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Jana Sena demands fresh poll for municipalities


State Election Commissioner Ramesh Kumar has only a limited time before his retirement. He has been speedily completing the elections that he started in March last year. As part of this, the Election Commission has issued a schedule to restart the postponed municipal polls last year.

Now, different parties are objecting to this. The Jana Sena Party has demanded the Election Commission to issue a fresh notification for the municipal polls. Jana Sena leader Nadendla Manohar has said that the SEC should review its decision considering the fact that the polls were postponed a year ago. It would not be correct to restart the democratic process of elections after a year. Only a fresh election notification would do justice to the people.

Mr. Ramesh Kumar has been facing hurdles since day one of the elections that were begun in March last year. At that time, the Coronavirus infections reached a peak when he postponed the elections. The SEC had to taste the wrath of Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy whose Government later removed Ramesh from his post.

After nearly a year, the SEC started the elections with the approval of the court. Even now, the political parties are unhappy that the SEC was not conducting the elections in a democratic manner.

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We welcome unanimous panchayat polls sans conspiracies: Janasena


anasena Party’s Nadendla Manohar said on Thursday that it was common to dole out financial incentives to panchayat for unanimous elections but demanded that they should be held sans conspiracies.

“Incentives for unanimous elections are common anywhere. We also welcome them. But this state government is conspiring to bring forced unanimity. We can understand this very clearly,” said Manohar, who is party founder Pawan Kalyan’s aide.

Along with Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Somu Veerraju and others, Manohar met Governor Biswa Bhusan Harichandan on Thursday and made several requests.

“We discussed the prevailing political situation in Andhra Pradesh. We discussed the coming panchayat polls, law and order in the state, past experiences and disallowing nominations illegally,” he claimed.

Manohar said they urged the Governor to personally monitor the elections and issue directives to the government to uphold democracy.

He said that the opposition leaders reminded Harichandan about the alleged statements made by state Ministers and others on the polls.

The Janasena leader called for nominations at all places in the state with a festival-like celebration and also suggested that people should retaliate against the state government’s alleged conspiracies.

Manohar reiterated that Kalyan desires to encourage participation of the youth in politics.

“We also informed the Governor that farmers did not get compensated for the losses they suffered. Another important matter is attacks on temples,” he said.

Meanwhile, Andhra BJP President Somu Veerraju alleged that the government encouraged skirmishes in the past MPTC and ZPTC elections, leading to many injuries.

“At many places, YSCRP activists troubled the BJP and Janasena activists. In some districts, we observed that maximum ZPTCs witnessed unanimous elections,” he claimed.

He said such a situation should not be repeat in the coming polls.

Veerraju alleged that the YSRCP government was “not serious about temple attacks”, whose investigation it first entrusted to the CID and then formed an SIT.

He decried that the state government was filing cases against BJP cadres and ally’s activists, even for social media posts, and claimed that the Supreme Court disapproved of such activities.

He also accused the state government of encouraging communalism. “They are building churches with public money. Why are they building churches? Why is it (government) giving salaries to church pastors? All these issues have been conveyed to the Governor,” the BJP leader said.

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Nadendla Manohar hints at Chiranjeevi’s future ‘role’ in politics


Janasena leader and Pawan Kalyan’s aide Nadendla Manohar hinted at Chiranjeevi’s future ‘role’ in politics at a recent internal party meeting, whose video was telecast by a local news channel on Wednesday.

Manohar broached the matter in what appeared to be an explanation to Janasena supporters in a closed doors meeting as to why Kalyan returned to acting.

He claimed that Kalyan quit acting in movies for the sake of politics.

“For the sake of politics, he left movies also. Now as we are a little free, as part of several steps we took, we should tell that movies are also needed. I have to tell this as it is an internal meeting,” Manohar said in the video which appeared to have been recorded by one of the attendees of that internal meeting.

According to the former Assembly Speaker of united Andhra Pradesh, Kalyan’s brother Chiranjeevi and founder of another political party, Prajarajyam, had encouraged the Janasena party founder to act for another one or two more years before plunging into politics completely.

“Once I, Kalyan and Chiranjeevi sat together and talked. Chiranjeevi said that time should be allocated for movies for one or two years. After that you do politics completely. In your political journey, I will definitely be with you,” said Manohar.

At the mention of Chiranjeevi’s ‘support’, the attendants detonated into a loud roar of applause and approval.

Kalyan founded Janasena just before the general elections in 2014 in which he refrained from contesting but extended full support to N. Chandrababu Naidu’s Telugu Desam Party (TDP), whom he vociferously opposed as the head of Yuvarajyan, youth wing of Chiranjeevi’s Prajarajyam in the run up to 2009 election.

However, Chiranjeevi’s political ambitions could not penetrate the Congress fortress led by Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy.

After Chiranjeevi merged Prajarajyam in Congress party in 2012 and went on to enjoy a central government ministerial berth in UPA – II, Kalyan was inactive politically but surfaced again in 2014 with his own party.

Janasena contested the 2019 general elections without the involvement of Chiranjeevi but doled out an MP seat to his other brother Nagendra Babu, a comedy show judge and another Tollywood actor.

Kalyan, who contested in Gajuwaka and Bhimavaram, Babu and all others in his partly lost out in the 2019 polls, except Rapaka Varaprasad, current Razole MLA, whose loyalty the actor-politician failed to retain.

Chiranjeevi has already been inactive in politics for several years but Manohar’s revelations may rekindle some hopes of the legendary actor’s re-entry into politics in his fans and supporters.

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Did Nadendla give clarity on rumors about Janasena-YSRCP alliance?


There is no doubt that former speaker of assembly Nadendla Manohar became very important leader in Janasena party. Manohar has been accompanying Pawan Kalyan almost in all recent events, including his meeting in Dallas. He recently met north Andhra leaders of the party and interacted with them on taking the party forward and preparing cadres for upcoming elections. But during his speech, he seems to have given clarity on latest rumors about Janasena-YSRCP alliance.

Rumor about Janasena allying with YSRCP for 25 MLAs and 5 MPs:

Recently there have been rumors that Janasena may ally with YSRCP for mere 25 MLA seats and 5 MP seats in upcoming 2019 elections for AP assembly and Lok Sabha. The rumors, as circulated widely in social media, also had it that Mega brother Naga Babu and YSRCP leader Vijay Sai Reddy already had a discussion regarding the same. The rumor was put forward in a tone as if Janasena is urging YSRCP 25 MLA seats and 5 MP seats.

Nadendla Manohar indirectly condemned this rumour:

In his meeting with north Andhra leaders, Nadendla Manohar reiterated the words of Pawan Kalyan that Janasena will be contesting in all the 175 seats. Nadendla Manohar’s statements confirming Janasena contesting all 175 seats seemed to be aiming at putting check on the rumours of alliance with YSRCP. It is to be remembered that whenever such rumours (like Janasena allying with other parties) come up, Pawan immediately gives a statement that Janasena will contest in all 175 seats to refute such rumours. Now Nadendla seem to have done the same

Does this mean Janasena will not even have alliances with communists too?

Usually communists take just 5% or less seats when they ally with other parties. So the parties usually claim they are contesting ALMOST all seats. So, these kind of statements usually aimed at condemning rumors of alliance with other parties where they have to sacrifice significant chunk of seats. We can see this kind of statements by all other parties whenever they allied with communists.


Even though this rumor was spread very widely, Janasena fans rubbished it saying, no need for Pawan to do this kind of extensive ‘Praja Porata Yatra’ and fire salvos at ruling TDP pary if he wants to contest only 25 seats. They add, even CBN could have easily accommodated 25 MLA seats and 5 MP seats, if that is the case really. Because, as everyone knows Pawan is biggest star at this moment and he has the support of highly populated caste in the state. Moreover, any alliance will be materialized in the last 2 months, as we have seen in Telangana. So it would be too early to comment on alliances at this moment. But Janasena confining only to 25 MLA seats is definitely just a rumor with no truth in it, as anybody can guess.

-ZURAN (@CriticZuran)

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Big boost to Janasena with prominent leaders joining


Congress leader and former assembly speaker Nadendla Manohar joining janasena gave enough tremors in political circles. Even though inundation of leaders into the party started couple of months back, most of them were middle level leaders. But prominent leader like Manohar joining the party gave big boost to janasena cadres.

Yesterday there have been debates on TV channels regarding Manohar joining janasena. Some analysts supporting other political parties said, Congress party did not agree to give him PCC chief post and that is the reason for him to leave Congress Party. Other Pro TDP analysts analysed that there might be alliance between Congress and TDP in 2019 elections and as part of the alliance, if Tenali ticket is allotted to TDP, he may not get a chance to contest in 2019 elections and that is the reason for him to join janasena. Another media house that is considered strong supporter of TDP ran a story saying, because of some political limitations, Manohar cannot go into the parties like it TDP and YSR CP and probably that is the reason for him to join janasena as no other option left for him.

All this analysis by the supporters of other parties is implicitly saying that Manohar didn’t have other option and so he is joining janasena. But what they miss to understand is the fact that Manohar has been in touch with Pawan Kalyan since long, even much before the rumours on PCC post to Manohar. Janasena fans have been predicting on all social media platforms about Manohar entry into the party for almost 2 years by now. So this must be a calculated move by Manohar rather than a hasty decision or decision with no other choice.

As per janasena spokesperson Vijay Babu, many top people from media houses were surprised by this development and called Manohar asking why he is joining janasena party. He also told that, this month onwards, there will be many more surprises as many other top leaders will be joining into the party. He told to the analysts who were belittling janasena that, they will be even more shocked and surprised with upcoming developments in the party.

Janasena party is getting a big boost with prominent leaders like this joining into the party. But another question is, who’s votes will they split and how many of them will win. But it seems Pawan Kalyan has got complete analytics and focusing on those constituencies that have significant chunk of population from the communities that are supporting him and has big fan base for him. So if the cadre of these leaders, if any, and the people supporting janasena work synergistically, political equations as well as election results are bound to change.

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Nadendla Manohar to join Jana sena?


In a rather surprising move, former speaker of United Andhra Pradesh, Nadendla Manohar had one to one meeting with Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan today for couple of hours. With this, speculations started whether he is planning to join Janasena party

Manohar represented Tenali constituency from Indian National Congress party in 2004 and 2009 general elections. He contested and lost in the 2014 elections. On personal front, he was an MBA and Bronze Medalist in Tennis in the National games, 1986 .

There have been speculations since last year about his next political steps. there have been rumors that he would be joining YSRCP party during Jagan padayatra in Guntur district. however that did not materialize. Later there have also been rumors that he will be taking up PCC chief post in Andhra Pradesh. However he surprised everyone by meeting Pawan Kalyan today and having closed door discussions for couple of hours.

We will have to wait and see what decision he takes regarding his political career.

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Nadendla Manohar to join YSRC soon ?


Former speaker Nadendla Manohar is all set to join YSR Congress soon. A prominent Congress leader from Guntur district, after defeat in 2014 elections, he became inactive in politics. He has not been seen in any of the activities of the Congress party. Manohar represented Tenali constituency twice. He got elected to Assembly in 2004 and 2009. In 2009, he was appointed deputy speaker and later when speaker Kirankumar Reddy anointed chief minster he was elevated as speaker.

Manohar got wide appreciation for the way he conducted the united Andhra Pradesh assembly with aplomb. During Telangana movement, though Kiran revolted against the pro-Telangana line taken by Congress high command, Manohar remained loyal to Congress leadership. In 2014 election, however, he fell to the anti-Congress tsunami created by party’s decision to divide the state. During the last 15 months he has been keeping himself aloof from public. Now, YSRC circles are abuzz with the talk that Manohar is joining their party.

Normally one expects Manohar to join TDP because of Kamma caste connection. But, Nadendla Bhaskar Rao, father of Manohar, became persona-non-grata in TDP following his failed coup against NTR in 1984. Though a decent politician, Manohar might have thought, TDP would not be receptive to him. This correspondent’s attempts to reach out to Manohar, to get his comments on the speculation, failed. Manohar’s proximity to D Srinivas, who left Congress to join TRS some time back, is well-known. He might have got feed back from DS about the uncertain future of Congress in Telugu states. Manohar is a voracious reader of books. Wherever he is, he is certain to prove that he is a politician with a difference.

Manohar responds :

Late in the night, however, Manohar responded to the calls with a text message, “Nooooo”. No further elaboration was available. But YSR Congress sources stuck to their guns.

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