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Jagan Govt’s plan for ‘Mega Township’ in Amaravati lands


The YCP Government was floating different ideas on the future of lands in the Amaravati Capital City area in a very hilarious way. First, the ruling party Ministers said Amaravati was unfit for Capital because it was a low lying area. Later, they described it as a burial ground not fit for developing a Capital. They made plans to give house sites to thousands of poor families in the lands that were pooled from the Amaravati farmers for developing a global city.

Now, the Jagan regime raised curtains on a new gameplan. This is to develop a Mega Township in Amaravati lands so that housing plots could be given to the farmers who gave their ancestral lands for the Capital City project. Also, persons like film producer Aswini Dutt and actor Krishnam Raju could be given their promised compensation in the form of house sites in Amaravati Capital.

Usually, YCP Minister Botsa Satyanarayana, MLA Challa Ramakrishna Reddy and others would talk about new ideas. This time, pro-YCP MLA Vallabhaneni Vamsi was bringing up the Township idea forward.

Vamsi is advising farmers to accept housing plots in Township so that their problem would be solved. The question is how such impractical and unscientific ideas could be brought forth. Who would stay in such a Mega Township in a place which would not have the promised Secretariat, Assembly, Raj Bhavan? Of course, it will serve a purpose which is to irritate and humiliate Amaravati farmers and the TDP.

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Aswini Dut claims Rs 210 Cr compensation from AP govt


The High Court of Andhra Pradesh has ordered the Jaganmohan Reddy Government to file its counter explaining details of compensation given to those from whom land was taken for the Gannavaram airport expansion. The order was based on petitions filed by film producer Aswini Dut and actor UV Krishnam Raju. Both of them have given lands for the airport expansion and they were given lands in Amaravati Capital City as compensation.

With the scrapping of the Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA), the lands given to these film personalities have got no expected value. The lawyer of Aswini Dut was arguing that the AP Government promised to develop Amaravati as a global city which would ensure greater value for the lands in the Capital city. With the latest cancellation of CRDA altogether, severe loss was being caused to the film producer. Aswini Dut has given over 40 acres for the airport expansion and is being asked to hand over this land to the Airports Authority of India (AAI).

Now, Dut’s lawyer appealed to the court to order for stalling the airport expansion works and allow him to retain his Gannavaram land. This is because the AP Government violated the agreement signed with him at the time of land acquisition for the airport expansion. If he cannot get back the Gannavaram land, the Government should give four times the compensation. This would come to about Rs. 210 Cr. Aswini Dut is not willing to accept Amaravathi lands any more considering loss of value totally after the Jagan regime started Capital shifting.

Actor Krishnam Raju also filed a similar appeal and asked for suitable compensation if his lands at Gannavaram were to be compulsorily handed over to the AAI. He also refused to accept the Amaravati lands as compensation.

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AP High Court extends Status Quo on Amaravati till Oct 5


The Jaganmohan Reddy Government received another setback in the court on the issue of Capital shifting. The High Court of Andhra Pradesh has once again extended the Status Quo on the implementation of 3 Capitals Bills till October 5. The judges summarily dismissed the plea of AP Government’s advocates for removing the Status Quo. This is the third time that the court extended the Status Quo. The legal circles say that this has indicated how much the hearings were going on heavily in favour of the farmers who have a constitutional right to demand protection of their rights as per the agreements reached at the time of land pooling for Amaravati city.

The High Court has made a significant observation this time that it would hear the proceedings on 3 Capitals and CRDA Repeal Bills everyday from October 5. Already, a lot of delay was caused in the hearings in view of the Coronavirus lockdown and restrictions. Moreover, the Government already once went to the Supreme Court for relief from the Status Quo. The Apex Court said that it would not interfere with the case as it was pending in the High Court.

As of now, the Government was eager to complete the hearings and get the order of the High Court. Given the current mood, an adverse order might come from the HC and this could be immediately contested in the Supreme Court.

CM Jagan’s major objective since the beginning is to shift Capital to Visakhapatnam as early as possible in order to prepare everything for a stable administration from there.

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Jayadev plea in Lok Sabha for Amaravati in Central list


TDP MP Jayadev Galla has raised the issue of Andhra Pradesh Capital shifting despite protests from the people. He urged the Parliament to include the Capital City related issues of any State in the Central list so that the Central Government can take a final and conclusive decision on such matters.

Jayadev told the Lok Sabha that as of now, Amaravati or any State Capital issue is not included in either State or Central or Concurrent list. As a result, there is a lot of confusion resulting in the AP Government changing the Capital City already finalized and developed by the previous regime.

Jayadev told the Central Government that there was the danger of other States also changing Capitals to settle political scores if the unlawful decision of AP is not stalled now.

The TDP MP’s comments in the Parliament came amid the ruling YSRCP MPs’ continued criticism that corruption took place in the Amaravati Capital lands. Jayadev asserted that in the name of land irregularities, the YSRCP Government in AP was bent on shifting the Capital with utter disregard for the laws and the Constitution. Thousands of crores were already spent and thousands of farmers gave their lands for Amaravati but the AP Government was behaving atrociously and ruthlessly.

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Bonda Uma lashes out at YSRCP ministers on Amaravati


Telugu Desam Party party spokesperson Bonda Umamaheswara Rao slashed out the YSRCP ministers and MLAs on the Amaravati issue asking why they had not objected to the declaration of Amaravati as the capital city of Andhra Pradesh when the TDP regime took that decision.

He said the state government was hell-bent on destroying Amaravati and the larger interests of Andhra Pradesh only out of sheer political vendetta. “The state government has put the fate of entire Andhra Pradesh at a stake,” he said.

Stating that the TDP was transparent and open in announcing Amaravati as the state capital, Bonda Uma said former chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu had declared Amaravati as capital only after taking into consideration the suggestions of Sivaramakrishanan Committee and also as per the conditions laid down by the central government. “The government is destroying the capital city only for creating wealth for a few leaders of the ruling party,” Bonda Uma alleged.

On the issue of shifting executive capital to Visakhapatnam, Bonda Uma said it was only to ensure that the values of lands owned by the YSRCP multiples. Further, he alleged that the YSRCP top leaders had acquired more 30,000 acres in the surroundings of the port city.

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YCP raises Amaravati lands ‘scam’ in Lok Sabha


The YSRCP had done ultimate damage to Andhra Pradesh Capital by taking its hatred for Amaravati to the Parliament. YCP Floor Leader Mithun Reddy told Lok Sabha today that a massive land scam took place at the time of construction of the Amaravati Capital. Over 4,000 acres illegal land transactions occurred during that time. Lands worth thousands of crores rupees were acquired at very cheap rates.

Mithun Reddy told the Parliament that the previous TDP regime played hide and seek on the capital as the then CM Chandrababu Naidu first named Tiruvuru in Krishna district as the future Capital City. It was deliberately done to mislead the people only to buy lands in Amaravati at cheap rates. The TDP leaders used benami names of white card holders and bought lands in Amaravati.

What more, Mithun Reddy told the Lok Sabha that Amaravati Capital was the epicenter of the country’s biggest land scam involving insider trading in recent years. The AP Government already ordered a Special Investigation Team to probe the scam. Only to punish the culprits, the YCP was wanting a CBI probe into Amaravati scam.

Analysts say that the YCP is obviously taking its Capital shifting agenda to a logical conclusion by defaming Amaravati at the national level and then by finding legal loopholes to bypass the hurdles being created in the courts.

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HC gag order on Amaravati land scam case


The Andhra Pradesh High Court on late Tuesday issued an injunction against any reporting by the media on the contents of the First Information Report (FIR) with regard to corruption charges against several people in the Amaravati land scam.

The High Court, in its order, stated, “It is directed that the news in regard to registration of FIR or in the context of the said FIR shall not be made public in any electronic, print or social media, to foist the office of a former Advocate General and also with respect to the other alleged accused persons.”

Earlier, the Jagan government had urged the central government to order a Central Bureau of Investigation probe into the alleged land scam in the Amaravati capital region, during the previous TDP regime.

Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy also instructed his MPs to rake up the issue in the ongoing Parliament session.

The YSRCP had accused the previous TDP government of insider trading that allegedly former chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu, his family members, and those close to them.

The YSRCP’s bone of contention was that 4,070 acres of land were purchased in Krishna and Guntur districts by those involved in insider trading before the announcement of Amaravati as the state capital.

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Amaravati unfit for even Legislature Capital, Kodali tells Jagan


Everybody knows how unhappy and frustrated Minister Kodali Nani is these days. He has been making all sorts of criticism against Chandrababu Naidu and TDP leaders. Now, the angry Minister increased the dose and began his attack on Amaravati itself. He has virtually declared a war against Amaravati farmers’ agitation. In his latest provocative statement, Kodali Nani has said that he has personally met and pleaded with Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy to cancel the Legislature Capital in Amaravati as well.

Kodali has apparently come out with this brilliant idea in order to hurt the ego and sentiments of Amaravati agitators who have been holding protests for over 270 days. As the agitation is intensifying each day, it has posed severe embarrassment to Minister Kodali. He belongs to Krishna district which is a richly beneficiary district with Amaravati located closer to Vijayawada.

But analysts say that Minister Kodali is not only angry but also innocent in a certain way. The Minister obviously missed the logic that Amaravati Legislature Capital would be existing only in paper. CM Jagan has already indicated that a major part of legislature would function from Visakhapatnam itself. It goes without saying that once the Secretariat and CMO are shifted to Vizag, even the Legislature Capital status for Amaravati would die a natural death.

Kodali Nani says now that Amaravati is unfit for any sort of Capital because its agitators were opposing house sites to 50,000 poor people there. The Minister says that the CM has promised him to consider his plea and that a decision would be taken after consulting all sections.

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3 Capitals blow to Gannavaram airport expansion works


One by one, all the farmers and owners were withdrawing their support to the Gannavaram airport expansion project. The land owners were promised that they would be given suitable land parcels in Amaravati Capital City area in return for the lands given for the airport. But now, the value of the promised lands in the Capital area came down very low. As a result, some of the farmers have already withdrawn from the airport projecta nd took back their lands and began cultivation.

More importantly, actor and former Union Minister Krishnam Raju and prominent film producer Aswini Dutt took back their 30 and 40 acres respectively at Gannavaram airport project site. They began growing orchards there. When the airport officials approached for giving lands, they said that it would not be possible any more since Amaravati Capital project was not withdrawn already.

Left with no choice, the Airports Authority of India officials wrote to the Krishna District Collector for immediately handing over the lands. Over 700 acres were acquired from the farmers for expansion works. Now, almost all farmers have revolted against the government and decided not to give their lands.

The Central government already allocated funds for Gannavaram airport expansion. These works were going on right now. If the project suffers a setback now, the overall project will face a risk.

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BJP in a dilemma on counter in HC over Amaravati


BJP AP President Somu Veerraju was in an upbeat mood since his appointment as party AP unit chief a few weeks ago. But that joy was apparently short lived. The High Court’s instruction to AP political parties to file their counters stating their respective positions on Amaravati Capital came as a rude shock to the BJP AP unit. Especially, Mr Somu Veerraju was facing the most challenging moment in his political career. Since taking charge as party AP president, he has been making contradictory statements that indicated his indirect support for CM Jaganmohan Reddy’s 3 Capitals. Now, the High Court’s order put the burden of deciding his party’s official stand on Veerraju more than anybody else.

Amid such a big test, BJP ally Jana Sena has already decided to file its counter in favour of Amaravati Capital considering the future of farmers who gave their lands. Whereas, BJP leaders like Veerraju and GVL Narasimha Rao have been speaking in double voice that the AP Government has a right to change Capital but at the same time, the farmers should get justice. GVL has said this many times but he has never said how justice could be given to farmers by not fulfilling development commitments given in agreements to them.

Analysts say that BJP’s biggest dilemma would now be whether to take a stand for or against Amaravati. As the party has to submit its opinion to the High Court, the BJP leaders can no longer take politically confusing stands for the sake of short-term interests. The final moment has arrived for the BJP to speak out clearly whether it is on the side of Amaravati Capital or not. The BJP Government at the Centre could escape easily by saying that it has no role in Capital shifting in a State. But as a political party, the BJP cannot afford to say the same and it has to clarify to the court why there is change in its stand towards AP Capital before and after elections.

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AP HC issues notices to YCP, TDP, BJP but not Jana Sena


The Andhra Pradesh High Court issued fresh notices to the ruling YSRCP, TDP and BJP party leaderships to respond with their policies on Amaravati Capital city. The notices were issued based on a petition filed by the farmers who gave their ancestral lands for the construction of AP Capital. The farmers’ advocate told the court that the political parties took one stand prior to the 2019 elections and took a U-turn on that stand after the polls. Following this, in his capacity as the president of YSRCP, Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy will have to give his response to the court now.

The farmers appealed to the court to take into consideration the changing policies of the political parties to suit their own convenience that were dealing a big blow to them. Consequently, the High Court asked the political parties concerned to respond with their policies. The notice was not issued to the Jana Sena Party since the farmers have not made any complaint against it.

The main complaint of the farmers was against the YCP and the BJP obviously. While the YCP had changed its stand and decided to shift the Capital, the BJP was maintaining a neutral stand. At the same time, the BJP Government at the Centre was saying it had no role to play in the Capital issue of an individual state. Amid this, the farmers were appealing to the court to make these political parties accountable for the Capital shifting. They have produced before the court evidence of the YCP President having promised not to shift Capital out of Amaravati. But now, though Amaravati was being called Legislative Capital, the core Capital infrastructure like Secretariat, CMO and part of legislature were being shifted to Visakhapatnam.

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Amaravati is AP capital, shows Indian map


Finally, Amatavati has been included in the Indian map as capital of Andhra Pradesh. A letter to this effect was sent to Guntur TDP Lok Sabha MP Jayadev Galla.

Deputy Surveyor General of India Pradeep Singh has written a letter to the TDP MP informing that Amaravati was included in the national map as the capital of Andhra Pradesh.

The letter comes amid the Modi government making its stand clear that it has no role to play in Capital formation and that it is a state subject.

In 2019, Jayadev Galla had raised the issue in Lok Sabha taking serious objection to non-inclusion of Amaravati as Andhra Pradesh capital in the national map and contented that there was no gazette notification issued in this regard.

In 2019, the Union Home Ministry had released a new map of India without Amaravati as the capital of Andhra Pradesh. Jayadev Galla argued that non-inclusion of Amaravati as AP capital in the map was an insult to five crore people of Andhra Pradesh. As a matter of fact, the TDP MP had stated that it was also an insult to Prime Minister Narendra Modi who had laid the foundation stone for Amaravati in 2015.

Omission of Amaravati as AP capital in the map will severely impact investments into state, Jayadev Galla had noted and demanded immediate rectification of the same.

In the letter sent by Deputy Surveyor General of India Pradeep Singh, the Survey of India wrote, “I have the honour to invite your attention towards the matter raised during zero hour 17th Lok Sabha winter session. In this regard it is submitted that Amaravati has been incorporated as the capital of AP state in the latest political map of India. This is being issued with the approval of the competent authority”

It is interesting to see how things will pan out in the days to come with the incorporation of Amaravati as the AP capital in the political map of India. It definitely is going to generate political heat in Andhra Pradesh which is already simmering and boiling over the issue of shifting the capital to Vizag from Amaravati.

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Jagan review on AMRDA another contempt of court?


As the farmers’ agitation entered 250th day, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S Jaganmohan Reddy on Thursday held a review meeting on the works related to Amaravati.

During a high-level meeting attended by minister Botsa Satyanarayana and chief secretary Nilam Sawhney, the Chief Minister enquired about the status of construction work in Amaravati and discussed an action plan to complete it with officials of Amaravati Metropolitan Region Development Authority (AMRDA).

The CM suggested that finance department officials pool funds and plan accordingly. He ordered officials to complete the Happy Nest venture buildings.

It is well known that the YSRCP Government is fearless and courageous as far as confronting the courts and their orders. The High Court has already issued a status quo on the Capitals Bills. The Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA) is still in force. But still, the CM has held a review meeting reportedly on the Amaravati Metropolitan Region Development Authority (AMRDA).

Though the court cases are still pending and hearings are going on, the Government has formed the AMRDA in place of the CRDA. To rub salt in the wounds of Amaravati agitators and farmers, the CM has already started holding reviews directing officials how to go forward. The Amaravati JC has taken strong objection to this ‘adamant’ attitude of the CM.

Amaravati JAC convener Puvvada Sudhakar told Jagan Reddy it was not proper or ethical on his part to go against the orders of the courts. For the last fourteen months, all developmental works were halted in Amaravati area. The ruling party leaders were saying they would develop Amaravati. But there seemed to be no proof at all at the ground level.

The JAC made a fresh demand that the Chief Minister should immediately stop destruction of Amaravati if he was really committed to developing it on par with other parts of the State.

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BJP MLC sheds crocodile tears for farmers


The state BJP’s double speak on Amaravati continued even as the Modi government on Thursday made its stand clear on the issue.

BJP MLC P V N Madhav asserted that his party is committed to Amaravati as capital and demanded that the Jagan government should fulfill the promises made to agitating Amaravati farmers. Shedding crocodile tears for the farmers, the BJP MLC stated that the Amaravati farmers were caught in the political crossfire between the ruling YSRCP and the Opposition TDP.

“Both the parties have to resolve the issue amicably,” he stated. He hit out at both the parties saying they are dabbling in selfish politics, as if the BJP is above that.

Further, the BJP MLC claimed that the saffron party has always maintained a consistent stand right from day one that no injustice should be done to the farmers of Amaravati, who gave their lands to the government and not TDP president Chandrababu Naidu. While it is true that over 35,000 acres of land was given by 28,000 farmers from 21 villages for the capital creation and not to Chandrababu Naidu, why did the central BJP lob the Amaravati ball in the state government’s court? Isn’t this double standard?

Madhav parotted the central government’s line that the capital city is a state subject and that the union government has no role to play it. Well, if the central government had no role to play in it – why did the BJP unanimously adopt the resolution that Amaravati will be the capital of the state, why did Prime Minister Narendra Modi lay the foundation stone for Amaravati as capital city, why did the union government grant Rs 2,500 crore funds to the state government for creation of the capital. These and many such questions remain unaswered.

However, Madhav attacked the YSRCP stating that Jagan Mohan Reddy had assured the five crore people of Andhra Pradesh that his party would continue the state capital in Amaravati alone and that it would be fully developed. “The Chief Minister should owes an explanation on why or for whom is the capital being shifted to Vizag. Earlier, the TDP had real estate interests in announcing Amaravati as capital. The YSRCP government too is shifting the capital to Vizag for the same reason. The move to make Vizag as executive capital is only usurp the premium lands. The problem has been created by both the parties. Now, they are trying to divert the attention of the people by attacking the BJP,” Madhav fumed

None of the major political parties seem to have any concern for the farmers who parted with their land for the development of Amaravati capital city under the AP Capital City Land Pooling Scheme (Formulation and Implementation) Rules, 2015. Amaravati was announced as as the Capital City in accordance with Sections. 5, 6 and 94 of the AP Reorganisation Act, 2014. Under the AP Reorganisation Act, there can be only single capital and not multiple capital cities.

It is incumbent upon the central government to protect Amaravati in accordance with the spirit of AP Reorganisation Act. However, the Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA) Bill was approved by Governor Bishwabhushan Harichandan against the spirit of the AP Reorganisation Act.

In this ugly political drama being played by the YSRCP and the BJP, the farmers aspirations and dreams of the five crore people remain shattered.

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HC asks details on cost of Amaravati construction


The Andhra Pradesh High Court on Thursday sought complete details on the estimated cost of construction of the capital city in Amaravati and how much public money was spent so far.

Hearing a batch of petitions, a three-bench judge comprising Justice Rakesh Kumar, Justice M Satyanarayana Murthy and Justice A V Sesha Sai asked advocate Unnam Muralidhar to submit the details over capital construction in Amaravati. The court served notices to the State Accountant General asking him to submit a detailed report on the source of the funds. The case was posted for the next hearing on August 14.

On his part, Unnam Muralidhar submitted before the court that so far Rs 52,000 crore had been spent as per the AP Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA) records. The High Court advocate stated that more than Rs 52,000 crore was spent on infrastructure, government buildings, water, power supply and other works.

The High Court expressed deep concern over the money that had so far been spent on construction of the capital in Amaravati. The High Court asked a volley of questions such as how many buildings were completed, how much money was spent and the outstanding amount to be paid to the contractors. The court asked the government to submit complete details.

During the TDP regime, former chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu had built buildings for Assembly, Secretariat, High Court and Raj Bhavan. A major part of MLA and MLC quarters was completed. Nearly Rs 9,000 crore was spent on all the works.

The High Court seeing details on money spent on construction of Amaravati comes after it had directed the state government to maintain status quo on the state capital. The order bars the state government from taking any steps on the two controversial Bills – Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Development Authority Repeal Bill, 2020 and the Andhra Pradesh Decentralisation and Inclusive Development of All Regions Bill, 2020 – approved by the Governor for trifurcation of the capital. The court adjourned the hearing till August 14 after the state government sought 10 days time to file a counter to the petitions.

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Jagan’s farewell to Amaravati: CRDA scrapped, AMRDA formed

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy has taken what he wants the most. He has got Amaravati Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA) cancelled. In its place, a new Amaravati Metropolitan Region Development Authority (AMRDA) has been formed. Over four GOs were issued late yesterday night. All these late-night GOs were kept secret and officially termed ‘confidential’. One of these secret GOs is pertaining to the formation of AMRDA in place of CRDA.

With this, CM Jagan has bid ‘Farewell at Midnight’ to his pet aversion which is Amaravati Capital City. The CM has speeded up efforts to shift the Capital to Visakhapatnam at a far greater pace than ever before. Interestingly, the Governor’s approval to 3 Capitals Bills also came on a Friday so that the Amaravati farmers and the Opposition would have no chance to get justice from the courts. Now, they were expecting relief once the courts opened on Monday.

For all practical purposes, the so-called CRDA ceases to exist from Sunday itself. There are reports that the CM is planning to function from Vizag from August 15 itself. No clarity is given on what the Government is going to do about the high-rise buildings which are left half constructed in Amaravati region. Now, Amaravati is a legislative capital. But, Vizag is also going to host some of the Assembly sessions. Which means Amaravati is not a complete legislative capital. There is no guarantee that the YCP will hold even the all important budget session in Amaravati.

As on today, Amaravati ceased to exist on paper. The farmers and rival parties now bank heavily on justice in the courts.

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My fear is Amaravati could be another Nandigram: Pawan Kalyan


In an ominous message to the Jagan government, actor-turned-politician on Thursday warned of a mass movement in Andhra Pradesh centred around the ongoing agitation in Amaravati likening it to Nandigram agitation in West Bengal.

Talking to a TV channel on Thursday, Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan feared that Amaravati could become another Nandigram. “My fear is that Amaravati should not become another Nandigram. The West Bengal government has faced violence over the acquisition of agricultural land in Nandigram. In Nandigram, the violent agitation was over a 1,000 acre land. It is a sensitive issue. In Amaravati, we are talking about more than 35,000 acres of land. These farmers belonging to 29 villages gave away thousands of acres of their fertile land to the capital city. Imagine the magnitude of the situation if the agitation were to turn violent. The farmers gave away thousands of acres of their land in the hope that Amaravati will be the capital. Today, the farmers have been deceived. The land probably is no longer fit for cultivation. The farmers, perhaps, would not have given even an inch of their land if Amaravati were not announced as the capital. We will be swept away by the tears of farmers,” stated Pawan Kalyan, turning emotional.

Pawan Kalyan further said the farmers feel completely cheated with the Andhra Pradesh government proposing to shift the capital city to Vizag from Amaravati. “The farmers have been protesting for a long time, but none in the Andhra Pradesh government came forward to assuage them. On the contrary, police force is being used to muzzle the voices. Police force is being used against hapless old people, children, students and women for raising a just demand to retain Amaravati as the state capital. They are being beaten up. Many of the women were dragged, beaten and then detained for several hours. Amaravati is a burning issue. The anger of the farmers will burn the government to ashes,” Pawan Kalyan said.

Further, Pawan Kalyan rued that the stated purpose for which the farmers lands were pooled for capital city formation stands defeated. “How can the government arbitrarily alter it now,” he questioned. For several months, Amaravati farmers are resisting the Jaganmohan Reddy government’s proposal to allot their lands for a housing scheme for the poor.

“We are all awaiting the Governor’s decision on the two crucial bills,” the Jana Sena Party president said referring to the Andhra Pradesh government sending the AP Decentralisation and Inclusive Development of All Regions Bill, 2020,and the AP Capital Region Development Authority (Repeal) Bill, 2020, to Governor Biswabhusan Harichandan for his assent.

Pawan Kalyan also said several irregularities and misuse of public funds in distribution of house pattas to the beneficiaries. “The housing welfare scheme is not reaching several deserving beneficiaries. I get several representations from beneficiaries complaining that the benefit has not reached them. Several assurances were made ahead of elections, but the ruling dispensation has forgotten its promises after it got elected. Beneficiaries should be chosen solely on the basis of criteria in a transparent manner. This is not happening,” Pawan Kalyan pointed out.

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Tahsildar suspended in Amaravati house sites land scam


The AP Government’s ambitious program to distribute 25 lakh house sites has been facing lots of criticism from all sections. Now, a shady deal has come to the fore in Amaravati Capital City itself. It has confirmed the worst fears of the critics. A mandal Incharge Tahsildar was suspended for creating fake documents to help in selling a land without clearing Rs. 1.10 Cr loan to the bank concerned. Incharge Tahsildar Nirmala Krishna was given punishment for allowing the fraud to take place.

The top bureaucrats and IAS officials were surprised at such a big scam taking place right under their nose in Amaravati Capital area. The Rs. 1.10 Cr scam took place in just one village named Muthayapalem in Amaravati mandal. As there was the loan on the land, it should not be purchased by the Government for house sites programme. But the Tahsildar colluded and created fake documents to allow this to happen. Suspicions arose over how largescale scams would have taken place if such huge corruption took place only in a single village in house sites sceme.

Guntur District Collector Samuel Anand quickly swung into action and made an enquiry. Based on the preliminary findings and feedback from the banks concerned, Mr. Samuel had suspended the Incharge Tahsildar.

The latest scam happened amid allegations of increasing corruption by revenue officials in land acquisitions in the name of house sites. There were also complaints that the ruling party leaders got Rs. 10 lakh worth lands sold to the Government at Rs. 40 lakh to Rs. 50 lakh by pocketing the margins.

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Centre will not interfere but Capital shall not be shifted: BJP


Bharatiya Janata Party Andhra Pradesh Incharge Sunil Deodhar gave a little more clarity on his party’s position on the issue of Capital shifting proposed by Jagan Reddy regime in AP. He asserted once again that the BJP-led Central Government would not interfere in the State Government’s decision to trifurcate AP Capital. But, at the same time, as a national political party, the BJP would strongly oppose the 3 Capitals decision of Jagan Reddy.

Deodhar emphasised the need for continuing Amaravati as the only Capital City of Andhra Pradesh. He also demanded justice to the thousands of farmers who have donated 34,000 acres of their ancestral property without thinking about the safety and security of their future generations and for the sake of constructing a great, potential capital city for AP.

Deodhar clarified that the Central Government cannot interfere because it is the privilege of the State to decide on its Capital City. The State Government is free to take whatever decision it wants to take in this respect. But, the ruling party in AP should consider the field level issue at hand and address the problems of the farmers. Doedhar asserted that the BJP and the Jana Sena would jointly hold protests for justice to the Amaravati Capital City residents.

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Jana Senani vows solidarity till Amaravati farmers get justice


Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan heaped praise on Amaravati Capital City farmers, women and youth for continuing their protests even after 200 days of their agitation. He assured them of his party’s total support for the cause of retaining Amaravati as the only Capital City. The farmers are demanding ‘One Capital One State’ ever since CM Jagan Reddy surprised all Andhras with his 3 Capitals master plan.

Senani asserted that it was a great sacrifice on the part of Amaravati farmers to voluntarily give 34,000 acres for Capital construction. They made this sacrifice for the larger interests of the Capital dream for the people of the entire state. Jana Sena along with other parties would not allow such a big sacrifice to go waste.

Pawan Kalyan said the unilateral decision on shifting Capital was aimed at insulting the sacrifices of the Amaravati farmers as well as the sentiments of all AP people. It may be recalled Jagan Reddy has been facing increasing criticism that he supported Amaravati Capital prior to 2019 election but after coming to power, he reversed his stand and began demolishing Amaravati Capital.

Senani’s belated blessings came as a big boost for Amaravati farmers and agitators. They were already overjoyed over massive support from all over including support from NRIs from over 200 cities across the world.

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