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YSRCP ‘rowdysheeter’ in MAA polling booth!


The ongoing controversy over irregularities in the recent MAA elections (Movie Artists Association took a new turn on Friday (today) with a picture of a YSRCP leader’s presence in the MAA polling booth when the polling was held on October 10 at Jubilee Hills Public School in Hyderabad.

The picture of YSRCP Nukala Sambashiva Rao roaming inside the polling booth was released by actor Prakash Raj, who lost MAA president election to Manchu Vishnu.

Prakash Raj panel has all along been alleging that Manchu panel won the election by indulging in irregularities in polling. They alleged that Manchu supporters threatened voter to vote for Manchu in the polling booth and those who opposed were even manhandled by Manchu supporters.

Prakash Raj panel sought CCTV footage to prove their claims. The police showed CCTV footage to Prakash Raj.

Prakash Raj capture few pictures of YSRCP leader, who is also known as ‘rowdy sheeter’ since police has opened ‘rowdy sheet’ on him. roaming inside polling booth. Prakash Raj alleged that the YSRCP leader threatened and attacked voters during polling.

Prakash Raj question MAA election office Krishna Mohan to answer how this YSRCP leader who was not even a MAA member was allowed inside the polling booth.

Prakash Raj also released the pictures of Manchu Mohan Babu and Vishnu coming to MAA polling booth along with YSRCP leader.

He also released pictures of YSRCP leader posing with YSRCP party chief and AP CM YS Jagan.

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MAA elections: Manchu Manoj responds to Ram Gopal Varma’s barb


Ram Gopal Varma is no stranger to controversies, but on Tuesday, he waded into one that has wracked Tollywood’s influential trade body, Movie Artists Association (MAA) following its just-concluded elections.

Referring to the election, RGV tweeted, “Cine’MAA’ is a CIRCUS full of JOKERS.” Actor Manchu Manoj, son of veteran Telugu star Mohan Babu, and brother of the newly-elected MAA President, Manchu Vishnu, responded at once by taking a swipe at the director.

“And you are the Ring Master, sir,” Manoj tweeted back. RGV ignored Manoj’s response and instead struck a philosophical note in a rather lengthy tweet, which said: “Intellectuals are bigger fools than fools because they do not realise that the world is full of fools who cannot understand intelligence and that’s the reason why fools become more successful than intellectuals.”

On the work front, Ram Gopal Varma recently announced his upcoming movie titled “Konda” based on the lives of the flamboyant political couple from Warangal, Konda Murali and Surekha. Talking about the film, RGV said it would portray how extraordinary circumstances moulded extraordinary people such as Konda Murali.

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Actor Prakash Raj demands CCTV footage of MAA polls


Following high drama around the Movie Artistes Association (MAA) elections, Vishnu Manchu was elected president of the association and even though his rival Prakash Raj and his supporters resigned from their positions, Vishnu did not react.

Many artistes came forward claiming they faced mental harassment by the Manchu family during MAA elections. Others also alleged foul play in the elections. In this context, Prakash Raj has sought evidence from the spot. He has written a letter to the polling officer seeking CCTV footage from the polling booth.

Prakash Raj’s letter said, “You were witness to many unfortunate events that happened in the just-concluded MAA elections. The tempers were high and we saw unruly, anti-social behaviour of DRC member Sri Mohan Babu and ex-president Sri Naresh. They abused, threatened and physically attacked members of MAA.”

“I assume you used your discretionary powers to allow them and their henchmen in the polling arena.

Prakash Raj said the MAA elections and later incidents made them a “laughing stock” in the eyes of the public and there is disgust about behaviour of some known faces. He said even MAA members want to know the truth about these reports.

Prakash Raj has demanded CCTV footage of the polls, saying “as a polling officer, it is your duty to preserve all the records at least for three months.”

“I request you to give us CCTV footage as early as possible. Unless you act immediately, I fear the footage will be deleted or tampered with,” he wrote.

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Prakash Raj’s sensational move after being defeated in MAA Elections


Like never before, the MAA Elections stood in the news because of the controversies. The panels of Prakash Raj and Manchu Vishnu contested in the polls and things turned murkier like never before. Even the bigwigs of Tollywood turned dumb and they could not control the situations. Several unexpected incidents were reported on the day of elections and Manchu Vishnu won as the new President of MAA. A depressed Prakash Raj submitted his resignation for the membership of MAA after he was called as a non-local. 11 members from the panel of Prakash Raj won in the elections.

All the 11 members of the panel of Prakash Raj submitted their resignations for their positions. Prakash Raj said that he would welcome Vishnu to take charge and fulfill all the promises that he made before the elections. “We want Vishnu to work efficiently and work for the prosperity of MAA. We will not interfere in their work but will question from the side of the actors who voted for us. I will also take back my resignation after the bylaw of a non-local contesting in the elections of MAA will be amended” told Prakash Raj.

Srikanth said that he urged everyone to vote for one panel before the elections but most of them participated in cross-voting. Benarjee turned emotional and was left in tears for the way Mohan Babu behaved on the day of the elections. All the members of Prakash Raj who won in the MAA Elections submitted their resignation for the posts they won in the recent polls.

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Prakash Raj says ‘there’s a deeper meaning’ behind quitting MAA


Actor Prakash Raj has said that there is a deeper meaning behind his resignation from Tollywood’s influential industry body, Movie Artists Association (MAA).

Thanking the members who had supported him and his panel in the just-concluded MAA elections, the acclaimed character actor tweeted: “Hi my dear MAA members who stood by us … There is a deeper meaning behind my resignation from the MAA. We as a team know we are responsible to the love n support you all have extended to us.”

Prakash Raj lost to actor-producer Manchu Vishnu in a bitterly contested election and then announced on Monday that he was quitting the MAA. “We will NEVER let you all down … will explain very soon … you will be proud of us,” he added.

The actor had quit the trade body because he was upset over what he perceived as “regionalism” during the election and the ‘tukde tukde’ gang issue being raked up in the campaign. A native of Karnataka, the multi-lingual actor said he would remain a “guest” in the industry because that what his rival panel and its supporters want him to be.

During the bitter campaign, the Vishnu panel and its supporters opposed Prakash Raj’s candidature because he’s a non-Telugu. Prakash responded by stating: “My self-respect as an artiste does not permit me to continue in the MAA.” He clarified that he would continue to act in Telugu films and maintain his relationship with the film industry and his fans.

In the election held on Sunday, Vishnu was elected MAA president defeating Prakash Raj by 109 votes. The final results declared on Monday showed that Vishnu polled 383 votes while his rival garnered 274 votes.

The Vishnu panel also won all the key posts, barring the executive vice-president, which was bagged by actor Srikanth of the Prakash Raj panel. And of the 18 slots for executive committee members, Vishnu’s panel bagged 10 and Prakash Raj supporters got the remaining eight seats.

After Prakash Raj announcing his resignation, Vishnu appealed to him not to act in an emotional and hasty way. “You are an integral part of our family. I need your ideas and we need to work together. I request you not to reply back to me now. I will meet you soon and we will discuss. I love uncle and please don’t be hasty,” the young actor wrote to Prakash Raj.

Addressing a news conference on Monday, Vishnu said he would not accept the resignations of Prakash Raj and Naga Babu, megastar Chiranjeevi’s brother, who had also announced his resignation. Chiranjeevi, in fact, had supported Prakash Raj. Naga Babu said he was pained to see regionalism and intolerance that rocked the apex body of Tollywood.

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Chiranjeevi wanted me to back out from MAA Elections: Manchu Vishnu


After winning the polls of MAA, Manchu Vishnu interacted with the press this evening. The young actor is the new President of MAA and he defeated Prakash Raj who received backing from the Mega family indirectly. During his media interaction, Manchu Vishnu revealed that Chiranjeevi garu wanted him to back out from the polls. He also responded about Ram Charan voting for him. He said that Charan might have voted to Prakash Raj and his panel.

Vishnu said that he received the first phone call from Tarak after winning the polls. Tarak skipped the voting of MAA that took place yesterday. Manchu Vishnu also said that MAA members will meet the Chief Ministers of both the Telugu states and will discuss about the issues to be resolved. Vishnu promised to work together and he said that the resignations of Prakash Raj and Naga Babu will not be approved as he needs their support in the coming days.

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How Vishnu Manchu won MAA vote despite Chiranjeevi backing rival


The high-voltage elections to the Movie Artistes Association (MAA), Tollywood’s apex industry body, ended on Sunday with actor-producer Manchu Vishnu’s convincing victory over noted character actor Prakash Raj, aka Prakash Rai in Kannada and Hindi filmdom.

At 39, the scion of the Manchu clan is easily the youngest actor to win the post of president of the powerful Telugu film body. Along with movies, Vishnu has been a businessman, with interests in education and other sectors. Apparently leveraging his business skills, Vishnu crafted a poll campaign that upset the calculations of the rival camp, which had the backing of the powerful Chiranjeevi clan.

Compared to the other leading Tollywood film families, such as those of Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna, and Balakrishna, the Manchus, with four stars in the family — patriarch Mohan Babu, daughter Lakshmi Prasanna, Vishnu and Manoj — are seen to enjoy relatively less clout.

Mohan Babu, known popularly as the ‘Collection King’ for his blockbuster Telugu movies, is famous for his mercurial temperament. He has a blow hot-blow cold relationship with Chiranjeevi and the MAA elections saw them ranged against each other.

The MAA elections saw Vishnu woo voters with a manifesto that included several welfare measures for the Telugu movie industry fraternity. Apart from calling on senior actors for support, a carefully orchestrated poll campaign by his father soon had the attention of the voters diverted to the issue of “local versus non-local”.

Prakash Raj, who hails from neighbouring Karnataka, but has had a long association with Tollywood, polled 274 votes to Vishnu’s 381.

As a child, Vishnu first acted in his father’s movie ‘Ragile Gundelu’ in 1985. He made his big-screen debut with ‘Vishnu’ in 2003. His biggest commercial success has been ‘Dhee’ in 2007. Incidentally, his co-star in the movie, Genelia De Souza, flew in from Mumbai to vote in the polls. It’s another indication of the meticulous planning that went into winning the vote, according to industry observers.

Vishnu is married to Viranica, niece of the late former Andhra Pradesh chief minister Dr Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy. The couple have four children — twin daughters and a daughter and son.

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Huge betting on MAA Elections


The prestigious MAA Elections will take place tomorrow and Prakash Raj panel is competing with Manchu Vishnu’s panel. After a heated up discussion between Prakash Raj and Manchu Vishnu, the entire Tollywood is waiting to see about who wins in the polls. On the other side, there are huge bets going about the panel that would win in the polls. From the role of the President to the other positions, there are massive bets. One of the celebrities who is contesting in the MAA Elections is betting on himself for lakhs.

During the initial days, everyone predicted that Prakash Raj’s victory would be a cakewalk but things changed completely. Vishnu turned out to be a tough competitor and there are talks that the majority would not exceed 50 votes. The elections will take place tomorrow morning and the results will be declared tomorrow evening. All eyes are now focused on the MAA Elections for now.

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Why is RSS interested in MAA elections?


MAA elections are no longer an affair limited to the film actors and actresses. They have assumed political overtones with political parties getting involved in the elections. Mega family’s open backing of Prakash Raj as the MAA president has opened a Pandora’s box. Though the YSRCP has clarified that it has no interest in the MAA elections, several of its leaders are said to be working openly against the Prakash Raj panel.

If sources are to be believed, the RSS too is said to be involved in the campaign. Sources say that RSS has no interest whatsoever in the MAA elections, but is hell-bent on defeating Prakash Raj, who is a well-known Modi baiter. The RSS feels that she should be defeated and sent packing for his anti-Hindu comments. Hence, the RSS, which has contacts with several film actors, producers and technicians, is leveraging its contacts to meet the MAA voters. An all-India level leader with wide contacts in the film industry is said to be personally monitoring the campaign by the RSS workers. At least 11 film personalities, including a young politician who has produced films with Nithin, are involved in contacting the voters. They are trying to influence the voters by ‘exposing’ Prakash Raj. Film personalities like Narasimha Rao and Kota Srinivas Rao too came out openly against Prakash Raj only and not against the other members of his panels.

Interestingly, Manchu Lakshmi and Mohan Babu hosted Modi’s meeting with the film industry ahead of the 2014 elections. Kota Srinivasa Rao had contested and won as an MLA on behalf of the BJP from Vijayawada. Only recently, top RSS leaders had met top film producers, actors and directors in connection with the fund raising for the Ram temple construction in Ayodhya.

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MAA Elections heat reaches new heights


MAA Elections took several controversial turns this year and this never happened in the history. After the Tollywood biggies intervened in the issue, the contestants calmed down. Now the panels of Prakash Raj and Manchu Vishnu have been exchanging words after they filed their nominations. Several actors who are residing in Chennai, Bengaluru and Vizag may not make it for the MAA Elections. Manchu Vishnu arranged a postal ballot for these and approached them. The Election official was paid Rs 28,000 for the 60 postal ballot votes by Manchu Vishnu. This did not go well with Prakash Raj and he expressed his dissatisfaction for the same.

Prakash Raj along with his panel met the Election official saying that the panel of Manchu Vishnu violated the rules. The Election Official informed that they have introduced Postal Ballots this year for a price of Rs 500 per vote. Prakash Raj raised his objection for Manchu Vishnu paying the amount for the postal ballots. Prakash Raj turned emotional before media with the move. He asked the senior actors and veterans to respond for the same. There are also talks that huge amount of money is spent to lure some of the actors in the MAA Elections.

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MAA Elections: Prakash Raj’s clever move


The prestigious MAA Elections are expected to take place next month and Prakash Raj, Manchu Vishnu, Hema and Jeevitha Rajasekhar announced that they would contest in the polls for the role of MAA President. Harsh words were exchanged between them and Tollywood top celebrities had to intervene in the issue to control the situations. Prakash Raj called for a press meet last evening and the veteran actor announced his panel members. His clever moves are now the talk of Tollywood.

Prakash Raj himself revealed that he convinced the other contestants Jeevitha Rajasekhar and Hema. They are offered prominent places in his panel and he thanked them for their support. Prakash Raj also selected several actors from Telugu cinema who are efficient enough to handle MAA. He announced their names along with their strengths and the reason why he picked them for the panel. The actor also revealed that he would announce more updates once the date for the election is announced.

Prakash Raj also responded about Manchu Vishnu announcing to construct the building of MAA. He replied saying that there are several other issues of MAA to be sorted out before that. He also said that he alone cannot pool resources for MAA building and he will take it as a team effort after the elections.

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MAA elections: Chiranjeevi demands early polls, action against ‘indisciplined’


Megastar Chiranjeevi on Monday (today) demanded Movie Artistes Association (MAA) to hold MAA elections at the earliest to save the image and reputation of MAA from getting damaged further in the eyes of all due to allegations and counter allegations being made against each other by some Tollywood film personalities in public.

Chiranjeevi expressed anger at the ‘indiscipline’ of Tollywood members, who are making wild allegations against each other in public which is harming the interests of Tollywood as well adversely affecting the image of Telugu film industry.

Chiranjeevi today wrote a letter to MAA disciplinary committee chairman, veteran actor Krishnam Raju in this regard.

In his letter, Chiranjeevi requested him to take stringent action against such ‘indisciplined’ members, who are damaging the reputation of Telugu film industry with their public outburst.

Chiranjeevi said if elections are delayed further it would invite more troubles in the coming days and holding elections at the earliest is the only solution to check this menace.

Chiranjeevi said if elections are delayed further, it would halt welfare programmes being taken up by MAA for the welfare of film fraternity.

Due to Covid, the film fraternity is already facing severe crisis and steps should be taken for the election of new MAA committee at the earliest so that the welfare programmes could be taken up fast.

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MAA elections: The reason behind Hema sudden entry revealed


Movie artist Association elections has become a hot topic In Film Nagar. Gone are those days when Movie artist Association used to elect all the members unanimously. Nowadays elections to this association is on par with any political election in terms of campaigning , strategies and verbal attacks. This time there are already four contestants aspiring for the post of President of Movie artistes Association. However there seems to be a specific reason behind Hema, the latest entry into the race, joining the fight.

Versatile artist Prakash Raj was the first one to announce his intention to contest the election this time and he is supposed to have the blessings of megastar family. Actor Manchu Vishnu is the next one to join the fight and he is the main opponent to Prakash Raj. When most of the people thought that the fight will be between these two , actress Jeevitha shocked everyone by announcing her intention to contest. The next day, actress Hema also announced her decision to contest.

As per Film Nagar reports, Hema did not have any plans to contest this time, but some bigwigs asked her to contest , only to nullify the impact of Jeevitha’s entry. Jeevitha certainly has some supporters and she may spoilsport the prospects of main contenders. So, by roping in Hema, who can significantly dent the prospects of Jeevitha, industry bigwigs are trying to nullify the impact of Jeevitha. However, Jeevitha, who is already secretary, is utilising her post to clear dues of the members to win their favour towards her in the upcoming election.

We need to wait and see how many more twists will unravel in due course of time.

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MAA Elections: Too many Contestants


Veteran actor Prakash Raj was the first one to announce that he would contest for the Presidential elections of MAA. Soon, young actor Manchu Vishnu joined the race and there were predictions that there would be a tough fight between the duo. Sivaji Raja too decided to contest in the elections but he later dropped his plans. Soon after this, veteran actress and director Jeevitha Rajasekhar joined the list and stood in the race. There are speculations that Manchu Vishnu and Jeevitha will join hands but she decided to contest on her own.

The latest one to join the race is actress Hema. She announced that she will be contesting for the President of MAA. There would be a tough fight among all the contestants for sure and this is the first time, MAA Elections is witnessing multiple contestants. All the candidates are expected to announce the details of their panel soon. The polling date too will be announced very soon.

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MAA Elections: Tough fight on Cards


Movie Artists Association (MAA), a body that takes care of all the film crafts of Telugu cinema landed into several controversies over the past couple of years. Several actors stepped out and exchanged words that reached biggies like Megastar Chiranjeevi. The issue calmed down as days passed. Now MAA is back in the news as the elections are nearing. Names like Prakash Raj, Sivaji Raja and Manchu Vishnu are heard for the race of MAA President. Veteran actor Prakash Raj met Chiranjeevi and sought his blessings before he decided to contest in the polls.

There are speculations that Prakash Raj was keen to contest for the position from the past 4-5 years. Naresh who is strong in MAA came out to support Manchu Vishnu. He also arranged a meeting with Superstar Krishna and Mohan Babu, Vishnu met the legendary actor recently. Sivaji Raja who lost by a small margin last time is keen to win in the polls. Sivaji Raja and Vishnu too are in plans to meet Chiranjeevi and seek his support before the MAA Elections. This year, there would be an interesting battle for the presidential chair of MAA.

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