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Why Lakshmi’s NTR not drawing crowds?


People show a keen interest in politics only at the time of elections. At other times, they don’t take politics seriously. The same happened with complicated director Ram Gopal Varma’s Lakshmi’s NTR. There’s a very poor response to the film which has presented Chandrababu Naidu as a betrayer responsible for the suffering of NTR in his last days.

The film is released several weeks after the polling. Counting is over as Jaganmohan Reddy won and Chandrababu lost. Naturally, the viewers don’t hold any curiosity any longer. Even the sympathisers of ruling and opposition parties no longer show interest.

TDP sympathisers say that going by the landslide victory of YCP, the Lakshmi’s NTR also should have got a more or less similar positive response. It proves that there’s no strong anti-Chandrababu feeling among the public as is alleged by YCP. Analysts are saying that it is another indicator to show that eventually, the sympathy factor created a massive wave in favour of Jagan.

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No traces for Lakshmi’s NTR in AP


Maverick Ram Gopal Varma who is out of track has been struggling to release Lakshmi’s NTR in Andhra Pradesh. After YS Jagan’s thundering victory in the recent polls, RGV left him in heaps of praises though he predicted that Pawan Kalyan would turn the next CM of the state. He also took a dig on TDP Supremo Nara Chandra Babu Naidu through his murky twitter posts. Finally, Lakshmi’s NTR released on Friday across Andhra Pradesh in decent number of screens.

It may not be a surprise but Lakshmi’s NTR failed to register even minimum box-office numbers. RGV used YS Jagan to the fullest and his pictures made presence on the publicity material across the towns. But those too could not bring audience to the theatres across Andhra Pradesh. RGV’s poor publicity stunts went into vain. Lakshmi’s NTR will end up as one more disaster for RGV and will struggle to complete a week’s run in the state. Suriya’s NGK and Falaknuma Das registered some decent numbers at the Tollywood box-office which released this Friday despite of getting poor response..

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RGV flipflop statements on Pawan didn’t surprise people


Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma, who was once known for his creative filmmaking, has reduced to publicity-monger in recent times. RGV latest comments on Pawan Kalyan once again proved that this director is no less than any seasonal politician. it is known that the same Ram gopal varma praised Pawan Kalyan in the last week of February before the release of his film Lakshmi NTR. The same Ram Gopal Varma now passing sarcastic comments on Pawan Kalyan after election results.

Click here: RGV pampers Pawan fans ahead of Laxmi’s NTR release

Ram Gopal Varma posted positive tweets on Pawan Kalyan in the last week of February and said, if Pawan Kalyan wins in elections, he will become CM for the state and if he doesn’t win in election he will become husband for the CM (CM ki mogudu avuthadu), indirectly referring he will do a great job as opposition leader. In other tweet he wrote that, Chandra babu Naidu backstabbed NTR in the past, but Pawan Kalyan will do a “front-stabbing ” to Chandrababu Naidu with his honesty. But the same Ram Gopal Varma, after election results, posted demeaning tweet on Chandrababu , Lokesh and Pawan Kalyan. Even during his press meet, he passed rather sarcastic comment saying “is Pawan Kalyan still there”.

By giving such a flip-flop statements, Ram Gopal Varma seems to be proving that he is no less than any seasonal politician. In fact people also not very much surprised about his statements.

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3 theatres seized in Andhra for screening ‘Lakshmi’s NTR’

The authorities in Andhra Pradesh’s Kadapa district on Friday seized three cinema halls which screened the Telugu movie “Lakshmi’s NTR” in violation of the orders of the Election Commission of India.

The three theatres screened the film on May 1. Though the election authorities did not give permission to screen the film, the managements of the three theatres ignored the orders and exhibited the movie in the morning show. When local revenue officials came to know of this, they let off the theatres with a warning.

However, the state Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), Gopal Krishna Dwivedi, took a serious note of this. He told the media on Friday that he recommended the EC to take action against the Kadapa district Joint Collector who failed to stop the screening of the film.

Following the CEO’s statement, Joint Collector Koteswar Rao ordered the concerned officials to seize the three theatres. Officials said these theatres can’t screen any movie.

The director of “Lakshmi’s NTR” and controversial filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma had planned to release the movie in Andhra Pradesh on May 1, but the CEO had made it clear that the orders restricting the film’s exhibition were still in force.

Varma was asked to adhere to the EC’s April 10 order restricting the exhibition of the film till further orders.

“Lakshmi’s NTR”, which was released in Telangana last month, deals with Telugu Desam Party (TDP) founder and former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N.T. Rama Rao’s second marriage with Lakshmi Parvathi and the subsequent events, including the revolt by his son-in-law N. Chandrababu Naidu, and NTR’s death.

The Election Commission had refused to allow the screening of the movie in Andhra Pradesh after some TDP functionaries approached it. They alleged that the film depicted Chief Minister and TDP President N. Chandrababu Naidu in negative light, which could impact the party’s poll prospects.

Elections to the 175-member Andhra Pradesh Assembly and 25 Lok Sabha seats in the state were held on April 11.

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Election Commission serious on screening Lakshmi’s NTR in Kadapa


The Election Commission issued notices to stall the release of Lakshmi’s NTR in Andhra Pradesh till the completion of elections. All the district collectors and SPs have been asked to take special care and not allow the screening of Lakshmi’s NTR till the election code comes to an end. Two theatres in Kadapa district screened the film that came to the notice of Election Commissioner Dwivedi.

Cases have been booked against the theatres and necessary action will be taken soon. Dwivedi even said that the district collector failed to stall the screening of Lakshmi’s NTR and a detailed report has been sent to the Election Commission of India. On the other side, Ram Gopal Varma is waiting for May 19th to release Lakshmi’s NTR in Andhra Pradesh.

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Ram Gopal Varma targetting Modi over poll code


Controversial director Ram Gopal Varma is personally hurt over the non-release of his film ‘Lakshmi’s NTR’ in Andhra Pradesh. The prevailing election code for a long period has indeed done unimaginable damage to the entire film unit. He blamed and attacked AP CM Chandrababu Naidu and the election machinery till now. All that changed dramatically. Varma’s present target is none other than PM Modi.

In an indirect comparison, Varma indicated that Modi has ‘same to same’ features with dictator Adolf Hitler. For this, Varma posted two pictures showing the two leaders twisting the ears of children. Modi is being blamed for all that is going wrong in AP. Varma made many efforts to release his film on one pretext or another. But the election code came as a big hurdle. The TDP leaders used every opportunity to make sure that the film is not released in AP in view of the code. Because of the inordinate delay, the film makers are more anxious. Their concern is to screen the movie before the counting day at least. With so much politics involved, the film remains caught up in one controversy or another. It’s now to be seen what sort of attack Varma will mount on BJP leaders.

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Officials to stop screening of ‘Lakshmi’s NTR’ in AP


The Election Commission officials in AP have clarified that there’s no permission to the screening of Ram Gopal Varma’s film ‘Lakshmi’s NTR’ as of now. They further clarified that the film makers had requested for permission recently but it has not been approved in view of the prevailing election code. As a precautionary measure, the officials have forwarded a copy of the April 10 order of the Election Commission to all the District Collectors and the SPs to initiate action if there’s violation.

It’s now clear that the EC’s April 10 order is still in force. The officials are surprised at the film makers blindly going ahead to release the film tomorrow. The issue of EC permission has also not come to the fore when Varma was prevented from holding a press conference in a roadside in Vijayawada last Sunday. There are indications that the officials have no choice but to stop the release of Varma film as the TDP already began attacking the controversial director. The EC doesn’t want to complicate things as there are possibilities of needless politicisation of the issue when there’s poll code in force.

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Election code may obstruct Varma’s ‘Lakshmi’s NTR’?


Doubts are raised whether controversial director Ram Gopal Varma could be allowed to go ahead with the release of ‘Lakshmi’s NTR’ on May 1. Varma and producer Rakesh Reddy have already made preparations for releasing the film tomorrow all over Andhra Pradesh. But as per the orders of Election Commission, they cannot go ahead since the election code will be in force till May 19.

Based on complaints from the TDP leaders, the EC a few weeks ago instructed the film unit not to release it till further notice. It is not yet known whether the Election Commission has given permission or not. If rules are to be strictly followed, the film cannot be released tomorrow because of election code. The polling may be over but the code is still effective.

Film circles are full of speculation whether the TDP may once again put objections or the EC on its own obstructs the release. There is also speculation that the EC officials may not take action under the code even if the film is released. Officially, there is no information on whether the EC has given permission for release of Varma’s film in AP right now.

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Jagan’s shocking comments on Varma incident


The Election Commission of India and AP election officials are favouring YCP leader Jaganmohan Reddy as he has the blessings of PM Modi and Amit Shah. But the election officials could not permit complicated director Ram Gopal Varma to conduct a public press conference at NTR Circle in Singhnagar area. Commenting on this, Jaganmohan Reddy said that the democracy was in such a delicate position in Andhra Pradesh that Varma could not even hold a press conference.

His comments created confusion and shock among the election officials and the police authorities. The officials wouldn’t have any objection if Varma wanted to hold press conference in a private place.

But there were problems as Novotel and Ilapuram hotels were unwilling to rent their premises to Varma. There might be political pressures. Quite unexpectedly, the election officials came under pressure when Varma decided on a public place for his press briefing. The officials had their own reasons not to bow to pressure from the YCP and BJP leaders. They sent Varma back to Gannavaram airport and kept a close watch till he left Vijayawada.

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High Drama in Vijayawada: Ram Gopal Varma barred


Controversial director Ram Gopal Varma is struggling hard to release his film Lakshmi’s NTR in Andhra Pradesh. He announced that he would conduct a press meet in Vijayawada and invited the media. Ram Gopal Varma after landing in Vijayawada was stopped by the cops and was forcefully sent back to Hyderabad. Ram Gopal Varma took twitter to inform about the incident. A star hotel denied permission to conduct the press interaction and RGV announced that he would meet the media at NTR Circle.

The cops informed the Election Code is currently on and no public meetings are allowed. Ram Gopal Varma demanded answers for 16 questions and he threatened that he would approach the court if not answered. With nothing much to do, Ram Gopal Varma returned back to Hyderabad. Lakshmi’s NTR is slated for May 1st release in Andhra Pradesh.

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There is no democracy in AP, says RGV


Controversial and complicated director Ramgopal Varma is taken into police custody as a preventive measure. He was stopped from holding a press conference cum public meeting at NTR Circle in Singhnagar area. The police cited reasons of possible inconvenience to public at the busy and crowded circle if Varma holds his press conference on the road there. The director is doing this as he was denied permission to hold the same event at Novotel hotel in Vijayawada city limits.

The film Lakshmi’s NTR is scheduled for release in Andhra Pradesh on May 1. Following this, Varma arrived here to explain details about his film. It is said Varma could not find a single location venue to hold his press conference. Obviously, the owners are unwilling to allow him considering the consequences arising out of this.

Moreover, Vijayawada is known for fan following of NTR which is why the police took immediate preventive measures. However, Varma made indirect comments at the TDP government. He said that there is no democracy in AP. Varma’s contention is that one single person is responsible for his being prevented from holding press briefing.

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Lakshmi Parvathi, devotee-turned-second wife of NTR (Where Are They Now?)

He was her first love. He was the king of Telugu silver screen and she was 16-year-old college girl. Like for many Telugus, N.T. Rama Rao was demigod for her. She penned a poem in 1980 describing him as a star in the sky who remains out of reach for someone standing on earth and longing for it.

But they were destined for each other. Lakshmi Parvathy met NTR for the first time in 1991 with a request to write his biography. Thus began the love story, culminating in their marriage a year later. It resulted in a catacysmic series of events, the reverbrations of which are being felt even today.

NTR, as the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) founder and former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister was popularly known, was 70 and had lost his first wife Basvatarakam to cancer. Lakshmi Parvathi, a college lecturer and author from Narsraopet town of Guntur district, was almost half his age and had separated from her first husband.

NTR was out of power at the time after serving two terms as Chief Minister and a brief flirtation with national politics before returning to the state.

Lakshmi’s life took a dramatic turn in 1994 as NTR led the TDP back to power with a record-breaking majority. She was hailed as ‘Lucky Parvathi’ who helped him regain the glory. However, this did not last long.

In August 1995, NTR’s children from his first wife led by his son-in-law N. Chandrababu Naidu staged a revolt and captured power, citing growing interference in party and administration by Lakshmi Parvathi.

Five months later, NTR died of cardiac arrest and it was all gloom for Lakshmi Parvathi. She vowed revenge on Naidu for snatching her husband but with no support from any quarter she went into political oblivion.

Even after two decades her only wish is to see the political downfall of the man she believes responsible for untimely death of NTR. “I believe his political end is nearing and whenever this happens I will fulfil my vow by immersing the ashes of my husband in the Ganga and the Cauvery,” Parvathi told IANS.

Currently with YSR Congress Party but not active in politics, she is only praying for Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy to humble Naidu in the just-concluded elections. “I have no ambition for power. I never wanted any position,” says Parvathi.

She believes that “Lakshmi’s NTR”, a movie made by well-known filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has brought her story into focus.

Varma described it as the most intense and dramatic love story ever.

“Yes. There was so much love between me and NTR. He tried to protect me till the end,” recalled Parvathi.

Speaking of how the marriage came out, Lakshmi said: “I used to come every Saturday and Sunday to Hyderabad (for working on the biography). One day he suddenly asked me ‘will you marry me’. I didn’t know what to say because I had separated from my first husband and was living with my parents. I also had a son to look after. I sought one month’s time and then agreed to marry him.”

They married secretly in 1992 and it was in 1993 that NTR publicly announced it at a film event in Tirupati.

Lakshmi believes that while they were enjoying a happily married life, his family members became jealous of her and started the conspiracies. “They did not allow us to live peacefully and the backstabbing by NTR’s own family members shocked and claimed his life. It was a planned murder,” she added.

She laments that she met her ‘god’ very late and got very little time to spend with him.

“All I have today is his memories, his portraits and busts, one of which is in my pooja room. I still worship him,” said the woman who tries to overcome the sorrow through writing.

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Latest Update: AP High Court on Lakshmi’s NTR Release


Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma is trying hard to release his recent film Lakshmi’s NTR in Andhra Pradesh. The film got a wide and comfortable release all over the globe except AP. The AP High Court stalled the film’s release a day before its release after which RGV and his team approached Supreme Court, but they did not get the needed clearance.

The petition came for hearing in AP High Court today and the court postponed their decision for April 9th. It is now clear that Lakshmi’s NTR will not get a release across Andhra Pradesh before the elections that are scheduled for April 11th. The Supreme Court too was not in a mood to accept the petition on an urgent basis. All the doors for Lakshmi’s NTR release in AP are now closed and the makers will have to wait for the completion of polls in AP to release the film.

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Supreme Court has a shock for Lakshmi’s NTR


Ram Gopal Varma is fighting head to head with the Government of AP after his recent controversial outing Lakshmi’s NTR release has been kept on hold. The announcement came out from the High Court of AP hours before the film’s release and the movie unit could do nothing. RGV made some sensational comments through his official Twitter handle saying that he would challenge about the film in Supreme Court. The film’s producer Rakesh Reddy filed a petition today in the Supreme Court.

In a huge shock, the Supreme Court left the team of Lakshmi’s NTR in deep shock. A bench headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogi rejected the petition to hear and take a call on the release immediately. The makers will have to wait for the Supreme Court to take a call and can do nothing as of now. Ram Gopal Varma earlier today posted the pictures of Rakesh Reddy in Supreme Court with his lawyers. Before this, AP High Court stalled the release of Lakshmi’s NTR till April 15th and asked the makers not to release the film across any digital or social media platforms till the state will be done with the polls.

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Lakshmi’s NTR Review – Varma’s Spin Doctoring

Lakshmi’s NTR Review

Telugu360 Rating 2/5


Lakshmi’s NTR story starts in 1989-90 time, ends with the demise of NTR in 1996. NTR’s loneliness post defeat in 1989 general elections, Lakshmi Parvathi’s entry into his life, NTR’s comeback to power in 1994, and Viceroy Coup etc. important sequences of NTR – Lakshmi Parvathi life are covered.


Lakshmi’s NTR is a propaganda film which takes side of Lakshmi Parvati. This film focusses on projecting ‘Babu’ ,‘ Rao ‘ and NTR family in bad light. The makers blatantly ignore to showcase Lakshmi’s anti-constitutional involvment in then Government and in Telugu Desam party affairs. Rather the director depicted Lakshmi as very innocent, honest person who became victim of power politics. Though it was highly publicized by Ram Gopal Varma as “ Truth “ has been shown , none of the historical facts like Lakshmi collecting jewelry , sarees and cash from then Telugu Desam party leaders is not shown at all. When TDP lost power in 1989, NTR was in exile for a while,not involved in party affairs for some time. It was Chandrababu Naidu who ran the party as de-facto presient. But, in this film, it has been shown as Lakshmi motivated, advised NTR to comeback to active politics in 1990-1991 time. There are many such factual distortions, with focus being playing itto galleries to benefit a present political party which allegedly funded this film.

Coming back to the film, entire first half revolves around the love story between aged NTR and Lakshmi. The conversational scenes between them are boring with television serial pace. In second half, when viceroy hotel episodes are shown, movie picks up some momentum. After that ,again last 25 minutesof the film is overdose of sentiment showing NTR as sufferer. With the makers intention being alienating NTR fans from Babu , and to develop hatred on him ,this film appears a failed attempt to do so after 23 years of NTR’s demise. Climax of the film is emotional.


Yagna Shetty as Lakshmi performed well, Sri Teja as Babu is good as well. However, the artist ( P. Vijaya Kumar ) who played NTR appears like a village drama artist , acted as a cheap imitation of NTR. It was a pain to see him in NTR’s role. All artists casted as NTR family appear like they’re hired fromsome Bhojpuri B- grade films.
Production values are way cheaper than television serials. Technically, Kalyan Malik’s background score is somewhat fine.


Shooting Chandrababu over the shoulders of NTR , and to portray him in bad light as much as possible are the objectives of this propaganda film. Facts are buried under the rug, Lakshmi has been shown as if most honest wife and as a victim. Sub-standard production values, poor casting make it not worth the controversial hype surrounding this film.

Telugu360 Rating 2/5

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LAKSHMI’s NTR Grand USA Premieres TODAY!!


Lakshmi’s NTR USA premiers TODAY (March 28th) as planned by Weekend Cinema USA. No impact on the USA release schedule. Lies can be spread but Truth can’t be stopped!!!


Lakshmi’s NTR the untold story about Telugu people pride NT Rama Rao. The most awaited political thriller is directed by none other than the biggest fan of late NTR.

Written & directed by Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) the ace director who needs no introduction, the director who changed both Tollywood and Bollywood film industries permanently with his movies like ‘Shiva’, ‘Rangeela and ‘Company’.

“Even the greatest personalities are susceptible to family betrayal”. The movie is Plutonic love between NTR and Lakshmi Parvathi which revolves around human emotions, family betrayal with unwinding political drama.

With Indian elections around the corner the movie created huge hype and curiosity among movie goers. All the earlier released teasers, posters and songs generated a lot of curiosity among the audience. With the High Court Stay Order today, the movie got additional craze. What is in the movie – The TRUTH.

The theatrical trailer that was released last month shows the trademark of RGV film making. No copying business, showing the Truth boldly!!!

USA theater are all set for the premiers TODAY (Thursday – March 28th).

KDM’s are issued and Drivers are delivered on time. All set for the PREMIERS – Long live NTR

Great News – MOVIE PASS ENABLED for many theaters for this movie. Please check with the theater.

Online booking opened and getting houseful in many of the locations… Book your tickets now and Go Watch this Plutonic LOVE STORY with your Friends & Family

RGV Boss is back – The Real Director

KUDOS !!! to all the USA Movie theaters for getting the movie released on time.

Enjoy…!!  See you in theaters…!!

Weekend Cinema team & RGV’s Crew

CLICK HERE!! for Theaters List.

Press release by: Indian Clicks, LLC

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Shocker: AP High Court says no for Lakshmi’s NTR Release


Ram Gopal Varma is working hard to release his next film Lakshmi’s NTR during this election time. With the election code coming into effect, several complaints have been filed with the Election Commission and the state High Courts to stop the film’s release. With things going smooth in Telangana, the High Court of Andhra Pradesh issued orders to stall the film’s release in the state till the completion of elections in the state.

The court also ordered the makers not to release the film across digital and social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The court issued notices to Ram Gopal Varma, Agasthya Manju and Rakesh Reddy about the release of Lakshmi’s NTR. The latest update says that Ram Gopal Varma and his team are in plans to approach the Supreme Court on this issue.

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Lakshmi’s NTR movie USA theaters list

Lakshmi’s NTR Movie USA Theater List
USA Premiers:  March 28, 2019 (Thursday)
S. No State Metro Area Theater Name City, State Circuit
*001 AL Hunstville Regal Hollywood Stadium 18 Huntsville, AL Regal
*002 AL Birmingham AmStar 14 Alabaster Alabaster, AL Independent
*003 AR Little Rock Regal Breckenridge Stadium 12  Little Rock, AR Regal
*004 AZ Phoenix Harkins North Valley 16 Phoenix, AZ Harkins
*005 AZ Phoenix Harkins Chandler Fashion 20 Chandler, AZ Harkins
*006 AZ Phoenix Harkins Arrow Head 18 Peoria, AZ Harkins
*007 AZ Phoenix Harkins Arizona Mills 25 Tempe, AZ Harkins
*008 AZ Tucson Harkins Tucson Spectrum 18 Tucson, AZ Harkins
*009 CA Bay Area Cinemark Union City 25 + XD Union City, CA Cinemark
*010 CA Bay Area CineLounge Fremont 7 Fremont, CA CineLounge
*011 CA Bay Area Towne 3 Cinemas San Jose, CA 8K Cinemas
*012 CA Bay Area Serra Theatres Milpitas, CA 8K Cinemas
*013 CA Pleasanton Regal Hacienda Crossings Stadium 20 Dublin, CA Regal
*014 CA Sacramento Cinemark Folsom 14 Folsom, CA Cinemark
*015 CA Los Angeles Cinemark Orange Stadium 25 Orange, CA Cinemark
*016 CA Los Angeles Cinemark 18 & XD Los Angeles, CA Cinemark
*017 CA Los Angeles Harkins Mountain Grove 16 Redlands, CA Harkins
*018 CA Los Angeles Harkins ChinoHills 18 ChinoHills, CA Harkins
*019 CA Los Angeles Harkins Cerritos 18 Cerritos, CA Harkins
*020 CA San Diego Regal Parkway Plaza Stm 18 El Cajon, CA Regal
*021 CO Denver Harkins Northfield 18  Denver, CO Harkins
*022 CO Denver Harkins Arvada 14 Arvada, CO Harkins
*023 CT Hartford Cinemark Buckland Hills 18 Manchester, CT Cinemark
*024 CT New Haven Cinemark Connecticut Post 14  Milford, CT Cinemark
*025 DE Wilmington Regal Peoples Plaza Cinema Stadium 17 Newark, DE Regal
*026 DE Wilmington Main Street Movies 5 Newark, DE Independent
*027 DE Wilmington Westown Movies, Middletown Middletown, DE Independent
*028 FL Miami Cinemark Paradise 24 + XD Davie, FL Cinemark
*029 FL Jacksonville Cinemark Tinseltown 20 + XD Jacksonville, FL Cinemark
*030 FL Orlando Cinemark Orlando + XD Orlando, FL Cinemark
*031 FL Tampa Villagio Cinemas Tampa, FL Villagio Cinemas
*032 FL Tampa Studio Movie Grill – Tampa Tampa, FL SMG
*033 FL West Palm Beach Regal Royal Palm Beach Stadium 18 Royal Palm Beach, FL Regal
*034 FL Tallahassee Regal Governor’s Square 12 Tallahassee, FL Regal
*035 GA Atlanta Regal Medlock Crossing Stadium 18 Duluth, GA Regal
*036 GA Atlanta The Springs Cinema & Taphouse Sandy Springs, GA Independent
*037 GA Atlanta New Vision Movies 400 Cumming, GA New Vision
*038 GA Atlanta DigiMax Theaters Roswell, GA 8K Cinemas
*039 IA Des Moines Cinemark Jordan Creek + XD West Des Moines,  IA Cinemark
*040 IA Cedar Rapids Marcus Cedar Rapids Galaxy 16 Cedar Rapids, IA Marcus
*041 ID Boise Regal Edwards Boise Stadium 21 Boise, ID Regal
*042 IL Chicago Cinemark Century Stratford Square 16 Bloomingdale,  IL Cinemark
*043 IL Chicago Cinemark 16 + IMAX Woodridge, IL Cinemark
*044 IL Chicago MovieMax Cinemas Niles, IL 8K Cinemas
*045 IL Chicago Marcus Addison Cinema 21 Addison, IL Marcus
*046 IL Bloomington Marcus Bloomington Cinema Bloomington,  IL Marcus
*047 IN Fort Wayne Regal Coldwater Crossing Stadium 14 Fort Wayne, IN Regal
*048 IN Indianapolis Regal Village Park Cinema Stadium 17 Carmel, IN Regal
*049 IN Indianapolis Cinemark Movies 8 Indianapolis, IN Cinemark
*050 IN Indianapolis Studio Movie Grill – College Park College Park, IN SMG
*051 KS Kansas City B&B Overland Park 16 Overland Park, KS B&B
*052 KY Louisville Cinemark Tinseltown USA & XD Louisville, KY Cinemark
*053 LA Lafayette The Grand 16 – Lafayette Lafayette, LA Independent
*054 MA Boston Regal Solomon Pond 15 Marlborough, MA Regal
*055 MA Boston Apple Cinemas Cambridge Cambridge, MA Apple Cinemas
*056 MD Baltimore Cinemark Egyptian 24 + XD Hanover, MD Cinemark
*057 MD Baltimore Regal Germantown 14 Germantown, MD Regal
*058 MD DC Metro Regal Majestic Stadium 20 Silver Spring, MD Regal
*059 ME Portland Regal Brunswick 10 Brunswick, ME Regal
*060 MI Detroit Cinemark Ann Arbor 20 IMAX  Ann Arbor, MI Cinemark
*061 MI Detroit Commerce Township Stadium 14 (Novi) Walled Lake, MI Regal
*062 MI Detroit Emagine Rochester Hills Rochester Hills, MI Emagine
*063 MI Lansing Regal Lansing Mall Stadium 12  Lansing, MI Regal
*064 MN Minneapolis Emagine Lakeville Lakeville, MN Emagine
*065 MN Minneapolis Mann Plymouth Grand Plymouth, MN Mann Theaters
*066 MN Minneapolis Marcus Shakopee Cinema Shakopee, MN Marcus
*067 MO St. Louis Marcus Chesterfield Galaxy 14 Chesterfield, MO Marcus
*068 MO St. Louis Marcus Mid Rivers Cinema St. Peters, MO Marcus
*069 NC Charlotte Regal Cinemas Starlight 14 Charlotte, NC Regal
*070 NC Charlotte Stone Theatres Redstone 14 Indian Land, NC Stone Theaters
*071 NC Charlotte Regal Stonecrest at Piper Glen Stadium  Charlotte, NC Regal
*072 NC Greensboro Red Cinemas Greensboro Greensboro, NC Red Cinemas
*073 NC Raleigh/Cary Frank Theaters CineBowl & Grille Cary, NC Frank Theaters
*074 NC Raleigh/Cary Park West Morrisville 14 Morrisville, NC Stone Theaters
*075 NE Omaha Marcus Village Pointe Cinema 16 Omaha, NE Marcus
*076 NM Albuquerque Regal Winrock Stm 16 IMAX & RPX Albuquerque, NM Regal
*077 NJ New Brunswick Regal Commerce Center Stadium 18 North Brunswick,  NJ Regal
*078 NJ Plainfield Regal Hadley Theatre Stadium 16 South Plainfield, NJ Regal
*079 NJ Parsipanny Cinepolis Parsipanny Parsipanny, NJ Cinepolis
*080 NJ Edison Movie City 8 Edison, NJ 8K Cinemas
*081 NJ Trenton/Hamilton Picture Show at East Windsor East Windsor, NJ Independent
*082 NJ NY Metro Columbia Park Stadium 12 North Bergen, NJ EmpireCinemas
*083 NJ Burlington Regal Burlington Stadium 20 Burlington, NJ Regal
*084 NV Las Vegas Regal Village Square Stm 18 Las Vegas, NV Regal
*085 NY Rochester Cinemark Tinseltown 16 + IMAX Rochester, NY Cinemark
*086 NY Albany Regal Crossgates Mall 18 Albany, NY Regal
*087 NY Buffalo Regal Elmwood Regal Center 16 Buffalo, NY Regal
*088 NY Syracuse Regal Destiny USA Stadium 19  Syracuse, NY Regal
*089 OH Cincinnati Regal Deerfield Towne Center  Mason, OH Regal
*090 OH Cincinnati Cinemark Milford 16 Milford, OH Cinemark
*091 OH Dayton Cinemark Dayton South 16 + XD West Carrollton, OH Cinemark
*092 OH Columbus Marcus Crosswoods Cinemas Columbus, OH Marcus
*093 OH Cleveland Cinemark Valley View 24 + XD Valley View, OH Cinemark
*094 OK Tulsa, OK Cinemark 17 + IMAX Tulsa, OK Cinemark
*095 OK Oklahoma City Harkins Bricktown 18  Oklahoma City, OK Harkins
*096 OR Portland Cinemark Beaverton Cedar Hills 16 Beaverton, OR Cinemark
*097 PA Pittsburg Cinemark Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills Tarentum, PA Cinemark
*098 PA Harrisburg Regal Great Escape Harrisburg Mall Harrisburg, PA Regal
*099 PA Philly Regal Oaks Stadium Oaks, PA Regal
*100 RI Pawtucket CineWorld Lincoln 16 Lincoln, RI CineWorld
*101 RI Rumford East Providence 10 Rumford, RI EmpireCinemas
*102 SC Columbia Regal Columbiana Grande Stadium 14  Columbia, SC Regal
*103 SC Greenville Regal Simpsonville Stadium 14 Simpsonville, SC Regal
*104 TN Memphis Malco Majestic 11 Memphis, TN Malco
*105 TN Nashville Regal Hollywood Stadium 27 Nashville, TN Regal
*106 TX Houston Cinemark 19 + XD Katy, TX Cinemark
*107 TX Houston Cinemark Tinseltown 290 16 + XD Houston, TX Cinemark
*108 TX Houston Cinemark 18 + XD Webster, TX Cinemark
*109 TX San Antonio Cinemark Dollar Movies 16 San Antonio, TX Cinemark
*110 TX Austin Cinemark Tinseltown 20 + XD Pflugerville, TX Cinemark
*111 TX Dallas Cinemark Legacy 24 + XD Plano, TX Cinemark
*112 TX Dallas Cinemark Hollywood USA 15 Garland, TX Cinemark
*113 TX Dallas Regal MacArthur/Hollywood Theaters Irving, TX Regal
*114 TX Dallas Harkins Southlake 14 Southlake, TX Harkins
*115 TX Dallas Fun Movie Grill – Carrollton Carrollton, TX Fun Asia
*116 TX College Station Cinemark College Station + XD College Station, TX Cinemark
*117 TX Beaumont Cinemark Tinseltown USA 15 + XD Beaumont, TX Cinemark
*118 TX Corpus Christi Cinemark Century 16 + IMAX Corpus Christi, TX Cinemark
*119 UT Salt Lake City Megaplex Theatres @ The District South Jordan, UT MegaPlex
*120 VA Richmond Regal Virginia Center Stadium 20 Glen Allen, VA Regal
*121 VA Northern Virginia Regal Country Stadium 20 Sterling, VA Regal
*122 VA Northern Virginia Regal Fox Stadium 16 & IMAX Ashburn, VA Regal
*123 VA Northern Virginia Cinemark Fairfax Corner 14 Fairfax, VA Cinemark
*124 VA Norfolk Cinemark Military Circle 18 Norfolk, VA Cinemark
*125 WA Seattle Cinemark Lincoln Square Cinema Bellevue, VA Cinemark
*126 WI Milwaukee Marcus Ridge Cinema 19 New Berlin, WI Marcus
*127 WI Madison New Vision Fitchburg 18 + IMAX Fitchburg, WI New Vision

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Will RGV cut-short Mohan Babu role in Lakshmi’s NTR now ?


Veteran actor Mohan Babu finally joined YSRCP officially. He has been indirectly criticizing CBN in recent times. Recently he staged a dharna against TDP government for non payment of fee reimbursement dues. However, TDP clarified that 90% of dues have already been paid and Mohan Babu is doing this protest just for political gains. After this episode, he joined YSRCP officially today. He also met Ram Gopal Varma and had chitchat with him. It is known news that this movie is being produced by YSRCP leader. By seeing their meet, doubts started among people whether it is to “modify” Mohan Babu’s character in the movie.

Lakshmi’s NTR is surely the most controversial movie in recent times. This movie is directed by maverick director Ram Gopal Varma, and slated to release on March 29th. The movie is done with all the formalities. In the trailer of the movie there is a role that resembles Mohan Babu. It is known news that Mohan Babu was with CBN during 1994 August episode. He even got MP Rajya sabha seat from TDP. But later when his Rajya Sabha seat was not extended for next 6 years, he left TDP. After a few years he became relative of YSR after Vishnu married Veronica.

RGV tweeted his photos with Mohan Babu and wrote “Sir, I am happy that at least now you are telling the real truths about CBN”.Now people are wondering whether Mohan Babu met RGV to know how his character was portrayed in the movie and ask him to chop it off if needed. We will have to wait and see if Mohan Babu joining YSRCP officially has any impact on Lakshmi’s NTR movie and whether Mohan Babu’s role in the movie will be cut-short by RGV.

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RGV’s biggest blunder for Lakshmi’s NTR


With election code coming into effect, Ram Gopal Varma kept challenging everyone that he would release Lakshmi’s NTR at any cost as per the announcement. With trailer generating huge buzz, Ram Gopal Varma was overconfident and he forgot about the basic logic. Telugu360 collected some inside information of what exactly happened with Lakshmi’s NTR. Ram Gopal Varma kept some portions of the shoot for Lakshmi’s NTR pending as he wanted to take a call about them after he watched NTR – Mahanayakudu.

With NTR – Mahanayakudu getting delayed, RGV postponed Lakshmi’s NTR too and waited for the former’s release. After watching NTR – Mahanayakudu, he took some time, completed shoot and got the film ready. By the time he is done, the election code came into effect and the release of Lakshmi’s NTR is now kept on hold. Though the trailer caught everyone’s attention, the film received no lucrative offers and RGV’s greedy quotes made the film delay further. The buyers did not fall for the murky marketing tricks of RGV this time.

RGV’s overconfidence and greedy quotes left Lakshmi’s NTR struggling. Now, RGV announced that the film will release on March 29th without fail. Let’s wait to see what happens next.

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