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Is JD Laxminarayana joining BJP?


CBI former Joint Director Laxminarayana has not yet announced his future political plans. After resigning from the Jana Sena, he is keeping everyone guessing. However, he is asserting that he will continue in politics since it is the best way to do public service. During his public interactions these days, Laxminarayana is praising the BJP and Modi Circar on the Citizenship Amendment Act, Central budget, etc. Especially, JD’s statements on CAA is raising doubts whether he is moving closer to the BJP.

It’s well known that the Central Government is on a massive information campaign to remove fears among the people on the National Population Register. JD says that nobody has to fear as this register gets bare details of citizens which is crucial for internal security of the country.

JD used to participate in the RSS events in the past. He has links with the BJP leaders. Now, rumours are spreading that it is only a matter of time for JD to join the BJP.

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BJP to wage legal battle against TRS for snatching Tukkuguda municipality


The BJP has decided to wage a legal and political battle against TRS for snatching away two coveted posts of Tukkuguda Municipality, despite not getting required majority, where elections were held recently.

BJP Telangana president Dr K Laxman said the TRS party has violated democratic norms in grabbing chairman and vice-chairman posts of this municipality inspite that BJP won 9 out of 15 seats which had clear majority in the municipality. But ruling party has used all means to took away these posts from BJP by using ex-officio members and a Rajya Sabha member K Keshav Rao by violating all norms, Dr Laxman said who visited the village and met local leaders to boost their morale. How can TRS Rajya Sabha MP K Keshav Rao exercise his vote in Telangana who name was listed in Andhra Pradesh as per parliament bulletin, He questioned.

The people of state particularly Tukkuguda voters have extended their support to BJP assuming that this is the party which would work for development and welfare of poor. But the TRS party has indulged in unholy practice to control the municipality, he alleged

The party would meet the state governor Dr Tamilsai Sounderrajan tomorrow and appraise her about ruling party’s illegal practices and irregularities during municipal elections, the BJP state chief said.

Dr Laxman alleged that chief minister KCR is unable to digest victory of BJP in municipal elections and adopted all backdoor tactics to usurp control on municipalities.

Stating that BJP has moral win in many municipalities and a corporation, the state party chief said people of the state are looking towards Tukkuguda municipality after the development where ruling party has indulged in undemocratic and unconstitutional practices.

How can a party which won merely 5 out of 15 seats in the municipality could bagged chairman and vice chairmanship, he questioned and alleged that the TRS leaders stooped to a mean level to grab power at any cost.

The party would bring to the notice of the president and Rajya Sabha chairman about the TRS party’s irregularities and malpractices, he , said adding that the party would capture this municipality if not today or tomorrow by exposing malpractices of KCR government.

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Jana Sena and BJP tie up for local body polls


The Coordination Committee of the BJP and Jana Sena met in Vijayawada and decided to contest the coming local body elections jointly. The two parties will be setting up the local level coordination committees for maximum impact of their alliance in the field level.

Jana Sena leader Nadendla Manohar and BJP leader Daggubati Purandeswari were among those present at today’s coordination meeting. Later, they announced their parties’ tie-up for the local body polls. They have not given any indications of future possibilities of taking TDP as their ally.

Both Jana Sena and BJP hit back at the comments that they are trying to take political advantage out of the AP Council abolition crisis. The two parties accused the YCP and TDP of causing distress to the Amaravati Capital City farmers. They avoided comment on Council crisis but decided to go and express solidarity to the protesting farmers in Amaravati villages.

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Can BJP choose between Pawan and Jagan?

There is lot of suspense now on whether Modi-Shah will approve abolition of AP Council or not. Immediate issue is that the BJP requires CM Jagan Reddy party’s support in passing bills in the Parliament. Already, YCP has supported several bills of the BJP in the past. YCP MPs will bring pressure on Modi to help in abolishing AP Council. But there is also the opinion that Modi-Shah are not altogether dependent on YCP in Rajya Sabha as well. They have got enough numbers now in the Upper House to pass their bills without support of parties like YCP. Already, Modi-Shah are not caring for Jagan Reddy which is why they are not giving appointments to him for over 3 months now. On the other hand, Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan may use his alliance with BJP to bring pressure on the Centre against Council abolition. Going by these indications, Modi Cabinet may not approve abolition.

Another speculation is that the BJP is not ready to pick up totally enmity with YCP at this juncture. The party is more interested to gain a foothold in AP politics. It wants to allow political crisis to deepen further till there is scope for implementing its strategies. In that case, Modi Cabinet may approve AP Council abolition bill. But then the BJP will deliberately cause abnormal delay in introducing the bill in Parliament. Some say it will take a year or two for passing the bill. Either way, Jagan will not benefit strategically except for his psychological satisfaction.

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BJP hopes on Pawan help to win in Telangana polls?


The BJP has taken a thorough beating in the Telangana municipal elections. The party was close to winning one municipality but the TRS spoilt even that one chance. Greatly disturbed, BJP Telangana President K Lakshman announced that their party would use new strategies in future to counter CM KCR. Laxman said that they would especially take all possible support from Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan.

With each passing day, it’s becoming like the BJP needs Pawan more than he needs the BJP. Initially, BJP leaders like GVL Narasimha Rao talked as if there would be no question of any alliance with Jana Sena but the BJP would consider if Pawan voluntarily merges his party. Just like CM Jagan Reddy was stubborn and arrogant, his favourites in the BJP were also behaving equally egoistically towards TDP, Jana Sena, etc.

Over the months, equations changed so much that GVL could not stop BJP AP unit to enter an alliance with Pawan Kalyan. Of course, Pawan volunteered for the alliance in order to stop political atrocities of the oppressive Jagan Reddy government. Now, it is clear that BJP is trying to benefit more from Pawan charisma all over India. Will Pawan be able to use this higher bargaining power to achieve his vow to throw CM Jagan Reddy out of power?

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Will BJP take advantage out of AP Council abolition?


AP CM Jaganmohan Reddy’s Cabinet abolished the Legislative Council. Now, this abolition resolution will be passed in Assembly and then it will be sent to the Narendra Modi Cabinet. This has triggered speculation on what would be the BJP’s final decision in this regard. There are conflicting views on this aspect. Some say that it’s going to be the final test to know whether the BJP is truly opposing the Jaganmohan Reddy government or not.

It’s known that BJP AP President Kanna Laxminarayana, MPs Sujana Chowdary and CM Ramesh are against Jagan Circar. But, another BJP MP GVL Narasimha Rao is still giving indirect support to Jagan Reddy. GVL is having greater influence in BJP national leadership. He is also known as one of the party top strategists. Leaders like GVL are sworn bitter critics of Chandrababu Naidu. They are as eager as Jagan Reddy to cripple TDP. There are rumours that these pro-Jagan leaders in BJP will convince Modi-Shah to pass AP Council Abolition Bill as it would badly hit the TDP. It’s not yet known whether Modi-Shah are still interested to hurt TDP more than Jagan Reddy.

Analysts say that the abolition bill will not be accepted if it is discussed at the BJP-Jana Sena Coordination Committee. Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan is totally opposing CM Jagan as of now.

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No JanaSena-BJP merger, only alliance, clarifies Pawan

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan on Wednesday reiterated that there is no question of merging Jana Sena with BJP.

Pawan Kalyan categorically stated that Jana Sena will have only political alliance with BJP and nothing more.

He said Jana Sena and BJP will work together in AP to end the anti-people, anti-democratic rule of YSRCP.

Pawan was responding to the questions asked by media personnel in New Delhi after he met BJP bigwigs along with AP BJP leaders Kanna Laxminarayana and others.

Pawan expressed anger at media for repeatedly raising ‘merger questions’ even after he repeatedly clarified that there was no such proposal.

BJP state unit president Kanna Lakshminarayana also clarified that the BJP and its political ally Jana Sena will work together here after and implement various activities jointly.

Releasing a joint statement by the BJP and Jana Sena, he said that a coordination committee meeting of the alliance would be held in Vijayawada on Jan 28.

Jana Sena leader Nadendla Manohar said that the BJP-Jana Sena combine took a decision to stand by the farmers of the Amaravati capital region and maintained that a long march would be held from Tadepalli to Vijayawada on Feb 2. He vowed that the combine would fight till justice is done to the people of the state.

Earlier, leaders of the combine had a meeting with Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman and discussed with her the financial position of the state. Discussion on implementation of development programmes also figured at the meeting.

MP GVL Narasimha Rao, Kanna Lakshminaraya, Diyodhara and Purandeswari represented the BJP, while Pawan Kalyan and Nadendla Manohar represented the Jana Sena at the meeting.

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BJP-Jana Sena to launch joint struggle against Amaravati capital shifting!


The BJP and Jana Sena which recently joined hands to work together in Andhra Pradesh, have announced to launch a joint struggle against the decision of YSRCP government headed by Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy to shift executive capital from Amaravathi to Vizag and set up three capital cities for AP.

BJP AP unit president Kanna Lakshminarayana on Tuesday condemned the three state capitals’ decision and accused the YSRCP government of “implementing anti-people’s policies”.

He made it clear that the BJP, in association with its ally Jana Sena, would launch a struggle against what he called “the anti-people’s policies of the government”.

Addressing a joint media conference in the national capital along with party MP GVL Narasimha Rao, Kanna condemned that propaganda that the Centre was behind every eccentric decision that the YSRCP takes.

The YSRCP did not put forth the three state capitals’ formula prior to the Assembly elections, he said, adding that the people would not believe the YSRCP propaganda.

Narasimha Rao said the notion of three state capitals was a myth and accused the TDP and YSRCP of giving priority to their selfish goals.

Referring to the TDP’s demand for the Centre’s mediation on the issue, the MP said that the issue was purely state’s issue and ruled out the Centre’s involvement in the issue.

Calling the TDP a dummy, he sought to know that is it going to do if the Centre mediates the issue playing the role of big a brother?

The YSRCP is producing evidence on the insider trading that had taken place in Amaravati capital development region, he said demanding to know who stopped it from taking action against the TDP.

He declared that an action plan on Amaravati would be implemented in consultation with the Jana Sena and both the parties will bring pressure on Jagan to rollback his decision on Amaravathi capital shifting.

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JP Nadda replaces Amit Shah as BJP chief


BJP got a new national president today as its working president JP Nadda unanimously elected for this position. He replaced Amit Shah and will serve as party chief. In fact he is the only leader contending for this top post. Amit Shah, who took over as party chief in 2014 requested the party to relieve him from the position as it became hectic for him to handle union home ministry and the party.

JP Nadda is from Himachal Pradesh and he is serving as union minister of health and family welfare. He was also Minister of Forest, Environment, Science and Technology in Himachal Pradesh Government earlier. Amit Shah left his mark as party chief of BJP and successfully ensured discipline in the party. We have to wait and see how JP Nadda will handle this top position.

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Naidu finally reacts on Pawan-BJP alliance


The ruling YCP and the Communist parties have immediately condemned Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan’s latest alliance with the BJP as an opportunistic tie-up. But, TDP National President Chandrababu Naidu has given his response after a few days now. Naidu said that the people of Andhra Pradesh would be happy if the Jana Sena and the BJP national party together fight for the cause of saving Amaravati Capital City. Other than that, the Ex CM did not make any further political comment on the new alliance. On the other hand, YCP is alleging that it was Naidu only who has guided Pawan Kalyan to join hands with the BJP. It was Naidu alone who sent MPs Sujana Chowdary, CM Ramesh and others into the BJP a few months back.

As of now, CM Jaganmohan Reddy almost became isolated in AP political scene. All the Opposition parties are turning against his government’s decisions. They are calling CM Jagan as adamant, arrogant, casteist and also insensitive to the problems of the common people. The TDP, BJP, Jana Sena, Lok Satta, Praja Shanti Party, CPI and CPM are all opposing the shifting of Capital from Amaravati in the name of administrative decentralisation. TDP and Communists are already in the thick of anti-Capital shifting agitation. BJP and Jana Sena are yet to take a full-scale plunge into the protests. They are threatening to protest in streets once Jagan Circar formally announces its decision to shift Capital on January 20.

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Gujarat cadre IPS officer appointed as CBI JD…Is BJP fixing Jagan?


In a sudden development, the BJP-led NDA government at the Centre on Friday appointed a Gujarat-based IPS officer as joint director of CBI. The move assumes significance in the backdrop of CBI adopting a tough stand against AP Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy in disproportionate case, quid pro quo cases booked against Jagan by the CBI and Enforcement Directorate.

The union home ministry issued orders appointing Manoj Shashidhar, a 1994-batch IPS officer of Gujarat cadre as new JD of CBI.

Interestingly, YSRCP MP Vijayasai Reddy had last week written to union home minister Amit Shah to appoint someone as CBI JD who is from non–Telugu State cadre alleging that the past CBI JD Laxminarayana and other JDs appointed later have ‘secret friendship’ with TDP and they tried to fix Jagan in CBI cases on ‘political grounds’.

Amit Shah responded positively to Vijaysai’s request and directed officials to appoint a new JD from non-Telugu states cadre.

However, the appointment of Manoj Shashidhar, a Gujarat based IPS officer raised many a eyebrows.

Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi and home minister Amit Shah hail from Gujarat, Manoj Shashidhar has close links with both of them. He worked under Modi and Shah, when they were ruling Gujarat.

YSRCP leaders now fear that Manoj Shashidhar will do whatever ordered by Modi and Amit Shah.

At a time when CBI is acting tough against Jagan now, they fear that Shashidhar will only fix Jagan further in CBI cases and send him to jail again.

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Rising criticism against Pawan-BJP ties but TDP silent


The TDP is maintaining a calculated silence on the latest alliance between Jana Sena and BJP. At the same time, the TDP leaders are demanding now that the Modi government at the Centre should clarify its stand on the arbitrary shifting of Amaravati Capital City by the Jagan Reddy government. Also, the TDP is also demanding immediate interference of the Centre to protect the interests of farmers who sacrificed their ancestral lands for Capital construction. Political circles see this as a new strategy adopted by Chandrababu Naidu to counter the pressure tactics being used against it by the BJP leaders.

On the other hand, the YCP and Communist parties are harshly criticising Pawan Kalyan for his overnight change of ideological loyalties. How can Pawan forget his Che Guevara fighting spirit so fast? They are asking whether Pawan wants to merge his party with the saffron brigade eventually to himself wear RSS iconic khaki shorts like a ‘Lagu Veera’ but not Che Guevara. Even political comedy expert KA Paul accused Pawan of prostrating before the Modi-Shah now after having done the same before Mayawati in the past. Paul says that just like Chiranjeevi, his brother Power Star is also craving for power for which Pawan will close down his Jana Sena any moment just like Praja Rajyam.

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Pawan is CM candidate of BJP- Janasena alliance: BJP MP


Janasena party forged alliance with BJP yesterday, which is termed as crucial development in the politics of Andhra Pradesh by political analysts. BJP leaders like Sunil deodhar and GVL Narasimha Rao reiterated that this alliance will form the government in 2024. However, they didn’t openly announce that Pawan Kalyan is the CM candidate for their alliance. 

But many BJP leaders opining in their private meetings that Pawan Kalyan will be the CM candidate of their alliance. But, Pratap Simha, BJP MP from Karnataka tweeted that Pawan Kalyan will be CM in 2024. He also revealed that, it is Santosh, national level general secretary of BJP, who was instrumental in bringing BJP and Janasena on to the common platform. He tweeted,  “The man behind BJP and Jana Sena alliance is none other than @blsanthosh ji. Am very sure @PawanKalyan Sir, vl be the CM of Andhra in 2024.”

We have to wait and see what kind of mark BJP Janasena alliance leaves on Andhra Pradesh politics.

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BJP mind games with AP regional parties?

The Amaravati Capital crisis and the YCP-police harassment have come as a big blow to both the main Opposition parties, TDP and Jana Sena. On the other hand, CM Jaganmohan Reddy is himself badly disadvantaged because of his Rs. 43,000-Cr CBI illegal assets cases. In such a difficult situation, the BJP strategists have begun mind games with all the AP regional parties. Their big chance came when Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan literally surrendered to the BJP terms and conditions for their alliance. Very smartly, BJP is saying now that Pawan has come forward for their alliance unconditionally. Prior to his talks with Sunil Deodhar, Pawan spoke of ‘direct action’ of their two parties on Capital shifting agitation but there was no such announcement now. BJP leaders got what they wanted which was making Pawan to openly support the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

BJP has dismissed all possibilities of any tie-up with TDP in 2024 elections. BJP MP GVL Narasimha Rao says that their parties will win next elections in AP. There was a record for their party to start with less than 1 per cent vote share and go on to form governments in some states. With Pawan support, BJP is planning to finish off regional parties’ domination in AP. Has Pawan taken a calculated risk? Or did he make a self-goal by accepting unconditional alliance? Another speculation is that BJP-Pawan alliance will hurt TDP in future but not YCP.

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No alliance of any sort with TDP or YSRCP: BJP in-charge Sunil Deodhar


Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena Party formally announced today that it has decided to ally with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Andhra Pradesh. After a long discussion, Janasena and BJP leaders convened press meet and announced their alliance. It is known news that Pawan Kalyan recently met JP Nadda, the working president of the party at the national level, and had a series of discussions. In fact, BJP and Janasena discussions started during TANA meetings itself when Ram Madhav and Pawan Kalyan had a secret meeting in the US.

Janasena is BJP ally for lifetime: Sunil Deodhar

Pawan Kalyan said today, “BJP and JSP will work together to come to power in 2024 in Andhra Pradesh. We will work for the people of the state together. ” However, more than Pawan’s statements, the statements of BJP leaders came as surprise for political analysts today. Sunil Deodhar, BJP in-charge, categorically dismissed any sort of alliance with TDP or YSRCP. He made it clear that BJP has no alliance or understanding with TDP or YSRCP, not even secret understanding or behind the veil agreements. He reiterated that Janasena is the only alliance for BJP in Andhra Pradesh. He told, Janasena is their ally for a lifetime.

No alliance or understanding with TDP or YSRCP

Not only Sunil Deodhar, but even other leaders of BJP also clarified on the same. Leaders like GVL Narsimha Rao, Kanna Lakshmi Narayana and others raised this topic and explicitly confirmed that BJP and Janasena will face 2024 elections together and expressed the confidence that they will form the government. Kanna went on to say that the doors have been shut for tdp into this alliance. It is known news that there has been some news about the possibility of joining the BJP- Janasena alliance and repeating 2014. Even the TDP cadres are hopeful of such alliance in future.

Also, some YSRCP leaders have been conveying that their party has a close relationship with the ruling party at the centre. But, the latest statement of BJP leaders seems to be causing concern for the fans of Jagan, given the fact that, he is still attending the court every Friday on the disproportionate assets case. Moreover, Jagan’s government has to be extremely cautious now as the party ruling the centre is on the side of their enemy.

We will have to wait and see how the BJP Janasena alliance will make their mark in AP politics.

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BJP-Jana Sena announce alliance for future polls


BJP AP and Jana Sena leaders met in Vijayawada today and reached an alliance understanding to contest all future elections together. They also decided to fight for Amaravati to continue as the Capital City of Andhra Pradesh. Both the parties would however maintain an equi distance from the TDP and the ruling YCP. The meeting was attended by Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan and BJP leaders Sunil Deodhar, Kanna Lakshminarayana, GVL Narasimha Rao and others. The two parties leaders said that Amaravati Capital should be continued from where Prime Minister Modi laid the foundation stone for it.

The BJP came forward for the alliance as Pawan Kalyan offered to work with that party unconditionally. Both the leaders expressed strongly their opinions against the anti-people policies of Jaganmohan Reddy government. The BJP leaders have also attacked the TDP for its misrule in the previous five years. Both the parties leaders held a joint media conference and announced their alliance. They said that the BJP-Jana Sena would work hard to come to power in the State in the next 2024 general election. Significantly, both BJP and Jana Sena unanimously decided to support Amaravati Capital. BJP leaders GVL and Veerraju have also kept silent on this aspect.

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Lack of Candidates for Congress and BJP in TS Municipal elections


The National Political Parties including Congress and BJP, which are dreaming to come into power in Telangana State, are facing lack of candidates at hundreds of divisions and wards in Urban Local Body (ULB) Polls.

While 25,763 nominations were filed by all the candidates in all 3,052 wards and divisions, 432 were disqualified during scrutiny by the State Election Commission (SEC). Following the sorting out of nominations, it was found that Congress has no candidates in 200 wards/divisions and BJP is facing the similar situation at 400 places which indicates that the main opposition party Congress and ruling party in central the BJP are facing tough time in Telangana State.

Sources from the BJP are saying that the party did not get much time in selecting suitable and powerful candidates as the ruling party declared elections after it had got well prepared. “It is not meant that there are no candidates for BJP.

Due to the delay in announcement of candidates, few have already submitted their nominations as independents,” the sources added. BJP leaders are saying that the party would hold campaigns on behalf of these independent candidates. Congress party leaders are also thinking on supporting independent candidates where it has no candidate. “These candidates can utilise our party flag during election campaign but, they have no party symbol in elections,” sources from Congress told.

As per the data released by the SEC, Congress has no candidates in 14 wards in Mancherial district followed by 12 in Yadadri-Bhuvanagiri district, 11 in Kothagudem, 8 in Armur, 7 in Bhainsa, 6 in Mahbubnagar, 4 in Adilabad etc. In Ramagundam Municipal Corporation, the party has no candidates in 13 divisions.

Similarly, the BJP has no candidates in Medak, Siddipet and Sangareddy districts in 50 wards. Out of 28 wards in Huzurnagar, the BJP candidates filed nominations in only 8 wards and in Ibrahimpatnam, out of 24 wards, the SEC received nominations from the BJP candidates for only 6 wards.

The ruling party TRS is facing excess nominations at all the wards/divisions as at least four candidates submitted nominations from the TRS but, the candidate who gets B-Form from the party will contest officially on the party’s symbol.

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MP Arvind sold party tickets, says BJP cadre


BJP leaders at Urban Local Body (ULB) from Nizamabad district on Saturday alleged that the party’s MP Mr. Arvind Dharmapuri and his key associate Mr. Baisa Lakshmi Narasaiah sold party tickets in Civic Body elections to others who did not work for the party earlier and newly joined from other parties.

The aspirants who did not get tickets in Nizamabad Municipal Corporation elections held a protest while the Party’s state affairs incharge Mr. Krishna Das, State President Dr. K.Laxman and Union Minister Mr. G.Kishan Reddy were holding a review meeting on the strategies to be taken up in municipal polls at the Party’s state office located at Katella Mandi in Hyderabad.

The leaders including Nizamabad city president, who were protesting outside the meeting hall, alleged that 18 candidates were given B-forms of them majority were newly joined leaders from other parties especially from Congress. They said that the MP came from Congress and he was planning to give grand welcome to congress leaders with red-carpet in the civic body polls.

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TS BJP chief row: Laxman or Jitender?


Following the announcement of senior BJP leader Mr. J.P.Nadda as the new party chief at national level and he will take oath on January 26, sources from the party’s high command are saying that announcements of new chiefs in all states would be done on January 20.

The sources said that until and unless any key developments would take place, Dr. K.Laxman might not be replaced in Telangana State and there would be a change in Andhra Pradesh. “The high command has already completed exercise for the selection of new chiefs at states-level. Majority of states will get new presidents. But, there may be no change in Telangana as it gave 4 MP seats to the party,” the sources said.

Amazingly, Ex-MP Mr. Jitender Reddy on Saturday made a statement at Mahbubnagar while speaking to media that he might become Party’s state president as he has all qualifications.

The Ex-MP also said that he would only face Telangana Chief Minister Mr. K.Chandrashekar Rao. “I had an insult with TRS party’s chief as he did not give me party ticket from Mahbubnagar Parliament Segment during General Elections. If I become BJP president in TS, I must be equal to Mr. KCR, the TRS chief,” Mr. Reddy said.

Sources said that the BJP high command might consider a leader from ‘Reddy’ community, which dominates in Telangana and attracts voters. “Presently, many leaders from the community are existed in the party. But, Mr. Jitender Reddy has an experience as MP and he was very active in national politics. The BJP’s high command observed his skills at very near and there are chances to Jitender Reddy as party’s chief in TS,” they said.

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BJP unanimous resolution against 3 Capitals


BJP AP Core Committee meeting unanimously passed a resolution in favour of continuing Amaravati as the only one Capital City of Andhra Pradesh. The resolution clearly supported the location and functioning of Secretariat, Assembly, Raj Bhavan, CMO, Seed Capital and all major departments in Amaravati alone.

The BJP resolution reflected the stand taken by the party AP President Kanna Laxminarayana. Today also, Kanna spoke in favour of Amaravati while MP GVL Narasimha Rao strongly tried to defend the Jaganmohan Reddy government’s decision on 3 Capitals. GVL said that the Central Government would have no role to play in the state Capital decision. Here pointed out that he was speaking in his capacity as the BJP Incharge of the five southern states.

However, MPs CM Ramesh and Sujana Chowdary and most others spoke in favour of Kanna Laxminarayana at the meeting. Eventually, the BJP state unit passed the resolution to launch into direct action against the Jaganmohan Reddy government on Capital issue.

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