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Buggana shocked: High drama as councillor joins TDP in Dhone


In a major shock to Andhra Pradesh Finance Minister Buggana Rajendranath, one of the YSRCP councillor from Dhone has joined the TDP. This led to a panic in the YSRCP ranks and the party leaders got into a high alert mode. So alarmed was the YSRCP that the corporator was immediately taken to the police station. All this led to a tense situation in Dhone, the home turf of Buggana.

Ward No 32 councillor Dhara Haranath Reddy joined the TDP on Wednesday in the presence of Nandyal TDP president Gauru Venkat Reddy and Dhone TDP incharge Dharmavaram Subba Reddy. This development sent shock waves in the YSRCP. Even as the programme organised to mark his joining the TDP was on, the police came and took the councillor to the police station.

The police claimed that the wife of the councillor has filed a complaint that Dhara Haranath Reddy went missing. Sources allege that the councillor was pressured to leave the TDP, which the latter refused. Meanwhile, a large number of TDP workers rushed to the police station in support of Reddy.

Councillor’s wife said that she did not lodge any complaint and said that this was police machination to pressure her husband to rescind his decision. Reddy to said that the police did not allow him to make a call to his wife and family members. The situation led to tense moments in Dhone town. Sources opined that the police overaction was the result of pressure from Buggana’s supporters.

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Petition in High Court against Balayya

YSR Congress general secretary K Shiva Kumar filed a petition in the Hyderabad High Court seeking action against actor cum politician Nadamuri Balakrishna for distributing money to voters during the Nandyal bypoll campaign.

It may be recalled that Telugu Desham Party MLA Balakrishna who is campaigning in Nandyal was allegedly found doling out cash to voters. Two photos went viral on social media in which the actor can be seen handing over Rs 100 notes to the people.

The petitioner informed the court despite filing a complaint with the Election Commission along with proofs against the Hindupur TDP MLA, the EC failed to initiate action. He requested the court to direct the EC to take action against Balakrishna.

The YSRCP MLA urged action against the actor a per the provisions of the Peoples Representation Act and Indian Penal code.

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PM Modi congratulates Bhuma; Jagan accepts defeat cries foul


Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated Telugu Desham Party candidate Bhuma Brahmananda Reddy for his winning streak in Nandyal bypoll. Modi tweeted

On the other hand, Opposition Leader Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy accepting the defeat, said “since it is not general election but a byelection TDP won”. He even accused the ruling party of instilling fear among the people of Nandyal.

Accusing the ruling party of misusing the power, Jagan said that YSRCP had to take a step back because TDP retorted forcefully by not only spending 200 crore rupees just for one byelection but also deploying its cabinet in Nandyal.

He challenged the turncoats to quit their positions and contest elections. He said “even we want to see how much money TDP will be spend in 20 constituencies”

Jagan said the victory in Nandyal cannot be attributed to Chandrababu Naidu, and that the real war would begin in 2019 elections where YSRCP would show its muscle.

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Nandyal delivers judgement: TDP leads by 25K votes


The ruling Telugu Desham Party is in the forefront in Nandyal rural and urban after eleven rounds of counting of votes. In all rounds so far, TDP is in lead and has secured more than expected majority. It may be noted that TDP didn’t win the Nandyal seat in the previous 2004, 2009 and 2014 general elections. Celebrations have commenced at Bhuma’s household. TDP leaders and workers are rejoicing as the party candidate Bhuma Brahmananda Reddy leads over YSR Congress Party’s Silpa Mohan Reddy with a margin of twenty five thousand plus votes. Silpa Mohan Reddy alleged that TDP did not win for its development but by distributing money and sympathy.

Nandyal votes

15477 (lead 1198)427969
210,637 (lead 1634)7679142
317,695 (lead 3113)11624211
424,162 (lead 3597)14492278
531117 (lead 3492)17955305
637278 (lead 3303)20813305
742331 (lead 547)25,125362
846563 (lead 348)29,123372
950872(lead 879)32553431
1055514 (lead 1486)35709633
1159452 (lead 604)39191687
1265081 (lead 1580)43240738
1370771 (lead 1460)47470738
1475943 (lead 1304)51338898
1581713 (lead 1442)55666975
168627661198 (lead 654)975
1791439 (lead 915)654461064
1896185 (lead 506)691561153
1997106 (lead 367)607101153

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Counting for high stake Nandyal bypoll begins : 39 postal votes invalid


Nandyal bypoll counting

Andhra Pradesh politics is going to see a huge change in the next two to three hours, as the outcome of votes polled in Nandyal byelection will be delivered. The counting began at sharp 8:00am on Monday. Massive security arrangements have been made at the counting centre Nandyal polytechnic college.

Of the 250 Postal Ballot Votes polled 39 are invalid and around 100votes did not reach the centre. CrPC Section 30 and 144 are imposed in Nandyal with around 600 police personnel being deployed. In the 1to5 rounds- Nandyal rural votes will be counted and in the 6to16 round Nandyal Urban and in the 17to19 rounds Gospadu mandal results will be declared. 173189 votes have been polled with 79.13% polling recorded.

The ruling Telugu Desham Party’s Bhuma Bhramananda Reddy and opposition YSR Congress Party Silpa Mohan Reddy have locked horns in a high pitched contest

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Guns and knives: What actually happened in Nandyal after bypoll?


A day after the Nandyal bypoll, Telugu Desham Party leader Abhiruchi Madhu and YSR Congress Party leader Silpa Chakrapani Reddy engaged in brawl in broad daylight in public. Nandyal on Thursday morning witnessed firing in air, attacks with knife and stone pelting.

As the incident unfolds, Chakrapani followers visited a counsellor’s house after her husband expired. At the same time TDP leader Abhiruchi Madhu reached the place to console the family of the deceased. His car was blocking the way, so Chakrapani’s followers asked him to tow away the vehicle. Some of the YSRCP followers started using cuss words and pelted stones on Madhu’s car. Consequently, TDP leader’s gunman Bhoopal fired five rounds in air. Following the shots, the groups dispersed allowing Madhu to escape from the location.

In a short span of time, upon reaching Suraj Grand hotel, the two groups locked horns again. Madhu with a knife (used to chop coconuts) in his hand, tried to pelt stones and attack Chakrapani. YSRCP followers also revolted and started attacking with stones. A confrontational situation was witnessed at the hotel road. Police who reached the spot, took away the knife from Madhu and helped him leave the place. Police chased away the YSRCP groups and the situation was brought under control

Meanwhile Madhu lodged a complaint in two town police station stating that Chakrapani, Jagadeeshwar Reddy and one other person attempted to kill him by efficiently planning attack on his car. The police registered the complaint.

YSRCP side says that Madhu intentional put his car to block their way. They accused the TDP leader of having several cases registered against him and that he is a rowdy. They alleged that TDP was trying to bring back faction politics in Nandyal again. Later YSRCP leaders also lodged a complaint in the police station.

High alert was announced by the police in Nandyal.

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Firing in Nandyal: YSRCP Silpa followers clash with TDP leader Abhiruchi Madhu


A day after the Nandyal bypoll, private gunman of Telugu Desham Party leader Abhiruchi Madhu opened fire in the air in Nandyal of Kurnool district to control a clash and stone-pelting between the ruling party and YSR Congress Party followers.

As the incident unfolds, followers of YSRCP Silpa Chakrapani Reddy along with the leader were on their way to Salim Nagar to pay a tribute to a deceased YSRCP Minority leader on Thursday. Upon reaching Suraj Grand hotel, they started pelting stones at TDP leader Abhiruchi Madhu’s car.

The TDP supporters also reportedly pelted stones. Reacting to the incident, Madhu’s private gunman allegedly opened around five rounds of fire in air. This led to high tension near Suraj hotel area.

Police rushed to the spot, chased away the groups and the situation was brought under control. Section 144 of CrPC has been imposed near Suraj Hotel.

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Huge voter turnout in Nandyal bypoll


A high voter turnout was recorded in the Nandyal bypoll on Wednesday. Election Commission chief Bhanwarlal said 77.66 percent polling was recorded till 5 pm and estimated that around 82 percent of polling will be recorded towards the end of the day. Women voters participated in huge numbers compared to men. He noted that in 2008 – 76 per cent and in 2014 – 71 percent polling was recorded in the constituency. However, 79.20 percent voter polled finally. Counting of votes will be held on 28August from 8:00 am.

Minister Somireddy alleged that Bhanwarlal was a biased towards YSR Congress party. He said that CEC wrote the letter to take action against Jagan on June 21 but SEC to avoid causing damage to YSRCP filed complaint on June23. Responding to the allegation, the official said that there was no delay in registering the case. Bhanwarlal said that they received a letter from the CEC 21 August around 6:00 pm which was forwarded to the returning officer on the same night. The Returning officer was busy with polling arrangements on Tuesday, so filed the complaint today morning at 8:00am.

The Election Commission for the first time used the Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) in the election. He said the constable who died in polling duty would get Rs 10 lakh compensation. Bhanwarlal said that the polling went on smoothly with hardly any undesirable event. He said that the EC has taken stringent measures against any violation of election code.

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Battle of prestige for TDP, YSR Congress in Nandyal by-poll


It’s a battle of prestige for Andhra Pradesh’s ruling TDP and opposition YSR Congress in the by-election for Nandyal assembly constituency scheduled for Wednesday.

Both parties have gone all out to win as the result may indicate the direction in which the wind will blow in the 2019 elections.

Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and YSR Congress Party (YSRCP), the lone opposition party in the state assembly, are locked in a straight fight in what is being described as the costliest ever by-election in the state’s history.

Over 2.30 lakh voters are eligible to cast their votes in the by-election. For the first time, the Election Commission will use the Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT), which helps the voters know the candidates they have voted for.

Though the Congress party, which drew a blank in the 2014 elections, has also fielded a candidate and there are 12 other candidates, the contest is between the TDP and YSRCP.

After the 2014 elections, this is the first time that the two parties are locked in a key poll battle. Though by-elections for three assembly seats were held since 2014, they avoided a contest keeping in view the tradition to allow unanimous election caused by the death of sitting legislators.

Though Nandyal by-election is also necessitated by the death of sitting legislator Bhuma Nagi Reddy, YSRCP this time decided to contest, claiming it as its own seat. Bhuma, a key political figure in Kurnool district, had switched loyalties to TDP last year.

TDP has fielded Bhuma’s nephew Brahmananda Reddy, who is facing a tough challenge from Silpa Chandra Mohan Reddy. Interestingly, Mohan Reddy had quit TDP to join YSRCP, after the ruling party denied him ticket.

The by-election result will not only be seen as a referendum on the performance of TDP government but may virtually set the stage for the next elections. A win for YSRCP will put pressure on TDP and also lend legitimacy to its demand for the resignation of all 20 MLAs who crossed over to the ruling party over last two years.

The opposition party had been challenging TDP to make these legislators resign and face by-elections. Four of these legislators were inducted in the state cabinet in April.

These four ministers include Akhila Priya, the daughter of Bhuma Nagi Reddy. She represents neighbouring Allagadda constituency. Interestingly, she was elected as the YSRCP candidate in the by-election caused by the death of her mother Shoba Nagi Reddy in a road accident during the 2014 election.

Considering the high stakes, YSRCP chief Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy led the party’s campaign in Nandyal by camping in the town for the past 15 days. On the other hand, the TDP’s charge was led by party President and Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu.

The acrimonious campaign was marred by bitter attacks by the two leaders on each other. Some of Jagan’s words angered the TDP. “It’s not wrong to hang Naidu for not keeping poll promises,” Jagan told one election meeting.

On another occasion, he said it would not be wrong if Naidu is shot dead on the road. He also called Naidu a thief for luring his party legislators to join the TDP.

The ruling party launched a bitter counter-attack on Jagan, digging up corruption allegations against him. Naidu went a step further by accusing Jagan’s late father, Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy, of plotting a Maoist attempt on his life in 2003.

Almost the entire TDP leadership, including several ministers, participated in the aggressive campaigning.

The Congress party, which was virtually wiped out in the 2014 elections held in the immediate aftermath of bifurcation of undivided Andhra Pradesh, has fielded Abdul Khader, a High Court advocate.

Khader’s presence may split the Muslim vote between the TDP and YSRCP. Muslims constitute about 25 per cent of the voters.

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Silpa’s son Ravi launches counter-attack on Chandrababu


Nandyal YSR Congress Party candidate Silpa Mohan Reddy’s son Ravi Kishore Chandra Reddy launched counter attack on Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu’s for attempting to character assassinate his family. He recalled that during the course of the 2014 election, TDP chief Chandrababu called his father Silpa Mohan Reddy late in the night and praised them for the service activities. Later, Minister Nara Lokesh also visited service organisations run by the Silpa’s and extolled the service activities.

It may be recalled that Chief Minister made several personal allegations on Silpa’s family in the face of fierce competition from Mohan Reddy in the Nandyal. He said that Silpa Cooperative Society set up in the market yard is not legal and the offenders will be prosecuted. He asked the people who took money from the society not to pay them back.

Ravi Reddy said that Chandrababu’s allegations against the Silpa Seva Samithi especially after they have left the party reflect the sad state of affairs. He said that their family is known to respect women, evident from using his sister’s name Silpa as surname. It may be noted that Mohan Reddy’s surname is Singareddy and his elder daughter is Silpa Reddy. He said that their father never indulged with contractors.

Ravi Reddy said that in the past when his father asked funds, the TDP chief denied finances, but now they are funding the development only for elections.

On the other hand, Mohan Reddy said that due to malaria he was unable to participate in the full-fledged campaign.

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Chandrababu alleges that Silpa’s family committed many irregularities


Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu said that the Nandyal by-election is to know the majority of TDP, as the ruling party will unquestionably win.

The TDP supremo came down heavily on Opposition leader’s comments of “shot the CM”. He said that the ruling party is bearing the comments of Jagan Mohan Reddy for the sake of people and that they are not afraid of such threats.

Strict action will be taken against those who are charging high interest rates. He said that the government will investigate in the Silpa Cooperative Committee. Naidu said strict action will be taken against the unions setup without permission. Some of the people present at the meeting complained on an MLA. Naidu said that the wrongdoings of YSRCP leaders has no limits.

Targeting the opposition candidate Silpa Mohan Reddy’s, the CM said that Silpa’s family has committed many irregularities. He said that the land is being grabbed from the poor people and such offenders will be probed

Naidu convened a meeting with members of the Balija, Vysya and Muslim communities on Sunday. He said that development of Nandyal roads will help Vysyas prosper in their business. He noted that in Kurnool district, TDP provided political opportunities for Vysyas. He asked the voters to strengthen TDP for the development of the state.

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Balayya doles out Cash in Nandyal roadshow


Telugu Desham Party MLA Nandamuri Balakrishna who is campaigning in Nandyal was allegedly found doling out cash to voters. The actor cum politician of the ruling party had been participating in massive road shows in Nandyal since Wednesday.

Two photos went viral in which the actor can be seen holding Rs 100 notes and handing them over to the people.The photographs showed Hindupur MLA along with other leaders disbursing notes to people from a vehicle.

In the background of the picture, the Minister for Tourism is seen speaking at the roadshow. While the Election Commission and the ruling party sort this matter, Balakrishna campaigning in Nandyal has created more trouble to the cycle party than ever.

TDP reportedly denied any such cash distribution and also claimed that the pictures are photo shopped.

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Balakrishna slaps fan for getting too close

Actor-politician Nandamuri Balakrishna, known for his temper, has again slapped a fan — for getting too close for a selfie.

The incident happened on Wednesday night when he was in Nandyal in Andhra Pradesh to campaign for the ruling Telugu Desam Party in a byelection.

According to a video on Twitter, Balakrishna, 57, is seen slapping a fan for trying to get too close for a picture. He then stares at him and walks away angrily.

The video clip has gone viral on social media.

This is not the first time Balakrishna has found himself in such a situation. Last year, during a visit to the Tirumala temple, he had slapped someone who tried to take a selfie with him.

Earlier this month, on the sets of his upcoming yet-untitled Telugu film with K.S Ravi Kumar, a leaked video showed an angry Balakrishna slapping his assistant and ordering him to tie his shoe laces.

Balakrishna’s upcoming Telugu action entertainer “Paisa Vasool” is slated for a September 1 release.

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Twist in Nandyal bypoll: Gangula defects to TDP


Former Member of Parliament from Nandyal Gangula Pratap Reddy switched allegiance to ruling Telugu Desham Party on Wednesday. This development comes in less than 24hours after YSRCP supremo Jagan Mohan Reddy had lunch in YSRC MLC Gangula Prabhakar Reddy’s house. Pratap Reddy met Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu along with Minister Atchannaidu to officially join the ruling party.

The Gangula Brothers have strong hold over people in Gospadu mandal of Nandyal. The YSRCP leadership was rooting on them to flatter the voters. Also, Gangula and Bhuma families reportedly have been arch rivals ever since. However, this particular defection can be seen as a major blow to YSRCP and will apparently favour the ruling party. In view of the Nandyal by-elections, both ruling TDP and opposition YSRCP are encouraging defections.

At the beginning of this year, MLC Gangula Prabhakar Reddy switched from TDP to YSRCP followed by defeating the TDP candidate from the Allagadda Assembly constituency.

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4 reasons why Nandyal by-poll is advantage TDP


Electorate of Nandyal are not only watching the performance of the government but also are observing opposition party. The ruling Telugu Desham Party has bright chances to seamlessly make their way in the Nandyal by-poll, especially with YSR Congress party supremo Jagan Mohan Reddy’s injudicious remarks causing more harm than good.

  • Jagan who has been extensively campaigning in Nandyal by conducting roadshows has been asking people to “hang the CM” or “shoot the CM”. During his road shows on Thursday and Friday he iterated that it is not crime to hang people like Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu. These comments are hurting the opposition party’s image severely.
  • Congress had fielded a minority candidate Abdul Khadir to contest in the election. This would impact YSRCP minority votes as the votes from the segment will be divided. Opposition party has been targeting the ruling party for failing to consider minorities uprightly. Also with reports of Akhila Priya is reaching out to Pawan Kalyan emerging, the BCs of Nandyal are likely to favor the ruling TDP.
  • The ruling party has been showering goodies and has extensively taken up development activities in Nandyal. TDP has time and again iterated that the constituencies are lagging in development where YSRCP legislators have won. People are making a note of this and having a legislator of ruling party will help them considerably.
  • While Bhuma Brahmananda Reddy is a fresh face, Silpa Mohan Reddy has been contesting for a long time with no noteworthy development to his credit. While Jagan has gained credibility by asking Silpa Chakrapani Reddy to resign to his MLC seat, he did not make any significant promise for the development of constituency.

The ruling party is seeking votes with development as agenda, but YSRCP has been going into people with the prime agenda of showcasing the failures of ruling party apart from the Navratnalu which will be realised only when Jagan becomes Chief Minister.

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Jagan writes to EC, says “Shoot CM” remark blown out of proportion


YSR Congress President Jagan Mohan Reddy responding to Election Commission penned that the context is an important factor while making the “Shoot CM” remark.

Election Commission which took suo motu cognizance of the comments made at a public meeting in Nandyal issued show-cause notice to the opposition leader last week seeking his explanation.

Political secretary of Jagan S RamaKrishna Reddy informed DC that the reply has been sent to EC which explained that the remarks were blown out of proportion and that it was not the actual intention of Jagan. He said that the words came out of anger as the Chief Minister failed to fulfill the promises made during elections.

In his explanation to EC as to why action should not be initiated, the leader reportedly wrote that any emotionally drained person after constantly being cheated with false promises would logically make such remarks. They reportedly said that the comments will not impact the out-come of the poll and has certainly caused a dent to the leader’s image.

Not only the ruling party but also Congress is trying to make most of the ill-fated comments.

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Chandrababu’s ‘No fund for Nandyal roads’ video creates stir

Ahead of the Nandyal by-elections, a video of YSR Congress Party candidate Silpa Mohan Reddy requesting funds to Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu for development of his constituency has emerged online. The video which is was taken on Jan 9, 2016 during Janmabhoomi-Maavooru program at Deebaguntla in Kurnool shows Silpa requesting funds for development of roads in Nandyal. Chandrababu responding to the request can be seen asking, “Where is the money?”

The video was posted not only to elevate Silpa’s candidature but also upholds the statements by Opposition Leader Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy. During the public address in Nandyal last week Jagan said, “Had the election been unanimous, the Chief Minister wouldn’t have released any funds to Nandyal constituency.” The video surfaced as counter to Minister Bhuma Akhila Priya accusation that Silpa failed to get funds for Nandyal when he was in the Telugu Desham Party. Even the Late Bhuma Nagi Reddy is seen in the video. However, the Chief Minister’s question about ‘no funds’ is followed up by request a to the legislators to draw an action plan and submit it for allocation of funds as he doesn’t want to promise it on the fly.

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Akhila Priya: I respect Roja but will never get personal in attacks

Tollywood actor cum politician Roja triggered controversy by finding fault in Andhra Pradesh Tourism Minister Akhila Priya’s dressing style. The YSRCP MLA alleged that Akhila Priya has no respect towards Indian culture. She said that the TDP legislator doesn’t wear sarees and moves around shamelessly wearing chudidars like men.

Responding to the contentions, Akhila Priya said that the words from Roja are due to frustration, as some women have blocked the YSRCP MLA’s campaign in a ward. The Minister said that, “As a woman I have respect towards her, because it is difficult for women to grow in Politics or Acting. I hope she will understand my position being a woman herself.”

Akhila Priya said, “it is difficult for us as kids to hear that our father was murdered.” She hoped that Roja would understand the pain the children endure, especially her younger brother, when they hear such statements.

The TDP legislator said that there is nothing wrong in using her father’s sentiment in the election campaign. She said, “if Jagan is roaming around carrying his father’s photo, even my dad is great for me.”

The Allagadda TDP MLA said that it is better to concentrate on people’s problems instead of getting personal in attacks. Speaking to a popular Telugu news channel, she recalled that her parents never attacked anyone on personal level and she pledged not to verbally attack on private lives of individuals.

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TDP seeks action against Jagan over his shoot Andhra CM remark

The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) has asked the Election Commission to take action against YSR Congress Party chief Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy for his controversial remark that “there is nothing wrong if (Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister) N. Chandrababu Naidu is shot dead on the road”.

Irrigation Minister Devineni Umamaheswara Rao on Saturday said the poll panel should take suo motu note of Reddy’s comments made at an election meeting in Nandyal assembly constituency, where by-polls are scheduled to be held on August 23.

He told reporters here that calling for shooting a person and that too, at a public meeting is a cognisable offence both under Indian Penal Code and Representation of People’s Act.

Rao claimed that whoever makes such a comment during election campaign may be jailed for three years.

He also wanted the Leader of Opposition to apologise to the Chief Minister.

The TDP leader alleged that Reddy was inciting violence and said he had no right to continue as the Leader of Opposition. He said the YSRCP leader has displayed his “criminal mindset” by making this comment.

The Minister said the irresponsible remark shows that Reddy was fearing defeat in the upcoming by-election.

Reddy made the controversial comment at the public meeting on Thursday in Nandyal in Kurnool district.

A local leader of TDP has filed a police case against Reddy, accusing him of inciting violence on the basis of caste, creed, race, religion, community or language, under the Representation of People’s Act.

Reddy also called Naidu a “thief” while referring to the 19 MLAs, who won assembly elections as YSR Congress candidates, but switched loyalties to the ruling TDP.

The by-election in Nandyal is necessitated by the death of the sitting legislator Bhuma Nagi Reddy, one of those who defected to the TDP. His daughter Akhila Priya, who too won as a YSR Congress candidate from Allagadda constituency in the same district, is now a Cabinet Minister.

The TDP has fielded Akhil Priya’s counsin Bhuma Brahmananda Reddy. YSR Congress candidate is Silpa Mohan Reddy, who quit TDP to join the opposition party after he was denied ticket.

Both the parties have made the by-election a prestige issue as it is being seen as a referendum on the three year rule of the TDP. It is also expected to indicate which way the wind was blowing in the run-up to the 2019 elections.

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The Rising Importance of Jagan in Eenadu

The special attraction at C Ramoji Rao grand daughter’s wedding last week was the presence of the opponent Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy. While it could be termed as courtesy call, it did give rise to several discussions. Known to be arch-rivals, the media barons are being more cordial to each other which is evident from their regular interactions at several functions. However, one significant change is the coverage the Opposition leader is getting in Eenadu in recent times.

The media house which had a tag of being inclined to TDP and NDA is unexpectedly publishing stories about Jagan. Previously, one would need a lens to find an article underscoring Jagan in the paper. However, the direction of the winds seemed to have changed, especially with Eenadu putting Jagan’s speech as front page banner item. Be it the YSRCP Plenary sessions last month or Nandyal public meeting on Thursday, Eenadu’s coverage had raised several eyebrows in disbelief. The coverage has been reportedly way better than Jagan’s own Sakshi.

This is a bombshell for the ruling TDP especially with the channel and newspaper continuing to give weightage to Jagan. While the TDP leaders keep wondering the reasons for Eenadu to promote Jagan, it is definitely a relief to the readers.

Is Eenadu gearing up for future winds and adjusting its sails now? Is it Modi meets Jagan after effect? Hope, Eenadu’s choice of covering Jagan reflects hopes and not fears.

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