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TDP MLA Ganta to approach court on his resignation


TDP MLA from Visakhapatnam North Assembly constituency and former minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao is likely to seek high court intervention on his resignation. The MLA had sent his resignation to the Assembly speaker in 2021 in support of the Visakhapatnam Steel Plant agitation. As the speaker had not accepted the resignation, the former minister is planning to seek the court intervention to get his resignation accepted.

Ganta Srinivasa Rao had sent his resignation first on February 6, 2021. He again sent the resignation in the speaker format on February 12, 2021. He met speaker Thammineni Sitharam and made a personal request to accept his resignation. Again on March 15, 2022 during the budget session, the former minister had sent a reminder to the speaker to accept his resignation.

With the speaker not responding to his requests, the former minister is actively considering the proposal to file a case in the high court seeking direction to the speaker to accept his resignation. While it is not known whether the high court would give such a direction to the speaker, particularly in the light of the Assembly debating on the court rulings, the former minister had reportedly approached some senior advocates.

The former minister is supporting the agitation by the trade unions against privatisation of the Visakhapatnam Steel Plant. He had extended his support to the agitation and is being part of the agitation by the trade unions of the steel plant.

Ganta Srinivasa Rao is an influential leader in Visakhapatnam and is one of the four MLAs elected from the city on the TDP ticket in the 2019 elections. While he had sent his resignation, another MLA Vasupalli Ganesh Kumar from the Visakhapatnam South constituency had differed with the party leadership.

If Ganta Srinivasa Rao’s resignation is accepted, the TDP’s strength would come down to 22 members including its chief Chandrababu Naidu. Besides Vasupalli Ganesh Kumar, the TDP had also lost Chirala MLA Karanam Balarama Krishna Murthy, Guntur MLA Maddali Giridhar and Gannavaram MLA Vallabhaneni Vamsi Mohan, who are now disassociating with the TDP and aligned with the ruling YSR Congress.

Sources say that if the speaker accepts Ganta Srinivasa Rao’s resignation, the other three TDP legislators are also likely to give their resignations and seek re-election on YSR Congress ticket. In such a case, the TDP’s strength would come down to 19 members, just on the edge of retaining the Opposition party recognition.

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Ganta reminds speaker of his resignation


TDP MLA and former minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao wrote a letter to AP Assembly speaker Thammineni Sitaram renewing his request to accept his resignation.

The former minister, who was elected to the Assembly in 2019 elections from the Visakhapatnam North Assembly constituency, had sent his resignation in the Speaker format in February 2021.

He sent his resignation in support of the movement against privatisation of the Visakhapatnam Steel Plant.

The former minister backed the employees of the steel plant who have been holding protests against the Central government’s move to privatise.

He is still backing the movement in Visakhapatnam, even as the Central government continues to work towards privatisation of the steel plant.

He is not attending the Assembly session nor is available at the TDP meetings, after sending the resignation. He is keeping himself unavailable for the TDP activities both in his own Assembly constituency and elsewhere in the state.

He was one of the 23 MLAs elected on the TDP ticket in the 2019 elections. Three of them have differed with the party and are now supporting the ruling YSR Congress, bringing down TDP’s strength to 20 unofficially.

If Ganta’s resignation is accepted, the TDP’s strength would fall to 19.

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Is Ganta Srinivas Rao back to pavilion?


It looks like former minister and TDP MLA Ganta Srinivas Rao has decided to continue in TDP and work under the leadership of TDP chief N.Chandrababu Naidu.

Ganta resigned for his MLA post in February 2021 to protest privatisation of Vizag Steel Plant. However, his resignation was not accepted till date.

Although as per official records, he continues to be in TDP and he continues to be TDP MLA, he is staying away from TDP activities since February last year.

During the last one year, Ganta made several attempts to join YSRCP but was blocked by YSRCP leaders who include minister Avanthi Srinivas and Rajya Sabha member Vijayasai Reddy.

Later, Ganta tried to project himself as ‘Kapu leader’ by holding meetings with Kapu leaders of various political parties. But this too backfired as Kapu leaders didn’t agree to work under his leadership.

Later, he tried to enter Jana Sena but there was not much response from Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan. Since he exhausted all other political options, Ganta reportedly decided to continue in TDP and get back to full-time politics.

This became evident as Ganta set up large number of flexies in Vizag greeting people on Sankranthi, which prominently carried pictures of Chandrababu and TDP.

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What’s behind Ganta’s sudden use of caste card?


Veteran politician and former minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao is never known to play caste card. All through his career, he has not spoken about his caste and he always claimed support from all the communities. His victories too have come from constituencies that did not have Kapu domination. But, why is Ganta talking about his caste and is trying to play the caste card?

This question is baffling most political observers. Even when the Kapu reservation issue came up and Mudragada Padmanabham began his protest, Ganta steered clear of the agitation. On the Tuni train attack incident also, Ganta refused to side with the Kapus so much so that the Kapus had laid a siege to Ganta’s Hyderabad residence.

But, the very same Ganta is now talking of the Kapu community. He is saying that the next CM should be from the Kapu community and that despite being numerically strong, the Kapus never had proportional political representation. He has also been organizing meetings of the Kapu community leaders at various places. He has called for Kapu unity.

Sources say that Ganta has decided to become politically active again. Hence he has decided to use caste as the vehicle for his new political journey. Sources say that Ganta foresees new political alignments by mid-2022 and hence has decided to talk about Kapu factor. Both the TDP and the YSRCP are keenly watching his political moves. We may have to wait for some more time for Ganta to reveal his mind.

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Is Ganta planning to emerge as kingpin of Kapu politics?


Ganta Srinivasa Rao is a bellwether politician, who knows which side of the bread is buttered. He knows the right time to jump into the right party so that he gets the right position. His calculations went awry only in 2019, when he could not latch on to YS Jagan bandwagon and remained in the margins. Now, he appears to be preparing ground for 2024 elections and this time around, he has a different card to play.

He now appears to be planning to play the Kapu card to the hilt. There are at least two straws in the wind that reveal a lot about his plans. He has recently participated in the unveiling of Kapu icon Vangaveeti Ranga’s statue in Guntapalli village of Payakaraopet mandal.

Speaking on the occasion, he said that the Kapus would soon become the rulers and would play a decisive role in shaping AP’s politics. He also called upon the Kapus to unite and play a key role in AP politics. Soon after this, he held a key meeting of Kapu influencers from across the two Telugu states in Hyderabad. The meeting discussed how the Kapus can claim their rightful share of power.

Sources say that these are indications that Ganta is planning to mobilize the Kapu community and is trying to emerge as the kingpin of Kapu politics. He is keeping cards close to his chest and is not revealing his mind. But, sources say that he is going to become politically active in 2022.

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What’s behind MLA Ganta’s political moves?


Senior politician Ganta Srinivasa Rao has perfected the art of surprising the people with his sudden moves. This time again, he has surprised everyone, including his party – the TDP – with his move. He has supported the TDP and even organised protests heeding to the party call. Sounds confusing? Wondering what’s the big deal about heeding to the party’s call? Then read on.

Ganta has been dominating the Vizag district politics by over three decades. He was an MLA, an MP and a minister. Ganta is known to change his constituencies like he changes his shirt. Also, he is known to change his parties. He always joins the ruling party and manages to grab a plum post. But 2019 elections proved to be different.

In 2019, he had won on TDP ticket but the YSRCP formed the government. As is his wont, Ganta tried every trick in the trade to sneak into the YSRCP and become a minister. However, he could not do so due to the strong opposition from YSRCP MLAs.. At the same time, he became very inactive in the TDP. He did not meet the party workers and did not organise any party programmes. Then he tried to join the Jana Sena of Pawan Kalyan and began holding meetings of the Kapu MLAs.

Using the Vizag Steel Plant issue as a pretext, he even sent his resignation from the assembly. He has done this without even consulting his own party leadership. But, he never really pursued his resignation. So, he is in the TDP, but is not with the TDP. So, everyone thought that he would leave the TDP sooner than later.

Now the latest is that Ganta has suddenly become loyal to his party, the TDP. He has organised protest programmes against the YSRCP on the Pattabhi issue. Ganta’s sudden activism has left everyone surprised. He has not only organised protests but also supported Chandrababu. Sources say that he has decided to mend fences with the TDP and Chandrababu in view of the possibility of a Jana Sena-TDP alliance by 2024.

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Ganta, who ‘resigned’ on steel plant issue, is silent as privatisation moves pick pace


Questions are being raised in Visakhapatnam over the continued absence of Ganta Srinivasa Rao from the Vizag Steel Plant agitation. The Vizag North MLA had submitted his resignation from the legislative assembly on the issue of the privatization of the steel plant. But, after submitting the resignation, which is yet to be accepted, he remained inaccessible.

On February 11 this year, he sent his resignation addressed to the speaker of the assembly while participating in the protest organized at Kurmannapalem in Vizag by the Visakha Ukku Parirakshana Porata Samiti. He also assured to participate in all the agitations organized by the Samiti. However, after submitting the resignation, which still remains unaccepted, he has not showed up at any agitation. He has largely kept to himself.

With the Central Government speeding up the process of privatization, there is a fresh agitation. The employees have been organizing rallies and protests. There are dharnas on a regular basis. The employees unions have recently toured Delhi, met the ministers and staged a two-day dharna at the Jantar Mantar. Ganta, who promised to be part of any agitation, did not join the protests. This has raised quite a few eyebrows about his real intentions. The union leaders feel that the resignation was a mere drama.

Sources said that Ganta had desperately tried to join the YSRCP, but Rajya Sabha MP Vijaysai Reddy has effectively scuttled his attempts. To bring pressure on the YSRCP, he announced his resignation. However, the YSRCP largely ignored him. Even the TDP did not make any effort to dissuade him from going to the YSRCP. Thus, he was neither here nor there. Since then, Ganta has kept to himself and is not being seen in public. Even Vizag Steel Plant issue seem to be failing to stir him into action.

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Ganta condemns Vijayasai comments about him leaving TDP


Former minister and TDP MLA Ganta Srinivasa Rao has responded on Vijaya Sai comments that Ganta will soon join YSRCP. Details as below.

Ganta Srinivasa Rao was minister in Congress government as well as TDP governments. He is one of the very few leaders from TDP who won elections in 2019 despite anti wave on TDP. But since the last 2 years, there have been rumours about him deserting the party and joining YSRCP. Now, just ahead of municipal polls, Ganta Srinivasa Rao’s follower Kashi Vishwanath joined YSRCP today. Speaking on the occasion, YSRCP MP Vijayasaireddy said that many others are also joining YSRCP as they are impressed with Jagan’s rule. He also said Ganta Srinivasa Rao had sent some proposals which are pending approval from Jagan and once Jagan approves those proposals, Ganta also will join YSRCP.

Ganta condemned the comments of Vijayasai Reddy and challenged him to disclose the proposals he sent, if any. He made it clear that he is not changing the party and this is all mind game started by Vijaya Sai Reddy. He said, many of his followers joined other parties in last 2 years but he is not leaving TDP. Despite condemning these rumours several times, YSRCP is creating the same rumours again and again, he added.

We need to wait and see how Vijayasai responds on Ganta comments.

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MLA Ganta protests and resigns over Visakha Steel


The agitation against the Visakha Steel privatisation is fast reaching the next level. Former Minister and MLA Ganta Srinivasa Rao has resigned from his MLA post in protest against the privatisation of the Visakha Steel Plant. He has announced that he will form a Joint Action Committee for all political parties to fight against the privatisation move. Ganta’s politically strategic move has created a sensation in North Andhra.

For quite some time, Ganta has been inactive in the TDP. There were rumours of his becoming close to the YCP. But, he has not taken the final plunge till now. He has also kept his future political moves a closely guarded secret. Now, all of a sudden, Ganta has become active, probably unwilling to sit silent when an emotive issue like the Visakha Steel agitation is fasting taking a full shape.
Not stopping at that, Ganta has issued a big challenge to all parties. He has demanded all the MLAs and the MPs of all parties in Andhra to resign to express solidarity for the steel plant agitation.

Ganta has proved himself as a very shrewd politician by bringing pressure on all the parties with equal emphasis. By doing so, he has successfully projected himself as an MLA who is still unattached to any political party. He is obviously keeping a safe distance from both the YCP and the TDP.

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Back to Operation Aakarsh: Ganta to join Jagan’s YSRCP?


This is time for Operation Aakarsh. After making the final move on Capital shifting, CM Jaganmohan Reddy is going to give another shock to the TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu. It is by winning over a senior leader and senior TDP MLA Ganta Srinivasa Rao. Reports say that Ganta is going to join the YSRCP in the presence of Jagan Reddy on August 16. This is exactly a day after the Independence Day celebrations were officially held in Vizag where the Governor is expected to unfurl the tricolour but not in Amaravati.

The timing of the joining of Ganta is seen as a carefully calculated one on the part of the CM. Whatever it is, it is for certain that there will be a groundswell of criticism against the 3 Capitals plan. Especially, the day on which the state’s official I-Day parade and celebrations would be held in Visakhapatnam, there will be much heartburn among the people.

Already, dissenting voices are being heard from Rayalaseema and South Coastal Andhra. People’s agitations seemed inevitable. At such a time, what is left for Jagan Reddy is only to once again implement Operation Aakarsh. This time, Ganta is stated to be the first catch. On several occasions before, Ganta has ruled out shifting his loyalties. This time, there are doubts whether the present rumours would really come true.

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Ganta Srinivas preparing ground to join YSRCP


Is Ganta Srinivas bidding adieu to TDP? Sources said Ganta is preparing ground to jump the TDP ship to sail with the YSRCP. Apparently, Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy also seems to be inclined to allow Ganta into his party fold. Ganta was reportedly in touch with the party leaders. He is also likely to meet Jagan Mohan Reddy to formally wear the YSRCP ‘kanduva’. It is also learnt that Ganta expressed his willingness to join the YSRPC and held consultations with Jagan Mohan Reddy in this regard. Further, Ganta is likely to join the YSRCP on August 15 when Jagan Mohan Reddy will begin the distribution of house sites to the poor.

However, it is also learnt that Ganta’s joining the YSRCP was being blocked by Rajya Sabha MP and tourism minister Avanthi Srinivas. The three leaders have locked horns over several issues, including corruption charges and arrest of TDP leaders by the Andhra Pradesh government.

Both Ganta Srinivas and Avanthi Srinivas go a long way. Both travelled together in their political journey. Both were ‘friends’ in Chiranjeevi’s Praja Rajyam Party (now defunct), TDP and the Congress.

However, both the leaders have not been seeing eye-to-eye for a long time now. Matters between them precipitated after Ganta was keen on contesting from Bheemunipatnam Assembly constituency. Avanti won the seat in 2009 on a PRP ticket. Ahead of 2014 polls, the two jumped the PRP boat to sail with the TDP. While Ganta was asked to contest from Bheemunipatnam, Avanti was given the Anakapalli Lok Sabha seat. Although Avanti won from Anakapalle, his heart was always close to Bhimili as several of his educational institutions are centered.

Recently, Avanti also commented that Ganta will be the next in line to be arrested after TDP leader Atchannaidu and a host of other leaders.

It is not just Avanthi Srinivas, Ganta also ruffled the feathers of Rajya Sabha MP Vijaysai Reddy by seeking a SIT investigation into the land scam in Visakhapatnam. He had also written to Jagan Mohan Reddy in this regard. In a retort, Vijayasai Reddy accused Ganta of corruption in the distribution of free cycles during the TDP regime. In a tweet, Vijaysai Reddy alleged that corruption had taken place to the tune of Rs 5 crore in the purchase of cycles for Rs 12 crore.

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Ganta Srinivas says he will not quit TDP!


At a time when TDP MLAs and other senior leaders are giving shock to TDP supremo N Chandrababu Naidu by deserting him, the former minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao on Tuesday categorically stated that he wil not quit TDP and made it clear that he will remain with TDP.

Ganta dismissed rumours that he planned to desert the TDP. He clarified that he never thought of leaving TDP as being rumoured in the media every day.

However, Ganta said that he welcomed the YSRCP government’s proposal on the executive capital in Visakhapatnam, but at the same time the YSRCP government must ensure justice to the farmers who had pooled their lands for the state capital at Amaravati.

Ganta wanted the government to dispel fears of deteriorating law and order situation in the state provided the state capital is located at Visakhapatnam.

He said that he was committed to TDP supremo N Chandrababu Naidu’s decision to lend support to the farmers of Amaravati region at this hour of crisis.

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Ex Minister Ganta’s properties up for bank auction


TDP MLA Ganta Srinivasa Rao is once again in news because of his default in repayment of huge loans. The Indian Bank officials have now given notice that Ganta’s properties will be auctioned in Vizag on December 20. These properties are worth Rs.35 Cr. This is far less compared to the Rs. 209 Cr loans taken by the former minister. All these loans are taken in the name of Pratyusha Resources and Infra Projects Pvt Ltd.

The bank officials are trying to identify other properties of the TDP MLA to recover the amount. One prime plot owned by Ganta in Vizag North segment is also being auctioned now. In the past, Ganta Srinivasa Rao faced allegations that he used the government lands as security to get huge bank loans.

Since YCP won power, Ganta is not active in politics though he won MLA seat from Vizag North. Rumours spread recently that he met BJP top leaders in Delhi to change party. Ganta didn’t attend Pawan Kalyan Long March despite Chandrababu asking him to do so. Ganta’s followers are confident that he will take a correct decision soon to suit the emerging political situation in AP.

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Why Ganta demands financial capital status for Vizag?


Visakhapatnam is not in the list of 4 Capital Cities to be created if YCP Government shuts down Amaravati as per existing rumours. Vizianagaram figured in the list as likely capital for the three districts of North Coastal Andhra. This has triggered angry reactions from Vizagites against Minister Botsa Satyanarayana who hails from Vizianagaram district.

It is well known that currently Vizag is the largest city in Andhra. It has got a major port, Navy, big industrial establishments, airport, IT and pharma hubs. This is why Visakhapatnam has already become popular as the financial capital of Andhra. Only because of its geographical disadvantage, it couldn’t be made administrative capital of the entire Andhra Pradesh. How is it that rumours floated Vizianagaram name in place of Vizag? Doubts arose whether regional strong leader Botsa has played his own game in the multiple capitals master plan.

Apparently sensing murky politics, Ex Minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao made a smart demand for announcing Vizag as the financial capital. There’s no such status in any other state. Even Mumbai is called financial capital of India just because most top industrial groups are headquartered there.

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Yes, CBN is role model for Ganta in backstabbing: Avanti


A war of words is going on between AP Minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao and Anakapalli MP Avanthi Srinivas. Their bitter rivalry surfaced after Avanthi quit TDP and joined YCP to contest against Ganta in Bhimili assembly segment. Now both the leaders are making allegations and counter allegations against each other. Ganta said he had no reason to quit TDP now and that Chandrababu Naidu has been his political mentor from the beginning of his career.

Reacting sharply against rumours, Ganta said even when he was a minister in the Congress party in the past, he said in a media interview that Chandrababu was the leader who had given him a new life in politics. He accused his political opponents of unduly spreading false rumours that he was holding talks with YCP.

Countering the minister’s arguments, Avanthi Srinivas said Ganta has become very arrogant and he is not caring at all for the people of Bhimli segment. Yes, it is true that Chandrababu is the correct role model for Ganta that is in respect of betraying and backstabbing friends and colleagues, Anathi said. Avanthi also accused Ganta of using the influence and power of his close relatives in the ruling TDP to harass political opponents.

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Ganta may quit TDP, keeps options open


Prominent Kapu leader from Uttarandhra and Minister for Human Resources, Ganta Srinivasa Rao, is likely to quit the Telugu Desam Party. He is unhappy with the TDP, particularly after Andhra Jyothi group released a fresh survey. The survey predicted the TDP’s victory but had seen the defeat of Ganta Srinivasa Rao at Bhimili.

Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu had sent emissaries, deputy chief minister Nimmakayala Chinarajappa and Panchakarla Ramesh Babu before he visited Visakhapatnam the other day. The two leaders have tried to pacify the Minister and took him to the Chief Minister’s tour where the Minister had one-to-one meeting with Chandrababu Naidu. Sources said that Ganta had categorically condemned the survey results and attributed it to the Chief Minister. He had reportedly told the Chief Minister that the survey was made by Andhra Jyothi and the results were known to the Chief Minister’s Office before they were made public. However, Chandrababu Naidu had denied having any knowledge of the results and had told the Minister that such reports are common ahead of the elections.

The Minister is now looking at the options of joining the Jana Sena or the YSR Congress. It is said that the Minister is well connected with Jana Sena chief and Chandrababu Naidu took him to the cabinet in 2014 only at the behest of Pawan Kalyan. He had already sent feelers to the Jana Sena chief about his intentions to join the party. While it may not happen now when Pawan Kalyan resumes his tour of Uttarandhra districts on June 26, the sources say that he is keen on quitting the TDP, because of the survey.

“Whatever Andhra Jyothi group says has the prior clearance of Chandrababu Naidu. Andhra Jyothi chief Radha Krishna is in constant touch with the Chief Minister and there is nothing that is reported in that media without Chandrababu Naidu’s clearance,” the Minister had reportedly told some media persons in Visakhapatnam.

Given this statement, it is clear that the Minister is likely to quit the TDP ahead of the elections and join the Jana Sena, while the YSR Congress option too is open.

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Non bailable warrant against Ganta Srinivasa Rao


Non-bailable warrant has been issued against Andhra Pradesh Human Resource Development Minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao. Anakapalli Additional Civil Court Judge has issued a NBW on Wednesday pertaining to the violation of Election code in the 2009 Assembly polls.

The case was related to the illegal distribution of cricket kits during elections when he was contesting from Praja Rajyam Party. The Minister failed to appear before the court despite repeated notices. Consequently the court has issued NBW. The next hearing of the case will be on September 11.

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More trouble for Ganta in Vishaka Land Scam

Following the footsteps of Minister Ch Ayyanna Patrudu, Senior leader of TDP Thota Nagesh filed a complaint with Special Investigating Team against Pratyusha associates which was once lead by Minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao. Nagesh who was a former Chairman District Central Library, alleged that the firm is still in possession of the land belonging to the district library at Prahladapuram area in Visakhapatnam.

Pratyusha associates signed an MoU with the state government to develop a multi complex and a library in 2009. The land worth 100 crores was given on lease for 33years. The company which took over the land in 2009 neither started work on the library in 30000sqft nor on the multi complex in the remaining 1.2lakh sqft. Minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao was director of the firm until February 2014. The MoU was cancelled in 2014 yet the company is the possession of the lands.

The number of complaints againt Minister Ganta has been snowballing ever since the SIT inquiry commenced. It may be recalled that Minister Ayyanna submitted evidences showcasing that the TDP leaders pawned government lands and raised Rs190 crore from banks. Of the 2560 complaints received by SIT, 2000 complaints belonged to the scams in Vizag city. Despite not having faith in the SIT, opposition parties did submit some key documents against TDP leaders who grabbed the lands unlawfully.

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Ganta accuses Ayyanna of tarnishing TDP’s image

The differences between the two Vishakapatnam Telugu Desam Party Cabinet Ministers Ganta Srinivasa Rao and Ch Ayyanna Patrudu have surfaced again. In the wake of allegations of Vishaka land scam, HRD Minister Ganta severely criticised Minister for Roads and Buildings Ayyanna accusing him of tarnishing the party’s image. He held the latter responsible for bringing a bad name to the party. To this extent, Ganta wrote a letter to the Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu.

Ganta said that a comprehensive inquiry into allegations of land scam is being done by CID. It may be recalled that last month Ayyanna minced no words and demanded strict action against the ruling party leaders involved in the scam. Known to be arch rivals, the duo had patched up with the intervention of the chief minister in February. The peace mission seemingly failed within three months.

Chief Minister several times in the past intervened in their rattle as it was causing a vertical division in the party. While Ganta has the backing of Chandrababu, Ayyanna Patrudu enjoys the support of Nara Lokesh and Nandamuri Balakrishna.

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Ganta heckled in Assembly over his “Srimantudu” haste


Education minister Ghanta Srinivasarao found himself at the receiving end of loud chorus of boos when YSRCP member RK Roja said the education minister hurriedly concluded his Guntur trip after Rishiteswari suicide to get back to Hyderabad as if he had some urgent meeting- but the meeting was a movie function.

“He went there leisurely four days after the university student’s suicide. Instead of paying a visit to Rishiteswari’s grieving parents, he called them to his hotel. And he hurriedly got back to Hyderabad finishing his meeting with them in minutes. Mind it, he got back to Hyderabad not to attend any important meeting, nor was there any cabinet meeting. He was in a hurry only to attend the functions of Srimantudu movie,” Roja said in Assembly during a debate on ragging in educational institutions.

Roja lashed out at Ghanta for his casual approach to the death of a brilliant student and alleged that minister had given more importance to Srimanthudu audio release function than the suicide case of a student. Ganta’s clarification that he attended the audio function of Srimanthudu as it was a movie with a social message did not impress anyside.

Even speaker Kodela Sivaprasada Rao also expressed dismay at the way universities’ governance had been neglected. ” I am sorry to say, the Nagarujana Uiniversity has become a den of caste groups. Caste groups are openly erecting bill boards in the campus. Suicides are serious matter. The minister should concentrate on seeing that they are not repeated in campuses,” Speaker advised Ganta.

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