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BJP’s Hyderabad corporators try to lay siege to CM’s residence


The newly-elected corporators of BJP in Hyderabad on Tuesday tried to lay siege to the Telangana Chief Minister’s official residence, protesting the delay in formation of GHMC council.

The corporators of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) gathered near ‘Pragati Bhavan’, the official residence of the chief minister, and raised slogans against the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) government.

They said though a month has passed since declaration of results of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), the government has not formed the council.

The corporators, who were carrying party flags and placards, questioned the delay in issuing a notification to constitute the council.

They said despite being elected to GHMC, they are unable to undertake any works in their wards. They said corporators elected in 2016 elections were still acting as sitting corporators.

They held a meeting at Hotel Haritha Plaza near Pragati Bhavan and after the meeting tried to proceed towards Pragati Bhavan to lay the siege.

However, police swung into action to detain the corporators and shift them to police vehicles.

The corporators recently met Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan to complain that State Election Commission (SEC) has not issued gazette notification constituting GHMC council.

Elections to 150-member GHMC were held on December 1 and the results were declared on December 4.

Ruling TRS emerged as the single largest party by winning 56 seats but fell short of majority while BJP put up an impressive show to emerge as the second largest party with 48 seats. Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) finished third with 44 seats.

The election of mayor and deputy mayor will take place next month after the issue of gazette notification constituting the council.

The council will have 191 members including 41 ex-officio members. TRS has 30 ex-officio members while BJP has only two.

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Sanjay’s sharp comments on Jagan, Somu is no match to Bandi?


Telangana BJP chief Bandi Sanjay has fiercely attacked Jagan today in the wake of the attack on Hindu temples in AP. His comments were so sharp and put YSRCP fans on social media into defense. But at the same time, it raised questions that whether Somu Veerraju, chief of AP BJP is on par with him to lead the party into a success. Details as below.

Somu Veerraju has definitely done a much better job than the former chief Kanna Lakshmi Narayana. Somu Veerraju has a much better rapport with the ally Janasena and has great clarity on how social equations work in the state of AP. There was a lot of euphoria in BJP and Janasena cadres when he took over the charge. However, in recent times, there are allegations against him that while he is very fierce in attacking TDP and other parties, he is not showing the same arrogance while attacking YSRCP.

In complete contrast, Bandi Sanjay has made very strong comments against Jagan today and asked the people of Tirupathi to polarize to defeat Jagan, and he also urged them not to divide based on caste. His attack on Jagan went viral on social media and many netizens were seen asking Somu Veerraju to follow the path of Bandi and vehemently attack the ruling party.

But the analysts opine that it is the success that speaks in any industry. As Bandi has recently tasted back to back successes his statements suddenly assumed a lot of significance. Tirupathi elections will be a real litmus test for Somu Veerraju and he plays the cards will finally decide how strong and how strategic he is

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High tension at Ramatheertham amid YCP-TDP-BJP protests


Ramatheertham temple area turned into a battle zone due to gathering of huge crowds there. Activists of YCP, TDP, BJP and Hindu organisations thronged the temple. Hindu devotees raised slogans Jai Sriram and protested against the YCP leaders for creating disturbances at the temple.

The BJP leaders turned angry at the police for blocking them from going to the temple while allowing YCP MP Vijay Sai Reddy and his party leaders. Unexpectedly, very huge crowds gathered at the temple in view of the visit of TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu. TDP activists kept raising slogans in favour of Mr. Naidu and against Vijay Sai Reddy visit.

At one time, the TDP activists turned angry and pelted chappals and stones at the Vijay Sai Reddy convoy. A windowpane was broken in the incident. The police found it difficult to manage the crowd. The arrival of Vijay Sai Reddy simultaneously with Mr. Naidu created disturbances at the temple premises.

The police also did not give permission to the BJP and Hindu leaders to go to the temple in view of Vijay Sai’s visit. They raised slogans in protest against the YCP on the occasion.

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YSRCP leaders in the trap of political opponents, Jagan irked


YSRCP leaders seemed to be fully trapped by the political opponents in the last couple of weeks and the inability of the party leaders to counter the allegations made by the opposition seems to have irked the party supremo Jagan.

Pawan trapped the Nanis and other YSRCP leaders:

YSRCP leaders spent the last week of 2020 completely defending themselves against the allegations made by Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan. In fact, YSRCP leaders did not expect such a huge response to his tour. Pawan too targetted the sycophancy of some leaders of YSRCP vehemently and his comments went viral on social media, giving headache to YSRCP leaders. In a vain attempt to defend themselves, they lambasted Pawan as a package star, but that allegation has now become a cliche and didn’t have any impact on the people. At the same time, Pawan’s allegations on Kodali Nani that he is more interested in his clubs rather than the roads of Gudivada found huge acceptance among the people of his own constituency. While YSRCP leaders targetted Pawan with personal attacks, Janasena leaders question YSRCP not assisting cyclone-affected farmers.

Now YSRCP in BJP’s trap:

BJP, the party that got lesser votes than NOTA in 2019, has now found an agenda to embarrass YSRCP in the state. The damage to Hindu Temples and the government’s inability to find and punish the victims has become a huge turning point in the politics of AP. The way the Ramateertham incident unfolded is a clear indication of how AP politics will turn in the near future. Jagan and his party leaders are not able to counter strongly whenever ‘religion’ is at the core of the issue.

Jagan irked with YSRCP leaders getting trapped:

Jagan seems to have been irked with the current developments. It seems Jagan’s plan was to heavily advertise the government’s scheme of distributing housing plots to the people but even the ministers who convened the press meets to praise the government and hail Jagan’s decisions got trapped when the reporters asked them questions on Pawan’s comments about Gudivada roads and farmers’ issues and on the attacks on Hindu temples. They spent more time answering these questions and defending themselves rather than publicizing the housing for all scheme. At the same time, there are more people who did not get the plots than those who got and those who did not get the plots are accusing about politicizing the scheme and benefitting only a few.

Overall, YSRCP government seems to be in an embarrassing position at the moment as they are yet to punish the culprits who damaged the temples and yet to provide the assistance to the farmers.

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Jagan-BJP-Pawan on a secret mission to outsmart Naidu?


It is well known the BJP and Jaganmohan Reddy have secret understandings on many issues in AP. On his part, Pawan Kalyan may have political differences with the YCP but ultimately he would have to go soft and toe the pro-YCP line usually taken by the BJP. For long, it has been the joint strategy of the BJP-Jagan duo to weaken and push the TDP to a distant third place in the State. Now the question is whether Jagan-BJP-Pawan would be able to outwit and corner Chandrababu Naidu in the coming months.

Right now, the BJP AP leaders are concentrating on Tirupati bypoll. Somu Veerraju is making whirlwind tours there. On the other hand, their ally Pawan Kalyan has suddenly held a tour in Krishna district to corner the Government on farmers’ suicides. Pawan’s tour coincided with the Rythu Kosam programme launched by the TDP and also Nara Lokesh’s visits to damaged crops. Both Lokesh and Pawan levelled serious allegations but the YCP directed all their counter allegations against the Jana Senani. From the Chief Minister to his Ministers, the entire Cabinet reacted and criticised Pawan like never before. Finally, the YCP succeeded in giving maximum publicity to Senani’s tour. Was it part of a calculated plan to divert people’s attention from the TDP rising allegations?

Even Srisailam temple issue was also there. The YCP was levelling all types of allegations and giving top publicity to BJP Telangana MLA Raja Singh’s criticism.
Similar publicity gimmicks were in Telangana at the time of the GHMC elections. KCR, KTR and TRS leaders fully criticised the BJP and gave it a lot of negative publicity. In the process, the Congress voice was not heard much and it eventually suffered a terrible electoral setback. Analysts say that the Jagan-BJP-Pawan trio will definitely make every effort to outsmart Chandrababu in the coming days. Only time will tell whether the neutral voters and backward classes will keep the TDP strong enough or not.

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Can BJP use ‘Telangana strategy’ to corner Naidu?


Everybody knows that Telangana State throws up ample chances for the voter polarisation along religious lines. That has become a big advantage for the BJP. In addition to that, KCR has extended indirect support. KCR has his own strategy in doing so. On the one side, the BJP will become strong which is enough only to weaken the Congress more than the TRS. On the other side, KCR has got indirect support from the MIM, which will never ever support the BJP anytime in future. As such, KCR is safe as long as the BJP and the Congress are equally strong but not enough to threaten the TRS winning chances.
Now, the irony is that the BJP AP leaders are hoping to use the Telangana tactics in Andhra Pradesh as well. They are going to use those strategies in the Tirupati byelection immediately. This means the BJP wants to take indirect support from Jagan Reddy just like they did in Telangana. The ultimate game plan is to make sure that the TDP would be pushed to a third place in Tirupati bypoll. A second place would be more than enough for the likes of BJP AP President Somu Veerraju and such leaders in order to claim great credit before the Modi-Shah duo.
There are calculations now in political circles that the BJP-Jagan strategy would be to use money and muscle power. Also, being in power in AP and at the Centre, both the parties have got the obvious advantage to hold a sway on the election machinery and the polling process just like in the recent GHMC elections.
But, the question remains whether the BJP, which got less than 1 percent vote share in 2019 in AP, can push the TDP to a third place in Tirupati now. That too, at a time, when the anti-establishment sentiment is evident against the Jagan regime and also against the Modi regime for not fulfilling Special Category Status promise and the like. Like in Telangana, the BJP also has no chance for instigating communal feelings to get huge electoral benefits. Only a miracle can make the BJP dream come true in Tirupati.

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BJP spent Rs 50,000 Cr in Tirupati: No chance for Pawan


The BJP AP leaders are giving blow after blow to the people with their non-stop sensational statements. Their latest comments are regarding how the Modi Government has done lots of things to develop Tirupati. BJP AP President Somu Veerraju has gone a few steps forward and claimed that the Modi regime spent over Rs. 50,000 Cr for the overall development of the Tirupati Lok Sabha constituency.
All these thousands of crores were spent for laying national highways, development of smart city, infrastructure, national institutions like the Indian Institute of Technology, etc in the temple town and its jurisdiction. What more, a port and many industries have also come up. There are fast growing special economic zones like Sri City.

Now, the question is arising whether the BJP still deserves to put up its candidate in Tirupati bypoll instead of the Jagan Sena Party of Pawan Kalyan. The BJP Government might have spent Rs. 50,000 Cr but it got less than 1 percent vote share in the entire AP in 2019 while it got far lesser percent vote share compared to Pawan in Tirupati LS seat.

Nevertheless, the BJP leaders are raising their voice each day as if there is no party in AP that is ready to give any type of political or electoral challenge to it. The BJP AP leaders are considering as if both the ruling YCP and the Opposition TDP are non-existent while Pawan Kalyan’s party is no more than their pocket organisation.

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Tirupati BJP-Pawan candidate not yet decided: Purandeswari


The Bharatiya Janata Party used to be known for its discipline in the beginning. But it seemed to be changing its style to suit the emerging political requirements on the national level and also in the States. BJP AP leaders have already announced that their party would field its nominee in Tirupati bypoll as part of their alliance with the Jana Sena. But now, BJP National General Secretary Purandeswari came out with a different statement. She said that their alliance nominee was not yet decided and it was still open for discussions at both ends.

Purandeswari further said that the BJP national leadership would not figure in this aspect. The joint candidate would be decided at the level of the State level leaders. The BJP AP President and the Jana Sena President would hold discussion on this and take a final decision.

But the question is that BJP AP President Somu Veerraju was already saying at different forums that it would be the BJP candidate who would contest the Tirupati bypoll. At the same time, Pawan Kalyan had also silently formed his own party committee to go around and study the field level situation whether they would stand the chances or not.

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BJP targetting Naidu, KCR, Mamata but not Jagan


All over the country, the Modi-Shah regime is giving nightmares to rival parties. Under their leadership, the BJP has been giving a tight fight to KCR and threatening to displace Congress in Telangana. It has won over MPs of the TDP at the national level. The BJP has succeeded now in winning over 11 MLAs of Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress at one go. Of them, a former minister was included.
Political observers in Telugu states are raising questions as to why the BJP is not putting such focus to disturb and destabilise the Jaganmohan Reddy regime and his YCP in Andhra Pradesh. It is true that Jagan was giving unconditional support to the BJP in the Parliament. Still, Modi-Shah’s usual style of aggressive expansion is largely missing in AP.
Analysts say that the BJP found itself in a helpless situation in Andhra Pradesh as of now. It has to put up a very strong fight against the YCP if it wants to polarise the Hindu vote banks among the backward classes and some upper castes. But that is not possible for the BJP since it is getting support of Jagan in the Rajya Sabha. Whereas, the TDP has everything to gain since it is agitating against the Jagan regime in every aspect from Amaravati to atrocities on Dalits, BCs, STs and Muslim Minorities.
It looks like the political wings are not so favourable for the BJP’s bold dreams of capturing power in AP in 2024 polls.

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BJP’s Hyderabad corporators take pledge at Charminar temple


The Bharatiya Janata Party’s newly-elected corporators in Greater Hyderabad on Friday took a pledge at the Bhagyalakshmi temple abutting historic Charminar.

Party’s Telangana unit president Bandi Sanjay Kumar administered oath to 48 corporators. They took a pledge to stay away from corruption, serve the people and abide by the party principles.

Temple committee welcomed Sanjay Kumar, MLA Raja Singh and corporators, and felicitated them. They all had “darshan” before taking the pledge.

Putting up an impressive performance in the elections held on December 1, the BJP won 48 seats in 150-member Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC).

Speaking on the occasion, Sanjay said the BJP may not have its candidate as mayor but its corporators will work for the development of the city.

He slammed the TRS government for delaying the mayor’s election. He said the government conducted the GHMC polls in haste before the end of the municipal body’s term but it is now delaying election to the post of mayor.

Sanjay, who is an MP from Karimnagar, reiterated that the TRS was insulting people of the majority community to please a particular section. He said the BJP was trying to liberate Hyderabad from Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM). He said the people should ponder why there was no development in the old city.

Stating that the BJP achieved the victory in the GHMC polls because of the blessings of Bhagyalakshmi, Sanjay said he would again visit the old city.

Police had made tight security arrangements on the occasion to prevent any untoward incident.

The controversial temple, which saw expansion in recent years, was the focal point of the BJP’s GHMC poll campaign.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah had also visited the temple on November 28 to begin his day-long campaign for the BJP.

The communally sensitive old city in the past witnessed tension and clashes over the temple. The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) on several occasions has asked for removing the illegal structure which came up in the 1960s. The Hindu groups have claimed that the temple is as old as Charminar, which was built in 1591.

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Dismiss Vellampalli for Dargah comment: BJP tells Jagan


Endowments Minister Vellampalli Srinivas has been a target for the BJP leaders from the beginning. It’s well known how the BJP keeps mum on all major issues relating to Andhra Pradesh but makes a big issue when it comes to temples. Now, Minister Vellampalli has once again drawn criticism for his latest statement on the Dargahs.

The BJP quickly responded and categorically demanded resignation of the YCP Minister. The BJP leaders asked how Vellampalli could say that the Government would construct Dargahs in the state. An effigy of the Minister was burnt in Tirupati temple town. The chief minister should take immediate action and dismiss the Minister.

Already, the saffron brigade has been angry with the Jagan Reddy government on the issue of religious conversions and other religion propaganda atop Tirumala. The Minister’s latest comments came like a big shock for the BJP AP unit. Its leader Vishnu Vardhan Reddy said that their party would take its struggle for the protection of the temples forward. He demanded immediate removal of the Minister from the cabinet.

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Is Jana Sena a frontal organisation for BJP?


Ever since reaching an alliance with the BJP, Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan has been making compromises to fulfill the wishes of the BJP top leaders. He had even stopped making much noise on Special Category Status, AP funds, etc. He had also withdrawn his party candidates in the GHMC polls.
Now, things came to such a sorry point that Senani would henceforth have to make not just compromises but also sacrifices for the greater glory of the BJP. Pawan went all the way to Delhi and placed a request before the BJP top leaders for giving the Tirupati ticket to the Jana Sena. They formed a committee.
But, now, BJP AP President announced unilaterally that their party nominee would contest the Tirupati bypoll. GVL and other BJP leaders were also making similar comments. Obviously, Veerraju’s comment came as a last punch. With this, the Senani and his Sainiks were stunned into silence.
The BJP’s sudden twist had left Pawan Kalyan almost speechless and devoid of an immediate counter strategy. Analysts say that the Power Star would now have no chance but to either withdraw or enter the contest by breaking the alliance. It is going to be indeed a very difficult decision for Pawan, whom the BJP is just using as a frontal organisation.

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BJP spoiling main Opposition parties in Telugu States


As expected, the BJP leaders are making a beeline to Tirupati one by one. BJP MP GVL Narasimha Rao visited Tirupati and raised a battle cry against CM Jaganmohan Reddy. More or less, GVL copies the 2019 election slogan of the YCP. His latest slogan is ‘Jagan Povali, BJP Ravali’ (Jagan must go, BJP shall come)
Interestingly, GVL mounted a scathing attack saying that an inefficient and ineffective regime was going on in Andhra Pradesh as of now. The voters of AP were eagerly waiting for a change. They would vote for change. That change would be possible only with the BJP leadership.
GVL asserted that day by day, the people’s trust in PM Modi’s leadership was rising by leaps and bounds. The AP people were also getting attracted towards the Modi Government’s policies. The PM had brought in such welfare programmes that were matchless in the whole world.
GVL is known for his pro-Jagan leanings within the BJP Delhi leadership. Political analysts say that GVL’s comments are proof enough of the BJP’s policy to prevent the main Opposition TDP victory in AP just like it totally spoilt the main Opposition Congress in Telangana.

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3 reasons why BJP won’t give Tirupati ticket to Pawan Kalyan


There is no doubt the Jana Sena Party has got a far higher voter base than the BJP in Andhra Pradesh. The JSP got over 6 percent vote share in 2019 elections as against less than 1 percent of the BJP. Probably, this is the confidence with which Senani is hopeful of convincing the BJP to give the Tirupati bypoll ticket to the Jana Sena.
But, there are three strong issues that the Power Star failed to see through the power-hungry and expansionist BJP leadership in Delhi. Firstly, it is well known how the BJP leaders were repeatedly asserting that their party would win the AP polls in 2024 considering the weaknesses and dwindling fortunes of both Jagan Reddy and Chandrababu Naidu. Under such circumstances, the BJP cannot make such statements any longer if it gives the ticket to Pawan’s party.
Secondly, the BJP confidence is Jagan’s 18 months rule has been very unpopular and he has got cases. There would be no better opportunity for the BJP to demonstrate its power to bounce back in AP than Tirupati bypoll.
Thirdly, it is the BJP’s top most priority now to ensure the defeat of the TDP under any circumstances. Even if the YCP wins the seat, it would not be a big loss for the BJP since it would mean the YCP only retained its seat. But any victory of the TDP would mean a big boost to the Chandrababu leadership. That would eventually lead to the TDP emerging as a strong contender for power in 2024. By all counts, it is highly unlikely the BJP would give Tirupati ticket to Pawan’s party.

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Can BJP-Pawan harm TDP chances in Tirupati bypoll?


The Jana Sena is asking for the Tirupati MP seat bypoll ticket as part of its alliance with the BJP. But the BJP AP leaders were not in a mood to fulfill his request. Senani Pawan had however visited Delhi and met with BJP top leaders. Eventually, they decided to form a committee to decide which party should field the candidate. Till now, there is no clarity whether they have held any further discussions on the issue.

So far, only TDP candidate Panabaka Lakshmi has started electioneering amid an upbeat mood among the TDP cadres about a positive sentiment of the people for their party as well as a rising anti-incumbency feeling against the YCP. She also formally launched her campaign in the presence of the TDP Tirupati leaders and former minister Amarnath Reddy. On the other hand, CM Jagan Reddy has decided to field his personal physician Dr. Gurumurthy who has not yet begun his campaign. Only Vijay Sai Reddy is making some comments. And, the YCP social media activists are making some buzz to tease the TDP leaders but there was no serious effort so far.

Election analysts say that Tirupati bypoll is certainly going to be a very exciting and interesting election in more respects than one or two. Doubtless to say, CM Jagan is facing a strong anti-establishment sentiment in the wake of atrocities against the Dalits, BCs, Muslim Minorities and also corruption allegations in sand, liquor and mining sectors.

The TDP is expecting greater support from the BCs, Minorities and minimal support from even the weaker sections. It is expecting just a 5 per cent vote swing which is enough to defeat the YCP. But the big question is how much vote bank that the BJP-JSP candidate would split. It is going to be a straight contest between the YCP and the TDP with the BJP-Pawan having a decisive role to play in the chances of winning.

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BJP, Janasena meet in ‘Bhagyanagar’ to strategise for Andhra


Riding high on the success in Hyderabad civic polls and the Dubbaka by-election in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh BJP leaders met with the leaders of their local ally, Janasena, in ‘Bhagyanagar’ on Tuesday to fine tune their strategy for Andhra Pradesh.

“A joint meeting between the state BJP and Janasena was held in Bhagyanagar today,” said BJP national secretary and co-incharge for Andhra Pradesh, Sunil Deodhar.

In a sign of how BJP leaders will refer to Hyderabad city in the future, he has called the city by the name ‘Bhagyanagar’, propagating the tone set for city renaming offensive for Hyderabad.

Deodhar, Andhra BJP president Somu Veerraju, Tollywood actor-politician and Janasena founder Pawan Kalyan, his aide Nadendla Manohar and others met in what looked like a Hyderabad luxury hotel.

Immediate compensation to Nivar cyclone affected farmers, implementation of EWS reservations, poor roads conditions and other issues were discussed during the meeting.

However, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy has already directed officials to complete Nivar crop loss enumeration by December 15 so that compensation could be paid by the month end.

Deodhar claimed that there is huge unemployment in Andhra Pradesh due to the alleged ‘failed’ schemes of the ruling YSRCP.

He claimed that these policies are eventually harming the state’s economic growth.

They also said that a thorough inspection should be conducted into the causes of the mysterious illness in Eluru.

The BJP is yet to taste power in the Telugu states and is aiming for that, spending considerable time, energy and resources in both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Deodhar is spending considerable amount of time in the southern state. However, it remains to be seen if the national party can eat into the vote share of regional heavyweights Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and YSRCP.

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Has BJP adopted ‘use and throw’ policy on Pawan Kalyan?


Jana Sena Pawan Kalyan gave unconditional support to the BJP in the GHMC elections. He even prevented most of his party 60 leaders from filing nominations. Even those who filed nominations were made to withdraw. Now, the BJP snatched a surprise victory by winning 49 divisions as against 56 of the TRS.
Wherever the Andhra voters were in considerable numbers, the BJP won significantly. Obviously, the Jana Sena cadres expected the BJP leaders to thank Senani and their party voters. But, none of that happened.
On their part, the BJP leaders from top to bottom were in a mood of non-stop celebrations. BJP Telangana President Bandi Sanjay went on thanking Modi, Amit Shah and all Central leaders for visiting and making it a success. He also thanked UP CM Yogi Adityanath, Maharashtra former CM Fadnavis and scores of others for their support.
In his thanksgiving, Bandi Sanjay as well as his party colleagues forgot to mention the name of Pawan Kalyan and Jana Sena support at all. Even in his tweets, Sanjay did not acknowledge the Jana Sainiks’ contribution to the BJP victory.
Now, Senani’s sainiks were very much upset. They were posting counter tweets asking whether the BJP too was adopting a ‘use and throw’ policy towards the Jana Sena just like the TDP. If the BJP behaves like this, it would also meet the same fate as that of the TDP.

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GHMC polls: BJP promises free water and power supply


Days after the ruling TRS released its manifesto promising free water supply to the people, the BJP released its bouquet of freebies including free water supply.
The manifesto was released by Devendra Phadnavis, minister of state for home Kishan Reddy and BJP state president Bandi Sanjay Kumar. Apart from the free water supply, the BJP also promised free power to all houses using less than 100 units. Further, the saffron party promised free metro and bus rides for women and scrapping of the Layout Regularisation Scheme. The BJP said it will give Rs 25,000 each to flood-affected family, financial assistance to build one lakh houses under PM Awas Yojana, waiver of property tax in all SC colonies, enactment of Sumedha Act to remove illegal encroachments,
The TRS which had recently released its manifesto promised free water to the households which consumed not more than 20,000 liters a month and free power supply to salons, dhobi ghats, and laundries across the state. The pink party also promised to reimburse the state GST for small budget films (upto Rs 10 crore) allowing the theatres to increase the number of shows per day.
Fresh from Dubbaka bypoll victory, the BJP got into an aggressive mode to make inroads into Telangana. Leaders of TRS and BJP have unleashed a war of words. The BJP is largely focussing on the illegal immigrants, especially Rohingyas, and targetting the TRS for its alleged “unholy nexus” with AIMIM party. The saffron party accused the TRS of enlisting Rohingyas in the voters list in an attempt to win the elections.

On Wednesday, Union Minister Smriti Irani held a press conference and tore into the TRS camp on the issue of Rohingyas. The BJP seems to be leaving no stone unturned to win the elections and roped in national leaders including Union home minister Amit Shah, UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, and party national president J P Nadda to campaign in Hyderabad. Yogi Adityanath is likely to campaign in Chevella on November 27, while Nadda will participate in a roadshow in Malkajgiri. Most importantly, home minister Amit Shah will campaign in a roadshow in Secunderabad on November 29.
The TRS seems to be rattled after its defeat in Dubbaka bypolls. IT Minister K T Rama Rao and finance minister Harish Rao are mainly focussing on attacking the BJP, which clearly shows that the pink party seems to be worried at the growth of the saffron party in BJP.

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Is BJP seeing Pawan as a star campaigner but not an ally?


In 2014 elections, the TDP and the BJP jointly contested elections with support from Pawan Kalyan. Their alliance got a comfortable majority. In 2019, the TDP, BJP and Pawan contested separately. They met with a humiliating defeat. The YCP got a landslide victory with 151 out of 175 MLA seats and 50 per cent vote share. The TDP got 40 percent vote as against over 6 percent of Jana Sena. The BJP got less than 1 percent vote share.

Despite knowing the clear electoral statistics, Pawan Kalyan hurriedly rushed to Delhi and joined hands with the BJP without setting any preconditions for their alliance. Now, the situation is becoming clear how the BJP is taking too much advantage over the Jana Sena. Doubts are expressed whether there was a joint conspiracy of the BJP-YCP behind attacks on the Jana Sena that eventually made Pawan to join hands with the BJP as if there was a helpless situation for the Senani.

The YCP was using threatening tactics from the beginning against the TDP also. Some TDP leaders and MLAs have also joined the YCP, unable to bear its harassment. But Chandrababu Naidu continued his fight. Whereas, Pawan Kalyan has landed in the trap laid by the BJP-YCP. Eventually, Senani is being forced to make one tactical mistake after another.

Analysts say that Pawan Kalyan is already sandwiched between the BJP and the YCP. The BJP is not seeing Pawan as an important ally but just a celebrity who can be used as a star campaigner in times of elections in South Indian States.

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Battle between Pawan and BJP AP for Tirupati ticket


Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan is known for his Power Star image in the film industry. Now, politics is proving to be a hard nut to crack for him. His latest experience is that he has to personally go to Delhi and lobby for the Tirupati MP seat bypoll ticket. For good or for bad, Pawan has joined hands with the BJP. He has been praising Prime Minister Modi to the skies at every given opportunity.

The time has come now to put a huge test to his influence with the BJP top leaders in Delhi. Senani’s contention is that his party has been very strong in Tirupati assembly segment and also to a large extent in the other assembly segments in Tirupati Lok Sabha constituency. When compared to the BJP, it is the Jana Sena which has fared better in the previous elections.

Since his party has a legitimate right to contest Tirupati bypoll, Power Star is camping in Delhi to lobby for the ticket on behalf of his party’s alliance with the BJP. But the political truth is always bitter. The BJP is not the kind of a party which will give any space for regional parties. As such, the BJP AP leaders are making a strong bid for putting up its candidate in Tirupati bypoll.

A sort of competition has begun between Senani and the BJP Tirupati unit leaders who have even held a meeting to discuss how to prevent Jagan Sena from walking away with the ticket now. No doubt, it is going to be a big challenge for Pawan to make a correct political choice if the BJP does not cooperate with him this time.

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