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ED 2017 letter – Why Jagan surrendered totally to PM Modi?

New evidence is coming out why the BJP government at the Centre has become very soft and friendly to corruption-tainted YCP President Jaganmohan Reddy. And, why Jagan totally surrendered to PM Modi? And also, why YCP senior leader Vijaya Sai Reddy is making rounds and rounds to Prime Minister’s Office frequently. All that was because of the Enforcement Directorate’s 2017 May 31 letter to the CBI to re investigate deeper into Jagan’s assets cases.

The ED said that the CBI had unearthed and filed charge sheets against Jagan for his illegal assets and investments worth Rs. 46,500 crore. But in actuality, there was an unimaginably deeper corruption that Jagan had extended to many more companies and firms. The ED asked the CBI to re-investigate the Indu and Hinduja Quid Pro Quo issue as there is new evidence.

It was after the ED letter to CBI that Jagan started literally prostrating before Modi who in turn began taking political advantage out of this. Consequently, Modi’s approach towards AP has changed dramatically afterwards. The YCP, which was formed as a legacy of YS Rajasekhara Reddy, has become just a toy in the hands of BJP and its former media adviser Prashant Kishor.

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Check your status in voter lists – Chandrababu tells voters


Never before in India’s electoral history, this kind of a situation might have arisen. There used to be instances of voter lists tampering but not on this massive scale. Both the ruling TDP and the opposition YCP leaders are accusing each other of resorting to these electoral malpractices. But the truth of the matter is largescale form-7 requests were filed for deletion of voters. These forms are filed far away from computers located in Hyderabad and Bangalore.

Against this backdrop, AP CM Chandrababu Naidu has personally called upon each voter to check the status of their name in the voters lists in their respective areas. If any voter’s name is found deleted or missing, he or she should question Jaganmohan Reddy and his party leaders there. The aggrieved voters should also enroll again and make complaints before the electoral authorities concerned. There is no instance of a CM asking voters to check their votes ever before.

Chandrababu said Jagan has no capability to run his own party affairs which is why the YCP president is depending totally on the Bihar-based consultant who is Prashant Kishor. Is it necessary to have such a party and such a leader in this state? Naidu blamed the YCP for indulging in criminal activities but holding the TDP responsible for those activities only for electoral benefits.

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Chandrababu fires at Jagan over KCR’s Federal Front


AP CM Chandrababu Naidu made fun of Jaganmohan Reddy’s statements with regard to KCR’s Federal Front. Naidu accused Jagan of beginning another drama promising Andhra people to bring special status by working with the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS). CBN challenged Jagan and KCR to form an open alliance and contest the AP election unitedly if they were really genuine in their efforts to help the AP cause.

Naidu gave his strong comments on the Jagan-KTR meeting on carrying forward the Federal Front plans among regional parties in the country. He said Jagan, KCR and PM Modi are all working together to hurt and damage the prospects of AP in development and welfare sectors all through. The Modi government has to release Rs. 75,000 crore to AP towards its promised assistance to the state as part of separate statehood.

CBN said while PM Modi and KCR are doing outright injustice to AP, Jagan is colluding with them as part of secret deals to cause further damage to AP people. Naidu said KCR and Jagan are forming not Federal Front but it is Modi Front with their aim only to bring back Modi to power at the Centre and destroy AP forever. CBN asserted his TDP party will work with all anti-BJP parties in the country to prevent Modi from continuing as PM in coming election.

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Gist : Jagan’s TV9 interview

With elections approaching fast, political equations are changing fast and political climate in the state is charged. Jagan gave an interview to TV9 today. Usually Jagan rarely gives such elaborate interviews to the channels other than his own Sakshi TV. So people were curious to see how he will handle this interview. Moreover, in recent times people are lambasting TV9 for being too much biased for ruling TDP party and so Jagan’s interview in this channel curiously watched by many. Here’s the gist of the interview
On CBN – 6 lakh crore corruption and he may go to Jail:
As always, Jagan started the interview with fuming at Chandra Babu Naidu. He sarcastically told, CBN is releasing one new movie every day. One day he releases a movie explaining how great the upcoming capital would be, and the other day, he releases another movie in which he says he is not aware of pensions not being released to the people and he says he will release all of them immediately, Jagan added, but again, it will be just a movie and no concrete action would be taken by TDP government on any of the issues.
While concluding the interview, he made even serious comments on CBN and told CBN did 6 lakh crores worth of corruption in the last 4 years. He explained how his own Heritege company bought 14 acres of land at capital city before announcing location of capital and told, this is nothing but insider trading. He added, if he comes into power, his government will definitely look into all CBN’s corruption and courts will decide whether CBN will have to go to Jail or not.
On being pro-BJP :
When asked about being soft on BJP and supporting BJP on various issues, Jagan reminded that during demonetization it was only he and his party opposed BJP’s move while CBN supported demonetization and in fact CBN was the chairman of the committee for implementing demonetization. He also reminded that during GST also, none criticized except YSRCP. He also reminded that  TDP leader Yanamala was the member of the committee on GST implementation.

When asked about YSRCP MP Vijay Sai Reddy meeting PM Modi, he told in the span of 4 years, as MP he met PM only couple of times and any MP would get a chance to meet PM. But, he added, media projected this meetings in a wrong way. He concluded, YSRCP doesn’t have anything to do with BJP.

On Special Category status:
When asked about how he would achieve SCS without support of a national party, he told if people give 25 MP seats for YSRCP, he will support any party that grants Special category status to the state  without bothering which party is that and who will be the PM.
On KCR and his return gift:
When asked about not contesting in Telangana elections, he answered frankly that his party is not strong in Telangana. He admitted that he never focused on Telangana politics and he never addressed any issues related to Telangana people in the last 4 years. Now how can I go and ask Telangana people to vote for my party, he questioned. He also told that if his party contested in Telangana, Uttam Kumar Reddy also might have lost the elections as his Party candidate is strong in that constituency. He added that his party will definitely contest in next assembly election in Telangana , as by that time , anti-incumbency on KCR might be ripened.
When asked about his relations with TRS and KCR, he told he never met KCR and only once he called KCR, that too to congratulate him after 2018 election result. But he appreciated KCR for supporting special category status to Andhra Pradesh. He also appreciated TRS MP Kavitha for supporting special category status to Andhra Pradesh in the parliament.
On dictatorial style of working: 
When asked about his dictatorial style of working, he answered frankly and told that , in regional parties, people vote based on the leader of the party. He added, only critics of our party do these kind of allegations and no fan of our party ever did these kind of comments.
He also appealed people to vote considering his leadership rather than the local MLA candidates.
On Pawan Kalyan factor:
When asked about the influence of Pawan Kalyan in 2019 elections and probable triangular fight in the election, Jagan reminded that Chandrababu Naidu told during Telangana elections that Telangana Janasena supported TDP ( but actually it was a blooper from Chandrababu Naidu who got confused kodandaram Telangana Jana samithi with Telangana janasena). He added,   recently also CBN invited Pawan to join hands with him. Jagan told, he never spoke to Pawan personally. Jagan put forward a theory that,  if Pawan goes without any alliance with TDP, it will only dent TDP’s vote bank as all fans of Pawan Kalyan supported TDP in 2014 and so,  there is no impact on YSRCP. On the other hand,  if they go with alliance, YSRCP will be the sole claimant for all anti-incumbency votes and it will actually help YSRCP, Jagan added. So whether Janasena contests alone or allies with TDP, YSRCP will be winner in either case, explained Jagan.
On Vizag attack:
When asked about the attack on him in Vizag airport, Jagan responded that, VIP lounges in airports are supposed to be most secured places, but the attack happened on him in such a secured place. He told, Harshavardhan chowdary, owner of the restaurant in which assailant Srinivasa rao  worked, is strong sympathizer and he was even TDP ticket aspirant in 2014.  So definitely there must be a conspiracy, Jagan added.
Overall Jagan interview was candid and to the point but there was nothing new in this interview. Those who follow Jagan interviews in Sakshi or his speeches during padayatra can see most of the points been repeated in this interview. But nonetheless, this interview helps Jagan reach out to neutral people, who don’t watch Jagan’s Sakshi regularly.
– Zuran ( @CriticZuran)

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Jagan’s interview : Megalomania and ego on display

Jagan gave interview on his own Sakshi channel today and expressed his views on various topics. He spoke at length about why AP people will not vote for Chandra Babu, about Pawan, Modi, and Congress. But at some point, people surprised by Jagan’s comments as they looked like displaying his megalomania. Ofcourse, there is nothing wrong in thinking Big and dreaming Big. But if dreaming big sounds like megalomania, it is very difficult to convince people to vote for their party. Jagan initially made his usual critical comments that Chandra Babu Naidu is helping his own companies like heritage during his rule, no one in AP is now willing to vote for CBN etc, He also commented that Pawan and CBN both are in the same group still but they are cheating people by pretending that they parted their ways.

However, when the reporter asked about KCR’s Raithu Bandhu scheme and it being appreciated by many and central government considering to implement the same scheme across the country, Jagan’s answer surprised people who are watching the program. Jagan told, the scheme was actually his own brainchild and it was him who first originally thought of this idea and pronounced the same scheme in one of the plenary meetings of YSRCP. He told that scheme was named as ‘Raithu Bharosa’ and if he had come into the power he would have been the first one to implement such scheme. There is nothing wrong in saying he also had similar ideas but Jagan’s answer displayed sort of megalomania and egoism.

While answering to some other question, Jagan told that his party will win 25 MP seats and dictate terms to center including special category status. This answer also seemed to be far from reality and just shows his mind-set. In another context, Jagan told, he didn’t come into politics for the sake of money but his aim is to create history. He added, his ambition is his photo should be there in every family in Andhra Pradesh. Usually a genuine politician’s focus should be on serving the people and lifting the lives of people. If he does that history would automatically takes care of itself. But Jagan focusing too much on creating history, and having his photo in every house – again proves how megalomaniac he is.

Earlier also Jagan’s comments comparing Pawan Kalyan with ant went viral in social media and netizens lambasted Jagan for his haughty comments. As this is election season, Jagan may have to watch his words carefully and he should shift focus from “himself” to “people”. Otherwise it may cost him in the elections.

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AP Minister Adi Narayana fumes at Jagan and Pawan regarding TRS win


Andhra Pradesh Minister and TDP leader Adi Narayana fumes at Jagan and Pawan as their cadres are openly celebrating the success of TRS in Telangana elections. He questioned Jagan and Pawan how can they support TRS party that fought for Telangana against the interest of people of Andhra Pradesh.

However, people are lambasting at Adi Narayana Reddy and reminding that, in Telangana elections, TDP has allied with Congress party which was the main culprit for the unscientific bifurcation of the state and yet criticizing YSRCP and Janasena for congratulating TRS. They are questioning how can TDP leaders support everything they did and question other parties.

TDP leaders need to mend their ways and understand that these kind of comments won’t help their party.
Otherwise, TDP may have to face the similar results in AP also.

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Chandrababu Naidu, Jagan afraid of Modi, says Pawan Kalyan


Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan has made his party’s intentions clear to attack the TDP and the YSR Congress Party in an aggressive manner. He called both the parties corrupt and AP CM Chandrababu Naidu and Opposition leader Jaganmohan Reddy were greatly afraid of Prime Minister Modi for their own reasons. He asserted Jana Sena is the only party that has no need to fear any other party as it believes in service, trust and discipline.

Pawan Kalyan, during his Anantapur tour, made a specific attack on Naidu saying AP CM became like a ‘Dhritharashtra’ and he started promoting his son Nara Lokesh in everything. In the coming weeks, Jana Sena will step up its activities to expose the TDP government and it is Jana Sena which is going to form the next government by defeating CBN, said Pawan. He is very critical of the manner in which the TDP leaders have tried to misuse their power in every possible without bothering to ensure a clean, transparent governance.

Pawan Kalyan has also made a scathing attack on Jagan, saying he has badly failed to fulfill his duty as Opposition leader and failed to prevent the ruling party from continuing its excesses. Jana Senani said the YCP leader was obviously afraid of PM Modi because of his illegal assets cases. In the last few weeks, Pawan has been slowly increasing his attack on rival parties in AP. Political circles suspect Jana Senani is sending a message to his fans and followers in Telangana by suggesting a direction to them. His unsparing attacks are indicating Jana Sena’s mood not to support TDP and YCP allies.

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Exclusive – Jagan’s palace in Amaravati

Jagan’s palace in Amaravati

Jagan Reddy, who is known for his show of opulence, is not letting guard down in Amaravati. Here are the pics for his palace that is built in Tadepalli Amaravati on banks of Krishna river.

Super star Krishna’s brother Adisesha giri Rao and Jagan’s friend are building a mega Villa community here with villa prices ranging from 6-7 Crs. As per grapevine, Jagan got this site for a nominal amount so that the developers can market rest of the community.

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CBN helping Jagan to receive his share from projects, says Pawan


Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan is sharpening his attack on the ruling TDP and main opposition YSR Congress Party. He says Jaganmohan Reddy is receiving his share of bribes from irrigation projects’ contractors in AP. His contention is CM Chandrababu Naidu himself is making sure Jagan receives his share in order to avoid his criticism. Pawan has made these comments during his tour at P. Gannavaram area in East Godavari district.

Pawan asserted he would continue to attack Jagan since he did not live up to his expectations as the opposition leader and he did not expose TDP government’s failures on the floor of the Assembly. YCP leaders were unnecessarily worried when Jana Sena is criticising their leader for all his failures and inabilities to confront the ruling TDP. Pawan has spoken about exploitation of natural resources in the lush green Konaseema area, saying that there is not a single leader who can rise against unchecked misuse of gas resources by Reliance in the area.

Pawan deplored the gas resources exploited from Konaseema are being diverted to Gujarat and other states even as the gas companies were laying vast pipelines through the length and breadth of the area causing untold misery to the local populations. The natural beauty and green cover and livelihoods are at stake in this area.

Jana Senani recalled one union minister having stuck to his demand and brought railway zone for his region by bringing enormous influence on the Centre but no AP leader is making such efforts. Pawan asserted his patriotism and people’s trust are his sole investment and he would continue to fight for solutions to basic problems.

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Jagan yatra to restart after knife attack: Ministers criticise


Opposition leader YS Jaganmohan Reddy is all set to restart his Praja Sankalpa Padayatra in North Coastal Andhra today after a long gap. Jagan took rest after taking treatment for knife attack injury at Visakhapatnam airport lounge on October 25. The incident sparked mutual allegations between YSR Congress Party and ruling Telugu Desam Party leaders.

Now AP Ministers object to Jagan’s padayatra saying that the Opposition has expressed absence of trust in the AP police but the same police will have to provide security to his padayatra. Minister Chinarajappa asks how Jagan can ask for police security after he has given statement before the court that he has no trust in the government and the police.

Going by the speeches of Jagan, it seems the YCP president has no trust in the people itself which is why he was rejected in 2014 and he would meet with the same fate in 2019 elections as well, said Chinarajappa. The TDP’s outbursts against YCP leader is understandable given the fact that Jaganmohan Reddy has pleaded with the court to order an investigation into what he described as a conspiracy to kill him in the knife attack case.

YCP leaders are confident that Jagan will make a greater attack on TDP over the attempt to murder case. In a bid to counter this, TDP leaders stepped up their criticism much ahead of YCP offensive.

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Jagan attacker: Police custody to end tomorrow


The Special Investigation Team (SIT) of AP police have stepped up investigation in Jagan attack case as the police custody of main accused Srinivasa Rao will end tomorrow. Following this, the SIT officials questioned the attacker and his parents till late night yesterday. Police Commissioner Mahesh Chandra Ladda is personally supervising this investigation.

SIT officials are getting more information from Srinivasa Rao’s parents on his health and state of mind. The case became sensational and controversial following conflicting claims being made by ruling TDP and opposition YCP leaders. They are accusing each other’s role in the conspiracy.
The case is registered at Visakhapatnam airport police station.

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TDP MLC controversial comments on Jagan’s attack


Attack on Jagan at Vizag airport has become hot topic in Telugu States. Political blame game is in full swing and YSR CP leaders are saying that TDP planned all this conspiracy and TDP leaders are saying that Jagan himself plan conspiracy on himself for the sake of sympathy.

When these allegations are still are on, TDP leader Babu Rajendra Prasad controversial remarks on this incident today. He told all is not well between y s Bharathi and Sharmila. He added, Sharmila and Vijayamma might have planned this attack. He also added that Jagan family members are trying to gain political benefits from the incident.

Babu Rajendra Prasad comments shocked many as he inferred Jagan’s mother and his family members only did this. It seems, political allegations and remarks are reaching the new bottom every day.

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‘Sakshi’ calls attacker a professional killer but police dismiss it


‘Sakshi’ newspaper, a family-run media of Jaganmohan Reddy, is giving a new meaning to credible and fair journalism. It is describing today’s attack on Jagan as a murder attempt, while police say the attacker was a Jagan fan and he did it for publicity. Sakshi is also saying the miscreant carefully tracked and attacked YCP president with a premeditated plan. It further said Jagan suffered a serious injury.

On their part, officials of Airports Authority of India (AAI) said Jagan underwent first aid in the hands of a duty doctor of Vizag airport. Then Jagan took the Hyderabad-bound flight at around 1 p.m. The incident took place at 12.40 around noon.

‘Sakshi’ claimed that the attacker was working at the restaurant whose owner Harshavardhan is stated to be a TDP leader. The paper did not report the version of attacker’s brother who said the miscreant is a Jagan fan and these videos were telecast on many media channels.

‘Sakshi’ says attacker Srinivas has tried to cut neck of Jagan and the cockfight knife used by him was very sharp though it was small. It further said the attacker is a professional killer. The paper demanded a deep investigation to bring the actual persons behind the incident to book. Police said the attacker has no prior criminal background.

Jagan always talks about credibility and fairness, but his media house seems to be ignorant of these values.

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Early polls: Pawan and Jagan clueless


By forcing early polls on Telangana, KCR has made sure that there will not be much time for all his rivals to prepare their parties to give a tough fight to TRS. Major opposition parties like Congress and TDP are caught by surprise in the beginning but later slowly regaining their positions to some extent.

Little is known regarding YCP’s strategy and preparedness. Maybe, Jagan is showing lesser interest in Telangana this time and YCP is trying to contest in 30 seats but there are no big takers for its tickets. In 2014, YCP had some demand and it won three MLA seats in the state as against 15 of TDP.

Now with regard to Jana Sena, there were plans before Pawan earlier to field strong candidates in at least 24 seats in Telangana polls. In his own words, the early elections came as a big blow to those plans as it denied Jana Sena enough time to plan and prepare.

As a result, Pawan is left with no concrete plan as to how go about Telangana election. As a new party, Jana Sena should weigh pro and cons before straightaway jumping into the election. Pawan’s dilemma seems to be whether to contest or not going by the high-pitched tone that campaigning has already reached there.

Moreover, Pawan has no immediate choices to ally with in Telangana. Left parties may have been seeking Jana Sena’s support in AP but in Telangana, CPI has already joined Congress-TDP alliance. Pawan is not willing to join any formation that consists of Congress, TDP and BJP.

Eventually, early polls have pushed Pawan into a situation where he cannot take a clear decision on how many seats to contest and whom to ally with. There were plans to ally with CPM there but there is not yet clarity on this. CPM is not joining Mahakutami there and it is struggling to find an alternative anti-KCR alliance.

KCR’s game plan seems to have worked well for TRS while Congress-TDP alliance struggled hard to overcome initial troubles caused by early polls. On their party, YCP and Jana Sena are left with no choice but maintain a low profile.

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BJP has secret deals with KCR and Jagan, says Chandrababu


AP Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu held a meeting of TDP Parliamentary Party meeting in Amaravati capital city here on Saturday evening when he discussed with MPs the need for mobilising support from anti-BJP parties at national level ahead of 2019 elections.

He also discussed about the latest political situation arising out of declaration of early elections in Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh and Mizoram in December this year.

Chandrababu told MPs that BJP was targetting TDP bitterly these days which was why there was a greater need more than ever to gather support from like-minded parties all over the country and rally them against BJP leadership.

He said that BJP had reached secret deals with KCR in Telangana and Jaganmohan Reddy in Andhra Pradesh as part of a deep-rooted conspiracy to damage TDP in a systematic manner.

AP CM stressed the need for TDP leaders and cadres to rise to the occasion and do everything that is possible to hit back at BJP.

He pointed out that BJP top leadership was seeking to monopolise political scene in the entire country by conspiring to weaken leaderships of strong, rival parties like Shiv Sena and Akali Dal along with TDP.

Chandrababu told the MPs that because of its persistent anti-people policies, BJP’s image had dipped enormously and its trustworthiness was at its lowest point as of now.

He observed that the general public in AP were strongly believing that Friday’s IT raids were carried out to settle political scores as these raids were comparable to those made in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Telangana.

Chandrababu also blamed BJP for trying hard to link the Vote-for-Note case involving Revanth Reddy with the TDP AP leadership.

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Stop defaming AP: TDP tells Jagan


The ruling TDP leaders have got yet another opportunity to tear apart criticism from rival parties as the High Court dismissed a petition for ordering enquiry into alleged irregularities in the setting up of IT firms in Andhra Pradesh in the past four years.

With greater force, TDP has begun making comments against the YCP and asked Jagan to at least stop defaming AP in front of the outside world by resorting to such baseless allegations about developmental projects in the state. The ruling party says that in his bid to make Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu unpopular, Jagan’s followers are only damaging AP’s interests as a whole.

Welcoming HC order, TDP Rajya Sabha MP Kanakamedala Ravindra Kumar said that YCP leaders were not learning any lesson from such instances when the courts were outrightly dismissing their petitions of alleged corruption. He said that the recent petition was filed by former law officer Shravan Kumar and it was summarily dismissed by HC for obvious reasons of lack of truth and genuineness.

TDP says that it was during Chandrababu’s regime in United AP that many IT towers were built in Hyderabad and that eventually made it a world renowned hub for software development creating employment to lakhs of software professionals now.

YCP should realise its folly and stop putting hurdles in developmental projects at least from now. Sports Minister Kollu Ravindra once again asked Jagan to accept Lokesh’s challenge for proving irregularities in any project now. During his time, YS Rajasekhara Reddy ordered many enquiry commissions but not a single one of that proved Mr. Chandrababu Naidu wrong.

Recently, BJP MP GVL Narasimha Rao tried to tarnish Naidu’s image by blowing UNO invitation out of proportions even as TDP leaders issued effective counters to him.

Planning and organised criticism by TDP were taking rival leaders by surprise. YCP and BJP would have to really toil hard to match Chandrababu team ahead of 2019 elections.

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Can’t spend Rs 50 cr : So no ticket for MLA aspirant


G. Ravikiran

Here is a bombshell on all those who would aspire to pool up their hard earned money and get ready to spend Rs. 10 cr to Rs. 20 cr in the next MLA elections in Andhra Pradesh. Because, one such ticket aspirant and a long-time YCP leader had a bitter experience and his hopes were now dashed. It is none other than Nellore Zilla Parishad Chairman Bommireddy Raghavendra Reddy, who has long been working in Venkatagiri assembly constituency in the hope of contesting next elections on YCP ticket. He got high hopes of becoming an MLA this time and began taking up service activities quite early. Suddenly, Jaganmohan Reddy appointed another leader as in-charge of Venkatagiri party unit. It was an indication enough for Bommireddy that he would not be getting MLA ticket anymore. But the aspiring leader met Jagan and argued his case in full force, saying that he had all along worked with commitment for the strengthening of the party in the district in his capacity as Zilla Parishad Chairman.

Bommireddy was stunned and left speechless at Jagan’s reaction. “Can you spend Rs. 50 crore? The Anam family can do so and get elected from there,” Jagan was stated to have told Bommireddy in a rather casual tone. With no alternative in sight, Bommireddy rushed back home to Nellore in disappointment and discussed the matter with his well-wishers and followers.

After careful thinking, he called a press conference and announced his resignation from the YCP on Saturday, saying that Jaganmohan Reddy had insulted and embarrassed him for the sake of giving Venkatagiri ticket to former minister Anam Ramanarayana Reddy.

Political observers say that Bommireddy had also got ready to spend up to Rs. 10 crore to Rs. 15 crore. He had come from a real estate background with their activities mostly in Chennai and Bangalore.

The incident sent shock waves among other aspirants and even some sitting MLAs. It is now clear that whoever comes forward with proof of spending around Rs. 50 crore and more, the party will give tickets to them with no questions asked. YCP leadership is also creating a scare among ticket aspirants by saying that the TDP is going to spend huge amounts this time in every assembly constituency. The spendings may be in the range of Rs. 50 crore to Rs. 70 crore depending on the circumstances there. No surprise that some assembly constituencies will match the MP seats in terms of making the contestants to spend big money. For the opposition parties, the 2017 Nandyal byelection remains a stark reminder of how money power changed equations and impacted poll outcome. The TDP won over YCP with a majority of 27,466 votes while Congress did not get deposit and failed to cross 100 votes.

Congress AP President N. Raghuveera Reddy even demanded cancellation of Nandyal bypoll on the plea that TDP and YCP had spent Rs. 200 cr. There were rumours at that time a family having four to five votes had got benefits up to Rs. 1 lakh and even more. Some families took money from both parties and voted accordingly to both contestants.

Money alone may not win but it certainly is going to play key role in 2019 elections. More so, in AP.

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Pawan Kalyan fires on Jagan and Lokesh


Pawan Kalyan is all set to start his West Godavari tour today. Since last two days Pawan Kalyan has been meeting several people at Bhimavaram. Students , lawyers, doctors fans Muslim representatives were among those who met him.

While speaking to all of them, he fired salvos on Jagan and Lokesh. He criticized Lokesh as he said, the one who became Minister back door wants to become Chief Minister. He also criticized Jagan as he said the one who has been in jail for so long wants to become Chief Minister. He questioned, don’t we have better alternatives. He didn’t spare Chandrababu also as he commented that, “Chandrababu always says that he will build Singapore like capital but he never promises he will provide Singapore like transparent ruling. He also added that if Lokesh or Jagan get a chance to make laws, we can easily imagine what the plight of those laws will be. Because both of them will first think, whether the law they are making will help them personally or not. He also made a satirical comment that if Jagan becomes Chief Minister he might go for a law to abolish all courts as he doesn’t like courts.

He has been meeting various groups throughout the day yesterday. janasena public meeting will be around 4 o’clock this evening and on Kalyan is also planning for one day Diksha in support of Aqua farmers tomorrow.

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Jagan strategic blunder before Pawan Kalyan Godavari tour

It is known news that YSR CP chief Jagan fired salvos on Pawan Kalyan today and he went on to make personal comments on Pawan Kalyan as he said Pawan Kalyan has four wives and doesn’t have any moral values. however analysts and observers opine that Jagan made another strategic blunder buy personally targeting Pawan Kalyan just before his tour in Godavari districts.

It is known news that Pawan Kalyan is resuming his tour on Wednesday from West Godavari. As everyone knows Pawan Kalyan has strong fan base in these districts. Actually Pawan Kalyan was about to start his tour on Tuesday itself but party General Secretary Thota Chandrasekhar gave a media announcement that Pawan Kalyan postponed his tour by one day in order not to disrupt bandh by YSRC party. He clearly said that, even though Pawan Kalyan fans and Janasena cadre do not directly participate in this strike, janasena is morally supporting this strike.

Despite all this, Jagan made strong personal comments on Pawan Kalyan that did not go well with his fans as well as general public as they feel such cheap comments are not in sync with the status of Chief Minister candidate. With this, there has been general curiosity among people on how Pawan Kalyan will counter Jagan in the tour tomorrow as Pawan is not the kind of person who takes easy such comments. This curiosity among general public is actually going to help Pawan Kalyan tour.

Secondly, this kind of unilateral negative comments actually consolidate other persons sympathizers. To be frank, not everyone in the state is Pawan Kalyan fan. But when other person stoops down to make cheap comments like this, people who are not his fans also get miffed with such comments and sympathize with him.

Thirdly, some channels that have been avoiding news of Pawan Kalyan in recent times, also scrolled Jagan negative comments prominently. Surprisingly Jagan’s own Channel Sakshi underplayed these statements and that itself proves what kind of value these comments have.

Overall, this episode again proved Jagan is self-goal master and this latest self-goal is one of his classics.

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Video : Jagan’s sensational personal attack on Pawan


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