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Political Marriage: Allagadda strongman’s daughter to wed Vijayawada ex-MLA son


He is an America-returned young gun aspiring for a political position in AP. He is working very hard to inherit his father’s political legacy in Vijayawada. She too is a US-educated girl who is out to carve a niche for herself in Kurnool and Nandyal area. Her father too is a senior politician. Both these young guns are now all set to tie the knot.

Former MLA and TDP biggie Bonda Umamaheswara Rao’s son Bonda Siddharth is all set to marry former seed development corporation chairperson and Allagadda strongman AV Subba Reddy’s daughter Jashwanthi Reddy. Both have studied together in the US and knew each other for quite some time. Both are very active in TDP politics and form part of the young brigade.

Jashwanthi has already begun touring Nandyal assembly constituency and is being assisted by dad AV Subba Reddy. Subba Reddy, who was once a close camp follower and the right hand man of Bhuma Nagireddy, has now fallen out from Bhuma’s daughter and former minister Akhila Priya. Jashwanthi is being projected by the TDP as the party’s MLA candidate from Nandyal. She is now being viewed as a threat by Akhila Priya and the Bhuma family.

Bonda Uma too is promoting his son Siddharth in Vijayawada politics. Siddharth is quite active in Vijayawada politics. Many feel that the battle for one-upmanship between Siddharth and Kesineni Nani’s daughter Swetha is at the root of the fight between Bonda Uma and Nani.

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CM telling lies on Visakha Steel deal with Posco?


Has Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy held talks and reached a deal with a South Korean company on the privatisation of the multi-crore Visakha Steel Plant? There are reports that CM Jagan struck a deal with Posco Managing Director at his Tadepalli residence on October 29, 2019 itself. When the photos of this appeared in the media, the steel plant unions had expressed their resentment at that time itself.

If that was the case, how is that the CM has now written a letter to the Prime Minister to roll back the privatisation drive? The TDP says the Chief Minister is clearly telling all lies in this respect. Former MLA Bonda Uma says that this is clearly one more quid pro quo deal that is aimed at giving the Rs. 2 lakh Cr worth Visakha Steel to the South Korean company at just Rs. 5,000 Cr.

Mr. Uma said that the YCP collusion was evident by the fact that its 28 MPs did not utter a single word against the Vizag Steel privatisation when it was announced in the Parliament. They were all there in Delhi only to promote their selfish financial interests and to grab assets and industries in AP but not to protect the interests of the State. MP Vijaya Sai Reddy has been playing a dubious role in destroying the steel plant also. The CM and his MPs have prepared ground to loot the special economic zones (SEZs), prominent clubs and ports in the State. They have set their sights on Waltair Club, Film Nagar Club, Bay Park, etc in Vizag. Now, they were not even sparing the Visakha Steel which was regarded as the pride of Andhra. The YCP leaders have already grabbed the Kakinada SEZ, Kakinada Port, Krishnapatnam Port, Bandar Port and such huge assets.

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Bonda Uma lashes out at YSRCP ministers on Amaravati


Telugu Desam Party party spokesperson Bonda Umamaheswara Rao slashed out the YSRCP ministers and MLAs on the Amaravati issue asking why they had not objected to the declaration of Amaravati as the capital city of Andhra Pradesh when the TDP regime took that decision.

He said the state government was hell-bent on destroying Amaravati and the larger interests of Andhra Pradesh only out of sheer political vendetta. “The state government has put the fate of entire Andhra Pradesh at a stake,” he said.

Stating that the TDP was transparent and open in announcing Amaravati as the state capital, Bonda Uma said former chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu had declared Amaravati as capital only after taking into consideration the suggestions of Sivaramakrishanan Committee and also as per the conditions laid down by the central government. “The government is destroying the capital city only for creating wealth for a few leaders of the ruling party,” Bonda Uma alleged.

On the issue of shifting executive capital to Visakhapatnam, Bonda Uma said it was only to ensure that the values of lands owned by the YSRCP multiples. Further, he alleged that the YSRCP top leaders had acquired more 30,000 acres in the surroundings of the port city.

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Threat to my life, fears Bonda Uma


TDP leader Bonda Uma on Monday claimed that he was on the hit list of the ruling YSRCP saying there’s a constant threat to his life and demanded that police protection be provided.

Talking to media, Bonda Uma, who was earlier attacked allegedly by the YSRCP leaders in run up to the civic body elections, claimed that he was receiving threat calls from the ruling party leaders that he will be killed by June 22. He also said a complaint was lodged with the police earlier, but the Jagan government had failed to provide police cover. “Even the DGP advised the government to provide police protection but so far the government had failed to take cognizance of the same,” he said.

Further, he said there was a lot of pressure on TDP leaders to quit the party to join the YSRCP. “Those who refuse to quit the party are being slapped with false cases, arrested and sent to jails. We will not be cowed down by these threats and continue to expose the misdeeds of the government under Jagan rule. Jagan and the police department will be solely held responsible if something happens to the TDP leaders. I have the phone numbers of those making the threat calls. There at least five top TDP leaders on YSRCP hit list,” he said.

He pointed out Achannaidu, J C Prabhakar Reddy and Chintamaneni, who were sent to 14-day judicial remand, are classic cases of political victimisation and vendetta by the YSRCP leadership.

While Atchannaidu was sent to 14-day judicial remand in the alleged ESI scam even after the Vigilance and Enforcement report made no mention of his name linking to the irregularities in purchase of drugs and medicines, Prabhakar Reddy was sent to 14-day judicial custody in connection with alleged purchase of BS III vehicles by fabricating documents and showing them as BS IV vehicles.

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Jagan betrayals and failures pushed AP into an abyss: TDP


Telugu Desam Party former MLA Bonda Umamaheswara Rao has lashed out at the ruling YCP’s challenge for a debate on the one year performance of Jaganmohan Reddy rule when compared to the previous Chandrababu Naidu regime. Jagan Reddy misrule has pushed Andhra Pradesh into a deep abyss with no chance for any recovery for the next 20 years considering how YCP mafia gangs were systematically smashing all public properties including temples and schools.

The TDP leader advised Government Chief Whip Gadikota Srikant Reddy not to make boastful challenges for debates with Chandrababu Naidu or Lokesh in Kuppam. Instead, the Chief Minister should face common people for a debate in Tadepalli itself to find out how the general public were vexed with his rule in just one year. Right now, AP people were frustrated with the settlements, looting and plundering by YCP coterie in land, sand, liquor, temples, schools and everywhere.

Mr. Uma said even temples were not being spared as the YCP regime started gifting away TTD lands at Tirumala to its favoured Swamijis in a very unprecedented manner. The latest GO 165 was issued to give away 4,871 sft prime land atop Seven Hills to a Swamiji who is a YCP activist. Also, Rs. 2.5 Cr scam took place in Srisailam temple while thousands of crores worth properties of Simhachalam Temple have fallen in the eyes of the YCP leaders who were camping in Visakhapatnam.

Mr. Uma asked whether non-fulfillment of promises to DWCRA women and cancellation of Anna Canteens were not part of the ongoing destruction of poor people’s lives. Jagan Reddy promised total waiver of DWCRA loans but did not give a single rupee now. Even under Amma Vodi, only 42 lakh students out of the total 80 lakh were given Rs 15,000 cash assistance. The remaining students were disqualified on condition that only one benefit per mother. Even this money was taken back by Jagan Government under its dubious ‘Nanna Buddi’ which hiked liquor prices abnormally.

The ex MLA deplored that Jagan Reddy betrayed even tailors and nayi brahmins by putting trade licence as a condition for getting Rs. 10,000 year benefit. Getting a trade licence itself costs Rs. 15,000 per year. While there are 9 lakh vehicles in the State, YCP gave Vahana Mitra cash only for 2.26 lakh drivers but tried to get lots of publicity.

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From coolie to crorepati, all destroyed under YCP One Year rule: ex MLA


TDP former MLA Bonda Umamaheswara Rao on Saturday deplored that in the first year of its five year rule itself, the YCP government has thoughtlessly implemented many retrogressive policies that eventually drove industrialists away from Andhra Pradesh. The hopelessly greedy and selfish policies of CM Jaganmohan Reddy have ravaged the State economy as a whole and wrecked the lives of all sections from coolies to middle income groups to crorepatis.

The TDP leader said that the atrocious sand policy of the YCP government caused an unprecedented crisis in the construction industry in the entire state that led to loss of job opportunities for 50 lakhs of construction workers with many of them driven to near starvation. CM Jagan and his party leaders dealt a never before blow to the people by making sand unavailable in the state in order to sell it at far higher prices in other states. Blackmarketing of sand within the State was also very high.

Bonda Uma said that the mindless acts like the shifting of Capital City from Amaravati had sent wrong signals that even the existing businesses and industries had begun moving away from AP. Now, it had come to a pitiable situation where no industrialist from India or abroad has invested Rs 1 lakh in Andhra Pradesh in the last one year. Even in respect of MSMEs, the government was making false claims on waiver of bills during the lockdown period when they were mostly closed.

The TDP leader asserted that the previous Chandrababu Naidu government implemented welfare programmes aimed at supporting life cycle needs of a poor family in all occasions from the cradle to the grave. The TDP gave Rs 1 lakh at the time of a girl child marriage and also Rs 2 lakh to Rs 5 lakh Chandranna Beema in times of deaths in any family. Dwacra groups were given Rs 1 lakh per year. The YCP has not implemented any such programmes. Even the welfare corporations were crippled without any funds. Prior to election, Jagan Reddy promised to form welfare corporations to all communities.

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Corona: Jagan for co-habitation while people want divorce: TDP


TDP is demanding that YSRCP should answer for Rs. 2,400 Cr COVID funds released by the Centre. The Opposition party is also unsparing attacking CM Jagan on his repeated comments taking light of COVID. Ex MLA Bonda Umamaheswara Rao has demanded that the YSR Congress Party Government explain to the people on how it had spent Rs. 2,400 Cr Coronavirus funds released by the Central Government since the outbreak of the epidemic in the state. Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Kishan Reddy had disclosed the release of COVID grants but the AP Government had not passed any benefit to the poor people and infected persons receiving treatment.

Bonda Uma deplored that not a single rupee of Central funds had reached the people even as the YSRCP totally ignored TDP’s demand for Rs. 5,000 cash assistance to poor workers. Sufficient rice was not given and poor quality chickpeas were given while the poor families mostly use daal. Most families were not given essential commodities. CM Jagan had not taken steps to save construction workers, migrant labourers or urban poor families who are facing near starvation for the past 40 days.

The ex MLA demanded serious action against YSRCP Anakapalli MP for diverting rice meant for ration card holders to a private godown at a time when poor people were suffering from loss of work and livelihoods in prolonged lockdown. Poor people were now asked to queue up before ration shops and give biometric credentials which is posing risk of virus transmissions to them.

Mr. Bonda Uma sarcastically hit back at CM’s comment, asking how anybody can ask to get ready for co-existence with Corona when the people want a divorce with such a dangerous pandemic. He lashed out at what he described as Jaganmohan Reddy’s ineffective administration causing a spurt in Coronavirus cases in Andhra Pradesh. While cases are increasing day by day, CM is talking about paracetamol, bleaching powder and general fever.

Talking about the newly purchased test kits, the ex MLA said that the ruling party chose to take commissions instead of focusing on comprehensive testing to eradicate the epidemic. The ruling leaders talked about distribution of 16 lakh protection masks but not even the police personnel were given such masks. The frontline warriors like doctors and nurses were still facing infection risk due to lack of required protection kits.

Mr. Bonda Uma said that over 50 lakh metric tonnes of foodgrain was produced by the farmers but not even two to three lakh tonnes have been bought while farmers were not paid fully till now. Horticulture farmers are committing suicides unable to bear losses. Their orchards were destroyed. The aqua farmers have been devastated due to mounting losses. In the course of 40 days, not even one ton of shrimp or fish was bought.

Taking on the state government, Mr. Bonda Uma asked what has happened to Rs 3,000 crore price stabilization fund promised by CM. The government has not paid minimum support price to the farmers so far.

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Poor workers suffering from hunger as YSRCP leaders celebrate muscle power?


Collapse of construction, trade and industry sectors caused distress to workers in AP. TDP says while poor workers are unable to quench hunger, YSRCP leaders are celebrating flower festivals. Now, Telugu Desam Party former MLA Bonda Umamaheswara Rao accused the ruling YSR Congress Party MLAs of becoming responsible for unchecked spread of COVID epidemic by conducting crowd-based activities in violation of the lockdown norms. The tractor rallies, public gatherings and food distributions being organised by ruling party MLAs were posing huge risks of virus transmission in different parts of the state.

Bonda Uma said that the rally oranised by Srikalahasti MLA irresponsibly caused infections to many participants including the government officials. The police took no action against the MLA concerned so far while the district administration had to eventually place the entire Kalahasti town under curfew with the general public not able to come out to buy even milk now.

Mr. Bonda Uma recalled how MLA RK Roja organised a public gathering with over 200 rural people just to inaugurate a Rs. 2 lakh borewell. Kovur MLA Nallapureddy Prasanna Kumar Reddy held meeting with thousands of people but his followers tried to attack the local SI for filing an FIR against his lockdown violation. The SI concerned had to escape and then tender apology to the ruling party MLA.

Stating that the ruling party MLAs’ excesses were posing serious threat to public health and safety, Mr. Bonda Uma deplored that the DGP Gautham Sawang was not taking any action in this regard even though the TDP has submitted a memorandum already. The YSRCP MLAs and Ministers were freely violating the Disaster Management Act, 2005, while thousands of cases were filed against ordinary public. DGP himself said thousands of vehicles were seized but he was not talking what steps were taken to control ruling party MLAs.

Mr. Bonda Uma asked CM Jagan Reddy to clarify how autorickshaw, daily wage, construction workers and poor sections of people can celebrate festival with Rs. 1,000 and poor quality chickpea provided by the government. Prolonged lockdown, physical distancing and loss of work for so many weeks are making these poor families to go without food these days.

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Navy objected to Vizag Capital: Bonda Uma


The TDP is asking YCP government whether or not the Eastern Naval Command has seriously warned it against shifting Executive Capital to Visakhapatnam. Ex MLA Bonda Uma said that because of this, Jagan Circar totally fell silent and meekly surrendered to the Navy threats to avoid future confrontation with the Central Government. The Navy objection gave an unexpected blow to CM Jagan 3 Capitals plan. Uma said that Jagan Circar had released crores of funds to shift AP Secretariat to Millennium Towers in Vizag but now all that turned a waste. Navy wrote a letter to AP to stop shifting Secretariat into Millennium Towers for the security of defence installations nearby.

From the beginning, questions were asked whether the Navy would allow Vizag to become the seat of AP administration because that would endanger the sensitive defence and Navy property there. But, CM Jagan blindly went ahead and even began efforts to prepare facilities to run administration from the port city.

The latest Navy negative response has created a tricky situation. Political circles are speculating whether Jagan will lobby again with Modi-Shah or whether he will make alternative plans.

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Bonda Uma loses with 15 votes margin


Vijayawada Central assembly segment has given a surprise result in this election. TDP sitting MLA Bonda Umamaheswara Rao lost to YCP candidate Malladi Vishnu who got a majority of just 15 votes. There was suspense over this segment till the last minute. In the last round also, there was lot of confusion.

Sometimes, Uma got the lead and in some rounds Vishnu had an edge. In every round, there was a suspense-filled drama in this segment. When the last counting came, Uma got a lead of just a few votes over his rival. But he however lost the seat with YCP emerging final victor.

Vijayawada Central is now the segment with the lowest majority. Analysts said that the YCP had got an edge over Uma before the polling itself as there was stated to be anti-incumbency against the sitting MLA. However, Uma could mobilise his resources and men to put up a strong fight.

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​Bonda Uma talks about BJP, but not about his wife


TDP leader Bonda Uma is not only famous in his political circles but also in judicial circles too. As we reported in an article dated February 26th, Bonda Uma’s wife, and her close aide have been served notices by Vijayawada Revenue Officials in a case related to land encroachment. Bonda Uma & Co. tried to encroach the 10-acre land awarded to a family under the ‘Freedom fighter quota’.

The Vijayawada Central Constituency MLA defended himself claimed that his wife is innocent. One should ask this MLA whether the Revenue Officials working for the AP (TDP) Government are so dumb to serve notices. And what’s more interesting is that he chooses to speak about BJP’s fate in the Karnataka Assembly Elections, rather than coming open with a whitepaper report on the Land Encroachment Case.
We are not saying that he shouldn’t comment about BJP’s fate, but we are only asking him to be an example.

Only the almighty should know the future of Andhra Pradesh. On one hand, we have a leader who attends court every Friday, on another hand, we have someone with 40 years’ experience, yet gets fooled and ignores to go through 14th Planning Commission Report. Finally, we have the third one who said he supported some XYZ, because that individual has experience.

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Inside news: CBN Political Master stroke to Bonda


It is known news that, Bonda Uma, TDP MLA is facing allegations of grabbing land belonging to a freedom fighter and cases have been filed on Uma’s family members too. Here’s latest update on that issue and it is actually a political master stroke from none other than Chandra Babu to keep Bonda in check.

Actually, that land grabbing case has been on Bonda since long time. But now suddenly, the issue became serious and CID registered cases against Bonda’s group. As per inside information, from the time Bonda raised his voice regarding not getting a ministry for himself, he wasn’t in good books of CBN. Also CBN got some indicators that Bonda asked Pawan that he would join Janasena if he is given complete control of Krishna and Guntur districts. So considering all these, he gave approval to CB-CID to register a case against ruling party MLA Bonda Uma. Generally , unless there is CM level approval, CID will not register a case on a ruling party MLA. Moreover, recently, it is finalized that, Kapu leader Vangaveeti Radha will be joining TDP very shortly. TDP wanted someone from Kapu community, but who wouldn’t raise voice on CBN and Lokesh. So, Probably, CBN might have preferred Radha over Bonda for next election.

On Bonda side, it looks like, he definitely did land-grabbing. Usually all such transactions are done on Benami names. But he was foolish to register on his wife’s name and he is caught red handed now. Maybe, as the property is worth of around 50 crores, he might have decided not to fully trust benamis and included his wife’s name. Had he registered on some benami name, he would have had some exit plan but now it seems, he is booked totally.

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Bonda Uma threatens to pull down pensions, if voters do not elect TDP

Leader’s words are caught by their followers more quickly than their actions. Following the footsteps of the Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu who said “don’t take pension if you don’t like my rule”, Vijayawada MLA Bonda Uma threatened senior citizens that pension would be slashed if they did not vote for TDP in the upcoming Nandyal by-elections.

Uma who is campaigning in Nandyal town made these controversial statements on Wednesday, during a program of giving away pensions to senior citizens. He asked, “Why will you not vote for TDP, when you are getting aid from the development schemes implemented by our government.”

Apart from demanding the voters to ensure TDP wins in by-poll, he threatened that if they fail to help them win, the citizens will have to face dire consequences.

YSR Congress party filed a complaint with Election Commission on the grounds of violation of Model code of conduct. Uma requested the government workers at the BC welfare hostel to vote for TDP.

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