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Revanth’s mistake: Is Congress conceding YSR legacy to others?


Is the Congress Party in both the Telugu states giving a walkover when it comes to claiming the legacy of YSR? Is it ceding ground to YS Jagan and YS Sharmila on the issue of owning up YS Rajesehakara Reddy? It appears so. The recent meeting called by YS Vijayamma to mark the 12th death anniversary of YSR is an indication that the Congress has decided to forsake the YSR legacy.

It is an open fact that YSR was an out-and-out Congressman and always wanted to see the Gandhi family rule the country. He was among the best and the most popular of Congress CMs. Even 12 years after his death, there are countless people who remember him and recollect his memories gratefully. He did all these as a Congress CM and never swerved from the Congress path. But the Congress, it appears, is not in a position to claim his legacy.

In AP, YS Jagan has usurped his legacy and has named his party after YSR. Not just that. Today, the Congress in AP is not even able to hold any programme in memory of its best CM, who named all his schemes after either Indira Gandhi or Rajiv Gandhi. Now, it appears that the Congress is ready to forsake YSR’s legacy in Telangana too. In fact, YSR is more popular in Telangana than in AP. Yet, the party has not been organising either his birth anniversary or death anniversary.

This year on September 2, the Congress has virtually asked its members not to attend the memorial meeting on YSR organised on September 2. It issued a diktat to that effect. Though YS Vijayamma organised the meeting, it was clear that YS Sharmila, the chief of the YSRTP, was the brain behind the programme. In a couple of years, Sharmila will claim the YSR legacy and the Congress would cede the ground in Telangana too. No active Congressman except Komatireddy Venkat Reddy attended the meet.

There are murmurs within the TPCC that Revanth Reddy is still not criticising Chandrababu Naidu, years after he left the TDP, but at the same time is forsaking the legacy of YSR, who was instrumental in having a Congress rule for 10 continuous years.

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Telangana Congress appoints in charge for Huzurabad bypoll


Stepping up its efforts on the ensuing by-election to Huzurabad Assembly constituency in Telangana, the Congress on Wednesday named an in charge and election coordinators.

State Congress chief A. Revanth Reddy appointed senior leader and former Deputy Chief Minister Damodar Rajanarasimha as the in charge for the constituency.

Senior leaders and legislators T. Jeevan Reddy and D. Sridhar Babu, and former MP Ponnam Prabhakar have been named as the election coordinators.

Revanth Reddy, who took over as state chief last week, also appointed in charges for five mandals and two towns in the constituency. They will coordinate with the party functionaries to strengthen the party in the constituency.

He also named Karimnagar district Congress committee President K. Satyanarayana as the control room coordinator.

Rajanarasimha thanked Congress chief Sonia Gandhi, party leader Rahul Gandhi and Revanth Reddy for appointing him in charge of Huzurabad by-election. He said he would do his best to fulfill the responsibilities given to him.

His appointment came two days after the party expelled P. Kaushik Reddy for anti-party activities. Kaushik Reddy, who was the party in charge for the constituency, landed in trouble after an audio of his telephonic conversation with an activist of ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) surfaced.

In the audio, Kaushik Reddy was heard claiming that he will contest the by-election on a TRS ticket and asked the TRS activist to mobilise party workers who can campaign for him.

After the Congress served him a show-cause notice, Kaushik Reddy announced his resignation targeting Revanth Reddy and other leaders. He alleged that the Congress leaders were not serious in contesting the by-election. The party announced that it has expelled Kaushik Reddy.

Huzurabad seat fell vacant following resignation of former minister E. Rajender from the Assembly. Rajender, who was dropped from the State Cabinet in May, quit the TRS and joined the BJP last month. He will be contesting the by-election as a BJP candidate.

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Revanth’s first stroke: Hits Kaushik Reddy for a sixer

The newly-appointed Telangana PCC chief Revanth Reddy has shown his master class when he effectively checkmated Kaushik Reddy who was trying to two-time in Huzurabad. He got the audio clips of Kaushik Reddy admitting that the TRS was going to make him the party candidate in the Huzurabad bye-elections and cornered him by serving a show cause notice.

In one stroke, he eliminated Kaushik Reddy from the scene in Huzurabad and prevented a possible defection at the last minute by Kaushik Reddy into the TRS. By exposing his links with the TRS, he has also ensured that Kaushik Reddy does not get a TRS ticket. An embarrassed TRS quickly distanced itself from Kaushik Reddy and said that the party has not yet decided its candidate so far. An equally embarrassed Kaushik Reddy has resigned from the Congress Party by evening.

Kaushik Reddy, who addressed a press conference by evening, did not answer any question related to the audio clip where he said he would get the TRS ticket to contest from Huzurabad. He evaded reply saying that this issue does not matter at all. Kaushik also said that PCC chief Uttam Kumar Reddy was in no way connected with his political actions. Kaushik Reddy tried to put the blame on Revanth Reddy but looked quite unconvincing.

Analysts say that with the latest exposure of his phone conversation audio clips, the TRS would find it difficult to make him its candidate from Huzurabad. This actually clears the decks for other candidates from the TRS. Even if he joins the TRS, he would only have to work for the official candidate. This is also a clear message that Revanth means business and would not allow political two-timing in the Congress Party.

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TRS links: T-Cong slaps show-cause notice on Kaushik Reddy


The Telangana Congress on Monday issued show-cause notice to Huzurabad Congress leader P Kaushik Reddy for his ‘secret links’ with TRS.

The Congress pary served showcause notice after an audio of Kaushik Reddy was leaked on social media platforms where he was heard speaking to a Congress party working saying that the TRS leadership has confirmed him party ticket for upcoming Huzurabad bypoll.

The leaked audio went viral on social media platforms. In the audio, Kaushik Reddy was heard telling the Congress party activist that TRS ticket has been confirmed for him for Huzurabad bypoll and he will take care of money required for youth in the constituency.

Kaushik Reddy told him that he will give Rs 5,000 to each youth initially to meet their day-to-day costs and asked him to meet Congress mandal president Vijender to get money.

Kausik Reddy has been giving anxious moments to Congress ever since Etela Rajender quit TRS. Kaushik is moving closely with TRS. He even met KTR personally when KTR visited Huzurabad to attend a private function. However, Kaushik Reddy is condemning the reports of quitting Congress every day.

Kaushik Reddy lost twice to Etela Rajender in Huzurabad seat in 2014 and 2018 Assembly elections.

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Komatireddy finally falls in line, to maintain silence!


Senior Congress leader and Bhongir Lok Sabha member Komatireddy Venkat Reddy who created a furore by levelling sensational allegations against party high command of selling TPCC chief post to A Revanth Reddy like ‘cash for vote’ case, has announced to maintain silence on politics henceforth.

Komatireddy issued a statement that he will not speak on politics anymore and requested journalists not to contact him for his reactions on politics. He said he will only confine to developing his Bhongir Lok Sabha constituency and Undivided Nalgonda district.

Why Komatireddy has decided to keep silent on politics all of a sudden has now become a subject of heated debate in political circles.

It is believed that Congress high command took a serious view of Komatireddy’s comments and reprimanded him. Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi reportedly conveyed to Telangana Congress leaders to make clear to Komatireddy that if he wants to continue in Congress he has to follow the directions of Congress high command and if not he can quit from the party anytime and Congress has nothing to lose if he quits.

This made Komatireddy shocked and decided to keep mum for the time being. Lack of political opportunities in Telangana are also said to be the reasons. Komatireddy can’t join TRS due to stiff resistance from Nalgonda TRS leaders like Jagadish Reddy, Gutha Sukender Reddy, Palla Rajeshwar Reddy etc.

He can’t join BJP because he still feels BJP has no scope to come to power in Telangana and only Congress can defeat TRS in future.

In this backdrop, Komatireddy decided to remain calm hoping that the party high command will some day accommodate him at national level posts in AICC or CWC to reward him for his over three decades of loyalty to Congress.

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Is the KCR-Congress meeting a classic case of match-fixing?


Why did KCR, who never gave an appointment in seven years to the Congress leaders, agree to meet them within ten minutes after the request was made? Why did a handful of Congress leaders rush to Pragathi Bhavan without even bothering to inform their colleagues in the party?

Remember BJP MLAs meeting KCR at Pragathi Bhavan soon after the 2018 elections were announced? That meeting has resulted in a disaster for the BJP, with just one MLA managing to win. Similarly, this meeting of the Congress leaders could end up in a blood bath for the Congress Party. Those in the know say that this was a set-up aimed at defeating Eatala Rajender in Huzurabad. The Congress will fall silent and will tacitly support the TRS to ensure the BJP defeat, they claimed.

At the same time, all those who met KCR are staunch opponents of Revanth Reddy, who is tipped to become the PCC chief for Telangana. So, Revanth Reddy will get a welcome with a Congress defeat in Huzurabad. This will have a demoralizing effect on both the cadre and the high command.

Expectedly, some Congress leaders, who were not kept in the loop, have already lodged a complaint with the Congress high command. They reportedly said that Mariyamma’s custodial death was not a big enough issue to meet the CM. Also, the issue was not discussed within the Congress Party. They pointed out that this meeting was aimed at helping KCR. They argue that by immediately announcing a job to Mariyamma’s kin and providing them with ex-gratia, KCR has scored a moral victory. He has simply robbed the Congress of an issue. At the same time, he has exposed the divisions within the Congress Party and further weakened it, they argued.

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Telangana Congress seeks free treatment for Covid


Opposition Congress party in Telangana demanded that the state government provide free treatment for Covid-19 and black fungus for the families living below poverty line.

The party, which organised ‘Satyagrah’ to press for its demands on Monday, reiterated that the government include treatment of Covid and black fungus in Rajiv Aarogyasri, a scheme under which BPL families are provided free treatment for various ailments.

Party’s state unit chief N. Uttam Kumar Reddy led ‘Satyagraha’ at Gandhi Bhavan, the party headquarters here.

The Congress leader said many people infected with Covid and black fungus were forced to sell their property to pay for the treatment. He demanded that the state government regulate Covid treatment charges in private hospitals.

He said the government should take steps to ensure reimbursement to patients who were overcharged by the private hospitals. “The government should act on the orders passed by the high court,” he said.

The Congress party also demanded universal free vaccination against Covid-19. Its leaders said it was the responsibility of the Central and state government to ensure that every citizen is vaccinated free of cost.

They alleged that both the central and state government have failed to check the spread of Covid-19

Congress Legislature Party (CLP) leader Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka blamed Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao for deaths due to Covid in the state.

He said it was unfortunate that the state government has still not included Covid treatment in Rajiv Aarogyasri scheme.

Member of Parliamnet Komatireddy Venkat Reddy recalled that the Chief Minister had announced in the State Assembly that treatment of Covid will be covered under Aarogyasri but he has not yet implemented this.

Senior leaders and former ministers Ponnala Lakshmaiah, Mohammed Ali Shabbir, Jeevan Reddy, former MLA M. Sashidhar Reddy, Sravan Dasoju, Vasmhichand Reddy and others participated in the ‘Satyagrah’ at Gandhi Bhavan.

Similar protest was organised at party offices in the district headquarters.

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Congress seeks apology from KCR for calling protestors ‘dogs’


The Congress has demanded Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao apologise for allegedly calling a group of people “dogs” during a public meeting in Nalgonda district on Wednesday.

Party incharge for Telangana, Manickam Tagore said the Chief Minister should apologise.

“CM calls women at Nagarjuna Sagar public meeting as Dogs. Don’t forget all those women standing there are the reason you sit in that position. Change your words reflect your attitude. Don’t forget this is a democracy. Dont forget they are our bosses! Appologize Chandrasekar,” Tagore said in a tweet.

The Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) chief reportedly made the remark when some people tried to interrupt his speech at the public meeting at Haliya and wanted to submit a memorandum.

Rao asked the police to take the memorandum. When they continued to raise slogans, the Chief Minister asked them to either sit calmly or leave gracefully.

“All the five of you leave. There are lot of dogs like you,” KCR said.

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Telangana Congress leaders detained during protest over farm laws


Hyderabad police detained leaders and workers of opposition Congress party as they tried to march towards Raj Bhavan on Tuesday to protest against the new farm laws enacted by the Centre and the hike in petrol and diesel prices.

State Congress chief Uttam Kumar Reddy and other leaders were stopped at Lumbini Park by the police who were deployed in large numbers to foil the protest march.

Expressing solidarity with protesting farmers and demanding rollback of hike in petrol and diesel prices, the Congress leaders marched from Assembly towards Raj Bhavan but the police stopped them near secretariat.

The protestors were also stopped on other roads leading towards Raj Bhavan. Police said there is no need for the protest. There was an argument between the police personnel and protestors and pushing and jostling between the two sides led to mild tension.

Uttam Kumar Reddy and other MPs Komatireddy Venkat Reddy and Revanth Reddy were detained. Senior leaders V. Hanumantha Rao, Ponnala Lakshmaiah, former central minister Balram Naik, Madhu Yaskhi Goud, Mohammed Ali Shabbir, Anjan Kumar Yadav, Jagga Reddy were also taken in preventive custody.

Later, talking to reporters Congress leaders condemned the arrests and alleged that the government is adopting undemocratic means to stop peaceful protests. They demanded withdrawal of all the three farm laws saying they would badly affect the farmers.

Uttam Kumar Reddy said the Telangana Assembly should pass a resolution against the farm laws. He questioned the silence of Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao over the issue.

Venkat Reddy alleged that Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) leader took a u-turn over farm laws. He said after strongly opposed the farm bills, Chandrasekhar Rao later colluded with BJP leadership.

The Congress leaders also condemned the state government’s decision not to procure agriculture produce in villages during Rabi season. They demanded that the government continue the procurement centres and ensure Minimum Support Price (MSP) to farmers.

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T-Cong mulls PIL against ‘Water Grid’ corruption


T-Congress is planning to file a PIL in High Court on Water Grid project taken up Telangana government for the lack of transparency and the alleged corruption in the involved in the appointment of contractor for the massive project. TPCC president Uttam Kumar Reddy said the TRS government had violated all standard norms of conceiving and executing the water grid project indulging in massive corruption.He said there secrecy shrouded the project all levels.The Congress leaders also appealed to NABARD and HUDCO to be cautious in granting loans as this project lacked transparency and full of manipulations and corruption.

“father and son(chief minister KCR and son IT minister KT Ramarao) joined hands to favor one particular that is close to their family . This is unprecedented peculiarly and happend only Telangana,” he said. There was no information on what the actual utility of the project was, he said. “The detailed project report is not kept in public domain and inaccessible even to opposition parties. The project value has been escalated by more than 40%,” the PCC president added.

Stating that the government was not responding to the Congress demand to make the detailed project Report (DPR) public, Uttam said the whole project appears to have been conceived only to indulge in massive corruption and amass illegal wealth. “The project tender norms have been framed to favor a particular company which is close to the family of KCR, so that the so called company and their proxy outfit would benefit from the contract,” he said.

The Congress party, he said, was doing deep research and analysis of the whole project and surely would expose the corruption of the government in the on-going assembly session. ” we promise to the people of Telangana that we will not leave TRS and their corruption go scot-free,” Uttam said.Ex MP Mallu Ravi and Dr Sravan Dasoju, Chief were also present in press conference.

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T-Cong stages walkout from Council on farmers’ suicides


Protesting the TRS government’s failure to give a concrete assurance to the farmers on one time settlement of loan waiver, Congress MLCs staged a walkout from Legislative council today. Opposition leader in Telangana Legislative Council Mohammed Ali Shabbir led the walkout. The Congress MLCs said the State Government had failed to give a specific date or assurance on when the remaining dues of crop loan waiver scheme would be cleared. The government did not announce moratorium to provide relief to farmers from private financiers as demanded by the Congress members. Shabbir Ali announced that the Congress party was staging a walkout from the House against the government’s apathy towards farmers problems.

Expressed dissatisfaction over the government’s casual reply for the deabte, he said t the State Government had failed to provide either long term or short term measures to the agrarian crisis.
“Why did the government fail to react after learning about first spate of suicides,” Shabbir Ali asked. “Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao and other ministers should have conducted Rythu Sadassus by involving all parties. They should have visited the affected families and conveyed a strong message to all farmers asking them not to resort to any extreme step. However, nothing was done,” said Shabbir Ali. The government did not even react to the Congress party’s demand for holding a special Assembly session. “This session has been convened after almost six months only to complete constitutional obligation and not to discuss the farmers’ suicides,” he said.

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Congress demands financial emergency in TS


Telangana Congress on Thursday demanded declaration of financial emergency in the state and sought immediate release of a white paper on state finances. Following chief minister K.Chandrasekhar Rao clarification that the state had no money for the one-time waiver of the farmers’ loans, Congress chief spokesperson Dr Shravan Dasoju said the state was on the verge of bankruptcy because of severe financial indiscipline in the TRS government.

In a press release, Dr Dasoju said the separate Telangana state had fallen victim of TRS government’s efforts to create an illusion in the eyes of public and investors that Telangana was surplus state and rich state. ” The government has inflated all budgetary figures to show that the small state of Telangana has larger than life size budget because of so called efficiency of TRS. The CM had misled the Assembly and the people. The Chief minister silently attempted to cover up this illusion by levying all taxes and resorting revenue generation methods, including introduction of cheap liquor. But, vigilant Telangana people have successfully thwarted these attempts. Now when Congress demanded one-time settlement of loans, the chief minister on one side and his son KTR on the other demand equal treatment for Telangana on a par with Bihar and special packages,” Dr Dasoju said asking why did the government send reports to the centre mentioning Telangana as a surplus state.

According to Dr Dasoju, the mask of the TRS government was torn apart. “To prevent the unrest errupt from the people, in the past 15 months chief ministers used every trick in the book. The CM wanted to divert the people‘s attention from the reality to the so called Telangana glory to survive. The government had spent Rs 600 crore on the Godavari Pushkaralu to create a wave of hype so that people could be bogged down by the glory . Later, the government allotted about Rs 182 crore on Sammakka Sarakka festival to invoke glory mantra again. Now KCR government is planning to spend huge amount to make people forget the real situation in the glory of T-culture in the name of Bathukamma festival. The farmers’ continued suicides are the result of government’s refusal to make one time settlement of the loan permanently,” he said.

Whenever Congress questioned the failure of the government, KCR would try to pass the buck to united Andhra Pradesh government, he accused. Stating that today’s adjournment of Assembly till Monday was a ploy to avoiding facing Congress party’s inconvenient questions, the Congress leader alleged.
” Normally, Assembly is adjourned for ten minutes to one hour only to strike rapprochement between the treasury and opposition benches. This type of declaring holiday, when the life of thousands of farmers is hanging in balance, is unheard of,” he said.

The Congress, he said , accorded statehood to Telangana at an enormous cost , not to see the state in tatters. ” Telangana is a mess now. Farmers suicides are all around. Government is not able to extend any help. Daily a dozen farmers are killing themselves cheated by their own government. Financial in discipline ruling roost. On one side there are no funds to help people , on the other, CM spends huge money on luxurious foreign trips, splurging in the name Telangana culture and invites tenders worth Rs 40,000 crore for water grid project,” he said demanding a white paper on the status state finances.

Government, instead of demanding special packages, should first place the facts and figures before the public and gain their confidence. He also said government should take all the parties into confidence to evolve a consensual approach to face the suicides, crisis in agriculture and paucity of funds.

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T-Cong geared up Assembly monsoon session


Opposition Congress is all geared up to stall the Assembly for an adjournment motion on many urgent issues like change of design of Pranahita Chevella, farmers suicide, Jobs, corruption in Katatiya water mission etc. Party legislators in Assembly and Council today discussed the strategy to be followed in their respective houses. PCC president N Uttam Kumar, Working president Bhatti Vikramarkha, MLA DK Aruna, K Venkata Reddy etc said they give adjournment notice tomorrow seeking a debate on suicides.

Similarly, MLCs held a meeting on Tuesday to discuss the strategy for the monsoon session of Telangana Legislative Council scheduled to commence from tomorrow.

Leader of Opposition Mohammed Ali Shabbir and MLCs Ponguleti Sudhakar Reddy, Ranga Reddy, MS Prabhakar and Akula Lalitha said that the Chief Minister woke up from slumber over farmers’ suicide after a gap of 16 months and 1500 deaths. While thanking KCR for accepting Congress party demand for increasing of compensation amount to Rs. 6 lakh, they said the Cabinet decision to pay enhanced compensation to the suicides from September 19 onward is unfair. They demanded retrospective implementation of enhanced exgratia.

They alleged that there were several irregularities in the Water Grid tenders and asked Panchayat Raj Minister K. Tarakarama Rao to place all the records related to Water Grid project in the Legislative Assembly and Council. Congress party would raise the issue of “Cash for Vote” scam under Short Notice questions, they said. The party raise all the issues from Pranahita Chevella to suicides in Council oppose anti-people measures of TRS government.

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Politics of suicide: Kavita Vs Yaski


Telangana Congress, which has launched an all-round attack on TRS on the issue of growing number of suicides in state, on Monday fielded AICC spokesperson and former Nizambad MP Madhu Yaski Goud against Kavita, Nizambad MP. Kavita, participating in a round table on Sunday, sought to lay all the blame for suicides at the doors Congress, which ruled the state during 2004-14. TRS leaders, caught unawares by suicides, have been consistently blaming the Congress for the suicides. The Pink party is worried that high death toll has the potential to undo the all other developmental work the KCR government is planning. Hence the Congress bashing by Kavita.

So, to counter Kavata’s accusation, Congress fielded Yaski, who represented the Nizambad Lok Sabha constituency between 2004 and 2014. Yaski launched a frontal attack on Kavita by dubbing all the suicides by farmers were the murders by the state government led by her father. The fifteen-month old TRS government belied the hopes of farmers that Telangana state would put an end to the miseries and herald a new phase of decent life, Yaski said in Hyderabad.

“KCR’s very presence in their own Medak district has failed to reassure the farmers. That fact that the highest number of suicides are reported from the backyard of chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao tells what type of governance the people inherited in the state,” he said. He wondered as to why neither the CM, nor ministers Harish Rao or Ramaraor nor his daughter Kavita thought of visiting the families of the farmers to console them and reassure them about the government support. In fact, Yaski said, the KCR clan is angry on farmers that they were bringing disrepute to the state.

He ridiculed Kavata’s round table stating that, “you allow the farmers commit suicide on one side, and sitting in Hyderabad you announce that you would adopt their villages. What type of drama is it?”

Yaski asked Kavita, the leader of Telangana Jagruti, to reveal the sources of income of her organization.”How do you adopt the villages on behalf of Telangana Jagruti? You owe an explanation to the people about the sources of income and they way the money has so far been spent,” Yaski asked.

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T-Cong stages dharna against price rise in Telangana


senior Congress leader and LB Nagara former MLA G Sudhir Reddy staged a dharna with hundreds of party workers in front of Telangana Civil Supplies Bhavan, Yerramanjil, Hyderabad against the price rise in Telangana on Wednesday.Sudhir Reddy lambasted the centre and state governments for their failure in controlling the prices of essential commodities. Reddy said this year the prices had gone up by 100 per cent when compared to prices of last year.

Recalling the TRS president KCR’s poll assurance regarding the controlling the prices, Reddy said the life of average Telangana man had worsened because of anti-people policies of chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao.

“KCR assured people before elections that he would set up a price-stabilization fund with Rs 500 crore in order to bring down the prices to within the reach of comman man. Where is the fund?” the Congress leader asked.

He said Congress would intensify the movement if government could not take steps to give succor to the people from the skyrocketing prices.

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D Srinivas path of enlightenment


The path to power  seems to be also the path to enlightenment in D Srinivas case. He is shining with new found wisdom.

Srinivas quit Congress, the party which made him PCC present and Minister and his son mayor, on july 8, to join TRS.

Two days ago, TRS president and chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao came to his residence to meet him and surprise the Telangana.

DS emerged as an embodiment of wisdom from the  30-minute meeting.  He said he was surprised that KCR had so many great and grand plans to develop Telangana state  and he was thoroughly convinced by the CM’s argument to abandon the approved design of Pranahita-Chevella project.

He went to the extent of chiding his former colleagues in Congress. He advised them to see whether the new design would be useful or not, nothing more.

The 30-minute meeting he had with  KCR had transformed him so much that he was now  fully confident of creation of bangaru Telangana.

“ He (KCR) has wonderful ideas. Telangana state  will become number one if they are implemented,” he told media with eyes wide open with astonishment.

He also praised KCR’s clarity of thought and purity of mind.

” The CM was marching forward with commitment.  I was amazed by the  depth and breadth  the KCR thoughts reach. the meeting  threw so much light on me that I am ready to work in any capacity the CM offers,” he wondered.


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Cong. demands Assembly session on Pranahita-Chevella


Mohammed Ali Shabbir,leader of Opposition in Telangana Legislative Council, has demanded that the State Government convene a special session of Assembly and Legislative Council to take a final decision on Pranahita-Chevella project.

The project was planned to irrigate 16.4 lakh acres in Adilabad, Karimnagar, Warangal, Nizamabad, Medak, Nalgonda and Ranga Reddy districts.

Shabbir Ali accused Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao of delaying the project only with political motives. He said the Pranahita-Chevella had all clearances from the Centre and all disputes with Maharashtra had already been resolved.

“The project report was prepared by the WAPCO and several teams of experts have given their nod. So far, nearly Rs. 10,000 crore have been spent and even the land acquisition process is over. The previous UPA Government was  almost on verge of  declaring  Pranahita-Chevella as national project.”he said alleging that instead of simply executing the project, KCR was searching for reasons to delay the project


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