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TS Civic body polls are big task to BJP!


Civic body polls in Telangana State has become a big task to the BJP, which is claiming itself as the best alternative to the ruling party TRS in the state. The BJP is going alone in the Municipal elections and wanted to give a neck-to-neck fight with TRS candidates at all the major municipalities and municipal corporations which indicates the necessity of hard work by the Union Minister G.Kishan Reddy and three MPs—Mr. Dharmapuri Arvind, Mr. Bandi Sanjay and Mr. Soyam Bapu Rao— of the party.

The party had 8.7 per cent of votes in the previous civic body polls and it got victory in Bhuvanagiri and Narayanpet municipalities and good majority in Kamareddy and Vemulawada municipalities. Besides this, the party obtained at least one ward in 9 municipalities and did not achieve victory in as many as 18 municipalities.

But, amazingly the party bagged voters’ bank in urban areas in the recent Lok Sabha elections and the party’s high command is expecting the same results in the civic body polls. Meanwhile, targeting the voters from urban localities, the BJP took up few programmes including ‘Gandhi Sankalp Yatra’ and Pro-CAA campaign in all the 17 Lok Sabha segments.

The BJP’s state leaders are expecting a grand victory as the majority of the municipal corporations are falling under the Lok Sabha segments which are strongholds of them. Meanwhile, the party is encouraging new joining from other political parties including TRS, TDP and Congress.

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GVL failing to prevent anti-Jagan voices in BJP


For reasons best known to himself, BJP MP GVL Narasimha Rao has remained a loyal lobbyist for Jaganmohan Reddy during 2019 elections and after. He is the only BJP leader who began talking quite early that the Central government would not interfere with the Capital City issue of Andhra Pradesh. A few days before Jaganmohan Reddy’s 3 Capitals announcement in Assembly, GVL made a passing remark that the AP government is free to made new decisions on the issue of Capital. But, soon anti-Capital shifting agitation reached a peak level. Then GVL maintained a low-profile for sometime. Leaders like Kanna Lakshminarayana and Sujana Chowdary raised their voices within BJP against Jagan Circar. Still, GVL tried to use his influence to win BJP national level support for Jagan but without much success.

Now, Union Minister Siddhartha Nath Singh made it crystal clear that BJP national party would take the same line as that of its AP President Kanna Lakshminarayana. The Minister sharply criticised Jagan Reddy Regime. He even mockingly asked how can AP with 13 districts opt for 3 Capitals while Uttar Pradesh with 75 districts is doing quite well with only one Capital. Siddhartha advised AP Circar to take training from the BJP government on how to run administration effectively and efficiently from one single Capital City. Obviously, pro-Jagan lobbyists like GVL, IYR and Somu Veerraju are only losing their credibility within BJP because of their inexplainable loyalty to YSR son.

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‘Paisa hi Parmatma’ in Telangana Civic body polls!


Upcoming Civic Body elections in Telangana state are said to be costlier and more expansive to the contenders as all the political parties took it as very prestigious.

While the Chief Minister Mr. K.Chandrasekhar Rao, in a recent review meeting held in Telangana Bhavan, had already expressed his desire with the TRS leaders including ministers that the party must win in all municipal bodies and told that it was the responsibility of the leaders. He also warned them that they should work hard in elections in order to protect their positions in the party.

The BJP, which is preparing to get power in the state in 2024 elections, is also focusing seriously on the elections especially at the places where the party’s MPs are existed. Similarly the elections are a question to the Congress party of its existence in the state.

Sources said that all the parties have already informed aspirants that those who can bear the expenditure of elections would only get tickets for the contest. “The TRS leaders have already informed its leaders that the candidate for municipal councillor must hold at least Rs. 25 lakh while corporators in municipal corporations must hold cash up to Rs. 1 crore. Chairperson for Municipalities should have at least Rs. 2 crore while aspirants of Mayor Posts for Municipal Corporations have to spend not below Rs. 5 crore,” the sources added.

Meanwhile, Congress party leaders have also decided to give party tickets and B-forms for the elections to those who can bear more expenditure. “The aspirants for Chairperson and Mayor Posts should also take care of party’s candidates contesting for Councillor and Corporators posts under the jurisdiction of their respective Municipality and Municipal Corporation,” the sources added.

In case of BJP, the party’s high command had directed its MPs that the municipalities and municipal corporations under their parliamentary constituencies must be won by the party candidates. It also directed to select the candidates who could bear more expenditure.

As per an estimation, as much as Rs. 1,500 crore would be spend by the candidates of several parties in the civic body polls of which the share of the ruling party TRS would be more than 50%.

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RSS and VHP fire at BJP over Amaravati confusion


The saffron brigade at the national level is throwing all its weight behind the Amaravati farmers’ cause. The RSS and VHP leaders have taken a strong stand to oppose the shifting of AP Capital out of Amaravati. These leaders held meetings internally and took this decision. Especially, the RSS leaders have objected to some BJP national leaders who are talking in different voices on Capital issue. Apparently, this complaint is mainly against BJP MP GVL Narasimha Rao who tried to defend CM Jagan by saying that Capital issue is a prerogative of the state government. After anti-Capital shifting agitation became stronger, GVL disappeared from the scene and stopped all his pro-Jagan comments.

Considering the seriousness of the issue, the RSS leaders asked BJP AP President Kanna Laxminarayana to make sure that no leader crosses party line. The RSS, VHP and BJP should follow a united stand which is for continuing Capital in Amaravati. This is a holy place for the Hindu people. Moreover, none other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid foundation stone for Amaravati Capital City at Uddandarayunipalem village. The decisions of the saffron brigade came as a big shock to YCP. BJP MP Suresh Prabhu, who was close to PM, met Jagan Reddy but it was not known whether he discussed Amaravati issue.

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BJP backs Amaravati farmers, says AP needs decentralized development!


The Andhra Pradesh unit of BJP has backed the agitations conducted by Amaravati farmers agains AP CM YS Jagan’s move to shift government administration from Amaravati to Vizag and create three capitals for AP.

Farmers of capital development region on Tuesday called on BJP state president Kanna Lakshmi Narayana and urged him to convey their problems to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

Addressing the farmers, Kanna Lakshmi Narayana dubbed the Amaravati problem is not that of farmers, but that of the state capital.

He said that if state capital gets changed with the change of government the credibility of the state would be at stake.

Farmers parted with their lands believing in the state government, while the Center gave funds to the state capital, he said adding that the Center did not give funds because of the face value of Chandrababu or Jagan.

There was no precedent for change of capital with the change of the CM, he said accusing Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy of resorting to such a mindless taks out of sheer immaturity.

The BJP favours decentralised development but not decentralised administration, he clarified.

Let alone the law and order situation in the state, the credit of making the people spend sleepless nights for the past six months goes to the CM, he said.

The BJP pledged its support to the cause of the farmers of the capital region, he said.

The previous regime had spent Rs 10,000 crore public money for development of the state capital. Now, if the present regime wants to do as it liked with the state capital people would not keep mum, he warned.

He remarked that Amaravati is not the own company of YS Jaganmohan Reddy.

Further, development of the state would take backseat if the capital is relocated to elsewhere, he cautioned advising Jagan against nursing vindictive attitude towards others.

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BJP discrediting KCR on encounter: Jagan remarks


The BJP is hell-bent on taking advantage of the Shadnagar encounter to hit the two Telugu CMs, K Chandrasekhara Rao and YS Jaganmohan Reddy, in one shot. Especially, Jagan Reddy’s open credit to KCR in AP Assembly is complicating the encounter case for TRS. The TRS Ministers have also sung praise of KCR after the killing of Disha accused which is viewed instant justice to the girl’s parents. BJP leader Raghunandan Rao is now saying that Jagan’s comments gave strength to the speculation that the Telangana police have killed the four accused in a fake encounter. Rao says that such comments by a CM will certainly complicate the encounter case at the national level. The courts and the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) will not take a positive view of this.

What more, Raghunandan has also indicated that a CBI enquiry may also be ordered into the encounter killings because of the rising suspicions. Raghunandan was once a close friend of KCR but now turned a bitter after joining the BJP. Going by the present mood at the Centre, the Modi-Shah may also take a critical look at the encounter issue. Political analysts say that if CBI enquiry is ordered, the TRS government is sure to face a tricky situation. KCR has angered Modi-Shah by ordering TRS MPs to oppose the Citizenship Amendment Bill in the Parliament. Everything doesn’t look well for KCR Circar.

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Citizenship Amendment Bill: Is it the end of TRS-BJP ‘secret friendship’?


The TRS and BJP are known to be ‘secret friends’ for long. This is because TRS chief and Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao supported BJP-led NDA government on all the crucial issues since 2014.

Be it demonetization or GST announced by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, election of President, Vice President of India during NDA-I government regime or Reorganisation of Jammu & Kashmir, repeal of Article 370, Triple Talaq bills during NDA-II government, KCR supported all in the Parliament.

But KCR on Monday (today) sprang a surprise by issuing whip to all the TRS MPs to vote against the controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) introduced by the NDA government in Parliament today.

KCR directed all his party MPs to attend Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha without fail on Monday and Tuesday and vote against the bill, whenever it will be put for voting.

KCR’s decision signals that the ‘secret friendship’ between TRS and BJP has come to an end as he has decided to take on BJP directly in the Parliament for the first time.

The political equations between TRS and BJP have altered since general elections in May 2019.

The BJP shocked TRS by bagging four Lok Sabha seats in TS, the best-ever performance of the saffron party in the state.

Even more shocking for KCR was, the BJP defeating his daughter and sitting MP K Kavitha in Nizamabad Lok Sabha seat and his close aide B Vinod Kumar in Karimnagar Lok Sabha seat. The BJP also wrested Adilabad Lok Sabha seat from TRS, while retaining the Secunderabad Lok Sabha seat.

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BJP set for majority in Karnataka Assembly

The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is heading for a simple majority in the 223-member Karnataka Assembly, as it surged ahead in 12 of the 15 constituencies where vote count is underway for the December 5 bypolls since 8.00 a.m., a party official said on Monday.

“Our party is ahead of the opposition Congress in a dozen seats and trailing behind it only in two seats and an Independent in one seat after 10 rounds of vote count in all the 15 Assembly segments,” BJP’s state unit spokesman G. Madusudhan told IANS here.

With 104 members excluding the Speaker and the support of an Independent, the ruling party has 105 seats in the Assembly, including one nominated from the Anglo-Indian community with voting rights.

“Our party’s strength alone will go up to 116, excluding the Speaker and 117 with the Independent, which will be 5 above the simple majority of 112 in the 223-member Assembly, with 2 seats vacant.

Bye-elections in two Assembly seats Muski in Raichur district and R. R. Nagar in Bengaluru southwest were not held, as a litigation on its results from the 2018 Assembly elections is pending in the Karnataka High Court.

Though Chief Minister B. S. Yediyurappa formed the government for the third time on May 17, 2018 with 105 members, he resigned on May 19 after he failed to secure eight eight seats required for the simple majority with 113 as the halfway mark then.

Yediyurappa, however, returned to power for the fourth time in the southern state, on July 26 after the 14-month-old JD-S Coalition government fell on July 23.

As the 5-year tenure of the present Assembly lasts till May 2023, the BJP can remain in the office for the remaining over three years.

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Gokaraju to join YCP: Jagan return gift to Modi-Shah


BJP ex MP Gokaraju Gangaraju along with his family members have decided to join the ruling YCP. The news has shaken the BJP leaders in AP. Gangaraju is known for his long-standing loyalty and association with the BJP. He has been a source of financial support for the party activities in the state. It was his son Gokaraju Ranga Raju who helped in active liaison between Jagan Reddy and the BJP national leaders during 2019 elections. It may be recalled that Modi-Shah extended indirect support to YCP in that election. From the IT raids on TDP leaders to the Election Commission secret support, all activities were taken up only to give advantage to Jagan over Chandrababu Naidu.

Now, the scenario has changed completely. Jagan Reddy is using all his resources to win over strong BJP leaders one by one. Undoubtedly, AP CM is giving return gifts to Modi-Shah for their humiliating treatment to him during his Delhi visits. Political circles say that Gangaraju family exit would be a severe blow to the BJP in the coming days. Jagan Reddy is bent on attracting Raju community votebank in Godavari districts. Obviously, YCP boss is eager to counter the effect of future tie-up of Chandrababu and Pawan Kalyan.

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Bigg boss 2 winner Kaushal joined BJP


Bigg boss season 2 Telugu winner Kaushal joined BJP today. Along with him, his wife Neelima also joined BJP. Details as follows.

Kaushal is one contestant who got immense popularity with Bigg boss show. Kaushal army was formed on his name and after completion of the show he started Kaushal foundation to do charity work. His fans also contributed to the foundation for charity activities. But there was also criticism on his attitude as his statements like – Guinness book contact him, prime minister office call him hand university abroad offered him doctorate film – made him a laughing stock. Also some of his fans came out and alleged about misuse of funds in Kaushal foundation.

Before 2019 election, he backed Telugu desam party in the presence of chandrababu Naidu. Now he changed the party and joined BJP. Give statement that is impressed with and the vision of Modi and that is the reason for him to join BJP.

We will have to wait and see how will be his political future, especially given the fact that winning Bigg boss title didn’t give any boost to his career in movies.

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Bengal bypolls: BJP questions EVMs after facing defeat


The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) suspected foul play after it lost all the three seats in the bypolls held in West Bengal.

National Secretary and Bengal BJP leader Rahul Sinha said that the state machinery openly helped the ruling Trinamool Congress and that they will report this to the Election Commission.

Sinha told IANS, “Though the Election Commission monitors all the elections but the execution of bypolls is being done by the state. TMC can do anything to win the elections.”

He even raised doubts about the EVMs. He said, “Anything can be done with the EVMs. You can’t deny foul play of the ruling party in the counting.”

Citing the reasons behind his suspicion, Sinha said, “During Lok Sabha elections, the BJP won the Kaliaganj and Kharagpur Sadar Assembly constituencies with huge margins whereas in Kaliaganj and Karimpur the party got more votes as compared to the 2016 Assembly elections. Still we lost in all the three seats? TMC has won the Kharagpur Sadar seat for the first time. These all things raise doubts. Everywhere, from media to the public, it was being said that the BJP will win the bypolls.”

From Kaliaganj seat, TMC candidate Tapan Deb Sinha won against the BJP’s Kamal Chandra Sarkar with a 2,414-vote margin, whereas from Karimpur TMC candidate Bimlendu Sinha Roy humbled his nearest rival, state BJP Vice President Jay Prakash Majumder by over 24,000 votes. TMC’s Pradip Sarkar wrested Kharagpur Sadar seat from the BJP as he defeated Premchandra Jha of the saffron party by a comfortable margin of 20,788 votes.

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Was Ajit Pawar a Trojan Horse, wonders BJP now


Ajit Pawar, in an early morning ‘jhappi’ with his cousin Supriya Sule at the Maharashtra Legislature on Wednesday, furnished due optics that the “estranged” NCP leader is back in the fold. Later in the day, he attended the NCP legislative party meeting and addressed the MLAs, saying that he never left the party. Sources say that he is being tipped as the party floor leader in due course.

But his abrupt change in course has led to eyebrows being raised and senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader Eknath Khadse questioning former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis over his decision to in align with the allegedly tainted Pawar junior. The question doing rounds within the BJP now is whether Ajit Pawar’s “defection” was meant to lure the BJP in forming the government, before he jumped the ship midway.

While the BJP has been caught unaware of NCP supremo Sharad Pawar’s moves and that the fact that the junior Pawar had succumbed to pressure so soon has caused doubts in many BJP leaders, said an insider.

The BJP is trying to ascertain if the moves made by Pawar senior were a scripted coup which the party could not anticipate, said a leader. While the NCP chief has been biggest gainer with Ajit Pawar getting a “clean chit” from the Anti-Corruption Bureau and daughter Supriya Sule getting settled as ‘Gen Next’ leader as she was seen receiving all the MLAs in the assembly.

The Lok Sabha MP from Baramati, who has been in the shadows of her father and cousin has emerged the undisputed heir apparent of the NCP patriarch. With the “revolt” of the junior Pawar, the NCP supremo has given a subtle message to the alliance partners that without him, the government can fall any day.

But Ajit Pawar has also proved that he has clout in his party. On Tuesday, at the Hotel Trident, where the joint legislature party meeting of the alliance partners — the Shiv Sena, the NCP and the Congress — was being held, there were placards reading: “We love you, Ajit Dada Pawar”, though he has not present.

Having “turned the tables” on his mentor and uncle Sharad Pawar on Saturday, Ajit Pawar on Tuesday seem to have succumbed to the persuasion of his extended family and resigned as Deputy Chief Minister, bringing down the short-lived Fadnavis government.

The ‘deal’ or an understanding in the Pawar family is not yet public, but sources say the family is closely-knit and even celebrated ‘Bhai Dooj’ together in the glare of the cameras. The nephew, like his uncle, is unpredictable and temperamental, said a party insider. He often sings one of Kishore Kumar’s best songs: “Mere dil mein aaj kya hai, tu kahe to me bata doon” (What lies in my heart, if you ask, I can tell you). But what is really in the heart of Ajit Pawar, perhaps nobody knows.

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Pawan tweet attacks religious bias under Jagan


Jana Sena Party founder Pawan Kalyan launched indirect but sharp attack on the ruling YCP along religious lines. He tweeted a video of Chilukuru temple priest Ranagarajan’s controversial comments. The priest said that they had no objection to the hike in subsidies for Jerusalem and Haj pilgrims in AP. But the question is why Jagan Circar does not extend similar generosity towards the Hindu temples as well.

Pawan did not make his comments directly. But he translated speech of Rangarajan into Telugu and tweeted it. Thereby Pawan totally endorsed the comments. The priest posed questions as to why the so-called secular governments of AP, Telangana and others are collecting 23.5 per cent of income of temples but not masjids and churches. This is being taken in the form of various taxes like endowment administration, audit fee, archaka welfare fund and common good fund. Such taxes and fee are not being collected from the other religions.

Pawan tweet raised lot of political dust in the Telugu states. Already, Jana Senani has given ample indications of his reopening past ties with the BJP. Since his visit to Delhi a few days ago, Pawan intensified his attack on YCP. Coinciding with this, the BJP leaders are also heavily criticising Jagan. Modi Circar already began its steady crackdown.

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Pawan Kalyan puts movie comeback on temporary hold?

Directors and producers were thrilled when Pawan Kalyan invited them to their office and asked them to narrate stories two months ago. During this period, he was excitedly all hears to the narration of four directors. He had given a formal nod to two projects. But he didn’t give them any commitment to the launch. He said them to work on the script.

Soon his comeback news created a frenzy. Media write-ups followed, producers were busy fixing the dates for auspicious muhurthams. When everything was going smooth for his comeback, he has suddenly changed the gears.

Political grapevine has it that he’s putting his Tollywood comeback on hold as he faces extra responsibility as the political leader. His Delhi trip is seen as a possible tie-up with BJP.

There is no official word about his consultations with the BJP bosses, the corridors of power are murmuring that he will become quite busy as a politician now. If that is the case, he may have to put his films on hold temporarily.

Pawan Kalyan has agreed to act in the remake of ‘Pink’ and also liked the story of Krish. When will these hit the floors? The outcome of his discussions with the BJP bosses will give clarity.

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Capital farmers ask Ram Madhav for Centre’s interference


Amaravati Capital farmers met and narrated their woes to BJP national general secretary Ram Madhav. They told him how they are being subjected to mental agony just because they gave their ancestral lands for Capital City construction. They said that CM Jaganmohan Reddy and his Ministers have deliberately destroyed the Amaravati image in the name of one particular caste. They informed Ram Madhav that farmers of all communities are involved in the capital project. The farmers asked Madhav for the Modi government’s interference to resolve the Amaravati Capital crisis. All works are stopped amid rumors of capital shifting.

Responding on the complaints, Ram Madhav demanded that CM Jagan give clarity on his Capital City policy without further delay. Madhav promised to arrange a meeting for Amaravati farmers with PM Modi and Amit Shah. The farmers also told Madhav that the YCP government has reduced them to beggars. Payment of a few thousands of compensation would not be enough for their livelihoods. Farmers said that Jagan is giving punishment to them for their innocent task of providing lands to Capital.

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No need to fear Jagan: BJP tells TDP MLAs


At every small opportunity, the BJP is stealing the thunder from the ruling YCP in Andhra. Now, BJP AP coordinator Raghu Ram tells TDP MLAs Vallabhaneni Vamsi and Ganta Srinivasa Rao not to be afraid of YCP harassment tactics. These two MLAs are negotiating talks with both YCP and BJP leaders. Vamsi has already met BJP national leader Sujana Chowdary and CM Jaganmohan Reddy as well.

There are reports that Vamsi and Ganta may join YCP soon. But Raghu Ram says that these two MLAs are most likely to join the BJP because it has brighter future in Andhra politics. The BJP has already assured the two MLAs that it will provide all sorts of political protection to them from the police and political harassment by YCP. Raghu Ram gave indications that the BJP will take all steps necessary to stop migration of TDP leaders into YCP because of its harassment politics.

Raghu Ram’s comments have triggered intense speculation on the fate of Jagan Circar. This is the first time that the BJP is openly assuring TDP leaders not to fear Jagan. A section of BJP AP leaders are strongly in favour of quicker CBI action against Jagan in his Rs. 45,000 cr illegal assets cases. Next three months may indeed shake up Andhra politics.

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TRS leaders eyeing RTC prime properties: BJP


BJP Telangana President K Laxman has assured his party’s total supply to the RTC employees in the face of threats from Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao. In the coming days, the RTC agitation will be taken to the Delhi level. Already, the BJP national leadership is fully aware of the employees’ problems. They will take preventive steps at a right time. Laxman accused the TRS leaders of setting their sights on grabbing the multi-crore prime properties of RTC. These properties are located in Hyderabad and different towns all over the state.

RTC JAC convener Aswathama Reddy and other leaders met with Laxman at the BJP office. Later, Laxman talked about the oppressive measures being taken by the KCR government. He asked whether the ruling TRS has any right to close down the RTC. The employees need not be afraid of the empty threats being issued by KCR.

The BJP Telangana leaders are forming an agenda to involve their party in the agitation for protection of RTC properties. On the other hand, KCR is saying that employees’ salaries can be paid only if the RTC properties are sold out.

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Maha-results: BJP-Sena notch early leads


The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-Shiv Sena candidates were leading in over 30 constituencies, while the opposition Congress-Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) nominees in around 12, as early trends of the October 21 Maharashtra Assembly elections became available here on Thursday.

Among the prominent leaders were the BJP’s Radhakrishna Vikhe-Patil in Shirdi, Nitesh Rane in Kankavali, Mohini Eknath Khadse in Muktainagar and Shiv Sena’s Aditya Thackeray in Worli.

From the opposition side, thr NCP’s Ajit Pawar in Baramati, Congress’ Leader of Opposition Vijay Wadettiwar in Brahmapuri and Balasaheb Thorat in Sangamner were leading as per the initial trends in around 50 of the 288 constituencies.

Besides the ruling BJP-Sena and Congress-NCP, other important parties in the fray include: Raj Thackeray’s Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, Prakash Ambedkar’s Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi, the Owaisis’ All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen and Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party.

Tight security, with over 200,000 police personnel has been deployed as more than 25,000 election officials started the counting of votes simultaneously across the state.

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BJP looks set to continue winning streak in Haryana, Maharashtra


The BJP on Monday looked set to maintain its winning streak in Maharashtra and Haryana, with the IANS-CVoter Exit Poll predicting a massive victory for the party in the Assembly elections in the two states where it is already in power.

The saffron party appeared headed for a landslide victory in Haryana and a win with a huge margin in Maharashtra along with its allies, including Shiv Sena, five months after the tremendous performance in Lok Sabha elections.

In Haryana, the BJP was projected to bag 66-74 seats in the 90-member Assembly, while Maharashtra appeared to be giving it a mandate of 198-222 seats in the 288-member House, according to the exit poll.

In the last Assembly elections held in 2014, the party had got 47 seats in Haryana and 185 seats in Maharashtra along with Shiv Sena.

The saffron party made a clean sweep in this year’s Lok Sabha elections in Haryana, winning all the 10 seats at stake. In Maharashtra, the BJP-Shiv Sena coalition bagged 41 out of 48 Lok Sabha seats.

In the Assembly elections held on Monday, the Congress-led UPA seemed to be lagging way behind in both the states as the exit poll gave it only 3-12 seats in Haryana and 49-75 seats in Maharashtra.

Region wise in Haryana, the BJP appeared to have scored heavily in Ahirwal and Kurukshetra as the exit poll predicted its tally to be 21-24 at both places. In Jatland, the party was projected to bag 13-15 seats and in Bagar.

The UPA was predicted to get 2-4 seats in Jatland, 1-3 in Ahirwal, 0-3 in Kurukshetra and 0-2 in Bagar.

In terms of vote share, the BJP was predicted to get 42.4 per cent against 26 per cent of Congress and 19 per cent of Jannayak Janata Party (JJP), a breakaway faction of Indian National Lok Dal (INLD).

The BJP seemed to have got the maximum vote share of 48.1 per cent in Kurukshetra, followed by 44 per cent in Ahirwal, 37 per cent in Bagar and 35 per cent in Jatland.

The Congress appeared to have got 32.5 per cent in Jatland, 26.6 per cent in Ahirwal, 25.1 per cent in Bagar and 22.5 per cent Kurukshetra.

The JJP’s vote share was predicted to be 25.4 per cent in Bagar region, followed by 19.8 per cent in Jatland, 17.5 per cent in Kurukshetra and 15.8 per cent in Ahirwal. The JJP was predicted to get 7 seats.

In Maharashtra, the BJP-led NDA seemed to have performed the best in Vidarbha region where it was projected to get 47-51 seats, followed by 42-46 in West Maharashtra, 30-34 in Konkan, 29-33 in Mumbai, 26-30 in Marathvada and 24-28 in North Maharashtra.

The UPA seemed to be getting the maximum of 21-25 seats in West Maharashtra, followed by 11-15 in Marathvada, 8-12 in North Maharashtra, 6-10 in Vidarbha, 3-7 in Konkon and 0-6 in Mumbai.

In terms of vote share, the NDA was predicted to grab 45.3 per cent while the UPA was expected to get 35.6 per cent.

Out of the NDA’s vote share, 26.8 per cent seemed to be going for BJP and 18.5 per cent to its ally Shiv Sena.

The biggest vote share of 54.4 per cent for NDA seemed to be coming from Mumbai region, followed by 49.6 per cent in Konkon, 47.6 per cent in North Maharashtra, 43.5 per cent in West Maharashtra, 42.8 per cent in Vidarbha and 41.1 per cent in Marathvada.

Between UPA allies Congress and NCP, a vote share of 19.5 per cent seemed to be going towards the former and 16.1 per cent towards the latter.

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TDP Ex Minister joins BJP in Delhi


Former Minister Adinarayana Reddy has formally joined the BJP in the presence of BJP National Working President JP Nadda in Delhi. For a long time, Adinarayana Reddy has been meeting BJP leaders ever since Jaganmohan Reddy became CM in AP. Adinarayana Reddy has serious differences with the Jagan group in the Kadapa district politics. He is facing specific threat from the YCP leaders since he left that party after winning the 2014 polls on the YCP ticket.

Adinarayana Reddy’s joining BJP is being considered a political calculated strategy because of the faction politics in Kadapa. Moreover, it has become a do or die struggle for Adinarayana Reddy because of the brute force of the Jagan camp in the district. Adinarayana Reddy is under heavy target as he challenged the YCP in Kadapa Lok Sabha Election in 2019 but got defeated.

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