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Hindu Mahasabha calls Amaravati as South Ayodhya


Akhila Bharata Hindu Mahasabha President Chakrapani Maharaj has made serious comments against Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy. He blamed Jagan Reddy for nursing a grudge against Amaravati just because it is a sacred place for the Hindu devotees, just like Ayodhya in the north. This is why the Chief Minister was trying to dismantle and demolish Amaravati Capital City in the name of decentralisation of development and 3 Capitals.

Maharaj asserted that Amaravati has a big history and a place of rich cultural heritage for ages. A Ram Temple similar to the one proposed at Ayodhya would be developed in Amaravati also. For the devotees, Amaravati is the South Ayodhya.

Taking part in the online webinar organised by Amaravati Parirakshana Samithi JAC, Chakrapani Maharaj expressed his organisation’s unquestioned solidarity and support to the Amaravati agitation. There were times in history when people from foreign countries came to Amaravati for cultural exchanges. CM Jagan was taking revenge against Amaravati just because it was a place highly venerated by the Hindus.

Maharaj complimented the agitating farmers for their continuing protests which completed 200 days. All support would be provided to the agitators to take their stir to a logical end.

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Naidu plea for Modi intervention against Jagan destructive 3 Capitals

Former Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu on Saturday appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to intervene in order to save Amaravati Capital City from the destructive strategies of the Jaganmohan Reddy government in the State.

He told Mr. Modi that it was the duty of the Central Government to protect Amaravati in accordance with the spirit of the AP Reorganisation Act which recommended a single capital for the new residual state but not multiple capital cities. Moreover, PM Modi himself brought divine soil from the Parliament and sacred water from the Yamuna as a mark of the entire nation’s blessings during the foundation stone laying function.

The TDP chief addressed a national level webinar organised on the occasion of 200th day protests of Amaravati struggle. He stressed the need for the Central Government to consider Amaravati as a national project but not just as the problem of any one particular state or the concern of a few thousand farmers and local people. It’s the Andhra Pradesh people’s will for developing a strong and potential Capital for the state at a single place. This was evident from how many AP people from over 200 cities across the world took part in 200th day Amaravati protests.

Mr. Naidu pointed out that Central funds of Rs. 2,500 Cr have been spent in Amaravati while a total Rs. 9,500 Cr was spent in the overall project works. The Centre has promised to give more funds but the YCP Government was turning a blind ear to this obviously because of its ulterior plan to destroy Amaravati for political reasons. The AP Government was not listening to the dissenting voices from all sections of people. All political parties except the ruling YCP in the state were opposing 3 Capitals. As per the reorganisation Act, the then democratically elected government already identified the capital and there was no scope to reverse that decision anymore.

Stating that the 3 Capitals plan was destructive, Mr. Chandrababu Naidu said after coming to power, CM Jagan Reddy tried to kill Amaravati with scores of baseless allegations like it was a low-lying, food-prone place unift for being a capital city. However, the National Green Tribunal has given a clean chit. Later, YCP levelled allegations of one-caste agenda, insider trading, requirement of costly foundations for constructions. All these false charges were proved wrong even as the YCP went ahead with its ulterior plans. The agitating farmers, women and youth were ruthlessly suppressed.

The webinar was presided over by the Amaravati Parirakshana Samithi Chairman A. Siva Reddy. The national leaders, who addressed the meeting, included CPI national secretary D Raja, BJP senior leader D. Purandeswari, Hindu Maha Sabha president Chakrapani Maharaj, Forward Bloc secretary-general Debabrata Biswas, RSS idealogue Ratan Sharda, CPI State Secretary K. Ramakrishna, CPM State Secretary P. Madhu, Congress AP president Sailajanath, film director Aswani Dutt and other national leaders. YCP MP Raghu Ramakrishnam Raju also spoke.

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Retain Amaravati as Executive Capital: YCP MP to Jagan


YCP rebel MP Raghu Rama Raju demanded that his party Government should reconsider and change its decision to trifurcate the Capital of Andhra Pradesh. If the trifurcation is inevitable, the Government should retain Amaravati as Executive Capital city. It is necessary since 80 per cent of Capital construction works are completed at Amaravati and there is all infrastructure already available to run the Government from here.

RRR said that though he was YCP MP, he was expressing his opinion against 3 Capitals plan just because it was a decision taken by the Government but no the YCP as a party. Moreover, there was no 3 Capitals promise in the YCP manifesto. As such, MP Raju says that he has not violated the party decisions in any respects with regard to his latest comments on Amaravati.

Raghu Rama Raju lauded the commitment and determination of the farmers, farm workers and women who were agitating for the past 200 days. Amaravati and Vijayawada region were central located having many natural advantages and located on the Krishna river. Hence, Amaravati would serve as the best Capital city. The Government should retain Amaravati as Executive Capital and use its key infrastructure already available.

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Andhra NRIs protest in solidarity with Amaravati movement


Telugus from Andhra Pradesh settled in various parts of the world have expressed solidarity with the people of Amaravati, whose protests against the state government’s decision to trifurcate the state capital entered 200th day on Saturday.

Holding placards and candles and raising slogans, NRIs staged protests in major cities across the world, urging YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) government to withdraw the move and continue developing Amaravati as the only state capital.

An estimated one lakh Telugu NRIs staged protests in more than 300 cities across the world, expressing solidarity with the farmers and other people of Amaravati opposing the government’s move.

In response to the call by Jayaram Komati, a prominent NRI in the US, Telugus in various countries staged protests.

Telugu NRIs from the United States Ireland, Kuwait, South Africa, France, Germany, Austria, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and other countries have come forward to voice their solidarity with the slogan ‘Don’t Kill Amaravati, Build Amaravati’.

According to leaders of the opposition Telugu Desam Party (TDP), the idea was to express solidarity in 200 cities all over the world to mark the 200th day of the movement but in the US itself, NRIs have joined the solidarity event from more than 230 cities and the global number went up to 300.

Women, men, children, elderly all expressed their support to the cause. The rulers were stunned to see such a massive support to Amaravati cause, said Jayaram Komati.

This event was conducted across the world in full adherence to COVID rules. NRIs from different countries joined the Amaravati solidarity event as per the rules of the local governments. Due to COVID-19 concerns, they participated in the event in small groups of 15-20 people. Many more participated in the event from their homes in virtual mode.

The protesters alleged that the dream of Amaravati as the capital of six crore people has crumbled. The efforts to bring Singapore — one of the most respected countries in the world — on board have gone waste as the Jaganmohan government dubbed it as a real estate project and scared the country away. “This was the respect shown by the Jagan government to the country which is respected all over the world and came forward to help us,” a protester said.

The government’s decision to kill a booming city and trifurcate it has not only altered the status of the state capital, it has destroyed the people’s faith in government systems. The protesters feel that the decision strangled the sacrifice and made sure people can never trust a government.

TDP leaders say the solidarity is unprecedented. “Never in history, NRIs have taken part in a protest movement on such a large scale. Now, they have come out in a single voice with one state one capital slogan,” they said.

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Lokesh renews demand for ‘One Capital One State’


Telugu Desam Party National General Secretary Nara Lokesh demanded that the YCP Government acknowledge the rising sentiments of AP people and take a new decision to continue Amaravati as the only Capital of Andhra Pradesh.

He said in the name of decentralisation of development in the state, the Chief Minister has begun the three cards game to divide and rule the people. He renewed his demand for ‘One Capital One State’.

In a statement here, Mr. Lokesh lauded the farmers, women and Telugu people across the world for continuing the anti-3 Capitals agitation for the last 200 days. All Opposition parties were opposing Jagan Reddy Capitals plan but the ruling party was not respecting the opinions of any section of the people.

The TDP MLC appealed to the people to take part in the 200 days protests of Amaravati Capital struggle on Saturday and make it a grand success. Telugu NRIs in over 200 cities across the world are taking part in this agitation for justice, development and future prosperity of the state.

Mr. Lokesh asserted that true and long-standing development of AP would be possible only with growth one single Capital city in a central location. He stressed the need for doing justice for the farmers who have given 33,000 acres lands just for noble task of developing a potential Capital City at Amaravati.

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200 days of Amaravati protests: Naidu vows to continue fight


Former Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu on Friday asserted that the Amaravati Capital City farmers came up voluntarily to contribute their hard-earned 33,000 acres of land as part of pooling for the noble objective helping the State.

He said the farmers’ gesture was lauded by many as a one-of-its-kind initiative in the Country. The 3-Capitals idea was flawed and seemed entrenched in the whims and fancies of Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy.

Mr. Naidu said history would be proof that no country or state has ever prospered by dividing regions or people. Amaravati is an idea that was born out of the pangs of unjust bifurcation. It was envisioned to unite Telugus and be the building block of a powerful AP. “We only had our will, our manpower and the intellectual capital of our people, and we worked hard to build a self-financing Capital that generated jobs for the residents and strengthened the economy with generous tax contributions owing to economic activity,” he said.

A day ahead of Capital City protests completing 200 days on Saturday, Mr. Chandrababu Naidu ran a hashtag campaign under the title – #200DaysOfAmaravatiProtests. He said that with the outbreak of Coronavirus, the shifting move will only seem inappropriate and ill-timed considering the plunging industrial and agricultural output. Also, there were problems of rapidly rising unemployment, and failing healthcare systems.

Mr. Naidu said that tomorrow will mark the completion of 200 days of Amaravati protests. On this occasion, he would like to salute the indomitable spirit of thousands of farmers who have chosen the path of protest to not let the authoritarian Government put the future of the State at risk.

The fight will continue and the Telugu Desam will march shoulder to shoulder with the protesting farmers until Amaravati is reinstated as the only Capital just as the Chief Minister promised in the assembly when he was in the Opposition.

Mr. Naidu slammed the Jagan Reddy Government for launching a vindictive campaign against the BC leaders of TDP by implicating them in murder cases after having used falce ACB, atrocities and Nirbhaya cases. False case was filed against Atchannaidu and SC, ST atrocities case was filed against Yanamala Ramakrishnudu. Nirbhaya case was filed against Ayyanna Pathrudu. YCP Ministers attacked Beeda Ravichandra on the floor of Legislative Council. Now, murder case was slapped on another BC leader Kollu Ravindra.

The TDP chief deplored that the YCP leaders’ habit was to indulge in murder politics but now they were implicating the TDP leaders in those murky and shady activities only with a vengeance against the TDP. It is a fact that the BCs would remain the backbone of the TDP. For this reason, the BC leaders were being ruthlessly suppressed and oppressed. Jagan Reddy would have to pay a heavy penalty for this in future and the TDP would stand behind the BC leaders in this hour of crisis.

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Why Jagan Govt removed Amaravati from Metro name?


The YSR Congress Party Government issued another midnight GO to change the name of Amaravati Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. From this, Amaravati name is removed now. It will be called henceforth as Andhra Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. All metro projects will be implemented under the AP Metro Rail Corporation from now on. So, the word Amaravati will not be there any more in the official records or transactions with regard to any project.

Why has Jagan Sarkar suddenly taken this decision? For many week now, Jagan Reddy has not been able to shift his CMO and Secretariat to Vizag. Coronavirus impact and Amaravati farmers’ court cases have caused lots of hurdles. Despite this, CM has been closely monitoring Vizag Metro Rail to complete this early. In official records, this is one of the three projects taken up under Amaravati Metro Rail Corporation. The previous Government took up Amaravati, Vijayawada and Vizag Metro projects under Amaravati Rail Corporation itself. Jagan Reddy’s dislike for Amaravati term is known all over. This is cited as one reason for the removal of name.

But the GO has clarified that the name change is made to cover all metro project in the entire state. The Govt has also explained that other states have also changed name like this in the past. Nagpur Metro name was changed to Maharashtra Metro Project. Lucknow Metro Project name was changed to Uttar Pradesh Metro Project.

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Amaravati farmers sarcastic counter to police notice


The Tullur police in Guntur district gave notices to farmers of Venkatapalem village in Amaravati Capital City area. The villagers were asked to show cause why action should not be initiated against them for violating the lockdown by continuing their capital city protests. The agitators promptly gave their reply to Guntur Rural SP.

The farmers said that they were facing financial problems and multiple hardships because of the Capital shifting and Coronavirus lockdown. In addition to this, the government has not made this year’s payments towards their lands acquired for Capital City.

The villagers urged the police to use their good offices to convince the government to make the payments and solve their problems. At same time, the Amaravati clarified to the police that they have been observing physical and social distancing norms and wearing masks during their protests. They said that they had lost their lands and their future generations would be losing greatly if the CapitalAs shifted out of Amaravati.

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Jagan orders CBI probe into Amaravathi land scam


In yet another act of political vendetta against previous TDP government, the YSRCP government in Andhra Pradesh led by Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy has ordered probe by Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) into the alleged irregularities in procurement of land for construction of Amaravathi capital city and allotment of lands to various firms and individuals in Amaravathi.

The AP government issued orders to this effect on Monday.

It may be recalled that CM Jagan has constituted a cabinet sub committee to probe into Amaravathi land scam.

The committee already submitted a report to the CM stating that insider trading took place in Amaravathi land procurement issue. It also named few ministers in then CM Chandrababu’s cabinet of indulging in insider trading and irregularities.

The Jagan government has now referred the case to CBI.

The government has also decided to submit the cabinet sub committee report on Amaravathi land scam to CBI for further inquiry and bring culprits to the book.

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Corona effect on Amaravati farmers’ protests


The State government officials have asked the Amaravati Capital City farmers to stop their protests on account of the corona virus prevention measures. All kinds of social gatherings and crowd-based activities are being discouraged and avoided at the instructions of the health experts. The farmers have been protesting for over 84 days against CM Jagan’s move to shift Capital to Visakhapatnam. Protests are mainly being held at Mandadam, Tulluru, Uddandarayunipalem, Undavalli, Venkatapalem, Krishnayapalem and other places. Nearly 29 villages are taking part in these anti-Capital shifting protests.

The protesting farmers are having no option but to follow virus preventive guidelines being issued by the state and central governments. Now, they have decided to hold special meetings and discuss how to continue their protests without violating the anti-social gathering norms.

Already, the farmers have vowed to continue their agitation till the Jagan Reddy government withdraws its plans on 3 Capitals. It has become a point of curiosity what steps farmers will take next to continue their protests against Jagan Circar.

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Farmers, Pravasi Andhra people meet Naidu


Anguished farmers of Amaravati region met TDP president and former chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu in Amaravati on Wednesday and urged him to ensure that the Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy government did not go ahead with its intention to decentralize the state capital between Amaravati, Viskhapatnam and Kurnool .

The Pravasi Andhra people also met Naidu and donated over Rs 15 lakh part of the ‘Save Amaravati’ campaign. Thanking the farmers and Pravasi Andhra people for their donation for the Amaravati cause, Naidu said the future of not just Amaravati but entire Andhra Pradesh has come under question ever since the YSRCP government announced its plans to split the state. He said he will hand over the donation to Amaravati JAC and thanked all NRIs who contributed generously for the cause of Amaravati.

Farmers in the Amaravati have been up in arms against the decentralisation as they gave up their farm lands and were promised lands in the capital post its development. Around 25,000 farmers in the area had given their land measuring a total of 33,000 acres under a land pooling scheme for the capital city project.

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Jagan reverse games on Vizag and Amaravati voters?


In 2019 elections, YCP won both the two assembly segments in Amaravati Capital City. But Jagan Reddy party suffered big defeat in all the four segments in Visakhapatnam. YCP candidates were defeated in Vizag North, East, West and South MLA seats. Now, Jagan reversed his electoral games. He has cancelled local polls in Amaravati obviously because he lost confidence in support of voters there. On the other hand, Vijayasai is praying to Vizag voters not to repeat 2019 verdict in local polls. He is praying them to put YCP candidate in Vizag Mayor’s seat.

But, there are widespread reports that the Vizag people are not so happy about Executive Capital status. Rival commentators are long saying that Vizagites like peaceful co-existence and they cannot live with something like Pulivendula panchayats. However, Vijayasai Reddy is saying the time has come for Vizag voters to prove their loyalty to Jagan Reddy. The CM has given a golden gift to them. They would not have dreamt of getting Capital status ever.

As elections are cancelled, Amaravati voters have no chance to defeat YCP thereby showing their disapproval of Capital shifting. But, Vizagites have got the opportunity to elect YCP candidates in all local bodies thereby giving their approval for Capital. Will Vizag voters put their stamp on Jagan’s reverse electoral games with voters?

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Jagan deals yet another blow to Amaravathi!


AP CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy who is hell bent on ‘killing’ Amaravathi capital city, even since he became CM in May 2019, has dealt yet another big blow to Amaravathi.

Jagan has reportedly decided to scrap Anatapur-Amaravathi Greenfield express highway project.

The project was launched by previous TDP government to connect Amaravathi capital city with Rayalaseema region by laying express highway.

Jagan is learnt to have decided to remove Amaravathi from this project and confine the highway only from Anantapur to Chilakaluripeta in Guntur.

At a time, when farmers in Amaravathi capital region are strongly protesting against Jagan’s decision to shift Amaravathi capital and create three capitals for AP, the CM has taken another decision to cut express highway project in Amaravathi and cut the express highway road linkage between Amaravathi and Rayalaseema.

However, Jagan is trying to blame the AP’s financial crisis for scrapping the highway project saying that AP cannot afford to bear costs for land acquisition for this project.

Despite Centre agreeing to bear 50% of total Rs 25,000 crore project cost, Jagan reportedly said that AP government cannot afford even the remaining 50% cost due to present financial crisis.

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NRIs drag Jagan to International Court over Amaravati issue!


Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy is already facing severe backlash from various quarters on Amaravathi capital issue.

He is also facing cases in AP High Court for his decision to create three capitals by setting up executive capital in Vizag and legal capital in Kurnool and confine Amaravathi to remain as only legislative capital, from where only Legislative Assembly works.

Farmers in 29 villages in Amaravathi capital region, along with Opposition parties and civil organisations are agitating for nearly three months demanding Jagan to continue only Amaravathi as full-fledged capital.

They have also filed cases against Jagan in the High Court.

Despite all this, Jagan remains adamant on his decision.

Now, NRIs living in US have joined hands to take legal action against Jagan over Amaravathi issue.

They have filed a petition in the International Criminal Court (ICC), Hague, Netherlands, challenging Jagan’s decision on three capitals.

They brought to the notice the international court that Jagan as Leader of Opposition between 2014 and 2019 had supported Amaravathi capital announced by previous TDP government in the Assembly but he has now ditched the people by deciding to shift Amaravathi capital and create three capitals for AP after becoming Chief Minister of AP in May 2019.

In the petition, the NRIs sought international court to direct AP government to continue Amaravathi as the capital of AP as it is and do justice for Amaravathi farmers.

The court admitted the petition and is expected to begin hearing on the case very soon.

Governed by an international treaty called the Rome Statute, the International Criminal Court is the world’s first permanent international criminal court.

The ICC investigates and where warranted, tries individuals charged with the gravest crimes of concern to the international community, genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and the crime of aggression.

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Amaravati farmers’ representation to YSR statue


In a novel protest, the Amaravati agitation activists held a huge demonstration at CM Jagan’s father YSR statue in Vijayawada. The protesting farmers submitted a symbolic representation to YSR statue stating that his son and CM Jaganmohan Reddy is oppressively shifting AP Capital to Visakhapatnam. They prayed to YSR soul that Jagan arrogant attitude be changed to save crores of AP people from the disastrous consequences of 3 Capitals.

Women farmers and youth also participated in the protest. They said that YSR gave good governance and he was called a saviour of farmers. But now, his son Jagan Reddy is harassing, suppressing and oppressing the farmers in every way possible. Instead of protecting Amaravati farmers, Jagan has thrown them along with their families into the streets for the past 74 days.

The protesting farmers appealed to YSR wife Vijayamma to intervene and advise her son to stop taking revenge against them for giving their ancestral lands for Capital City construction.

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YCP protest rally in Amaravati Capital villages


Amaravati farmers got agitated further following a surprise protest rally taken out by YCP followers in their villages. YCP activists held this rally in protest against the recent alleged attack by TDP on the ruling party MP Nandigram Suresh. The YCP rally passed through the venues of Amaravati dharna camps in Capital villages of Mandadam, Velagapudi, etc.

Tensions prevailed because of the YCP rally. They raised ‘Jai Jagan’ slogans ad they passed in front of Amaravati protest camps. Capital farmers raised counter slogans ‘Jai Amaravati’. The police arrived in large numbers and kept a close watch on the agitating farmers.

Expressing sadness, Amaravati farmers asked how YCP can hold such provocative protests when not a single Minister came to solve their problems. CM Jaganmohan Reddy regularly passes through their villages but he is not caring to stop at their protest camps to enquire about their problems. Farmers asserted that they would continue their agitation till Capital shifting is cancelled.

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HC notices to Centre and AP on Capital City works


The AP High Court has issued notices to the Central and State governments to clarify their positions on the stalled construction works in Amaravati Capital City. It ordered both the governments to file affidavits with details of why the works were stopped and why several committees were formed on decentralisation and 3 Capitals. The HC ordered the Centre to give its clarification since it is also involved in AP Capital project by way of providing funds.

For the first time, the HC also asked the two governments to provide full details of why construction of permanent High Court buildings was stopped in Amaravati. The State and the Centre were also asked to state their positions on oath on the aspect of shifting High Court.

The court has taken up the issue of non-payment of crores worth bills for works already completed in Capital City. The companies concerned filed petitions. In view of multiple petitions on Amaravati, the High Court decided to split up these cases based on different issues. Accordingly, hearings would be taken up. Legal experts say that the Centre can no longer escape from its responsibility on AP Capital shifting.

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1251 acres Amaravati lands for house sites soon


The Jagan Reddy government is making all arrangements to distribute nearly 1251 acres of Amaravati Capital City lands as house sites to over 54,000 poor beneficiaries. This distribution will be taken up in the coming Ugadi festival season and part of Jagan grand plan to give 25 lakh house sites to poor families all over the state. Latest reports are that the AP Government has decided to distribute these Capital City lands to poor families of Pedakakani, Mangalagiri, Duggirala and Vijayawada city areas.

There are doubts whether the poor beneficiaries will have any advantage if they are given house sites in faraway places in Amaravati Capital City villages. Moreover, there’s would be no future development in those villages as Executive Capital is being shifted to Vizag.

The Amaravati farmers said that this would not be possible as the court would certainly give orders against the unjust decision of the YCP government. The farmers already filed cases challenging the government’s Capital shifting move.

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YCP MP car hits farmer at Amaravati Radhotsavam


Capital City farmers held a huge rally in Amaravati temple town on the occasion of Amareswara Swamy Rathotsavam celebrations there today. The sudden gathering of large numbers of devotees cum agitators gave a tough time to the police and revenue authorities. Several top YCP leaders also came to take part in the Radhotsavam as this is traditionally a big event drawing huge crowds from villages all over the area. Minister Mopidevi Venkataramana inaugurated the Radhotsavam.

Meanwhile, the agitators got alarmed on hearing about the injuries to a farmer because of the rash driving of YCP MP Nandigam Suresh. The speeding car tried to race forward in the busy traffic. The other farmers stopped the vehicle and immediately shifted the injured farmer to the hospital. The farmer’s leg was badly injured in the incident. The agitators accused the MP car driver of negligent driving.

The Capital agitators offered prayers to Lord Amareswara Swamy for his blessings to continue AP Capital in Amaravati alone. The Capital farmers are making use of every festival occasion to agitate against Jagan 3 Capitals.

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Pawan demands removal of cases against Amaravati farmers


Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan condemned the cases filed against the peacefully protesting farmers at Krishnayapalem village in Amaravati Capital City. He expressed shock on how the police can file non-bailable cases against so many farmers when they were just fighting for justice. He demanded immediate withdrawal of all the cases filed against over 426 farmers.

Interesting facts are coming out about these cases. The lady MRO didn’t make any police complaint. She also asked for not to file any cases. Still, the government took a decision to book farmers yesterday midnight. Then cases were filed against farmers under multiple sections.

The government is taking every chance to terrorise farmers by filing cases but they are not getting frightened. The farmers again protested in front of MLA Roja when she visited SRM University.

Pawan Kalyan said that the YCP government is wrongly thinking of oppressing and suppressing justified agitation of farmers.

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