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SS Rajamouli signs for Rs 180 Cr Debts

SS Rajamouli took a long time to carve out RRR and the film is made on a huge budget. The film’s release is pushed several times due to various reasons. All the arrangements are made and the film was planned for January 7th release finally. The Omicron variant spoiled the plans of RRR. The distributors paid huge advances and the deals are closed already. After clearing all the expenses, the makers have Rs 180 crores of finance which is yet to be cleared. The film’s producer DVV Danayya has been bearing the stress of this amount. After the release of RRR is pushed, SS Rajamouli decided to take the stress of the financed amount.

SS Rajamouli is said to have taken the responsibility for the amount and he signed responsibility for the debts. The final debts will be cleared right before the release of RRR and the interests would heap up over these months. DVV Danayya is now relieved and he will wait for the release of RRR. Rajamouli also holds the lion’s share in the profits of RRR. The film has NTR, Ram Charan, Alia Bhatt and Olivia Morris in the lead roles. The film is carrying terrific expectations.

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SS Rajamouli and Karan Johar to join Hands


Top director SS Rajamouli is well bonded with top Bollywood director Karan Johar who presented Baahubali in Hindi. Karan Johar wanted to work SS Rajamouli for a long time but the project never materialized. Karan Johar wants to produce a solo film with SS Rajamouli and the top director is said to have given his nod for the same recently. The film is an experiment and will have new faces. The movie will have a unique concept and an announcement is expected to be made soon.

Rajamouli is also committed to direct Superstar Mahesh Babu and his project with Karan Johar may happen soon after Mahesh Babu’s film. If Mahesh keeps Rajamouli in waiting mode, the top director will go ahead with Karan Johar’s project. In his remarkable journey, Rajamouli directed experimental films like Eega and Maryada Ramanna. He is now set for one more experiment with Karan Johar’s project.

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RRR Postponement: Mixed Response from Industry

SS Rajamouli carved out one more periodic drama titled RRR. The trailer took the expectations to the next level and the entire nation is eagerly waiting for the release of RRR. With the rise of new coronavirus cases due to the Omicron variant, SS Rajamouli and his team decided to push the release of RRR to a later date. His move is now getting mixed response from the industry bigwigs and insiders. Some of them are always ready to support Rajamouli as he is the one who vanished the boundaries of language and took Telugu cinema to pan-Indian level.

Others argue that Rajamouli should have released RRR in December covering the Christmas and New Year season. Movies like Sarkaru Vaari Paata and Bheemla Nayak are pushed due to RRR’s release. This is not the first time that happened for RRR. Earlier, several filmmakers announced their films and it was Rajamouli who made it to the chart at the last minute. There are talks that RRR will now hit the screens during summer and a series of films are announced in all the Indian languages. After the third wave, it is not easy to predict the situation of Indian cinema and the exhibition industry.

For now, SS Rajamouli and his team are left puzzled about RRR release date. This time, it would not be an easy task for RRR.

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‘RRR’ release postponed, makers promise to bring back glory of cinemas at right time

Considering the rising Covid cases across the country and the tightening of civil restrictions, the makers of Ram Charan and Jr NTR-starrer ‘RRR’ have decided to postpone the release date of the film till further notice.

Earlier on Saturday, the film’s director S.S. Rajamouli flew down to Mumbai for a meeting with the stakeholders of the film. The outcome of the meeting was shared by DVV Entertainment, the production company which made the announcement with regards to the same on Twitter.

They tweeted, “Keeping the best interests of all the involved parties in mind, we are forced to postpone our film. Our sincere thanks to all the fans and audience for their unconditional love. #RRRPostponed #RRRMovie”.

The creative shared by the production company read, “Inspite of our relentless efforts, some situations are beyond our control. As many Indian states are closing theatres, we are left with no choice but to ask you to hold on to your excitement. We promised to bring back The Glory of Indian Cinema, and at the right time, WE WILL.”

Enlisting the impact of the move, media and internet research analyst Karan Taurani said, “This will be a big negative for exhibitors as it will also postpone other large Hindi and regional releases slated for January; cash burn for the chains would go up substantially even if cinemas are open without large scale content as it’s a high operating leverage business. It was only large scale content that was driving larger footfalls in the last 3-4 months of operation.”

“We don’t expect a large film to be released at least until March/April basis the normalcy of current situation; we may go back to the same situation of cinemas being asked to shut in some states or reduce occupancy cap, reversal of this takes at least 6-8 weeks in our view, which would be much lower this time around as compared to wave 1 and wave 2, wherein reversals took anywhere between 12-24 weeks,” he added.

Independent film and trade analyst Sumit Kadel says that it’s a good move on the makers’ part. He shares, “It’s a sensible decision from the perspective of the ‘RRR’ makers. Otherwise, it would have badly affected their collections.”

He adds, “The Tamil Nadu government’s recent directive of running cinema halls at 50 per cent occupancy made the makers postpone the film as it is one of the most important markets for Rajamouli films. Both ‘Baahubali 1’ and its sequel did exceptional business in the state. In the coming days more states would come up with restrictions, some will put a cap on the occupancy, some will shut the theatres.”

The state of Andhra Pradesh is also facing issues with regards to ticket pricing. Upset with the state government’s crackdown on rising ticket and refreshment prices, several theatre owners in the state have shut down their establishments saying that the price cap by the government is eating into their profits and impeding the recovery of cinemas.

In addition, the Arvind Kejriwal-led Delhi government recently issued a yellow alert asking cinema halls to shut down in the national capital in order to quell the bug. Mumbai too is expected to witness shutting of cinema halls as it registered 5,600 cases on Friday, a number which is likely to go up in the days to come, pushing the hub of financial activities and entertainment into partial or full lockdown.

A number of states are curtailing civil movements to avoid the explosion of the virus into a third wave, a move which will thereby dent the showbiz further.

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Rajamouli reveals the reason he chose ‘RRR’ title


Director S.S. Rajamouli has revealed the reason behind titling his upcoming film ‘RRR’. He will be seen as a special guest along with the film’s stars Jr NTR, Ram Charan and Alia Bhatt, on ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’.

During a conversation, host Kapil Sharma asks Rajamouli to reveal the reason for naming his film ‘RRR’.

Rajamouli shares: “In the beginning, we didn’t know what to put the title as, so we thought we should refer to the project as ‘RRR’ because of – Ram Charan, Rama Rao (Jr NTR) and Rajamouli. We started putting hashtags as RRR and the response of the audience was overwhelming so we kept ‘RRR’ as the title.”

‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ airs on Sony Entertainment Television.

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Big Debates on RRR Release

SS Rajamouli is strict on his stand and announced that he would go ahead with January 7th release for RRR. The makers made good profits before release as some of the theatrical deals are closed even before the Covid-19 arrived. But with the Omicron variant making a splash, several markets are shut. Rajamouli is pretty confident that RRR would collect Rs 1000 crores across the North Indian belt alone. Maharashtra and New Delhi contribute to 40 percent of the theatrical market in North and the situation in these states is alarming for now. Several other Indian states will impose restrictions if the cases continue to rise. 83 received exceptional response but the box-office numbers are quite poor which clearly indicates that the scare of coronavirus is back in the nation.

It would be a daring step from Rajamouli and his team to release RRR. The new cases in USA reached an all-time high and several European markets are shut. Overseas happens to be one of the biggest markets for Telugu films and there is no clarity for now about the key international markets. The situation in Andhra Pradesh is pathetic and the AP government made it clear that there would be no special preference for RRR. Considering the hype and the situation, RRR would lose big for sure if released on January 7th.

The makers have been aggressive with the promotions and Rajamouli is not in a mood to change the date for now. Things may change badly in the coming week. For now, RRR is planned for January 7th release. Right from Tollywood to Bollywood, there are big debates going on about RRR release.

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Polish cinematographer, the Rajamouli connect, Hindi audiences: ‘Pushpa’ director Sukumar tells it all


The success of ‘Pushpa: The Rise’ in Hindi markets has come as a bit of revelation to the movie’s director Sukumar who admits he had cold feet about doing a movie for audiences above the Vindhyas.

After seeing the movie’s performance in the Hindi markets, Sukumar is now mentally prepared to wield the megaphone for more Hindi movies.

Interestingly, it was ace director S.S. Rajamouli of ‘Bahubali’ fame, who helped Sukumar break through his hesitation.

“I felt that audiences may watch south-based movies on satellite channels or YouTube, but I didn’t feel Hindi audiences would come to movie theatres to watch the movie. Then somehow Rajamouli garu came to know and he called me. You have a good package. I know your story. Definitely it will work. Pitch the movie, we’ll see what happens. He said that. Then I said ok,” Sukumar recalls.

Shooting for the movie began in March 2020, but had to be shelved due to the lockdown on account of Covid. The shooting resumed in December, but with almost the entire crew affected by Covid, production again came to a halt and continued in spurts and bursts.

Sukumar feels that the wholesome package of ‘Pushpa: The Rise’ has given it traction to withstand other big-ticket releases such as ’83’.

“I want to give full entertainment. All the emotions – fun, love, fights, everything. We call it commercial movie because we have to grab all audiences with that. When we write a commercial story, the director should feel like a superhuman. Because if you see Hollywood movies, love story is love story, thriller is thriller, horror is horror. They don’t mix two genres. Here 5-6 genres are mixing and giving an element, it should look like one. So that’s a big exercise when writing a story. So that’s what I think grabbed the audience,” he explains.

For Sukumar, the idea of a two-part movie was never in the works initially. It was only during the editing stage that he decided to go for a second part.

“Around the time we were editing this this movie, ‘Bahubali 2’ and ‘KGF’ were playing. We started our editing in between these movies. There was the pandemic when I started editing. I felt it’s too long and we can’t have the story for such a long duration. By then even the film producers gained confidence after seeing ‘Bahubali 2’ and ‘KGF’. ‘Pushpa’ in two instalments was an afterthought.”

The movie springs another surprise with cinematography executed by Miroslaw Kuba Brozek of Poland. With his regular cinematographer Ratnavelu busy on other projects, Sukumar cast his eye wider, partly because other cinematographers were also busy, and partly because he wanted a new set of eyes to look at the distinctly rural and rustic cinematic canvas he was spreading out for ‘Pushpa: The Rise’. But with the two of them not fluent in English, sign language it was between them on sets.

“He’s from Poland. He doesn’t even know English. I don’t speak English. We communicate through sign language. He doesn’t speak English properly, I don’t. Somehow we coordinated and he’s an amazing cinematographer. He doesn’t speak Telugu, when the scene is behind, he doesn’t know length of the scene also. But his grasp is like that. Instinct.”

Shooting for ‘Pushpa: The Rule’ is slated to begin in March this year, Sukumar signed off.

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NTR reveals the biggest strengths of Rajamouli


SS Rajamouli, NTR and Ram Charan are busy promoting the film all over the nation. They spent ample time on the Hindi promotions of RRR. In one of the interviews, NTR was asked about the biggest strength of SS Rajamouli and the actor had an instant reply. NTR said “Rajamouli is the only director who can bring everyone on to a common platform and he did it again with RRR. Matching the vision of SS Rajamouli is the biggest challenge for any actor”.

NTR even revealed about the bonding with Ram Charan. He said that they are good pals even before RRR commenced the shoot. They hang out to talk to each other and share the happenings in their life often during their breaks. Rajamouli lauded the bonding of Charan and Tarak. He said that things turned quite easier as they are good friends from before. RRR is announced for January 7th 2022 release in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam languages.

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SS Rajamouli rethinking about RRR Release Date


SS Rajamouli and his team chalked out a perfect plan and are promoting the film across all the available platforms. The Bollywood promotions are currently happening and the film is gearing up for a record release on January 7th 2022. The North Indian circuit is quite crucial and will contribute the major part of revenue for RRR. Pen Studios also paid a huge advance for the movie and RRR is planned for a record release for any Indian film.

The Omicron scare is making the nation sleepless. States like Maharashtra have imposed night curfews and all the theatres are asked to allow 50 percent occupancy across the state. Several other states are keen to impose night curfew from 9 PM which is clear that any film will lose two shows. 50 percent occupancy will not allow films like RRR to collect huge money. SS Rajamouli is currently in thinking mode. He will meet Pen Studios soon and will discuss about postponing the film for a future date if things are not comfortable.

RRR may not hit the screens as per the plan on January 7th if the night curfews are imposed with the restriction of 50 percent occupancy.

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‘Pushpa’ tops biggest theatrical opening weekends of 2021 in India


Allu Arjun’s ‘Pushpa: The Rise’ has reportedly topped the list of the biggest theatrical opening weekends of 2021 across India.

With a huge collection of Rs 173 crore within just three days of its theatrical release, ‘Pushpa’ has grown to be the biggest movie at the Indian box-office this year.

Released across 1,400 screens, the film continues to draw a phenomenal response across languages as it rises as the highest grosser of 2021 in India.

The makers of ‘Pushpa’ can now boast about the pan-India movie, which has successfully beaten big-budget outings such as ‘Spiderman: No Way Home’, ‘Sooryavanshi’, ‘Master’, and ‘Vakeel Saab’ that have minted similar collections within a week of their release.

‘Pushpa: The Rise’ is a two-part movie, for which the director has announced a sequel, which is titled ‘Pushpa: The Rule’.

It stars Allu Arjun, as he portrays a coolie who rises to be the don of the red sandalwood smuggling syndicate.

Rashmika Mandanna plays the heroine, while Malayalam actor Fahadh Fassil plays an important role.

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SS Rajamouli about the hard work of NTR and Ram Charan


SS Rajamouli is the country’s best director and his next film RRR is hitting the screens on January 7th, 2022. Tollywood top actors NTR and Ram Charan are the lead actors in this periodic action drama. The movie unit is completely busy promoting the film across the country. It is quite tough for the lead actors as Rajamouli’s films have challenging roles. Both NTR and Charan underwent a lot of physical transformation and their efforts are clearly visible in the trailer. During a recent media interaction, Rajamouli explained about the hard work they pumped out for the film.

“Tarak gained huge muscle for the role of Komaram Bheem. For the introduction scene, he had to run in a jungle in Bulgaria on bare foot. He also had several challenging episodes shot in the forest and he worked really hard for them. Ram Charan shot with more than 2000 people for his introduction episode in severe dust and heat. We had to spend days to complete the shoot of this episode. The actor delivered his best for the episode” told SS Rajamouli. Alia Bhatt and Olivia Morris are the lead actresses in RRR.

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Samudrakani is a kind and soft person: Rajamouli on National Award-winning actor


‘RRR’ director S.S. Rajamouli has chosen to describe National Award-winning Tamil actor Samudrakani, who plays a supporting role in the director’s upcoming pan-India film ‘RRR’, as someone who is “very kind and soft”.

Talking to IANS, Rajamouli said, “The funny thing was I would always try to speak to him in my broken Tamil and he would say to me, ‘It’s okay sir, you can speak to me in Telugu as I can understand Telugu.'”

“I would tell him, ‘I get very few chances to speak in Tamil and it is only with a few people like you that I can brush up my Tamil. Otherwise my Tamil will be completely gone.’ He used to patiently wait for me finish my broken Tamil sentences and then figure out what I was trying to say.”

“He is a very nice and accomodative person,” the director said and added that Samudrakani would wait patiently even if his shots were scheduled late into the nights.

“He is a very down-to-earth person and we were very happy to have him on board,” said Rajamouli.

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Rajamouli was impressed with Alia’s performance in ‘Raazi’, cast her in ‘RRR’


Ace director S.S. Rajamouli, who is known for casting his artistes wisely, says he was thoroughly impressed with Alia Bhatt’s performance in ‘Raazi’ and that is what made him pick her for the important role of Sita in his upcoming pan-Indian film ‘RRR’.

Talking to IANS, Rajamouli said, “I have two superforces in the film — fire and water — Ram and Bheem, who are very strong and who are exclusive in nature. For me, the character of Sita is very soft, very fragile on the outside. But inside, she is so strong that she would be able to rein in these forces.

“I saw ‘Raazi’ and I was impressed with her (Alia’s) performance. I was impressed by how a simple woman could do things much beyond her capacity. So, when we figured out the characterisation of Sita, everybody’s choice was Alia.

“I knew Alia was interested in doing a role in my film but I did not know if she would be interested in playing a cameo. But when we asked her, she immediately jumped in joy without any hesitation,” he said.

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S.S. Rajamouli: Conflict in ‘RRR’ is not between heroes and villains but the heroes themselves


Ace director S.S. Rajamouli needs no introduction. With an outstanding ability to translate exactly on screen what he envisages in his powerful and brilliant mind, Rajamouli is easily one of the best in India when it comes to story telling.

However, despite his towering achievements, master filmmaker Rajamouli comes across as a very humble, simple filmmaker.

Rajamouli’s films generate so much of interest in audiences primarily because of the manner in which he builds and showcases the conflict between his heroes and villains. Point this out to Rajamouli and the man nods his head in agreement with a smile.

In ‘RRR’, his upcoming film featuring Ramcharan, Jr NTR and Alia Bhatt in the lead, everybody knows there are two powerful heroes on the one hand. What people do not know much about are the villains of his film. Whom will the heroes of ‘RRR’ be taking on and how is the conflict in this film going to be different and as intense if not better than his previous films?

Says Rajamouli, “Let me tell you that here, in ‘RRR’, the conflict is between the heroes themselves. So, the heroes themselves are the heroes and the heroes themselves are the villains. The conflict is between them, not with the villain. I always knew that a conflict between two good people is much more stronger and emotional than the conflict between a good guy and a bad guy.

“Actually, there is not much conflict between a good guy and a bad guy. They are very clear about it. But when there is a conflict between two good people and the audience does not know which side to take, then the real conflict arises.

“I have been waiting for a long time to explore that conflict. I have touched upon this conflict in smaller parts in other films. For instance, in ‘Baahubali’, I have this conflict between Sivagami and Baahubali but that is for a small time. In ‘RRR’ I showcase that conflict and I am pretty excited about it.”

Ask him about the experience of working with foreign actors in his film and Rajamouli says, “As we showcase the pre-Independence era, we had characters playing British people. The three main foreign actors in the film are Alison Doody, Ray Stevenson and Olivia Morris. It took us some time to actually find these actors.

“Initially, I did not know how to approach foreign actors. We were sending out details of who we were, what we were doing but were not getting the right contacts. We were quite frustrated about it. One day I asked Shekhar Kapur sir. I told him that I was having trouble casting good actors. He said that my approach wasn’t right. ‘You have to approach agents and the agencies will have contacts with good actors,’ he said and gave me the contact of a good agency.

“Then, we started getting good actors. Ray Stevenson was one of the initial actors we got from the agency. We immediately loved him. Initially, I was a little apprehensive of casting Ray because he was too handsome. But finally, I settled for Ray. Likewise for Olivia and Alison Doody.

“I am used to making films in a certain way for 20 years and I was wondering if there was a different way. They realised it and said, ‘We are actors. We work with different directors who have different kind of approaches. You tell us how it is comfortable for you and we will follow it. I directed them just like I directed our Indian actors. The only thing was that they would ask for their lines a bit earlier and I have the habit of changing the lines in the last minute. That was little bit difficult in the beginning but later on, they also got used to it.”

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S.S. Rajamouli to present ‘Brahmastra’ in four southern languages


Noted filmmaker-producer S.S. Rajamouli will present Ayan Mukerji’s epic fantasy ‘Brahmastra’, in four southern languages – Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam, worldwide.

Earlier, Karan Johar had presented Rajamouli’s ‘Bahubali’ to wide markets across the country, reciprocating the gesture, Rajamouli has taken the onus to help reach the film in the southern territory.

Talking about presenting the film, Rajamouli said, “I’m truly glad to come on board and present ‘Brahmastra’ to audiences worldwide in the four south languages. The concept of ‘Brahmastra’ is unique, which reflects in its story and presentation. In many ways, it reminds me of ‘Bahubali’ – a labour of love and passion. I have seen Ayan invest time in making ‘Brahmastra’, patiently putting it together to get it right, much like I did for ‘Bahubali'”.

He further said, “The film perfectly marries themes from ancient Indian culture with modern technology, and with cutting edge VFX that will blow your mind! A filmmaking journey that I can relate to – Ayan’s vision is a new chapter in Indian cinema and I am proud to be associated with Dharma Productions once again after ‘Bahubali’. Karan has a profound understanding and sensibility for good films and I feel proud to partner with him again, and with Fox Star Studios to present this film.”

Nagarjuna Akkineni, who will be seen in the film along with Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Amitabh Bachchan and Mouni Roy, said, “It has been a fantastic experience to work with Ayan and the hugely talented team of ‘Brahmastra'”.

Talking about his fascination with ancient and modern India, he said “This combination of ancient and modern India fascinated me and it is exciting to be a part of such a larger than life project. To have Mr Rajamouli on board is a great honour for all of us and I am looking forward to presenting the film to my fans in 2022.”

Dharma head honcho, Karan Johar spoke about the film’s footprint across Indian languages, he said, “‘Brahmastra’ is the most ambitious and visionary project I have been part of. ‘Brahmastra’ is Ayan’s vision, his baby that he has nurtured. The outcome is extraordinary, the presentation universal, and it most certainly deserves a footprint across multiple Indian languages.”

He added, “‘Bahubali’ not only broke records but also cut across geographical and language boundaries to be our first truly national film and there is nobody better than the genius storyteller, Rajamouli Garu, to partner with on ‘Brahmastra’ to achieve that same vision! It warms my heart and strengthens my confidence that he is now a part of this film.”

‘Brahmastra’ director Ayan Mukerji too spoke on the occasion as he said, “‘Brahmastra’ is a dream that I have been nurturing for years. It’s an ambitious trilogy and the journey so far has been nothing short of exhilarating. I have given this film everything and I will continue to pour my heart into this.”

“I feel blessed to have an amazing mentor like S.S. Rajamouli sir come on board. It is his film, ‘Bahubali’, that gave me the confidence to pursue my dream courageously. And to have his name attached to ‘Brahmastra’ is the biggest endorsement,” the director concluded.

‘Brahmastra’, one of the most awaited films of 2022, will hit the screens worldwide on September 9, 2022.

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Rajamouli urged us to release ‘Pushpa’ across India: Sukumar


Helmed by Sukumar, Telugu’s most awaited movie ‘Pushpa: The Rise’ hits the screens on Friday.

As the team has promoted the movie enough, the absence of the director during the promotions caused a little loss to the team. As Sukumar finally joined the promotions on Thursday, he had spoken about the movie and his experience working for ‘Pushpa’.

Speaking about the pan-India release of ‘Pushpa’, the director said that S.S. Rajamouli was the one who was persistent to take this movie across the country.

“Rajamouli called me up and urged me to take this movie across India. He urged me to release ‘Pushpa’ pan-India, which we were reluctant until that time. His push made me feel confident and hence we decided to release it across India in multiple languages”, Sukumar said.

On being quizzed about Allu Arjun’s signature gesture ‘Thaggede Le’, Sukumar said that they had experimented with many other things and finally fixated on one gesture, which is now a super hit one.

Sukumar said: “We were trying on many gestures, but we accidentally came across this gesture. As Bunny (Allu Arjun) was on the sets working during a fight scene, I observed him do something closer to the ‘thaggede le’ gesture. So, we worked on this and it has become a big hit now”, the director explained.

‘Pushpa’ hits the screens with good early reviews. Rashmika Mandanna, Sunil, Ajay Gosh, Fahadh Fassil, Anasuya, and others appear in the main roles.

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Allu Arjun thanks Rajamouli for encouragement for ‘Pushpa’


Telugu star Allu Arjun has expressed gratitude to ‘RRR’ director S.S. Rajamouli for his encouragement for the actor’s upcomg film ‘Pushpa’.

Allu Arjun has experimented with multiple genres in Telugu and has come up with a pan-India subject in the form of ‘Pushpa’.

Reacting to Rajamouli’s suggestion about working harder for the Hindi promotions of ‘Pushpa’, Allu Arjun says he will try to push himself harder.

“I thank Rajamouli sir, who attended the pre-release event of ‘Pushpa’ even though he has been busy promoting ‘RRR’. He had suggested that I should promote ‘Pushpa’ even harder, during his speech during the event. His words filled new energy in me,” the ‘Ala Vaikuntapuramlo’ actor said.

“We were completely involved in the making of the film till last week. We did not get time for promotions in Mumbai until now. As Rajamouli suggested, I will leave for Mumbai on the 16th to hold a press meet there,” Allu Arjun said.

“‘Pushpa’ is a breakthrough movie in my career. It will take me to new waters, and I want to say that I have so much to explore as an actor and ‘Pushpa’ is just the beginning. I hope that I get to act in more of such experimental movies,” Arjun said.

Arjun also added that the team has been a bit late to kickstart the promotions in Hindi, but assured that they have planned a special promotional tour in Mumbai on December 16.

‘Pushpa’ is releasing on December 17. It is directed by Sukumar while Rashmika Mandanna is the female lead.

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Rajamouli planning the biggest ever event for RRR


The makers of RRR are promoting the film all over and they are a way ahead in the promotions. After touring up all the major cities and having the media interactions, SS Rajamouli and his team are busy planning a bunch of promotional events. The team of RRR will have a grand pre-release event in Mumbai on December 19th as per the update. Several bigwigs from Bollywood are expected to grace the event along with the major cast and crew members. This is expected to be the biggest ever event in Bollywood in the recent times.

Apart from this, pre-release events are planned in Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru and Kerala. One more grand event is planned in Dubai but the details of this international event are awaited. The trailer received a terrific response and RRR is expected to shake the box-office from January 7th in all the languages.

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Balakrishna, Rajamouli join forces for Unstoppable with NBK


Nandamuri Balakrishna and S S Rajamouli have come together for the Unstoppable with NBK chat show on Telugu streaming platform Aha.

With less than a month left for the release of his big budget RRR starring NTR Junior and Ramcharan in the lead, the ace filmmaker is all geared up to reveal some interesting details about him at the show to be premiered on Aha on December 17.

A promo of the show has been released and it shows samples of how the proceedings are going to be. Balayya asks questions like why Rajamouli is maintaining beard and the Baahubali maker gives interesting answers.

Unstoppable with NBK went on air in November with Mohan Babu, Vishnu Manchu, and Lakshmi Manchu attending the maiden episode. So far, the show has so far seen celebrities such as Nani, Anil Ravipudi and Brahmanandam. More are going to join in the weeks to come.

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NBK’s Unstoppable New Guests Unveiled


Nandamuri Balakrishna’s first-ever tv show Unstoppable is getting rave reviews. Nandamuri fans are specially thrilled with his hosting skills and his energy is unmatchable. Top director SS Rajamouli and top music composer MM Keeravani are the special guests for Unstoppable and the shooting formalities are completed recently. The show will be aired next week on Aha. Some of the glimpses from the shoot are released by Aha today. Last week, the team of Akhanda made it to the sets of Unstoppable and the episode will release on Friday.

Balakrishna is unstoppable and his recent offering Akhanda is declared as a blockbuster. The film made huge revenues all over. Balakrishna is on a break and he will commence the shoot of Gopichand Malineni’s film from January 2022. Mythri Movie Makers are the producers. SS Rajamouli is busy promoting RRR which happens to be the biggest film in Indian cinema. NTR and Ram Charan are the lead actors in RRR.

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