Telangana election results, the YCP is celebrating defeat of Prajakutami of which the TDP is a part. The YCP leaders are also dead against the Congress party despite the fact that their party is born out of it and Jagan’s father YSR owed his political career to it. Strange things happen in politics which is obvious from Jagan moving closer to KCR and BJP.

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Jagan Lambasts CBN Over “Rampant Corruption, Nepotism” In AP Govt


YS Jagan first day Padayatra speech

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu was lambasted by YSRCP Chief Jagan Mohan Reddy lambasted over “rampant corruption, nepotism and utter inefficiency” in his administration. Jagan who launched his 3,000-km walkathon today said Naidu has pushed the state backwards in the last four years.

Moreover, to get him elected in 2019 for the welfare and development of the state, Jaganmohan Reddy also sought the support of people. “People think Jagan is a good man like his father (late Andhra Pradesh chief minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy). My only zeal is to help the public,” the Leader of Opposition in Andhra Pradesh Assembly said.

After paying homage at the grave of his father, Jagan’s Praja Sankalpa Padayatra was launched at RK Valley in his native Kadapa district. A slogan was coined by the YSRC “Raavali Jagan, Kaavali Jagan” (Jagan should come. We want Jagan) for the padayatra. Jagan will cover across 125 Assembly segments in 13 districts of the state over the next six-seven months.

In his quest to secure power in 2019, Jaganmohan Reddy intends to interact with at least two crore people of the state during his padayatra.

“A former chief secretary who worked under Chandrababu Naidu has openly stated that governance is rotting in the state. Corruption is rampant, nepotism in ruling the roost while the administration is suffering due to utter inefficiency”.

“Chandrababu Naidu government’s atrocities and corrupt practices are omnipresent across the state. From a village to the (state) capital. Not a single brick has been laid for the capital in the last three years,” the YSRC chief said.

A “great ordeal” under the current government is being faced by various sections of the society like farmers, students, women etc, alleged the YSRCP Supremo. “Weavers and peasants are committing suicide. I have undertaken this ‘padayatra’ to understand the plight of the people. I will introspect as to how to alleviate their pain,” Jaganmohan Reddy said.

Jagan said that formulating a “people’s manifesto”, is the objective behind embarking on the mass outreach programme. He said that the manifesto will comprise just two pages, for the 2019 polls. “I will elicit a public opinion as well as suggestions for this,” he added.

Jaganmohan Reddy said he has the “zeal” to achieve the same and asserted that the special category status (SPC) is the only remedy for the truncated state. “Securing SCS for AP and providing jobs to all unemployed youths is my wish. I also wish to bring in a revolution in education,” he said.

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