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Kangana: Promoting regional cinema a step towards ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’


Drawing a parallel with how the global footprint of Hollywood had impacted the French, German and Italian film industries, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut said at a recent media conference here that it must not be allowed to grow in India at the expense of regional cinema.

Kangana was in the national capital to promote the movie ‘Thalaivii’, which was released this Friday in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. The movie is about the life of the late J. Jayalalithaa, who served as the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister for more than 14 years.

Kangana urged film exhibitors not to be impacted by Hollywood to such an extent that they start moving away from regional cinema. She said: “Like Hollywood has destroyed other industries, it is trying to overtake us. We must encourage regional cinema and promote dubbed versions of films in Malayalam or Tamil or Punjabi or other languages, than just showing the dubbed versions of ‘Jungle Book’ or ‘Lion King’. This will be our contribution to the making of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’.”

When asked about that one quality of the late leader she would like to imbibe, Kangana said: “Her foremost trait was her strong determination, which enabled her to accept challenges and became the chief minister of Tamil Nadu.”

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Kangana Ranaut’s Thalaivii Movie Review:


J Jayalalithaa has been a sensation in Tamil politics. Her life story had enough twists and her political career spanned for more than four decades. Several web series have been made on her life story. Thalaivii is the biopic of this veteran politician and national award-winning actress Kangana Ranaut stepped into the shoes of Jayalalithaa. AL Vijay directed Thalaivii and Aravind Swamy played MGR in the film. Vibri Media in association with Zee Studios produced Thalaivii. Here is the complete review of the film:


Thalaivii is focused on the impeccable journey of Jayalalithaa and the path that was laid to reach her great heights. Jayalalithaa (Kangana Ranaut) enters into film industry during her teenage. Her innocence and arrogance is liked by MGR (Aravind Swamy) and they start working for back-to-back films. Jaya admires MGR but his path stands different. He is focused on serving the people and he supports his friend Karunanidhi (Nassar) and his political party. After differences with Karunanidhi, MGR floats his own party and keeps Jaya away from the party. At the right time, Jaya turns as support for MGR and his political party. The rest of Thalaivii is all about the challenges Jaya faces in her political journey and how she emerges as a major force in Tamil politics. Watch Thalaivii to know about the story of Jayalalithaa.

There are ample ups and downs in the life story of Jayalalithaa. Her life has enough drama, hurdles which are enough to make a commercial film. Vijayendra Prasad’s work stands out and he knows how to elevate the film with his writing. The film starts off with the Assembly episode which was once a sensation in Tamil politics. AL Vijay made sure that Thalaivii is not a biopic and designed a special format for the film. He stayed away from some of the important aspects of Jayalalithaa’s life. She was introduced as a heroine to reduce the runtime of the film.

The film also doesn’t take ample time to narrate about the bonding between MGR and Jayalalithaa. The episodes between Jaya and Veerappan (Samuthirakani) came out very well. The drama has an emotional connect and Kangana Ranaut shines in the scenes when MGR ignores her. Some of the episodes are well elevated and will impress the audience big time. The first half narrates about the love story of MGR and Jayalalithaa. The Tamil audience will connect instantly for the first half. The film was made considering the Tamil audience. Jayalalithaa also has done many Telugu films and she is well bonded with Telugu actor Shoban Babu.

Thalaivii is also a film that is made away from narrating the controversial part of Jayalalithaa’s life story. The film ends on a happy note after Jayalalithaa takes oath as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. The director ignored about the revenge plan of Jayalalithaa against Karunanidhi.


Kangana Ranaut fits well in the role and she delivered one of the finest performances in her career. Enough care has been taken right from her looks to the body language. Kangana never looked like a North Indian girl in any frame. She looked innocent, powerful, emotional and showcased her best. Aravind Swamy proved that he is the best find for the role of MGR and excelled in the role. Samuthirakani and Nassar did justice for their roles.

Thalaivii is a film that looks grand because of the technical aspects. The screenplay and the narration are the biggest strengths of the film. The art work and the music looks apt. The dialogues are good and the performances elevate the fil well. The production values are grand and AL Vijay does justice for the film.


Thalaivii is a film that will be a perfect treat for Jayalalithaa’s fans. Sound technical aspects and the performances are the biggest strengths of the film.

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Kangana: I’ll enter politics if people want me, just like ‘Thalaivii’


Actress Kangana Ranaut took the stage and grabbed all attention during the press conference for her upcoming movie ‘Thalaivii’ in the capital on Thursday. Kangana hinted she could even take the plunge in politics later, just like the protagonist of her latest movie.

Kangana was accompanied by the producer of the film Vishnu Vardhan Induri.

The actress looked glamorous in a traditional silk saree. Kangana started the press conference saying her voice is a bit low as she is not keeping well. “My voice is a little bit down because of a little cold, it’s not Covid but we are here and I appreciate the turn out,” she laughed as she responded to questions.

Kangana, who has been vocal on a number of issues related to national interest, was asked if this movie would help her in any way in entering politics as she has now touched the South.

She said: “This movie might not be released in Hindi in multiplexes and multiplexes have always tried to bully the producers. And they are the same. I am a nationalist and I speak for the country not because I am a politician but as a responsible citizen. And as far as entering politics is concerned, I might need a lot of support from the public but right now I am happy to be an actress. But if tomorrow people like me and support me, then definitely I would love to.”

Kangana, who plays the role of late Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu J. Jayalalithaa, feels that the movie is more about the journey of Jayalaithaa and never meant to try to change any mindset related to male-dominant society.

She said, “In ‘Thalaivii’ it is shown that the person about whom people thought would never be a politician or won’t be able to take care of such a volatile state, not only became the chief minister but won elections a number of times. And her guru or mentor in politics – MGR – always supported her. So, this movie shows how certain times men are also supportive for a woman to grow in life.”

On the question of why this movie has not creating sparked a controversy, she answered: “For this I give all credit to my director, as even the ruling party has no issues with the movie.”

Kangana opened up on how working in this movie changed her perception about politics and politicians. She shared: “I had a very primitive thinking about politics. Like these are very lucky people who get so much power. But after working in this movie and doing research my thinking changed. I realised that politics is not at all easy and there are a number of challenges.

“For instance, Jaya maa has temples in Tamil Nadu. She is worshipped there. The IAS and other officers call her an intelligent and remarkable woman. And she is famous like this among all. But had she not faced any big controversy, of course she did but still people chose her over and over again. So, this is the reality that I realised after doing this movie.”

On talking about the challenges, she faced while doing this movie, she said: “Due to weight gain, I had number of health issues like back pain and then learning Bharatanatyam and performing it with a heavy body was not at all easy.”

On why she considers this movie to be her best: “Whatever is shown in this movie is based on reality. But there is a lot to learn from the main political faces who were the cult figures of politics. And doing a movie like this is like a brain churning activity. You have to think a lot while playing a character who handles hundreds of bureaucrats. So, I learned a lot while doing this movie and that is why I consider it my best movie.”

The film stars Kangana Ranaut as Jayalalithaa and Arvind Swami as M.G. Ramachandran. Shot simultaneously in Tamil, Hindi and Telugu, it is directed by A.L. Vijay and is written by K.V. Vijayendra Prasad, Madhan Karky (Tamil), and Rajat Arora (Hindi).

‘Thalaivii’ is produced by Vishnu Vardhan Induri and Shailesh R. Singh of Vibri Motion Pictures and Karma Media and Entertainment.

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Digital streaming to hamper Thalaivii’s Theatrical Release


Bollywood top actress Kangana Ranaut will portray the role of Tamil Nadu legendary politician and actress Jayalalithaa on silver screen. The film titled Thalaivii is heading for a theatrical release on Friday in these extreme and harsh conditions in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi languages. Special premieres are screened and the response for the film from the premieres is extremely positive. The situations are not favorable in the North Indian circuits for now. The exhibitors are worried about the two-week window as Thalaivii will stream on Netflix just two weeks after the theatrical release of the film. The digital giant holds the Hindi streaming rights of the film.

Amazon Prime holds the digital rights for the other languages. Trade analysts suggested the makers to head for a direct digital release instead of leaving two-week gap for the digital release or push the digital release to four weeks. With two weeks left for the digital premieres, the audience will not rush for the theatres during this pandemic season. Directed by AL Vijay, Thalaivii has Kangana Ranaut and Aravind Swamy in the lead roles. We have to wait to see how Thalaivii fares at the Indian box-office.

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Kangana Outdid Our Expectations: Arvind Swamy


Director AL Vijay’s Thalaivi, starring Kangana Ranaut in the character of Jayalalithaa and Arvind Swami as M G Ramachandran, will be releasing in theatres on September 10. The film’s pre-release event in Hyderabad is attended by the lead cast and the technical team.

Director AL Vijay praised Telugu audiences saying, “Telugu audiences always love cinema.” He thanked Kangana Ranaut, Arvind Swamy for accepting to be part of the project and the writer Vijayendra Prasad for his support.

Arvind Swamy said, “It’s been a wonderful experience for me. I started to work for films 30 years ago and worked in various languages. It’s good to be back in Hyderabad. I’m totally thrilled to be back with Thalaivi. It’s a very special film for me. The process of working for the film is absolutely magic for me. Kangana outdid our expectations with her performance. I congratulate her for shouldering this film. We saw the film recently. It’s an extraordinary film.”

Kangana Ranaut thanked everyone associated with the project. She specially thanked Vijayendra Prasad for suggesting her name for the film. “I don’t know anything about Tamil politics and Tamil film industry. Vijayendra Prasad told me I’ll suit the role. After I saw the movie, I think he’s right. I thank my producers Vishnu ji, Shailesh ji and Brinda from bottom of my heart, for taking up a project of a woman-centric with this kind of budget which is not known to any industry.”

Kangana has called her director AL Vijay the most humble and talented director.

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Kangana happy with multiplexes screening Tamil and Telugu versions of Thalaivii


Actress Kangana Ranaut has praised multiplex chains for screening the Telugu and Tamil version of her upcoming film ‘Thalaivii’. She calls it a ray of hope.

After hearing the news, Kangana, who had earlier taken to Instagram to request the multiplex owners for ‘Thalaivii’s’ screening, said she was moved by the decision and penned a long note.

She wrote: “PVR’s decision to screen the Tamil and Telugu versions of the film is a ray of hope for Team Thalaivii as well as all those cinegoers who are waiting to rush back to their favourite multiplex chain for a cinematic experience. I am personally moved by the kind words used for me and Team Thalaivii.”

The actress hopes that the Hindi version of the film, based on the life of late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and former actress J. Jayalalithaa, gets to see the light of day.

“And I hope with talks, and a passion for the theatrical experience, we can come together to find a solution so that the Hindi version can also find love and appreciation on the big screen @pvrcinemas_official – Lots of Love, Kangana.”

A statement on behalf of Kamal Gianchandani, CEO, PVR Pictures Ltd, Chief of Strategy, PVR Limited read: “We are thankful to ‘Thalaivii’ team for offering a 4 week theatrical window for its Tamil and Telugu language versions. We are delighted to be able to play ‘Thalaivii’ in Tamil and Telugu language at our cinemas, however, we are disappointed that for the Hindi language version, ‘Thalaivii’ team has decided to offer only a 2 week window.

“We would like to appeal to Ms Kangana Ranaut, Mr Vishnu Induri & Mr. Shailesh Singh to keep a uniform window of 4 weeks across all language versions and therefore allow all cinemas across the country to showcase ‘Thalaivii’ to audiences, on the big screen.”

The statement further read: “Considering the severe impact of the ongoing pandemic on our business, PVR cinemas has already agreed to reduce the 8 week theatrical window to 4 weeks, for all films releasing in the near future.

“This is a temporary step by PVR cinemas to assist our producer partners in realizing full commercial potential of their films, while keeping the sanctity of theatrical experience, intact.”

The film, which will be released in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, is based on the life of the late Jayalalithaa.

‘Thalaivii’ showcases the varied aspects of her life, tracing her journey as an actress at a young age to becoming the face of Tamil cinema as well as the rise of the revolutionary leader that changed the course of Tamil Nadu politics.

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Kangana Ranaut’s Thalaivi Postponed


The second wave of coronavirus is having a toll on Bollywood badly. All the summer announcements are now out of the race after Maharashtra, Delhi and other states are badly hit. Akshay Kumar’s upcoming movie Sooryavanshi is officially postponed and Salman Khan is keen to postpone his Eid release Radhe. Kangana Ranaut’s upcoming pan-Indian movie Thalaivi is announced for April 23rd release and the makers announced that the film is now postponed. The makers of the film are keen to release the film in all the languages on the same day. With the situations alarming in the North Indian circuits, the film stands postponed.

The new release date of Thalaivi will be announced soon. Thalaivi is the biopic of Tamil Nadu politician and actress J Jayalalithaa. AL Vijay directed the movie and Vishnu Induri is the producer. The trailer of the film clocked a record number of views and is a smashing hit in all the Indian languages.

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Thalaivi Trailer – A New Version of Politics!


Kangana Ranaut’s dream project Thalaivi is finally getting ready to hit the screens. Today, the official trailer of the film was released and is opened to positive reviews. Kangana’s appearance and attitude perfectly matches that of late Jayalalithaa.

People are now confident about Kangana and saying that she is the best choice to do the role of ‘Amma’! The trailer shows how Jayalalithaa struggled as a woman in politics to grow to the level of the chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

While in many movies we see that politics is a dirty game, Thalaivi says that people will love politicians if they love people! Arvind Swamy, Nassar, Bhagyashree, Samuthirakani, and Madhu Bala are playing key roles in the film. This Vijay directional will hit the screens on April 23rd.

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Kangana Ranaut’s Thalaivi makers worried: Massive sets destroyed?


Thalaivi happens to be the prestigious project featuring Kangana Ranaut and is based on the life story of Tamil Nadu ex-Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa. The makers planned to shoot the next two schedules in Hyderabad and Chennai respectively in massive sets erected. The Hyderabad schedule was planned to commence from March 10th but was put on hold. A massive Parliament House set is erected in Ramakrishna Studios, Hyderabad for the shoot. Not even a single day of the shoot happened due to lockdown. With the recent rains in Hyderabad, the makers are worried that the sets would be damaged. With the lockdown imposed, the makers have no trace about the status of the set in Hyderabad.

It is quite impossible to start the shoot anytime soon and the rainy season will surely damage the erected set. The reconstruction of the set will be an expensive affair says the producers. A Mount Road set was erected in AVM Studio, Chennai. The makers invested Rs 5 crores on these two sets in Hyderabad and Chennai. The film completed 60% of the shoot and the makers are waiting for the completion of lockdown to wrap up the other portions. AL Vijay is the director and Thalaivi will release soon in all the Indian languages. Vishnu Induri is the producer. Thalaivi was earlier announced for June 26th, 2020 release.

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NTR’s role in Thalaivi: Still a Puzzle


NTR Jr was the first consideration for the role of NTR in Thalaivi, the biopic of actress and politician Jayalalithaa. Kangana Ranaut is reprising the role of Jayalaltihaa on screen and AL Vijay is the director. After NTR Jr had a big no for the role, the makers approached Nandamuri Balakrishna. After the failure of NTR biopic, Balakrishna too was not much interested. Though the makers wanted to skip or chop off the role of NTR from the film, they could not do it as NTR and Jayalalithaa shared a close bonding.

NTR and Jayalalithaa worked for several films and they shared a close bonding always. Hence, NTR’s role is crucial and needs to be shown on screen. The makers are left puzzled and they are undecided about the actor who can do justice for the role. The film’s shoot is inching completion and the new release date would be announced soon. Vishnu Induri is bankrolling this prestigious project.

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MGR First Look: Swami nails it!


Actor Aravind Swami has been roped in Jayalalithaa’s biopic ‘Thalaivi’ for the role of legendary actor and stalwart politician MG Ramachandran.

Marking MGR’s birthday on Friday i.e, on January 17th, Aravind Swami’s look is unveiled.

In the wrinkled hair and the style statement of black shades, Aravind Swami looks nearly like the legendary actor. With an ever charming smile, the costumes also look retro.

Aravind Swami perfectly fits in the role without any second question.

‘Thalaivi’ is being directed by AL Vijay. Kangana Ranaut is essaying the role of Jayalalithaa and she has undergone amazing transformation. The response to the teaser was fantastic.

The film is being simultaneously made in multiple languages as Jayalalithaa is a prominent personality in the country.

Release is on June 26th, 2020.

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Priyamani roped in for a crucial role in Thalaivi


The biopic of Tamil Nadu ex-Chief Minister Jayalalitha started rolling recently and the film is titled Thalaivi. Bollywood beauty Kangana Ranaut is the lead actress in the film that is directed by AL Vijay. As per the latest update, national award winning actress Priyamani has been roped in to play the role of Sasikala, the close aide of Jayalalitha. Right after the makers approached Priyamani for the role, the married actress revealed her excitement and signed the project.

Priyamani too will have a full-length role in the film and has enough prominence. Thalaivi is made in three languages and will release next year. Vishnu Induri is on board as the producer. Priyamani recently made her comeback with a web series ‘The Family Man’. The actress is signing interesting films after she made her comeback.

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Kangana gets trolled for awkward prosthetic


The first look of Kangana Ranaut as Jayalalitha has attracted only trolls. The first look video and the poster of ‘Thalaivi’ featuring Kangana is getting brutally trolled on social media. Plenty of memes are being circulated.

The unanimous comment is that Kangana’s prosthetic makeup to bring her face close to the facial features of Jayalalithaa has gone wrong. Her face is not looking natural. A hilarious comment – “Kangana must have put on one kg make-up” is going viral.

She is looking like a doll and a fake.

Nandamuri Balakrishna also got trolled for his various getups for NTR Biopic. The overt makeup killed the mood of the movie. Interestingly, this Jayalalithaa biopic is also co-produced by one of the producers of ‘NTR Kathanayakudu’.

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Thalaivi Teaser : From Actress To Leader


Thalaivi will narrate the life of Jayalalithaa from her initial struggles to how she rose to stardom in the film industry, her relationships with MG Ramachandran and Karunanidhi, and how she became the chief minister of Tamil Nadu.

Thalaivi teaser unveiled just a while ago showcases two facets of Jayalalitha as a film actress and also as a victorious politician. The only two episodes included in the teaser shows Kanagna as Jayalalitha dancing to a lively number and then waving victory sign at the large gathering. GV Prakash Kumar elevates the scenes with his delightful music.

Arvind Swamy and Prakash Raj are playing MGR and Karunanidhi respectively in the film directed by AL Vijay. Billed as a multi-lingual film in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi, Thalaivi will release worldwide on June 26th, next year.

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Rs 24 Cr remuneration for Kangana Ranaut?


Bollywood beauty Kangana Ranaut has been roped in to reprise the role of Tamil Nadu Ex-Chief Minister Jayalalithaa on screen. The tri-lingual will be shot from June and will be directed by AL Vijay. When the actress was approached, she quoted a whopping pay cheque of Rs 24 crores and the makers agreed for the quote. The contracts have been signed recently and the makers decided to pay huge as the actress enjoys huge fan base across the country.

Kangana Ranaut will help the film get a wide release across North Indian circuits. This will be the highest ever pay cheque for any Indian actress till date. Baahubali writer V Vijayendra Prasad is penning the script and Vishnu Induri’s Vibri Media will bankroll the film which is titled Thalaivi. The film will release during the first half of 2020 in Telugu, Hindi and Tamil languages.

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