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Rajini, Kamal, Chiranjeevi, Khushboo hail Ilaiyaraaja’s RS nomination


Several celebrities from the film industry, including two of Tamil cinema’s top stars — Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan — congratulated Isaignani Ilaiyaraaja on being nominated to the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his happiness over Ilaiyaraaja’s nomination to the Rajya Sabha in a tweet in which he said: “The creative genius of Ilaiyaraaja Ji has enthralled people across generations. His works beautifully reflect many emotions.

“What is equally inspiring is his life journey — he rose from a humble background and achieved so much. Glad that he has been nominated to the Rajya Sabha.”

Superstar Rajinikanth tweeted, “My hearty congratulations to my dear friend Ilaiyaraaja who has been nominated to the Rajya Sabha.” He and Ilaiyaraaja are going to reunite after 28 years for R. Balki’s next film with Rajinikanth in the lead.

Khushbu Sundar, actress and influential BJP member, was among the first to react to the news.

She tweeted: “The greatest. The magician. The Maestro. Illayaraja gets nominated to the Rajya Sabha. What more can we ask for! The most happiest craziest fan like me can’t ask for more. Vaazthukkal (congratulations, sir).”

Kamal Haasan, who shares a very close bond with Ilaiyaraaja, also congratulated the Maestro. But his tweet was not a simple one.

Writing in Tamil, Kamal Haasan put out a tweet that said, “If it is to honour the incomparable and greatest Ilaiyaraaja for his art, he could be offered the post of the President unanimously. Even then, let us congratulate him for his nomination to the Rajya Sabha.”

Telugu Mega Star Chiranjeevi also wholeheartedly congratulated Ilaiyaraaja. He tweeted: “Heartiest congratulations to Shri Ilaiyaraaja, the unparalleled music genius. Your presence in the Rajya Sabha would certainly add the touch of genius to the Upper House.”

On a personal note, he added: “A matter of personal delight for me as I had the good fortune of you composing music for several of my films.”

Chiranjeevi went on to thank the Prime Minister for nominating Ilaiyaraaja. “Grateful thanks to Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji for bestowing the well-deserved honour of Presidential nomination as Rajya Sabha members on extremely deserving stalwarts from the film Industry — Shri K.V, Vijayendra Prasad garu and Shri Ilaiyaraaja garu.”

K.V. Vijayendra Prasad, incidentally, was most recently in the news for being the ‘RRR’ screenwriter.

One of the greatest music composers of the country, Ilaiyaraaja hails from a small village called Pannaiyapuram in the Madurai district of Tamil Nadu. He has scored music for more than 1,400 movies and composed over 7,000 songs, many of which have gone on to emerge as chartbusters and timeless classics.

Winner of five National Awards, Ilaiyaraaja was awarded the Padma Bhushan in 2010 and the Padma Vibhushan, the country’s second highest civilian award in 2018.

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Has Jagan offered Rajya Sabha seat to Chiranjeevi?


Is YS Jagan planning to send Megastar Chiranjeevi to Rajya Sabha on the YSRCP ticket? The rumour mill was abuzz on this all through Thursday. And there were strong reasons for this. It was clear from the beginning that film industry stand-off was not the main agenda. Chiru himself has categorically said that he was meeting Jagan not as “Industry Pedda (elder),” but as “Industry Bidda (son of the Industry).” Thus, he has amply indicated that industry issues are not at the top of the list.

If Chiru is sent to Rajya Sabha, it would affect the Pawan Kalyan-Chandrababu equations. Amid the talk of Chandrababu courting Pawan Kalyan, this would be a political masterstroke and Pawan’s case would become considerably weakened. Jagan can now lay claim to a bigger pie in the Kapu cake. The Kapus would now sail with both Jagan and Pawan and leave Chandrababu in the lurch.

Interestingly, Chiru’s meet comes after days of RGV meeting Cinematography minister Perni Nani. What transpired at this meeting has not been taken up for discussion during the Chiru-Jagan meet. Now, sources say that Jagan could next invite Mohan Babu, who is a close relative of the YS family. Mohan Babu’s son Manchu Vishnu is the president of MAA.

Thus, there is a clear plan to drive a wedge in the Telugu film industry. By creating a pro-Jagan section within the industry, the Jagan government is planning to keep the industry divided. Film industry leaders like Nag and Mahesh Babu too are playing safe. Thus, Jagan will encourage these personalities too against the powerful cabal that is leading the industry.

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RS MP term ends for KVP, TSR, KK and Garikipati


The next elections for the Rajya Sabha will be held on March 26. Nearly 55 MPs will be elected this time by 17 States which included the twin Telugu states. The notification to this effect will be issued by the Election Commission of India on March 6. The last day for withdrawal of nominations will be March 18.

The RS MPs, whose terms are ending now, are KVP Ramachandra Rao, T Subbirami Reddy, K Kesava Rao, Thota Sitaramalakshmi, Garikipati Mohana Rao and MA Khan. In the coming election, four RS MPs will be elected from Andhra Pradesh and two MPs from Telangana.

The Rajya Sabha polls are very crucial this time as the BJP is trying hard to get majority in the upper house. Already, there are rumours that AP CM Jaganmohan Reddy has offered to give one or two MP seats to BJP during his recent meeting with Amit Shah in Delhi.

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Video: BJP Senior Leaders Were Given Preference For Rajya Sabha

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Rajya Sabha deputy chairperson election, stand of Telugu parties


Today is the election day for choosing Rajya Sabha deputy chairperson. Total strength of Rajya Sabha is 244 and 123 is the magic number. The post of the deputy chairperson had been lying vacant since June following the retirement of PJ Kurien. NDA’s candidate is Harivansh Narayan Singh for this post. Congress fielded, senior party leader B K Hariprasad for this. BJP has 73 members of its own, while the Congress has a strength of 50 members. TRS has 6 MPs, TDP has 6 MPs and YSRCP has 2 MPs.

TDP is supporting Congress candidate this time. After coming out of NDA, TDP is carefully planning its steps and in no situation it is supporting BJP. TRS got call from Nitish Kumar to support NDA candidate. TRS dilemma could be easily understood. He can’t support Congress as it is the main opposition party for him in Telangana. If it supports NDA, congress will slam him (KCR) as Modi’s pet.

YSRCP that supported NDA’s president candidate Ramnath Kovind also not supporting NDA’s candidate this time. YSRCP fans are blaming media for not highlighting this and arguing, had their party supported NDA they would have highlighted it and maligned their party image.

However, we will have to wait and see what the final decisions of these parties and whom their MPs will vote.

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Speakers compete in adjourning the houses! LS and RS Adjourned!


It looks like Lok Sabha Speaker, Sumitra Mahajan and Rajya Sabha Speaker, Venkaiah Naidu are competing against each other when it comes to adjourning the respective houses.

Lok Sabha started with Sumitra Mahajan reading the list of prominent people who have died recently. She also gave a length reading about renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, who passed away on 14th March 2018. The speaker wished New Year (Ugadi for Telugu People) to the members, and invited them for a special lunch on Monday noon, in the Parliament premises. As soon as she completed her speech, TRS MPs and TDP MPs went near to the speaker podium and started protesting. Sumitra Mahajan immediately adjourned the house till 12:00 noon.
The same is the case even with Venkaiah Naidu, Speaker of Rajya Sabha. Venkaiah Naidu made some key announcements, requesting the members to be patient. After a member started his conversation, Venkaiah Naidu intervened, stating that this is not the way a discussion has to be held and adjourned the house. Rajya Sabha is adjourned until 2:00 pm today.

The adjournment of both the houses is seen as a strategic move from the Centre, in order to suppress the no-confidence motion, opined political analysts.

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Rajya Sabha nominations & Caste equations – Part2


Rajya Sabha nominations in 2018 again stirred the debate about parties showing nepotism and fielding candidates belonging to the same community (https://www.telugu360.com/rajya-sabha-nominations-caste-equations-telugu-states-part1/). However, let’s take a pragmatic approach instead of pointing any single party and examine the behavior the major parties since beginning.

Since, 1952 to till date (not including 2018 nominations), total of 229 candidates have been sent to Rajya Sabha.

PartyNumber of MPs sent to Rajya Sabha so far

Congress (O)1
Grand Total229

Congress party:

The number represents number of nominations, not the number of MPs. For example, V Hanumanth Rao is nominated thrice, so it is counted as 3. Also, Kapu’s include Kapu, Munnuru Kapu, Turpu kapu etc and other allied castes. Other/ No info represents the candidates that are from other states and not from AP, so their caste is irrelevant in this analysis. We admit, we could not get information of caste of some of the MPs, especially those belonging to initial decades.

Obviously, Congress has sent maximum Reddy candidates to RS. Its whopping 28%. Kamma, Kapu, Muslim and SC/ST (combined) got almost equal opportunities. However, opportunities to BCs are comparatively less. More than 60% opportunities grabbed by upper castes.

Congress PartyNo of MPs Sent so RS so far
kapu 14
Velama 3
Others/ No info13


Here also Kamma got 16 out of 50 opportunities. It is whopping 32%.

Surprisingly, BCs got very less opportunities in TDP as far as Rajya Sabha is concerned. Christians never got RS seat through TDP.

TDPNumber of MPs sent to RS so far
Kapu 10
Grand Total 50


BJP got only 3 opportunities, out of those 3, it gave 2 opportunities to candidates from other states (e.g. Nirmala sitharaman, Suresh Pabhu). It seems, for BJP, Andhra is just a state that satisfies the needs of their candidates belonging to other states.

BJPNumber of MPs sent to RS so far
Grans Total3


Communist party of India , for that matter all communist parties, do not care about caste. Most of the communist leaders, though they belong to upper castes they fought against caste system (at least in the initial decades). So, seeing communist parties also with the same lens of other parties is not correct. Moreover, many communist leaders, they did not disclose their castes on public platforms and also they cut-off their last names that reveal their castes. So we have more count in “No info” section here.

Having said that, it is still surprising to see mostly upper caste people being nominated for RS though communist party as well.

CPINumber of MPs sent to RS so far
Muslim 1
Others/No Info4
Grand Total12


The same logic applies to CPM as well.

In fact, before TDP, critics of communist parties used to quote – “They (CPI, CPM) are not comrade parties, they are “Kamma, Reddy” parties. Before TDP, most of the people belonging to Kamma caste were with Communist parties as the Congress was dominated by Reddys all the time and communist parties were the main alternative to Congress those days.

CPMNumber of MPs sent to RS so far
Grand Total4

There are other parties like Janatha, Congress (O), that sent members to Rajya Sabha from AP but those parties went into oblivion later.
YSRCP has sent 1 MP to Rajya Sabha so far, belonging to Reddy community.

Overall, these are the statistics of various parties sending MPs to Rajya Sabha.


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Rajya Sabha nominations & Caste equations – Part1


Rajya Sabha elections will be held in the year 2018, to elect the retiring members of the Rajya Sabha, Indian Parliament’s upper chamber. The elections to be held on 23 March 2018 to elect 58 members from 16 States. From Andhra Pradesh, 3 members and from Telangana ,3 members are retiring on 2nd April, 2018. List of members retiring – Chiranjeevi, Renuka Chowdary, Rapolu Ananda Bhaskar, P. Govardhan Reddy, T.Devender Goud and C. M. Ramesh Now, out of 3 seats, TDP has strength (of MLAs) to elect 2 members and YSRCP for 1 member. Same way TRS has strength to elect 3 members from Telangana. But after seeing the nominated candidates, as always, their “caste” angle and parties’ stand on various castes surfaced for the debate. Let’s see the list

TDP nominated below 2 candidates, both belonged to upper castes/

  • 1. CM Ramesh (Velama)
  • 2. Kanakamedala ravindra Kumar (Kamma)

YSRCP nominated for the only seat available to the party, an industrialist who is from the same community as party chief.

    1. Vemireddy Prabhakar Reddy (Reddy)

TRS nominated 3 members for Telangana

  • 1. Joginapalli Santosh Kumar (Velama)
  • 2. Banda Prakash Mudiraj (BC)
  • 3. Badugula Lingaiah Yadav (BC)

After the list is out, the “mud slinging” game is started by political parties as well as their fans. YSRCP fans allege TDP for giving both seats to upper castes, one for Velama and one for Kamma. Initially reports came about Varla Ramayya (SC) will be nominated from TDP but later he is replaced by Ravindra (Kamma) that gave even more chance for critics to point out TDP.

At the same time, YSRCP received even stronger criticism, as the party nominated (again) Reddy candidate for RS. In 2016 also Vijaya sai Reddy was nominated to RS and he is also from the same community. Moreover, YSRCP giving all posts to the same community. They gave PAC chairman post to Buggana Rajendra Reddy, that made Jyothula Nehru and others to leave the party. Also, Jagan recently tweeted, ” We commit to the people of Andhra Pradesh to ensure their rights, and bring back Rajanna’s Rajyam ” but the statement is trolled and will be trolled as long as Jagan doesn’t demonstrate the commitment he is talking about by giving opportunities for other castes.

However, there are some basic questions one get regarding this Rajya Sabha nomination by parties and the caste equations – ” Is it mandatory or necessary for parties to consider caste equations while fielding candidates to Rajya Sabha”. Of course, it is not mandatory. Parties can field any candidate. However, we have to remember one thing. Ours is Representative democracy but not participatory democracy. A participatory democracy or pure democracy is a form of government wherein the citizens have a direct say in the formulation of laws and issues that affect them while a representative democracy is a form of government wherein its citizens elect their representatives who will have say in formulation of laws. Countries like Switzerland follow participatory democracy while India follows representative democracy. In a representative democracy, people feel the need for their representation. Typical Indian citizen is deriving his identity from various factors like his region, religion, caste, language and several other factors. So he feels he is sufficiently represented based on who are presenting in Legislative houses. So, though it is wrong for political parties to field based only on caste equations, they have to take utmost care to make sure no segment feels alienated.

Let’s analyze, since beginning, which party gave importance to which community and did they balance all of them – in next article.

– Zuran

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YSRCP confirms next Rajya Sabha member from the party


Rajya Sabha elections are due this April. Around 59 MPs will be retiring from the upper house. From Telugu states, Chiranjeevi , Renuka Chowdhury, Devender Goud , C.M. Ramesh, Rapolu Ananda Bhaskar will be retiring. Most of the congress MPs may not get renomination. YSRCP will get one MP seat from their party as per their strength in Assembly.

Now YSRCP confirmed the name of Vemireddy Prabhakar Reddy, owner of mining infra company VPR Mining Infra Private Ltd, for the Rajya Sabha seat. He joined YSRCP in 2013 and tried to get Rajya Sabha MP seat in 2016. But the party given it to Vijay Sai Reddy. He resigned to all the party posts of YSRCP in 2016 and there were even rumours that he may get nomination from TDP as 4th candidate. However that did not happen. Anyway now this industrialist is officially announced as Rajya Sabha MP candidate from YSRCP.

YSRCP giving its only MP seat to industrialist who is not active in the party may cause displeasure among the senior leaders in the party who are also expecting Rajya Sabha seat. Also, it is to be note, party’s MP seat in 2016 and 2018 will go to the same community, giving wrong (or right?) signals to people.

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Venkaiah Naidu Concluding Speech in Rajya Sabha


Rajya Sabha adjourned till 5th March

I am reading this out with a heavy heart, and I hope everyone will understand. With the 1st part of the 245th session of Rajya Sabha coming to an end, we shall meet again after a month. I am deeply pained for the utter disregard for the parliamentary procedure and the unruly behaviour, so unbecoming of the high position we occupy in the society as parliamentarians.

Dear members, the question I have been asking myself, and probably many Indians watching the live parliament sessions on the television screens would be thinking, ‘can we ever make our parliament an effective instrument of change through informed debate, constructive criticism and orderly proceedings? I was hoping that we shall collectively strive to uphold and maintain the dignity, sanctity and supremacy of parliament, as we treated in 2012 to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the sitting of the Parliament. I shall still keep hoping that we shall exercise the necessary restraint and behave with appropriate civility and dignity. I find it a sad commentary that on the functioning, that we had nearly 10 hours during this brief session due to disruptions and forced adjournments. We could not have question hour on 5 days, and no zero hours on 5 days.

Dear members, we certainly should not go in this manner, any longer. I appeal to each one of you please consider this as a sacred institution which should reflect the hopes and aspirations of 130 crore people.

This is not aimed at any party. As far as the chair is concerned, I’m concerned about the house.

it is the institution that decides the destiny and charts the direction of national development. That’s why people have high hopes for us.

We are so privileged to be in this house because of the people’s trust in us. We must use the opportunity wisely by debating, discussing and evolving solutions to a vast number of public concerns. Let us not have slanged matches between parties and stoop down to competing with each on unparliamentary language or behaviour. When we meet again in March, it is my fervent hope and earnest appeal to each one of you, that we turn a new leaf in our parliament history through orderly informed and constructive debate.

Honourable members over the last few days, I have been telling the floor leaders of the quality debate on the Motion of Thanks to the President.

I request every one of you to please keep the prestige, the decorum of this august house. We are supposed to be elder. So keep that in mind and respond in such a manner, so that the prestige of the house goes up. I am keen that such atmosphere and quality debates will become a regular feature like we had in the recent past.

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BJP has no intention to pass triple talaq bill in Rajya Sabha: Congress

The Congress on Thursday alleged that Narendra Modi government is not serious of getting the triple talaq bill passed in Rajya Sabha and was running from debate, and its only policy was to “divide the society”.

Noting that the established tradition of Rajya Sabha is if any motion is left unfinished, it is taken up the next day for discussion from there, party leader Pramod Tiwari said: “When the House got adjourned yesterday (Wednesday), all the 18 opposition parties including Congress were demanding that there be voting on sending the bill to the Select Committee.”

“Today they (the government) should have started the proceedings with triple talaq. They did not do it. BJP has neither the policy nor the intention to get the triple talaq bill passed in Parliament,” he told reporters here.

Tiwari said even BJP’s allies like the AIADMK, the Telugu Desam Party and other independent parties like the Biju Janata Dal and the Indian National Lok Dal are not with them on the issue.

The deadlock on the triple talaq bill in the Rajya Sabha continued on Thursday with the government rejecting the opposition’s insistence on sending the bill to a Select Committee for detailed scrutiny.

With no agreement, the government placed the bill in the bottom in the list of business, which the opposition strongly objected to and demanded that its motions for referring the bill to a Select Committee be taken up immediately.

Senior Congress leader P. L. Punia alleged that the BJP and the RSS ignited violence in Maharashtra’s Pune district on January 1.

“The Maharashtra government failed to control the violence there. We demand immediate arrest of the two accused named in the FIR for allegedly instigating violence in Pune,” he said, asking why the government was protecting the accused linked to Hindutva outfits.

“We demand legal action against those who were trying to disturb harmony,” he said, adding that the violence was spreading to other states like Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.

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Nayini to be sent to RS!


Nayini Narsimha Reddy to be sent to Rajya Sabha

Home Minister of Telangana State Mr. Nayini Narsimha Reddy may go to Rajya Sabha in coming three months as the chief of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) and Chief Minister K. Chandrashekara Rao is interested on him in raising the voice of Telangana in RS.

With the completion of tenure of three existed Rajya Sabha members from Telangana state by April including Rapolu Anand Bhaskar and Devender Goud, Election Commission will issue notification for the election of the three seats. As per the equations and strength of the legislative members with TRS, it will bag all the three seats and those who will be announced as its candidates will win the election without any competition.

As the Chief Minister recently promised ‘Yadava’ community on RS seat, there are many speculations among key leaders of the party that the remaining two places will go to Home Minister Nayini and Speaker of TS Assembly Mr. S. Madhusudhana Chary. There must be a reshuffle of cabinet if the TRS chief sends Nayini to RS and it will incorporate another leader with Nayini’s Legislative Council seat which was nominated by the Governor. As the tenure of Nayini in the Council ends in 2020, the TRS will have new candidate for the remaining tenure. Similarly, if the TRS sends Madhusudhana Chary to RS, by-poll will be must for his assembly segment but, the decision will be depended on the Election Commission with its equations in the view of general elections in one year from April this month.

Party’s key sources are saying that chances are there to General Secretary of TRS Mr. Joginapally Santhosh Kumar, who has been associated with KCR since establishment of the party and during separate Telangana Movement. “The current equations may be changed as present Rajya Sabha members from TRS Mr. K.Keshava Rao and D.Srinivas are from BC community. As the CM already announced a seat for Yadava community, the strength of BCs will increase to three from TS in RS. Speaker Madhusudhana Chary is also from BC community and due to these equations, CM may change his decision,” a source from TRS said.

“For the third vacancy, which will go to Yadava community, the CM may choose Mr. Kanneboina Rajaiah, the Chairman of State Sheep and Meat Development Corporation. There are many chances to Karimnagar ZP Chairperson Ms. Tula Uma,” the sources added.

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Rajan for Rajya Sabha?


Raghuram Rajan for Rajya Sabha

It’s an irony of sorts for the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) to announce on the first anniversary of demonetization that it is considering the candidature of former RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan for Rajya Sabha membership.

AAP’s opposition to BJP is well known and the party’s chief and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal throws down the gauntlet to Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the drop of a hat. Then why did the party spring a surprise, that too on a day when the public and the political class were hotly debating the pros and cons of note ban one year after Modi shocked the country?

Kejriwal has chosen the timing to have maximum impact on the public and the media and to hog the limelight. The very fact that he has zeroed in on Rajan who had been at odds with Modi’s economic policies, including demonetization, when he was in office, shows AAP wants to use him as a pinprick the way Congress is deploying former Prime Minister and acknowledged economist Manmohan Singh to counter Modi and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

It’s different issue whether Rajan would like to get involved in politics, leaving his teaching job which is very dear to him. According to an AAP leader, his party had approached Rajan offering him a seat in the Upper House of Parliament. But, he has not responded yet.

Delhi has three seats in the Rajya Sabha and all will go to AAP. They fall vacant in January next year and the AAP is mulling to nominate public figures instead of politicians for the seats. One of the chosen ones is Rajan.

However, the million dollar question is (truly) whether the high profile economist who was tipped to win the Nobel and rumoured to become US Fed chief will oblige AAP requests.

Rajan, who returned to academics to teach at the University of Chicago, after his three-year stint at RBI ended on September 4, 2016, is no-nonsensical man. His philosophy of outspokenness is said to have cost him a second term at RBI. Rajan has penned all his trials and tribulations in his recently released book, I Do What I Do.

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Spl Status: Cong mulls over privilege motion against Modi


A party defeated in elections is is not finished in politics. This applies to the Congress well. It’s proven in just concluded Lok Sabha when it forced the ruling NDA coalition to take up the Lalit gate and Sushma Swaraj connection for a debate in the House. The party successfully cornered BJP and sent across a message that it could twist the ruling party’s arms.
Because of Congress’s strategy, the NDA could not push through the land acquisition and GST bills.
And also, the Grand Old Party (GOP) has majority in Rajyasabha to stall the moves of BJP there.

Now, the Congress members from Andhra Pradesh are mulling over moving a privilege motion against the Prime Minister Modi government on the issue of bestowing special category status on Andhra Pradesh.
Former minister and Rajya Sabha member JD Seelam said they were planning to move privilege motion in the Upper House “for not honoring the decision taken by the then Union Cabinet headed by Manmohan Singh, which had initiated the process of according special status to AP”.

According to Seelam the decision of previous government led by rival coalition were not supposed to be discarded by the next government.

“The decision taken by the Manmohan Singh government with regard to granting special status to AP is binding on the present NDA government.The NDA government has to honor the decision of the the then Union Cabinet.It can’t be set aside just because it was the decision of the previous cabinet,” Seelam said.
He rapped Modi government for using 14th finance commission recommendations to deny special status to AP.

“The 14th Finance Commission’s recommendations are not at all binding on the Union Cabinet,” he added.

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VH raises banner in RS for removal of Sushma


The he first day of monsoon session began  today on stormy note in Rajya Sabha while the Lok Sabha was adjourned following obituary references. The Rajya Sabha, which continued till afternoon, was later adjourned for the day after four disruptions caused by the uproar following the Congress’ demand for action against foreign minister Sushma Swaraj  for her links with Lalit Modi.

In Lok Sabha speaker Sumatra Mahajan announced the acceptance of resignation of Warangal MP Kadiaym Srihari, who quit Lok Sabha following his induction into state cabinet by chief minister KCR.

While Congress senior member Ananda Sharma raised the issues of Lalit Modi-gate and demanded a discussion on the issue in Upper House, V Hanumantha Rao, Congress member from Telangana, displayed banner seeking removal Sushma Swaraj from cabinet which threw the house into a din forcing the chair to adjourn the House. The following is timeline of parliament session today.

3:17 pm: Rajya Sabha has been adjourned fourth time and  for the day, following uproar over the Lalit Modi issue.

1:30 pm: Leading the opposition protests, Congress members forced three adjournments in the pre—lunch session making both Question Hour and Zero Hour a casualty, even as Leader of the House Arun Jaitley offered an immediate discussion and said Swaraj could make a statement on the issue.

1:25 pm: BJP’s national spokesman M.J. Akbar, who won the Rajya Sabha bypolls from Jharkhand earlier this month, took oath as a Rajya Sabha Member today.

The bypoll was necessitated following the resignation of K D Singh after he left Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) and joined Trinamool Congress.

Akbar, whose term will expire next year, had defeated Haji Hussain Ansari of the JMM by 19 votes.

1:10 pm: Leader of the House Arun Jaitely says the government is ready for a discussion and Ms. Swaraj would also make a statement on the issue.

1:05 pm: Jaitley says the government gets a distinct and clear impression that Opposition wants disturbance, they don’t want a discussion

1:00 pm: Govt. is ready for discussion in any format, at any time: Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Lalit Modi controversy.

12:20 pm: Rajya Sabha adjourned for 30 minutes after uproar over Lalit Modi issue.

11:30 am: Rajya Sabha adjourned till 12 p.m. Opposition raises Lalit Modi issue, troops into well of House.

11:27 am: Congress MP Hanumanth Rao raises banner seeking Sushma Swaraj’s removal in Rajya Sabha.

11:23 am: Lok Sabha adjourned for the day after obituary references.

11:20 am: Lok Sabha adjourned for the day after obituary references.

11:15 am: Just at the start of the session, the Congress has started targeting Modi’s NDA government over the Lalit Modi issue. “All Modi’s promises over transparency and accountability are being questioned. Government changes but not laws. A minister told UK government to sanction Lalit Modi’s travel document’s over some humanitarian grounds,” Congress leader Anand Sharma said.

11:00 am: Obituary references read in both Houses of Parliament.

11:00 am: Monsoon session of Parliament begins.

Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan also informed the House that TRS member from Warangal in Telangana Kadiyam Srihari had resigned on June 11 and she has accepted his resignation

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