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Will Jana Sena voters remain loyal to BJP in Tirupati?

It is now only two days for the polling day in the Tirupati parliamentary by-election. As CM Jagan Reddy said, the country’s whole attention is on this bypoll. The April 17 polling has drawn nearer amid rising confrontation between the YCP and the TDP. In the midst of this, the BJP has lost much of its edge with the Jana Sena Party nearly vanishing from the scene in the last and final leg of the campaign.

Though Pawan Kalyan campaigned for the BJP candidate, it was only in the initial days. Thereafter, a real gap developed with the Senani even skipping BJP National President JP Nadda’s election meeting. With this, doubts are being raised now whether the Jana Sainiks would vote for the BJP or not. The Pawan followers were already unhappy over the manner in which the BJP top leaders were not giving the importance that was due to their power star.

If a considerable chunk of Pawan fans and Kapus do not vote for the BJP, then which party will get their support? This has become the big question. The present bypoll has also become a sort of test for Pawan Kalyan and his party loyalty towards the BJP as a whole.

Political circles say that Jagan party is sure to get its expected high majority if the Jana Sainiks favour Dr. Gurumurthy. Else, it is going to be a tight rope walk.

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BJP ultimate campaign to stop TDP in Tirupati


In the face of rising odds, the Bharatiya Janata Party leaders have started desperate measures in the Tirupati bypoll. They have begun a bitter campaign against the Telugu Desam Party. The BJP AP unit has started urging the voters not to vote for the TDP since it is a sinking party. The BJP’s argument is that the TDP has already lost its existence in Telangana and now it is going to lose its existence in Andhra Pradesh.

The BJP’s latest twist to its campaign obviously comes from the fact that it is failing to catch up in the campaign. From the beginning, the BJP AP leaders’ dream is to push the TDP to the third place by grabbing the second place in Tirupati. That is not happening at the ground level. On the other hand, the polarisation of the Hindu votes is also not happening in a big way. It became a huge dampener.

BJP AP leaders put their hopes on the Jagan regime to suppress the voice of Chandrababu Naidu and TDP leaders. However, a variety of factors including the anti-incumbency feeling are benefitting the TDP but not the BJP.

The BJP is asking the voters not to vote for a losing TDP. However, it is not able to convince the voters how it is going to win the Tirupati seat when it is not even able to make the temple attacks an election issue.

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BJP voice lost in stone politics of Naidu-Jagan

The BJP national leaders thought of making a beginning in Andhra Pradesh by securing significant gains in the Tirupati by-election. However, they are facing one hurdle after another ever since their campaign began. The most severe blow came from Pawan Kalyan who did not share dais with BJP National President JP Nadda at his Tirupati public meeting. More unfortunately for the BJP, the stone pelting incident took place in the Chandrababu road show the same day.

In fact, quite a good number of BJP leaders attended the Nadda public meeting for which they made elaborate arrangements. BJP leaders Sunil Deodhar, Somu Veerraju, Vishnuvardhan Reddy and scores of others took active part. They launched unsparing criticism. But all that got washed out after the whole media attention shifted to the stone pelting on Naidu meeting.

Even the ruling YCP leaders and the police have turned their attention to the TDP allegations. Minister Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy totally ignored the BJP show and solely attacked Chandrababu saying the TDP chief was resorting to fake allegations.

Doubtless to say, the BJP’s all out efforts to push its campaign suffered severe setbacks. The voice of Nadda and other leaders got totally lost out in the stone politics that followed. The BJP attempts to divide the Hindu voters were not going forward along the expected lines with State and local issues dominating the scene.

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BJP manifesto gimmicks on depoliticising TTD

Some BJP senior leaders like Subramania Swamy have long been demanding the removal of the State Government control on the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD). At the same time, they are not talking about similar steps in respect of all other temples in the country. The singular reason is the TTD is one of the largest earning temples in the entire world with lakhs of devotees making donations round the year and politicians clamouring for influence in its administration.

Now, the BJP has included the TTD autonomy issue in its latest manifesto in the Tirupati by-election. It has promised to bring the Seven Hills Temple out of the control of the AP Government. This would be done in order to protect the sanctity of the Devasthanam.

The BJP manifesto has also promised to bring the TTD under the one and only supervision of Dharmacharyas. Thereby, the divinity of the shrine would be protected in different ways. Other religious propaganda atop the Seven Hills Temple would be totally eradicated. The devotees’ many demands would be fulfilled without allowing political interference. These included the installation of the Sarabhaiah statue in Tirupati.

The BJP manifestos being released in times of elections in different states were raising eyebrows. Already, it promised Special Status to Puducherry even though the Modi regime has ruled out the same for AP in the past.

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BJP questions eligiblity of YCP Tirupati nominee


Just a few days ahead of the April 17 polling, fresh questions are being raised on the eligibility of YCP nominee Dr. Gurumurthy to contest in the Tirupati by-election. The BJP has asserted that Dr. Gurumurthy is not a hindu and hence he is unqualified to contest in the SC reserved Tirupati parliamentary segment.

BJP AP incharge Sunil Deodhar has brought this issue to the force. He has demanded that the election officials take note of this and disqualify the candidature of the YCP nominee. These sudden and unexpected turn of events have put Dr. Gurumurthy into self defense.

In the absence of any alternative, Dr. Gurumurthy has begun providing evidence to show that he is a Hindu. Only the Hindu believers will be considered for the SC and ST status. All those converted to Christianity would not be allowed to enjoy reservations usually given to the SC, STs.

Now, Dr. Gurumurthy has released photos showing his pujas offered to the village deity before submitting his nominations for the Tirupati bypoll. He is blaming the BJP for using cheap gimmicks to get a few votes. Whatever, the BJP plan seemed to have served its purpose.

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TRS, BJP fires on YS Sharmila


The ruling TRS and BJP in Telangana have lashed out at YS Sharmila for her outburst at Khammam on Friday.

Sharmila held a public meeting in Khammam to announce the launch of her political party in Telangana on July 8 on the occasion of her father YSR’s jayanthi

Sharmila tore into TRS, BJP and Congress while delivering her speech in Khammam.

She termed KCR as “Dora” and Telangana as “slave” and said Telangana is crushed under KCR’s feet like a slave (baanisa) is crushed under Dora’s feet.

Sharmila described BJP as a ‘communal party’ saying that the party has nothing to speak about except Hindu religion and raking up communal passions for political gains.

The TRS and BJP reacted sharply to Sharmila’s comments on Saturday.

TRS senior leader and chairman of Telangana Legislative Council Gutha Sukender Reddy fired at Sharmila for her statement that she will bring “Rajanna Rajyam” in Telangana.

Gutha said Telangana people suffered a lot under Rajanna Rajyam as it is identified with land grabbings in and around Hyderabad, looting of Telangana water from Godavari and Krishna rivers, rowdyism, goondaism etc and Telangana people will never allow any party that has Andhra roots in Telangana.

Telangana people had already buried Andhra party TDP in Telangana and Sharmila’s party will also meet the same fate. He said few Andhra leaders like Sharmila are attempting to rule Telangana again and loot Telangana resources.

The BJP condemned Sharmila’s remarks saying that YSR family itself is communal as it promotes Christianity and Bible.

BJP leader NVSS Prabhakar questioned why Sharmila talked about YSR providing 4% reservations to Muslims on communal grounds when she was accusing BJP as communal.

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BJP leaders slam TTD priest for likening Jagan to Lord Vishnu


Several Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders in Andhra Pradesh have castigated Tirumala Triupati Devasthanams (TTD) chief priest A.V. Ramana Deekshitulu for giving a divine allusion to Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy recently.

After being reinstated as the chief priest of the Tirumala temple following the state government’s decision to induct retired priests of Mirasi families, Deekshitulu allegedly equated the act to saving of Dharma by Lord Vishnu. He indirectly hailed the Chief Minister as one among the ‘Trimurthis’ keen to protect Dharma.

“It is an irresponsible and insensitive statement by (the) chief priest of Tirupati Balaji temple. It’s an insult to millions of devotees of Lord Vishnu,” said BJP state president Somu Veerraju.

He alleged that the state government has become ‘fully’ anti-Hindu and claimed that Reddy’s silence reaffirms this point.

BJP national secretary and Andhra Pradesh co-incharge Sunil Deodhar alleged that Deekshitulu removed the sanctity of the TTD’s chief priest post.

“Ramana Dikshitulu, by calling an on-bail CM an incarnation of Vishnu, you have insulted the God himself and crores of his devotees. With your boot-licking of an anti-Hindu family, you removed the sanctity of the pradhan archak’s post in TTD,” claimed Deodhar.

Likewise, BJP leader and Rajya Sabha member G.V.L. Narasimha Rao termed likening Reddy to Lord Vishnu as sacrilegious.

“Statements likening Reddy to Lord Vishnu by the chief priest of Tirupati Balaji temple is not just objectionable, but also sacrilegious. It seems a desperate YSRCP government under which several Hindu temples and idols have been attacked is orchestrating such statements by coercing the priests,” Rao claimed.

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BJP-YCP bid to split Hindu votes in Tirupati bypoll


The BJP has adopted a two-pronged strategy to get maximum votes in the Tirupati by election. Its first aim is to use the Pawan Kalyan following to polarise the Kapu and the youth vote banks. The second objective is to split the Hindu votes to the maximum possible extent. The present bypoll is certainly going to be a big test to the BJP’s future chances and dreams for a stronger foothold in AP.

As such, BJP Political Affairs Committee Chairman IYR Krishna Rao has taken it upon himself the task of attacking CM Jagan Reddy along religious lines. He has launched a direct attack in current election campaign, saying that Mr. Jagan Reddy is giving freedom and space only for the other religion in the State. This Chief Minister is not allowing the Hindu organisations to grow or expand in any manner.

In the face of such outright attacks, the YCP is using its power to make the TTD priests voice their support for their party candidate. TTD Chief Priest Ramana Deekshitulu has been indirectly campaigning for the YSRCP nominee. He has even compared the CM to Lord Vishnu who gets reborn to re-establish dharma in the world.

The YCP leaders are confident that they will win even without a good chunk of the Hindu votes. But if the Hindu voters also supported in a big way because of the welfare benefits, then its candidate would be sure to get historic majority.

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‘Boycott politics’ dominate Tirupati poll campaign

The rival parties began to challenge each other to boycott the Tirupati byelection if they have no faith in the system. It all started with Chandrababu Naidu’s boycott call on the parishad elections. The moment he announced this, the YCP began saying that the TDP is a sinking ship and it has no political relevance.

The YCP leaders are now asking why Mr. Naidu is not boycotting the Tirupati bypoll as well. It is better for the TDP chief to step aside since his party is sure to meet with humiliating defeat just like in the 2019 polls, local body and municipal body polls this year. The BJP too joined chorus and suggested the TDP quit the election.

On their part, the TDP leaders mounted a stinging attack, saying that it was CM Jagan Reddy who has no moral right to contest any election for that matter. The Chief Minister insulted the voters and boycotted the Assembly for over 3 years. He remained on the roads in the name of the Padayatra. He should have been in jail if not granted bail in the illegal assets cases. Moreover, the TDP has no faith in State Election Commissioner Nilam Sawhney only and has confidence in the bypoll.

The TDP leaders are also questioning the relevance of the BJP candidate in the Tirupati fight. It was well known that the BJP got less than one percent vote share in 2019. The BJP has a hidden agenda rather than making a genuine effort to win the support of the people.

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Jagan in a fix over BJP poll promise of Spl Status


The Modi Government has made it crystal clear time and again that there would be no question of giving special status to any State. Accordingly, the promise made to AP at the time of Reorganisation has been ignored conveniently. However, CM Jagan has made it an election issue in 2019 saying that Chandrababu Naidu failed to achieve special status. After coming to power, Jagan Reddy has said in the first few days itself that his Government would not be in a position to demand special status but however they would continue to demand the same from the Centre.

Now, the BJP has changed its policy overnight. It has made an election promise in the current Puducherry elections that the special status would be given to the State if the BJP comes to power. The question arose then as to why the long pending special status promise made to AP was not being fulfilled.

Whatever, the BJP might have sought electoral benefits in Puducherry. Back in AP, Jagan Reddy came under heavy pressure from the Opposition attack on the special status issue. The TDP is demanding CM Jagan to bring pressure on the Modi regime to confer special status.

At the same time, the YCP leaders have started counter attacks. They are asking why the TDP and the Jana Sena could not achieve special status though they worked together after the 2014 elections.

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AP BJP leaders pressurise Bandi Sanjay for Tirupati campaign


The Andhra Pradesh BJP leadership is stepping up pressure on BJP Telangana unit president Bandi Sanjay to campaign for BJP candidate in upcoming Tirupati Lok Sabha by-poll on April 17.

Bandi Sanjay is known as a ‘hard core Hindutva leader’ in BJP party.

Bandi already created a flutter in AP politics earlier prior to issuance of Tirupati Lok Sabha election notification asking Tirupat voters to choose whether they want “Bible party” or “Bhagawadgita party”.

Bandi was referring to ruling YSRCP as “Bible party” terming YSRCP chief  and AP CM YS Jagan as a Christian and BJP as a Hindu party.

Bandi’s statement earned him popularity among Hindu community in AP.

The AP BJP leadership is hoping that if Bandi campaigns in Tirupati, it will polarise Hindu votes in favour of BJP and ensure BJP’s victory as Tirupati is the holy place for Hindus.

The AP BJP is planning to hold a huge rally in Tirupati on April 14 and is trying to rope in Bandi for this public meeting.

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Vijay Sai-Veerraju tweet war on ‘future CM Pawan’


The Tirupati byelection battle has intensified in the form of heated debates at personal level. The day began with Vijay Sai Reddy launching a mocking attack on Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan. The YCP MP has said Pawan has been daydreaming to become Chief Minister if the BJP-Jana Sena candidate wins just deposits.

Interestingly, the BJP leaders quickly responded even before the Jana Sainiks launched their counter attacks. BJP AP President Somu Veerraju has advised Vijay Sai to stop making such intolerable comments. Veerraju has asserted saying indirectly that the future CM of AP will be Pawan Kalyan.

Veerraju has also told Vijay Sai that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has himself asked the BJP leaders to give utmost respect to Pawan Kalyan. Saying so, Veerraju said, “Our boy would become the Chief Minister. You would all be witness to this.”

The BJP leader further advised Vijay Sai Reddy not to forget his situation in the past. Veerraju even passed a serious comment, warning that their party would certainly send cabbages to Vijay Sai and YCP leaders. Once the bail is cancelled, the YCP top leaders would go to jail where they would use the cabbages for making curries.

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Ratna Prabha is BJP-JSP nominee in Tirupati


At long last, the BJP has announced its candidate for the Tirupati bypoll. Karnataka former Chief Secretary and retired IAS Officer K. Ratna Prabha will be the BJP-Jana Sena alliance candidate in the byelection. After prolonged discussions, the BJP top leaders decided on Ratna Prabha candidature given her administrative background.

With this, the battle lines are drawn now. YCP has brought in CM Jagan Reddy’s personal physiotherapist M. Gurumurthy while the TDP has fielded former MP and former Union Minister Panabaka Lakshmi. As expected, the BJP has chosen a high-profile former Chief Secretary as its candidate to give a strong fight to the rivals.

Now, going by the track records of the respective candidates, the TDP and the BJP would stand to gain. Both Panabaka Lakshmi and Ratna Prabha have proved themselves in their fields. Panabaka Lakshmi has been in politics for several decades and served as an MP for several times already. Ratna Prabha has earned a name for herself as an IAS officer and she has also served in AP on deputation for sometime.

The YCP candidate has no major experience in public life except the fact that he served as the personal physiotherapist of the Chief Minister. He is totally banking on the party strength and support from CM Jagan Reddy.

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BJP to complain to CEC on YCP ‘bogus votes’


The Bharatiya Janata Party has intensified its attack on the Jagan Reddy regime in the midst of the Tirupati byelection. The BJP leaders say that the ruling YCP leaders have enrolled over 2 lakh bogus voters in just the Tirupati parliamentary constituency. When this is taken to the notice of the local revenue and police officials, they have not taken any steps to correct the electoral irregularities.

Considering this situation, the BJP AP leaders have decided to take the bogus voters issue to the notice of the Central Election Commissioner. BJP Secretary Satya Kumar has told the YCP leaders that it would not be a genuine victory if they try to win the elections through wrongful methods.

Satya Kumar said that it was with these bogus votes only that the ruling YCP leaders in the State managed to get massive electoral successes in the recent local body and civic elections. This time, the same would not be allowed in the Tirupati MP byelection. Pressure will be mounted on the Chief Election Commissioner to ensure that no irregularities would be allowed in the electoral rolls.

The Tirupati bypoll is going to be held on April 17. Already, the battle lines were drawn between the main contenders – the YCP and the TDP. Till yesterday, the YCP leaders said that they would aim at increasing their majority to more than 3 lakh votes in the present election. But now, the YCP top leaders have set a target of 4 lakh votes majority. Whether it will give a fight or not, the BJP is making its presence felt by threatening to use its power at the national level to remove the ruling party advantage from the YCP in the Tirupati poll.

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Why Modi-Shah going soft on ‘Yesu Babu’?


Several questions are cropping up on the increased religion based attack launched by the BJP AP leaders on CM Jaganmohan Reddy. Ahead of the Tirupati byelection, the BJP leaders have not hesitated to describe Jagan Reddy as ‘Yesu Babu’. If the same comment is made by a TDP leader or a social media activist, the CID would have filed cases against them by now. Both the YCP and the BJP are just making bitter remarks against each other but not going beyond that point.

The BJP central leadership has taken the Tirupati bypoll very seriously. It was against this backdrop that the BJP AP leaders are making aggressive comments against Jagan Reddy at a personal level. Now, the big question is why the Modi-Shah duo are not giving greater embarrassment to CM Jagan.

There are many CBI and ED cases in which the AP CM is prime accused. More than that, there is the YS Vivekananda Reddy murder case in which several doubts have cropped up. This is also being investigated by the CBI. Why the BJP is not taking advantage of these cases in order to corner Jagan Reddy and demoralise his party in Tirupati bypoll?

Analysts say that the BJP’s immediate aim is obviously to damage and demotivate Chandrababu Naidu in the Tirupati bypoll. Victory is not their target right now. As such, they will do everything to embarrass Naidu more than Jagan. The Yesu Babu comment is also divide Hindu voters in order to hurt the TDP.

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‘Yesu Babu’ slogan starts BJP Tirupati campaign


The BJP AP unit’s official Twitter account created a political flutter. The party has launched an open war against the YCP and the TDP. It has begun its Tirupati campaign with a pungent comment terming Jagan Reddy as ‘Yesu Babu’ and Chandrababu Naidu as ‘Chanda Babu’. The BJP leaders are attacking that just as Naidu put his sticker on the Central schemes, Jagan Reddy is also now using his party sticker for the BJP central schemes.

The BJP’s long standing stand has been that the ruling party in AP was not giving due credit to the Modi rule’s welfare and development programmes. Modi’s programmes were being renamed and used to enhance the image of the State ruling party itself.

The BJP leaders claim that Jagan Reddy’s major programmes like ‘YSR Rythu Bharosa’, ‘YSR Arogyasri’, etc were all actually Central programmes. The Centre was also giving funds for the same.

YCP leaders are not objecting to the political criticism of the welfare programmes of Jagan Reddy. But, what has pained them the most was how aggressively the BJP was targetting the AP CM along religious lines. This is the first time that the BJP has directly described Jagan Reddy as ‘Yesu Babu’.

Greatly angered by this remark, the Jagan admirers are asking the Modi regime to first fulfill the Central promises like the Special Status instead of needlessly targetting the YCP.

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Union cabinet berth to Tirupati LS bypoll winner: BJP’s offer to lure voters


The BJP has come with a new offer “Union cabinet berth in Modi cabinet” to lure voters in the upcoming Tirupati Lok Sabha bypoll.

The party is planning to take this slogan aggressively in the poll campaigning promising that if Tirupati voters elect BJP candidate, he will be made a union minister in Modi’s cabinet.

Andhra Pradesh has no representation in the union cabinet after Modi became PM for second term in 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

This is because neither the ruling YSRCP or the opposition TDP are part of the BJP-led NDA government.

When TDP was an alliance partner in NDA between 2014 and 2018, there was representation for AP in Modi’s first cabinet.

But TDP quit NDA before the 2019 Lok Sabha polls. The YSRCP though maintaining ‘friendly relations’ with BJP and Modi on all issues, it did not join the NDA government.

Against this backdrop, the BJP national leadership has decided to lure Tirupathi voters as well as AP people with union minister post in Modi’s cabinet, if they elect BJP candidate.

The BJP is coming out with this strategy after it became official that Janasena will not contest the Tirupati seat and will support BJP.

It remains to be seen whether this offer attracts Tirupati voters or not towards BJP.

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KCR’s silence, KTR’s attack confuses BJP


The BJP in Telangana is a confused lot these days.

This is because TRS chief and Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is maintaining complete silence on BJP. Though BJP leaders like Bandi Sanjay, Dharmapuri Aravind are abusing KCR, KTR and TRS, KCR is not uttering a single word against BJP or Narendra Modi or Amit Shah.

But KCR’s son KTR is going all out against BJP and Modi for the past few days.

In the upcoming MLC elections for two seats, KTR is not leaving any opportunity to attack BJP and Modi in a harsh manner.

KTR is mocking Modi on his earlier promises of providing 2 crore jobs a year and crediting Rs 15 lakh cash in Jandhan accounts.

This contradictory stand of KCR and KTR towards BJP has left BJP leaders and cadre in Telangana in a state of confusion.

KCR became silent on BJP after he visited Delhi and met Modi and Amit Shah in December 2020 soon after the GHMC polls.

This triggered speculations that KCR compromised with BJP fearing CBI and ED cases against him during his tenure as labour minister in the UPA government.

But the sudden attack by KTR on Modi is sending signals that TRS had not compromised with BJP.

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KTR, BJP leader engaged in Twitter war over jobs


The political war of words between the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) and the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Congress continued over the former’s claim that the state government had created 1.32 lakh jobs in the last six years.

Two days after Congress leader Sravan Dasoju challenged the Telangana Industry Minister K.T.Rama Rao for a debate at the Gun Park while BJP leader N. Ramchander Rao reached the Osmania University and dared the TRS minister to come there for an open debate.

Ramchander Rao, who is a BJP candidate for the March 14 election to the Hyderabad-Rangareddy-Mahabubnagar graduates’ constituency of Legislative Council, took to Twitter to ask him to come to Arts College on Osmania University campus.

“I am here at Arts College. Where are you, Mr. KTR,” asked the BJP leader.

The minister replied that he is busy gathering information about the BJP’s unfulfilled promises. “I am busy gathering information on the 12 crore jobs (2 crore per year) and Rs.15 lakhs in all Jandhan accounts promised by Hon’ble PM Shri Modi Ji. NDA is the answer so far N – No D – Data A – Available. Please share if you have any answers,” replied KTR.

The BJP leader, however, tweeted again that he is ready to give answers. “I’m here to give answers, out in the open at Arts College. Why are you hiding behind the veil of Twitter, Dear KTR Garu? Afraid to face the public?”

Ramchander Rao had earlier challenged KTR to come to Osmania University for debate about jobs given during 6 years of TRS rule.

AICC spokesperson Sravan Dasoju on February 26 had asked KTR to come to the Telangana Martyrs Memorial at Gun Park for debate. “We will not believe in your false statement. Come with your team and the figures on the recruitment and current vacancies,” he had said after KTR stated that 1.32 lakh jobs were given in the government sector in the last six years.

The TRS leader had also dared the opposition parties for a debate on the jobs created.

He also wrote an open letter reiterating that the government filled 1,32,899 posts in various departments during the last six years. He provided figures of department-wise vacancies filled.

The Congress leader said KTR ran away from open debate after throwing a challenge. “Though I was ready for a debate and asked him to come to Gun Park, he did not turn up,” he said.

The war of words has increased the political heat ahead of March 14 elections to two seats of Legislative Council and ensuing by-polls to Nagarjuna Sagar Assembly seat.

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Is CM Jagan torturing BJP AP leaders?


The Congress and the BJP also joined hands with KCR and ran the Telangana agitation. They eventually took their sweet revenge against the Andhras. Now, not just KCR, even the BJP Telangana leaders were frequently interfering with the AP politics on the issues only convenient to them.

KCR has undoubtedly played some role behind the steps taken to harm the AP interests with respect to Polavaram, Amaravati and other projects. Later, BJP Telangana President Bandi Sanjay has commented that a Bible party is ruling in Andhra Pradesh and it is causing harm to the Hindus.

Now, BJP controversial Telangana MLA Raja Singh is saying that his party leaders in AP are being tortured by the Jagan Reddy regime. This is obviously being given as the reason why AP BJP leaders like Somu Veerraju, Vishnu Vardhan Reddy and others are not able to speak out aggressively against the ruling YCP. Raja Singh has said that cows were being transported from Kadapa and total villages altogether were being converted.

Both Bandi Sanjay and Raja Singh have said that they would come to campaign in AP if the national leadership orders them to do so. Interestingly, the BJP Telangana leaders are not explaining what kind of torture that the Jagan regime is giving to the BJP AP leaders. Except one or two minor incidents, there are no false cases, false arrests and major attacks on the BJP leaders even in the panchayat elections. The BJP’s political victim card may not prove useful in AP.

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