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Lokesh promises HC bench in Kurnool


“The TDP never goes back on its promises made to any section of people and I am assuring you that once the party is into power again, a High Court bench will certainly be set up in Kurnool,” said TDP general secretary Nara Loeksh, on Monday.

The local advocates met Loeksh during his Yuva Galam pada yatra before the District Court Complex in Kurnool and complained that Chief Minister, Jagan Mohan Reddy, shifted the Judicial Academy sanctioned for Kurnool and did not keep the promise that the High Court will be shafted to this district headquarters.

The advocates also pointed out that the State Government has filed an affidavit before the Supreme Court that the High Court will remain in Amaravathi while Minister for Finance, Buggana Rajendranath Reddy, has said that the High Court will be shifted to Visakhapatnam. “This is nothing but creating a sort of confusion among the advocates and the judicial officers besides the common public,” they told Lokesh.

“We are not like Jagan who frequently changes tack. If once the TDP makes a promise the party will abide by it. I am now assuring you again that immediately after the TDP government is formed again a High Court bench will be established in Kurnool,” Lokesh told the advocates.

As the Yuva Galam reached the Konda Buruju centre, people turned out in large numbers to have a glimpse of Mr Lokesh. They all, in unison, narrated several local issues to Lokesh, including the prevailing drinking water problem and the poor road facility.

Lokesh promised them that all these issues will be addressed very soon as the TDP is all set to form the government in the coming elections.

Some representatives of the Maha Jana Social United Union met Lokesh and submitted a memorandum in which they demanded categorisation of Scheduled Castes as and when the TDP is back in power. Mr Lokesh promised sanction of funds for the SCs as per their population ratio and revival of all the welfare schemes that are being discontinued now.

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Andhra Pradesh: Over 70 injured in traditional stick-fight


More than 70 people were injured in the traditional fight with sticks during Dussehra celebrations in Andhra Pradesh’s Kurnool district.

Like every year, two groups attacked each other with sticks during Banni Utsav held as part of celebrations at Devaragattu village in Holagonda ‘mandal’ (block) late on Wednesday.

The injured were admitted to hospitals at Adoni and Alur and the condition of some of them is stated to be critical.

The stick-fight is organised every year as part of Dussehra celebrations at Mala Malleswara Swamy temple located on a hillock. Like in the past, the villagers defied the police orders to organise the fight, which they claim to be part of their tradition.

As part of the annual celebrations, people from different villages divide in two groups to fight with sticks to secure the idols of the deity.

This year, the fight was delayed due to rains. The fight led to a huge traffic jam in the area. A boy died on the way to participate in the celebrations. The boy was identified as Ravindranath Reddy, hailing from Karnataka. Police said he was suspected to have died of cardiac arrest.

Every year, people of villages around the temple divide into two groups and fight with sticks to take control of the idols.

Villagers from Neraniki, Neraniki Tanda and Kottapeta villages fight with devotees of Arikera, Arikera Tanda, Suluvai, Ellarthi, Kurukunda, Bilehall, Virupapuram and other villages. They mercilessly attack each other with sticks and in the fight many receive grievous injuries. However, devotees consider these injuries as a good omen.

Attempts by authorities to dissuade villagers from organising the fight have not yielded results. Every year, the police deploy forces to prevent the fight but the villagers defy the orders and organise the fight.

Villagers believe that Lord Shiva took the form of Bhairava and clobbered two demons, Mani and Mallasura, with sticks. The villagers enact the scene on Vijayadashami day. Group of villagers from the demon’s side try to snatch the idols from the rival group, called god’s team. They fight with sticks to take control of the idols.

Thousands of people from various parts of Kurnool and surrounding districts and neighbouring states like Telangana and Karnataka gather at the village to watch the traditional fight.

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Municipal staff dump garbage in front of shopping complex in AP


Strange are the ways of municipal staff in Andhra Pradesh. Sometimes they behave indifferently towards the taxpayers. This happened again in Kurnool Municipal Corporation limits on Wednesday.

The tax collection staff of the Kurnool Municipal Corporation have dumped garbage in front of a municipal shopping complex as the traders refused to pay the garbage tax. Despite the traders requesting them to wait or give them time to sort out the issue with the officials, the staff have brought the garbage vehicle from the town and dumped the stinking garbage in front of the complex.

The AP government had imposed garbage tax in every municipality and municipal corporation limits. They have also distributed garbage bins – three each – to every family and every shop. Of the three bins, one is for wet garbage, the other for dry garbage and the third one for the surgical waste. The government also introduced mini-vehicles for garbage collection across the state.

After implementing these measures as part of the Clean Andhra Pradesh programme, the government introduced the garbage tax ranging from Rs 20 a month to Rs 30 depending on the town and city.

There is widespread resentment over the imposition of garbage tax and the taxpayers across the state have been protesting. The traders and the residents too are holding protests, while the municipalities started collection of the tax.

In the process, the Kurnool Municipal Corporation staff have started tax collection, which was opposed by the traders in the commercial area. Even as the traders wanted the staff to give them time to sort it out with the higher officials, the rude tax collection staff have dumped the garbage in front of the complex much to the chagrin of the traders.

However, at the end when the traders lodged a complaint with the officials, the civic staff removed the garbage, giving a sigh of relief to the traders.

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Jagan inaugurates Rs 153-Cr Orvakal airport


Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy inaugurated the Orvakal airport in Kurnool district. The flight operations will begin from March 28 from here. The officials have lined up flights between Kurnool and other destinations like Visakhapatnam, Chennai and Bangalore. It is not clear whether Vijayawada is included in the list of cities being covered by the flights operating from Kurnool airport.

The Kurnool airport came up in an area of 1,008 acres. The overall cost of the project is estimated to be Rs. 153 Cr. This is going to be the sixth airport that AP is having now.

In his inaugural remarks, CM Jagan Reddy said that the previous Chandrababu Naidu Government made much ado by cutting the ribbon for the Orvakal airport. But, there was no progress afterwards.

The CM said that in their regime now, Rs. 110 Cr was spent in just a year and half’s time to complete the airport works. Mr. Jagan Reddy announced that the Orvakal airport would be named after Vuyyalawada Narasimha Reddy.

The airport inauguration came just a few weeks ahead of the Tirupati bypoll. The ruling YCP is showcasing the development projects in Rayalaseema region as an achievement in the byelections.

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CM Jagan in a hurry to speed up Kurnool High Court


AP Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy had raised 16 items concerning the State during his meeting with Union Home Minister Amita Shah in Delhi. The foremost plea made by Jagan Reddy was about the need for issuing renotification for shifting the High Court of Andhra Pradesh from Amaravati to Kurnool. This has been one of the major hurdles for the Jagan regime’s bold move on its 3 Capitals plan in the name of decentralisation of administration.

The other request of AP CM was for the Centre’s approval for the revised estimates of Polavaram irrigation project which was put at Rs. 55,656 Cr. The deadlock over the works on this prestigious lifeline project has been giving a big embarrassment to the Jagan regime. Also, the Centre should immediately pay the Rs. 1,644 Cr arrears under Polavaram as these funds were pending since 2018.

Mr. Jagan Reddy also pleaded with Mr. Amit Shah for the Centre to pay Rs. 22,948 Cr to fill the revenue deficit gap that was there during 2014-`15. The AP CM also sought Central intervention to make the Telangana Government to pay Rs. 5,541 Cr to the AP Genco under the reorganisation plan.
CM Jagan has also sought Mr. Amit Shah support for the Disha and AP Land Titling Bills.

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YCP Minister feigns ignorance of gambling in his village

The police raid on a ruling YCP Minister’s village created a sensation in Andhra Pradesh. The police went in mufti clothes while the local gambling organisers attacked them with chilli powder. As this has created a big controversy, Labour Minister Gummanur Jayaram asserted that he has no role behind the gambling activities in his own village.

As some of the policemen were injured in the attacks, the department took it very seriously. The raids were made at Gummanur in Kurnool district following a tip off that large scale gambling was going on. Gamblers and influential persons from different parts in Kurnool district were coming there regularly. This has led to eventual raids.

Because of the local people’s revolt against the police, several persons were arrested. However, some of the close followers of the Minister were allegedly released following top level pressure.

Lot of criticism was coming up amid doubts of how large scale gambling with hundreds of people could be organised in a Minister’s own village without his knowledge and permission.

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Jagan govt to face contempt of court case on Vigilance office shifting to Kurnool


Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy’s hasty decision to shift Vigilance office to Kurnool ignoring the AP High Court orders is all set to land YSRCP government in legal trouble.
A group of advocates and others are going to file  contempt of court case against Jagan government in the AP High Court on Monday against the GO issued by the Chief Secretary on relocation of the Vigilance department office Kurnool from Velagapudi.

The lawyers want to bring to the notice of the court whether the GO was issued with the concurrence of Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy or because of the oral instructions of the CM and whether pressure tactics were used on CS to issue the GO.

Though the High Court expressly ordered the Chief Secretary to not to issue any GOs, irrespective of the decision of the state government,  till the date specified by the court, the GO has been issued worrying t he government servants and employees about her. They worry whether the government will make the scapegoat?

The GO has fuelled speculations that relocation of the government offices commences with the shifting of the vigilance commissioner  and other offices will follow suit soon.

The GO did not explain reasons for relocating the offices.

Though Kurnool has been designated as the judicial capital of AP, the two offices have no relevance with the judicial capital. The two offices are functioning from AP Secretariat for long.

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Cold war over ‘Kurnool’


Cold war is being continued between TDP leaders for Kurnool Assembly seat for upcoming 2019 general elections. As two groups – Rajya Sabha MP T.G. Venkatesh’s son T.G. Bharat and sitting MLA S.V. Mohan Reddy – are preparing for the party’s ticket, a war of words is reached to peak stage.

Though the war of words between Bharat and Mohan Reddy did not attract the attention of voters, the entry of T.G. Venkatesh has now become talk of the city. He clarified on the dais of Janmabhoomi that the family of Mohan Reddy has three seats and there is no loss if they sacrifice a seat.

Following the differences between key leaders, the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh Mr. Chandrababu Naidu has already directed them for working together and they are following the directions during party meetings, but, while speaking at the meetings, indirectly criticizing each other.

During the last meeting of Janmabhoomi, S.V. Mohan Reddy said that he would like to serve Kurnool public and don’t go for Allagadda. “I don’t ask for Pattikonda because the deputy CM K.E. Krishnamurthy will trample me in the river Tungabhadra. My family expels me if I go for Allagadda. Don’t belief the rumors being spread over my political career,” he indirectly countered T.G. Venkatesh.

Responding to his dialogues, T.G. Venkatesh from the same dais questioned that how single family manages three seats. “There will no loss to the family if it sacrifices one out of three. There are chances in increase of assembly segments. So, he (S.V. Mohan Reddy) needs not to fear about his future,” he said.

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Narayana Reddy murder, AP TDP chief turns tables on Jagan


Vijayawada: The Andhra Pradesh TDP president and Minister for Energy, K Kala Venkata Rao, turned the tables on YSR Congress president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy in encouraging faction fights in Rayalaseema region.

Taking strong exception to Jaganmohan Reddy’s charge against the TDP in the murder of Ch Narayana Reddy in Kurnool district, the TDP chief said that it was Jaganmohan Reddy’s family that was responsible for the faction killings in the region. Jaganmohan Reddy’s grandfather Y S Raja Reddy and father Y S Rajasekhar Reddy were known factionists, he said and alleged that the Congress government during Rajasekhar Reddy’s regime as Chief Minister had killed 159 TDP leaders including former minister Paritala Ravindra. In Kurnool district alone, the YS family had killed 29 TDP leaders and cadre, he alleged.

Kala Venkata Rao said that Narayana Reddy’s family too was a known factionist family in Kurnool district. Narayana Reddy’s father Siva Reddy was alleged in the murder of Boya Peda Ellappa and China Ellappa of Cherukulapadu village in 1983. It was in retaliation, Siva Reddy was killed in 1985 by Ellappa’s sons, the TDP leader said. He further said that Narayana Reddy is accused in the Kuruva Beesanna and Lakshmanna murder in 2005, Nakkala Naganna of Cherukulapadu village, Co-operative bank employee Kuruva Chinasomanna and others. He said Narayana Reddy is an accused in several cases in Veldurthi, Emmiganuru, N Racharla, Kurnool, Adoni, Athmakuru police stations.

The AP TDP chief said that Narayana Reddy’s murder was the reaction to his own faction activities and the TDP had no role in it. He sought to advise Jaganmohan Reddy to know the facts before making charges against the TDP for political gains. He said that the people of Rayalaseema region, particularly those from the Kurnool district are aware of the faction politics of Narayana Reddy and Jaganmohan Reddy. He wanted the YSR Congress leaders to stop encouraging faction in the Rayalaseema districts at least now.

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Naidu claims success of his US tour, blames Jagan for ruckus

Vijayawada: Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu had claimed that his US tour was a big success as he could convince the leading technology companies to invest in Andhra Pradesh. However, he sought to blame the Opposition YSR Congress for creating trouble in US during his visit by sending a fake email to the officials there. “When I am working hard to mobilise investments to the State working round the clock and restless, the Opposition tried to create problems and cause hurdles. How can we allow this party to continue? How are the people going to support such people and the party?,” he asked.

Referring to his US visit, the Chief Minister said that the solar and wind power companies have agreed to come to the State. The government is planning to establish biggest solar power plant in Kurnool and promote solar and wind power in the State. The tour had also helped him to get solar and wind energy conservation units that would make the State power surplus. The Chief Minister claimed that if the State could save the solar and wind power, there would be no power tariff hike in the years to come. He also wanted the people to go for solar power with solar units on the top of their houses. The family could use the power for their domestic requirement and even supply the excess power to the grid.

The Chief Minister further said that he was planning to introduce electricity-operated vehicles for the private and transport purposes. The electric vehicles could be used using the solar power recharge and that would bring down the pollution levels in the State, he felt.

The Chief Minister further said that his tour had also gave him highest satisfaction as he could focus on promotion of electronics, electricity, employment and agriculture in the State. The 10-day tour had helped him to plan for creation of more assets for the State, he said and expressed confidence that the results of his tour would be seeing the light early as the officials have already started working on them.

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World’s largest single location Solar Park in Kurnool soon to be operational


In less than a month, the world’s largest single location solar park at Kurnool will be operational. Kurnool Ultra Solar Park of 1000MW is spread over a total area of 5,932.32 acres in Pinnapuram, Panyam mandal of Kurnool district, Andhra Pradesh.

The park in which 900MW of the 1000MW is already commissioned, surpasses 648MW Kamuthi solar park in Tamil Nadu and Topaz Solar Farm of 550 mw in California. The park is anticipated to produce 2,600 million units of power per annum, which will help to achieve production of 10000MW solar power by 2022.

G Adiseshu, MD of APSPCL, said that of the 1000 MW, 500 MW has been implemented by Greenko, 350 MW by Softbank Energy both at Rs. 4.63 per kWh, Azure Power 100 MW and Adani 50 MW, the latter two at Rs. 5.13 per unit with domestic content. The project will also get bundled with NTPC thermal project bringing the tariffs down to Rs. 4 a unit.

The state which now has 6052mW of installed renewable projects, stands first in generation of solar power of 1867.23MW, followed by Rajasthan, Telangana and Gujarat. The project is developed by the Andhra Pradesh Solar Power Corporation Private Limited (APSPCL), a joint venture of the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) with 50percent equity, Andhra Pradesh Power Generation Corporation(APGENCO) with 41percent and the New & Renewable Energy Development Corporation of Andhra Pradesh Ltd(NREDCAP) with 9percent.

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Nandyala is all set to be high voltage electoral battle

Vijayawada: Though not decided or declared yet, the by-election to Nandyala Assembly Constituency in Kurnool, is all set to see a high voltage electoral battle. Besides being a tough one between the ruling TDP and Opposition YSR Congress, it is also set to make a few nail biting developments within the ruling TDP.

The by-election is for sure as its sitting MLA Bhuma Nagi Reddy died last month. Though Nagi Reddy was elected on the YSR Congress ticket, he defected to the TDP in his last days. It is for this reason both the YSR Congress and the TDP are staking claim for the seat. The YSR Congress which had won the seat in 2014 elections is firm on winning it again and prove its hold, while the TDP wants to wrest the seat as Bhuma was with it in his last days. However, the two parties are yet to name their candidates and it would be clear only once the Election Commission notifies the schedule.

There is a big internal fight going on within the TDP with the family members of Bhuma Nagi Reddy insisting on having the ticket to the family members on one side and Kurnool senior leader Silpa Mohan Reddy staking claim for the seat. Though it has been a formality in the Telugu States to give the by-election ticket to the family members of the deceased MLA, the practice is all set to be kept aside this time for the MLA had defected in his last days. Having won the seat in 2014, YSR Congress claims for it, while having the MLA in its bag, the TDP too is claiming. For these two reasons, the election is set to be a real battle field and the voters would have tough time to decide. The YSR Congress is strong once again with the Gangula family joining the party after the death of Bhuma Nagi Reddy and thus the party had gained its lost ground.

The ruling TDP is already feeling the heat with Silpa Mohan Reddy being firm on contesting the by-election. He lost the seat to Bhuma Nagi Reddy in the 2014 elections by a small margin of 3,604 votes. Earlier, he had won the seat on Congress ticket for two successive terms, 2004 and 2009. This time too he is mounting pressure on the TDP leadership to give the ticket to him as the seat belonged to him. Moreover the TDP had already compensated the Bhuma family by giving a Cabinet berth to Bhuma Akhila Priya. Mohan Reddy had even threatened to quit the TPD and contest either as Independent or join the YSR Congress. While YSR Congress has not made up its mind on fielding the Silpa family in case he defected, it is said that Silpa Mohan Reddy is firm on contesting the seat, which would give a tough time to the ruling TDP.

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A chief minister who died homeless


August 23, 2016 is 144th birth anniversary of Prakasam Panthulu. Noted scholar from Kurnool, Kuradi Chandrasekhara Kalkura pays tributes to Andhra Kesari, who gave exemplary governance to the people of Andhra state during 1953-54 for 13 months from Kurnool, the then capital of Andhra state.

Tanguturi Prakasam (23 August 1872 – 20 May 1957) was born to Subbamma and Gopala Krishnayya, in the village of Vinodarayunipalem, 26 km from Ongole, now in Prakasam District. Having lost his father at the age of 11, Prakasam was brought up by his mother; a mess owner at Ongole. (Pootakullamma). With the help of his mother and the mentor Immaneni Hanumantharao Naidu, Prakasam started his career as a pleader in Rajahmundry. Engaged himself in the local social activities, he rose to become the Chairman of Rajahmundry Municipal Council in 1903. With his own efforts and earning, he became a Barrister and settled in Madras. His success as a front ranking Barrister, with fame and name and wealth was meteoric. Influenced by Bipin Chandra Pal, whose speeches he used to translate into Telugu at Madras, with patriotic fervour, he attended the Surat session of the Indian National Congress in 1907 and he did not miss, even one till he parted company with the Congress in 1950.

prakasam pantulu

In 1937 as the Revenue Minister in Rajaji’s Cabinet in Composite Madras State, he brought out revolutionary changes in Revenue Administration; most important among them is the creation of dividing Taluks into Firkas for administrative convenience. In April, 1946 he became the Chief Minister of the Madras State. During his tenure as Chief ministership, Prakasam publicly declared his intention to scrap all existing textile industries in the province and replace them with Khadi manufacturing and weaving units. Opposing the move, in February 1947, Communists broke into a full-scale revolt. On Vallabhai Patel’s advice, Prakasam responded with widespread arrests and tough crackdown on arsonists and humbled them. In spite of safety and a friendly warning from Nehru, in 1948, he dared to visit Hyderabad and met Quasi Rizvi, the leader of the Razakars, and warned him about “pushing his luck too far”. At last the Razakars had to eat their humble pie.

Though by then not in the Congress, he was elected the Leader of the Congress Legislature Party of the newly formed State of Andhra and at the ripe age old age of 81, on, Oct. 1, 1953 Prakasam headed the first Government of Andhra State in Kurnool. When doubts arose about the suitability of Kurnool for a Capital, Prakasam roared, “My Assembly sessions will be held in Open Maidan and the secretariat will function from the tents.” Though the Assembly Sessions were not held in the open, the administration was carried from tents, ABC Camps and the rented buildings, including the Official Residence of the C.M.

Within thirteen months the Ministry was voted out of power. But within that short period, Secretariat building was built, on which sprawling premises of 120 acres and the building is now located for the Prestigious Kurnool Medical College and the Teaching 1,200 bedded Government General Hospital. All the prisoners were set free to rejoice with their fraternity to enjoy their own State of Andhra. Tax on hand looms was removed.

In spite of non cooperation of Central Government and the Planning Commission, he launched the reconstruction of the Krishna Barrage (pic. below: Prakasam, at the time of foundation stone laying ceremony for the barrage). that was washed away in 1951 floods. A grateful people of Krishna Delta erected a bigger statue of Prakasam at the same place and named barrage after him. Earlier for having selected Kurnool as capital, the irate Vijayawada people had demolished his statue near the Krishna Barrage in Vijayawada. Prakasam caustically responded: “I have not asked anybody to install my statue; nor have I commanded to desecrate it. The one who has unveiled it, has the right to remove it.” To maintain the regional balance, one session of the Andhra Assembly was held at the Andhra University, Waltair. He revived his old plans to start a University at Tirupati. About 2,000 acres of the land and Rs.10,00,000/- were made available for the purpose from the Tirumala Tirumala Devasthams. Since the Governor had reservations about the manner in which the Sri Venkateswara University at Tirupati was being instituted, the Chief Justice of the High Court, Justice Koka Subba Rao was nominated the Chancellor of the University. It was inaugurated on September, 2, 1954. Guntur Medical College came into existence. An unsubstantiated argument is being made to credit the Nawab of Hyderabad for the clearance to the Nandikonda (Nagarjunasagar) Project. It was Tenneti Viswanatham, the Planning Minister in Prakasam,s Cabinet who struggled and obtained it, few days before the Ministry fell.The Ministry fell in Nov. 1954.

But Prakasam’s mission in the Service of the people of Andhra continued. Yet, he was denied the Chief Ministership after the By elections in 1955. In 1937, addressing a Public Meeting attended by thousands of people, in Kurnool, Prakasam explained the Democracy: “You, people feel that you are subordinate to the Village Officers,; who in turn are subordinates to a Deputy Tahsildar, functioning under a Tahsildar, who is subordinate to a Deputy Collector, who is under a Collector, under the Revenue Board, which is under me and ‘I am under you all. (Nenu mee andari kinda” Eye witnesses of the days of yore used to say that there was thundering applause, throughout Prakasam’s speech in chaste Telugu.

Prakasm’s body took long rest on May, 20 1957. The next day in the presence of more than a million people, the C.M. of A.P. Sri Neelam Sanjeev Reddy lead the funeral procession to the Amberpet Crematorium. It was set on fire with full State honours. In the Lok Sabha the Prime Minister, Nehru and the Home Minister, Pant, with moistened eyes and choked voice paid glowing tributes to Prakasam. A melancholic, Speaker Ananthasayanam Ayyangar agreed with the sentiments expressed by the leaders and explained that he was fortunate to have worked underPrakasam. He narrated the meteoric rise of Prakasam and particularly mentioned the Prakasam’s lionistic response during the Simon Boycott (1928). “He opened the shirt before the advancing British Military Police, blazed his chest and roared ‘Come on and shoot me, if you dare.” The Police retreated.

One side line that is worth noting here. The creation of Andhra State was in a hurry and the stop gap arrangements in the Temporary Capital at Kurnool was a Herculean task. Yet, according to Vavilala Gopalakrishnaiah, a veteran freedom fighter and a four time Legislator, Prakasam’s was the best administered Government in the history of the post independent Telugu people. So Prakasam Pantulu earned the nickname of Andhra Kesari and he was the only chief minister, probably, who died homeless.

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TG’s compromise formula for Rayalaseema


TDP leader and Rayalaseema protagonist TG Venkatesh has a formula to deal with the resentment in the region, generated following the chief minister Chandrababu Naidu’s decision to locate the capital in Guntur district ignoring Kurnool. Locating second capital, he prescribes, in Rayalaseema will put an end to the antagonism developed in the region post bifurcation. His suggestion assumes significance in the backdrop of the spreading Rayalaseema movement, which is slowly gaining momentum with participation of many intellectuals from the region.

Venkatesh is the only TDP leader from Rayalaseem, who has been raising the capital issue. Venkatesh is the first leader to demand ‘one state or three states’ if the division is thrust on the people of the state of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh. In his view, restoration of greater Rayalaseema consisting the existing four districts and parts of Nellore and Prakasam districts, would alone pave the path for the development of Rayalaseema as Rayalaseema and Andhra would be would be uneasy partners.
Now, having denied the capital city, the former minister is suggesting a way out to nip the Rayalaseema separate state movement in the bud. He says announcing second capital of the state for Rayalaseema is the best solution to prevent the Rayalaseema movement from transforming into a separate state movement. ” Separate state movement is not good for the state. Once the demand ignites the sentiment of the people, it would be difficult to extinguish, ” he warned the government. He said this in Kurnool in the presence important TDP leaders of the Kurnool district such as S V Mohan Reddy (MLC), Dhanareddy (former MLA, and chairman, district granthalaya samstha and former district TDP president Somisetti Venkateswarlu).

He cautioned Chandrababu Naidu not to ignore the Rayalaseema resentment as it had the potential to evolve into a separate statement. ” Another bifurcation movement won’t do good to the people of the state. So, conceding the second capital would address the Rayalaseema issues,” he said.
He also suggested Naidu to offer some more concessions to the angry Rayalaseema. They are: 1. Capital Amaravati should be made free zone. This is because, in the jobs generated in the Amaravati capital region, all regions should have equal share. if it is not made a free zone, according to Venkatesh, youth of backward districts would be at loss as they find it difficult to compete with the students of coastal districts. 2. The present development plan prepared for the Amaravati capital region should be decentralized. 3. The funds of special package being released by the centre under the special development plan for seven backward districts should be utilized for the intended purpose only and should not be diverted.
While dismissing the talk of his quitting the TDP, Venkatesh did not rule out the formation of new party in coordination with North Andhra protagonists, in case the government failed to do justice to Rayalaseema and other backward regions as per his compromise formula.

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Tomato Crisis in AP and TS


After struggling to contain the spiraling prices of yellow gram, fine rices and other essential commodities, now AP and TS jump to source and supply tomatoes.

Hyderabad: After struggling hard with skyrocketing prices of yellow gram and fine rice, now Andhra Pradesh and Telangana government are trying hard to sources and supply tomatoes to people. According to officials of agriculture and marketing department of Andhra Pradesh, the tomato prices are all set to cost a bomb this time, due to bad crop season. Mainly, the tomatoes are grown in Kurnool, Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh, and parts of Nalgonda and Ranga Reddy districts in Telangana.

However, due to the unfavourable weather in the starting of the agriculture season, the yields of tomatoes have come down drastically in both the States. Prices of tomatoes in the Madanapalli in Chittoor district and Pattikonda in Kurnool district have been pegged at Rs 80 to Rs 100 per Kg. Even then, there are no sufficient stocks to the lifted to supply and too meet the demand coming from whole state. Also, the tomatoes are also sent from these two districts to Hyderabad. This time, there seem to be no such possibility.

“While the starting of the agriculture season posed an unfavourable conditions resulting in lack of water devastated the tomato crop in both in Chittoor and Kurnool district, which used to supply even to the Food Processing Units, as well as to different markets in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, “ said senior official from Madanapalli Market Yard.

Adding to this, the extent of tomato crops left by the end of the agriculture season has been hit devastating rain, making the stand crops exposed to diseases. This has a cumulative effect on the entire yield of tomatoes this season, he added.

Sensing that there is going to be a huge gap between the demand and supply, the Andhra Pradesh government has already started making efforts to import tomatoes from Karnataka. But, even from there the officials point out, that “required quantum of stocks is not available to meet the demand from different parts of the State. For, the tomato crop in Karnataka too has experienced long periods of dry spells at the beginning of this agriculture season resulting in the fall in the yields,” they added. Following this, officials of the State Marketing Federation are looking at different states, to source tomatoes to meet the demand in the state. “Recently, the government has constituted the Price Monitoring Fund (PMF) with a corpus fund of Rs 50 crore, so there is no shortage of funds to buy and supply for reasonable prices as a measure of market intervention. But, our problem is that we are not able to figure out the stocks for purchase,” said a state marked official.

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TDP not to attend Rayalaseema-Tirupati meeting


In a clear indication that TDP is going to attend the Rayalaseema meeting being convened by retired High Court Judge Justice P Lakshman Reddy, deputy chief minister K E Krishna Murthy said there was no movement whatsoever in Rayalaseeama. KE Krishnamurthy, who represents Pattikonda constituency, Kurnool district today said people were not supporting the so called protagonists of Rayalaseema movement. He would attend the meeting.

Krishna Murthy, though first expressed a meek disappointment at the denial of capital city status to Kurnool city, has been maintaining that TDP was committed to the development of the Region, especially Naidu had been sincere in his efforts to development region.

Justice Lakshman Reddy wrote a personal letter to Krishnamurthy asking him of attend the November 21, meeting being held at Tirupati. He personally spoke to many TDP leaders asking them to attend the meeting meant to give a clarity on the movement and nature of injustice being done to the region. But, the response is poor from the ruling party and its ally, BJP. Some told this correspondent Naidu had asked his comrades from Rayalaseema to ignore Justice Lakshman Reddy’s meeting.

Apart from this, there has been a feeling among the some sections of people that only disgruntled ‘Reddys’ from the region are trying to hijack the ‘movement’ to their advantage. This dampened the spirit of Rayalaseema movement among the non-Reddy communities in the region.

For the people like KE Krishna Murthy, a leadership by Reddy’s could be one of the discouraging points. Because, when the first Rayalaseema padayatra took place in mid eighties, during NTR regime, KE Krishnamurhty was minister of major irrigation. The Padayatra, from Penukonda in Anantapur district to Pothireddypadu, Kurnool district, was led YS Rajasekhar Reddy, Mysoora, Reddy, DL Ravindra Reddy etc. Pothireddypadu was the off-take point for Krishna water to Telugu Gangan and SRBC.

Now, when KE is deputy chief minister history is repeating in the form of a Rayalaseema movement in a different from.
Now too KE doesn’t want to associate himself with Rayalaseema movement.

When asked if he was planning to attend the Tiruapti meeting, he replied in the negative by stating there was no movement in Rayalaseema. “The people are not supporting the movement. Telugu Desam Government is ensuring that all regions of sate get equal importance in the development.”

Since the day one, he said, the chief minister Naidu had been taking steps to ground all projects in Kurnool, Anantapur and Chittoor districts. All the allegations of injustice to Rayalaseema were irrational, he said. “There is no question of participating in the Rayalaseema meeting at Tirupati on November 21,” he said categorically.

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Some good news for Kurnool , at last


Some good news, though belated, for Kunool district, finally. Vhief minister Chandrababu Naidu has decided to buy peace with Kurnool distinct. This afternoon, at 1.20 he is going to unveil a pylon at Pudicherla for the proposed Orvakal Industrial Hub. Later, at 2.15 he is going to address a public meeting in Kurnool town, a 30-minute ride from Orvakal village.
This move is politically very important for Naidu at a time, when unrest is brewing in Rayalaseema region, for two reasons.

One- Kurnool district has been unhappy with Naidu and even generated a lot of bad blood between deputy chief minister K E Krishnamurthy and the CM. KE is upset, Kurnool district doesn’t figure prominently in the CM’s scheme of things. Many a time, in public meetings, KE openly expressed this. Even though
Kurnool, popular as Doab, means, like Punjab, region of two rivers, Tungabhadra and Handri, has not got any major institution from the ones CM announced in the past 14 months. Entire Rayalaseema has got reduced to Chittoor, which grabbed all national institutes. Naidu, purported explanation for this, KE could not win more than two seats in 2014 elections, that means he doesn’t want to give much to the district where his party was not a force. This has not gone down well with the people. The discrimination against Kurnool dampened the TDP cadre also in the district.

Two- Rayalaseema region is revolting on the matter of ‘special status’. The sentiment ‘Rayalaseema’ is gaining ground. Intelectuals in the region, are highlighting the culture and historicity of the region to acquire a separate identity. Giving short change to the region, which is struggling to coalesce cultural region with identity will deleterious to the interests of Naidu and his party. In spite of the fact that Rayalaseema is strong-hold of Opposition, Naidu needs to walk an extra mile to win over the people there.

Inauguration of pylon, which can be dubbed as eye-wash, is right step in right direction. Because the small pillar will convey to the people at least the intent of Naidu that he is not ignoring the region after promising sky. See what Naidu promised to Orvakal –

1. 5,000 acres have been set apart for 1,000 mw solar project,
2. 3,000 acres for DRDL,
3. 1,000 acres for Nuclear Fuel Complex and
4. 16,000 acres for industrial units.
5. St Gobains, leading glass manufacturer wants to set up a unit at Orvakal
6. Japanese company proposed Solar Components manufacturing unit.
7. Gujarat Ambuja gave its letter of intent to set up starch unit with maize.
8. A mango processing unit with a capacity to handle 40,000 tonnes
9. A green field airport

In Kurnool district

1.A Textile Park on 100 acres at Banavasi
2. A cement plant with a capacity of 40 million tonnes
3. Railway Midlife Coach Factory near Kurnool.
4. A IIIT and Urdu University from next academic year.
5. Tungabhadra Institute of Medical Sciences at Kurnool

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AP Cabinet nod for missile testing range near Kurnool


Rajahmundry: A missile testing range will come up in Kurnool district shortly. The State Cabinet which met here on Wednesday, has taken a decision to allot 2295 acres of land for national open air range(NOAR), DRDO in the villages of Palakolanu, Kuppalapadu and Uyyalavada of Orvakallu mandal in Kurnool district.

“The land is allotted at the rate of Rs.2 lakh per acre. The DRDO has come forward to complete the project by 2018 with an investment of Rs.500 crore and provide employment for as many as 5,000 people,” Palle Raghunadha Reddy, Minister for Information and Public Relations said. He briefed media of the cabinet decisions.

Similarly, it was decided to allot 43.1 acres of land for Divi’s Resorts in Vizianagaram district to develop a golf course, eco park and wayside amenities for tourism project.

The minister also said that it was only the second time that a Cabinet meeting was held outside the present capital of Hyderabad the first being  Visakhapatnam, after  swearing in of the cabinet.


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Kalakeya’s Messenger Speaks About Bahubali

Teja Kakumanu worked in some inconsequential movies before bagging a traitor’s role in Bahubali. He is the man who is instrumental in sending a message to Kalakeyas to invade the Mahishmathi kingdom. An M.Phil and a Master of performing arts from Central University, he won a Nandi for his work in theatre too. Talking of his beginnings from a humble place from Tullur Mandal in Guntur, Teja quips, “There is no bus to reach Ambrajapuram, where I stay in Guntur. It is very remote. My brother is a chartered accountant and my father is an agriculturist. When I grew my hair two years back, people at my home place kept taunting and my father found it difficult to answer questions. When everyone were doing good jobs I was still struggling to find roles in movies.”


Teja says he was called for an audition but for one month there was no phone call from the direction department, he had almost given up as rest of the selected candidates were already into training. When they called him he was asked to send a video of him riding a horse and Teja feared he would be included as one amongst the army and get faded. But to his surprise he was given a meaningful and an important role. “First day first shot was with me in Kurnool at Uruvakonda. The shoot went on for three days there. My role was narrated  only on the day of the shoot and I was told that I would be playing the role of a betrayer, that I would be scared of the brothers and if caught by them I would be killed. Since they will kill me, my only option would be to jump to death. I learnt the strange language well, Kilikili language was written by Madan, son of Tamil writer Vairmuthu’s son. It was a variety script and I couldn’t understand initially. I took up the role when I was 26, now I am 28,” he laughs.


“There were some shots but they got chopped probably because of the length.  I am shown as a wicked and a cruel, jealous minister when the brothers test of strength takes place.  Since I am tempted by Kalakeyas for wealth I help them. The first day was the rope shot and there were no body doubles. We did single shots first, it shot by two cameras. First they showed me jumping and then Prabhas Anna jumped. It was so hot, ropes nalgipoyi chala ibbandhi paddam. It was so exciting, getting a chance in the film is something I waited for, why would I think of a risk, aakali tho unna to make it. Once the fighters did something wrong and the wire was loosened, I almost hit my head on the rock as I went in a reverse direction. Prabhas said jagrattha ga undu darling. My father is a happy man now as everyone is calling him and saying that I did a good job.”

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