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Jagan Govt to reconstruct demolished temples to counter TDP

After the Ramatheertham controversy, the Jaganmohan Reddy Government has doubtlessly come under great stress. Both the TDP and the BJP are cornering the ruling party. The BJP has also begun a huge ‘Chalo Ramatheertham’ protest programme today with its senior leaders attending it. To counter this and to silence the critics, the Chief Minister came out with a counter strategy.

This time, the YCP regime decided to reconstruct all those smaller temples that were demolished by the previous TDP rule in the vicinity of Kanaka Durga Temple. At that time, those temples were removed because they stood there as traffic obstructions for the high traffic. Moreover, the 4-laning of the national highway was taken up in addition to construction of a new Kanaka Durga flyover.

Now, the new flyover was completed. Under this flyover, the Chief Minister is going to do puja for reconstruction of Saneeswara Swamy Temple soon.
On the other hand, the rival parties were demanding the Government to reinstall and carry out restoration works at all the vandalised temples in the State till now. Public funds should be used to do these works at all the 140-odd temples that were vandalised.

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‘Kali Yug’ coming to a climax: Jagan on Naidu’s protests


The ‘Kali Yug’ is coming to a climax. In this dark period, there are no values any more. Even the Gods were being used for political gains. They are not hesitating to play dangerous games with the idols of the gods. All these words came from none other than Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy.
The CM was commenting on the ongoing protests being launched by TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu and his party leader all over the State against desecration of temples. The Government would take stringent action against the culprits. The police must not leave anybody regardless of their political, social or any such background.
Mr. Jagan was talking after virtually inaugurating the State level Police Duty Meet. He lamented that the untoward incidents at temples were also being used to derive political mileage. Indirectly referring to Chandrababu and Lokesh, the CM said that there was no fear of any God nowadays. They were politicising everything for the sake of their personal gain.
The Chief Minister wondered why these attacks on temples were going on. Who were their targets? These perpetrators were not realising that they were playing with the sentiments of the people. A guerrilla battle is going on against temples. The police should bravely fight this. There is no ray of hope as the dark age of Kali Yug is coming to an end.

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Jagan using ‘Maya Maschindra’ gimmicks against Capital?


The spotlight has once again turned on ‘Amaravati’ as YCP Minister Botsa Satyanarayana is indicating Capital shifting in the next two to three months. Against this backdrop, analysts started once again focusing attention on what CM Jagan is going to do this time to outsmart the courts and Chandrababu Naidu. Amid these political speculations, ABN Radha Krishna came out with startling news on what the YCP leaders are doing in Delhi to gain an upper hand on the Capital city issues.

In his latest Weekend Comment, RK asks whether it is not true that Jagan Reddy has offered Rs. 1 Cr every day to a Supreme Court lawyer in Delhi if he does not argue on behalf of the Amaravati farmers. This offer is made as long as Amaravati cases are argued in the court. Also, unlike any other State, the AP CM has been making sure that huge payments shall be made more in hard cash rather than cheques to the Delhi lawyers who were arguing for the AP Government in countless cases nowadays. While Jagan is managing the lawyers thus, it is unfortunate that he is repeatedly accusing Chandrababu Naidu of managing the courts.

This time, RK has used pungent comments to object to the methods of Jagan to outfox the TDP and Amaravati farmers. RK has said that Jagan Reddy has even beaten ‘Maya Maschindra’ in cheating people with his non-stop untruths and half truths. The fact is that the Amaravati farmers filed cases in the courts. The Supreme Court and the High Court disapproved of the conveyance deeds brought by Jagan regime to enable house site beneficiaries to sell plots after five years. But, Jagan is saying that Chandrababu has managed courts and obstructed house sites distribution to the poor.

The question remains whether Jagan would be able to use his ‘Maya Maschindra’ gimmicks to achieve his plans by outwitting rivals finally. So many cases are pending in the courts but the YCP is confident of shifting Amaravati by Ugadi.

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Naidu calls Jagan a ‘betrayer of Hindus’


TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu launched a scathing attack on Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy. Mr. Naidu visited Ramatheertham temple where Rama idol was beheaded in Vizianagaram district. The TDP chief addressed a public meeting there when he accused the CM of posing multiple threats to the assets and idols of the temples with utter disrespect for the sentiments of the Hindu devotees in the State.

Mr. Naidu said that the Chief Minister has turned out to be a ‘betrayer of Hindus’ as not a single accused person was arrested so far in over 127 attacks that were made on temples, idols and priests in the past 19 months. ‘Jagan Reddy may be a Christian. But thinking to use power for converting Hindus is wrong. If people in power resort to religious conversions, it amounts to betrayal.’

Mr. Naidu said that he would usually stick to secular statements but could not spare Jaganmohan Reddy considering his utter disregard for the sentiments of other religions and their traditions. One should not show such religious intolerance. ‘Jai Shriram’ slogan was currently resounding in Ayodhya Rama Temple. Similarly, Ramatheertham Rama Temple has always been held in high respect in North Andhra. In such a temple, miscreants beheaded Rama statue but the Government was not taking any steps to catch the culprits.

Mr. Naidu demanded the CM to explain why he had not visited Ramatheertham to express solidarity with the Hindu devotees whose sentiments were badly hurt. Jaganmohan Reddy had his own personal religious sentiments. He would keep the Bible by his side during his swearing in. His palatial residence at Lotus Pond would carry a Cross image on it. But, it appeared that the CM was thinking that the Hindus would not deserve similar sentiments. He should realise that the beheading of Rama statue was a great disgrace to the land.
Stating that all major temples came under attack, Mr. Naidu said that the ruling party middlemen had brought disrepute to Tirumala Temple with their mean and illegal activities. A YCP MLA would fly drones over the Tirumala sky where such an activity was banned. The ruling party leaders had brought in the culture of liquor drinking and meat eating also atop the Seven Hills. The Chief Minister himself would violate the traditions by not bringing his wife during the sacred clothes presentation to the Lord.

The TDP chief deplored that lands and assets were donated to temples for the sake of protecting the Hindu dharma. The Gajapathi Raju family donated 12,000 acres for Simhachalam temple and those lands were worth Rs. 5 Cr to Rs 10 Cr per acre now. The YCP leaders had set their sights on these lands. This was why Ashok Gajapthi Raju, who was known for his honesty and credibility, was removed from the Chairman post. The Jagan regime was busy with the twin tasks of desecrating temples and looting their assets.

Mr. Naidu told the CM that his Government had no right to take away the lands that Hindu devotees donated to the temples over the centuries. The police were behaving irresponsibly and they were filing false cases. Once the TDP would come to power, all these cases would reopen and stringent punishment would be given to the erring police. Even in respect of the Ramatheertham idol beheading incident, the police acted high handedly and allowed only MP Vijay Sai Reddy into the temple but not the priests.

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Centre notifies transfer of AP Chief Justice Maheswari


Amid a huge controversy, everything was going as per a predetermined script in Andhra Pradesh. Weeks ago, CM Jagan Reddy wrote a sensational letter to the Chief Justice of India complaining against the AP High Court Chief Justice. Today, the Central Government issued a notification, transferring AP Chief Justice J.K. Maheswari to Sikkim. With this, the Union Law Ministry brought the curtains down on the Jagan-CJI letter issue.
At the same time, Sikkim Chief Justice Aroop Kumar Goswami was appointed as the new Chief Justice of Andhra Pradesh. The notification with respect to his transfer was expected soon. Justice Maheswari had served in AP during a tumultuous period when countless cases came up before his court against the Government. Eventually, his judgements and observations had created distance between the High Court and the Government.
Now, it would be a matter of just a few months how Justice Aroop Kumar would lead the AP High Court. The judges would have to abide by the laws while delivering their judgements. But that was creating tensions in the day to day dealings with the petitioners and the Government.
AP High Court is also getting a new judge. Kolkata High Court Judge Justice Joymalya Bagchi is transferred to AP High Court.

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2020 – a mixed year for AP CM Jagan


Year 2019 gave AP CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy a spectacular, historic landslide victory. That year, he emerged a giant-killer in the entire country by defeating his father YSR’s contemporary – Chandrababu Naidu. Towards the end of 2019, a victorious Jagan Reddy boldly announced his 3 Capitals decision in the AP Assembly. All his party Ministers, MLAs and leaders down the line bid farewell to 2019 with their hearts full of happiness and joy unlimited.

But Year 2020 began with setbacks and debacles. In the beginning of 2020, the Jagan Government passed the 3 Capitals bills in the Assembly. But it failed to get the nod of the Council. The YCP tried to abolish the Council but it was still pending with the Centre even now. At the same time, the 3 Capitals bills were stuck in endless court litigation. From the Amaravati farmers to the JAC to the political opponents, all went to the court.

By the end of 2020, CM Jagan’s 3 Capitals plan was still stuck in uncertainty. Even his regime’s plan to bulldoze the courts’ orders in order to shift Executive Capital from Amaravati to Visakhapatnam did not bear fruit.
He boldly went ahead with his 3 Capitals decision and passed the 3 Capitals bills in the Assembly. But he failed to get the nod of the Council. He tried to abolish the Council but it could not be done immediately. It was still pending with the Centre. At the same time, the 3 Capitals bills were stuck in endless court litigation. From the Amaravati farmers to the JAC to the political opponents, all went to the court.
By the end of 2020, CM Jagan’s 3 Capitals plan was still stuck in uncertainty. Even his regime’s plan to bulldoze the courts’ orders on Capital shifting did not bear fruit. The YCP regime ended up with its bag full of problems and cases. The financial crisis on account of Cash Transfer schemes and Coronavirus impact was only deepening. Debts have gone up. The State Election Commission continued its confrontation on the local body polls. Sensational case of Dalit doctor Dr. Sudhakar was still pending. The High Court asked the CBI to properly investigate it.

The Jagan letter to CJI created a sensation but its effects were still there. The High Court Judge finally passed serious strictures against the CM on record in the court. Nandyal Abdul Kalaam famiy joint suicide case was haunting the YCP. Allegations of sand, liquor, mining, water mafia on the rise. Lastly, Proddatur BC leader murder shook the entire State. Even the last week of 2020 saw a political murder and serious allegations against the YCP.

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Jagan desperately using caste to crush Amaravati


The ongoing litigations in the courts have created enough obstacles for AP Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy’s grand plan to shift Capital City from Amaravati to Visakhapatnam. His Government has faced strictures and cautionary warnings against taking any hasty steps with respect to the Capital shifting. But, still, the CM has been gaining upper hand in the field level by slowly shifting Capital City offices and infrastructure one by one to Vizag.
Though the Jagan regime was facing adverse orders in the courts, it was somehow pushing ahead with its controversial decisions through protracted litigations. Amid this, Jagan Reddy obviously adopted a 3-pronged strategy to crush and kill Amaravati. Firstly, the protracted litigations will continue in a wide variety of ways. This will help in creating confusion among the opponents and drain out their time and energy eventually.
Secondly, Capital City offices would be shifted to Vizag under the cover of those court litigations. Thirdly, Jagan Reddy has started using the caste factor on a larger scale than before to suppress the voice of the Opposition, the TDP and the Amaravati farmers. At every forum and at every given chance, the Chief Minister is repeatedly saying these days a Capital should represent all castes and religions. His indirect references to Amaravati as a Capital meant for one caste had created much impact initially. Only time will tell whether Jagan’s caste battle would bring victory or not eventually.

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Andhra Pradesh Governor, CM extend Christmas greetings


Andhra Pradesh Governor Biswa Bhushan Harichandan and Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy have extended their Christmas greetings to people.

“Christmas is a time of joyous remembrance of Jesus Christ. It is also an occasion to cherish the teachings of Jesus of bonds of love, tolerance and compassion, among all people in the world,” said Harichandan.

He said the life of Jesus Christ is a source of inspiration to all of us to lead a life of virtue and faith.

“On this occasion, I join my Christian brothers and sisters and pray for the peace and harmony in the world,” he said.

The Governor also appealed to all the celebrants to stay at home to stay safe and celebrate the festival, taking all coronavirus precautions such as maintaining social distance, wearing a mask and washing hands frequently.

Conveying Christmas greetings, Reddy said one should show love to fellow human beings, be merciful towards the helpless and forgive their enemies.

He wished for the good of everybody in the state and God’s blessings.

The Chief Minister attended church with family members at Idupulapaya in Kadapa district.

He also visited the resting place of his late father and undivided Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, Y.S.R Reddy earlier.

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Naidu, Pawn attack Jagan on Sneha Latha murder


The latest Sneha Latha harassment and murder case is creating lot of embarrassment for the YCP. Both Chandrababu Naidu and Pawan Kalyan have launched a scathing attack on the Government’s negligence and the ineffectiveness of the Disha Act to stop atrocities.
Mr. Naidu described the burning alive of Sneha Latha as a ghastly incident that was more horrific than even the Nirbhaya and Disha tragic atrocities in the country. He demanded an inquiry by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to bring out the facts and to nab the culprits responsible for the girl’s murder. Over 400 horrific attacks were committed on women, girls and even minor girls in the State and the CBI should conduct a comprehensive probe into all these incidents.
Whereas, Pawan Kalyan asked CM Jagan whether laws that were made for publicity propaganda would ensure safety of women. The failure of systems was responsible for Sneha Latha’s murder. Pawan pointed out that that ‘purification with milk’ was done immediately after framing the Disha Act but there was no implementation in the ground level. The Jagan regime should ensure justice to the family of the victimised Sneha Latha.
The Dalit girl’s murder triggered massive heartburn among the people. The ruling YCP faced even allegations of launching attacks on the JC house in Tadipatri only to divert the attention of the public from the Sneha Latha murder.

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PM Modi giving appointments to KCR but not Jagan


It was a long time ago that Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave an appointment to AP CM Jaganmohan Reddy. There have been many pressing issues like funds problems for Polavaram, unfulfilled Reorganisation promises like Special Category Status, etc. But, the PM has not met the AP CM directly in recent months. The AP Ministers were making rounds to the Union Ministers in Delhi but there was no major gain for the State. AP Finance Minister Buggana Rajendranath Reddy is virtually visiting Delhi every week for seeking the Central funds under one project or another.
On the other hand, the PM has given appointment to KCR who is supposed to be the arch enemy of the BJP in Telangana. What more, there was a warm reception to KCR in Delhi. The Telangana CM had also used the occasion to place a list of favours before the PM. A major plea of KCR was national project status to either Kaleswaram or Palamur-Rangareddy irrigation project.
Already, Polavaram was given the national project status in Andhra Pradesh. But, the Centre had not been clarifying whether it would give the massive Rs. 27,000 Cr needed for land acquisition or not.
Now, political circles are curious how Modi would be going to respond to KCR’s promises at a time when the Central Government was not so favourable to the projects in AP which is facing a serious financial crunch right now.

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Would Nimmagadda give weightage to AP Govt stand?


Yet another Constitutional crisis is looming large over the AP local body elections. State Election Commissioner Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar is faced with a bigger challenge than ever before now.On the one hand, a vast majority of political parties except YCP and CPM pleaded for holding the elections.On the other hand, the AP Government has categorically stated that the administrative machinery is not prepared to hold the polls.

The big question is whether Ramesh Kumar would give weightage to the Jaganmohan Reddy Government or not. Considering the embarrassment he was given, there would be no chance Ramesh Kumar would take kindly to the Government’s position. Yet, any decision on his part to use his autonomy and go for elections would trigger another Constitutional crisis.

It is well known how CM Jagan Reddy would react if anything would go contrary to his orders and expectations. Usually, the SEC would go by the Government’s suggestions.But, in this case, Ramesh Kumar initiated the local bodies and postponed the same due to the Coronavirus threat in March. As such and as the head of an independent Constitutional institution, Ramesh Kumar has a right to do what he feels right. Curiosity is rising in political circles to see whether Ramesh Kumar would dare to go against the Government as clarified by Chief Secretary Nilam Sawhney.

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Jagan unveils pylon for Rs 368 Cr YSR Vedadri project


Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy has unveiled the pylon for the Rs. 368 Cr worth YSR-Vedadri Lift Irrigation Project today. He did this by pressing the remote from his Camp Office at Tadepalli. The project was aimed at providing irrigation water to several villages in the upland mandals of Krishna district.

While the Chief Minister unveiled the pylon online, several Ministers took part in the foundation stone laying programme at the project site at Vedadri village. Irrigation Minister Anil Kumar Yadav laid the foundation stone. Ministers Perni Nani and Kodali Nani were present. MLA Samineni Udaya Bhanu was also present.

The project was sought to be completed within 18 months. The irrigation water would be provided to eight villages in Jaggaiahpeta, 10 villagees in Vatsavai mandal and another 10 villages in Penuganchiprolu mandal. Over 38,607 acres would be irrigated with the water from the present project.

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Jagan promised a difference. But why is poaching rampant?

In a major setback to the Telugu Desam Party, former Minister and party senior leader Sidda Raghava Rao joined the YSRCP in the presence of Chief Minister and YSRCP president Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy at his camp office. He joins the list of exodus of TDP leaders to the YSRCP. Earlier, three TDP MLAs — Vallabhaneni Vamsi, Maddali Giri and Karanam Balaram — met Jagan at his camp office in Tadepalli recently.

Political observers claimed that Jagan is threatening the opposition party leaders with police cases as a pressure tactic to arm-twist them to join the YSRCP. Analysts view the defections as mere political opportunism. Defections are no more a pre-election phenomenon in this age of falling democratic values.

The YSRCP is either using force  or luring the TDP leaders with money as a part of its big game plan to remove or weaken the opposition TDP. What’s happening here is the plain assertion of power.  What is the YSRCP worried about when it enjoys an absolute strength in the House with 151 seats in the 175-member Assembly? Probably, Jagan continues to fear that Naidu can make a comeback in the next General Elections.

The fragile TDP is struggling to keep its flock together even as there is a buzz that at least three more MLAs were ready to flee to the YSRCP. Despite the poaching by the YSRCP underway, the TDP says it’s confident that the current crisis is temporary. “TDP is a cadre based party, it had witnessed several ups and downs since its formation, and the present crisis would also be overcome. TDP is a political university with a capacity to create 100 new leaders for every single dropout or deserter. The TDP is a workshop that gives shape to good leaders,” Naidu ascertained.

Critics say that even Naidu used the same strategy to break the YSRCP. After winning the 2019 elections, Jagan recalled how Naidu had allegedly purchased 23 MLAs and three MPs of YSRCP like cattle and said he will not repeat Naidu. “There should be some difference. I am not Naidu to take MLAs from the Opposition without respecting the anti-defection law,” Jagan had stated. However, Jagan instead of focussing on development of the virgin state like Andhra Pradesh seems to be busy poaching TDP leaders.

Law does not prohibit defections but says individual members would incur a disqualification on defection. Naidu had alleged that Jagan lured one TDP MLA with financial benefits and another MLA with mining leases and business concessions. TDP MLCs were being lured with financial benefits and being threatened to shift loyalties, to the proportion never seen before.
“This is totally contrary to the CM’s statement in the Assembly that if anybody was taken from TDP, they would be first made to resign from their posts. YSRCP should explain why it has not asked the three MLAs and two MLCs to resign. The CM should explain why it has not disqualified the defected MLAs and MLCs,” he added.

While the Constitution prohibits ‘defections’. However, politics of opportunity and deception facilitate them. The infamous ‘Aya Rams and Gaya Rams’ of the 70s and horse-trading is back with a vengeance. Take the case of Vallabhineni Vamsi. The Gannavaram MLA declared his support for the ruling party. TDP had suspended Vamsi. But Jagan made it clear that to join the YSRCP, Vamsi should first resign as Gannavaram MLA which he hasn’t for obvious reasons. Assembly Speaker Tammineni Sitharam considered him as a special member in the House making it clear that the Speakers and Chairmen of Councils will serve their political parties and act if only their actions suit their outfits. We have seen the ruling party purchase 23 MLAs like sheep in the market. We have seen the leader of the House (chief minister) make four of them ministers. We have seen the speaker not disqualifying those MLAs. Democracy killed. That will not happen in my term as leader of the House. If any such MLA defects from one party to the other, you (Speaker) can disqualify such an MLA,” Jagan was quoted as saying in The Times Of India. Why wasn’t Vamsi disqualified, then? Political bias cannot lead to any legal action because of glaring loopholes and limitations that render the anti-defection law toothless in the Indian political system. The anti-defection law appears to be in need of some urgent surgical treatment through amendments in the Constitution. There is an urgent need to give some teeth to The Tenth  Schedule to avert undemocratic practices adopted by any political outfit be it the YSRCP, TDP, TRS or the BJP.

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Jagan govt to face contempt of court case on Vigilance office shifting to Kurnool


Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy’s hasty decision to shift Vigilance office to Kurnool ignoring the AP High Court orders is all set to land YSRCP government in legal trouble.
A group of advocates and others are going to file  contempt of court case against Jagan government in the AP High Court on Monday against the GO issued by the Chief Secretary on relocation of the Vigilance department office Kurnool from Velagapudi.

The lawyers want to bring to the notice of the court whether the GO was issued with the concurrence of Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy or because of the oral instructions of the CM and whether pressure tactics were used on CS to issue the GO.

Though the High Court expressly ordered the Chief Secretary to not to issue any GOs, irrespective of the decision of the state government,  till the date specified by the court, the GO has been issued worrying t he government servants and employees about her. They worry whether the government will make the scapegoat?

The GO has fuelled speculations that relocation of the government offices commences with the shifting of the vigilance commissioner  and other offices will follow suit soon.

The GO did not explain reasons for relocating the offices.

Though Kurnool has been designated as the judicial capital of AP, the two offices have no relevance with the judicial capital. The two offices are functioning from AP Secretariat for long.

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Too many hurdles for Jagan ‘Operation Aakarsh’?


The ruling YCP wants to gain majority in the Legislative Council but it has got just 9 MLCs of its own. It has added another 2 MLCs from the TDP. So, the YCP so far could get 11 MLCs as against the total 58 members in Council. Unfortunately for CM Jagan Reddy, the main opposition TDP has got near brute majority as it has got 32 MLCs. This is after excluding the two TDP members who shifted loyalties to YCP. While Jagan got huge majority in the Assembly, Chandrababu Naidu nearly got the same advantage in the Council. As such, the YCP has no choice but to win over nearly 20 MLCs more from opposition parties. The YCP has to lure a minimum of 10 members more from the TDP itself.
Political analysts say that there are too many hurdles before Jagan Reddy to successfully implement Operation Aakarsh in AP Council under present circumstances. Immediate obstacle is that most MLCs of TDP are die-hard activists some of whom are there since the inception of the party in 1983. Council Chairman Sharif is one such leader. Another hurdle is the unfavourable numbers game. TDP still holds massive majority. Even the BJP and other opposition parties are not willing to support YCP under changed political situation. There is also a view that an anti-Jagan rule sentiment has already built up among the people because of his policies of demolitions, cancellations and political harassment. Can Ministers overcome all these hurdles to help Jagan in Capital shifting immediately?

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BJP mind games with AP regional parties?


The Amaravati Capital crisis and the YCP-police harassment have come as a big blow to both the main Opposition parties, TDP and Jana Sena. On the other hand, CM Jaganmohan Reddy is himself badly disadvantaged because of his Rs. 43,000-Cr CBI illegal assets cases. In such a difficult situation, the BJP strategists have begun mind games with all the AP regional parties. Their big chance came when Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan literally surrendered to the BJP terms and conditions for their alliance. Very smartly, BJP is saying now that Pawan has come forward for their alliance unconditionally. Prior to his talks with Sunil Deodhar, Pawan spoke of ‘direct action’ of their two parties on Capital shifting agitation but there was no such announcement now. BJP leaders got what they wanted which was making Pawan to openly support the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

BJP has dismissed all possibilities of any tie-up with TDP in 2024 elections. BJP MP GVL Narasimha Rao says that their parties will win next elections in AP. There was a record for their party to start with less than 1 per cent vote share and go on to form governments in some states. With Pawan support, BJP is planning to finish off regional parties’ domination in AP. Has Pawan taken a calculated risk? Or did he make a self-goal by accepting unconditional alliance? Another speculation is that BJP-Pawan alliance will hurt TDP in future but not YCP.

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Andhra, Telangana CMs discuss political developments


Chief Ministers of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana met here on Monday to discuss various issues including the latest political developments at the national level in the wake of the nation-wide protests over Citizenship (Amendment) Act.

After landing here from Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy drove to Pragati Bhavan, the official residence of his Telangana counterpart K. Chandrashekhar Rao.

Rao accorded a warm welcome to Reddy and hosted a lunch for him. After the lunch, they discussed various issues.

While the agenda of their meeting was not officially announced, the two leaders understood to be discussing the political developments at the Centre in the wake of ongoing protests against CAA, National Population Register (NPR) and National Register of Citizens (NRC).

The two Chief Ministers are likely to discuss CAA and related issues to take a stand in view of nation-wide protests. Rao’s Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) had voted against the Bill in Parliament while YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) led by Jagan Mohan Reddy had supported it.

They are also likely to disuss a joint strategy over NPR in view of the demands from various sections, especially Muslims to halt the work on NPR as they believe it to be the first step for NRC. The work on NPR is scheduled from April 1.

Telangana Chief Minister is under pressure from its ally All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) and other Muslim groups to stay NPR as done by Kerala and West Bengal. Rao has come under criticism for his silence over the NRC and NPR.

Jagan Mohan Reddy, who was criticised for backing Citizenship Bill in Parliament, last month made it clear that he will not support NRC or any other move by the Centre which discriminates against the minorities.

This is the fourth meeting between Rao and Reddy since the later assumed office in May last year. The earlier meetings were focused on issues arising out of bifurcation of undivided Andhra Pradesh in 2014 and sharing of river waters.

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Union Ministers appointments to Raju but not Vijayasai


In violation of CM Jagan orders, Narsapur MP Raghurama Krishnam Raju has met two Union Ministers in Delhi without taking prior permission of Vijayasai Reddy. He also moved socially and shook hands with Union Home Minister Amit Shah. Raju is also taking a delegation of Thurpu Kapu leaders to meet Minister Gehlot to demand inclusion of their community in OBC list. The MP is being received very well by YCP Ministers who, on the other hand, are putting AP Government Special Representative Vijayasai Reddy at a distance.

CM Jagan Reddy has already imposed restrictions on YCP MPs in Delhi. Following this, most MPs are avoiding direct contact with PM and Amit Shah and Union Ministers. It is because they are upset about Jagan order to take prior permission of Vijayasai Reddy. When AP Governor visited Delhi recently, Vijayasai Reddy met him without giving information to the other MPs. They are unhappy with that incident and they had to meet the Governor very late.

Reports say that the gap between the YCP MPs and Jagan-Vijayasai duo is increasing steadily. Jagan Reddy is very angry against Raghurama Raju’s rebellious activities. But he is not ready to take any action against him considering his strained relations with Modi-Shah duo already. BJP Delhi leaders are no doubt carrying forward their anti-Jagan agenda effectively.

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Rs 25,000 Cr loans in 6-month rule: How much in 5 years?


The AP people are waking up to more shocking news every few days. Now, it’s getting confirmed that CM Jagan Reddy government brought and spent Rs. 25,000 Cr worth loans in the first six months of its rule. Not a single work in any development project is completed in this period. All major projects like Polavaram and Amaravati are stopped. What has this government done with this money? Even, the Navaratnalu Cash Transfer promises are not being fully implemented. Rythu Bharosa is partially given to farmers beneficiaries.

Is YCP government spending huge loans on unproductive sectors? Hundreds of crores are taken away in the name of painting the ruling party colours to government offices and public facilities. Tens of crores are spent on just furniture and maintenance of CM personal residence at Tadepalli in Amaravati and also at Lotus Pond in Hyderabad. Jagan Reddy used to blame Chandrababu Naidu for the mounting debt burden. At least, Naidu showed a few structures and projects. Now, no such development activity is taken up in last six months but YCP has successfully spent massive loans with no visible results.
Very alarming to imagine how many more loans Jagan will bring in the name of Navaratnalu promises in five years.

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IYR’s two-language media formula for Jagan


Ex Chief Secretary IYR Krishna Rao has expressed doubts over the possibility to implement only English medium in government schools. He says that no government can outrightly deny the opportunity to students to study in their mother tongue. To support his comment, IYR refers to the guidelines given in the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009 (RTE Act). This Act has clearly stressed the need for any state government to ensure comfortable education to the children which is possible only in the local language spoken in the homes of the region.

IYR Krishna Rao says that the YCP government would have no choice but to give a choice for the children to study in either Telugu or English medium. There is undoubtedly a rising aspiration among the people in villages for imparting English medium education to their children. But this involves too many problems. There is the risk of students not being able to follow lessons in English. This is why the RTE Act especially prefers mother tongue because the children will be able to grasp the subjects and learn things with ease. Also, the children should be given a choice to shift the medium to Telugu if they are not comfortable with English medium.

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