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Bigg boss 2 winner Kaushal joined BJP


Bigg boss season 2 Telugu winner Kaushal joined BJP today. Along with him, his wife Neelima also joined BJP. Details as follows.

Kaushal is one contestant who got immense popularity with Bigg boss show. Kaushal army was formed on his name and after completion of the show he started Kaushal foundation to do charity work. His fans also contributed to the foundation for charity activities. But there was also criticism on his attitude as his statements like – Guinness book contact him, prime minister office call him hand university abroad offered him doctorate film – made him a laughing stock. Also some of his fans came out and alleged about misuse of funds in Kaushal foundation.

Before 2019 election, he backed Telugu desam party in the presence of chandrababu Naidu. Now he changed the party and joined BJP. Give statement that is impressed with and the vision of Modi and that is the reason for him to join BJP.

We will have to wait and see how will be his political future, especially given the fact that winning Bigg boss title didn’t give any boost to his career in movies.

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Why is Kaushal still dragging ‘sympathy card’ ?


Kaushal emerged as winner in Bigg Boss season 2 Telugu. Undoubtedly, he is the one who got benefited the most from Bigg Boss season 2 Telugu. He gave an interview to a Telugu channel and he was seen playing sympathy card again in that interview.

Kaushal told in that interview, none of the housemates called him after the show to congratulate him or to talk to him. It looks like, Kaushal is still carrying the hangover of the game, even after coming out of the house. To be frank, he didn’t have good relations with any of the housemates ( except Nutan Naidu ) and he himself told that he intentionally avoided such bondings and relations so as to focus on the game. So it was him who wanted to avoid relations with other housemates but not vice versa, as admitted by himself.

Moreover, forming any relation, is most of the times a two sided process. it cannot be a one side process. If they did not call him, how about him calling any of the housemates. It seems Kaushal wants to get carried away with the same negative emotions even after coming out of the house. We will have to wait and see how and whether this will help him in shaping his future.

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Kaushal gets a superstar reception


The popular reality show, Bigg Boss season 2 winner Kaushal seems to be thoroughly enjoying his success. Now he is getting flooded with many opportunities.

On that note, Kaushal was invited for the opening of popular retail chain, KLM Fashion Mall in Hyderabad. Getting to know that Kaushal is going to inaugurate the store, people reached in large number to the spot to have a glance of this television celebrity. At one point of time, things turned difficult to manage the crowd.

Generally only heroines would get such a reception during a store launch but Kaushal’s craze is totally unpredicted and it has touched the peaks.

Seriously Bigg Boss has changed the fortunes of Kaushal and hope he gets into the real business from here.

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Mahesh Babu congratulates Bigg Boss 2 winner Kaushal


Tollywood superstar Mahesh Babu has congratulated Bigg Boss Telugu season 2 winner Kaushal. Mahesh took it on his official Twitter handle and added that he is extremely happy for Kaushal’s success and asked him to enjoy his victory.

The other day speaking in a news channel’s interview, Kaushal had thanked Mahesh and shared his association. “I’m here right now because of Mahesh Babu. During the making of ‘Rajakumarudu’ Mahesh had backed me in establishing a modeling agency and I can never forget his unconditional support,” said the Bigg Boss Telugu 2 winner.

Further Kaushal said, if that would not have happened, he would have returned to his hometown Vizag and doing some odd job.

Kaushal also made his debut with Mahesh Babu’s first film ‘Rajakumarudu’ in the year 1999, in a supporting role. Later he featured in many films.

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SWOT analysis Bigg Boss Telugu 2: Kaushal


Telugu 360 has done SWOT analysis on the finalists of Bigg Boss season 1 earlier ( www.telugu360.com/will-bigg-boss-telugu-title-winner-swot-analysis ). Let’s have a look at strengths and weaknesses of the Bigg Boss season 2 contestants and their prospects to win bigg boss title show. Totally 5 contestants are in the finals- Geetha Madhuri, Kaushal, Tanish , Samrat and Deepti. In this article let’s focus on Kaushal’s strength , weakness , opportunity and threats to win the coveted title.

Undoubtedly his strength is Kaushal Army. After Kireeti the tried to squeeze a lemon in his eyes, many people sympathized with Kaushal and started supporting him. Some of them even became his strong fans. Later , after Tejaswi eviction, Bigg Boss announced a contest to bring one of the housemates into the house back. Many people thought it is an attempt by Bigg Boss to bring Tejaswi back into the house and that made audience consolidate towards Kaushal again. These two incidents helped Kaushal big time. even though some people call he has dedicated PR teams that are working perfectly, the fact is that he has lot of support in social media and undoubtedly he is enjoying much bigger fan following than all other contestants.

Even though many people got sympathized with Kaushal and became his fans, there are people who don’t like him for his behaviour. He is like a person either strongly loved by people or strongly hated by people but can’t be ignored. The people who love him love to the core and the people who hate him hate to the core. He is always busy with passing negative remarks about his fellow housemates. The way he always says that he is not here to form any relations but his sole aim is to win the title also doesn’t go well with some audience. Even though it is a game and the contestants are there to win the game, some audience think that it is an experience and the behavior in the house during the game will be on record for entire life. Venting lot of negativity for the sake of winning the title may not go well with some audience. Also he shows jealousy for even small things – like he pointed out playing Roll Rida’s songs in the house may give him boost up.

Definitely he has very good opportunity to win the title. He has huge fan base that was earned with in a span of 100 days. The Kaushal Army took it very personal to see him as title winner and they are his main strength. None in season 1, including the title winner got the craze Kaushal has. His fans are working very hard to make him a winner. In fact many heroes from star families also couldn’t get the craze he earned in the span of 100 days. Sustaining it in long run is a different matter, though. At this moment, it looks, he is the most probable winner and even in the worst case, he may end up as runner up.

The same Kaushal army which is his strength is also his weakness. The Kaushal Army , that trolls all other housemates and create memes on all other housemates, seem to be not able to take a single negative remark on him even if it is genuine. Kaushal Army was seen supporting his negative remarks of “wash my as*” as well as his “dogs” comments on other housemates. This made general audience rethink about voting for Kaushal. The way Kaushal Army abusing women housemates through their trolls also didn’t go well with general audience, but they are not speaking up in social media platforms for the fear of getting circled with abusive comments by the so-called Kaushal Army. This may lead to silent voting for other house made by these general audience. Already, these audience started voting for ‘single’ candidate with sole purpose of defeating Kaushal and this is biggest threat for him.

As of now Kaushal has very good chance of winning the title. But in case if he doesn’t get the title , the blame will go to Kaushal Army as it was the one who provoked other general audience to go for silent voting.

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Bigg Boss 2: “Why should you vote me ? ” campaign


It is just one more week for Bigg Boss finale. Today Nani asked housemates to campaign and explain audience why they should vote for him or her.

Before this campaigning task, Devadas team visited the house. Nagarjuna evoked a few laughs in the house by saying he cannot live in a house like this for these many days without family. But only exception is, he added, he can stay in this kind of house if all other housemates are beautiful ladies. After Nagarjuna and heroines of Devadas left the house, campaigning task started.

Kaushal’s story, goosebumps to fans but unbearable negativity for others: Kaushal started campaigning with an example of a parable. In a lengthy story, he compared himself with hunter on a mission to hunt a tiger and other housemates as fellow hunters. He told, fellow hunters , instead of hunting a tiger, hunt him because of jealousy but he survived the wounds made to him by housemates and wins the title and proves his mettle. Even though Kaushal’s story might have given goosebumps to his fans, for others it looked like a story with tons of negativity on fellow housemates. He later took name of each contestant and pointed out one negative remark on each of the housemates.

Deepti’s sensible speech: Winning hearts more important than title: Next to campaign is Deepthi. Deepti told she is very happy for continuing in the house for these many days. She became emotional as she recalled Tanish calling her “Amma” and Samrat calling her “Akka” though they don’t have any blood relation. She spoke very sensibly by saying “For the sake of my campaigning, I don’t want to pass negative comments on my fellow housemates. Let the people decide who the best is and let the best win”. She also told, even though she missed the family, in Bigg Boss house she formed good relationships and it is like extended family for her. She ended by saying, winning the title only is not the criteria but winning the hearts of people is more important.

Roll Rida’s success in popularizing independent music: Roll Rida told he came into the Bigg Boss house to promote independent music in Telugu States. He wants to give a big platform for those Street Boys (Galli Porallu). He recalled the incident when a  5th class kid told his teacher that he wanted to become “Roll Rida”. He also told, he earned many fans because of the show and he is happy with that.  He also told,” Let the best man win” without passing any negative comments on fellow housemates.
Samrat became emotional: Samrat while campaigning for himself became emotional and told that he has reached till finale and that itself is a big achievement for him. But he told, he wants to win the title and show them ( indirectly referring to his wife with whom he has disputes as marriage is on the verge of divorce) what they have missed.
Geeta’s positive remarks instead of negative comments on housemates: Geeta thanked her family members and all the music directors who gave her opportunities for singing. She told, whatever opportunity came in life, she just utilised it and her motto is to “be happy and be content”. As part of the task, she has a chance to do negative campaigning on housemates but instead of passing negative remarks, she passed positive remarks on each of the housemates. She told, she is inspired by merit of Roll Rida and Tanish as students, by Samrat when it comes to sports, by Kaushal’s fighting spirit . She asked audience to “vote for all of us”.
Tanish: Sacrificing for those who trust me gives me happiness: Tanish tried to clarify about comments on sacrificing in the house instead of playing his own game. He told, right from his childhood, sacrificing for those who trust him is the thing that gives him happiness. He told he didn’t act in the house and he was just himself in the house but yet people loved him and he is very happy for that. When asked about pointing negatives on fellow housemates, he told, “I think all of these are my family members. How can anyone say I am greater than my father in one particular aspect, I am greater than my mother in this particular aspect and I am greater than my sibling in this particular aspect. when I say these are all my family members, I cannot pass negative comments on them. “
No housemate retaliated to Kaushal comments despite his harsh remarks: Kaushal, Deepthi and Tanish’s speeches got applause from audience. Except Kaushal, all the housemates spoke very positively about the experience in the house and about the fellow housemates. Kaushal tried yet again to project his fellow housemates as his arch-rivals. Surprisingly none of the housemates retaliated to Kaushal even though he made very harsh and degrading comments on all of them.

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Big Boss Telugu 2 : Kaushal took Deepti on date


Today’s episode in Bigg Boss was cool one with no confrontations and altercations. Bigg Boss gave a task to male housemates to impress one of the female housemates to take them on date. It seems the task was a sponsored one.

Before that task, Bigg Boss sent cake to Kaushal on the occasion of his daughter’s birthday. But Kaushal refused to cut cake in the house keeping in mind the earlier arguments about sending his daughter into the house. Kaushal refusing to cut the cake looked so silly. Bigg Boss later announced that the cake was sent by his family members and asked (read it ordered) Kaushal to cut the cake. Later, housemates celebrated Kaushal’s daughter birthday in the house.

After that, during commercially sponsored task, Kaushal impressed Deepthi and both went on date ( inside the house itself). Like all other commercially sponsored tasks performed in the house till date, this task also looked so artificial and boring.

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Big Boss 2: Kaushal’s ‘dogs’ comments stirred the house


Today’s Bigg Boss episode was filled with heated arguments and altercations again. Kaushal’s tongue slip about the housemates referring them as dogs created enough turmoil in the house.

The issue:

Actually Kaushal asked Nani earlier that his daughter’s birthday is due and if possible, send her into the house for couple of hours on that day. For this , Nani told he will do something about that but can’t assure. Later Kaushal went to Geetha Madhuri and discussed about the same topic. Geetha told, they may not send the girl into the house as it may boost up the emotions of the housemate at this crucial juncture, but they may send a letter or some gift or something like that. She also added that, even for other housemates’ occasions also, Bigg Boss sent only gifts or something like that but not the persons.

Kaushal’s tongue slip and Roll Rida’s tears

The debate intensified and at some point, Kaushal lost control and told that, “whenever I say anything , all of you (housemates) fall on me like dogs”. After hearing that “dog” comments, the housemates got burst and raised voice in the topmost pitch on Kaushal. Roll Rida burst into tears while arguing and reminded Kaushal’s sarcastic comments with him saying, “wash my GlASS”. Kaushal defended himself saying he did not call them dogs but he just took the word ‘dogs’ as an example.

Samrat won the task:

After that argument, race to finale task part-2 started. In part 1, Roll Rida won the task yesterday and in today’s episode whoever wins the task, will have to compete with Roll Rida to secure entry into finals. Compared to yesterday, today’s episode was not as intense. Kaushal could not empty the containers of Tanish or Samrat. Roll Rida focused only on Deepthi as Samrat and Tanish helped him in previous episode. Geetha did not participate fully in the task at all. Kaushal focused fully on emptying Tanish’s container but Tanish defended his container. It was surprising to see Kaushal, who spends most of his time in gym every day and looks macho, could not empty the container of Tanish. In fact, today all three contestants- Samrat, Tanish and Deepthi saved their containers from falling down whereas yesterday, containers of all three- Roll Rida, Kaushal and Geetha fell down. Samrat proved his muscle strength in yesterday and today’s episode – by emptying Kaushal’s container yesterday and by completely saving his container today. Finally, Bigg boss asked Geetha to check whose container has more sand, for which she replied it is Samrat’s container.

Tomorrow Roll Rida and Samrat will have to compete to secure a seat in Finale. We will have to wait and see among housemates who will support whom tomorrow.

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Bigg Boss 2: Ticket to finale task


Bigg Boss today gave surprising task to the housemates. Whoever wins this task, will get ticket to finale episode. That means, they will have immunity from nominations and elimination for rest of the season until final episode.

Housemates were very much excited after hearing about this opportunity. As per this task, once siren buzzes, housemates have to enter into the car that is there in the garden place. The 5 housemates who enter into the car first will be competing for this ticket to finale. Out of these 5, whoever stays in the car for entire 24 hours period will be the winner. If anyone comes out or at least step out of the car, they will be disqualified. Another twist is, if more than one person is in the car at the end of the task after 24 hours, nobody will get the ticket to finale. that means by the end of the task, housemates can convince others to leave or even force others to leave the car.

However, as Kaushal is already nominated for entire season he cannot compete in this task. He will be overseeing this task. As per another rule, whoever touches the car before the siren sound will be disqualified to contest in this task. Kaushal disqualified Roll Rida after his mike touched the car. Roll Rida argued that he did not know that his mike is touching the car at all but Kaushal did not agree.

Finally – Tanish, Samrat, Deepthi, Shyamala, and Geetha entered the car. The task will continue tomorrow.

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Bigg Boss : After murder task, Kaushal got biggest shock of the season


While last week’s marriage task in Bigg Boss was very boring, this week’s murder mystery task was able to engage audience for couple of days. But after this task, Kaushal got rude shock of the season. He got nominated for entire season. That means he will be in danger zone each and every week until final episode.

The task:

As per this week’s task, housemates were given different roles like police officer, detective, murderer and common public. Roll Rida and Ganesh were police officer and detective respectively. Rest of all are part of common public. But twist is Geetha Madhuri, who is also part of common public, is actually murderer but housemates don’t know this. Bigg Boss gave her a set of secret tasks. She can complete those talks with any of the housemates. As she completes those tasks, the housemates whoever fall into her trap will be treated as dead. Big Boss will announce the name of the candidate who is dead. Police and detective has to find out why they are announced as dead and who the murderer is.

Geetha completed all tasks successfully:

Geetha Madhuri intentionally provoked Kaushal into a heated argument as part of the secret task. She made Shyamala to dance with her. She fed bread to Samrat. Same way, she finished tasks with Amit and Deepthi. As and when she completed the task, Bigboss announced those candidates as dead. Actually those tasks look silly but at the same time if it is not for Geetha and her bizarre attitude, Police and detective could have identified the murderer.

Geetha nominated Kaushal for entire season :

After Geetha Madhuri completed all the tasks given to her, the murder task came to an end. Bigg Boss asked Roll Rida and Ganesh Now announced the name of the suspect. They have a chance to question the suspects. However roll Rida and Ganesh failed to figure out who the murderer is and they got it wrong as they announced it is Tanish. After both of them failed, Bigg Boss announced that it is Geetha Madhuri who is the murderer. So as per the agreement, she got immunity for nomination. Not only that she can nominate one Housemate for rest of the season. She told name of Kaushal. Kaushal was seen very much disappointed with this.

Geetha explained Kaushal:

During a conversation with Kaushal later, Geetha Madhuri explained Kaushal why she chose him. She told three reasons for this. First, Kaushal always says Bigg Boss game has to be played strategically.

Second, Kaushal always advised Geetha to consider the decisions that is most beneficial. Finally, she told, Kaushal has the support of Kaushal Army and so he is the safest person to be in the nominations. Because anyway he will come to finals because of huge following he has. Kaushal, for the first in the house, realized and told Geetha that, all his heated arguments with her also might have helped her take decision against him.

Even though this action looked like a jolt to Kaushal, actually Geetha also took the risk, because had she failed she would have been in the similar danger zone. We’ll have to wait and see how this is received by the audience.

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Bigg boss : Captaincy task exposed Kaushal’s weakness, yet again


Friday is the day of captaincy task. Initially, there was a task to choose contenders for captaincy and as per that task, there will be a siren sound to start the game, and after that, whoever goes first and sits on the sofa in confession room will be the contenders for captaincy. Only the two people who reach first will be the contestants for captaincy. Some people like Tanish, Geetha, Amit did not even run as they wanted to help Deepthi who is nomination to become captain. Only Kaushal, Deepthi, Samrat, and Pooja ran towards sofa. Finally Deepthi and Kaushal were in first and second position, so they became contenders for the captaincy.

Kaushal was disappointed after knowing the details of the task

Then for these two contenders, there was another task to win the captaincy. In fact, this was not a task but it was like ‘election’. In front of both the contenders there will be weighing machines. Housemates can put objects or anything they want in the weighing machine of the contestant, whom they want to see as a captain. Whoever gets more weight in their weighing machine will become captain. In other words whoever has more acceptance among other housemates will become captain. Immediately after listening to the details of the task, Kaushal got disappointed as he also knows he doesn’t have that much acceptance among other housemates. On the other hand, Deepthi has got sympathy of other housemates also because she is in the list of nominations. Moreover she lost in the captaincy task earlier 3 times and so that sympathy also worked in her favour.

Kaushal’s weakness exposed:

Earlier also it was analysed in an article that, not having acceptance among other housemates may work against Kaushal in future (https://www.telugu360.com/biggboss2-telugu-kaushal-fans-and-housemates-part-2/) . No doubt, if it is an individual task, he would have become captain because he gives his best performance in individual tasks. However, before the start of the task, Kaushal went to other housemates and requested their support. When he went and asked Tanish, he reminded Kaushal about his own words that “I am not here to make friends or form relations”. Almost all other housemates replied him same way (later). Kaushal was seen requesting as well as emotionally blackmailing housemates to support him. He tried to remind some of them, the favors he had done to them earlier. But still, most of the housemates defended their decision of supporting Deepthi and even explained their reason for doing so. It is only Amit who supported Kaushal. Finally Deepthi won over Kaushal. After Deepthi winning as captain, Samrat, Geeta and other housemates were seen making fun of Kaushal’s behavior during the captaincy task. Later, Amit, who supported Kaushal in the task, also joined them in this.

Tailpiece: (Nutan Naidu’s re-re-entry )

Nutan Naidu, who left house in 2nd episode and re-entered house along with Shyamala couple of weeks back but retired hurt during a physical task, ‘re-entered’ the house once ‘again’. He undergone a surgery for shoulder and now recovered fully. Nutan Naidu’s entry seemed to have upset other housemates because while they are all striving hard to keep their stay in the house by playing games and all, Nutan Naidu is coming into and going out of the house just like that.

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Babu Gogineni comments: positive on Kaushal, negative on Kaushal army


After coming out of the Bigg Boss house, Babu Gogineni spoke to a channel and shared his experience in the house as well as his opinion on housemates.

On Bigg Boss house:

He compared Bigg Boss house with a psychological pressure cooker and told, whether we can live in that pressure cooker or not is tested in the house. He added, there will not be enough food, enough sleep in the house, we don’t know what is the time, we don’t know whether we will have hot water next day. All this adds up pressure on every one in the house and how each housemate behaves in such pressure is carefully monitored.

On his eviction:

He admitted that he doesn’t have that passion or burning desire to win the title. He told, after a point of time he felt he achieved what he wanted and lost enthusiasm to continue in the house and that was evident in his behaviour in his last week in the house. So, he told, he is absolutely happy with his performance in the house.

On Kaushal:

Gogineni Babu opined that Kaushal will be definitely one among the finalists. He also added that he never felt himself as competition to Kaushal because he himself never thought he would be a finalist. He told Kaushal has support from people as well as housemates. Babu opined that women housemates supported Kaushal when other housemates were fighting with Kaushal. He finally told, anyway it’s a game and someone or other have to win. So, what is wrong if that someone is Kaushal.

On social media army groups:

It’s known to everyone that, there are several social media groups formed in support of contenders of Bigg Boss. In season 1, there were no such armies in Telugu, though, in Tamil, there was Ovia army. In Telugu, several armies have been formed this time and most popular one out of them is Kaushal army. Babu Gogineni, even though didn’t take name of any such army specifically, he criticized all such armies. He told, you better join Indian army and serve the nation if you’re so interested to be part of army. He added, forming armies in support of contestants in a TV show is a very silly thing to do as it really doesn’t matter who wins the title of a TV show. Moreover, in the name of such army, doing personal abuses on other housemates is something that needs to be condemned by everyone. He also criticized these armies “dedicatedly voting” for some contestants and opined that voting has to happen normally and based on performance. But he didn’t name any one army specifically and lambasted all such armies.

Anyway, Babu Gogineni’s comments are creating sensation in social media.

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Bigg boss tidbits: Kaushal double standards exposed


Kaushal who got fame from Bigg Boss season 2 earned lot of fans as well as anti fans from this show. His fans connected to him emotionally when he was bullied by other housemates and after that we have been supporting him in everything he is doing. However his double standards exposed in yesterday’s episode.

Yesterday episode Kaushal and Nutan Naidu were seen talking privately. during this discussion Kaushal was talking about Babu gogineni and he was seen calling Babu gogineni as “vaadu, veedu” . Nutan Naidu asked Kaushal to talk to Babu gogineni directly if he has any differences with him. For that Kaushal replied ” vaanni pilichi manam maatlaadedi enti “. Kaushal was seen calling Babu gogineni “Vaadu , Veedu” several times. Kaushal also criticized Babu calling himself bigger Boss and wearing T-shirts with such caption. Even though they were discussing in the absence of Babu gogineni, he could have given some respect at least for his age. Most of the housemates, even when they were talking in the absence of other person, were seen calling them respectfully or by their name.

When Tejaswi called Kaushal “vaadu” during a task ( in which Bhanu alleged Kaushal inappropriately touched her), Nani slammed her in weekend episode. We will have to see if Nani at least remind Kaushal about this during weekend episode or he will also be carried away by Kaushal Army and Kaushal fans’ positive comments on whatever Kaushal does.

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Kaushal: Liked by his fans and hated by housemates (part-1)


Bigg Boss show is running successfully with very good TRPs. Big Boss show always changed the lives of contestants. Some people got huge fame after contesting in Big Boss show. If you have to name one single person who got mostly benefited because of Bigg Boss season 2 Telugu, it would be none other than Kaushal. However Kaushal is not someone who got unanimous positive feedback from all or most of the housemates. He has fans as well as anti-fans. He is like someone whom you can love or hate but can’t ignore. It is also surprising to see while many of his fans love him, most of the housemates hate him or at least don’t love him or his company.

Why his fans love him and how he got huge fan base in very short span of time?

Showing grit when bullied:

Imagine you have joined new college in a distant city where you don’t know anyone. You tried to mingle with people but they didn’t respond. Moreover some students already know each other may be because of studying in same school or something like that, and they form a group and they decide everything in that class on behalf of all the classmates. You try to question their dominance but you get bullied for that. Situation looks familiar? This is what the situation of Kaushal in the first couple of episodes. Tejaswi, Samrat and Tanish were like a group and were able to influence opinion of other housemates. Samrat was the first captain too. Then, lady contestants started saying they don’t like Kaushal. Deepthi Sunaina was the first one to raise red flag against Kaushal for touching her during a task. Even though Kaushal told she is like his sister, she told she doesn’t like even if her own brother carries her like that. Then Kireeti targeted Kaushal and housemates started repeatedly saying Kaushal’s behavior with woman is not good. The way Kaushal resisted all this bullying and showing the grit earned him great following.

Earned Sympathy of audience

In one episodes, he got bursted and said, what his wife would say to his children if they ask her why all the housemates are targeting him. What wrong did he do. Audience got convinced during that episode that others are unnecessarily targeting him.

No faking nature

Apart from his fighting nature, another thing that got him good following is his “no faking” nature. When people know that there are cameras capturing their emotions, they tend to behave artificial and show fake positive emotions. However, Kaushal always expressed true emotions. He even told sometimes that, he was in the house only to play the game but not to make friends or relations. People want to see real personality in this kind of reality show not the fake personality. People got connected to this as they believe he is honest.

Composed nature

Also, he was very composed even in the most negative circumstances. When someone in the house had dispute with him, he always shown up having direct one to one discussion with that person and trying to give clarification from his side.

So, overall 3 things contributed for the rise of his popularity. One, his strong attitude when everyone bullied him, two, people sympathized with him when all housemates were at one side and he was at another side, three, his basic behavior of staying composed and being honest.

But why most of the housemates hate him or don’t love him?

We’ll see it in next part , why housemates dislike him, why there are equal number of anti-fans for him and what are the chances of him winning the title.

Click here for Part2

-ZURAN (@CriticZuran)

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