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Lokesh condemns attack on Anam, says will teach a fitting lesson to factionists


TDP general secretary, Nara Lokesh, on Sunday strongly condemned the attack on party official spokesman, Anam Venkata Ramana Reddy, earlier in the day.

Shocked on learning about the attack on Anam Venkata Ramana Reddy, the TDP national general secretary even while on his Yuva Galam pada yatra reacted suspecting that the attack is certainly by the YSRCP goondas.

“Why the State Government is feeling guilty if its corrupt practices and atrocities are questioned,” Lokesh asked.

The TDP will certainly teach a fitting lesson very soon to those who resorted to the assault on Anam making the party as the target, Lokesh stated.

“Venkata Ramana Reddy is freely and strongly airing the TDP voice and thus the ruling party leaders are getting unnerved, he stated.

During his pada yatra, Lokesh had an interaction with Balija community representatives at Bhumayyagaripalli campsite of Mydukur Assembluy segment. Observing that the TDP strived hard for the uplift of the Balija community in Rayalaseema, Lokesh said that after the YSRCP came to power the community is being suppressed.

Stating that the TDP, after coming back to power, will bring back all the welfare schemes for Backward Classes (BCs) which will be implemented to Balija community too, Lokesh felt that poverty has no religion, caste and region.

Making a promise to the community that proper importance will be given for Balijas in the coming elections, the TDP national general secretary asked the community representatives to see to it that they get elected in the polls.

When the SC community representatives submitted a memorandum to Lokesh at Buddayyapalli complaining that reservations are not being implemented to them in promotions in various government wings, the TDP national general secretary assured them that immediately after the TDP forms the next government all the welfare schemes which were in force earlier will be brought back.

Lokesh called upon the SC community representatives to extend their cooperation to make Chandrababu Naidu as the chief minister again, who always works for the uplift of the community.

The YSRCP is resorting to various kinds of atrocities on the SCs and all these will be checked once the TDP is back in power, Lokesh added.

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AP HC to hear Nellore court theft case


The AP high court had taken up the theft case in the Nellore additional junior civil judge court. Miscreants have gained entry into the court and decamped with some documents related to a case against Minister for Agriculture Kakani Govardhan Reddy.

Though the case is pending in the court for a long time, theft occurred and the papers related to the case were stolen only after Govardhan Reddy became a minister in the cabinet on April 11. However, the Nellore district police nabbed some people and said it was not an intentional robbery.

On the contrary the principal district judge (PDJ) of Nellore had sent a report to the high court recommending investigation by an independent agency. Following this, the court registered a case with 18 persons as respondents.

The respondents included Minister Govardhan Reddy, chief secretary, principal secretary (Home), DGP, CBI director, Nellore district Collector, SP and some others, including the police inspectors and the local court judges.

The bench headed by chief justice Prashant Kumar Mishra with another judge Justice M Satyanarayana Murthy are scheduled to take up the case on Tuesday.

Minister Govardhan Reddy denied his involvement in the theft as the documents related to the case against him were stolen. He said he was ready for any sort of investigation. However, the rivals have accused Govardhan Reddy of his involvement either directly or indirectly.

It is to be seen what the high court would order when the case comes up for hearing today.

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A court that deals with minister’s case robbed


A court in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh was robbed by miscreants during early hours on Thursday. The miscreants took away some important documents from the court and left a few more documents in a canal.

The court bench clerk lodged a complaint with the local police about the theft. He told the police that documents related to a case of a peoples’ representative were robbed, besides some electronic gadgets and some stamp papers.

As there were no CC cameras in the court premises, the miscreants took advantage and robbed it during the night hours.

The 4th additional judicial magistrate court was robbed in Nellore town. The court is hearing a case between Minister Kakani Govardhan Reddy of YSR Congress and former minister Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy of the TDP.

Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy filed a case against Kakani Govardhan Reddy some time ago and the case is being heard in the court. However, the court was robbed after Govardhan Reddy became a minister in the State cabinet recently.

The TDP leaders, who have been fighting the legal battle against the YSR Congress leader suspect the hand of Govardhan Reddy in the theft as he became a minister. They made an appeal to the AP high court to order inquiry into the theft and the possible involvement of the Minister.

It is to be seen how the high court would respond and take up the issue as political involvement is suspected. The documents related to the case against the minister are also missing after the incident.

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Kakani’s rivals join hands in Nellore politics


Enemy’s enemy is a friend. This is what is being proven in Andhra Pradesh politics these days, particularly in the ruling YSR Congress Party. Those who were denied the cabinet berth and those who were dropped from the cabinet are now joining hands against those who could make it to the cabinet.

The new ministers are throwing a piece of advice to the dissident leaders, while the senior ministers who were retained in the new cabinet remain silent to the dissent. Minister R K Roja said that it was not possible to make all 150 MLAs as ministers and advised her party MLAs to understand the reality. One wonders whether she could have made the same statement had she been kept out of the cabinet.

While keeping these enlightenment statements aside, those who could not make it to the cabinet and those who were dropped from the cabinet are joining hands. In Nellore district, former minister P Anil Kumar Yadav had met local MLA Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy. While Anil Kumar was dropped from the cabinet, Sridhar Reddy was denied the cabinet berth.

When Anil Kumar was in the cabinet, there was no relationship between the minister and the MLA in Nellore politics. The followers of Anil Kumar and Sridhar Reddy clashed a couple of times and they did not see eye to eye.

Having dropped Anil Kumar from the cabinet and denied Sridhar Reddy the cabinet berth, the chief minister had taken another MLA Kakani Govardhan Reddy into the cabinet. With Govardhan Reddy taking over the reins, both Anil Kumar and Sridhar Reddy have become friends now. Anil Kumar went all the way to Sridhar Reddy’s house and had a long discussion. While what was discussed is not known, the observers say that these two joined hands against Govardhan Reddy in the district politics.

It is to be seen how Govardhan Reddy would handle the district politics with more rivals within the party.

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It’s Kotamreddy vs Anam in Nellore Rural


Smug, confident and contented YSRCP MLA from Nellore rural assembly constituency Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy is finding himself in deep trouble these days. His once-best friend and Anam family member Anam Vijayakumar Reddy is now his bitterest enemy and is seeking to undermine the influence of the MLA.

Two-time Kotamreddy and Anam were best of friends and Kotamreddy walked the extra mile when Anam Vijayakumar Reddy contested the local body MLC election. Despite his best efforts Vijayakumar Reddy lost the election. Soon after the ZP elections came and Anam Vijayakumar Reddy had put up his wife Aruna as the ZPTC candidate without even bothering to consult Kotamreddy. This has led to lot of heartburn and the party leaders made a lot of effort to placate Kotamreddy. Later, she became the ZP Chief.

Since then, both the leaders are at loggerheads. They have been fighting on every conceivable issue. Anam group has filed cases and lodged complaints over the land dealings of Kotamreddy’s closest associates in Narayanapeta, Kothapeta, Kothakoduru and Kodurupadu. The MLA hit back by levelling serious allegations against Anam Vijayakumar.

Meanwhile, there are reports that Anam Vijayakumar Reddy is preparing ground to contest from Nellore rural in 2024. This has pitted him against Kotamreddy. As a result the battle will only get more and more intense in the days to come. Will the YSRCP high command move in address the dispute between the two key leaders of the party?

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Jagan unable to control “Reddys war” in Nellore!


Two powerful Reddy leaders now in YSRCP and coming from powerful political family backgrounds are openly indulging in tug-of-war in Nellore district.

Despite this, YSRCP chief and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy is unable to control them and simply watching as a mute spectator. Party circles say this is because Jagan is unable to choose one and confused over whom should be given the priority.

These two leaders are Anam Ramanarayan Reddy and Nedurumalli Ramkumar Reddy. Both were strong leaders in Congress prior to bifurcation of AP. Anam was a key minister in the cabinets of Congress CMs YSR, Rosaiah and Kiran Kumar Reddy.

Ramkumar Reddy is the son of former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Nedurumalli Janardhan Reddy.

After bifurcation of AP in 2014 and Congress wiped out from the state, both these leaders jumped into different parties to safeguard their political career. While Anam joined TDP, Nedurumalli joined BJP.

But both left their respective parties and joined YSRCP before 2019 Assembly polls. Anam got elected as MLA from Venkatagiri constituency. Although Nedurumalli also vied for this seat, Jagan gave ticket to Anam.

The differences between Anam and Nedurumalli soon erupted with both the groups trying to gain upper hand over the other. Nedurumalli’s supporters are openly claiming that Jagan has decided to give Venkatagiri Assembly ticket to Nedurumalli in 2024 Assembly polls and Anam will be shifted to Nellore city.

This flared up a political fight between both groups. At this juncture, Jagan nominated Nedurumalli to the chairman post of a government corporation with cabinet rank. This led to protocol issues in the Nellore district as Nedurumalli is getting more priority with his cabinet minister rank while Anam is just an MLA.

This is not being digested by Anam and his supporters. Anam supporters are worried over whether Jagan will continue to give priority to Nedurumalli and shift Anam to Nellore city in the 2024 Assembly polls.

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2 YSRCP MLAs Served Notices in Cricket Betting Case


The sensational Cricket Betting scandal unearthed in Nellore district recently, has leaped to the high-profile political zone. Two MLAs belonging to the YSR Congress party were served notices on Sunday in connection with the betting case.

Nellore City MLA Anil Kumar Yadav and Rural MLA Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy, who are currently in Nandyal, vigorously campaigning for the August 23 scheduled by-poll, were personally served notices by a team of police officials on Sunday asking them to appear for enquiry on August 22. Close pals of the two MLAs have already been arrested.

It may be noted that around 210 persons have so far been arrested this month in connection with the cricket betting scandal in Nellore district. During the enquiry, the police found evidence on the role of politicians from the data extracted from a laptop used by the main bookie Krishna Singh.

The police also gathered information from Singh on the role of an YSRC party MLA, who was allegedly paid Rs 40 lakh for shielding the betting ring from police officials. He further alleged that B. Srikant Reddy, who is a close associate of MLA Sridhar Reddy, was the mediator between bookies and politicians. Meanwhile, rumors are doing rounds that a few more YSRCP legislators would soon receive notices.

The two YSRC party legislators expressed surprise over having been served notices. They alleged that this could be a political conspiracy to deflate their campaigning and malign the party’s image ahead of the by-poll in Nandyal. They however affirmed to cooperate with police in the enquiry.

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Kotamreddy: A leader with ears to the ground


Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy, YSRCP MLA from Nellore Rural constituency, is a typical grass-root MLA, who loves to be seen always among the people of his constituency rather staying in the cool comforts of Hyderabad.

During Assembly session, Sridhar makes his presence felt strongly by actively participating in debates, and stoutly defending his boss. Once the Assembly is adjourned, within minutes he hops into his car to gets back to his constituency. Not a single day passes without Reddy attending one developmental program or the other, somewhere in the sprawling constituency. Reddy, a first time MLA, loves to nurse his constituency like typical political leader, whose tribe is on the verge of extinction. Soft personality with loud voice, Sridhar, is a fine politician in the making, and he is known for his honest credentials.

On Monday morning Sridhar participated in simple tri-cycle distribution program to physically challenged people of in the constituency, without making big fuss. While delivering the tricycles to 105 individuals he said this was a beginning, the program continues as many more are in the need. He purchased these tricyles with his money and with a portion being contributed by KLSR Trust and ZP Chairman Bommireddy Raghavendra Reddy.

He assured the physically challenged people assembled there that he would strive to get suitable houses constructed for them.

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Jolt to Jagan in Nellore district ?


Who said municipal minister P Narayana is only an education-businessman and not a politician? The businessman is acquiring political color. He is planning to gain control of the politics in the district from politicians proper. To prove his manipulative skills, Narayana is all set to bring Nallureddy Prasannakumar Reddy back to Telugu Desam Party and present him as a trophy of his triumph in politics to his boss Chandrababu Naidu.

And, of course, also to rein-in Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy. The rise of Narayana in Nellore district stopped Somireddy in his tracks. Somireddy, though a powerful spokesperson of the party, could not get MLC nomination last month.This is the talk in political circles.

Prasannakumar Reddy has sent enough signals to YS Jaganmohan Reddy that can’t continue in the YSRCP for “personal” reasons. First he expressed his inability to meet the expenditure of running the Nellore district party office. His complaint is that head office (read as Jagan) is not sharing the burden of office expenditure. Later he said he had resigned from the post of district president of the party. Later, at the intervention of YS Jaganmohan Reddy he agreed to continue as the president. Exactly one month later, Yesterday, in a press conference in Kota, he reiterated that he had resigned from the post of district party president. He also said this was final. He, however, clarified that he would continue to sail with Jagan.

Who believes it? This is typical of whispers politicians produce before they plan to leave a party. The talk in the YSR Congress is that he is a gone case. His followers say Prasannakumar Reddy is not getting due importance in the party, even MP Mekapati is also ignoring him.But, others are of the opinion that Reddy sees no future for YSRCP in the district, so wants to take a decision about his future much in advance.

Prasannakumar Reddy was originally a TDP MLA. He got elected to Assembly in 2009 as TDP candidate and later switched to Congress under the spell of YSR and then to YSRC aftre YSR death. He resigned from the Assembly and won the subsequent byelection in March 2012 as YSRCP candidate. In 2014 he lost to TDP again. As he is out power and has to bear the expenditure of party activities, he is thinking of coming back to TDP which is in power. In the next three and half year, he could get enough strength to face the 2019 election with the support of ruling party and ministers like Narayana.

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