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Rath Yatra – new mantra of TDP and BJP to beat YCP


The TDP has already announced its massive Rath Yatra plans in nook and corner of the Tirupati parliamentary segment. Now, the BJP has decided to hold a Rath Yatra from Kapilatheertham in Tirupati to Ramatheertham in Vizianagaram district.

Interestingly, the BJP leaders said that this is going to be a joint Rath Yatra with the Jana Sena party. It will start from February 4. The objective of it is to protest and create awareness among the people on the rising attacks on the Hindu temples and idols.
As expected, the BJP is drawing plans to to take advantage of the political situation. But the TDP supremo is making advance strategies to steal the thunder from the BJP.

Already, Chandrababu Naidu has taken the lead on the issue of the Ramatheertham idol desecration. This has put a severe strain on the BJP AP leaders.

Now, the BJP AP leaders are under greater burden and pressure to make the temples agitation and Rath Yatra a success.

Doubtless to say, the BJP’s pro-YCP stance under Somu Veerraju has hurt the saffron party very badly as far as its future political prospects are concerned.

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TDP to hold 700 meetings to capture Hindu vote bank


The AP politics have taken an unexpected turn ever since Ramatheertham. All the Opposition parties are trying to grab a major share of the Hindu vote bank. The BJP is trying hard but it has already lagged behind the TDP in respect of bringing the Ramatheertham incident to the fore.

In order to take more advantage out of the prevailing situation, Chandrababu Naidu came out with a master plan. The TDP is all set to take up a massive ‘Dharma Parirakshana Yatra’ in the nook and corner of the Tirupati Lok Sabha constituency. Over 10 ‘prachara rathams’ (campaign vehicles) will take part in this Yatra from January 21.

More interesting part of this is that the TDP chief has given the task of holding 700 meetings with the help of these campaign vehicles to cover every village, hamlet and major locality. Over 100 meetings in each of the 7 assembly segments.

Obviously, Chandrababu Naidu is eyeing the neutral voters among the Hindu castes and the BC communities to come back to the TDP and vote for its candidate in Tirupati bypoll. Analysts say that the field situation is not so adverse either for the Opposition party. The YCP got 2.28 lakh majority in 2019 but the TDP is hopeful of reversing this by taking advantage of the prevailing political situation.

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Why is AP DGP mum on arrested ‘notorious pastor’?


Pastor Praveen Chakravarthy’s confessions on video have raised political temperatures in Andhra Pradesh. Moreover, he has been arrested after allegations came up that he had confessed to demolishing idols and desecrating temples in different parts of the State. He had got many men to organise these activities. He had also confessed to having converted 699 villages wholesale into following Christianity in AP.

Now, the TDP has seized this opportunity and posed questions to the DGP why he has not talked about this ‘notorious pastor’s case’ at all in his list of arrested persons who were accused of harming religious harmony. TDP Politburo Member Varla Ramaiah demanded the DGP to explain to the people why he deliberately omitted the name of pastor Praveen in the list of 15 persons who were arrested in the cases booked in the wake of temple descrations.

The TDP leader wondered how the DGP remained silent on pastor Praveen though he was arrested for making ‘extremely provocative statements that would harm religious harmony.’ Video evidence was available how the pastor had claimed to have himself desecrated and demolished the temple idols and how he had men doing it all over the State. Praveen also claimed to have converted over 699 villages wholesale to his religion. All this evidence was available but the DGP chose to ignore this while overstating petty social media cases only to defame the TDP.

Mr. Ramaiah further said that the pastor was once an active member of Bro Anil Kumar’s team. There were also allegations of his involvement with one political party during the elections. Praveen was seen in photos taken with a YCP woman MP and he hails from Kakinada basically. The DGP should have dug up all these details if he was really worried about the religious harmony in Andhra Pradesh.

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AP TDP leaders admit getting contacted by BJP


BJP has very high expectations as well as plans with respect to their political fortunes in Andhra Pradesh. They have started contacting leaders of the opposition party of the state. While some of the leaders announced that they denied offer from BJP, some others openly revealed their vacillation about leaving TDP or continuing in TDP. But both admitted getting contacted by BJP. Details as below.

Kala Venkat Rao, senior leader of TDP rubbished the ongoing rumours in social media about him changing the party and joining BJP. He admitted that he was contacted by Somu Veeraraju, who invited him into BJP. But, he added, that was almost 4 years ago and now he has no plans to ditch TDP. He told, in a rather filmy style, that he will continue in TDP till the end of his life.

On contrary, Padala Aruna, another TDP leader of North Andhra openly commented that she is not able to take decision on joining BJP. She told, she was getting good offer from BJP but she is not able to end her 33 year old relationship with TDP. Also, she added, TDP party is not giving her any opportunity despite being loyal to the party for more than 3 decades.

From the statements of TDP leaders, it is clear that, BJP has been trying to occupy the second place in the state by relegating TDP to the third, the same way it did to congress party in Telangana. But it seems, at this moment, it is not that easy for the saffron party to achieve the same. We need to wait and see whether BJP will be successful in pulling any TDP leaders into their fold or not.

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Jagan to shoot three birds at one shot: SEC, ED, TDP


Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy has no fear of the law. His Government has decided to continue its confrontation with the State Election Commission (SEC). The CM is going to defy the SEC order not to distribute benefits under any Government programme in view of the election code being in force now. Tomorrow, Mr. Jagan Reddy is going to distribute ‘Amma Vadi’ financial benefits to mothers towards the education of their children. He will press the button at a function to be held in Nellore district headquarters town.

Normally, the Chief Minister would press the button on the computer from his Tadepalli residence. At the click of a button, he would facilitate deposit of thousands of crores directly into the bank accounts of the beneficiaries. But this time, the CM chose to do this in Nellore. His Ministers had descended on Nellore to make arrangements for the same. Actually, the CM was summoned to attend before the ED Special Court tomorrow. So, his lawyers would tell the court that the CM was busy with the public meeting.

At the same time, Mr. Jagan would so publicly defy the SEC’s order for not distributing benefits. That too, the CM was going to distribute benefits to over 40 lakh mothers and 85 lakh children. The Ministers were saying that there was no question of stopping the public benefit programme just because of the SEC or Mr. Chandrababu Naidu. The TDP chief was acting like a ‘Saindhavudu’ to create hurdles for the people’s programmes. Naidu even stopped the house sites registration programme.

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TDP seeks Andhra Guv’s intervention in local body polls


Amid another stand-off between the Andhra Pradesh government and the State Election Commission (SEC) on the holding of panchayat elections, opposition TDP on Sunday urged Governor Biswabhusan Harichandan to intervene in the matter.

Former Minister and senior Telugu Desam Party (TDP) leader Y Ramakrishnudu said that the SEC has the right to conduct the elections as per Article 243A and 243K(1). He said that it was for the Governor to make the required staff available for holding elections in the state.

The TDP leader alleged that the situation in the state was such that it could attract Article 356 of the Constitution pertaining to the breakdown of the state machinery and imposition of President’s rule.

He accused the YSR Congress Party government in the state of working to “destroy the institutions of legislature, judiciary, executive, media and police”.

“Since there is a breakdown of the Constitution, the situation attracts Article 365. When the situation in a state is not conducive to governance, the Governor should intervene,” he said.

The TDP leader termed as “ridiculous” the statement by Ministers that the state government can’t cooperate in the conduct of the elections. “Such a situation never arose in the country’s history,” he said.

Ramakrishnudu said that in no other state had employees’ organisations refused to cooperate in the conduct of the elections. “When there was no objection to queues at liquor shops, why should there be any objection to voters’ queues?” he asked.

He pointed out that Bihar Assembly elections and bypolls in various states were held amid Covid-19 pandemic wheras elections to the Tamil Nadu Assembly are also going to be conducted despite the pandemic. “Will the Andhra government then not conduct local body elections till June 2022 because of Covid-19?” Ramakrishnudu asked.

The TDP leader alleged that Jagan Mohan Reddy government was “afraid of facing the elections”. He said that the ruling party was scared of public resentment and hence creating hurdles in the conduct of local polls.

The state on Saturday challenged in the High Court the SEC’s decision to hold the panchayat elections. This came a day after the SEC overruled state’s objections and announced the schedule of gram panchayat elections in four phases from February 5.

State Election Commissioner M Ramesh Kumar and the state government are locked in a bitter row since March last year.

Taking strong exception to Ramesh Kumar’s move to postpone local body elections in March due to coronavirus pandemic, the government had removed him from the post. However, the High Court later reinstated him.

The YSRCP government has termed the schedule of gram panchayat polls as unilateral and a violation of the Supreme Court orders.

The officials made it clear that they were not ready to conduct the elections as the government machinery would be engaged in the vaccination drive for at least eight months.

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High tension at Ramatheertham amid YCP-TDP-BJP protests


Ramatheertham temple area turned into a battle zone due to gathering of huge crowds there. Activists of YCP, TDP, BJP and Hindu organisations thronged the temple. Hindu devotees raised slogans Jai Sriram and protested against the YCP leaders for creating disturbances at the temple.

The BJP leaders turned angry at the police for blocking them from going to the temple while allowing YCP MP Vijay Sai Reddy and his party leaders. Unexpectedly, very huge crowds gathered at the temple in view of the visit of TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu. TDP activists kept raising slogans in favour of Mr. Naidu and against Vijay Sai Reddy visit.

At one time, the TDP activists turned angry and pelted chappals and stones at the Vijay Sai Reddy convoy. A windowpane was broken in the incident. The police found it difficult to manage the crowd. The arrival of Vijay Sai Reddy simultaneously with Mr. Naidu created disturbances at the temple premises.

The police also did not give permission to the BJP and Hindu leaders to go to the temple in view of Vijay Sai’s visit. They raised slogans in protest against the YCP on the occasion.

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Can BJP use ‘Telangana strategy’ to corner Naidu?


Everybody knows that Telangana State throws up ample chances for the voter polarisation along religious lines. That has become a big advantage for the BJP. In addition to that, KCR has extended indirect support. KCR has his own strategy in doing so. On the one side, the BJP will become strong which is enough only to weaken the Congress more than the TRS. On the other side, KCR has got indirect support from the MIM, which will never ever support the BJP anytime in future. As such, KCR is safe as long as the BJP and the Congress are equally strong but not enough to threaten the TRS winning chances.
Now, the irony is that the BJP AP leaders are hoping to use the Telangana tactics in Andhra Pradesh as well. They are going to use those strategies in the Tirupati byelection immediately. This means the BJP wants to take indirect support from Jagan Reddy just like they did in Telangana. The ultimate game plan is to make sure that the TDP would be pushed to a third place in Tirupati bypoll. A second place would be more than enough for the likes of BJP AP President Somu Veerraju and such leaders in order to claim great credit before the Modi-Shah duo.
There are calculations now in political circles that the BJP-Jagan strategy would be to use money and muscle power. Also, being in power in AP and at the Centre, both the parties have got the obvious advantage to hold a sway on the election machinery and the polling process just like in the recent GHMC elections.
But, the question remains whether the BJP, which got less than 1 percent vote share in 2019 in AP, can push the TDP to a third place in Tirupati now. That too, at a time, when the anti-establishment sentiment is evident against the Jagan regime and also against the Modi regime for not fulfilling Special Category Status promise and the like. Like in Telangana, the BJP also has no chance for instigating communal feelings to get huge electoral benefits. Only a miracle can make the BJP dream come true in Tirupati.

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Jagan blames TDP for stopping registration of house sites


AP Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy’s original grand promise was to give registered house sites in the name of women members of the poor families. But now, the registrations could not be done. The Chief Minister had launched only distribution of house site pattas to the beneficiaries. He told the people that he was not able to give registered house sites for his sisters right now because of the conspiracies of some forces.

The CM however asserted that once the legal hurdles were removed, his Government would get these patta house sites formally registered in the name of the beneficiaries. Even in respect of thousands of house sites in Amaravati, these bad forces had created obstacles. However, justice would be done in the Supreme Court of India and house sites would then be given to all the deserving poor families there.

Mr. Jagan further said that the previous TDP regime built a few houses only prior to the elections. But, the YCP Government would build good quality houses for all the 31 lakh families in the State. This would be completed in the next three years. Not just giving the house site but houses would also be constructed for the poor people.

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Tirupati BJP-Pawan candidate not yet decided: Purandeswari


The Bharatiya Janata Party used to be known for its discipline in the beginning. But it seemed to be changing its style to suit the emerging political requirements on the national level and also in the States. BJP AP leaders have already announced that their party would field its nominee in Tirupati bypoll as part of their alliance with the Jana Sena. But now, BJP National General Secretary Purandeswari came out with a different statement. She said that their alliance nominee was not yet decided and it was still open for discussions at both ends.

Purandeswari further said that the BJP national leadership would not figure in this aspect. The joint candidate would be decided at the level of the State level leaders. The BJP AP President and the Jana Sena President would hold discussion on this and take a final decision.

But the question is that BJP AP President Somu Veerraju was already saying at different forums that it would be the BJP candidate who would contest the Tirupati bypoll. At the same time, Pawan Kalyan had also silently formed his own party committee to go around and study the field level situation whether they would stand the chances or not.

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‘Naidu encouraging misuse of legal provisions against police’


The members of Andhra Pradesh Police Officers’ Association (APPOA) on Thursday accused Telugu Desam Party (TDP) national president N. Chandrababu Naidu of encouraging the misuse of legal provisions against policemen.

“In a video conference, former Chief Minister Naidu encouraged filing false cases against policemen so that they are compelled to come for a bargain,” said an APPOA statement.

The policemen said a person like Naidu, who served as the Chief Minister for three terms, cannot stoop to such low levels.

They said that such statements from Naidu shows his faithlessness in law and related institutions.

“Naidu should be reminded that people who encourage crime will also be considered as criminals,” said the policemen.

The association members apprised him that several technological initiatives have been introduced to enable the police to offer their services to the common man and weaker sections of the society.

“At the national level, we are ahead in offering the best services and are proud of it. Instead of appreciating the department, you are insulting us,” they reminded Naidu.

The policemen have also expressed their displeasure over Naidu regularly targeting their chief, Director General of Police (DGP) Gautam Sawang.

“Your statements expose the belittling view you have on police and reflects your mental state,” the policemen highlighted, saying that they are recalling the struggles they were subjected to during Naidu’s regime.

The policemen categorically stated to Naidu that his statements and threats will not scare or demoralise them.

“People are observing your irresponsible statements. It is okay even if you do not appreciate the police department’s services, but at least recognise them,” they appealed to Naidu.

This is not the first time that APPOA has issued a letter like this.

Recently, it condemned some political forces for trying to communalise and politicise a pre-Christmas celebration by few off-duty traffic policemen in Vijayawada.

“When we did Ayudhapuja during Dasara, nobody pointed a finger at us but when a small off-duty Christmas celebration was held, some people were politicising it,” a police officer told IANS.

He said that Andhra Pradesh police are dedicated to serve everybody, irrespective of caste, creed and religion.

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TDP questions motive behind Andhra CM’s frequent Delhi visits


Telugu Desam Party (TDP) national president and Andhra Pradesh’s principal opposition leader, N. Chandrababu Naidu, on Wednesday demanded an explanation from Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy over his frequent visits to Delhi, asking if the CM was visiting the national capital to protect himself from the cases he has been entangled in or for protecting the interests of the state.

“What the Chief Minister has achieved for Andhra Pradesh out of his visits to the national capital for over 10 times? The CM had spoken loudly of bending the necks of the Centre, but now he is prostrating in Delhi for his own selfish interests,” alleged Naidu.

Addressing a video conference with TDP leaders from the Rajamundry parliamentary constituency, he said that Reddy has failed to bring central government funds for the Visakhapatnam railway zone.

He also alleged that the CM could not take forward the Visakhapatnam-Chennai Industrial Corridor (VCIC) and the Bangalore-Chennai Industrial Corridor (BCIC).

“The CM did not care about the petroleum complex and also did not try to recover the first year’s revenue deficit from the Centre,” he said.

The former Chief Minister accused the ruling YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) of using coronavirus vaccination as a guise to postpone the local body elections.

He was referring to YSRCP Rajya Sabha MP erroneously tweeting and later deleting the tweet about the start of Covid vaccination from December 25.

Naidu said a thumping TDP victory in the yet to be scheduled Tirupati parliamentary bypolls would be a fitting reply to all the alleged atrocities of YSRCP.

He called on all the victimised SC, ST and Muslim minorities to unite and defeat the alleged lawless regime. “Each and every section of the society fell victim to YSRCP’s atrocities. YSRCP’s atrocities were first targeted at the TDP and then extended to all sections of people,” claimed the TDP supremo.

Naidu also alleged that there is no end to atrocities, including sand violations under the current government which according to him gave permission for sand mining under the Rajamundry bridge.

“Multiple scams are being committed in each scheme. In the name of free house sites, the ruling party leaders looted public money in the name of land acquisition, ground levelling and house sites distribution,” he said.

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Can BJP-Pawan harm TDP chances in Tirupati bypoll?


The Jana Sena is asking for the Tirupati MP seat bypoll ticket as part of its alliance with the BJP. But the BJP AP leaders were not in a mood to fulfill his request. Senani Pawan had however visited Delhi and met with BJP top leaders. Eventually, they decided to form a committee to decide which party should field the candidate. Till now, there is no clarity whether they have held any further discussions on the issue.

So far, only TDP candidate Panabaka Lakshmi has started electioneering amid an upbeat mood among the TDP cadres about a positive sentiment of the people for their party as well as a rising anti-incumbency feeling against the YCP. She also formally launched her campaign in the presence of the TDP Tirupati leaders and former minister Amarnath Reddy. On the other hand, CM Jagan Reddy has decided to field his personal physician Dr. Gurumurthy who has not yet begun his campaign. Only Vijay Sai Reddy is making some comments. And, the YCP social media activists are making some buzz to tease the TDP leaders but there was no serious effort so far.

Election analysts say that Tirupati bypoll is certainly going to be a very exciting and interesting election in more respects than one or two. Doubtless to say, CM Jagan is facing a strong anti-establishment sentiment in the wake of atrocities against the Dalits, BCs, Muslim Minorities and also corruption allegations in sand, liquor and mining sectors.

The TDP is expecting greater support from the BCs, Minorities and minimal support from even the weaker sections. It is expecting just a 5 per cent vote swing which is enough to defeat the YCP. But the big question is how much vote bank that the BJP-JSP candidate would split. It is going to be a straight contest between the YCP and the TDP with the BJP-Pawan having a decisive role to play in the chances of winning.

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Is TDP taking part in Bharat Bandh tomorrow or not?


Over 24 political parties are taking part in the Bharat Bandh agitation called by the farmers’ associations in the country on Tuesday. Among the regional parties, the TRS has expressed support to the bandh. But, the regional parties in Andhra Pradesh are keeping mum.

The ruling YCP has not spoken a single word on this important matter. There is the word ‘Rythu’ in the very title of the YCP. Its long form is Yuvajana Shramika Rythu Congress. But Chief Minister Jagan Reddy did not speak anything about his party’s response to the bandh.

On its part, the TDP is going to make a token protest tomorrow. The TDP leaders are going to give memoranda to all the District Collectors in the State. Chandrababu Naidu has announced that his party would demand making the minimum support price a legal right. For this, the TDP would make representations and carry out a campaign.

When reporters asked whether the TDP was taking part in the bandh or not, Naidu avoided a direct reply. He merely said that his party would strongly campaign for the protection of the rights of farmers at all forums.

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TDP MLA suspended again on day 2 of Assembly


AP Assembly Speaker Tammineni Sitaram suspended Telugu Desam Party MLA Nimmala Rama Naidu from the House for a day. This is the second consecutive day that Rama Naidu is suspended. Rama Naidu is also the Telugu Desam Legislature Party in the Assembly.

The Speaker lost his patience after the TDP members once again created pandemonium in the House. The TDP members stormed into the Speaker’s podium once again and started demanding adjournment motions to discuss the farmers’ issues, TIDCO houses and fraud in house sites.

The ruling YCP is sticking to its stand that all steps were being taken to rescue the farmers who suffered heavy losses in the heavy rains and the Nivar cyclone. The Government asserted that the crop insurance premium has been paid. But the TDP asserted that the Ministers were telling lies on this.

Following this, the Government released Rs. 590 Cr overnight towards the crop insurance premium. The TDP maintained that the damage is already done. The companies would not accept claims if the premium is paid after the damage is done.

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14 TDP MLAs suspended from AP Assembly for a day


Former Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu was among the 14 TDP MLAs who were suspended for a day from the AP Legislative Assembly on Monday.

The suspensions came after the TDP MLAs led by Mr. Naidu staged a sit-in in front of the Speaker’s podium in protest against the highhanded behaviour of the ruling YCP Government. The TDP was angry over its members not being given any chance to speak on the contentious issue of cyclone relief to the farmers and the affected people.

The TDP members were also agitated that Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy was making unparliamentary remarks against the Leader of the Opposition in the House.

The remaining 13 suspended TDP MLAs were K. Atchannaiudu, Payyavula Keshav, Gorantla Butchaiah Chowdary, Nimmala Rama Naidu, Adireddy Bhavani, Velagapudi Ramakrishna, Dola Bala Veeranjaneya Swamy, Mantena Rama Raju, Yeluri Sambasiva Rao, Gadde Rammohan, Jogeswara Rao, Anagani Satya Prasad and Bendalam Ashok.

The Speaker made repeated appeals to the TDP members who remained seated in the podium for a long time demanding enough for them to speak on the cyclone damage. They deplored that while the ruling YCP members were given lot of time time present their views, the Opposition members were being totally discouraged.

In view of heavy cyclone damage, the TDP was demanding the Government to give compensation immediately to help the farmers take up the rabi crops. The Opposition party was also demanding Rs. 10,000 cyclone relief assistance to each poor family who lost their livelihoods.

The farmers were not getting the micro irrigation subsidy. Input subsidy and disaster compensation were not being paid. CM Jagan Reddy turned out to be a ‘betrayer of farmers’.

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Jagan a ‘betrayer of farmers’, Naidu a ‘runaway Zoom Babu’


Sparks flew as the ruling YCP and the TDP leaders had heated exchanges on the first day of the AP Assembly session. The YCP leaders once again launched scathing attacks on former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu. Instead of playing the role of a constructive opposition, Mr. Naidu has spent time all these days in another State.

Minister Kodali Nani advised Mr. Naidu to conduct online meetings as a ‘Zoom Babu’ if five days of Assembly session are not enough for him. Without addressing public issues, the TDP leaders were making needless comments on the murder attempt on Minister Perni Nani.

The YCP said that it was Chandrababu Naidu and his party leaders who told lies to the world about the Alipiri attack in which the former survived an attempt on his life. Kodali Nani asserted that their party had no need to tell lies on Kodi Kathi attack against Jagan Reddy or Tapi attack on Minister Perni Nani.

On their part, the TDP leaders called the Chief Minister a ‘betrayer of farmers’ and the only CM who had committed breach of trust on promises like Rythu Bharosa, old age pensions, Capital, etc.

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Why is Panabaka very cautious on TDP Tirupati ticket?


The Telugu Desam Party is repeatedly saying that former Union Minister Panabaka Lakshmi will contest the Tirupati bypoll on its party ticket. Former CM Chandrababu Naidu and former Ministers of TDP have made this clear both within and outside the party meetings. There were rumours about Panabaka being not so keen on the TDP ticket since she might get a chance to contest on behalf of the BJP. It was because of this that she was silent and did not issue any statement on her candidature for the byelection till now.

Now, the TDP has once again clarified that there has been no change in Panabaka Lakshmi’s candidature. It was only because of her daughter’s marriage that she could not be accessible and not coming out before the people right now. Very soon, she will be starting her campaign and the TDP cadres are more than enthusiastic about this.

The TDP sent a senior leader to the residence of Panabaka and got her approval confirmed on the issue of contest. On the other hand, the YCP has triggered rumours that Panabaka might quit the TDP and contest the election on the BJP ticket instead. She played a key role and served as a minister before in the Congress Government at the Centre. Daggubati Purandeswari had also served as a Minister in the Congress Government but now she is with the BJP.

With Panabaka still silent on her candidature, the rumours are still spreading whether or not she will contest on TDP ticket. Crystal clarity will come only when rival candidates start campaigning. With YCP already indicating physiotherapist Gurumurthy as its candidate, all eyes are on Panabaka’s future strategy. Last minute surprises are not ruled out.

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TDP promises to revive Hyderabad


The Telugu Desam Party on Monday promised comprehensive development of urban areas in the State if the party is voted to power in the municipal elections.

Releasing the election manifesto ahead of the GHMC elections at the NTR Bhavan on Monday, State TDP president L Ramana said Hyderabad was developed into a city of global standards during the TDP regime. He said TDP national president and former Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu could attract overseas investments and spared no effort to make the city a globally known information and technology hub. Ramana stated that Naidu had developed Cyberabad which today houses the top-notch tech giants.

In its manifesto, the TDP promised to provide free water connections, free WiFi connectivity in the city to ensure every citizen has high-quality access to the internet, and piped gas to all the citizens. Futher, the TDP manifesto also promises to provide ‘pucca’ houses to all poor families.

Ramana stated that the TDP regime envisioned the international airport at Shamshabad, instrumental in construction of the Haj House, Gandhi Hospital, Outer Ring Road, and setting up of primeir business school ISB, IT giants like Microsoft, and law schools like Nalsar. He said during the TDP regime Hyderabad recieved the Crisil Rating, and was named as the best Clean and Green city and best learning city.

Ramana also criticised the ruling TRS for failing to attract any big ticket investments and also failed to fulfil its promises made in previous manifestos. Accusing both TRS of neglecting the development of Hyderabad, the TDP leader urged the voters to elect it’s party candidates for real development.

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TDP to field Panabaka Lakshmi in Tirupati bypoll


Former MP and former Union Minister Panabaka Lakshmi is contesting again on the Telugu Desam Party ticket in Tirupati Lok Sabha constituency. The bypoll is turning into a curious fight as the TDP is full of hopes of teaching a fitting lesson to the ruling party. As per indications, the BJP is also readying to field its candidate to test its luck. The BJP’s hopes are that it will have support from the Jana Sena Party.

Now, amid growing focus on the Tirupati bypoll, Chandrababu Naidu held a video conference on this with important leaders in the constituency. In this meeting, he has made it clear to the party leaders that Lakshmi would be the TDP MP candidate. He has asked all the party leaders and activists to make all out efforts to secure the victory.

With this, it is clear that the TDP has made the first move to make a strong bid to win the Tirupati SC reserved MP seat. Because of the predominant Dalit voters, the YCP emerged as the favourite in the last election. Balli Durga Prasad won the seat on YCP ticket. Following his untimely death, Tirupati is now going to byelection. The YCP and the BJP are yet to identify and select their candidates. Pawan Kalyan has not expressed his opinion on this as of now.

TDP leaders are confident that the rising atrocities have created an anti-YCP sentiment among the weaker sections and also backward classes. These segments would definitely give a rude jolt to the YCP’s over-confidence.

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