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Committee to probe ‘Irregularities’ in TANA 2019 conference

Telugu Association of North America TANA‘s biennial conference is a popular and biggest event for Telugu people in North America.  TANA convention is a cynosure of all eyes in which Politicians, artists, and celebrities from various fields excitingly participate.  Thousands of NRIs participate in this Mega cultural show, a most recent one was held in 2019 at Washington, DC 

2019 event was the biggest event of the TANA conventions, praised for its Grandeur. Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan was the Chief Guest of the event, Kapildev, Pooja Hegde like high profile celebrities attended the event.

Fast forward to 2021 April, some of the expenses from this conference are still under investigation by the TANA board of directors.  After each convention, it is a standard practice that the convention committee has to submit expenses reports as well as receipts by the stipulated time.

This time even after two years after the conclusion of the event, still the board hasn’t got the receipts for some of the expenses.  The amounts deposited to some individuals’ personal accounts in India are being questioned.  On top of it, the expenses that occurred for the private Jet arrangements to the political stalwart are under probe. After multiple extensions given by the board to submit the receipts, the final deadline was passed on by April 25th, 2021. The event organizers, the key TANA leadership, have been arguing that certain expenses cannot be invoice producible as is. TANA board is not convinced with the argument, few members are insisting on the bills as per bylaws.  Besides, there are allegations of matching funds of donors.

Finally, this tussle has led to appointing a three-member investigation committee. This committee formed with Murali Vennam as Chairperson and Chowdary Jampala and Harish Koya as members are to investigate the allegation about depositing checks meant for the TANA Conference into personal accounts and the issue of matching donors of the conference with the donations received. 

The committee shall be submitting the report back to the Board of Directors by 05/05/2021.  If allegations are proved, one of the popular personalities of TANA may be going to be in the soup. However, his camp is denying all the allegations as they maintain in front of the board.

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Inquiry committee formed in TANA Voter Fraud Allegation

As first reported on Telugu360, an emergency board meeting of TANA was held on Sunday evening for more than six hours to discuss Voter fraud that has halted the 2021 Organizational election process.

After listening to the Nomination and Election committee, the board has taken the following resolutions :

  1. A three-member sub-committee has been formed to investigate the issue of voter fraud and to submit a report back to the board within two weeks. The committee members comprise of most seniors who are respected across the organization by one and all. Renowned for their dignity, unbiasedness Shri. Bandla Hanumaiah garu, Shri. Jampala Chowdary Garu and Shri Murali Vennam garu will be the committee members. All eyes are now on this committee to protect the reputation of TANA, by taking appropriate action against the fraudsters
  2. The election committee has to submit the cleaned up Final voter mailing list, back to the secretary and executive vice president of the TANA
  3. Election ballots shall be mailed by Apr 30th, 2021

Before this resolution, the Nomination and election committee reportedly had submitted their findings of the discrepancies in the final list which was forged by an executive member who is also contesting in the current election.

Reportedly a number of fake voters have been included as spouses of unmarried members. Upon the authorized election committee’s report, the TANA Board has formed the above-said subcommittee to find more into the gravity of the fraud.

TANA members and well-wishers are appalled by the news of voter list manipulation at the time of ballot printing. TANA lifetime members are of hope justice prevails and fraudsters are severely punished.

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TANA 2021 Elections: List of Unanimously Elected Candidates

TANA (Telugu Association of North America), the pioneer organization providing service to the Telugu Community is conducting organizational elections for the 2021-2023 Executive Committee, 2021-2025 term Board of Directors elections are being held in May 2021. Numerous positions are being closed unanimously, and winners are declared for few more positions where nominations are being rejected. Here is the list of candidates who are elected unanimously

Board of Director -Donor (One position) 4 Year Term – 2021-2025
Devineni, LaxmiPrasanna
Secretary: Vemuri, Satish Kumar
Council-at-Large: Konidala, Lokesh
International Coordinator: Vadlamudi, VenkataHiteshwar
Regional Representative – New York: Musunuru, Dilipkumar
Regional Representative – Capital: Vuyyuru, Srinivas
Regional Representative ? Appalachian: Panchumarthi, Nagamalleswara
Regional Representative ? Southeast: Meesala, VenkataRamana Rao
Regional Representative ? North: Gogineni, Srinivas
Regional Representative – South Central: Yarlagadda, Kishore
Regional Representative – SouthWest: Gummadi, Ratna Prasad
Regional Representative – Southern California: Cherukuri, Prathap
Regional Representative ? Northern California: Thota, Rambabu
Regional Representative ? Northwest: Bhogavalli, Padma
Regional Representative – Rocky Mountains: Kommineni, Sarit
Regional Representative – Ohio Valley: Vadlamudi, Ravi Chandra

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TANA 2021 Elections: List of Contesting Candidates

TANA (Telugu Association of North America), the pioneerorganization providing service to the Telugu Community is conducting organizational elections for the 2021-2023 Executive Committee, 2021-2025 term Board of Directors elections are being held in May 2021. Numerous positions are being closed unanimously, and winners are declared for few more positions where nominations are being rejected. Here is the list of final candidates that goes on ballot, and the respective positions they’re contesting

Non-Donor Board of Director (two positions) 4 Year Term – 2021-2025
Gudiseva, Vijay
Kodali, Nagendra Srinivas
Nimmalapudi, Janardhan
Potluri, Ravi
Executive Committee: 2 Year Term – 2021-2023
Executive Vice President
Gogineni, Sreenivasa Rao
Kodali, Naren
Srungavarapu, Niranjan
Kolla, Ashok Babu
Prabhala, Jagadish K
Joint Secretary
Koganti, Venkat
Thalluri, Murali
Joint Treasurer
Maddineni, Bharath
Pantra, Sunil
Community Service Coordinator
Kakarla, Rajanikanth
Kasukurthi, Venkata (Raja)
Cultural Service Coordinator
Tummala, Satish
Tunuguntla, Sirisha
Women Services Coordinator
Duvvuri, Chandini
Katiki, Uma R.
Sports Coordinator
Uppalapati, Anil Choudary
Yarlagadda, Shashank
Regional Representative – New England
Gaddam, Pradeep Kumar
Yalamanchili, Rao
Regional Representative – New Jersey
Addanki, Sri Padmalakshma
Vasireddy, Vamsi Krishna
Regional Representative – Mid Atlantic
Jasty, Sashidhar
Koganti, Sunil Kumar
Regional Representative ? Midwest
Cherukuri, Hanumantha Rao
Kommalapati, Sridhar Kumar
Regional Representative ? DFW
Kommana, Sateesh
Tripuraneni, Dinesh
Regional Representative – North Central
Bollineni, Sai
Yarlagadda, Srimannarayana
Foundation Trustee (Non-Donor) 4 years term (five positions) 2021-2025
Gogeneni, Kiran
Gude, PurushothamaChowdary
Maddineni, Vinay Kumar
Mandalapu, Ravi Kumar
Manne, Satyanarayana V.
Oruganti, Srinivas
Polavarapu, Srikanth
Surapaneni, Raja
Yadana, Varaprasad
Yenduri, Srinivasa R.
Foundation Trustee (Donor) 4 years term (two positions) 2021-2025
Amirineni, Kiran
Garapati, Vidyadhar
Nalluri, Prasada Rao
Vallipalli, SasiKanth

Click here for : TANA 2021 Elections: List of Unanimously Elected Candidates

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TANA Elections 2021 : Large Scale Voter Fraud Attempts


TANA ( Telugu Association of North America ) , the best organization by miles in providing service to the Telugu Community, receives flak everytime they go for organizational elections. For the 2021-2023 Executive Committee, 2021-2025 term Board of Directors elections are being held from now till May 2021.

It is well known fact that the TANA’s contestants “bought” a lot of votes ( Click to read Telugu360 Coverage 2017 ) and enrolled dummy members to help them win in 2017 elections. Despite TANA’s effort to prevent these fake voters,contestants are finding ways to manipulate the voters list.

One such classic case of electoral roll abuse came to light yesterday. As a standard procedure, TANA has requested change of address from their members , has received 3 to 4 thousand Change of address requests which are abnormal by any standards.

Further scrutiny of the requests reveals :

–  9 Change of address requests came with same new Address belongs to MI State, with same energy bill number for all requets as support document

– Another set of 13 allegedly fake requests with single energy bill , same address are received from MI state

– From Connecticut state, multiple requests with edited names on utility bills are received

– Allegedly Atlanta, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut states constitute huge number of address change requests

– These are very few of the visibly fake voter enrollments

– Change of Address page on TANA website was down for numerous days

Given the blatant federal crime qualified acts, it is evident that TANA elections are once again heading towards fraudelent direction unless the board, election commission and the well wishers act wisely, timely opined the seniors in TANA

Here are the evidence of voter roll fraud :

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Support and Elect Niranjan Srungavarapu for TANA Executive Vice President


Dear Friends and valuable members or Tana:

TANA and its member have a storied long legacy of promoting, representing and advocating for the Telugu speaking community around the globe.

We are happy to inform you that Mr. Niranjan Srungavarapu, the current Chairman of TANA Board, has announced his candidacy for the TANA Executive Vice President position. If you had the pleasure to meet or work with Niranjan, his dedication to the organization and utmost professionalism are something you would already know.

At this crucial moment of time, both for TANA and the world, there is no person better suited or qualified than Niranjan to lead TANA while upholding the highest ideals of its founders and members.

Niranjan’s vision is to set and achieve new goals to better address issues of the Telugu speaking world. Niranjan wants to expand current programs but also wants to expand TANA’s focus to include providing legal aid to Telugu people in the United States and across the globe. Niranjan brings a strong record of integrity and will approach this mission with dedication and determination for service.

His perseverance, strong decision-making, impartial and judicious mind set uniquely positions him to achieve these targets. Niranjan will work for a TANA for all Telugu people irrespective of their caste, creed or political affiliation, and will work tirelessly to promote Telugu language and culture around the world and serve TANA and members.

Niranjan has already demonstrated outstanding leadership including supporting under-privileged, homeless shelters, and nursing homes with daily necessities in Andhra and Telangana using his own money. He has undertaken causes such as the distribution of essential commodities such as grocery kits, masks, etc. during this pandemic.

As TANA member, Trustee, and Foundation Chairman, Niranjan has done commendable work in the fields of Art, Culture, and Social Services raising over $500,000 for TANA foundation projects run under leadership such as TANA’s 50 Cities/5K Run, Telugu Language Promotion (Paatasala), Varadhi Program, TANA Library, TANA Telugu Font, TANA Chyutha Scholarship Program, Aadarana Program, over 500 CPR Camps, 10+ Cancer Camps, 15+ Eye Camps, providing ASU Disability Machines, Students Orientational Workshops on improving language and writing skills, plus many more (www.TanaNiranjan.com).

Niranjan has rendered relentless services through TANA Foundation and as its Chairman has demonstrated his leadership abilities expanding TANA’s services to remote tribal areas in Andhra.

He understands the need for, Convergence, Convincing and Coordination required for an organization to be successful and intends to lead TANA with a focus to achieve them.

If Niranjan’s is elected as TANA President, he revealed his lofty ideal of making TANA as a global platform for Telugu people living not only in North America, and two Telugu States, but all around the world. Niranjan is sincerely committed to revitalize TANA as a symbol and icon of long cherished language, culture, and history of Telugu people.

Niranjan states in his own language, “Electing a right person as TANA President is its members responsibility, extending great services as a matter of right is his responsibility.” Please visit www.tananiranjan.com for more information.

Mr. Niranjan Srungavarapu on FB: https://www.facebook.com/TANANiranjan

#NiranjanforTANA #VoteNiranjan #TeamNiranjan

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No leader can use fear against Indians, says Pawan


Without naming any particular leader, Pawan Kalyan made sensational comments during his visit to the TANA conference in Washington DC in America. He said that India is such a great country where the countrymen love their leaders a lot. But, unfortunately now, the people are afraid of their own elected leader. Such a leader will face certain downfall soon. He said that in India, nobody can use fear as a weapon to rule the people.

Jana Senani said that his party fought the recent election with due commitment to values and ethics. However, their party met with defeat. No regrets, as this defeat has indeed given him lot of pride. This defeat also gave me a new sense of courage, he said. Pawan asserted that he took the plunge into politics with the resolve to see what he could do but not what benefits he could get out of this.

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Pawan Kalyan – Guest of Honor for TANA 22nd Conference, Washington, D.C.

Movie actor and politician Pawan Kalyan will be attending as Chief Guest for 22nd TANA Conference which will be held in Washington, D.C. from July 4th to July 6th.

The TANA 22nd Conference expected to be the largest Telugu Community event in North America with more than 15,000 people.

TANA President Satish Vemana has taken the initiative to ensure that a large number of celebrities, ranging from politicians, film artists, theater actors, dancers, singers, literary and business personalities, among others from both various parts of India, including both the Telugu States and abroad are taking part  in the Conference as scheduled with enthusiasm to the core.

Bearing this in mind, TANA has set up various committees for marshaling their planning and organizing programmes in the conference in a systematic and orchestrated manner. For instance, the Cultural Committee offers array of variety-oriented programs that offer wide-range of tastes to the guests and the audience in general.

TANA would also love to inform its well-wishers and the people at large that the grand-gala occasion would be enlivened by prominent music directorKeeravani music troupe.

TANA is also aware of the need to delight the huge crowd with music-for-thought, akin to the food-for-thought. The organizers would be prepared to showcase its mettle for whetting the appetite of the music lovers, noticed that the music lovers are eagerly awaiting to hear the silken voice of popular Tollywood singer Sunita. Keeping her ever-increasing popularity and appeal in mind, efforts were made by the organizers to arrange for a special show by roping in the Hyderabad Capricio Band.

The organizers would also like to opine that another popular music director Thaman is eagerly waiting for the day to enthrall and mesmerize the audience, let alone the guests, with his magic compositions with volley of enthusiasm.

TANA would be too happy to project music as part of our life. The harsh reality has dawned on the organizers that the audience would crave for the introduction of music as part of any programme. Obviously, realizing the importance of music, TANA make it a point of including it as part of their programmes/events.

There is no iota of doubt that music creates utmost happiness, electrifying presence and unending peace of mind for the lovers of music. Sensing their desire and love for sensational music, and, that too, with emotional touch, the organizers is conducting the memorable concert in a mammoth manner.

It is worthwhile to mention here that that the cultural-wing of TANA is also enthusiastic enough to organize dance programmes, comprising, classical, cinema, folk, and drama, et al.

The organizers have also initiated measures to vigorously train, promote and actively encourage the local people and their hidden talents in music composition and playback singers for the tinsel world of. TANA would also like to share with us that a large number of singers have already agreed to render their voice in the TANA Conference, based on the music concert.

It may be noted that on the inaugural day of TANA Mahasabhalu, Tollywood music director Thaman is every ready to organize the music concert with redoubled vigour. Not to be left undone, enthused by the opportunities dished by the Organisers, singers Kaushalya and Hariteja will sing the songs of Simha and Susavaram Anirudh in their mellowed voice on July 4.

Hardly had the cheers died down and appreciation poured in on the organizers, the well-known singer Sunita will emulate, if not surpass, the glorious performance of the previous singers on July 5, with her ‘Sunita Live’ programme. Needless to say, Sunita will be accompanied by Capricio band of Hyderabad.

TANA, however, has decided not to rest on its laurels. The organizers are always moving around time, time without number, in devising a concrete strategy to impress upon the society for its all-round growth in a phased manner.

Keeping the development plan of the music in mind, the organizers have arranged for the music composers MM Keeravani to display their enriched musical concert on July 6.

The composition of the grand finale will conclude with voices to be rendered by famous singers like Hemachandra, Deepu, Prithviraj Chandra, Manisha, Damini, Maunima, Srinidhi, Sahitya, Kalabhairava, Noel Sean and so on.

For more details please visit www.TANA2019.org.

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TANA raised $3.2 Million for the 22nd TANA Conference.


The Telugu Association of North America (TANA) under the leadership of President Satish Vemana organized the kick-off/fundraiser banquet at the Hyatt Regency, Herndon, VA with pomp and grandeur on Saturday November 3rd, 2018. A record amount of $3.2 MILLION was raised—a new record for conference donations in the 42 year history of the TANA. The donors were very extremely generous, and the attendees were ecstatic and enjoyed the wonderful event. It was a full house banquet dinner with very good ambiance, smiling faces, great food, music and donations for the conference which will be held at Walter E. Washington Convention Center from July 4th to 6th 2019.

The delightful fundraiser was graced by more than 800 people. The program began with a traditional “Jyothi Prajwalana.” After the lighting of the auspicious lamp, there was a presentation of an artistically choreographed invocation dance by talented women performers from the DC metro area. Consequently, teaser introducing the venue and the expected highlights was displayed to the audience followed by a 6 minutes documentary on TANA history and activities in the past four decades received thundering applause from the audience.

TANA President Satish Vemana thanked the attendees, introduced the EC, BOD and Foundation members and Past Presidents and praised their services to the community. He commended the support of the the local community leaders and The DC area business leaders for their hard work and service to the community and explained significance of the celebrations in great detail. He single-handedly conducted and executed the fundraising amidst cheers and applause by taking time to introduce and recognize every single donor.

Hero Sunil attended the event and thanked TANA and donors for inviting him to the prestigious fundraiser banquet in support of the 22nd Conference and he encouraged the audience to step forward and support the organization and its service initiatives. Singers Sruthi Nanduri and Dhiraj Barla enthralled the audience with haunting melodies.

The TANA culture of positive thinking and warmth was evident in the pleasant way the TANA leadership greeted all of the attendees in a fun filled atmosphere exhibiting respect and gratitude. The positive energy that generated from this charged atmosphere leaves no doubt that the 22nd TANA Conference will set a new benchmark and take the organization and its hugely popular impact oriented service initiatives to greater heights.

The 22nd TANA Conference is expected to welcome over 15,000 people of Telugu origin to the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in downtown Washington DC during July 4th – 6th 2019. Preparations are underway to ensure a historic mega-event with state of the art cultural, social, educational and religious programs.

Photos of the event

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TANA conducted Seminar on Tax & Insurance in Philadelphia


TANA (Telugu Association of North America), conducted a Free Seminar on ‘Tax Filings/Tax Savings & Insurance Planning’ on Sunday January 28th in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania.

With the start of new Tax season, TANA conducted Free Tax Seminar to provide information on new tax bill and Tax Filing and Tax Savings. The event started with welcome note by TANA Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator Mr. Nagaraju Nalajula. Later TANA Treasurer Mr. Ravi Potluri briefed the various service activities initiated by TANA.

Mr. Manish Jani – ABC Accounting & Tax services gave a lengthy presentation on various Tax related topics – New Tax Brackets, Tax Returns Filing & Tax Saving Tips, Personal and Business Taxation, Itemized Taxes, 401k, IRA Accounts, Flexible Spending Account, Health Saving Account, Child Care Expenses etc.

Q & A session followed and attendees asked several questions related to Tax Filing and savings on Taxes.

Apart from Tax topics, a lengthy session pertaining to various topics in ‘Financial Planning, Money Saving and Investment Ideas also was covered in this Seminar by Mrs. Lakhsmi Moparthi – New York Life Insurance, who spoke at length regarding various financial topics – Financial Planning and Money Saving Goals, Children Education and Estate Planning (Writing Wills and Trusts), Insurance (Health, Life and Disability), Retirement Planning.

Q & A session followed and attendees asked several questions related to various topics on ‘Financial Planning’.

TANA Board of Director Mr. Harish Koya and committee chair Mr. Venu Sangani felicitated Mr. Manish Jani and Mrs Lakshmi Moparthi for their support time to the event. Young and talented Aparna Vagvala anchored the event. TANA Foundation Trustee Mr. Ravi Mandalapu proposed vote of thanks. Also, the following TANA Philadelphia team – Sai Jarugula, Sunil Koganti, Gopi Vagvala, Rama Muddana, Phani, Chalam, Aditya, Vamsi, Sudhakar etc were part of the event. Several Prominent People like Mr.Ravi Mayreddy (Philadelphia Telangana Association), Mr. Sambaiah Kotapati (TAGDV Vice President),Mr. Suresh Reddy (TATA), Mr. Sreedhar Gudala (VTA) etc attended the event. Even though this event was planned and organized in less time, several people enthusiastically participated in the event and appreciated TANA for this initiative.

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TANA representative reacts About Ghazal Srinivas


TANA Shocking Revelations About Ghazal Srinivas

In the backdrop of recent allegations and arrest of popular Telugu singer Ghazal Srinivas, TANA (Telugu Association Of North America) strongly reacted to the incident. We all know that Ghazal Srinivas was frequently used to visit the USA, so Telugu360 made an attempt to find out his behavior there and approached TANA to comment on it. Speaking to us, TANA board of directors chairman Chalapathi Kondragunta shared that they have banned Ghazal Srinivas 10 years ago, i.e., in 2007.

When asked the reason, he shared that he used to create issues and always tried to spoil the harmony in the community. “We also received similar complaints at that time . But none of them came forward to lodge a complaint, so that time we decided to ban him from all the TANA events,” explains Chalapathi.

He also appreciated the courage that the female employee has to file a complaint and fighting for her self-respect. “The court should punish this kind of harassers and teach a lesson to all, who are taking the advantage of working woman in this country.”

Alongside, a few moments ago, the news came out that Ghazal Srinivas removed as the brand ambassador for Save Temple Campaign. Global Hindu Heritage Foundation, situated in the USA came to know about the allegations on this classical singer and as per the instructions are given by GHHF Prakasa Rao Velagapudi, the board has decided and suspended him from this position on immediate effect.

It all started, when a female employee of Ghazal Srinivas has lodged a complaint in the police station and also submitted a video of evidence, in which reportedly, Srinivas was seen getting a body massage by female employees of his company and also involved in sexual activities with them. He was arrested and sent into custody for seven more days. The bail petition also reportedly, rejected by the court.

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TANA Regional Conference (Mid-Atlantic) Grand Success.


TANA (Telugu Association of North America) organized Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference on October 13th and 14th at the North Penn High School, Lansdale, Pennsylvania amidst a lot of pomp and gaiety with more than 3000 people in attendance. The mood was ecstatic as the rigorous effort put on the by the TANA Leadership and Mid-Atlantic TANA team for a month unfolded as a vibrant and vivid display for two days and was nothing short of phenomenal. A Banquet Dinner was conducted on October 13th evening at Blue Bell Country Club to honor and felicitate TANA Leadership, stalwarts and donors that have made impactful contributions to the society. There were 500 people from all over the Unites States in attendance. Legendary Singer Smt. Chithra was the Chief Guest and Sri Payyavula Keshav MLC, Sri Dhulipalla Narendra MLA, Sri Komati Jayaram Andhra Pradesh Govt Special Representative of North America were the guest of honor. TANA President Mr. Satish Vemana and Treasurer Ravi Potluri, TV5 USA CEO Mr. Sridhar Chillara, Board of Director Harish Koya and Foundation Trustee Ravi Mandalapu released the special Souvenir “Telugu Paluku” on the occasion of TANA Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference.

TANA President Mr. Satish Vemana honored the sponsors and community leaders with applause from the audience. This was followed by a mellifluous musical concert by singers Adarsh, Aditi Bhavaraju, Neha Anumolu, Sindhu & Bhaskari Budhavarapu which captivated the audience. Prominent stage drama artist Sri Aradhyula Kotewara Rao enthralled the audience with his Ekapathrabhinayam.

The main event on Oct 14th in North Penn High School started with the prayer song followed by lamp lighting ceremony by TANA Leadership. Inaugural dance “Telugu Pandugalu” performed by very talented local children from Guru Sridevi Mungara dance school received thunderous applause from the audience. The cultural programs by local talent were also conducted on the main stage throughout the afternoon upholding the tradition of TANA as longtime supporters of dance, drama and stage plays. Kudos to the cultural committee chiar Smt. Saroja Sagaram and Team for all the hard work and commitment. In the evening organizing committee – Mr. Ravi Potluri (TANA Treasurer), Mr. Harish Koya TANA Board of Director, Mr. Ravi Mandalapu TANA Foundation Trustee and Mr. Nagaraju Nalajula TANA Mid-Atlantic Regional Representative distributed the prizes to the winners of sports competitions.

Prime time started at 4PM, with a heart touching program Mommy & Me a program by Moms, Grand Moms and children made the evening very emotional followed by Bhakta Prahladha and Bhuvana Vijayam dramas followed by a dance medley choreographed by Mrs. Shaila Mandala received thunderous applause from the audience. The main highlight of the evening was the dance ballet “Telugu Sambaralu” choreographed by Guru Smt. Swathi Gundapuneedi was a glorious sight to watch the 45 minutes non-stop performance by more than 80+ talented dancers and a proud moment for the parents of participants which received standing ovation from the audience. TANA richly felicitated Smt. Swathi Gundapuneedi for her contribution to Telugu Culture. Another highlight of the evening was fashion show with live performances by a local dance academy mesmerized the audience.

TANA President Mr. Satish Vemana gave an inspirational speech explaining the history and contributions of the elders over the past forty years highlighting the services and contributions of TANA to the Telugu community. The Event coordinator Ravi Potluri thanked the Executive Committee and volunteers and the donors. Mr. Satish Vemana along with TANA Women Services Coordinator Mrs. Laxmi Devineni launched TANA Mahila Raksha – new initiative of TANA for the needs Telugu origin women living in North America. Mr. Satish Vemana explained the need of TANA Mahila Raksha and he also mentioned TANA will start statewide Mahila Raksha chapters and appreciated the efforts of Mrs. Laxmi Devineni for the initiative.

TANA leadership felicitated Mr. Payyavula Keshav MLC, Mr. Dhulipalla Narendra Kumar MLA, Mr. Raghunandan Rao (Telangana BJP Official Spokes person) and Mr. Komati Jayaram for tireless efforts in serving the Telugu Community. This regional conference will go down in the annals of history as the first time a small region organized regional conference on par with national conventions.Mr. Satish Vemana felicitated Grand Donors of the event. The Guest of Honor and Hero of the evening was Mr. Ian Grillot, who was wounded while trying to stop a gunman in Kansas City received thunderous applause and standing ovation from the audience. TANA founding member Dr Guttikonda Ravindranath attended the event along with Past President Gangadhar Nadella. It was an emotional moment with a standing ovation when Sri Guttikonda Ravindranath was invited on to the stage and felicitated for his life-long community service.

This was followed by the grand finale event of the night, an out of the world musical concert by Smt.Chithra and her troupe – Sri Krishna, Hemachandra, Geetha Madhuri, Sameera Bharadwaj and Prudhvi Chandra. The choice of songs, the live orchestra and the rendition of the singers coupled with Smt. Chithra actively facilitating on the stage was a feast to the eyes and the ears. The concert enthralled the audience for about 3 hours & went on to till 1AM and was very well received by the satisfied audience. More than 1500+ audience were present at 1AM in the auditorium which showcased the magic of Chithramma.

TANA Leadership attended the event are – Board Chairman Chalapathi Kondrakunta, Exec Vice President Jay Talluri, Foundation Chairman Niranjan Srungavarapu, TANA Secretary Anjaiah Chowdary, Board Secretary Jagadish Prabhala, Foundation Secretary Srinivas Lavu, Foundation Treasurer Ramakanth Koya, Community Services Coordinator Sateesh Vemuri, EC Members – Vidyadhar Garapati, Malli Vemana, Sunil Pantra, Raghu Meka, Viswanath Nayunipati,Bharath Maddineni and Board of Directors Dr. Nagendra Srinivas Kodal etc attended the event.The TANA Leadership and Mid-Atlantic team would like to thank the local community for its support, and the sponsors for their gracious contributions and the vendors for their support and the volunteers for their service and the media, Sri Sreedhar Chillara,(TV5), Srikanth & Eshwar Banda (V6), Mr. Dan Nandan (eBox TV), Gokul Krishna (TNILIVE) and Anand for their media & photo/video coverage and Mr. Ujwal Kasthala for artist coordination of the event.

Banquet photos Oct 13th 2017


Main Event Photos Oct 14th 2017


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Will Allu Arjun Replicate Kalyan Ram’s Noble Gesture?

Last month, when Nandamuri Kalyan Ram attended the Telugu Association of North America (TANA) event in the US, he floored the organizers with his noble gesture of bearing all of his expenses. As Mega hero Allu Arjun is now gearing up to visit the US for a NATS event, will he take a leaf out of the Nandamuri hero’s book and save the expenses of organizers?

Bunny will soon visit the US to participate in North America Telugu Society (NATS) event to be held in Chicago from June 30 to July 2. Attending this event is just a part of the big plan, which is promoting his new film DJ across America. Since his last film “Sarrainodu” didn’t do well in the US, he seems to have decided to appease his North american fan base by promoting the film across major cities here.

It is well known that fellow Mega hero Ram Charan promoted his last release Dhruva across the US and scored his first $1M film. Well, despite the million dollar glory, the US deal was still cost failure.

Coming back to Bunny, he has a decent fan following in America but not enough craze to pull audiences on his own. His big hits in the US came thanks to directors – Trivikram and Surender Reddy. So, he is making this trip to the US to promote DJ.

We need to see if Bunny follows Kalyan Ram and take money out of his own pocket or put the burden on NATS organizers.

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Kalyan Ram’s​ gesture floors TANA organizers


Actor Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, who is currently busy bankrolling his brother NTR’s upcoming film, will soon head to America to attend the Telugu Association of North America( TANA) event which will be held in the last week of this month. Reportedly, Kalyan Ram will take part in the inauguration of a special exhibition on legendary actor NTR. Few other noted personalities from Tollywood will also grace the event.

Generally, it is a usual practice for the organisers to bear all expenses of the guests during their visit. According to the reports in DC, Kalyan Ram has decided to spend for the trip from his own pocket and quietly rejected organisers offer. It is also learnt that Kalyan Ram has asked the organisers to earmark the amount meant for his expenses for the education of Indian students there. This kind gesture from the actor has floored the TANA organisers who accepted his proposal gleefully.

Kalyan Ram will receive the NTR memorial award during the event.

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Is APNRT overshadowing TANA?


Andhra Pradesh Non-Resident Telugu (APNRT) society is a Government of Andhra Pradesh Initiative to provide Telugu diaspora a platform to engage with their motherland. Ravikumar Vemuru, a gastroenterologist from US, was appointed as advisor to the AP State Government ( NRT affairs & Investments ), and has been instrumental in getting APNRT up to speed and was able to make APNRT familiar to people across the globe. Proximity to the ‘powers that be’ is helping APNRT to expand at a rapid pace in USA and across the world.

On the other hand,people who represent the most venerable Telugu association TANA are not finding much political traction with the AP Government lately. A key individual, who has done considerable service to Telugudesam Party, in his personal capacity,was nominated as a ‘Janmabhumi co-ordinator’. Sources in the AP government reveal that it is just a namesake post without clear cut responsibilities.

AP Government has qualms with some of the TANA Leaders. In fact, Naidu was reluctant to give any post to TANA key person as some members of NTR family strongly objected. Due to some compulsions, he ended up giving a post, which doesn’t have much significance” said an AP MLA who visits US very frequently and is close to NRI affairs.

Ravi Vemuru and team has identified an alternate resources in every city and made them APNRT provisional co-coordinators. Also, APNRT is overseeing the AP chief minister Naidu’s October visit to USA. It was communicated that in all the cities (much to the chagrin of TANA) APNRT regional co-coordinators are going to handle Naidu’s visit.

However, senior leaders from TANA are sulking that TDP leadership after returning to the power has floated new organization with new faces, ignoring those who served and funded the party for 10 years. Also, those who questioned the validity of APNRT  at initial stages are now be able to grab local coordinators posts in some cities in Northeast. Also, a number of TANA leaders lament that leaders from rival organizations are allocated plum posts in APNRT.

On a positive side, this change of air is going to benefit TANA and telugu people in USA in coming years. TANA is a non-profit social service organization once respected by every individual for its service activities. From last few years, people with political and business interests have swarmed the organization. TANA leadership has been chastised that its members are using TANA to promote their self agenda leaving aside service aspect. It has been accused that a number of leaders from TANA use the post to curry favors with AP government. There is also wide spread criticism that some leaders of TANA spend more time on lobbying in India that on doing an iota of service activity in US.

Due to the genesis of APNRT, all the political aspirants in disguise may prefer APNRT over TANA as APNRT is official government organization.The local community leaders with only service motive may stay with TANA !

How many of them will remain with TANA if it doesn’t have the same political mileage with AP Government is any body’s guess.

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