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AP BJP fighting with YCP but Modi-Shah friendly with Jagan


The BJP AP unit leaders are facing a very ironical tricky situation. They are facing political harassment from the YCP in local body elections. Their candidates are being threatened and injured. They are not being allowed to even file nominations. It is so complicated that BJP AP President Kanna Lakshminarayana had to complain to the State Election Commission against YCP election atrocities especially in Minister Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy’s Punganur segment in Chittoor district. The YCP leaders are attacking BJP without the slightest fear that the BJP Central leadership would take it seriously.

On the other hand, Modi-Shah are suspected to have given their blessings to Jagan Reddy who gave the return gift of one Rajya Sabha seat. The rumours in Delhi political circles are that YCP RS ticket was given to Reliance Natwani as part of Modi-Shah understanding with Jagan.

Now, that has come as a big minus point for BJP AP leaders as well as Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan in field level. They expected YCP to spare their candidates because of Jagan’s CBI cases and the Centre’s capabilities to control him. But, with one stroke, Jagan Reddy gained total upper hand on all the opposition parties in AP.

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Will Centre re-notify for AP Capital shifting?


From the beginning, the Modi government is refusing to be drawn into the controversy surrounding Jagan Reddy Circar’s 3 Capitals plan. But now, the BJP is clearly under constitutional obligations to decide whether to give green signal or not to the AP Capital shifting. BJP strategist GVL Narasimha Rao has unconsciously announced that the Modi Circar will automatically notify the 3 Capitals plan as part of honouring the Centre-State relations.

On the other hand, RSS ideologues like Rathan Sarda asked whether the BJP government at the Centre would like to simply watch while Jagan Reddy’s arbitrary policies are crippling Andhra Pradesh. They are asking how GVL can make two mutually contradictory statements simultaneously. While saying that the Centre cannot interfere on AP Capital, GVL said that however the process would require the Union Government to re-notify 3 Capitals plan once again.

Pro-Amaravati agitators are now demanding that Modi government should use its discretion here to interfere and not re-notify AP Capital on the plea that Amaravati was already notified in 2015 itself. The big question is whether the BJP leaders are still hoping to take advantage of the political crisis in AP. Or, will Modi-Shah realise the immediate need to save Amaravati, thereby to save AP?

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Big change in Pawan, follows his alliance dharma


Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan is the kind of an emotional leader who talks frankly against any injustice to Andhra Pradesh. He supported Chandrababu Naidu in 2014 elections. But once TDP came to power, Pawan openly criticised its decisions and eventually cut ties with Naidu. In 2019 elections, Senani contested alone and blamed the YCP, BJP and TDP for the pitiable fate of AP people.

But these last few weeks, there has been a marked change in the very approach and strategies of Pawan Kalyan. This is not election season but Senani entered a tie-up with BJP to get Modi-Shah immediately interfere and save Amaravati farmers and AP people from CM Jagan Reddy’s oppressive police rule and 3 Capitals plan. But BJP is still not acting against Jagan. Now, the issue of zero allocations for AP in the Central budget became a sore subject. However, Pawan heaped praise on Modi without following his usual style of rushing to criticize injustice.

What more, Pawan set aside his questioning nature and is duly following the alliance dharma, saying that the YCP policies of cancellations and demolitions are the reason for lack of Central budget support but not the BJP or Modi. Obviously, just eight months of Jagan oppressive rule taught valuable practical lessons in politicking to the Power Star what five years of Naidu’s not-so-oppressive regime could not do.

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Shah-TDP MPs meet triggers political speculation


A delegation of TDP MPs met Union Home Minister Amit Shah in Delhi. They thanked him for giving recognition to Amaravati as the Capital City of AP. The delegation consisted of MPs Galla Jayadev, K Rammohan Naidu, Kanakamedala Ravindra Kumar and Thota Sitaramalakshmi. The MPs thanked the Centre for including Amaravati as AP Capital in the Political Map of India. This is the first time in recent times that Amit Shah gave formal appointment and officially met a delegation from AP. Only a few weeks ago, Shah did not give official appointment to CM Jagan Reddy who had to wait for two days in Delhi but could get just an informal chance to meet Shah at that time. YCP MP Vijayasai Reddy, once a regular at PMO and Shah office, is now unofficially banned there.

Obviously, the TDP is taking advantage of the Centre’s growing dissatisfaction against YCP. Now, the TDP MPs also gave to Shah copy of an open letter written by Naidu thanking Modi-Shah for recognition to Amaravati. The MPs also explained to the Union Home Minister on the political harassment and police excesses against opposition leaders in Andhra. Amit Shah said that he had full knowledge of what is happening to AP law and order. He told them to leave that subject to the Centre. When the TDP MPs said they would meet him again on people’s issues, Amit Shah just said that they can meet him whenever they want.

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Modi-Shah watching misrule in AP, says Pawan


Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan made shocking comments on the Jaganmohan Reddy government. He made his remarks after a two-day tour in Amaravati Capital City. Pawan told Jagan Regime that no political party would survive if it tries to bring tears to any section of society especially farmers. He further made sensational comments saying that Prime Minister Modi and Amit Shah are closely watching the misrule in Andhra Pradesh. Modi may look friendly but he will not tolerate misuse of authority in governance.

Pawan mocked at Minister Botsa Satyanarayana asking him not to create further confusion. ‘Botsa Garu Be Careful,’ Pawan said at one time referring to the Volkswagen case still pending against the Minister. Pawan said that he didn’t know whether lucky time or EVMs helped the YCP but it got massive majority winning 151 out of 170 MLA seats. It doesn’t mean the government can do whatever it likes.

Jana Senani assured of all his help to first wage local agitations along with Amaravati farmers. If the YCP still tries to shift Capital, Pawan told farmers that he would use his connections in the BJP to stop this. If needed, Pawan would personally take Amaravati issue to PM Modi and Shah.

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PM Modi, Jagan & KCR Congratulates PV Sindhu


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday congratulated ace shuttler P.V. Sindhu after she became the first Indian to win the BWF World Championships in Basel, Switzerland, on Sunday.

Modi said in a tweet that the “stupendously talented” Sindhu’s success will “inspire generations of players.”

“The stupendously talented @Pvsindhu1 makes India proud again! Congratulations to her for winning the Gold at the BWF World Championships. The passion and dedication with which she’s pursued badminton is inspiring. PV Sindhu’s success will inspire generations of players,” Modi tweeted.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy on Sunday congratulated ace shuttler P.V. Sindhu for creating history by winning gold at the World Championship in Basel, Switzerland.

“The first ever Indian to win World Championship, Sindhu has done the state and the nation proud with her smashing victory,” the Chief Minister said.

He also wished that the Hyderabad girl’s winning streak continues.

Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao congratulated badminton star P. V. Sindhu on winning World Badminton Championships on Sunday.

Rao said that Sindhu, with her superb performance, has made the country proud and hoped that she will continue her victories in future.

Sindhu became first Indian to win the World Badminton Championships by defeating Japan’s Nozomi Okuhara in the final.

Sindhu, playing in her third straight World Championships final, trounced Japan’s Nozomi Okuhara 21-7, 21-7 in what turned out to be a one-sided summit clash in just 36 minutes.

She had previously lost to Okuhara in the same stage in 2017 in an epic 110-minute battle before going down to Olympic champion Spaniard Carolina Marine in the final in 2018.

She had also won two bronze medals in the 2013 and 2014 editions of the World Championships.

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Speaker a lone fighter against Modi-Shah war


The BJP would have thrown away the Kumaraswamy government and formed its own regime in Karnataka by now but only one man could effectively prevent it in the past two weeks. That is Assembly Speaker K Ramappa Ramesh Kumar. He is known as a centre of controversies in Karnataka politics. A six-time senior Congress MLA, Ramesh is now seen as a saviour of the JDS-Congress alliance with his bold stand and fearless defence in the face of challenges from the Supreme Court as well as Karnataka Governor. He is not accepting the resignations of the rebel MLAs despite enormous pressure from all sides.

The latest challenge is from the Governor who wanted the confidence vote to be completed immediately. But the Speaker unhesitatingly replied that he would follow the rules of the Assembly only saying that the House is independent of outside influences. Ramesh Kumar has been postponing the floor test several times now to save Kumaraswamy regime. Meanwhile, the ruling alliance is trying hard but failing to mobilize numbers to save its government. The rival BJP is unyielding and sticking to its guns. The Speaker says that he will not hold the confidence vote till there’s a sense of harmony and stability in the Assembly. He has become a hard nut to crack for the mighty BJP.

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Jagan balancing act between KCR and Modi


AP CM Jaganmohan Reddy is almost caught between TRS and BJP. Telangana CM Chandrasekhara Rao talked of getting national project status for Kaleswaram. But he did not even go and raise it before PM Modi at the Niti Ayog meeting. However, Jagan met Modi and pleaded for special status for his state. There is talk of clear distance growing between KCR and Modi but Jagan is maintaining somehow equal closeness to both leaders.

Now, KCR is facing criticism for his changed policies even as the Modi government is slowly becoming unfriendly to the TRS government. The scene has reversed because earlier BJP used to favour Telangana and discriminate against AP. Jagan has got Modi’s approval for release of huge Central funds for Polavaram and backward areas. Amid these developments, KCR is arriving in AP today to invite Jagan to be the chief guest at Kaleswaram inaugural function.

Jagan’s situation is becoming sandwiched between two rival parties. Analysts say that Jagan has compulsions towards both Modi and KCR which is why he will be playing a balancing act very cautiously.

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Web series on Modi returns after elections


‘Modi: Journey Of A Common Man’, the web series on Prime Minister Narendra Modi is live again, a month after the Election Commission banned its streaming in favour of a level-playing field during the Lok Sabha elections.

Directed by Umesh Shukla of ‘OMG – Oh My God’ fame, the web series was launched just days ahead of the polls, and was playing on even though the EC had stopped the release of Bollywood biopic ‘PM Narendra Modi’ from releasing on April 11 when the seven-phase polls began.

Five episodes, which were launched earlier, were made available again on OTT platform Eros Now on Tuesday. The remaining five are yet to be out.

“Our plan is to release episodes 6 and 7 on Thursday (May 23) in five different languages – Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Gujarati. The remaining episodes of the 10-part original series will be streamed shortly,” Ridhima Lulla, Chief Content Officer, Eros Group, told IANS.

“Our attempt through this series is to tell the story of Narendra Modi’s struggle, will power, vision and victory. His journey is truly inspiring,” Lulla added.

Shukla, the director of the web series, had earlier said the release of the show was not planned in a way to coincide with the elections.

“I was working on it for almost a year. It could have come out a month earlier as well, but it got delayed owing to some technical glitches… My web series is not about politics. It is more about a character and his journey,” Shukla had told IANS.

The trajectory of the web series and the film ‘PM Narendra Modi’ is similar as they trace Modi’s journey from his humble beginnings to become the Prime Minister.

Written by Mihir Bhuta and Radhika Anand and based on Kishor Makwana’s ‘Modi: Common Man’s PM’, the show stars Faisal Khan, Ashish Sharma and Mahesh Thakur depicting different phases of Modi’s life.

Meanwhile, BJP-sponsored channel NaMo TV went off air on May 17 soon after the conclusion of campaigning across the country. It began on March 31, BJP sources said.

“The channel was brought as a medium of election campaign of BJP. As the campaign ended, there was no need of it. So it went off air on May 17 after the campaign concluded,” a BJP leader said on condition of anonymity.

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TDP expects Gadkari or Rajnath to replace Modi?


With election results fast approaching, the TDP is taking a closer look at the possibilities of the next government formation at the Centre. TDP leaders are discussing that Modi will not become PM again even if the National Democratic Alliance comes to power. They believe that either Rajnath Singh or Nitin Gadkari will have a chance to replace Modi this time.

During meetings with Ministers and senior party functionaries, CM Chandrababu Naidu told them to be very careful and not shaken at the exit poll results that are expected on May 19. There’s likely to be a lot of confusion at the Centre as well. Naidu assured the party leaders that the TDP is coming to power hundred percent.

There are reports that the TDP is keenly following the mood among the possible allies of the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance. As they are not able to sort out differences, a possible rethinking is expected after the results. The TDP firmly believes that the UPA would be able to make use of any small opportunity to form the government.

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UPA-3 to take shape before May 23 results


All the 21 anti-Modi political parties, including Congress, are planning to form the United Progressive Alliance (UPA 3), before the results of general elections come out on May 23. The leaders of these parties are holding a meeting on May 21, two days prior to the counting day. Their strategy is to bring pressure on President Ramnath Kovind to invite the UPA-3 to form the government if its alliance partners get enough numbers. By doing so, the BJP would be denied a chance to be invited for government formation even if it stands as the single largest party or alliance.

All these aspects came up during the discussion between Rahul Gandhi and Chandrababu Naidu. The TDP boss says that the BJP will lose 100 MP seats compared to 2014. The Congress and its allies may get around 200 seats. Naidu wants Samajwadi Party, Bahujan Samaj Party, Trinamool Congress and TDP to join Congress to form UPA-3 prior to results announcement. This broad alliance will be able to show numbers to stake claim for the government formation. Naidu is holding discussions with national leaders in this regard.

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Modi responsible for Rs 3 lakh crore additionally entering economy?


Like never before, the money power has dominated the present general election across the country. The Congress is blaming PM Modi solely responsible for the ugly turn in the election scene. It says that after demonetisation in 2016, nearly Rs 3 lakh crore has additionally entered into circulation in the country’s economy. The BJP has effectively used higher denomination currency notes to its advantage.

Congress senior leader and ex union minister Kapil Sibal says that there was only Rs 17.97 lakh crore in circulation in the country prior to demonetisation but afterwards it has gone up to Rs 21.42 lakh crore. He says that the BJP leaders have stored huge amounts of money in their party offices and secret places. This money is being distributed and used to buy voters all over. The Election Commission of India is not taking action nor its officials placing vigil on the BJP leaders’ illegal activities.

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Modi’s hopes on split between Mayawati and Akhilesh Yadav


Samajwadi Party leaders shared election dais with Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi in Rae Bareli seat. Actually, SP doesn’t have any alliance with Congress in Uttar Pradesh. It has a tie-up with the BSP. Will SP’s closeness with Congress affect its future relations with BSP? PM Modi says SP leader Akhilesh Yadav has joined hands with Congress to isolate BSP leader Mayawati.

Modi predicts that there will certainly be differences between Mayawati and Akhilesh Yadav after the May 23 counting and results. Is Modi hoping for a split in the opposition ranks? The present surveys say the BJP is facing a very tough time and that it’s no longer a smooth ride to power for Modi again. He would be requiring support from allies and even some of the present foes. Modi has already begun his game plan to win over enemies and secure his position in the event of the hung Parliament. Mayawati’s support may become crucial in such a development. The BJP is making smart moves to outwit Congress.

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I am not a fake backward caste person, says Modi


Prime Minister Modi issued a strong counter to BSP supremo Mayawati who said that Modi is not actually an OBC. Modi asserted that he belongs to the most backward caste and the rival leaders were only doing caste politics to tarnish his image. The Bahujan Samaj Party and the Samajwadi Party are long using caste mantra to get power and loo public money. PM appealed to his rivals not to drag him into the caste politics.

Modi said that he was not a fake OBC. It is Mayawati who has not learnt anything from Ambedkar’s life but her only goal is to grab the seat of power. Has she ever tried to achieve the ideals of Ambedkar? Mayawati has tied up with Samajwadi Party leader Akhilesh Yadav who has opposed Ambedkar.

PM Modi said that the main agenda of Mayawati is caste with which she wants to come back to power. She is not bothered about the problems of the poor people and she is not bothered about the country at all. Modi criticised that during regimes of Mayawati and Akhilesh, local rowdies and goondas reared their ugly head. How can they promise to protect India’s security when they have failed in respect of law and order within Uttar Pradesh? he asked.

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Modi’s rule is full of Tughlaq decisions, says Chandrababu


Stepping up his anti-BJP campaign in other states, CM Chandrababu Naidu is making unsparing attacks on Prime Minister Modi and his government’s decisions. Naidu has said that Modi’s regime in last five years is reminding everybody of the disastrous Tughlaq rule during the Delhi Sultanate period. Naidu made a bitter attack saying that because of demonetisation and faulty implementation of GST, India’s growth rate came down by 2 per cent.

Chandrababu said there were reports of over 55 lakh employees having lost their jobs in different sectors because of industrial and business slowdown. It is but natural for opponents to call others Tughlaqs when their decisions impacted common people adversely. This word was being used in history ever since Delhi Sultan Mohammad Bin Tughlaq who was hated by all sections of people at that time for his disastrous decisions and also for trying to shift capital from Delhi to Daulatabad.

Modi’s opponents all over the country are now targetting him mainly on his ban on currency notes and also introduction of high value Rs. 2,000 notes. Chandrababu said that the BJP used the high value notes to buy voters all over the country and the entire demonetisation was a farce.

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India needs a strong leader, strong nation


I am a human being – Homo sapiens. But does that mean I am poor, brutish, nasty and small? That is what Thomas Hobbes had thought. Machiavelli’s prince had also said that if you want to control people, the masses, the electorate – then you’ve to keep a whip in your hand like the ringmaster in a circus. Only a strong leader can control the mobocracy.

The great Indian political circus has also had several Prime Ministers. From Jawaharlal Nehru to Narendra Modi. Each Prime Minister is unique The modus operandi is different. In 2014 when Modi entered Lutyen’s Delhi, the popular perception was that a strong man has arrived. Like the arrival of James Bond, after the World War II to dispel the darkness of the depressed British masses. Plato had preached that for a philosopher king who would also be the representative of God – that he will bring justice to mankind.

Today in a democracy, we chose our leader through the process of election. There is no monarch. Nor do we have a philosopher leader like S. Radhakrishnan. We have Modi and the popular perception persists that he is a ‘strong leader’. At the eve of another election, the discourse on strong leadership has started again. But we need to understand that strong leader doesn’t mean an undemocratic leader. I think that even in a coalition government one needs a strong leadership to run the coalition. A strong leader does not mean that he will be blunt to the ideas of others – that he or she will not listen to the voice of the people. Rather, if you want to frame policies, you’ve to talk to experts, bureaucrats and even other people.

After getting 282 seats, was Modi reluctant to listen any other opinion?

I think this belief is absolutely wrong. I know his style of functioning and I can say, bluntly, that each and every day he spoke to several people on different subjects. In Lutyen’s Delhi, there is a wrong perception that he takes his own decision – this isn’t correct. In Delhi, he begins his daily routine with briefing meetings. Principal Secretary Nripendra Mishra meets him first. Then P.K. Mishra and other PMO officials. He talks to his PS and APSs daily. Then, the PM conducts video conferences with his department secretaries. He would also hold such conferences with state government officials.

He also has his own unique way of taking inputs from the feedback from the ground; a team, a set-up that isn’t just restricted to social media like Twitter or Facebook. He seeks opinion from the chaupals of different villages. Before the declaration of the election, he conducted a review meeting. The PMO wanted to know the status of implementation of different Government of India schemes in the country’s 29 states and 7 union territories.

It is true that Modi didn’t encourage the Dalal Raj of the political system. In Maharashtra, what is the reason for the deteriorating relationship between Uddhav and Modi took in the past 5 years? Was it ideological? Was it the just the BJP’s single party mindset? An arrogance of big brotherhood? The informed political circle know that the actual reason is because Shiv Sena couldn’t get the malai of Delhi’s power. It started with the Mumbai corporation and ended in a cabinet birth for Shiv Sena.

When Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the Prime Minister, Balasaheb quarrelled on several issues. But the supply line for Shiv Sena was never disturbed. Vajpayee was the first NDA PM in 1998. The Vajpayee era could easily be said as the beginning of the ‘swarna yug’ of Indian economy. It was under his leadership that India went for Pokhran 2, but was he a strong leader? The Indian mythology of strong leadership would dictate that he wasn’t.

Vajpayee was, after all, a man of political consensus. How can such a leader be characterised as strong? Here lies the fallacy. Once the late Pramod Mahajan of the BJP told me: “Do you know what is our major problem in this party and government? And what is the advantage the Gandhi family of the Congress have?” He explained: “In our party it is a tyranny of democracy. Vajpayee may be the leader but there is an oligarchy. Advani, M.M. Joshi, Jaswant Singh, Yashwant Sinha. And beyond these leaders there is Nagpur. Humhara yaha fayasla lenese jada chintan manthan hota haye!”

In congress there is a working committee but only one Gandhi will take the final call. Nobody can object. Sharad Pawar and Purno Sangma raised issues and they had to leave the party. Only once Vajpayee did not disclose the decision to Advani also — and that was the Pokhran blast and that event made Indian leadership strong! See, Advani pressurised Vajpayee to hold general election six months early. And Vajpayee accepted. He lost the election.

Can anybody dictate Modi like this today?

In the party national executive meeting held at Palampur (Himachal Pradesh), the BJP leadership led by Advani took the resolution in 1989 to start Ramjanmabhomi movement. Vajpayee objected but he was a loner and a minority voice. Now this model of Vajpayee leadership is desirable? When a General cannot issue order to his soldiers forcefully? Second, when you are a victim of political blackmail. P.V. Narasimha Rao had to manage JMM MPs to win the no confidence motion in the Lok Sabha. How can he be the strong man? Manmohan Singh did not like it, but chargesheeted Lalu Prasad was in his cabinet. I recall that once, while accompanying him during a trip, he said on record that keeping Lalu in cabinet is coalition compulsion. Manmohan Singh wanted to go to Pakistan to talk. The party said no. How can he be a strong leader?

Today we need a strong leader and strong nation. But this doesn’t mean that it has to be against the culture of political pluralism. Such a leader need not be against federalism, need not run an unitary government. Our Constitution suggests a quasi-federal structure, and such a leader can be a symbol of that political entropy. But creating a hate campaign against Modi, projecting him as an autocrat – is that democracy? Actually, till today, I have not seen one Devkant Baruah statement in the BJP saying ‘Modi is India’.

(The writer is a senior journalist)

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PM Modi trying to impoverish AP?


TDP is hitting back hard at PM Modi’s election speech. TDP National Spokesman Lanka Dinakar accused PM Modi of hatching a conspiracy along with Jaganmohan Reddy and Chandrasekhar Rao to make Andhra Pradesh a sunset state in terms of development, welfare and job opportunities. Modi’s election speeches revealed his intentions to ignore the bifurcation promises and leave AP a totally crushed and impoverished state.

Mr. Dinakar said that Modi is obviously jealous and afraid of the manner in which CM Chandrababu Naidu is developing AP as a sunrise state attractive for investors and entrepreneurs from around the world. Hitting back at Modi’s’sonset’ comment, he said that CM Naidu is like bright sun and his son Lokesh is like a second sun as both of them together are working hard and making AP a promising land of the never-setting sun.

TDP reminded Modi how his own government at the Centre and various Union Ministries have given numerous awards to AP in panchayat raj and rural development wings for the good work done by Minister Lokesh. Modi betrayed and insulted AP people yet again by not at all talking about the promises he made to the AP people at the time of 2014 election on special status, Delhi-like Capital city, Bundelkhand-like package to AP backward regions, etc.

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Modi engaged with celebs to boost visibility: Study


Prime Minister Narendra Modi engaged with celebrities across different fields effectively on social media in the run-up to the 2014 general elections to raise his visibility and further his electoral ambitions, as per a US study.

Joyojeet Pal, an associate professor at the University of Michigan’s School of Information, examined more than 9,000 tweets from @narendramodi between February 2009 and October 2015 to research Modi’s engagement with Indian public figures before and after elections.

As per the study, ‘Brand Modi: Decoding social media engagement with celebrities’, there were three distinct phases of engagement that happened in the six years for which he studied Modi’s tweets.

It was noticed in the first phase, Modi reached out to Amitabh Bachchan, businessman Narayana Murthy, cricketer Sachin Tendulkar and spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. “By engaging with them, he presented the idea that people outside his core support group and with broad followings were willing to engage with him,” Pal said.

Around 2013, his approach moved to getting support for his campaign by referring to various celebrities in his tweets, posing with them, and in some cases, getting their outright endorsement for the campaign. During this phase, celebrity engagement was mainly through pictures showing affiliation.

The efforts rounded off post-election when Modi called on celebrities primarily as champions for his initiatives.

According to Pal, this was the phase when Modi presented his initiatives as campaigns with national appeal rather than something imposed on the country.

This, Pal said, was particularly seen with Swachh Bharat, a national movement to clean up India’s roads and infrastructure, and, subsequently, with demonetisation. Celebrity engagement at these points presents the views of a collaborative, thoughtful leader.

Number of Modi’s Twitter followers stands at 46.6 million, and he continues to engage with celebrities.

Ahead of the 2019 elections, Modi has been increasingly reaching out to Bollywood celebrities to urge citizens to cast their vote.

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Chaiwala won in 2014 – Will Chowkidaar win in 2019?


PM Modi proved in 2014 how he can turn any criticism by the Congress into his own advantage. In fact, he made the Chaiwala comment from Congress leaders into his main election slogan and captured the imagination of the voters across the country. He eventually won.

The same strategy is adopted now. Modi is picking up his 2019 poll slogan from a highly mocking comment from Rahul Gandhi. It’s the Chowkidaar comment on the alleged massive corruption in the Rafale jet fighters deal. Rahul said sarcastically that the Chowkidaar has turned into the Chor and committed the multi-crore Rafale scam.

Now the question is whether this new slogan strategy will work wonders for Modi in this election. Analysts say it’s not that easy. The Chaiwala comment was taken by people in a negative way’ as it reflected on the social context. Modi got sympathy by asking voters whether a Chaiwala should not become PM. Now it’s a totally different issue. The Chowkidaar comment is made in a corruption context. Modi cannot escape from giving his explanation on Rafale scam.

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ED 2017 letter – Why Jagan surrendered totally to PM Modi?

New evidence is coming out why the BJP government at the Centre has become very soft and friendly to corruption-tainted YCP President Jaganmohan Reddy. And, why Jagan totally surrendered to PM Modi? And also, why YCP senior leader Vijaya Sai Reddy is making rounds and rounds to Prime Minister’s Office frequently. All that was because of the Enforcement Directorate’s 2017 May 31 letter to the CBI to re investigate deeper into Jagan’s assets cases.

The ED said that the CBI had unearthed and filed charge sheets against Jagan for his illegal assets and investments worth Rs. 46,500 crore. But in actuality, there was an unimaginably deeper corruption that Jagan had extended to many more companies and firms. The ED asked the CBI to re-investigate the Indu and Hinduja Quid Pro Quo issue as there is new evidence.

It was after the ED letter to CBI that Jagan started literally prostrating before Modi who in turn began taking political advantage out of this. Consequently, Modi’s approach towards AP has changed dramatically afterwards. The YCP, which was formed as a legacy of YS Rajasekhara Reddy, has become just a toy in the hands of BJP and its former media adviser Prashant Kishor.

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