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Yediyurappa to step down from CM post next week?


Yediyurappa may step down from CM post next week as per the high command decision. He himself gave enough hints regarding the same in last couple of days. Details as follows.

Yediyurappa prominence in the party and reason for replacement:

Yediyurappa has finished 2 years as CM in the latest term. He is around 78 year old and the high command wants to replace him with a younger leader. He hails from Lingayat community that has been strong supporter of BJP. In fact, the main reason for the rise of BJP in Karnataka is the support from this community. Prior to that, congress and Janatadal used to be main players in Karnataka while bjp was a small party. Yediyurappa steered Karnataka BJP into power.

However, now Yediyurappa government is facing anti incumbency from the people of Karnataka. Moreover, BJP high command wants to do a generational shift in the leadership of the party.

Yediyurappa hints about stepping down and appeal to his fans to keep calm

The news about high command replacing him came more than a week ago. He tried to pressurise the high command indirectly as he sought support from seers and Lingayat community leaders, who warned high command that replacing Yediyurappa will have negative consequences for Karnataka BJP. However high command warned Yediyurappa not to indulge in any such tactics.

With the stern warning from high command, Yediyurappa tried to avoid conflict and appealed to his supporters. He tweeted, “I am privileged to be a loyal worker of BJP. It is my utmost honour to serve the party with the highest standards of ethics and behaviour. I urge everyone to act in accordance with party ethics and not indulge in protests or indiscipline that is disrespectful and embarrassing for the party. Your goodwill should not exceed the boundaries of discipline. Party is like a mother to me and disrespecting it will cause pain to me. I believe that my true well-wishers will understand and respond to my feelings.”

Yediyurappa next action?

Yediyurappa is very strong leader. When BJP denied CM post earlier, he left the party, started his own party and got around 7% votes. Later high command brought him into bjp again. Now everyone is curious to see what will be his next step if bjp high command asks him to leave the top post.

Anyway, with above tweet from Yediyurappa, it is more or less clear that he will be replaced very soon. We need to wait and see who would be the next CM of Karnataka.

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Kerala, Karnataka fight over who owns K


Both Kerala and Karnataka are fighting over K. Sounds strange? Yes. Both the states are fighting over the use of K for their respective state transport corporations. Karnataka calls its state transport service as Karnataka State Transport Corporation and Kerala calls its service as Kerala transport service. The acronyms for both are KSRTC. Since 2014, a fight is raging between Kerala and Karnataka as to who should use the acronym KSRTC.

There is a reason for fighting over such small things. The Karnataka SRTC has registered both KSRTC.com and KSRTC.in as its online domains. So, many Keralites are booking tickets through these websites thinking they represent Kerala transport service. As a result, Kerala is using heavily in terms of revenue.

In 2014, Karnataka had got KSRTC registered with the Trade Marks Registrar. Not just that. It even served a notice to Kerala SRTC not to use the acronym.. Kerala had approached the Trade Marks Registrar, but its appeal was rejected. Thus began a tussle for K. Later both went to the court. Kerala had contended that it was using KSRTC even before Karnataka has set up its transport corporation.

As a proof of this, Kerala government has submitted clips from a film called “Kannur Deluxe”, where in a bus is shown plying between Kannur and Thiruvananthapuram. It said it has the first user advantage as per Section 34 of the Trade Marks Act.

Since Karnataka is using KSRTC.com and KSRTC.in, Kerala is using KeralaSRTC.com for its online ticket booking portal. As Karnataka is using both the portals, Kerala is losing heavily in the inter-state services. So, the fight over K continues even as both the states say this is not a fight between the two states.

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Karnataka follows Jagan decentralisation but avoids Capital shifting


The BJP Government in Karnataka has decided to decentralise the state administration like in Andhra Pradesh but in a more people-friendly way. The Karnataka State Cabinet has already ordered for shifting of over nine key departments out of Benaglore Capital City. They will be moved to Belagavi in North Karnataka. These departments are mostly related to irrigation, sugarcane development, human rights commission, etc.

Karnataka’s decision is seen as a big blow to the Jagan Reddy government in AP. Political analysts say that Karnataka model is ideal considering their conscious effort not to disturb Bangalore Capital. There will not be major opposition to it. But in AP, CM Jagan Reddy unilaterally decided to shift the whole Secretariat and CMO out of Amaravati Capital to Vizag Executive Capital City. Karnataka carefully avoided such a thoughtless decision. Also, Karnataka Government didn’t go for multiple capitals. Jagan 3 Capitals idea is being described by experts as a bad, Tughlaq decision.

Will Jagan now follow the saner Karnataka model of decentralisation? Analysts say that CM Jagan will now be under lot of pressure to shift a few offices under decentralisation but not shift AP Capital as a whole.

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Andhra buses stoned by Karnataka local quota agitators


People’s organisations are observing two-day bandh in Karnataka demanding 75 per local reservations in private companies like in Andhra Pradesh. The bandh turned violent at several places. Andhra buses were stoned and attacked by protesters Mangalore and border areas. The Karnataka people are demanding immediate implementation of local quota as promised at the time of elections.

Many politicians made election promises to implement the local quota rule already brought in AP by CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy.

Over 120 organisations are taking part in Karnataka bandh. Political analysts say that it’s going to be a more serious problem in Bangalore. Locals are now voicing protests against jobs given to employees belonging to Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. They are particularly hostile towards AP employees because of the local quota rule brought by YCP Circar.

The same local quota was one of the main reasons behind Kia plans to shift its Anantapur factory to Tamil Nadu though it means a loss of hundreds of crores.

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How is Jagan’s policy backfiring on Andhra?

CM Jagan’s decision on 75 per cent jobs for locals has started having its impact in different ways. Already, the national media has published negative stories. Now, virtually an agitation is going to be started in Bangalore. Kannada film actor and politician Upendra has decided to follow in the footsteps of Jaganmohan Reddy. He is demanding 75 per cent jobs for Kannadiga youths in industries set up in Karnataka state.

Upendra is beginning to give a big headache to the BJP government there by starting an agitation for 75 per cent quota. He is considering this as the immediate best way to improve electoral prospects of his regional party in the coming days. Since he is a popular actor, the demand is getting lot of media and public attention.

If Karnataka implements 75 per cent quota, it will immediately affect the job opportunities of lakhs of Telugu employees working in Bangalore and surrounding areas. Telugu professionals are more in number in the IT industry in Bangalore city compared to any other regional group. Upendra is including IT industry in his demand. Moreover, lot of people from Jagan’s native Kadapa district are working in Bangalore in different industries. This is triggering fears on how the local quota will cripple Andhras once such agitations spread to Chennai and Hyderabad.

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Karnataka Congress ready to meet rebel MLAs’ demands: minister


In a last-ditch effort to save its shaky coalition government in Karnataka, Congress’ trouble-shooter and senior minister D.K. Shivakumar on Sunday assured the rebel legislators of meeting their demands if they withdrew their resignations and attend the Assembly session underway.

“The party is ready to meet demands of the rebels if they withdraw resignations and attend the session from Monday,” Shivakumar told reporters here even as state Housing Minister and rebel lawmaker M.T.B. Nagaraj flew to Mumbai to join the other rebels a day after assuring the party leaders of withdrawing his resignation.

Warning the rebels of action against them if they don’t withdraw their resignations and attend the session, Shivakumar said they would be disqualified if they defy the party whip issued to all its members, including them, for their presence in the Assembly.

“Presence of all the members in the Assembly is mandatory as the Finance Bill of the state budget for 2019-20 fiscal had to be passed in the session by July 26 and voting in favour of the confidence motion if moved by the chief minister (H.D. Kumaraswamy).

In all, 16 rebel legislators, including 13 from the Congress and three from its ally Janata Dal-Secular (JD-S) resigned from their Assembly seats across the southern state for various reasons such as lack of development in their constituencies and loss of faith in the leadership.

“I am sure the rebels are well aware of the law. If they defy the whip by absenting from the House or vote against the confidence motion when moved, they will be disqualified and lose membership. The party is ready to settle their demands,” Shivakumar reiterated.

Alleging that the opposition BJP was engineering defections by forcing the legislators of the ruling allies to resign in return for money and ministerial posts in the event of it forming the government, Ashok said the people of the state have seen how its (BJP) leaders and members were coordinating the movements of the rebels and arranging their logistics to fly to Mumbai and other places during the last one week.

“The BJP leaders, however claim that their party was not involved in the resignations of rebels or their flight to Mumbai and Delhi and stay in hotels and resorts. At whose expense the opposition party is hosting them and why?” asked Shivakumar.

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SC orders status quo on Karnataka rebel MLAs issue till Tuesday


The Supreme Court on Friday ordered status quo with regard to the plea of the 10 Congress MLAs of Karnataka who approached it against the Assembly Speaker for not accepting their resignations.

After high-decibel arguments between advocates of the rebel legislators and the Speaker, a bench, headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi, said the matter required a detailed hearing and listed it for Tuesday (July 16).

Till then, there would be status quo on the issue, the bench ruled.

“Various issues of interpretation of the constitutional provisions arise in this case…Question of judicial interference also comes up. It also needs to be examined if the Speaker needs to decide disqualification (of the rebel MLAs) first,” the court said.

During the course of the hearing, a high-decibel argument broke out in the courtroom.

Appearing for the rebel MLAs, senior advocate Mukul Rohatgi said the Speaker could be given a day or two to decide, but he couldn’t challenge the authority of the apex court.

He contended that the top court should issue a contempt notice against the Speaker, as he was deliberately delaying the decision on the resignation of the MLAs despite its order.

The court yesterday asked the Speaker to take a decision on issue of resignations within a day.

The Chief Justice asked the counsels: “Is the Speaker challenging the authority of this court? …and is the Speaker saying Supreme Court should keep its hands off?”

To this, senior advocate A.M. Singhvi, appearing for the Karnataka Speaker, replied, “No.. He isn’t saying that.”

Singhvi submitted before the court that the Speaker is a very senior member of the Assembly and he will decide on the disqualification first, as he is duty-bound.

“The Speaker cannot be maligned and lampooned like this. He is a senior member and knows the Constitutional law,” contended Singhvi.

He also told the court that MLAs did not try to meet him earlier, and this information was not presented before the court.

Rohatgi said the Speaker had earlier accepted the resignation of one MLA even though disqualification proceedings were pending.

Senior advocate Rajeev Dhavan, appearing for Karnataka Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy, described the plea filed by the MLAs as “an overtly political petition” and denied the allegations made against the CM in the petition by the MLAs.A Dhavan asked what exactly the MLAs wanted the court to do?

“They claim that the government has failed, and now, they want it to fail further. They have simply dragged the top court into this political battle,” he said.

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Why should I resign? asks Kumaraswamy


The Karnataka high drama is continuing. CM Kumaraswamy has decided not to tender his resignation, saying he still has the support of majority MLAs. Technically, he is correct as the Assembly Speaker has not yet accepted the resignations of the rebel MLAs. These MLAs have now approached the Supreme Court complaining against the Speaker’s non-acceptance of their resignations.

Kumaraswamy cancelled his earlier decision to resign after he met with the senior leaders of the Congress party. His father and Ex PM Deve Gowda has also said that the Karnataka political crisis is not limited to their one state as the entire country is in a deep crisis. The BJP leaders are continuing their game plan and running the camp for rebel MLAs. The issue is becoming a major constitutional crisis. It’s a tough time for the court as well to amicably solve the issue.

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BJP gains upper hand in Karnataka high drama


About 12 rebel MLAs in Karnataka are still staying in the camp being run by the BJP. They are being shifted from Mumbai to Goa amid protection provided by the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha leaders. Analysts are saying that the BJP has successfully paralysed the JDS-Congress government. It almost gained upper hand by retaining its hold on the ruling combine’s rebel MLAs. The appeals made by Congress senior leaders like Siddharamaiah could not win them back.

With this, the Kumaraswamy government has lost majority in the Assembly. Speaker Ramesh Kumar is not taking a final decision on the resignations of rebel MLAs saying that they have not given their resignations to him personally. Meanwhile, BJP is demanding resignation of CM Kumaraswamy as he lost majority. But the JDS-Congress leaders are taking enough time to see how the Speaker reacts on the issue of rebel MLAs resignations.

Siddharamaiah has demanded that the Speaker accept the resignations of rebels so that it would stop the political manouvres of the BJP in the state. While the Congress-JDS combine is fast losing its direction, the BJP leaders are playing the game very cautiously. The camp politics are expected to run till the BJP gets a clear chance to form the next government.

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21 ministers resign in Karnataka to prevent BJP


All the 21 Congress Ministers put in resignations from the Kumaraswamy Cabinet today. This is as part of the latest strategy by the Congress leaders to give these ministries to the 13 dissident MLAs who resigned from their membership. The Congress has already announced that it would go to any lengths to save the JDS-Congress coalition. However, the BJP has demanded that Kumaraswamy resign immediately because of lack of majority in the House.

Karnataka power politics is taking many twists and turns every hour. Congress is coming out with equally powerful strategies to hit back at the BJP. Some dissident MLAs are right now relaxing in corporate hotels in Mumbai. Congress is reaching out to them offering ministries. They are being offered the same ministries being offered by the BJP.

Independent MLA Nagesh earlier resigned from the Cabinet. He met the Governor and told him that he was ready to support the BJP if the party comes forward to form the government. The BJP is still short of the numbers. Every time the BJP leaders come closer to their goal, Congress is creating hurdles by preventing the existing MLAs from taking any extreme step. Analysts say that the two camps are equally smart. The game will have a nail-biting finish.

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Karnataka coalition in new crisis as 11 MLAs resign

In a severe jolt to the 13-month-old coalition government in Karnataka, eight Congress and three Janata Dal-Secular (JD-S) legislators on Saturday submitted their resignations in the Assembly Speaker’s office.

“I came to know from my personal secretary that 11 legislators gave resignation letters in my office. They were acknowledged with receipts. I will go through them on Tuesday (July 9) as I am on leave on Monday,” Speaker K.R. Ramesh Kumar told reporters at his residence here.

Congress sources in New Delhi said state in-charge K.C. Venugopal, who is in Kerala presently, was rushing to Bengaluru and would meet the Congress MLAs in the evening.

The eight Congress MLAs who resigned are Pratapgauda Patil (Maski), B.C. Patil (Hirekerur), Ramesh Jarkiholi (Gokak), Shivram Hebbar (Yellapur) and Mahesh Kumatahalli (Athani), Ramalinga Reddy (BTM Layout), S.T Somashekar (Yeshvantpur) and S.N. Subba Reddy (KGF in Kolar).

The three JD-S MLAs are A.H. Vishwanath (Hunsur), N. Narayana Gowda (K.R. Pete) and Gopalaiah (Mahalakshmim).

“As the Speaker was not in the office, the legislators submitted their resignation letters to his personal assistant,” a party official told IANS here.

Though Jarkiholi had sent his resignation on July 1, it was not accepted by the Speaker, as it was faxed to his office, which is against the procedure.

Congress legislator Anand Singh from Vijayanagara segment had also resigned on July 1. As he personally handed over his resignation letter to the Speaker, his office acknowledged receiving it.

As the legislators could not meet the Speaker, they went to the Raj Bhavan to apprise Governor Vajubhai Vala of their decision to resign.

Of the Congress legislators, Reddy, a seven-time lawmaker, was a Cabinet minister in the previous Siddaramaiah-led government.

Three more Congress legislators, including Reddy’s daughter Soumya (Jayanagar), Byarti Basavaraj (K.R. Puram) and Munirathna (R.R. Nagar) are also reportedly mulling to resign.

In the 225-member Assembly, the coalition government had 118 members, five over than the halfway mark of 113. These include Congress’s 79 (excluding the Speaker), the JD-S’s 37 and three more – one each from the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and regional outfit Karnataka Pragnyavantha Janatha Party (KPJP) and an Independent.

The opposition Bharatiya Janata Party has 105.

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Megastar’s SyeRaa Karnataka rights sold for record price


Megastar Chiranjeevi ‘s big budget periodic drama ‘ SyeRaa Narasimha Reddy ‘ completed shoot , dubbing work is in progress. SyeRaa’s business has been started , Karnataka state is the first area closed. Mr. Devadas  of Dheeraj Enterprises has bought this prestigious movie rights for 32 Crores for Karnataka. SyeRaa promotions will kickstart at high scale after the cricket world cup.

Surendar Reddy directed Syeraa post-production work is going on full swing. Bankrolled by Konidela Production Company, the film is slated for Dasara release. Stay tuned to Telugu360 for more exclusive news on SyeRaa.

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High drama in Karnataka politics again


Karnataka politics again turned hot as there have been speculations about some of the MLAs of ruling coalition planning to shift loyalties. Congress leaders reached Bengaluru from Delhi to avert any kind of crisis. Details as below.

Kumaraswamy led JDS-Congress government has been surviving with slight majority in the house. BJP, with 105 members, is the single-largest party in Karnataka. However, 225 is strength of the house and magic number is 113. The ruling coalition has 117 members – 79 of the Congress, 37 for JDS and 1 for BSP. Now Kumaraswamy is planning to expand the cabinet and those aspirants who are not getting confirmation from CM are threatening to shift the loyalties.

Also in recent Lok Sabha elections, out of the 28 MP seats, BJP bagged 25 seats and there have been speculations that BJP is just waiting for the right moment to dethrone Kumaraswamy. Because of all these, political atmosphere in the state is highly volatile and people are curiously watching the political developments of the statement.

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BJP offered unbelievable money to our MLA: CM Kumaraswamy


Karnataka politics has become a never-ending drama of hide and seek. CM Kumaraswamy has made fresh allegations against the Modi-Shah duo. He says the BJP leaders have contacted and offered big money to their MLA if he helps in overthrowing the JDS-Congress government. What the BJP offered is not big money but unbelievably big money, which shows how unprincipled they are in their politicking.

Ever since forming the alliance government, Kumaraswamy has been spending tension-filled days. On the one hand, he has to take along with him all the Congress-JDS MLAs. On the other hand, there is the BJP constantly trying to win over rival MLAs to destabilise and oust the Kumaraswamy government. This created a kind of suspicious political atmosphere in the state wherein the ruling party leaders are forced to remain alert all the time.

Why is the BJP making such relentless efforts in Karnataka? The Modi-Shah duo think their party was defeated in the state just because of the combined efforts of all the rival parties including the support from TDP. Even then, the BJP became the single largest party there. The BJP still feels it should not leave any chance to weaken the ruling Congress-JDS coalition and that is very important ahead of the general election.


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MLAs back home, Kumaraswamy slams BJP’s futile attempts


The ongoing high-drama in Karnataka politics came to an end (for now). The MLAs , who were supposedly having discussions with BJP, back home today and JDS-Congress government led by Kumaraswamy is happy for averting a crisis for now.

Some recent events actually gave sleepless nights to JDS-Congress alliance. Two independents withdrawing support for Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy’s government, Karnatka BJP MLAs gathering in a Gurgaon resort, some Congress MLAs getting in touch with BJP leadership – all these events became headlines in last couple of days and there were debates about Kumaraswamy government being pulled down. Even though Kumaraswamy was saying, he is relaxed, analysts were carefully observing the situation.

However, today, crucial CLP meet is scheduled and Congress MLAs came back to attend the meeting. Also, BJP MLAs also coming in batches back to Bengaluru from Gurgaon. Dinesh Gundu Rao, the Karnataka Congress chief made a sarcastic statement that, “We extend a hearty welcome to all Karnataka BJP MLAs who are returning home after an extended holiday at a luxury resort near Delhi”. Kumaraswamy today slammed the BJP for making “futile attempts” to destabilize his government. He lambasted saffron party for keeping even it’s own MLAs also in “confinement” at Gurgaon.

So, there is no immediate threat to Kumaraswamy government and Kumaraswamy expressed his confident of surviving for entire 5 years of the mandate.

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Union ministers predict fall of JDU-Congress govt, Kumara Swamy retaliates


In a rather surprising comment, union minister Prakash Javadekar predicted fall of JDU-Congress government soon and told there will be ‘political Dhamaka’ in the state. However, Karnataka CM retaliates his comments and told his government is as strong as rock.

Earlier, speaking to a news channel, Javadekar opined that “unholy alliance between the JD(S) and Congress set to fall soon. We were the single-largest party in Karnataka, but fell short of forming the government by just seven seats. The JD(S) and Congress are known for opportunistic politics and can never give a stable government in the state”. Another Union minister, DV Sadananda Gowda, also expressed similar opinion and told, “The government would collapse because of its internal rifts. We will have to wait and see if the upcoming Belagavi session is completed.”

However, Karnataka chief minister Kumaraswamy dismissed Prakash Javadekar’s comments that the Congress-JDS coalition government led by him in the state would fall any time. He retaliated him saying, his government is as strong as a rock.” But despite Kumar Swamy’s retaliating comments, there have been doubts among people that BJP is trying to destabilize Karnataka government.

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Ananth Kumar dead; 3-day mourning in Karnataka


Union Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Ananth Kumar died on Monday at a private hospital here due to multiple organ failure, a BJP spokesman said. He was 59.

“Kumar passed away at around 3 a.m. at Shankara Cancer Hospital three weeks after he was admitted on return from the US on October 21,” party’s state unit spokesman S. Shantaram told IANS.

The Karnataka government declared a three-day mourning across the state and one-day public holiday for Monday as a mark of respect.

The departed leader was also the Chemicals and Fertilisers Minister in the NDA-led government since May 2014.

A six-time parliamentarian from the Bengaluru South Lok Sabha constituency since 1996, Ananth Kumar had been undergoing treatment for cancer in the UK and US since August.

“He first went to London after the monsoon session of Parliament in July-August and later shifted to a New York hospital.

“The cancer had spread to other parts of his body that resulted in his multi-organ failure and death,” said Shantaram.

The late Union Minister is survived by his widow Tejaswani, two daughters Aishwaraya and Vijayeta, younger brother Nand Kumar and younger sister Suhasini.

Kumar’s body was shifted to his residence and home-office at Basavangudi here.

“It will be kept in state at the National College grounds in Basavangudi for the public to pay homage till the last rites on Tuesday,” said the party official.

“The national flag will fly half-mast on public buildings across the state and all official engagements are cancelled till Wednesday,” the Congress-JD-S government here announced.

State and central government offices will remain closed on Monday as a tribute to Kumar, a state official told IANS.

The Karnataka Education Department declared holiday for all schools and colleges in the city on Monday as a mark of respect.

As news of Kumar’s demise spread across the city, hundreds of people, including party’s state unit leaders rushed to his residence to pay their last respects.

Several Bharatiya Janata Party’s leaders, including state unit chief B.S. Yeddyurappa and legislators R. Ashok and Suresh Kumar visited Kumar’s house and condoled his untimely death.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Ministers and the party’s national leadership are expected to attend Kumar’s state funeral in the city on Tuesday,” Shantaram said.

President Ram Nath Kovind, Narendra Modi, Rajnath Singh, D.V. Sadananda Gowda, Arun Jaitely, Nirmala Sitharaman and Nitin Gadkari mourned Kumar’s death and expressed condolence to the bereaved family.

Karnataka Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy, Deputy Chief Minister G. Parameshwara, cabinet ministers of the Janata Dal-Secular (JD-S) and Congress coalition government joined BJP’s state unit leaders and cadres in condoling Ananth Kumar’s death.

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Congress allies will win Telangana polls just like in Karnataka, says JC


Congress and TDP leaders in Twin Telugu states are celebrating the Bye-poll results in Karnataka. Senior TDP leader JC Diwakar Reddy says that Congress, TDP and other Mahakutami allies will get a similar victory in Telangana election next month.

The Karnataka verdict indeed came at a wrong time for TRS and BJP, as Mahakutami allies will now make renewed efforts with unity to throw KCR out of power. Diwakar Reddy says that TDP chief and AP CM Chandrababu Naidu met with Congress president Rahul Gandhi only to protect democracy by ousting PM Modi from power.

There’s a big necessity for the TDP to prefer alliance at the national level but this may not hold good to go for alliance with Congress in AP. Diwakar Reddy asserts that Mahakutami has received a big boost after Karnataka results. On its part, TDP will continue to mobilise all pro-Congress parties to oust BJP from power at the centre.

TDP is very angry over the Modi government taking an anti-AP stand over release of funds and non-fulfilment of bifurcation promises.


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BJP out to oust CM Kumaraswamy in Karnataka


Ravikiran G.

The BJP has yet again begun its efforts to dislodge the HD Kumaraswamy government in Karnataka by taking advantage of internal rivalries in the Congress party there. The Janata Dal Secular leaders were very tense as they were afraid of nearly 20 Congress MLAs joining the opposition BJP ranks in order to oust Kumaraswamy anytime now. CM Kumaraswamy himself expressed his disappointment and strongly criticised the BJP for continuing its efforts to destabilise his government. He made no secret of his apprehensions at a public meeting at Hasan now. This time, Congress leader and Minister Ramesh Jharkiholi and his brother Sateesh Jharkiholi are leading the revolt in which plans were already drawn to shift 20 Congress MLAs to Maharashtra where BJP is in power and it will give shelter. In this year’s assembly election, Congress won 78 MLA seats and JDS won 37 seats. But BJP emerged as the single largest party by winning 104 seats which was nine seats short of the total 113 majority required to form the government.

As there was no consensus CM candidate in Congress, they chose to make their alliance partner Kumaraswamy Chief Minister. Ever since, coalition crisis and alliance partners’ greed haunted his government during cabinet expansions, nominated posts and so on. Congress Coordination Committee Chairman Siddaramaiah was stated to have begun damage control exercise amid talk of the 20 MLAs likely to be taken in Indian Air Force aircraft to Maharashtra. BJP is trying all tricks up its sleeve to destabilise the frail JDS-Congress at every given opportunity. It used its power at the Centre to get ED raids conducted on the property of Minister DK Sivakumar sometime ago. The incident created tensions between the cadres of JDS and BJP in Bangalore. Politics of advantage-taking are unstoppable in this era of weak coalition governments in the states.

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Rajinikanth responds on Kaala ban in Karnataka


Superstar Rajinikanth is all set for his next film Kaala which is hitting the screens on June 7th. With the ongoing Cauvery water row between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, the Karnataka Film Association decided to stall the film’s release after the distributors voluntarily decided not to screen the film in the state.

Rajinikanth has been left in shock with the decision saying that he is unaware of the ban of Kaala in Karnataka. “I don’t know for what reason they have banned my movie. South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce should intervene in this and ensure a smooth release for the film in Karnataka” said Rajinikanth. Directed by PA Ranjith, Kaala is a gangster drama that will release in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi languages. Wunderbar Films bankrolled the movie.

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