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Exclusive: All about Chaitanya and Samantha’s Alimony

The breakup news of star couple Naga Chaitanya and Samantha created tremors across the nation. Several celebrities responded to it and Chaitanya, Samantha wanted to lead a matured life. Debates are going on about the alimony after their separation. Several top media houses reported that Samantha refused to take alimony of Rs 200 crores. Telugu360 has learned exclusively that top producer Suresh Babu signed mutual agreements even before their wedding. Suresh Babu and Nagarjuna had a detailed discussion about the process of alimony and if the couple will head for a divorce. There was a clear agreement made that there should be no discussion about alimony in the future if the couple decides to part ways.

Top lawyer and filmmaker Niranjan Reddy completed all the legalities and Chaitanya, Samantha signed it mutually before they tied the knot. Both Chaitanya and Samantha are earning well and they never depended on their parents. Samantha is also an individual woman and is never dependent on the earnings of Chaitanya. She is now on the top of the game and is busy with projects, endorsements and web projects. Both the actors are now focused on their careers.

Chaitanya who is riding high on the success of Love Story is back to the sets of Thank You. He will head for a vacation once he is done with the shoot. Samantha decided to stay away from work and she will take up new projects only next year.

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Iconic Love Story “Ninne Pelladatha” on Star Maa


Watch the Iconic Love Story “Ninne Pelladatha” on Star Maa as it turns 25 today.

A telugu film that remains special for everyone across the world is “Ninne Pelladatha”, starring the Greeku Veerudu Nagarjuna and the scintillating Tabu. It’s been 25 years since people walked into the theatres expecting to watch Nagarjuna-Tabu’s magic on the silver screen and walked out in a happy daze watching what was delivered.

The film was a massive hit which went on to become a cult classic. Ninne Pelladatha completes its 25 years today, and on the occasion, Star Maa celebrates the Silver Jubilee of the Film King Style, adding a little delight to the Telugu viewers.

The Akkineni scion’s evergreen hit was a family entertainer that holds a special place in the history of Telugu Cinema even today. The epic love story of Pandu and Seenu is also a musical treat that takes us back to the blissful times.

Watch the movie and relive the nostalgia while “Yeto Vellipoindi Manasu” literally transports you to an entirely different world full of love, and lots of laughs. A world craftily created by the director extraordinaire, Krishna Vamsi. The song “Kannullo nee roopame” by the legendary S. P. Balasubrahmanyam and K. S. Chithra is one of the greatest songs of all time.

Join Star Maa in the celebration of 25 glorious years of an emotional saga, and an extraordinary journey of love.

Watch it this Sunday at 3 PM on Star Maa with none other than the Star duo sharing their sweet anecdotes.

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Bigg boss 5: Serious episode on weekend


In Big boss house usually weekend episodes are filled with fun and games. But this Saturday episode was very serious and was filled with hot debates and emotions. Details as follows

Ravi’s double standards exposed:

One thing that made the audience engaged to the Big boss show for entire week is the verbal war between Priya and Lahari during the nominations. Nagarjuna started the episode saying we’ll find answers to the questions that remained unanswered. He started with Lahari vs Priya episode. He asked Lahari to go to power room and then showed the video in which Ravi spoke bad about Lahari and told Priya that she has been moving close to him to get anchor roles after coming out of the house. He also told that Lahari is moving close to him despite the fact that there are single men in the house. This video totally exposed Ravi and made Priya’s position very strong. Lahari understood the facts and lambasted Ravi for his double standards and hugged Priya. She told Nagarju that she doesn’t need help of Ravi to get anchor roles.

Nagarjuna corrected other housemates:

Nagarjuna corrected Shanmukh in Siri’s issue. He also corrected Priyanka in her personal matter. He advised her to forget about his ex boyfriend who ditched her. He also reprimanded Manas for naming himself as worst performer

Shut the door on the face:

Bigg boss designed a gave and in this game , housemates have to name one person who is least deserved to be in the house and shut the door on his or her face.

Priya named Lobo for avoiding her. Lobo named Lahari and generated a few laughs by commenting on her dressing style. Lahari named Ravi because of the video she has seen. Ravi named Priya for dragging his name while nominating Lahari. Jessie named Lobo for breaking rules in the house. Siri named Sunny and the gap between them is known to the audience very well. Swetha named Manas while Manas named Anne . Nataraj nominated Kajal while Kajal nominated Lobo for the way he behaved while sharing food. Sriram named Jessie. Shanmukh named Sunny. It looks like Shanmukh is very sensitive.

The way Nagarjuna handled this part shows he is following the show carefully.


Nagarjuna saved Priyanka and Sriram today. Manas, Lahari and Priya are still in danger zone. As per unofficial reports, Lahari is in the bottom of the list. However, she seems to be happy and confident of getting saved as Nagarjuna called her the victim.

We need to wait and see who will leave the house tomorrow.

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Bigg Boss: 5 much entertainment


Bigg Boss season 5 launched in a grand was and there 19 contestants in the house this time.

While Youruber Siri, Lahari, Sunny, Sriram, Annee master, Priya, Priyanka, Lobo and Jessie were the first 9 contestants to enter the house, below are the remaining 10 contestants in the house.

Click Here for First Nine Contestants List

10. YouTuber Shanmukh :

Shanmukh has huge following in social media. His web series are ruling the Telugu social media now as most of his videos got more than 1 crore views. However there is negativity on him as he recently caught drunk while driving. He tried to address that negativity on Bigg boss stage.

11. Actress Hamida

Hamida is not much known to the Telugu audience but she worked in Telugu film Sahasam Seyyara Dimbaka in the year 2015.

12. Nataraj master

Dance master Nataraj, who is known to Telugu audience through TV show Dhee, not only choreographed songs but audio acted in some movies like Sye. He revealed that his wife is currently pregnant and delivery date would be in next couple of months but still she supported him to go to Bigg boss 5.

13. 7 Arts Sarayu:

She is extremely popular in social media because of her adult content videos. Probably she taught Telugu YouTubers how to use cuss words in short films.

14. Vishwa:

Vishwa is known to Telugu TV audience through his serials and shows. He reminded Nagarjuna that he debuted through “Yuva” program produced by Nagarjuna. He is not only actor but also body builder.

15. Actress Uma:

Actress Uma is known through many cameo roles in Telugu films. She also acted in Telugu serials and played negative roles.

16. Actor Manas:

He is known to Telugu audience as child actor as well as hero. But he didn’t get a proper break-through as hero yet.

17. RJ Kajal

RJ Kajal is known to Telugu people s as Ex RJ from Red FM 93.5, and also as anchor at ETV Plus. She is also a dubbing Artist in the movies.

18. Sweta Verma

Swetha Varma is actress, who has worked in Telugu movies like Mugguru Monagallu and The Rose Villa.

19. Anchor Ravi

Anchor Ravi is one of the leading male anchors in Telugu. Rumours about his joining in Bigg boss show have been doing rounds since season 3.

Though 19 contestants entered the house, some of them like Sunny, RJ Kajal, Ravi and Viswa made their presence felt in the first episode itself. We need to wait and see who will win the title this time.

Click Here for First Nine Contestants List

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Bigg boss 5: Grand launch with a Jumbo team


Bigg boss season 5 launched in a grand way and the makers of the show assured 5X entertainment this time. Nagarjuna as usual hosted the show in his own unique style. The list of contestants is much better this time compared to season 4. The details about the contestants of this season as below.

1. Youtuber Siri:

Siri is the first contestant in Bigg boss season 5. She is known more for her YouTube videos and short films. But she also worked in TV channels and reported news. She is also known for her Tik Tok and Dub smash videos.

2. TV Serial actor Sunny:

The next one to enter the house is Sunny, who acted as in TV serials like Kalyana Vaibhogame. He quit the serial 3 months ago despite good TRP ratings and that time itself rumours surfaced about him entering Bigg boss house.

3. Lahiri Shari:

Lahiri is a small time actress who acted in Telugu films like Arjun Reddy and Malli Rava. She asked Nagarjuna to call her “Ammu”.

4. Indian idol Sriram:

Sriram is a very well known singer to Telugu audience. He won the Indian idol title and also sang several blockbuster songs in movies. In the words of Nagarjuna, he is not only singer but also actor and eligible bachelor.

5. Annee master:

Choreographer Annee is very well known to Telugu audience not only through her films but also through the TV shows in which she was judge for dance competitions. She became emotional after seeing her family members’ video wishing her ash the best.

6. Anchor Lobo:

Anchor Lobo is very well known to Telugu audience because of his programs in Maa music. More than the anchoring, he attracted the audience through his peculiar dressing style and hair style.

7. Actress Priya

Priya has been acting in Telugu films for more than 2 decades. She made debut with Chiranjeevi’s Master Movie and is known to audience with some good roles in films like S/O Satya Murthy. She has teenaged son and he wished his mom all the best through a video byte.

8. Guinness record holder Jessie:

Jessie is not known to the Telugu audience but Nagarjuna revealed that he holds a record in Guinness book of world records for organising ramp walk of 36 hours.

9. Transgender Priyanka:

Priyanka is known to the audience as Sai Teja through Jabardasth show. But later he decided to get operated and become woman. She revealed on the stage about her blind father and gave an emotional appeal to her father who still doesn’t know about her operation and turning woman.

( The list continues in part-2 of the article )

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Get ready for the amazing opening of Bigg Boss 5


It’s time to say Sayonara Boredom,

Lo and behold, Bigg Boss Season 5 is here.

Mark your calendars and set your reminders for September 5th, 2021. Pace yourselves because coming to your screens is one of the biggest events of Telugu Entertainment.

The latest season of Bigg Boss, the show that has become a common name in all of the Telugu households, is being launched on the 5th of September on Star Maa. So crank up all your excitement and wait for the big day because festivities are going to be a part of every house for the next 100 days.

Bigg Boss has become one of the most celebrated shows among the Telugu audience and the past four seasons were so successful that they compelled millions of families to sit together in their living room enjoying the show for more than three straight months. Packed with diverse emotions, subtle drama, thrill, excitement, and lots of laughs, Bigg Boss had introduced a new class of entertainment for the audience.

The way the host, King Nagarjuna had tackled the various mindsets that are a part of the show made the show even more entertaining for us. And it is expected to be the same but with an extra dose of excitement this season too. So get ready for the amazing opening of Bigg Boss season 5 on the 5th of September at 6 PM.

A flavourful mix of brainy and entertaining contestants who are going to be on your mind for the next 100 days are going to be revealed on this auspicious day.

The show is going to be aired at 10 PM from Monday to Friday and at 9 PM on Saturdays and Sundays on Star Maa television.

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As he turns 62, ‘King’ Nagarjuna proves age is just a number


He’s been compared to fine wine. And rightly so. With each passing year Nagarjuna is only getting better.

As he turned 62 on Sunday, the face of the Akkineni film family continues to give 26-year-old stars a run for their money – in looks, and physique, not to mention in box-office collections. No wonder he’s popularly known as ‘King’ Nagarjuna in Tollywood.

Understandably, Sunday had social media erupting with stars and celebrities wishing the evergreen hero on his special day. Best friend and megastar Chiranjeevi was among the first to reach out to Nagarjuna. “An ultra cool guy who takes life as it comes and makes most of each moment,” he tweeted. “An Actor who is constantly experimenting and pushing boundaries. And Most of All a dear Friend to have for all times and forever, dearest @iamnagarjuna, a Very Happy Birthday to you!”

Among politicos, the BJP’s co-incharge for Andhra Pradesh, Sunil Deodhar, wished the star. “Wishing @iamnagarjuna Garu A Very Happy Birthday! A great actor that you are, you’ve been gracefully carrying the Legacy of ANR Garu. Wishing you more success, Good Health in the Years to Come!” Deodhar tweeted.

Nagarjuna has remained one of Tollywood’s most loved and enduring stars. His movie releases are a mixture of commercial and technically well-crafted offerings that just stand out in the flood of movies the Telugu film industry churns out year in and year out.

He is also well-known in Bollywood with outings such as ‘Khudagawah’, ‘Criminal’ and the soon-to-be-released ‘Brahmastra’.

As the son and inheritor of his famous father Akkineni Nageswara Rao’s acting legacy, Nagarjuna had an easy entry into Tollywood. But thereafter, its been his show all the way.

Although he began his film career as a child actor in several movies, his formal entry into tinsel town was in the year 1986, with his debut in ‘Vikram’, a remake of the Subhash Ghai movie ‘Hero’ (1983), starring Jackie Shroff and Meenakshi Seshadri.

Ever since, Nagarjuna has continued to stay relevant with Telugu audiences across the world. From Tollywood to Bollywood, family-oriented movies, mythologicals, edge-of-seat thrillers, to romance, and even comedies – he’s done them all. His biggest asset is his ability to ease himself effortlessly into any role – old, middle-aged, or young – without looking odd or out of place.

Whether it’s choosing roles or picking projects, Nagarjuna is the cool analyst at work. Many an eyebrow was raised when he went out on a limb to give director Ram Gopal Verma his break with his 1990 Telugu debut film ‘Siva’.

The movie revolving around colleges and politics was a blockbuster and trendsetter rolled in one. The visual of the central charater Siva snapping a bicycle chain and wrapping it around his palm, to take on the bad guys, is one of Nagarjuna’s iconic scenes. For Ram Gopal Varma, it was ticket to bigger successes.

Incidentally, ace director Mani Ratnam’s sole Telugu directorial venture ‘Geetanjali’ starred Nagarjuna and was a super smash hit.

Apart from giving new talent a break behind the camera, Nagarjuna is also known for introducing new faces to the silver screen, foremost among them being Anushka Shetty of ‘Bahubali’ fame.

An astute businessman, Nagarjuna set about nurturing new talent with his film school. He has also forayed into other businesses such as restaurants and hospitality. But showbiz remains his focus.

His family is choc-a-bloc with film stars. Nagarjuna tied the knot with Amala, who had acted with him in several movies, during the making of which their romance blossomed somewhere along the way. Apart from being a vocal supporter of animal rights, Amala acts in the odd-movie nowadays.

His elder son Naga Chaitanya, from a previous marriage, is an established actor while daughter-in-law Samantha is a leading South Indian film star who essays a leading role in the second season of the web series ‘The Family Man’, starring Manoj Bajpayee.

Nagarjuna and Amala’s son Akhil is also trying to find his place in moviedom. And then there are the other stars in the extended family, such as nephews Sumant and Sushant.

Whether it’s televison or on OTT platforms, Nagarjuna has made sure he’s a part of the game as it evolves. Be it ‘Bigg Boss’ or ‘KBC’, he has been on all.

For now, ‘King’ Nagarjuna has his hands full as actor, producer, television anchor, mentor and businessman. As his next Tollywood ventures unspool, for Nagarjuna, life is all about about the journey, not the destination.

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Nag’s Birthday Special: Bangaraju Lands From Paradise


Bangaraju starring Nagarjuna and Naga Chaitanya under the direction of Kalyan Krishna is not a prequel, but a sequel. On the occasion of Nagarjuna’s birthday, a poster has been revealed with a title logo.

The Devil Is Back is the tagline, but the background looks like a paradise and Nagarjuna appears like a Manmadhudu landing from the paradise to earth on the stairsteps. It may not be an exaggeration to say nobody can match Nagarjuna in the traditional attire of Telugu style Panche Kattu. On the whole, Bangaraju poster looks divine.

It’s a joint production venture of Annapurna Studios and Zee Studios. Ramya Krishna and Krithi Shetty are the heroines in the wholesome family entertainer that will also have some ensemble cast associating with it.

As is known, Bangaraju shooting began few days ago in Hyderabad.

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Samantha’s special wishes for Nagarjuna


Ever since Samantha removed Akkineni from her social media handle, there are strong speculations that all is not well between Samantha and Naga Chaitanya. The actress continued to stay tight-lipped about the rumors. On the occasion of Nagarjuna’s birthday, Samantha wished him through her social media page. “No words can describe my respect for you. I wish you an abundance of health and happiness, today and always. Happy birthday to the man, the phenomena @iamnagarjuna mama” posted Samantha on her handle. On the work front, Samantha is done with the shoot of Shaakuntalam and is on a break.

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The Ghost First Look: Nagarjuna Attacks With A Sword


Akkineni Nagarjuna, actress Kajal Aggarwal and director Praveen Sattaru are working together for the first time for a high-octane action entertainer being produced by Sree Venkateshwara Cinemas LLP and Northstar Entertainment banners.

Wishing Nagarjuna on his birthday, the makers have revealed the film’s title and first look poster. The Ghost is the title locked and Nagarjuna looks like The Ghost for his opponents in the first look poster.

The poster sees Nagarjuna attacking his opponents who goes down on his feet. Apparently, this sequence will give goosebumps in theatres. It seems, Praveen Sattaru is showing Nagarjuna in a strong role and is making the film as a stylish actioner.

The Ghost is currently being filmed in Hyderabad with lead cast participating in it.

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Date locked for Bigg Boss 5


King Nagarjuna will continue to host the upcoming season of Bigg Boss. The fifth season of Bigg Boss is all set to start next month. Star MAA announced that Bigg Boss 5 will start from September 5th and will be available for streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar and Star MAA. The makers also released special promos for the show in the recent weeks. On weekdays, Bigg Boss 5 will be telecasted from 10 PM and on weekends, it will start at 9 AM. There are a lot of speculations about the contestants but Star MAA kept the names under wraps. The contestants will be announced through a curtain-raiser episode on September 5th.

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Finally, Nag’s multi-starrer launched


Akkineni Nagarjuna has been in plans to take up the sequel of Soggade Chinni Nayana after the director narrated the basic plot. The film is titled Bangarraju and Kalyan Krishna is on board as the director. The film got delayed by years as Nag wasn’t convinced with the script of the film. There are a lot of speculations too about Bangarraju. The movie got its official launch finally today and the regular shoot will commence this month.

Nagarjuna, Ramya Krishna, Naga Chaitanya and Krithi Shetty will be seen in the lead roles in Bangarraju, a family entertainer with enough twists. Zee Studios in association with Annapurna Studios are the producers. Anup Rubens is retained as the music director and Bangarraju hits the screens next year. Some of the top technicians are working for this project. Zee Studios acquired the entire rights of the film for a record price.

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Nag all set for Bangarraju


King Nagarjuna has been in plans for Bangarraju, the sequel for Soggade Chinni Nayana. The sequel was under work for a long time and it was delayed as Nagarjuna was not convinced with the script. Kalyan Krishna worked for two years on the script and the draft was locked recently. The shoot of the film will start from August 20th in Hyderabad and a lavish set is constructed in Annapurna Studios for the same.

Nagarjuna, Ramya Krishna, Naga Chaitanya and Krithi Shetty are the lead actors in this village-based entertainer. Nagarjuna is pretty confident in the film and he wanted Naga Chaitanya to play the other lead role in the film. Annapurna Studios are the producers and Bangarraju is aimed for summer 2022 release. Nagarjuna is also shooting for Praveen Sattaru’s action entertainer currently and he will join the sets of Bigg Boss 5 soon.

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Nag to produce a web-based film


Nagarjuna who loves to experiment did not taste commercial success in the recent times. His last movie Wild Dog failed in theatres but received a decent response on Netflix streaming. The actor decided not to experiment with his films but he is keen to take the experiments through the digital space. Impressed with a script, Nag decided to produce and act in this film. The movie will have a direct digital release and will not release in theatres.

Nag himself revealed the news and he is expected to announce the details about the project once everything gets finalized. For now, the scriptwork of this web-based film is going on. Nag will resume the shoot of Praveen Sattarru’s film soon and he will commence the shoot of Bangarraju later this year.

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Wild Dog Is Not A Regular Film: Chiranjeevi


Nagarjuna’s latest flick Wild Dog was released on last Friday to good response from critics. Though there was negative impact of increase in corona cases, the team is happy to receive positive response from those who watched the film. Producer Niranjan Reddy made a big statement that the mission is accomplished as they made a film that got appreciation from major sections.

Megastar Chiranjeevi watched Wild Dog special show and he complimented the entire team. Chiru thanked the real heroes and appreciated Nagarjuna for portraying the role sincerely. He also thanked director Ashishor Solomon and producer Niranjan Reddy. Chiru stated that Wild Dog is not a regular film, adding every Indian must watch it.

It is known that, a day before the film’s release, Chiranjeevi invited Nagarjuna to his residence and served him a delicious dinner cooked by the Megastar himself.

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Nagarjuna’s ‘Wild Dog’ Movie Review

Wild Dog Movie Review

Wild Dog Movie Review

Telugu360 Rating: 2.75/5

King Nagarjuna needs a hit as he is surrounded by a series of flops. The actor loved the concept of Wild Dog and gave his immediate nod. Talented writer Solomon is returning back to direction after a while with Wild Dog. Nagarjuna, Dia Mirza, Atul Kulkarni. Saiyami Kher, Ali Reza played the lead roles in this action entertainer that is all about the ISI attacks on Pune and Hyderabad. Niranjan Reddy’s Matinee Entertainments are the producers. Wild Dog is releasing today and here is the complete review of Wild Dog:


Wild Dog is the story of Vijay Varma (Nagarjuna) who is a ruthless cop and leads NIA Special Team. He gets shattered with the demise of his daughter in a bomb blast in Hyderabad. After staying away from NIA for years, he gets a call from the Indian government to lead the team on a mission to nab the masterminds in the blast’s case. Vijay Varma who is popularly called Wild Dog leads the team to catch Khalid, the key accused in the case. Watch Wild Dog to know about their special mission which makes Vijay Varma and his team proud.


After the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic, the Indian and Telugu audience watched hundreds of shows, web films on terrorism and action. Wild Dog has nothing new and interesting to offer right from the plot to the narration. Wild Dog is neither racy nor completely dull. It has some good moments but the narration is never gripping. Nagarjuna shines as Vijay Varma but this alone cannot drive the film. The first half of Wild Dog is ok to watch but the audience will have their own complaints. Some of the episodes are silly.

The process of investigation looks outdated and it has nothing new. With many modern techniques being adapted, the team relies on a sketch artist to find the face of the criminal and the hunt to find the name of the main accused is so long. The team of NIA are just a step away from nabbing Khalid but he misses without any trace most of the time. This will surely disappoint the audience. Team Wild Dog finally lands in Nepal and those episodes too are not worth watching. The climax portions too are so simple and remind us about several Bollywood films.


Nagarjuna shines in the role of Vijay Varma who plays a honest NIA cop in the film. The role looks perfect for his age and he looks natural with a scar and grey hair. Dia Mirza has couple of scenes as Vijay Varma’s wife. Atul Kulkarni gets a tailor made role as a cop who struggles to convince the government against the odds. Saiyami Kher gets a challenging role and she a full length role in the second half of Wild Dog. Ali Reza and the team of Wild Dog did their part well. All the other actors are good and did well.

Wild Dog has a simple plot and it is inspired by several crime thrillers. The screenplay should have been gripping and more intense. The dialogues are good. Thaman delivers an impressive background score and the cinematography work is apt. The production values should have been better. Solomon takes Wild Dog on a serious note but the second half of Wild Dog has enough flaws. On the whole, Wild Dog will have a limited appeal.


Wild Dog is a film that will have a limited appeal because of several such attempts on digital platforms in the recent times. Nagarjuna and his team are good but the second half of Wild Dog has its own flaws.

Telugu360 Rating: 2.75/5

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Nag responds about his 100th film


Nagarjuna is betting big on Wild Dog and he sounds super confident on the product. The veteran actor says that Wild Dog is a new age action drama and the expectations are good. During his recent media interactions, Nag was asked about his 100th film and the top actor said that the scriptwork is currently going on. Nag also revealed that the film will be a multi-starrer and he promised to make the announcement at the right time.

Nag is shooting for an action entertainer in the direction of Praveen Sattaru. He will commence the shoot of his long-delayed film Bangarraju from June this year. The film will hit the screens during Sankranthi 2022. Naga Chaitanya plays the other lead role in Bangarraju. When it comes to his 100th film, Nag is keen to work with his younger son Akhil. More details awaited.

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Major Who is A Part of Surgical Strikes Assisted Wild Dog: Nagarjuna


King Nagarjuna is doing a completely out and out action entertainer with Wild Dog. The movie releases on April 2nd and the actor has been aggressively promoting the film for the last one week or so to create buzz for the film and he is largely successful.

“I like to promote my films well. Wild Dog demands even more. It is a new-age commercial film and deserves that extra promotion. This (new-age action) is something happening for the first time. I am very confident of the film,” Nagarjuna said.

“I am the only known face on the team and the rest of the team is relatively new. Even the director is also new. So, I decided to shoulder the responsibility of the promotions. I was supposed to begin the second schedule of Praveen Sattaru’s film but I am here promoting this movie. I will join them on April 7th,” Nagarjuna added.

“When I first heard the script, I told Solomon to make it as authentic as possible. He did a lot of research for 3-4 months. He even met a Major who participated in the Surgical Strikes. He is on the set to guide us to keep the proceedings as authentic as possible,” he narrated the team’s efforts to make Wild Dog close to reality.

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Nag’s reaction to Wild Dog special screenings


Akkineni actor Nagarjuna could not taste success in recent years. The actor will be seen in Wild Dog, an action-packed thriller that is based on a real-life incident. The trailer clocked a record number of views among Nag’s films and is carrying good expectations. Nag is specially focused on the product and he spent ample time on the editing table. He watched the final cut last month and was impressed. Close to ten special screenings are held recently and Nag was pretty much impressed with the response coming. A bunch of young Tollywood directors watched the film and shared their views on Wild Dog.

Nag is thrilled and the positive response doubled his confidence on Wild Dog. The film is hitting the screens this Friday. Solomon is the director and Nag plays a NIA cop who is on a mission. Matinee Entertainments invested a bomb on the product. They are releasing Wild Dog on their own in most of the territories. Dia Mirza, Saiyami Kher and Ali Reza played other important roles.

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Wild Dog Is A Pucca Commercial Film: Nagarjuna


Nagarjuna’s action thriller Wild Dog is gearing up for release on April 2nd. The film’s promotional event- Wild Dog Base Camp Event took place in Hyderabad in presence of the entire cast and crew.

Saiyami Kher said, “Wild Dog is extremely special film for me as I got an opportunity to work with Nagarjuna and I go to do so much action. It’s a very exciting and thrilling film.” Producer Niranjan Reddy made it clear that Wild Dog is not an experimental film adding only Nagarjuna could accept such films.

Director Ashishor Solomon stated that an article in a newspaper is the inspiration behind the film’s story. “In 17 bomb blasts in India from 2007 to 2013, hundreds have died. The case is handed over to NIA. A group of 5 NIA officers risked their lives and did this deadly undercover operation.”

Nagarjuna said, “I liked the character ACP Vijay Varma which is the reason why I did Wild Dog. He is fearless and I too am fearless like him. I got call from Niranjan Reddy during covid times to resume shoot and it’s a biggest from him. Wild Dog is not an experimental film. It’s a pucca commercial film. Thaman lifted the film up with his music.”

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