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Has Pawan Kalyan changed his name? Is JSP contesting for 175 seats?


Jana Sena is contesting in all the 175 assembly constituencies in Andhra Pradesh. Pawan Kalyan has changed his name. These two rumors have been doing rounds on social media extensively. However, both the stories have been disparaged.

A tweet from the past by Jana Sena handle surfaced on Monday, stating that the party will contest in all the 175 constituencies in AP. However, the tweet was deleted from the handle but the news spread like wildfire. While the reasons for the deletion remains unknown, the tweet said, “We will contest for as many seats as possible based on our strength. If the strength is in 175, then 175 it is”. Some media houses published the tweet as dated yesterday and other enthusiastic media personnel sought responses from the ruling party ministers. Nonetheless, the message in the tweet was misinterpreted as it clearly states that Kalyan intends to contest based on the strength.

Secondly, buzz is that Kalyan has changed his name. Google search for ‘Pawan Kalyan’ returns his names as ‘Kushal Babu’. This news was doing rounds on social media. However, the name change is merely a goof-up by some miscreants.

Jana Sena undoubtedly needs to gear up in shaping the party’s social media strategy and online voice.

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Pawan Kalyan signals change in stance on Elections & SCS, offers advice to Jagan


Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan said that said that he will take a decision in December 2018 about contesting in all the 175 assembly constituencies seats in Andhra Pradesh. He said that the by then he will be able to assess the party’s strength and based on their actually capacity, he will decide whether to contest for all seats or specific number.

Contrasting the speculations that Jana Sena wave will be seen all over the state, Kalyan might limit himself to certain positions only. There is also possibility that he might not compete the election and end up supporting a party with development agenda in case he feels the party is yet to strengthen.

About his stand on special category status, Kalyan said that he would not use it gain political mileage. He noted the central government is giving special package instead and that the NDA government has clarified its limitations and objections to give the SCS. He advised opposition leader Jagan and the YSRCP to take up the issue in the legislature.

Responding to the critics that Jana Sena reaches voices only on specific issues, he said they do not have a structured system in place yet to protest for all the causes.

Kalyan has expressed his disenchantment that there is no established network in areas outside in Hyderabad, and said that the youth in rural areas are not extending enough support.

He also added that his political ambition is not about securing seats in the elections, but to work for social change and authoritative position is only part of this process. He said he would dedicate 25 years of his life to politics. While he has a vision for next two-and-half decades, the strategy of going into people from October needs to be perfected. Jana Sena supremo doesn’t want to go aggressively but take his steps meticulously.

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Jana Sena women and student’s wing to come up soon


Tollywood actor and Politician Pawan Kalyan said that student wing, women groups and affiliated organizations of Jana Sena Party will be formed in near future. He announced that the party policies and tasks are being formulated and the associate unions will be formed. He said that if feasible the Jana Sena Student’s wing and the Jana Sena Women’s wing will come up by end of this year.

It may be recalled that Kalyan has earlier mentioned that he will be part taking in full time politics from October 2017. The Jana Sena supremo believes that his party will be playing a crucial role in the two Telugu speaking states.

Earlier this week to a question posed by BJP leader Dr K Laxman regarding the number of constituencies Jana Sena will contest, Kalyan replied saying that they would contest in as many locations as possible. During his conversation in Raj Bhavan on Tuesday, Kalyan also mentioned that their representative Shankar has been appointed as in charge to take care party affairs in Telangana.

The actor is confident that the party will make strides in both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana State

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Pawan Kalyan clarifies Jana Sena’s stance on Nandyal bypoll


Tollywood actor-cum-politician Pawan Kalyan said that Jana Sena Party will remain neutral in the upcoming Nandyal by-election. He informed the electorate to disregard the rumours of Jana Sena extending support to any particular party or any candidate for that matter.

Speaking to the media on Wednesday, Kalyan said that the party will be participating in only after ground level elections are completed. He said the party is still under construction and that they won’t be competing in any elections until 2019.

Kalyan on 31July during a press meet announced that their party stand on Nandyal by-poll will be revealed in couple of days. However, the announcement was not made even on the last date for filing nomination. Speculations were rife that Jana Sena will be extending support to Telugu Desham Party. However, in a fortnight following the initial statement, Kalyan today said that their party is not participating in elections and their stance is nonaligned.

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Pawan Kalyan says Padayatra not feasible: Read highlights of Press meet

Jana Sena Party President Pawan Kalyan addressed his first press meet in Amaravati after meeting the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh on Monday. He spoke regarding various current issues –

Active politics :
Kalyan said that he would be participating in active politics from October. He said that he will fight on behalf of the people through Jana Sena Party and also will reduce his time for movies. He said that people should not be divided by politics but united. The party training sessions will be completed within two to three months after which he will directly find out the problems of people. Kalyan said that he wants to do Padyatra but says that there is no feasbility. He asked, “when people are not letting his car go, how can I do Padyatra?”.

Kapu Reservation :
Pawan implicitly said that he should not be tagged along for his caste. Kalyan termed the Kapu reservation as sensitive issue. He said that this demand has been pending for decades. He criticized Congress for ignoring the issue while in power and asked as to why no one questioned when TDP included the reservation for the Kapus in manifesto. He said that Mudragada should be given permission to peacefully protest. Kalyan said that not all problems will be solved by Law and Order. He said the government should see the options for implementing the reservation without impacting Backward classes.

On KCR’s comments :
Kalyan said Jana Sena is happy even if one or two percent voters of Andhra Pradesh support them. It may be recalled that Telangana Chief Minister said that Jana Sena has 1 to 1.25percent voters support in Andhra Pradesh. Kalyan said that every party in the state has its own strengthens, until we go into the people we will not know our strength

Nandyal by-elections :
Speaking about Nandyal by-poll, Kalyan said that he did not take any decision on whom to support yet. He said that he will announce whom his party will be supporting in next couple of days.

Relationship with TDP and BJP :
Jana Sena chief clarified that he is neither a secret friend to the ruling TDP nor has any secret agenda with TDP or BJP. If there is any people’s issue, he said he would take it to their notice.

Uddanam Nephropathy :
Kalyan said that the Uddanam problem should be given a humanitarian context and not a political tag. He thanked Chandrababu for responding immediately on Uddanam Kidney issue. He said that the CM responded positively to his request to adopt the orphans of Uddanam. He requested the CM to setup a Uddanam Research Center.

Godavari Aqua food park :
Kalyan asked whether the construction of Godavari Aqua Park is in compliance with the rules. He said he met the victims and motivated them.

Handloom workers :
Kalyan requested Chandrababu to extend support to handloom workers. He informed the Chief Minister to evade GST on the handlooms.

Garagaparru Dalit Boycott :
Kalyan said that he has never spoke about the Gagarapu incident where the Dalits were boycotted as it is a delicate issue. He said that such things only divide the society. He said the issue should be resolved amicably. Kalyan said that Ambedkar and Alluri SitaRama Raju do not represent a caste but are the leaders of the nation

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Jana Sena multiplying opportunities as they are seized


Actor turned politician Pawan Kalyan is ensuing his famous dialog “Nenu Trend follow avanu, Trend set chesthanu” (I don’t follow Trend but set a new Trend). Every new trend is a fresh invasion of savages. Jana Sena Party (JSP) is definitely going to set a new trend in modern politics. Kalyan instilled the belief in his followers that they will win, but certainly actions speak louder than likes and tweets. While the party itself is a hot potato, to be a winner in an era where social media can change a person’s fate in a day, Power Star has to plan, prepare and envisage to win.

The party is avoiding turncoats and moving objectively and is cherry-picking their party representatives. In the recent past, JSP has been staunchly issuing notifications for the selection of candidates. It may be recalled that district wise examinations are being conducted for this purpose. JSP is the first party in the country to accept applications online and conduct exams. The process has been progressing gradually which will introduce a new generation of politicians to Andhra Pradesh politics.

Such political wave transpired in 1980s with the formation of Telugu Desham Party. Several parties like Praja Rajyam Party, Lok Satta and many other small parties emerged after that. Even though a bigwig YSR Congress party was formed, it did not bring new cohort of politicians. Jagan himself setup the party with the help of recognised leaders who are capable of attracting people and sustained his party with help of YS Rajashekar Reddy’s charisma.

Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao through TDP paved way for disruptive ideologies. The opinion of Congress and other parties did not matter to him and went ahead with the help of his Tollywood fans. Almost 90 percent of the newbies who were educated, social-minded young people were given a chance. He had to take help of few turncoats who were later given ministerial post. Today these politicians introduced by NTR are playing key roles in both the ruling and opposition parties.

After three decades, JSP resumed this adventure. When it comes to political expertise, unlike NTR who had to depend on turncoats from Congress, Kalyan has been strategic and is going ahead with the best of both worlds. He did not contest immediately in the elections instead his party-led movements on key issues and is conducting field studies. The party was successful in highlighting Uddanam Nephropathy and brought it to the attention of the government and people. Another issue it chose, Aqua Food park in Godavari district did not transpire well. AgriGold issue is with CID and is in progress. As the saying goes, opportunities multiply as they are seized. Instead of crying over spilt milk, Kalyan is not only seeking to cleanse politics but also wants people to develop an inquisitive attitude. The first two rounds of selection of candidates from all the districts will complete soon. A completely new generation is gearing up for elections.

If words are to believed, JSP is looking for a potential candidate who can adhere to the party’s principle to field in Nandyal by-poll to test their strength, especially since the party is speculated to have vote bank. JSP adds itself to a bunch of parties already in state. While winning and losing elections is part and parcel of politics, after three decades, Kalyan through JSP will help in introducing people with a new mindset. These emerging politicians will play key role into state politics in future if not instantaneously.

Quoting Abraham Lincoln, “will prepare and someday my chance will come”

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Five parties to contest in Nandyal by-poll

Times change and they dynamics of politicians with time. In 2014, with the help of Telugu Desham Party(TDP) and YSR Congress Party(YSRCP) won the Allagadda By-Poll unanimously post the demise of Bhuma Shoba Nagi Reddy.

However, after the death of Bhuma Nagi Reddy, the political equations in Nandyal are undergoing a drastic change. While the ruling and opposition parties have already announced their candidates, Jana Sena Party (JSP) and Rayalaseema Parirakshana Samithi(RPS) are also fielding candidates in the by-election. Congress also joined the race and will be announcing its candidate in a couple of days.

The number of political parties who want to participate in the by-elections is only increasing.
Congress leader Rakesh Reddy who lost in 2014 elections in the same constituency is a potential candidate. Gokul Krishna Reddy nephew of Former minister Gangula Pratap Reddy is also eyeing the seat.

If reports are to be believed, Pawan Kalyan is discussing JSP’s strategy for the by-election. The party is allegedly pondering to field in an already popular candidate.

RPS president Byreddy Rajasekhara Reddy called the Nandyal-by poll as a battle between power of money and self-respect of Rayalaseema. RPS will be announcing its candidate in a week.

With five parties fielding candidates, the by-poll is not going to be cake walk for either Chandrababu and Jagan, as the vote bank will be divided. The by-poll is very crucial for both TDP and YSRCP who are the full-sized parties in the state. Despite independents contesting, these five political parties and their potential candidates are going to sway the electorate. The ruling and opposition parties are considering the by-elections as a significant step for the 2019 assembly elections.

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CBN critical about APCC rally, says will take a call on Jana Sena alliance in 2019


Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu was critical about the public meeting to be conducted by Congress party at Guntur on Sunday and questioned “why is Rahul Gandhi coming? (Is he coming) to see if people of Andhra Pradesh are alive or dead?” He deplored that the congress after causing serious damage by bifurcating the state, is now rubbing salt on wound. AICC Vice-President Rahul Gandhi along with the leaders of the two communist parties, the DMK, the SP will be conducting a public address demanding Special Category status to the state.

Speaking about Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena, Chandrababu in an interview with NTV said that as a political party it can contest in elections. He said that their party will review its alliance with Jana Sena at the time of elections in 2019 and it is too early to talk about it. The TDP supremo’s response is similar to Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu who repeatedly said that BJP will observe the situation in 2019 and then take a call about alliance with TDP. Kalyan who supported the NDA partners – BJP and TDP in 2014 is seen distancing himself from both the parties.

With Congress trying to unite parties with Special category status sentiment, the political atmosphere is likely to transform. Jana Sena seems to be inclined towards the left parties. A major section of BJP in the state wants to break the friendship forged with TDP. However, Chandrababu time and again said that TDP will continue in power forever in the state. BJP and Jana Sena are constructing their party, while congress is trying its best to come back after failing to secure one seat in 2014 elections in Andhra Pradesh.

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Dharna Chowk Demonstration witnesses flying chairs and sticks


Opposition parties are locking horns with the colony associations at Indira Park’s vicinity or Dharna Chowk of Telangana. The groups were seen in intense brawl who were not only raising slogans against each other but also were found throwing flags, sticks and chairs. A couple of them were seen injured in the scuttle.

TRS government decided to shift historic Dharna Chowk which played a crucial role in Telangana movement, from Indira Park to outskirts in Nagole. The Opposition parties including various organizations and people are protesting against the government’s decision and are demanding withdrawal of its decision.

However, the residents of the area along with members of Indira Park Morning Walkers’ Association are staging competitive protest opposing the political parties demonstration saying that regular protests are causing traffic problems and inconvenience to the locals. The opposition parties alleged that the sudden demand by colony associations against them is a sponsored by the TRS ruling party to hamper the campaign of the Dharna Chowk Protection Committee.

CP Mahender Reddy said all parties were permitted to stage protests at Dharna chowk. He said that the permission is valid only for today and the protests have to be conducted in peaceful atmosphere. He said action will be taken against those who violate the rules. The CP requested both the sides, the opposition parties and the residents to maintain endurance.

The ‘Chalo Indira Park’ movement on Monday has the support from all the opposition parties BJP, Congress, TDP CPI, CPM, Jana Sena.

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Pawan Kalyan: Don’t treat South Indians as second grade citizens

Jana Sena party chief Pawan Kalyan said that both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are equal for him. He extended support for reclaiming Dharna Chowk fight and communicated that the volunteers of his party will participate in ‘Occupy Dharna Chowk’ programme on May 15 at Indira Park. He alleged that the TRS government is trying to kill the legacy by not allowing people to protest at Dharna Chowk. He recalled that when he was in PRP he did stage a protest at Indira Park and said for Telangana movement the place played a key role.

Addressing the issue of North-South divide, he cleared the air that he is not against north India or Hindi. But he said, “Give us equal opportunity. Don’t treat South Indians as second grade citizens”. Firm on his stance about TTD EO, the actor said, “I am not against his appointment. If people from North are given key positions here, then people from South should be given key positions in the North”. Pawan Kalyan said people who want the country to be united should raise their voice on the problems. “If equal importance is not given to two regions, it is not good for the nation’s integrity” he said.

The Jana Sena party president condemned the manner in which Chilli farmers were arrested and requested the governments to provide proper price to the farmers and stop arresting farmers. The Tollywood actor requested Telangana Chief Minister KCR to solve the problems of the engineering students. He thanked APPSC for understanding the woes of the group2 aspirants and postponing the exam.

Speaking at a media briefing Pawan Kalyan said, “I am not pro-party but we are Pro-people.” He said that he would question any issues on behalf of the people. When asked about forming an alliance with CPM, the actor turned politician said that after the party organization is properly established, they would consider forming alliances.

Responding to the controversy surrounding Union Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju, Jana Sena chief said “He may not know me, but I know him very well”.

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Pawan Kalyan gets dramatically fallacious with mirchi figures


Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan responded again or let’s say signed a press note and it was merely for the sake of doing it. All the political parties are marching to Khammam Market Yard and Guntur Market Yard, but as always Jana Sena will not march but tweet. Jana Sena’s core principle seems to be compare and complain of BJP’s divide and rule policy. The lack of research in compiling the press note is visible.

To set the context, centre asked the state governments to buy the chilli at market intervention price(MIP) of rupees 5,000 per quintal till May 31 with an overhead charge of rupees 1,250. The State Agencies can procure maximum of 88,300 MTs of Red Chilli in Andhra Pradesh and 33,700 MTs in Telangana under the scheme. In Andhra Pradesh, Chilli production increased from 7.93 lakh MT last year to 9.22 lakh MT this year. In Telangana, against an average of 2 lakh metric tonnes every year, nearly 7 lakh MT of chilli has been produced in 2016-17.

Instead of talking in terms of minimum support price like TDP-TRS or all other parties, Jana Sena demanded the BJP government to treat both the states equally. They demanded 88300MT to be purchased from Telangana also. While Jana Sena was asking centre to understand that there are lakhs of MT of chilli, the numbers shown are evident that Jana Sena needs better research before publishing a note.

The centre said highest quality chilli needs to be procured, what about the low or medium quality chilli? Jana Sena said MSP should be increased but did not say how much? Telangana farmers are not fighting with Andhra farmers but both the farmers are fighting against the governments. Telangana farmers are taking their produce to Guntur Market Yard. Jana Sena should rather come out of it petty-minded thoughts. Instead of raising questions about BJP’s nepotism, it is worth pondering why Pawan Kalyan doesn’t want to “question” Chandrababu or KCR.

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Pawan Kalyan urges southern parties to unitedly fight bias

Leading Telugu actor and Jana Sena party chief Pawan Kalyan on Thursday urged all south Indian political parties to join hands and fight what he said was the biased attitude of north Indian leadership.

He launched a scathing attack on the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for its former MP Tarun Vijay’s remarks about the skin colour of south Indians.

In a series of tweets, the actor-politician said the parties of south India should come on a common platform to get a better deal from the central government for their respective states and to fight the bias towards the region.

He agreed with CPI leader K. Narayana’s statement that in Tarun Vijay’s remarks, he saw a BJP agenda to bring about a south-north divide.

“Tarun Vijay’s demeaning racial remarks towards south Indians is a fine example of how the snobbish north Indian elites and political classes view our ‘Dravida Bharatha’ and its people,” he tweeted.

“To BJP leadership and to Tarun Vijay: We are in ‘Down South’ and we are foundation of this Nation, not your ‘Up North’ political leadership foot stand.”

Pawan also slammed the Telugu Desam Party (TDP), saying it had no right to compromise on the promised special category status with the Centre as the people of Andhra Pradesh brought TDP and BJP into power, trusting they would accord special category status to the state.

He urged the TDP not to mortgage the self-respect of the people of Andhra Pradesh for personal benefits.

The actor tweeted that it was quite disheartening to see central minister and TDP leader Ashok Gajapati Raju’s silence and absence of TDP MPs in Parliament when the discussion on special status to Andhra Pradesh came up.

“I think TDP MPs have forgotten the insult of their MPs getting beaten by North MPs in the parliament during the state bifurcation,” he remarked.

“Attitude of our political class (in Delhi). You put us down by our skin colour, we are ok, you mock at us by speaking in our Dravida tongue, we are ok; in Parliament you kick us, abuse us and divide us, we are ok. And we are ok to be slavish and subservient at the cost of our people’s self-respect as long as you do not deny us our contracts, business opportunities, bailing us out from our scams and wrongdoings.”

Pawan praised Yuvajana, Shramika, Rythu (YSR) Congress Party, saying its MPs were doing a commendable job in pursuing the special status issue with the Centre.

The actor, who campaigned for BJP-TDP alliance in the 2014 election, last year distanced himself from the coalition after the Centre refused to accord special status to Andhra Pradesh. He had since been targeting both the parties.

Last month, he announced that Jana Sena will contest 2019 the elections in both the Telugu states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

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Meaning of Pawan’s temporary ceasefire


Jana sena President Pawal Kalyan called off his fight for the special category status to Andhra Pradesh after he tasted his success in Capital lands issue. He said the ceasefire was temporary. His suspension of fight happened hours after the Municial Administration minister P Narayana announced in Vijawada yesterday that the government revoked the notification issued to acquire the fertile lands in Krishna river front villages in Guntur district honoring the suggestion from Pawan Kalayan.

Within hours Jana Sena President has not only thanked the minister Narayana and his colleague Prattipati Pullarao and especially the chief minister Chandrababu Naidu , but also announced his temporary ceasefire on the demand for special category status. He did this by raising the bogey of National Integration. He did not elaborate how the asking for special category status would pose threat to National Integration.

The reason Pawan Kalyan floated for the suspension of his fight for special category status is this:

“I had explained to hon. Prime Minister Narendera Modi about the injustice meted out to Andhra Pradesh at the time of division of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh and how the act hurt the sentiments of the people. The PM understood it. So, I hope the centre would react positively on the demand for special category status. I know pretty well that it has already been delayed. Still, let us wait for some more time without subjecting ourselves to emotions in the interest of national integration. we will decide upon the next course of action in case there would be no justice.”
This tweeted this at a time when the all opposition parties are urging the people to observe total bandh on Saturday to put pressure on the state and centre for the special category status. Though bandh call is given by YSRC, Left parties and other mass organization have extended their support. But, Pawan, did not refer to the bandh call and did reveal if was opposed to the bandh.

It looks chief minister Naidu is successful in disengaging Pawan Kalyan from the protest politics at a crucial time when opposition is fiercely fighting. Can we call this Pawan-Naidu-quid pro quo?

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