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Will YSRCP be able to divide TDP’s vote bank in Krishna district?


Is the ruling YSRCP trying to filch the Kamma vote bank in Krishna district? Is the recent announcement of nominated posts part of the larger game to divide the Kamma social group? Have the appointments been made keeping in view the caste equations in some Kamma-dominated assembly constituencies?

That Kamma community plays a key role in several assembly constituencies in Krishna district. But, the YSRCP could not win the community’s support in the district in 2019. It has just two MLAs from that community. Kodali Nani of Gudivada and Vasanta Krishna Prasad are the only MLAs from the community. Vallabhaneni Vamsi, who won from Gannavaram on TDP ticket is also sailing with the YSRCP, but that’s another story altogether. So, the YSRCP wants to win over the Kamma voters, who are steadfastly with the TDP.

As part of this, the party appears to have focused on Penamaluru and Jaggaiahpet constituencies, which have sizeable population of the community. The Kamma corporation chairperson’s post has been given to Tummala Chandrasekhar, who is from Penamaluru. Similarly, Tanneeru Nageswara Rao of Jaggaiahpet has been made the DCCB chief. In addition, Devineni Nehru has been made the incharge of the Vijayawada East constituency.

But, the big question is whether the community shifts its loyalty? Sources say that much more needs to be done beyond merely giving some posts. But, Jagan camp feels that even if 5 to 10 per cent voters shift their loyalties, this would be a major gamechanger in 2024. These appointments are only the beginning, YSRCP sources say. Much more will follow, they vouch.

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Will Facebook abuse of woman TDP leader prove costly for Minister?


Social media is a double-edged sword. Minister Seedini Appala Raju and TDP’s Gouthu Sirisha are now coming to realize this. What started as an election-even war of words on Facebook, is now turning out to be a full-blown battle. Both leaders have filed complaints against one another with the police.

Politically hyper active Palasa had witnessed a key battle in 2019. TDP former minister Gouthu Syamasundar Shivaji’s daughter Sirisha was the TDP candidate against YSRCP’s new-entrant Dr Appala Raju. In the run-up to the election, both began a fight on Facebook. However, after the elections, in which Appalaraju won, the virtual war continued. The respective supporters of both the leaders continued the battle and the war of words soon deteriorated into verbal abuse.

Soon after the defeat, Sirisha shifted to Srikakulam and became slightly inactive. Using this as an advantage, the YSRCP supporters continued to attack her. They began posting comments that were derogatory and demeaning. Left with no option, Sirisha had approached the police with a complaint. Not to be undone, even Appalraju’s supporters lodged complaints with the police. Sirisha has now become active again and has begun attacking the YSRCP and the minister by questioning the irregularities in the implementation of various schemes.

Now, the war of words has spiraled out of control and even the minister is unable to rein in his supporters from posting nasty comments. The leaders of both the parties have filed complaints against one another. Sirisha is now planning to lodge a complaint with the cyber police over abuse and wrongful posts.

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TDP leaders not shocked by arrests anymore!!


After initial hesitancy, the TDP leaders are now mentally prepared to go to jail and spend their time behind the bars. The initial shock is gone and they are now preparing to brave arrests. Political analysts feel this fighting spirit is a welcome development.

In the last two years, several TDP biggies have been arrested. First it was Atchen Naidu, later it was Kollu Ravindra. Senior leader like Dhulipalla Narendra, former Whip Kuna Ravikumar, ex-MLAs Chintamaneni Prabhakar, BC Janardhan Reddy, Nallamilli Ramakrishna Reddy, JC Prabhakar Reddy, MLC BTech Ravi were arrested on some pretext or the other. Former ministers Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, Nimmakayala China Rajappa and Ayyanna Patrudu have all been booked in various cases. Many of these cases are of very minor nature. For instance, both Yanamala and China Rajappa were booked for attending a wedding. Ditto with BTch Ravi.

Initially, the TDP leaders, who have never visited jails, were apprehensive, but now most leaders are getting used to the repression. They are now adjusting to the new reality and feel that a short stint in prison may be inevitable to fight the larger battle against the YSRCP rule. Hence the shock and surprise element of the arrest is slowly vanishing among the TDP leaders.

In fact, Devineni Uma has been daring the YSRCP to arrest him for the past two years. On many occasions, he has challenged the government. In fact, on one occasion, he even staged a sit-in in Gollapudi and asked the government to arrest him. Incidentally, he has not been arrested in connection with the functioning of his ministry and the awarding of the contracts in the irrigation department. Finally, he was arrested in connection with a petty incident. This only shows that the YSRCP is bent on putting TDP stalwarts in prison on some pretext or the other.

The shock and awe seen during Atchen Naidu’s arrest was not seen during Uma’s arrest. He looked brave and strong in the face of an arrest. The TDP leaders are increasingly getting ready to battle it out. This will only portray the YSRCP in bad light and the TDP would end up getting sympathy, analysts feel.

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Jagan misusing SC, ST Atrocities Act, alleges TDP


Telugu Desam Party (TDP) leader and former minister Nakka Anand Babu on Thursday advised Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy-led Andhra Pradesh government to refrain from alleged rampant misuse of the SC, ST Atrocities Act for political vendetta.

He claimed that the government is using this legal provision to suppress the principal opposition party and all the dissenting voices in the state.

“Jagan regime was indeed hatching a conspiracy to get the atrocities law revoked at the national level. Already, the Supreme Court received petitions about the political misuse of this law by the ruling Governments across the country,” said Babu.

The TDP leader asserted that the Supreme Court could take a serious view of the alleged ongoing indiscriminate misuse of the SC/ST law.

He questioned whether the government was making a mockery of the SC/ST law by applying it on former minister and TDP leader Devineni Uma Maheshwar Rao.

“CM was not just getting cases filed against the political opponents but he was also getting them jailed,” he alleged.

According to Babu, Reddy ‘opened a dark chapter in the history of the country’ by allegedly getting SC, ST atrocities cases filed against Dalit victims as well.

He demanded an explanation from the Chief Minister as to why he was allegedly misusing the laws created to safeguard Dalits for political and personal victimization.

“The atrocities law was brought in to ensure prevention of atrocities against Dalits. The CM has been openly misusing this law. The Dalit officers were being used to perpetrate political harassment,” he alleged.

He claimed that Reddy came to power with Dalit votes but he was allegedly using them to create chaos in the state.

Babu noted that Dalits were facing unprecedented attacks and victimization ever since Reddy came to power.

“For just opposing sand mafia activities, Dalit youth Vara Prasad was tonsured and humiliated in East Godavari. SC, ST cases were filed against Dalit farmers in Amaravati and they were sent to jail for 20 days. They were handcuffed by the AP police,” he alleged.

Babu made these remarks in the light of the police arresting Rao for allegedly attacking YSRCP leaders.

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Why this YSRCP leader wants to rejoin TDP?


This political family which for decades played a key role in Anantapuram politics, now finds itself on a political crossroad. It left the TDP for greener pastures and joined the YSRCP. But, things are not going their way in the YSRCP. Now the political family is seriously thinking of going back to the TDP.

We are talking about Singanamala former MLA P Samanthakamani and her daughter Yamini Bala. Samanthakamani is a popular leader from the Dalit community and has been a staunch supporter of Chandrababu Naidu and the BJP. The TDP too recognised her and rewarded with several key positions in the government.

In 2014, Chandrababu Naidu gave the party ticket from Singanamala to Samanthakamani’s daughter Yamini Bala.. She had won and Chandrababu amply rewarded her with the Whip post. But, Yamini Bala angled for a minister’s post. Meanwhile, she began encouraging groupism in the party and an annoyed Chandrababu gave the Singanamala ticket to Bandaru Sravani in 2019. Sravani lost badly due to the pro-YSRCP wave in the state and YSRCP candidate Jonnalagadda Padmavathi has won handsomely. In the later developments, both Samanthakamai and Yamini Bala joined the YSRCP. While Samanthakamani has retired from politics, Yamini Bala has at least 15-20 years of active politics.

However, this euphoria did not last long and Yamini Bala found herself out of place in the YSRCP. Also, no assurance was given to her about her future. Recently, Yamini Bala recently held a meeting with her supporters where most of her backers wanted her to rejoin the TDP. They also regretted her decision to join the YSRCP. They pointed out that she might not get a YSRCP ticket as sitting MLA Jonnalagadda Padmavathi is Jagan’s favourite. If sources are to be believed, even Yamini Bala is actively considering joining the TDP. Let’s wait and watch how things unfold in Singanamala.

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Andhra govt depriving village sarpanches of Central funds: TDP


Telugu Desam Party (TDP) senior leader Chintakayla Ayyannapatrudu on Monday alleged that Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy-led state government is depriving village sarpanches of Central funds.

Ayyannapatrudu alleged that Reddy is deducting money from the 14th and 15th Finance Commission allocated funds to sarpanches for electricity charges.

He said the government is destroying the system of panchayati raj in the southern state.

“We all know how important are panchayats, according to the Constitution of India and how important is a CM to his state. Similarly, a panchayat president is important to the panchayat board,” said the TDP leader.

According to Ayyannapatrudu, the government is relegating panchayat president and restraining him from exercising his powers.

He noted that the sarpanch has complete authority on the finance commission funds which should be used for developmental works.

“Without giving these funds to the sarpanches, the state government is deducting electricity charges. Is it alright to divert funds from the sarpanch?” he posed.

The opposition leader alleged that up to Rs 350 crore have been diverted in this fashion from sarpanches across the state.

Calling this practice as unconstitutional, he said this is a big mischief by the state government led by Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Ayyannapatrudu said the people who won as sarpanches spent a fortune to become one, but now they are not enjoying any powers.

He called upon all the sarpanches to open up and talk about this alleged injustice.

“If you do not talk when you are facing injustice, who else will talk then,” he observed.

He highlighted that not just the sarpanches but also MLAs, MPs and ministers from the ruling party allegedly do not talk about this issue.

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TDP demands resignation of YSRCP MPs over VSP privatisation


Opposition Telugu Desam Party (TDP) on Sunday demanded that all MPs of the ruling YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) resign to step up pressure on the Central government in the current session of Parliament to withdraw privatisation of the Visakhapatnam Steel Plant.

Former minister and TDP leader Bandaru Satyanarayana Murthy said if the YSRCP MPs in the Rajya Sabha and the Lok Sabha resign, then the TDP members would also follow in their footsteps.

He said Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy should come to the rescue of one lakh workers of Visakhapatnam Steel Plant (VSP) as it was his basic duty in his capacity as the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh.

He said it was in the interest of VSP workers and people that TDP national president and leader of opposition N. Chandrababu Naidu offered to follow Jagan Mohan Reddy. The CM should have responded positively to the gesture made by the opposition leader in a respectful manner.

Naidu had on Saturday asked Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy to join the struggle and lead it from the front.

Extending his party’s complete support to the ‘Save Vizag Steel’ agitation, Naidu reiterated that his party’s elected representatives would be ready to resign from their posts for the sake of the steel plant.

Satyanarayana Murthy said the general feeling among the people is that the only goal of YSRCP MPs is to have their rebel MP Raghurama Raju disqualified. Jagan Reddy should realise that the present burning issue in Andhra Pradesh is to prevent the privatisation of steel plant and to safeguard the interests of the workers, he said.

He recalled that Jagan Reddy had stated during the elections that he would bend the necks of the central leaders if he was given 25 MPs. If Jagan takes over leadership of the steel plant agitation, then the AP MPs can bring Parliament to a standstill till the privatisation move was withdrawn, Murthy said.

The TDP leader termed as ‘reckless’ the statement by Jagan Reddy’s advisor Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy that if TDP MPs want to resign they can do so. “Instead of giving a plan to stop the Steel Plant privatisation, Sajjala is only diverting the public attention by making unwarranted comments against the appeal of Mr. Chandrababu Naidu. It is clear how the chief minister, his advisor and his Rajya Sabha MP Vijay Sai Reddy are not bothered about the steel plant at all,” said Satyanarayana Murthy.

The TDP said that the YSRCP is ruthlessly betraying the aspirations of over 38 villages that contributed their thousands of acres of land for the VSP. He alleged that YSRCP leaders were only interested in making quick and easy money through sand, land, liquor and cement mafia but not in the struggles of the workers and common people.

He urged the people to realise whether the TDP or the YSRCP had the credibility when it came to the fight for saving the steel plant. He pointed out that Chandrababu Naidu immediately rushed to the protest camp and extended his party’s overall support to the agitating workers whereas, Jagan Reddy was playing all sorts of discreditable dramas without giving any hope to the steel plant workers on the privatisation issue.

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Is TDP looking for an election spin doctor?


The TDP is facing several challenges these days. It is fighting a young enemy with a force that mainly comprises veterans who are staring at political retirement. Even the TDP chief is showing demonstrably slower reflexes. The pension scheme politics of Jagan are proving to be more effective than the infra-building, long-term benefit politics of Chandrababu.

TDP inner circles feel that more than all these, there is a failure on the part of the TDP in understanding the new-age politics. Chandrababu is increasingly finding out that the sop-oriented and dole-dependent politics of Jagan have a better edge than the cadre-based, long-term politics of the TDP. He is finding that politics in AP have become more like a 20-20 match rather than a test match.

If sources are to be believed, Chandrababu has come to the conclusion that the TDP badly needs some election spin doctors. A search for the right poll wizard is on in the TDP. If the sources serve us right, Lokesh Babu is now on the lookout for such spin doctors. He is said to have met some such spin doctors already. It may be recalled that even before the 2019 elections, the TDP had requisitioned the services of one Robin Sharma for perception management and image building.

Even after the 2019 debacle, Chandrababu has been going ahead with Robin Sharma. In addition to Robin, the TDP is now planning to rope in another poll spin doctor. The YSRCP had used Prashant Kishore in 2019. But, PK had already indicated that he would not offer his services to the YSRCP again. Given the situation, the TDP is now trying to requisition the services of a poll wizard to help it sail through in 2024, which promises to be a make-or-break election for the TDP.

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YSRCP activists attack TDP leaders with dung for exposing bad roads in AP


The opposition TDP’s attempts to expose bad roads in Andhra Pradesh under the rule of YSRCP government met with stiff resistance from YSRCP leaders and cadre today (Saturday).

The TDP planned to hold protests near bad roads demanding urgent repair of roads filled with pot holes across AP.

But YSRCP leaders and activists rushed to the spots and attacked TDP leaders with animal dung and mud.

Tension prevailed in Krishna district Nandigam mandal Jujjur village after YSRCP activist attacked TDP leaders including former minister Devineni Uma and MLA Gadde Rammohan Rao.

The TDP leaders demanded police to arrest YSRCP activists who attacked them.

But police took TDP leaders into custody saying that their protests were creating law and order problems.

TDP leaders and cadre lashed out at police for initiating action against them when they are holding protests democratically and peacefully while letting off YSRCP leaders and cadre who attacked them with dung and mud.

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One Party…four factions … What’s the future?


The TDP is a divided house in its strongest citadel – Vijayawada. Vijayawada urban TDP is suffering intense group fights and these are threatening to hit at the very roots of the party in Vijayawada.

The party is divided into four factions led by MP Kesineni Nani, former MLA Bonda Uma, former MLC Buddha Venkanna and Sheikh Nagul Meera. Each is working at cross purposes. As a result, the party workers are left thoroughly confused. They are worried that the party will lose whatever clout it has if the same trend of infighting continues.

Interestingly, all these four were very friendly and united till 2019. Nani was the MP and he was on very good terms with Bonda Uma. They even roped in Buddha Venkanna. But, after the 2019 elections, Nani began a very vituperative attack on Buddha Venkanna. They fought on not just party forums, but also on social media. Later, even Bonda Uma fell out with Kesineni Nani. Now, Nani is trying to project his daughter Shweta as his political heir. He even projected her as the mayoral candidate for VMC. It is another matter that Shweta won her division, but the party lost badly to the YSRCP.

Now, even Vijayawada One Town leaders like Nagul Meera and Jaleel Khan feel threatened by Swetha’s aggression. With Nani promoting her, they feel she could contest from their domain of the Old City. As of now, no attempt is being made by the party’s top leadership to address these differences. Though Lokesh has tried to patch up the differences, he has not succeeded. The result? The TDP is divided into four factions with no signs of the situation improving.

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TDP’s island of hope is sinking


Rajahmundry has been one island of hope for the opposition TDP amid the sea of YSRCP dominance in East Godavari. Even during the Jagan tsunami, the TDP had won both the assembly seats in Rajahmundry in 2019. In fact for the last three consecutive terms, the civic body is in the hands of the TDP.

But is the citadel developing cracks? Are the TDP leaders involved in so much infighting that the party is now staring at a bleak future? Political analysts say ‘yes.’ Rajahmundry has some of the strongest TDP leaders but the party seems to be stuck in the old mould. Rajahmundry rural MLA Gorantla Butchaiah Chowdary is one of the founding members of the TDP and is a many-time MLA. Rajahmundry urban seat is held by Adireddy Bhavani. Her father is senior TDP leader Kinjarapu Yerren Naidu and her father-in-law is MLC Adireddy Appa Rao.

However, the party is divided into two groups – one led by Adireddy and the other by Butchaiah. Both the leaders are trying to dominate one another and each one is trying to undercut the other’s influence. The situation is such that the party’s office near the municipal corporation has not been opened in months. The differences are so deep that the party’s city unit has had no president for the past few years.

If the same trend continues, the party would be further weakened in Rajahmundry. Isn’t time that some senior leader gets involved and brings rapprochement between the two factions. Though there are senior leaders like Yanamala Ramakrishnudu in the district, they normally do not try to get involved in Rajahmundry politics. It is about time Chandrababu Naidu sets the house in order in Rajahmundry.

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How will TDP come back to power in 2024?


How will the TDP come back to power in 2024? This is the question that the TDP thinking heads are asking themselves. Will just anti-Jagan sentiment alone help the TDP to storm back to power? Does it have to do something more than what it is doing now?

As of now the TDP is only trying to appeal to the already anti-Jagan elements. Those who are not going to vote for the YSRCP in any case are being catered to. These sections will in any case vote against the YSRCP. But, by addressing and targeting the same sections, it will not gain anything. Take for instance the Vizag steel plant issue. This is a matter of a strong sentiment for the Telugu people. The Modi government is out to privatise the VSP. The YSRCP has clearly colluded with the Centre on this issue. But, the TDP is yet to take up a grassroots level fight on this issue. It is paying mere lip service to the employees unions which are waging a battle against the Central government.

YSRCP MP Rammohan Naidu has asked the YSRCP to lead the agitation and said that the TDP MPs were ready to resign their MP post on the VSP issue. But, instead of the YSRCP, why is not the TDP taking the lead? Let it take the lead and force the YSRCP to follow suit. Thus it will not just lead the movement, but also claim credit for taking up the issue. Remember the YSRP had resigned all the MP seats and brought pressure on the TDP. As a result, the YSRCP not only got the credit but also put the TDP on the mat.

On the Rayalaseema Lift Irrigation Issue too, the comments by three Prakasam TDP MLAs have only helped create antipathy in the Rayalaseema region, which has more than 50 MLAs. In fact, party chief too is from the same region. Luckily for the party, the three MLAs have backtracked from their statement the very next day. However, the damage was already done.

It’s time the TDP gets its priorities right and realise that leading people’s movements is the only answer.

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Will raise Andhra’s ‘economic crisis’ in Parliament: TDP


The Telugu Desam Party on Friday resolved to raise the ruling YSRCP’s “ongoing financial terrorism” and “economic crisis” in Andhra Pradesh in the forthcoming Monsoon session of Parliament.

“The TDP MPs would bring to the attention of the Centre and the whole nation how the reckless the Jagan Mohan Reddy regime has been pushing Andhra Pradesh into such severe financial crisis that even salaries were not being paid properly to government employees,” said a TDP leader.

TDP Parliamentarians Kanakamedala Ravindra Babu, Galla Jayadev, and K. Rammohan Naidu said the opposition party would expose the YSRCP regime’s “failures” and “misdeeds” regarding inter-state water issues, deteriorating law and order, attack on Telugu language and others.

The Parliament would be informed how Rs 41,000 crore of public funds were diverted by the Jagan regime without proper accounts, vouchers and receipts, they claimed.

The TDP MPs asserted that they would also apprise the Centre how Rs 1.78 lakh crore debt was allegedly run up with no development activities in the past two years.

The AP Government was “misguiding the Centre by furnishing wrong figures and numbers by following unparliamentary practices. The CAG has objected that the Jagan regime was straightaway diverting the Central funds that were released for specific people-centric programmes”, they claimed.

According to the TDP MPs, Reddy and his Telangana counterpart K. Chandrasekhar Rao are allegedly enjoying friendly dinners on one hand, while creating “artificial water disputes” on the other.

The AP CM was not able to do anything even though Telangana was using its police in order to wrongfully release water from Srisailam in the name of hydel power generation, they claimed.

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Who is behind pro-Junior NTR slogans ?


Who is behind the sprouting up of Junior NTR flags and Junior NTR slogans in TDP rallies? The way the slogans are being chanted in an organized manner and the way the flexis, flags and banners are coming up strategically shows there is a deep planning in all these. The aim seems to be to embarrass the TDP boss.

Initially, it was Kuppam. There were flags everywhere of NTR Junior in Kuppam when Chandrababu visited his home turf. There were even slogans asking him to bring back NTR. Chandrababu was nonplussed by this sudden turn of events. Later, on Junior NTR’s birthday, there were posters everywhere in Kuppam. Chandrababu asked his close confidants to prepare a report on who is behind all this. One does not know whether a report was published and if published, what its contents are.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, similar posters and flexis appeared in Machilipatnam also. There were slogans too demanding the return of NTR. Interestingly, NTR himself is now focused more than ever before on his career. He is busy with films and on more than one occasion, he has categorically said that there was no question of joining politics at this stage. Yet, these posters are springing up periodically.

The TDP feels this is the handiwork of the people, who were once with the TDP and have now shifted to the YSRCP. Such people are pulling strings and are whipping up this sentiment. In Kuppam, some of the trusted party workers are now in the opposite camp. They could be behind this, the party insiders feel. This is nothing but questioning the leadership of Chandrababu and his son Lokesh Babu. They feel these people are inciting gullible party sympathizers to raise these slogans. The party is now seriously planning to go to the roots of this.

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After getting trapped, these ex-TDP MLAs are cursing YS Jagan


Where are all the TDP leaders of North Coastal Andhra, who jumped into the YSRCP bandwagon? What became of them? Have they been given incentives for switching sides? Were there suitable rewards for joining YS Jagan Mohan Reddy?

In North Andhra, especially in Vizag, a large number of TDP former MLAs had decided to sail with the wind and adjusted their sails soon after TDP’s defeat in 2019 elections. They joined the YSRCP at the slightest hint from the YSRCP leadership. Former MLAs like Dr AS Rahman, Panchakarla Ramesh Babu, Tippala Gurumurthy Reddy and Pinninti Varalakshmi queued up to the YSRCP. Jagan took them into the party immediately as he wanted to show the people that the TDP leaders from North Andhra were in favour of Vizag as the second capital of the state.

But, after the capital controversy died down, these ex-MLAs appear to have been largely forgotten. They have neither been given key party posts nor MLC tickets to contest for the legislative council. YS Jagan has not even bothered to meet them so far. Experts say there is no possibility of these ex-MLAs getting even nominated posts. They now realise that Jagan has his own priorities and literally no time for them.

YSRCP insiders say that the party’s thinking heads feel that these MLAs could go back to the TDP if sun again begins to shine on the TRS. “Normally, Jagan takes years to trust people. Hence these turncoat MLAs have nowhere to go.

They say that YS Jagan has cleverly trapped these MLAs on the capital issue. Now that his purpose is served, there is no use for them. Interestingly, TDP MLAs who joined the YSRCP too aren’t happy. They too feel that they are being used and thrown. Unfortunately for the turncoats, they cannot even go back to the TDP, as the TDP too has shut the doors on them.

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Former Telangana TDP chief Ramana joins TRS


L. Ramana, who resigned as the Telugu Desam Party’s Telangana unit President last week, joined the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) on Monday.

Ramana took the TRS membership from party’s Working President K. T. Rama Rao at the Telangana Bhavan.

He, along wit his followers, will be formally admitted into the party at a meeting on July 16 in the presence of Chief Minister and TRS President K. Chandrasekhar Rao.

Ramana, a former minister in united Andhra Pradesh, and a former MP, had resigned from the TDP on July 9. He had sent his resignation to TDP’s national President N. Chandrababu Naidu.

After receiving the TRS membership, Ramana said he decided to join the TRS at the invitation of Chandrasekhar Rao. He told reporters that he wanted to participate in the development of the state.

Ramana, who had been leading the TDP in Telangana since the formation of the state in 2014, said under the leadership of KCR, he would work to strengthen TRS and for the welfare of the peoples, especially the backward classes.

“I will use my vast experience of last 27 years to work for the state and the party,” he said. He feels that the political situation in Telangana has changed and the TRS is the only party which can safeguard the interests of the state.

Ramana later called on ministers Koppula Eswar and E. Dayakar Rao. They are understood to have discussed party affairs and the government schemes. Ensuing by-election to Huzurabad Assembly constituency is also believed to have figured in the discussion.

Ramana had met KCR on July 8 to express his willingness to join the TRS. The Chief Minister reportedly assured him that he will be given due recognition and political opportunity. He is likely to be nominated as the TRS candidate for the Legislative Council elections that are due in a couple of months.

He was one of the few leaders remaining in the TDP in Telangana. Several top TDP leaders switched loyalties to the TRS during the last seven years.

Ramana, a two-time MLA, had served as Minister for Textiles and Handlooms in undivided Andhra Pradesh in 1994-96.

He was also elected to Lok Sabha from Karimnagar in 1996.

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Telangana is multi-party setup, there’s future for TDP: Chandrababu Naidu


Everyone has written off the Telugu Desam in Telangana. Even the president of the Telangana unit of the party, who was with the party through thick and thin, too has deserted for greener pastures in the pink party. Both the victorious MLAs of 2018 assembly elections are now firmly seated in the TRS. Yet, Chandrababu Naidu still feels that there is some role for the TDP in Telangana.

Chandrababu said that the TDP was born on Telangana soil in 1983 and will definitely have a bright future in the state. Talking to the party workers meet in Hyderabad the other day he called upon the party workers to create new history in Telagnana by rejuvenating the party. He organized a meeting of senior party workers from Telangana, including politburo members, central committee members and key leaders at his residence in Jubilee Hills on Saturday.

Leaders like Ravula Chandrasekhar Reddy, Bakkani Narsimlu, Katragadda Prasuna, Aravind Goud, Nannuri Narsireddy and incharges of 14 parliamentary constituties. During the three-hour long meeting, the party leaders have entrusted the responsibility of choosing a successor to L Ramana, who has recently joined the TRS. Chandrababu reportedly will speak to the key leaders like the vice-presidents, general secretaries and affiliated organisations’ leaders before finalizing the name of the new party president. If all goes well, there would be at least five working presidents for Telangana.

Interestingly, Chandrababu Naidu said that unlike Andhra Pradesh, where a two-party political system has evolved, Telangana was still a multi-party system. Hence, the TDP will have future in Telangana, he averred. He also assured the party workers that he would personally get involved in the party work in Telangana. He asked the party leaders to focus on constituting party committees at every level.

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GenNext leaders fail to make a mark in TDP

Where are all the young guns? This is the question that the Telugu Desam fans, supporters and workers are asking these days. During the 2019 elections, the TDP has promoted several young leaders from the political families in the hope that they would emerge as the future of the TDP. These nextgen leaders were also expected to form a team under the leadership of Lokesh Babu.

But, most of these young guns could not win the elections and the party too went out of power. As a result, most of these young generation leaders have become inactive. Instead of working hard to rebuild the party, these leaders have busied themselves with personal works and businesses.

Take the case of Bojjala Sudheer, who is the son of TDP veteran Bojjala Gopalakrishna Reddy. He had contested and lost from Srikalahasti, his father’s bastion. After the defeat, he simply vanished from Srikalahasti. He has not attended the recent state-wide protest programme that Chandrababu Naidu has organized on June 29. Ditto with Gali Bhanu, who is the son of former TDP heavyweight Gali Muddukrishnama Naidu. He fought and lost against Roja in Nagari. Since then, he is inactive. Sources say, family disputes are the reason for his inactivity.

Paritala Sriram, son of Paritala Ravi, came with a lot of promise but could not win from the family borough of Penukonda. Now, the sources say that Paritala Sunitha herself has begun working to reclaim Penukonda. JC Diwakar Reddy and Prabhakar Reddy may be political heavyweights, but their sons JC Pawan Kumar Reddy and Asmit Reddy have vanished after losing elections in 2019. The less said about Bhuma Akhilapriya, whose parents Nagireddy and Shobha Nagireddy were heavyweight politicians, the better.

KE family’s KE Shyam, TG Venkatesh’s son TG Bharat have gone as fast as they came. Soon after the electoral defeat, they simply became politically inactive. Guthu Syamsunder Shivaji’s daughter Gowthu Sirisha, Ashok Gajapathi Raju’s daughter Aditi, Kimidi Mrunalini’s son Kimidi Nagarjuna, Bandaru Satyanarayana’s son B Appala Naidu, Jyotula Nehru’s son Jyotula Naveen, Kodela’s son Kodela Sivaram, Devineni Chandu, Rayapati Ranga Babu are active in politics and are holding different responsibilities. But, they are unable to make a mark.

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New star rises in Nandyal politics


A new star is rising in Kurnool district. As usual, she is from a political family and has the full backing of her father. She is working hard to woo the voters and win their confidence. But, this rising politician is clever enough to ensure that her faction background is not overtly visible. She is focusing more on service activities and what more? She is trying to emerge as the TDP’s most recognizable face in Nandyal and Allagadda constituencies.

Jaswanti, daughter of one-time close associate of Bhuma family AV Subba Reddy, is the rising star in the TDP these days. Jaswanthi, who shot to fame when her father AV Subba Reddy was attacked allegedly by Bhuma family members, has continued her work even during the 2019 elections. Even after the elections, she is conducting several service activities in the two constituencies. She has launched two helplines to help the people in times of Corona.

Jaswanthi and AV Subbareddy have realized that the hold of Bhuma family has weakened considerably. Former minister Akhilapriya is now embroiled in cases. Her sister is estranged with her. Given this situation, there is a political vacuum in the TDP politics. Hence Jaswanti stepped in. She has been quite active in the constituency through her service activities.

She is also in the forefront of every political programme that the TDP organizes. She is trying to emerge as the voice and the face of the TDP in both the constituencies. Sources close to her say that she might contest either from Allagadda or Nandyal in the next elections in 2024.

Her father AV Subba Reddy was for several years, a close camp follower of Bhuma group. However, he fell out after Akhilapriya took over. He could not get along with her and parted ways.

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TDP alleges Rs 15,000 crore mining scam in Visakhapatnam tribal area


Andhra Pradesh’s opposition Telugu Desam Party (TDP) has alleged a conspiracy was hatched for a Rs 15,000 crore mining scam in the Visakhapatnam agency area in utter disregard for the forest and environment laws.

Former Minister and TDP leader Nakka Anand Babu on Sunday said that a ‘benami’ of ruling YSR Congress Party leaders recently announced that laterite mining would be taken up in the Sarugudu panchayat limits in Visakha agency. Alleging involvement of mafia, he demanded a CBI probe to bring out the facts.

The TDP leader demanded that the conspirators behind the laterite mining scam should be exposed immediately so that the exploitation could be prevented. “The YSRCP mining mafia had hatched a master plan to loot thousands of crores rupees in manyam mining. Already, such illegal mining was taken up without following the tribal lands and existing environment protection laws,”he said.

Anand Babu also claimed that the NREGS funds were being misused to lay a road to help the laterite mining mafia. The 14-km highway was being laid through Raghavapatnam village in Routhulapudi mandal in East Godavari district through Jaladam, Sarlanka, Siripuram and up to laterite mines in Sarugudu area. As part of this, a key YSRCP leader’s ‘benami’ called and threatened a tribal leader not to object to this mining.

The TDP leader alleged that along with laterite, the mafia was also planning to mine bauxite illegally. He said a gram sabha should be held in the local tribal villages if any mining was going to be taken up in their vicinity. But, no such gram sabha was held in Sarugudu area till now. This was in violation of the scheduled area rules.

The TDP demanded immediate withdrawal of all plans to take up illegal mining in the agency area. It vowed to stand by the tribals to protect their rights.

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