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TDP is so strong because of BCs support, says Chandrababu


TDP national president and former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, N Chandrababu Naidu on Wednesday said that the party is so strong today because of the strong support from the Backward Classes (BCs) of society. The BCs are the backbone for the TDP, he said.

Chandrababu Naidu said that the TDP founder and the former chief minister, late NT Rama Rao, had politically encouraged and promoted the BCs and the distinction of the BCs should now be viewed before and after the TDP. The earlier rulers considered the community only as a vote bank and they enjoyed power only after NT Rama Rao became the chief minister of the State.

Chandrababu chaired the programme wherein the TDP’s BC wing and the Empowerment Committee of the party took oath in Vijayawada where thousands of the party activists attended. Addressing the meeting, he recalled that NT Rama Rao even introduced reservation for BCs in the local bodies.

“As NTR introduced 24 per cent of reservations for the community, after I came to power I increased it to 34 per cent,” he said, adding that after Jagan Mohan Reddy became the Chief Minister of the State it came down to 10 per cent. Following this, at least 16,000 BC leaders have lost their posts, he pointed out and asked as to why the YSRCP could not continue the 34 per cent quota for the community.

The TDP national president said that when the party was given sole representation in the Union Cabinet, the post was given to Yerran Naidu and several BC leaders were posted in focal positions in the State too only with a view to making them partners in the power. He said that the community always stood by the TDP and at least 90 per cent of the community is now with the party.

Naidu recalled the programmes introduced by him for the uplift of the community and its welfare and said that it is only the TDP government that introduced a sub-plan for the BCs.

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YCP accuses TDP of spyware use and data theft


The ruling YSR Congress in Andhra Pradesh, accused the opposition TDP of using Pegasus spyware and data theft when the party was in power before 2019. It may be mentioned here that the Assembly during the budget session in March this year had appointed a committee headed by Bhumana Karunakar Reddy to probe into allegations of Pegasus spyware use in the state.

Karunakar Reddy presented the interim report of the committee to the Assembly on Tuesday. He said that the initial inquiry of the committee confirmed the use of spyware and data theft by the TDP. He alleged that the TDP had planned to remove the votes of over 30 lakh people, who were suspected to vote against the TDP in the 2019 elections.

Karunakar Reddy said that the committee held several rounds of meetings with the senior officials and collected data from them. The committee also questioned the officials who worked with the TDP team.

He said that the TDP had started the Seva Mitra App in 2018-19 and collected the data of the people from the government departments. The government departments were asked to make calls to the people in the guise of feedback on the government performance. The data collected by various departments was transferred to the Seva Mitra team, who are associated with the TDP, he said.

Karunakar Reddy said that the committee was required to investigate further and question several senior officials of various departments, including the police. He also alleged that the TDP had also used the spyware to tap the phones of the opposition leaders.

The telephones of some of the YSR Congress leaders were also closely watched and monitored by the TDP team those days, it was alleged.

However, when Karunakar Reddy was presenting the interim report, the TDP MLAs protested against the allegations.

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TDP MLAs suspended from AP Assembly for fourth consecutive day


Speaker Thammineni Sitaram suspended the TDP MLAs from the Assembly for the rest of the day on the fourth consecutive day on Tuesday. The members were sent out as they were holding protests at the Speaker’s podium asking for short discussion on welfare programmes.

Before the session started, the TDP MLAs and the MLCs reached the Assembly in procession holding placards stating that the government had neglected the welfare of the people. The MLAs and the MLCs alleged that the government had diverted the welfare funds from the budget and was doing injustice to the people.

The TDP MLAs alleged that chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy had ignored the sub-plan funds for the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes. They also blamed the state government for withdrawing Anna Canteens which were opened by the government during the TDP regime.

The TDP MLAs issued notice to the speaker seeking short discussion on the welfare programmes. However, the speaker rejected the notice and took up the business.

The MLAs raising slogans against the government held a protest at the Speaker’s podium. They demanded that the chief minister resign from his post as he failed to implement the welfare schemes in the state and withdrew the Anna canteens.

The speaker made repeated requests to the TDP members to retire to their seats and allow the House to conduct its business. However, the TDP members continued their agitation forcing the speaker to suspend them.

Minister Adimulapu Suresh alleged that the TDP members were politicising every issue. He said that the TDP had opened a few Anna Canteens in October 2018, with an eye on elections. The canteens too were few and were now being used only for political benefit.

He sought to advise the TDP leaders to stop politicising everything and asserted that people were watching.

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TDP demands that justice be done to Polavaram displaced


The senior leaders of the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and MLAs, Gorantla Butchaiah Chowdary and Nimmala Ramanaidu on Monday demanded that justice be done to the Polavarm displaced.

The MLAs told media persons at the party headquarters here that the Chief Minister, Jagan Mohan Reddy, is misleading the Assembly by uttering total lies on Polavaram project. The Chief Minister is completely evasive when the TDP members demanded that justice be done to the project oustees.

The Chief Minister is taking the Assembly for a ride by forcibly sending the main Opposition TDP members outside the House, the senior TDP leaders stated. They said that when Jagan Mohan Reddy visited Polavaram as part of his pada yatra, not even foundation stone was laid for the project.

Nimmala Ramanaidu, who is the deputy leader of the TDP Legislature Party, is so specific that Jagan does not have even basic knowledge about the diaphragm wall and that the diaphragm wall is built below the surface. After Jagan Mohan Reddy became the Chief Minister the future of the Polavaram project is pushed into a dilemma, he said.

He mentioned that during Chandrababu Naidu’s regime, 71 per cent of the project works were completed while not even three per cent works have been completed after Jagan came to power. Even the Central Water Works wing has clearly mentioned this in its report, he said adding that the Minister for Irrigation too does not any knowledge where is the diaphragm wall is constructed, he ridiculed.

What is more ridiculous is that the Chief Minister on the floor of the House says that the spill-way should be constructed before the coffer-dam is built. Chandrababu, who wanted to complete the Polavaram project works by June 2020, simultaneously took up the construction works of coffer-dam, diaphragm wall, spill-way and earth-cum-rockfill dam, Ramanaidu stated.

The TDLP deputy leader pointed out that the IIT, Hyderabad experts in their report submitted to the Polavaram Project Authority (PPA) clearly mentioned that the damage caused to the diaphragm wall is not a natural calamity but it got damaged only because of some human blunder.

What Jagan Reddy will say on this and what is his reply, he asked and made it clear that the Chief Minister lost the credibility of the people and he has no right to continue in power any longer.

Violating the norms, Jagan resorted to ‘reserve’ tendering in the name of reverse tendering, he said and pointed out that the Polavaram Project Authority Chief Executive Officer, RK Jain, has clearly stated that it is not correct to change the contractor for the project works. He is also of the opinion that the Chief Minister is doing great injustice to the Polavaram displaced, who sacrificed their lands for the project.

Ramanaidu asked as to why Jagan Mohan Reddy did not condemn the statement made by his Telangana counterpart, K Chandrasekhar Rao, that the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister has agreed to reduce the height of the Polavarm dam from 45.75 metres to 41.15 metres. This clearly shows that he has some underhand dealing with Chandrasekhar Rao and Jagan is mortgaging the State’s interests for the sake of coming out of his cases, he stated.

Butchaiah Chowdary made an appeal to the people to closely observe the Assembly proceedings and the Chief Minister is collusion with the Speaker is making a mockery of the Assembly proceedings.

The Chief Minister turned the Legislative Assembly into a cinema house, he said and asked what happened to the promise made to the Polavaram displaced that he will pay an additional Rs 5 lakh each when he comes to power. Later, Jagan himself increased it Rs 10 lakh each, he said and stated that not even a single rupee is paid to them till now.

Butchaiah Chowdary said that Jagan is simply nodding his head before Chandrasekhar Rao only to protect his personal interests and to safeguard his properties in Telangana.

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TDP holds protest with bullock carts, cops foil rally


TDP planned a massive protest rally to the AP Assembly seeking justice to the farmers. The farmers’ wing of the TDP planned a rally to the Assembly with bullock carts from various parts of Krishna, NTR, Guntur and Palnadu districts.

However, the police arrested the TDP farmers’ wing leaders at different places and stopped the party leaders from taking out the protest rally.

The TDP MLAs and the MLCs also planned a bullock cart rally from Mandadam village to the Assembly alleging that Jagan Mohan Reddy had betrayed the farmers in the state. However, the police stopped the bullock carts and removed bullocks from the carts.

But, the TDP MLAs and the MLCs took the carts over their shoulders and pulled them up to the Assembly gate raising slogans against the government and the chief minister. They demanded that Jagan Mohan Reddy resign as he failed to protect the interests of the farmers.

MLAs led by party State unit chief K Atchennaidu and MLCs led by Nara Lokesh pulled the carts leading the party MLAs and the MLCs. They alleged that the Jagan Mohan Reddy government had failed to help the farming community.

The TDP MLAs and the MLCs also alleged that several farmers were committing suicide because of the lack of support from the government.

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TDP, BJP see conspiracy behind SLP on Amaravati


The opposition TDP and the BJP state unit have smelt some conspiracy behind the state government filing a special leave petition (SLP) in the Supreme Court on Saturday against the judgment of the AP high court on Amaravati controversy.

The AP high court on March 3, 2022, had directed the State government to develop Amaravati city as capital in six months. It had also directed the state to develop the commercial and residential plots to be given to the farmers in three months. The court asked the state government to provide quality infrastructure in Amaravati as per the provisions of the AP Capital Region Development Authority Act 2014.

BJP national general secretary, Y Sathya Kumar, said that the SLP was a political game of Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy to delay the construction of Amaravati as capital. He said that Jagan Mohan Reddy would go down in history as the most incapable chief minister who could not build the state capital.

He said that the state government would have filed the SLP within 90 days of the high court judgment. Now, it is six months and pointed out that the SLP would not stand valid before the law in the Supreme Court.

TDP Rajya Sabha member Kanakamedala Ravindra Kumar, saw defeat of the State government in the court of law once again. He said that the State government was misinterpreting the high court judgment and its remarks on the jurisdiction of the State legislature to make the law on the capital city.

TDP MLA Payyavula Keshav said that the Supreme Court would reflect the feelings and sentiments of the people of Andhra Pradesh, who want Amaravati to be their capital.

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AP being pushed into deep crisis, say TDP MLAs


TDP MLAs on Friday made it clear that realising the issues mentioned in the State Reorganisation Act is totally dependent on the State Government.

The party MLAs, who were earlier suspended from the Assembly, told media persons that the Chief Minister and his Cabinet colleagues visited New Delhi several times in the past three-and-half years while the Minister for Finance, Buggana Rajendranath, is permanently staying in the national capital. But they could not raise the matter before the Union Government, the MLAs said.

In fact, it is the YSRCP which demanded a steel plant for Kadapa but not even a single representation has been submitted to the Centre on this, they pointed out. The State Government has miserably failed to achieve these subjects mentioned in the Reorganisation Act and when the TDP pointed this out on the floor of the House, the ruling party is resorting to counter attacks, they observed.

The State is now witnessing a situation wherein even Chief Minister, Jagan Mohan Reddy, could not get a single industry to his home district, Kadapa, but the ruling party shamelessly initiated a debate in the Assembly on industrialisation in the State, they maintained. “Except wasting the valuable time of the House, what is the use of such debates,” they asked.

Nimmala Ramanaidu, said that when the TDP members wanted to raise on the floor of the Assembly certain issues with regard to women, the poor and the middle-class sections of society, the ruling party members did not cooperate at all. The State Government is imposing heavy taxes on the people and the debt burden on each head in the State is increasing by every passing day. “In fact, the TDP wanted the House proceedings to be in order and we made a special request to the Chair to take up the Question Hour. But the Chair has rejected the adjournment motion submitted by us,” he said.

Another TDP MLA, Gorantla Butchiah Chowadary, said that all the industries were moving out of AP and the YSRCP cannot boast of achieving anything in the past three years. Except causing inconvenience to the people by imposing ‘J’ tax on them and subjecting the industrialists to wild threats, the YSRCP could not do anything for the State, he observed.

Companies like the Amar Raja Batteries and the Zuvari Cements, which have been creating employment to lakhs of people, have been forced to shut their doors following which the industrialists are shifting their units out of Andhra Pradesh, Butchaiah Chowdary said.

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Jagan creating confusion among people on capital, says TDP


TDP MLA, Yeluri Sambasiva Rao on Thursday said that the Chief Minister, Jagan Mohan Reddy, is misleading the public on the issue of the capital for the State. The YSRCP leaders are now enacting a drama in the name of decentralising the administration, Sambasiva Rao said.

Recalling the assurance given by Jagan Mohan Reddy to the people of the State that he would rebuild Amaravati which was not designed well during the TDP regime, is now retracting on it, he stated. Jagan came to power only by misleading the public and is again trying to take them for a ride, he felt.

The TDP MLA is of the firm opinion that Jagan Mohan Reddy has totally misled the State Assembly on Amaravati. For the past three years the State has no capital and the Chief Minister is now creating a sort of confusion among the people.

Is it correct to divide the State into three pieces, he asked and said that the administration is made into three pieces which the Chief Minister claims the decentralisation. Administration means the governance should be closer to the people but now the entire power is centred at one place, Sambasiva Rao said.

The ruling dispensation is committing an inexcusable crime of centralising the power in the name of decentralisation.

If Jagan Mohan Reddy has so much of affection towards Visakhapatnam, what prevented him from developing the city in the past three years, he asked. When the Amaravati farmers have undertaken a pada yatra to Arasavelli, the ruling party leaders are instigating the people of North Andhra, he observed.

“We want to remind the State Government that all the offices are functioning from the buildings constructed during the TDP regime,” Sambasiva Rao said. Amaravati has been designed as per the perfect masterplan and it was accepted by the people from all the 13 combined districts, he stated. The TDP demands that the YSRCP immediately stop making false propaganda against Amaravati.

He also said that though 75 per cent of the Polavaram project works were completed during the TDP regime, the YSRCP could not complete the remaining works. The TDP leader demanded that the State Government immediately complete the remaining works of Polavaram and also reassure the people of the State that Amaravati will remain the capital.

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TDP women chief faults Mahila Commission chief meeting DGP


TDP women wing – Telugu Mahila – president and former MLA, Vangalapudi Anitha, on Thursday dared DGP K V Rajendranath Reddy to take action on the complaint given by AP State Mahila Commission chairperson, Vasireddy Padma.

Anitha said that Vasireddy Padma had met the DGP and lodged a complaint against the social media posts on Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy’s wife Bharathi. She wondered why Padma needed to be the chairperson of the Women Commission to lodge complaints in favour of the chief minister’s wife. She said that Padma had downgraded her position by this act.

She said that when the women commission chairperson was going to meet the DGP, we thought that she would discuss issues of protection to women in the state. But, she had disappointed everyone by giving a complaint to the DGP on behalf of the chief minister’s wife, Anitha said.

A YSRCP activist resorted to sexual harassment against a six-year old girl and the Mahila Commission chairperson did not raise this issue before the DGP, Anitha pointed out. According to the report of the National Crime Records, atrocities against women in the State are very high and at least 17,000 women fell victim to this kind of molestation, she stated.

Is it not shameful that she did not make any complaint on these issues but only pointed out the trivial issue of some posts on the Chief Minister’s wife, the TDP leader asked. “The Mahila Commission chairperson, who should discharge her duties above any political considerations, is unethically supporting a particular political outfit”, Anitha maintained.

Why is she silent when some highly objectionable comments were made against Bhuvaneswari, the daughter of the late NT Rama Rao, she questioned. When the former minister, Kodali Nani, made some offensive remarks against women, Padma did not respond though several women in different parts of the State approached the police, she stated.

“We will not remain silent if such a situation continues and the prestige of women is degraded. The ruling party leaders, including the Chief Minister, do not dare to face the public without tight security,” the TDP leader stated.

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TDP MLA protests on caste remarks, gives privilege notice


TDP MLA from Kodepi SC reserved constituency in Prakasam district, Dola Sree Bala Veeranjaneya Swamy, protested in the AP Assembly on Thursday alleging that he was insulted by the ruling party members.

The MLA alleged that Minister for Social Welfare, Dr Meruga Nagarjuna, had insulted him by caste name and demanded action against the minister. He also issued a privilege notice to Speaker Thammineni Sitaram against the Minister.

However, Minister Nagarjuna said that he did not make any derogatory remarks against the MLA. However, he said that he had only asked the TDP MLA to quit the party if he was born into a Dalit family, as Chandrababu Naidu had made defamatory remarks against the Dalits during the TDP government.

The Minister further said that the TDP MLA had tried to provoke him when he was speaking on Study Circle issues during the Question Hour. The minister also claimed that he was only replying to the members on the subject and did not make any defamatory remark against the MLA.

But, the TDP MLA said that the Minister had insulted him in the House and wanted the speaker to take action against him. He also wanted chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy to save a Dalit MLA from the Opposition party in the House.

The TDP MLA also accused the ruling YSR Congress government of abusing and insulting the Dalits and the insult to him in the Assembly was a clear indication to the anti-Dalit attitude of the government.

The MLA even threw an open challenge to the Minister to quit if the insult was not proved or else he would quit his Assembly seat. He asked the Speaker to verify the records and play the video clip to prove his charge.

The speaker told the agitated member that he would look into the records and take action accordingly.

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TDP MLAs hold protest in AP Assembly over unemployment


The opposition TDP MLAs and the MLCs held a protest on the first day of the winter session of AP Assembly on Thursday. The MLAs and the MLCs went to the Assembly in a rally raising slogans against chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy for not releasing the job calendar.

The members held protests in both the Houses asking for discussion and served adjournment motion. The TDP members continued to disrupt the proceedings in both the Assembly and the Council insisting on discussion on the employment creation and the unemployment problem in the state in the last three years.

In the Assembly, when the House took up discussion on decentralisation of administration, the TDP members N Rama Naidu, Payyavula Keshav and Gorantla Butchaiah Chowdary protested against the government’s decision of three capitals. They blamed the government for destroying Amaravati, which was well planned by the TDP government.

When Minister Buggana Rajendranath alleged that the TDP leaders had purchased lands in Amaravati villages even before it was declared as capital, the TDP MLAs intensified their protest in the House, demanding that the minister prove his allegations.

Payyavula Keshav threw a challenge to the Minister in the House to prove that he had purchased the lands in Amaravati before it was declared as the capital. He said that he also purchased some lands in Amaravati only after it was declared as the capital and claimed that it was nothing wrong or illegal.

The TDP leaders also demanded that Speaker Thammineni Sitaram give them time to explain their views and also to reply to the allegations made by the Ministers and other MLAs of the ruling party. As the speaker denied permission, the TDP members walked into the well of the House and raised slogans against the government.

At this point, Minister for Legislative Affairs, Buggana Rajendranath, moved a resolution seeking suspension of the TDP MLAs from the House for the rest of the day. Accordingly, the speaker announced the suspension after introducing the motion and getting it passed by the members.

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CBI nervous of taking up probe into cases in AP, says TDP


The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is not fair in taking up investigation of the cases in Andhra Pradesh, said the TDP politburo member, Varla Ramaiah, on Wednesday.

Ramaiah told media persons that earlier the police were a bit scared of the CBI officers and now, after the YSRCP came to power, it is the other way round. The law and order machinery in the State is totally non-cooperative to the CBI but still the Central investigative agency is unable to initiate any action against the local police, he added.

In fact, a sort of fear psychosis is haunting the CBI officials in the State and the Central agency officers are frightened of the local police, he said adding that this kind of situation is prevalent in the State after Jagan Mohan Reddy has become the Chief Minister. There is no clarity in the CBI probe into the alleged murder of Jagan Mohan Reddy’s paternal uncle, Vivekananda Reddy, the TDP leader said.

Though the CBI officials are well aware of those persons involved in the murder of Vivekananda Reddy, but are unable to take them into custody due to the reasons known to everyone, Ramaiah felt. Whenever the CBI gets ready to take into custody those behind the murder of Vivekananda Reddy, each time the Chief Minister rushes to New Delhi and then the CBI does not move forward for some unknown reasons, he observed.

“I think for the first time in the history of the State, cases are being registered against the CBI. If this is the system one can easily imagine what will be the future of the State,” he maintained.

There were several instances wherein great personalities, even the chief ministers were jailed and none other the former prime minister, late Indira Gandhi was imprisoned for 14 times. Now, the situation is totally different and the Chief Minister is dictating terms to the CBI. If Jagan orders not to take into custody a particular person, the CBI ceremoniously is following his orders, the TDP politburo member noted.

Is the Chief Minister above law, he asked and pointed out that the CBI till now has not interrogated the accused number one Jagan and the accused number two, Vijayasai Reddy, he added. Why the CBI has not questioned Vijayasai Reddy YSRCP MP, Avinash Reddy, are not interrogated yet in the Vivekananda murder case, he asked.

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CID offices in AP turned into Andaman jails, says Pattabhi


Crime Investigation Department (CID) offices in the State are fast turning into Andaman jails, said the senior TDP leader and party’s national official spokesperson, Kommareddy Pattabhiram, here on Tuesday.

Wishing the farmers who are on pada yatra from Amaravathi to Arasavalli a grand success, Pattabhiram told media persons here that the Chief Minister, Jagan Mohan Reddy, is getting impatient by the day as the anti-incumbency is fast growing. The ruling party leaders are only trying to stifle the voices of those who are questioning the Government on public issues, he said.

The State Government is totally misusing the institutions only to create trouble to those who are standing by the people and this has become most widespread of late, Pattabhiram felt. The ruling party is resorting to a vengeful attitude and is completely misusing the law and order system as false cases are being foisted against those who raise public issues, he noted.

Now physical attacks have become very common and this practice is more prevalent in the CID offices, he noted. Even their own party MP, Raghurama Krishnam Raju, is not an exception and TDP leader Vengal Rao too was subjected to such harassment recently. The TDP national spokesperson made it clear that such threats will not deter the TDP leaders from fighting for the public cause.

He asked as to why cases are being registered against the TDP national general secretary, Nara Lokesh and another party leader, Chintakayala Vijay, on the ‘dirty’ videos of their own party MP, Gorantlal Madhav. No action has been taken yet on the complaint lodged with none other than the DGP by women from the TDP and other organisations and till now Gorantla Madhav has been interrogated on his ‘dirty’ videos, he said.

“Is it wrong to question Minister Ambati Rambabu and other YSRCP leader Avanthi Srinivas,” Pattabhiram asked and said that atrocities on women have become a common practice in Andhra Pradesh now. During British rule, those who raised their voices were shifted to Andaman and were subjected to harassment. Now in Andhra Pradesh, such persons are being shifted to CID offices, which have turned into Andaman jails, he said.

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Tension in AP town as TDP stages protest over ex-minister’s remarks


Tension prevailed in Gudivada town of Andhra Pradesh’s Krishna district on Sunday during a protest by the leaders of opposition TDP against former minister Kodali Nani over his remarks against TDP president N. Chandrababu Naidu, general secretary Nara Lokesh and women leaders of the party.

Police detained Telugu Desam Party (TDP) leaders who reached Gudivada and were proceeding to the police station to lodge a complaint against Nani, MLA from Gudivada.

Soon after the leaders left the TDP office, the police arrested them. They included former minister Uma Maheswar Rao and former chairman of RTC Varla Ramaiah. The arrested leaders were shifted to Gudur police station.

Some more TDP leaders reached the town either by APSRTC buses or on two-wheelers to stage the protest. They were on their way to One Town police station to lodge the complaint but they were stopped by the police, who had erected barricades.

The police officers told TDP leaders to give them their complaint. However, the TDP leaders insisted that they be allowed to go to the police station and lodge the complaint. There was heated argument between the two sides, leading to pushing and jostling.

In the melee, some of the leaders managed to remove the police barricades. Raising slogans against Nani, they reached the police station but found its gate locked. They questioned the police officers over locking the gate instead of receiving their complaint. The police officers allowed four leaders to enter the premises. They lodged a complaint against the YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) leader and demanded action against him.

The TDP has taken strong exception to certain remarks made by Nani against women leaders of the party and also against Chandrababu Naidu and his son Nara Lokesh.

Earlier, a delegation of TDP leaders from Krishna district lodged a complaint with Tadepalli police against Nani.

Cautioning the YSRCP MLA to control his mouth, the TDP leaders said Nani would be chased away from Gudivada soon.

Women leaders of TDP had also tried to lay siege to the house of Nani in Gudivada on September 6.

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TDP leaders keep Gudivada on fire, police deny permission for rally


The opposition TDP leaders on Sunday ignited fire in the Gudivada town of Krishna district, holding a protest against local MLA and former minister Kodali Nani for his alleged defamatory remarks against the TDP.

Kodali Nani has been locked in a war of words with the TDP leaders for the past two days. The TDP leaders took strong objection to the former minister’s remarks against Chandrababu Naidu, Lokesh and some women leaders of the party.

The TDP leaders took a dig at Kodali Nani for his uncharitable remarks against the TDP top leaders and the women. They condemned Nani’s comments and sought an open apology from him.

TDP former MLC Buddha Venkanna went one step forward and asked Kodali Nani to kill them or else they will kill him after the 2024 elections.

On Sunday, the TDP leaders planned for a procession in Gudivada town to lodge a complaint against the former minister with the police. However, the police stopped Devineni Uma and Varla Ramaiah on the way at Pamarru and shifted them to the Guduru police station.

However, TDP leaders Jayamangala Venkata Ramana, Bode Prasad and Kagita Krishna Prasad reached Gudivada town by the RTC buses, giving a slip to the police. They reached the house of local former MLA Ravi Venkateswara Rao and then proceeded to the party office.

The TDP leaders tried to take out a rally from the party office to the police station to file a complaint. However, the police stopped them and said that they have no permission to take out a rally. The police also offered to take the complaint there on the road, which the TDP leaders refused.

However, after some time, the police gave permission to four of the TDP leaders to come to the police station and lodge a complaint. Following this Venkata Ramana, Bode Prasad and Krishna Prasad, besides Ravi Venkateswara Rao went to the police station and lodged a complaint against Kodali Nani.

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Jagan stifling Oppn voice, says Yanamala


Former minister and Leader of Opposition in the State Legislative Council, Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, is of the opinion that the Jagan Mohan Reddy Government was trying to lower the prestige of the legislative bodies.

In a press release issued here on Friday, the senior TDP leader said that for both the ruling dispensation and for the Opposition parties, legislative bodies are like people’s courts. They are the platforms to discuss the problems being faced by the people and the style of the administration.

But the Jagan Mohan Reddy Government is only trying to bring down the importance of these legislative bodies, Yanamala Ramakrishnudu felt. Chief Minister, Jagan Mohan Reddy, is caught in a sort of fear psychosis as he feels that the Opposition will question his misdeeds and thus he miserably failed to conduct the proceedings of both the Houses, he added.

In the Constitutional framework it clearly indicated that it is the primary responsibility of the elected representatives to attend the legislative proceedings. But the Jagan Mohan Reddy Government is resorting to anti-democratic activities. The Assembly as well as the Council proceedings have not been conducted for more than 25 days in one year and last year both the Houses have met only for 15 days, which is far less than even the North-Eastern States, he pointed out.

The State Government has miserably failed in almost all the sectors, including both welfare and farming, he stated. The irrigation project works are moving on a snail’s pace while the condition of roads across the State are in a very poor condition.

The less said the better about the education sector and the people are facing various kinds of problems in the State, Ramakrishnudu felt. The session period of the legislative Houses has been cut short only to avoid facing the Opposition parties, he observed.

If any leader from the Opposition parties raises his or her voice, the State Government could not digest it and is trying to stifle their voices, the former minister maintained. The ruling party is forcibly bringing before the legislative Houses certain issues that are strongly opposed by both the Opposition parties and the common public, he noted.

Ramakrishnudu is of the opinion that the three-capital issue is being introduced in the House through backdoors though even the Supreme Court has found fault with it. Assembly is being convened only to get the bills passed but not to discuss the public issues, the senior TDP leader stated and demanded that the Opposition be allocated proper time to raise public issues.

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Police stations have become mom-in-law homes, Lokesh


Former minister and TDP leader, Nara Lokesh, had said that the police stations in Andhra Pradesh have become his mother-in-law’s homes for him. He said that he had never visited a police station in the past, but now was made to stay in the police stations and even visit jails.

Lokesh visited the family of Patibandla Narendranath, the TDP activist from Chinaravuru village of Tenali, who died recently. The former minister recalled his association with Narendranath after the 2019 general elections and said that the young leader had been very active in the party.

The TDP general secretary also promised to stand by the bereaved family in the days to come. He told the party rank and file from the Tenali Assembly constituency to be active and be helpful to those who have been working for the party.

He blamed the state government for destroying the Anna Canteens in the state. He said that chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy was not helping the poor and was not letting the TDP help the poor. He wondered why Jagan Reddy was destroying Anna Canteens which were serving the poor with a meal a day.

He also criticised the chief minister for unleashing reign of terror in the state to scare the TDP leaders and activists. He said the government was framing false cases against the TDP workers and the leaders and asserted that those cases and the police stations will not scare the TDP workers.

“I have never been to any police station in the past. But, after Jagan Reddy became the chief minister, I am made to be in the police stations and even jails,” Lokesh said. He further added that he had lost the fear of being arrested or jailed. All that I am doing is fighting against this corrupt government, he added.

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Lokesh says Jagan made Nellore as crime capital


Former minister and TDP general secretary Nara Lokesh on Wednesday alleged that chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy had made Nellore as the crime capital of the state. He said that Jagan Reddy had proposed only three capitals, but had converted the peaceful Nellore town into the fourth capital.

Lokesh visited Kavali town in Nellore district and consoled the family members of a Dalit youth, Karunakar, who committed suicide recently alleging that the ruling YSR Congress leaders were harassing him.

Lokesh said that atrocities against the Dalits and women have increased in the last three years. Jagan Reddy had no love for the Dalits and women though he makes tall claims. He listed the number of atrocities committed against the Dalits and women in the state in the last three years.

The TDP general secretary accused local minister Kakani Govardhan Reddy as the perpetrator of the crime. He said that the minister was encouraging crime against the Dalits in the distrct and the suicide of Karunakar in Kavali was a clear witness.

Lokesh alleged that the YSR Congress leaders Kethireddy Jagadeeswar Reddy and Suresh Reddy have prevented Karunakar from fishing in the local tank. He said that Karunakar had taken the tank on lease for fishing but was prevented by the YSR Congress leaders, forcing him to commit suicide.

He alleged that both Jagadeeswar Reddy and Suresh Reddy were the associates of local MLA Ramireddy Pratap Kumar Reddy.

Lokesh demanded that the police book cases against these YSR Congress leaders and arrest them for abetting the suicide of Dalit youth Karunakar.

Lokesh also warned the state police against dancing to the tunes of the ruling YSR Congress leaders. He said that people would teach a fitting lesson to the YSR Congress in the next elections. Subsequently, the TDP would take the erring police officers to task in the next government, Lokesh said.

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TDP’s Nirudyoga Ranam to Attract Unemployed Youth in AP


The Telulgu Youvatha, the youth wing of TDP has commenced its State-wide protest in the name of “Nirudyoga Ranam” (Unemployees Protest) on Monday, which will last till September 29. It will cover the entire State, starting from Srikakulam to Anantapur in the Rayalaseema region.

In fact, the Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy failed to bring the “Job Calendar” as he promised during his Padayatra and that was one of the highly spoken election promises to the youth. During the tenure of TDP president Nara Chandrababu Naidu as Chief Minister in the bifurcated Andhra Pradesh, he issued frequent job notifications when compared with the present YSRCP government. In addition to that, Chandrababu Naidu implemented Nirudyoga Bruthi (Unemployed Allowance) to those who could not secure any employment after completing their graduation, for a certain period. That attracted the youth in the State at that time. After Jagan Reddy became Chief Minister, he abolished the Unemployed Allowance scheme. The youth in the State expected that the new YSRCP government would release the Job Calendar and frequent notifications through the Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission, which is the premier Government recruitment agency in the State. But, in reality, the State government could not release either Job Calendar or frequent notifications through the APPSC. On the other hand, the government provided employment to youth through the Village and Ward Secretariats, a new system at ground level introduced by the present government. But, the salaries are comparatively low with regards to posts being recruited through APPSC.

The unemployed youth have been preparing for various competitive exams of the State government, including Group 1, Group 2 and other Departmental examinations.

Meanwhile, the State government has released certain notifications through the APPSC, in which the number of vacancies were very disappointing to the aspirants. For example, only one vacancy was released in Food Safety Officer in A.P Institute of Preventive Medicine, Public Health Laboratories and Food (health) Administration Subordinate Service. Only two vacancies issued through a notification for Hostel Welfare Officer Grade –II (Women) in A.P.B.C. Welfare Sub Service, just 6 posts released for Assistant Public Relation Officer in A.P. Information Subordinate Service. More bothering issues is, there are no vacancies for the Open Category men aspirants, in many notifications.

On the other hand, the Chief Minister Jagan Reddy has completed almost three and a half years tenure by now. There is only one and half years left in his governance. It is considered that the government could not focus much on the administration during the fifth year, which is generally considered as election year and the entire cabinet would be in campaign mode.

At this juncture, the TDP has picked up the unemployment issue as its one of the main election agenda and it has the potential to attract the unemployed youth across the State.

Revealing the schedule for Nirudyoga Ranam protest programme, Sriram Chinababu, President, Telugu Youth (TDP) informed that it would commence in Srikakulam on September 5 and would end at Anantapur on September 29. The protest programme would be organized at Srikakulam, Araku, Vizianagaram, Visakhapatnam, Anakapalli, Kakinada, Amalapuram, Rajahmundry, Narsapur, Elur, Machilipatnam,

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Will Anna Canteens be the electoral issue of TDP for 2024?


Anna Canteens have become a major issue for the TDP and its media to campaign in the state during the last two to three months. The TDP leaders have started opening the Anna Canteens in their respective areas in open places. While a few are in private buildings, a good number of them are in makeshift tents.

The police have been removing these tents opened in the public places and one such attempt by the police and revenue officials in Tenali town of Guntur district became a major issue. The police have removed it because the TDP leaders opened it in the vacant land belonging to the municipality.

Similar thing happened in Kuppam, which was also removed by the ruling YSR Congress activists.

Wherever the Anna canteens are opened and whatever they are serving, they have given top priority in the media these days. Even the TDP leaders are speaking about these Anna Canteens, while Chandrababu Naidu and Lokesh equate them with Amma Canteens in Tamil Nadu.

The Anna Canteens has the potential to draw the attention of the people, particularly the poor, with the media giving priority. Going by the priority, it is assumed that Anna Canteens would be a potential issue for the TPD to fight the 2024 electoral battle.

Jagan Mohan Reddy’s corruption or his failures to get industries to the state may not help the TPD to draw the attention of the people, because people have been listening to these allegations from the TDP against Jagan for the past 15 years.

But, Anna Canteens has the potential, besides the political vindictive nature of Jagan would fetch better votes for the TDP, if they plan so. However, going by the way the TDP is making them an issue and the media giving priority, it is clear that the TDP would be riding on this issue in the next elections.

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