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TDP state-wide protests against Govt Covid ‘negligence’


The Telugu Desam Party leaders and cadres duly followed Coronavirus guidelines and physical distance while taking part in the ongoing state-wide agitation on Friday. They protested against the lack of proper facilities at the Covid isolation centres opened by the government in the state. In response to a call by former Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu, the TDP’s incharges, people’s representatives, senior leaders and cadres observed the protests on the third day today. The agitators held digital placards demanding the YSRCP government to give up its negligent attitude and come to the rescue of the people.

The leaders observed these protests from their respective residences in all 25 parliamentary constituencies consisting of 175 assembly segments. An awareness drive was also launched on social media against the Government’s ‘failures’ to provide timely and adequate medical care to the Coronavirus patients.

The TDP leaders urged the government to rescue the poor families by providing Rs. 5,000 Covid cash assistance without wasting further time. The poor workers were suffering greatly due to loss of work opportunities and rising prices. The construction workers, coolies, weavers, tailors, artisans and unorganised workers were in deep distress ever since the outbreak. The journalists and media persons should be included in the list of frontline warriors to extend the respective benefits on a par with doctors, medical staff and police. At least Rs. 10 ex gratia should be extended to the kin of the victims of the virus attack.

The other demands of the TDP included supply of required oxygen and medicines to the patients at the government Covid isolation treatment centres. The problem of shortage of doctors and medical staff should also be resolved. Proper ambulance services should be provided to the needy patients. Proper, eatable food should be provided at the quarantine centres. The quality of drinking water and sanitation would have to be enhanced. The government promise should be fulfilled by giving Rs. 2,000 to each patient upon discharge from the isolation centres.

Stating that frontline workers were risking their lives, the TDP said at least Rs. 50 lakh ex gratia should be paid to each family towards the death doctors, nurses, medical staff, police, sanitation staff and others in the line of duty.

Alarmingly, Andhra Pradesh was standing first in the entire country in the daily death toll and in third place in active Coronavirus cases. The state was standing in the lowest place in recovery rate. It was unfortunate that uneatable burnt chapatis, dried up idlis, watery sambar and stench smelling curries were being provided at the treatment centres. While the TDP regime provided delicious food at just Rs. 5 at Anna Canteens, the YSRCP government was providing tasteless food but collecting Rs. 500 from the Covid patients. The bed strength at the hospitals should be increased.

The Opposition leaders held placards demanding a roll back of the hike in prices of petrol and diesel. The increased current charges should be withdrawn in view of the steep fall in incomes of the general public. The liquor shops should be closed immediately considering the greater danger of infections from the unchecked crowds.

Meanwhile, TDP AP President K Kala Venkatrao said Coronavirus treatment and relief were apparently not in the government’s priority list which was why virus prevention measures took a back seat from the beginning. Till now, total Coronavirus cases reached 64,713 in the state and 823 persons lots their lives due to infection. It was disturbing that Andhra Pradesh crossed 50,000 cases in short time and stood in fifth place in the country. Even in Corona tests, inordinate delay was being caused which was leading to faster spread of the disease.

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TDP announces Rs. 2 lakh for Dalit minor girl


The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) has announced Rs. 2 lakh financial assistance for the Dalit minor girl who fell victim to kidnap and gang-rape in Rajahmundry.

TDP National President and former Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu has promised to adopt the 16-year-old girl and give her good education on behalf of the party. The TDP fact-finding committee consisting of former Ministers and MLAs has returned after a visit to the town and submitted its report to the party chief. The committee called on the girl’s family and conveyed their solidarity.

Mr. Naidu was moved when the leaders narrated to him about the deteriorated condition of the innocent girl. He immediately announced the Rs. 2 lakh cash assistance. As the girl has studied up to 10th class, the TDP chief announced that their party would take care of her future education. There was a strong need to create confidence in the girl.

Mr. Naidu asked the party leaders to strongly agitate against such atrocities and assure the victims that the TDP would stand like a rock of support to them in their hour of need. The society has a responsibility to mould the hapless girl into a dutiful citizen who would carry on her fight against such injustices.

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CM Jagan blackmailing all BC castes’ leaders, says TDP


Telugu Desam Party MLA Nimmala Ramanaidu has alleged that the backward classes leaders belonging to Velama, Yadava, Fishermen, Koppula Velama and other castes came under severe attack under the Jagan Reddy oppressive regime. All the 139 BC castes were now unsafe and insecure because of the unchecked suppression of their leadership at every level. If any of these castes do not surrender to the YCP, they were being put to severe harassment and punishments.

The TDP leader said the BC leaders, who have not a single case against them prior to 2019, were now being harassed with false cases and arrests. Atchannaidu, a Velama by caste, was facing a witch-hunt from Jagan regime just because he was not surrendering to the ruling party. Kollu Ravindra, a Fisherman by caste, served as a former Minister having no case against him. But he was being harassed with false charges in a murder case.

Mr. Ramanaidu described Yanamala Ramakrishnudu as a prominent Yadava leader who served the state in different capacities and for a long time as the Finance Minister. Such a senior leader was now implicated in an SC, ST atrocities case just for attending and blessing a couple at their marriage function. Ayyanna Pathrudu, a Koppula Velama by caste, was known for his spotless political career for over 40 years. He was implicated in an unlikely Nirbhaya case.

Stating that Jagan Reddy’s blackmail politics were endless, Mr. Ramanaidu said that former minister Pithani Satyanarayana, a Setti Balija by caste, was being targetted now just because he was no succumbing to the YCP political pressures. Pithani was a senior leader with a good track record coming from YSR and Rosaiah period itself. Now, Jagan regime was harassing Pithani in order to separate him from TDP so as to reduce the Opposition party’s influence among the Setti Balija community. Even now, 80 per cent of this community were supporting the TDP which was major reason for YCP’s latest offensives against Pithani.

The TDP legislator flayed the YCP for ‘pursuing bankrupt politics’ going by how the ruling party was attacking businesses of TDP leaders so as to blackmail and lure them. One TDP MLA was punished with cancellation of industrial incentives but immediately after joining the YCP, the MLA was given Rs. 8 Cr funds under the incentives programme.

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Jagan ‘use and throw’ attitude harming AP future: TDP


The Telugu Desam Party is making a non-stop, relentless struggle against Jagan Reddy’s aggressive rule. Now, the TDP is mocking and alleging that the Chief Minister showed a ‘use and throw’ attitude towards the same bureaucrats who dreamt of seeing him as the CM while he was in Opposition. Former Chief Secretary LV Subrahmanyam prayed for Jagan Reddy to become the CM. But after coming to power, Jagan illtreated him and gave him a dishonourable removal from the CS post.

Listing out several instances, TDP senior leader Varla Ramaiah says that Ajay Kallam worked for YCP victory, thinking that he would be able to harass the TDP leaders if Jagan Reddy became CM. The scene has reversed now. Kallam’s wings were clipped and he was reduced to be a mere figurehead in the Chief Minister’s Office. Kallam no longer has any ill will against the Opposition as he is more concerned with his position in his own favourite party government.

Mr. Ramaiah said that the same was the case with PV Ramesh. He received a setback with Jagan Reddy breaking his promise and setting Ramesh aside by ignoring his services in the past. Taking to Twitter, the TDP leader told CM Jagan that he had undoubtedly used all those bureaucrats and now threw them away within an year of rule. What more, Ramaiah said that Jagan Reddy had even ignored his own uncle Vivekananda Reddy though he sacrificed his MP seat in the past. The CM did not care to get the persons guilty of Viveka murder arrested even after 13 months passed since coming to power. The ‘use and throw’ attitude has demotivated one and all, which is harming AP future greatly.

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Police remand report flawed in Kollu Ravindra case: TDP


Telugu Desam Party Official Spokesperson K. Pattabhi Ram has asserted that the Krishna district police twisted facts and submitted a ‘flawed remand report’ to implicate TDP BC leader and ex Minister Kollu Ravindra under pressure from YCP leaders. Mr. Pattabhi objected to the police claim that they arrested the main accused persons, Chinta Chinni, Chinta Nancharaiah and Chinta Kishore, on July 2 when they had actually surrendered at the Pedana police station on June 29 evening itself. They surrendered within seven hours the same day after YCP leader Moka Bhaskar Rao was murdered.

The TDP spokesperson demanded Krishna District SP M. Ravindranath Babu to submit the CCTV footage of Pedana and Guduru police stations. It was a fact that the media reports including pro-Jagan Reddy Sakshi clearly gave visual details of how the three accused first surrendered at the Pedana police station on the day of murder itself and how they were brought to Guduru Police station later. But the remand report was full of many glaring and deliberate errors.

Mr. Pattabhi said the remand report narrated that after the murder taking place at 11.30 a.m. on June 29, the main accused persons ran away from the spot and then rode a bullet motorcycle and went towards Pedana road. Then, at 11.40 a.m., they called one Rizwan who gave the phone to Kollu Ravindra who was stated to have congratulated them before giving further directions. The police should explain how within 10 minutes between 11.30 a.m. and 11.40 a.m., the accused persons could commit the murder and then go out of the Bandar town far away into the fields on Pedana road from where to speak to Kollu Ravindra. The remand report narrative was undoubtedly full of fiction and not based on facts. It was all clearly aimed at implicating the TDP BC leader.

Mr. Pattabhi Ram asserted that when murder took place, Kollu Ravindra actually visited the offices of District Collector and the SP to complain against YCP irregularities in Grama Secretariats. Between 11.40 a.m. and 12.40 noon, Kollu Ravindra was at the SP office. Very unfortunately, the remand report stated that Kollu Ravindra spoke to the murder accused right from the SP chamber premises. From this, it was evident how much eager the police were to please their political bosses. All these politically motivated cases were being decided through hot lines between CM Tadepalli residence and the DGP and the respective District SPs concerned.

Stating that the murdered Bhaskar Rao was accused in 90 cases, Mr. Pattabhi asked why the police suppressed details that Bhaskar Rao was accused in two rape cases, six murders, 18 robberies, 38 civil disputes and 24 miscellaneous cases. Despite this, Minister Perni Nani put up an emotional show to the extent of shedding tears while YCP projected the deceased as if he was a freedom fighter. If Kollu Ravindra had a criminal background, he would have got Bhaskar Rao eliminated during the TDP 5-year regime when he was the Minister.

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YCP rule marks chaos, arrogance, revenge, scams, etc: TDP


TDP MLC Batchula Arjunudu has accused the Jaganmohan Reddy Government of making a systematic attack to shake and destroy the self-confidence of BC, SC, ST and Minorities leaders in Andhra Pradesh in the past 13 months of its misrule. What the TDP predicted at the time of 2019 elections was coming true going by how Jagan Reddy, who spent 16 months in jail, would cripple the State if he got elected as the Chief Minister. As per those predictions, the Jagan rule in the past 13 months marked chaos, disorder, revenge, arrogance, corruption and mafia activities.

The TDP MLC asserted that their party former Minister Kollu Ravindra was popular as a BC leader with a non-controversial political record but now he was implicated in false cases and put in jail. Without even a preliminary enquiry, Mr. Ravindra was implicated and harassed out of political vengeance by the ruling YCP. Till now, over 348 cases were falsely booked against the leaders of BC, SC, ST and Minorities communities who were expressing their dissent against Jagan Reddy oppression.

Mr. Arjunudu asked why the YCP went on pursuing a witchhunt against Atchannaidu who could finally be admitted in a private hospital for better treatment at the intervention of the court. It was only because of the oppressive actions of the Government and the AP Police that Atchannaidu had to undergo a second surgery. If any permanent harm is caused to Atchannaidu’s health, the Chief Minister and the Government would be held responsible. They would have to give an explanation to the BC communities and the people of the state as a whole.

Stating that the BC leaders were coming under specific attack, Mr. Arjunudu deplored that even senior most leaders like Yanamala Ramakrishnudu and Ayyanna Pathrudu were not spared from the revenge activities. Just for demanding reinstatement of a photo in the municipal office, a Nirbhaya case was booked against Ayyanna Pathrudu. Apparently, the YCP Government was least bothered about the welfare, development or prosperity of the people. CM Jagan Reddy’s only interest was to eliminate the Opposition and the BC leadership. The weaker sections leadership came under severe attack like never before in independent Indian history. Not even in Indira Gandhi’s emergency, so much harassment took place.

The TDP MLC said that in all, over 946 false cases were filed against the Opposition leaders in last 13 months. All democratic systems and institutions were being crushed under the iron feet of the Chief Minister.

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It’s ‘Farmers Betrayal Day’ but not YCP ‘Rythu Dinotsavam’: TDP


Telugu Desam Party MLA Nimmala Rama Naidu has asserted that the Jaganmohan Reddy government and the ruling YCP leaders have no moral right to celebrate the ‘Rythu Dinotsavam’ in Andhra Pradesh considering the ill effects of their reverse regime on the state agriculture. If Polavaram project was completed by now as per the previous Government plans, all districts would have got adequate irrigation water by now. The entire state would have become drought-free. But CM Jagan Reddy’s reserve tender has delayed and raised permanent doubts on the project.

Mr Rama Naidu said today should be observed as ‘Farmers’ Betrayal Day’ because YCP didn’t spend a single nor used a single cement bag in any irrigation project in its one year rule. There were no remunerative prices for crops. Not support was given and no funds were provided to the Rs 3,000 Cr price stabilization programme. The man-made crisis caused starvation of farmers and also suicides.

The TDP MLA deplored that the women farmers were dragged, humiliated and beaten for taking part in the Amaravati Capital City agitation. Over 68 farmers committed suicides as the Jagan Reddy regime made a mockery of the sacrifice of their ancestral lands by destroying the Amaravati project. With police cases, lathicharge and harassment, the government put severe hardships to the farmers. This showed the utter disregard of the government for people’s problems.

Mr Rama Naidu said while in Opposition, Jagan Reddy called Pattiseema as ‘Vattiseema’ (useless project) but after coming to power, the CM realised that Pattiseema is ‘Neeruseema’ (water project) and was forced to use it under pressure from the farmers. Also, the YCP rule didn’t give a single rupee subsidy for farm mechanisation. Whereas, the Chandrababu regime gave 50 per cent to 75 per cent subsidy for tractors, oil engines, harvesters, etc.

The TDP MLA asserted that their party government completed Polavaram works up to 71 per cent by 2019 as against the only 7 per cent works completed by 2014. YCP failed to make any progress till now. The works were now given to the CM’s favoured contractors who have expertise only to set up lifts and pumps but not in constructing huge projects. This posed a big risk to the state farmers in general and the Godavari farmers in particular.

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YCP Govt not giving 6 lakh houses to poor families: TDP


TDP MLC and APNGOs former president P. Ashok Babu has accused the YCP Government of causing needless delay in distribution of nearly 6 lakh houses to the poor beneficiaries for the last 15 months. All these houses were almost completed during the previous TDP regime while the lists of beneficiaries were also prepared. The Jagan Reddy government has deliberately stalled final distribution in order to deny these benefits to the intended poor families.

Mr. Ashok Babu demanded that the Government should immediately pay the Rs. 1,100 Cr dues to both the beneficiaries and contractors. Each beneficiary has already paid Rs. 25,000 while the remaining amounts would be adjusted with bank loans and Central subsidy. In the entire country, the Centre sanctioned the highest number of 15 lakh houses to AP during TDP regime. Over 8.5 lakh houses were completed and already distributed while another 6 lakh were due for distribution.

The TDP MLC slammed the ruling party for ‘changing’ the already finalised lists of beneficiaries in order to remove some names on the pretext of their loyalties to the TDP. This would not be correct. If there were any irregularities in the lists, the Government may order enquiries and delete undeserving beneficiaries. It would be wrong to deny the allotment of houses to the already finalised deserving beneficiaries.

Mr. Ashok Babu refuted the YCP allegations, saying that the TDP rule gave priority to construction of good quality houses that would last at least 30 to 50 years. In some places, the Government used these unallotted houses as Coronavirus quarantine centres. The YCP has no moral right to criticise since it was the TDP which was the first political party that has constructed houses for poor families. This has laid foundation for the national level housing programme.

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Jagan’s Rs 307 Cr costly birthday gift to Vijayasai Reddy: TDP


TDP Official Spokesperson K. Pattabhi Ram has slammed the YCP Government for ‘perpetrating’ yet another fraud on the people of Andhra Pradesh in the name of 104 and 108 ambulance services meant for poorer sections of society in the state. CM Jaganmohan Reddy flagged off the Rs. 307 Cr ambulance services amid a huge publicity show today which incidentally marked the birthday celebrations of the CM’s co-accused and MP Vijayasai Reddy.

The TDP leader asked whether the Chief Minister has given Rs. 307 Cr costly gift to his co-accused in massive corruption. The ambulances project contract was given to Vijayasai Reddy’s in-law Ramprasad Reddy’s Aurobindo Foundation with a premeditated plan to plunder huge public money under the garb of extending medical services to the poor people. For this, the Government stooped down to the extent of changing the clauses in Judicial Review.

Mr. Pattabhi lashed out at CM Jagan Reddy’s ‘open misuse of people’s money’ in giving wide publicity for the inauguration of ambulances in all media. At the same time, the CM and Home Minister were not able to give one single clarification on allegations of corruption. While the BVG organisation gave ambulance services at Rs. 1.31 lakh per month per vehicle during TDP regime, the YCP Government has agreed to pay Rs. 2.21 lakh per vehicle to Aurobindo Foundation now. The Government should explain whether terminated the previous contract of proven BVG group in violation of agreement only to give this Rs. 307 Cr gift to Vijayasai’s kin.

The TDP leader said Aurobindu Foundation has no prior experience in providing ambulances while BVG has got a glowing track record with its presence already there in Delhi and Maharashtra. It became clear that CM Jagan Reddy has deliberately set aside BVG only to favour his MP Vijayasai Reddy’s relatives.

Mr. Pattabhi refuted YCP allegations, saying that it was during Chandrababu Naidu regime that 104 mobile hospitals were launched which were equipped with a 5-member crew who include a doctor, lab technician, pharmacist, nurse and driver. Now, Jagan Government is giving just three staff who are doctor, data entry operator and driver. How can they provide emergency services without a lab technician and a nurse? This shows the lack of commitment on the part of YCP Government.

The TDP leader flayed the Government for agreeing to pay Rs. 1.8 lakh per ambulance to Aurobindo Foundation only for providing doctor, data entry operator and driver besides other equipment in the ambulances. This equipment includes basic things like stethoscope, BP machine, flowmeter and so on. Then, there was no clarification what services that Aurobindo Foundation would give from its side to the poor people.

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AP Corona cases rose by 400 per cent in 5 weeks: TDP


The TDP senior leaders, at an online meeting presided by party National President and former Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu, condemned the complacent attitude of the YCP Government with regard to Coronavirus preventive measures. They alleged that the virus infections went up by 400 per cent in the past five weeks even as the epidemic was threatening to spread at a faster rate. At such a juncture, instead of creating required awareness, the Chief Minister, Ministers and MLAs themselves were not wearing masks.

On the other hand, there were no facilities for necessary beds and ventilators in hospitals. Even now, the doctors were not being given PPE protection kits.

The TDP leaders deplored that the Government was covering up its failures by making false claims that it has conducted COVID tests on lakhs and crores of people. Lot of confusion was being created among the people. The Government’s negligence went to such an extent that doctors at the ENT Hospital in Visakhapatnam held a protest dharna for not being provided PPE kits. While the whole world was honouring and showering flowers on frontline soldiers like doctors, they were being ill-treated and humiliated in Andhra Pradesh.

Some TDP leaders expressed concern that AP was facing twin dangers to its socio-economic and political life in these dangerous global epidemic times. On the one hand, Coronavirus was doing bio-destruction by paralysing general public life and disrupting people’s earning capacities. On the other hand, the ruling YCP was doing socio-destruction with its insensitive and indifferent mindset towards immediate problems. CM’s negligent comments like in case of paracetamol stirred up controversies even at the national level.

The Opposition leaders pointed out how Dalit doctor Sudhakar was suspended and humiliated in public on Visakhapatnam streets just for asking for PPE kits. Dead body of a Corona patient was carried in a JCB at Palasa in Srikakulam in a very inhuman way.

The TDP leaders blamed the YCP Government for carrying out a misinformation campaign on MSMEs that it was paying Rs. 3,800 Cr dues towards incentives pending since the TDP regime. In fact, the Government was taking back lands from MSMEs. Already, 106 acres were taken back from MSMEs in East Godavari. The Centre has given Rs 3 lakh crore worth package to MSMEs. But, the AP Government was misusing public funds for advertisements for its publicity while releasing Rs 900 Cr to MSMEs in two phases. In one year, YCP has driven away investments worth Rs. 2 lakh crore.
Stating that corruption became rampant, the TDP leaders said both CM Jaganmohan Reddy and MP Vijayasai Reddy were plundering the State by misusing power for their personal advantage. While CM Jagan was promoting his own companies, Vijayasai was extending benefits to his in-laws’ companies. Over Rs 1,300 Cr worth limestone mines and large water reserves were sanctioned for CM’s own company, Saraswati Power. Wrong reports were sent to the Centre that the 25 acres were not Government lands.

The Opposition leaders said the Centre has allocated 0.038 TMC water, but the Government has increased this allocation to 0.07 TMC. First, the Government made water allocation for 5 years but later extended this allocation for a lifetime. Whereas, good industrialists were driven out of the State. Industrialists themselves were saying that ‘Government terrorism changed AP into South Bihar’.

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TDP demands Rs 1 Cr ex gratia to SPY gas leak victim’s family


Telugu Desam Party General Secretary Varla Ramaiah on Sunday demanded the Jaganmohan Reddy Government to disclose the name of YCP MP who has taken on lease the ill-fated SPY Agro Industries Company in which gas leak took place at Nandyal in Kurnool district. The Government should announce Rs. 1 Cr ex gratia to the family of the victim who perished in the gas leak. It may be recalled CM Jaganmohan Reddy announced a similar package to victims of LG Polymers leak tragedy in Visakhapatnam.

The TDP leader said suitable compensation should be given to family of the industry general manager Srinivasa Rao who died in the ammonium nitrate gas leak. Very unfortunately, the officials were bargaining with the family members in order to deny complete ex gratia. Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy, who is advisor to excise policy, should clarify why no ex gratia was announced even a day after the death of the general manager.

Mr. Ramaiah said that a liquid carbon dioxide unit was being run as an auxiliary wing for SPY Agro and that unit was taken on lease by a high-profile ruling party MP. There, Heaven’s Door whisky was being made. All this raised doubts whether the MP concerned entered the portals of the Parliament to fight for the people’s issues or for making easy money out of liquor making. The YCP leaders should clarify whether they were coming into politics only to exploit natural resources indiscriminately and amass illegal wealth.

Mr. Ramaiah deplored that harmful arrack was coated with colours and then being sold as liquor in the government wine shops. The negligence of the ruling YCP and its total indifference to consumers’ health was evident from this. The Government should publish a white paper on the quality of liquor being made in all the 21 distilleries in the state. It should also explain whether these distilleries were being run for the sake of the top leadership of YCP or in the name of the Government.

Stating that there was no transparency in the liquor policy, Mr. Ramaiah asked whether pollution and fire safety checks were being conducted for the distilleries. A strange brand named Heaven’s whiskey has been creating new sales records in the state. It is pitiable that the Government itself was playing games with the lives of the people. It is doubtful whether the Government can give guarantee that there would be no life threat from the consumption of liquor sold at its liquor outlets.

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CM Jagan a partner in Saraswati Power, reiterates TDP


Telugu Desam Party Official Spokesperson K. Pattabhi Ram has flayed the YCP Government for throwing rules and regulations to winds with regard to renewals of cancelled lease and new allocations for the Saraswati Power Industries in the last one year of its misrule. In a very brazen manner, the Government gave higher allocation of water and also extended the previous five-year allocation for a lifetime.

The TDP leader reiterated that it was a fact that Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy along with his wife Bharathi was a partner in Saraswati Power. The same has been mentioned in the election affidavit submitted by the CM. The ruling party leaders and the Government cannot question the contents of the CM’s own affidavit at this stage. Saraswati Power was allotted limestone mines in Guntur district and senior IAS officer Sri Lakshmi made these allotments in her capacity as the officer concerned at that time. But the lease was later cancelled as the company failed to start the works as per the scheduled time-frame.

Mr. Pattabhi said that the Jagan Reddy family once again began efforts for getting renewal for Saraswati Power from the Pollution Control Board. In this process, they have misled even the PCB. Several documents and GOs were being shown as proof. For getting the renewal, the GOs were changed at their whims and fancies. The ruling party should explain to the people about the violations that were committed in regard to the CM family’s Saraswati Power.

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Roll back petrol, diesel prices due to COVID crisis: TDP


TDP leader Gottipati Ramakrishna has slammed the Jaganmohan Reddy government for totally ignoring the manifold sufferings of people of Andhra Pradesh after the YCP came to power by making countless promises during elections. He asked why CM Jagan Reddy was not reminding himself of his pre-poll slogan ‘Nenunnanu, Nenu Vinnanu’ (I am, I heard) to extend a helping hand in these days of Coronavirus and fuel price hike troubles to the common public in the state.

Mr. Ramakrishna said that in the past 20 days, the petrol and diesel prices have gone up by Rs. 10 per litre in Andhra Pradesh. It is posing serious problems to all sections of people from employees, school children, auto drivers, taxis to daily wage workers who travel to work places on mopeds and shared autos. Neither the CM nor his Ministers tried to pay attention to this issue till now. As a responsible Opposition party, the TDP is demanding immediate roll back of this fuel price hike to provide relief to the people.

The TDP leader said that the AP Government can afford to waive the hiked prices as it was getting a share of Rs. 30 per litre of petrol sold and also Rs. 25 per litre of diesel. In addition to a share of 40 per cent from the Centre, AP was collecting Rs. 2.76 per litre on petrol and Rs. 3.07 on diesel. It is time the YCP regime should respond sympathetically to provide relief to the people, especially farmers who depend heavily on use of diesel for agricultural activities.

Mr. Ramakrishna said the TDP reduced petrol and diesel prices by Rs. 2 when the prices rose above Rs. 75 per litre during its previous regime. Similar gesture should be extended by the Jagan Reddy government considering the unusual problems being faced by the people in view of virus attack and consequential restrictions.

Mr. Ramakrishna said while the Kerala Government took effective measures to stop Coronavirus spread in that state, the AP Government was busy with its own political activities causing a spurt in the infections. The Ministers and the officials were relaxing after releasing just a small health bulletin everyday. Kerala reported first COVID cases in the country and, now, that state has successfully prevented the virus spread by working closely with all sections of the people there. Whereas, there was no proper review of the virus fighting measures at the state level in AP in recent days.

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Biometric attendance endangers teachers lives: TDP


Expressing concern over rising Coronavirus cases, Telugu Desam Party MLC A.S. Ramakrishna has demanded the YCP Government to withdraw its decision to make biometric attendance for teachers of government schools in order to avoid any health risk to them. The school education commission issued circular 145 dated June 23, 2020, for compulsory attendance of teachers which was in violation of the Central Government guidelines. Moreover, even the Supreme Court has ordered for doing away with biometric attendance in offices considering its potential as a touch point to spread infections.

Mr. Ramakrishna told the Government that there were several instances where teachers faced serious problems due to virus infections. At Chennayapalem in Kavali rural mandal, one woman teacher attended school on June 23 and, when she returned home in the evening, her son and husband were found to have tested virus +ve. Consequently, the whole villagers have boycotted all teachers and told them not to come to school.

Mr. Ramakrishna appealed to YCP regime not to take hasty decisions and it may call for services of a few teachers to attend schools in order to upload date for the Unified District Information System for Education. This data also should have been completed six months ago in order to get the Niti Ayog funds from the Centre. Even if the biometrics devices were sanitised regularly, it is not a correct time for the department to bring pressure on the teachers to come to schools at this dangerous time of infections. Any such step would endanger the lives of over 1.8 lakh teachers working in primary, upper primary and high schools at mandal and zilla parishad levels.

The TDP MLC pointed out that in South Korea, they have reopened and then once again closed down the schools in view of unchecked virus cases. In India, schools are not reopened in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Chattisgarh, Orissa and other states. AP Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy himself has said school would be reopened only after August 3. The Union HRD Ministry has also said it would take a review on reopening schools only after August 17.

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Jagan Govt chasing away best companies: TDP


TDP Official Spokesman K. Pattabhi Ram has accused the Jaganmohan Reddy Government of defaming and driving away well-known companies out of Andhra Pradesh only to benefit the organisations belonging to the kith and kin of the ruling YCP leaders. He condemned the manner in which the Government harassed BVG with fabricated charges of poor ambulance services with the ulterior motive of giving this contract to the organisation of Vijayasai Reddy’s relatives.

The TDP leader reminded YCP rule of how the World Health Organisation and Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare lauded and recommended BVG best health services in over 23 foreign countries. The BVG provided its services even in Jammu and Kashmir and also the most inhospitable Ladakh territories. Just because there would be no commissions, YCP Government drove away the best company from the state.

Mr. Pattabhi said while the Chandrababu regime promoted all the best practices and best companies during its time, the Jagan Reddy Government was bent on discouraging them for obvious reasons. The Jagan Reddy rule became so infamous and bankrupt that nobody came forward to give Rs. 80 Cr loan for procurement of 439 ambulances. This was accepted by the Government itself in its note on why it has shifted from finance model to outright purchase model. Very pathetically, the Government said it could find no bidders for the finance model. No Government anywhere in the world has lost its credibility so fast and so badly as the YCP regime in just one year of its rule.

Refuting YCP allegations, Mr. Pattabhi asserted that it was in the TDP regime that two-wheeler ambulance services were introduced for the first time in the entire country to help tribal people in remote forest areas. The TDP bought new 275 ambulances in 2016 to strengthen health services in the state. In 2018, the TDP regime condemned 365 old ambulances but now the YCP Government is making false claims that fifty per cent of existing 439 ambulances were in bad condition.

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YCP Ministers counter petition baseless: TDP MLC


Telugu Desam Party MLC G. Deepak Reddy has flayed the ruling YCP Ministers for launching a misinformation campaign against the TDP members over the chaos that took place in Legislative Council during recent brief budget session. The TDP has complained to the Council Chairman the next day itself but there has been no action against the ruling party Ministers who used unparliamentary and abusive language against the Opposition members.

The TDP MLC deplored that in order to cover up their violations of the House proceedings, the Ministers were now spreading lies and made a counter petition to the Chairman. If the Ministers did not commit any wrongs, the Government should disclose the video footage of the House proceedings at that time. The YCP should explain whether or not over 18 Ministers stormed into the Council only to hijack the House for passing the Bills illegally.

Mr. Deepak Reddy asserted that the women members were witness to how one Minister went to the extreme extent of pulling zip on the floor of the House. When this was complained to the Chairman, Minister Anil Kumar responded very cheaply which was evidence of the YCP atrocities. Minister Vellampalli Srinivas used offensive language when TDP members tried to complain against non-members in the Council. Vellampalli launched an attack on TDP members who pushed him aside.

Stating that Ministers lowered the dignity of the Council, Mr. Deepak Reddy said it was clear from how social media went viral with photos of ‘Assembly Kalakeyudu’ following the zip pulling incident. The YCP members were not asking for the video footage even now which indicates their feeling of guilt for what has happened. Only with ulterior motives, the Government was stopping live telecast in the Council every time YCP wanted to disrupt and hijack the legislature.

The TDP MLC said it was the ruling YCP leaders and Ministers who have a shady track record considering how there were cases against 95 MLAs and 12 MPs belonging to the ruling party. The YCP leaders were facing the highest number of cases among all the regional parties in the country at present. Even Assembly Speaker Tammineni Sitaram was neck deep in allegations of corruption in land deals, sand smuggling and job scam in Srikakulam district.

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TDP urges Centre to make AP Council a permanent body


Former Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu has urged the Centre to make Legislative Councils in all the States permanent bodies so as to prevent the autocratic and dictatorial tendencies of the respective State Governments like in Andhra Pradesh.

Stressing the significance of Council, he said that when the majority members in AP Assembly could not stop the unconstitutional 3 Capitals and CRDA Repeal Bills, it was the Legislative Council which could put them on hold by referring to a Select Committee for taking a broader public opinion.

In a statement here, the TDP MLC and the Opposition Leader in AP Council said more teeth should be given to the Council by making them permanent just like Rajya Sabha which plays an important role at the national level. The Central Government should bring suitable amendments to prevent abolition of Council at the whims and fancies of individual Chief Ministers. When the Councils are stronger, no State government would dare to cross limits and crush the Constitutional institutions.

Mr. Ramakrishnudu recalled that the original intentions of the makers of the Constitution was for protection of public interest whether in legislations or in the functioning of democratic systems. Checks and balances were provided and the Upper Houses were part of this system to protect public interest when there was a threat from decisions of the Lower Houses. It would not be correct to undermine and disrespect the Councils considering the expert advice being provided by their members.

The TDP leader said unlike the Assembly, the members of Council were elected by MLAs, local bodies, employees and graduates. Some MLCs are nominated by the Governor. It was like the election of Rajya Sabha members who were elected by MPs and MLAs while some are nominated by the President. As a result, the Upper Houses comprise well-educated individuals with considerable exposure and experience in public life. Their contributions to legislatures would be very significant.

Stating that YCP regime was running against the spirit of democracy, Mr. Ramakrishnudu said CM Jagan Reddy was acting like a dictator in the AP Assembly and he was taking anti-people decisions. The CM’s autocratic rule was going on in violation of the Constitution. Fundamental rights were being denied to citizens. Rival leaders were harassed with false cases and arrests. Jagan Reddy was showing total intolerance to criticism of his policies. Social media activists were being terrified. Even the courts and the judges were being undermined.

The TDP leader said if democracy is to be protected, the Upper House should not be left to the mercy of the Leader of the Lower House for its survival. A strong system should be put in place to strike a balance between the two houses of legislature. Council may not have the veto power but it should be allowed to give its expert guidance in times of objectionable bills brought forth by the Lower House.

Mr. Ramakrishnudu called upon the Centre to watch the chaotic rule of Jaganmohan Reddy because of the non-stop human rights violations and blatant misuse of the police machinery to harass Opposition leaders. The Constitutional heads should intervene and stop the atrocities and harassments of YCP vengeful rule. Already, an appeal was made to the AP Governor to take suitable action against the YCP Government. In future, the TDP would submit memoranda to the Constitutional heads and the Central Government. A relentless struggle would be waged against the Jagan Reddy misrule.

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Cut fuel prices by Rs 2 per litre towards Corona relief: TDP


Alleging unbearable burden due to high fuel prices, the Telugu Desam Party is now demanding that the YCP Government reduce the rates by Rs. 2 per litre for both petrol and diesel in Andhra Pradesh. TDP spokesman G Ramakrishna says concessional fuel prices were badly required in view of a large number of AP people especially farmers and workers who heavily depend on use of fuel for their earning their daily livelihoods. Price cut is necessary in view of financial slowdown after Coronavirus lockdown. Moreover, AP is already collecting over Rs. 2 more per litre when compared to Karnataka.

The TDP leader said out of the 1.25 lakh cr vehicle users of whom only 8 lakh fall under rich sections as they use cars. All the others are related to lorries, tractors, school buses, autos, taxis, road rollers and small workers who use mopeds to go to work. The Government is right now getting Rs. 2.76 per litre of petrol over and above taxes and Rs. 3.07 in respect of diesel. The previous TDP rule gave Rs. 2 concession at that time despite the financial burdens on account of deficit budget.

Mr. Rama Krishna said as of now, AP government is getting its overall share of Rs. 22 per litre on petrol and Rs. 16 on diesel. It is not a huge burden going by this if some concession is given to the vehicle users as a small step towards boosting the state economy. CM Jagan Reddy came to power making lots of promises but now he is turning indifferent to even small steps needed to rescue poorer sections from price rise.

Strongly objecting to false cases and arrests, Mr. Rama Krishna said on the issue of corruption scam in 108 ambulances, the Government can as well issue clarifications or rejoinders for which the Opposition party would give necessary reply. But crushing the dissenting voices altogether would not be correct in a democracy. YCP Government’s actions were reminding people of the days of emergency under Indira Gandhi but everybody saw how that could not last long.

The TDP leader further asserted that the police officials cannot act arbitrarily against the Opposition leaders without giving a proper notice or showing correct grounds. The police are duty-bound to act as per the law thereby upholding the spirit of democracy.

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TDP, YSRCP RS nominees gear up polls


Elections for the four Rajya Sabha seats from Andhra Pradesh will be held tomorrow from 9 am to 4 pm on Friday.

The TDP fielded its politburo member Varla Ramaiah though it lacks adequate strength of MLAs to vote for its candidate. The TDP has a strength of only 23 MLAs, at least three of them including Vallabhenini Vamsi, Maddalagri and Karanam Balram will not vote as they are openly supporting the YSRCP.

On its part, the YSRC has fielded deputy CM Pilli Subhash Chandra Bose, fisheries minister Mopidevi Venkata Ramana Rao, realtor A Ayodhya Rami Reddy and Reliance Industries senior group president Parimal Nathwaniare. Mopidevi Venkata Ramana Rao was arrested along with Jagan in 2012 in the quid pro quo case, but later released on bail.

The YSRCP on Thursday conducted a mock poll ahead of RS polls. The YSRCP is comfortably placed to win all the four RS seats as it enjoys a strength of 151 in the 175-member Assembly.

The counting of votes will be taken up at around 5 pm, the results of which will be announced a short time thereafter.

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TDP complains to NHRC against arrest of Atchanna and JC family


The TDP has complained to the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) against the ‘undemocratic and inhuman’ arrests of their party leaders Atchannaidu, former MLA JC Prabhakar Reddy and his son Asmith Reddy. MLA Nimmala Ramanaidu has complained on the arrest of Atchannaidu while MLC Gowravani Srinivasulu made the complaint against arrest of JC family.

The TDP told the NHRC that the YCP Government was pursuing a faction rule and its political of vengeance was leading to gross violations of human rights. False cases were being filed to harass and persecute Opposition TDP leaders. The arrest of Atchannaidu and JC family were made as part of this politically motivated campaign.

The TDP complained that the ACB and the police officials were not following principles of natural justice but they were merely acting at the behest of the YCP. As a result, the TDP leaders who were not surrendering to YCP tactics were being harassed with false cases and arrests. In a very inhuman way, Atchannaidu was arrested and forced to travel for 21 hours which has complicated his health leading to a second surgery.

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