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Conspiracy behind Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy’s death, am also a target, alleges daughter


YSR Telangana Party (YSRTP) founder and President Y.S. Sharmila on Sunday alleged a conspiracy behind the death of her father and (undivided) Andhra Chief Minister Dr Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy.

Sharmila, who is on a Telangana padayatra, also made the sensational claim that plans are afoot to kill her also.

Rajasekhar Reddy had lost his life in a helicopter accident in December 2009, a few months after leading the Congress to its second consecutive victory in the Assembly polls.

Addressing media in Mahbubnagar, Sharmila said:” Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy’s death is the result of a conspiracy and attempts are being made to kill me too. But KCR, Telangana Chief Minister, should remember that I’m YSR’s daughter and fearless.”

Sharmila, is the sister of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy. She parted ways with her brother in 2021 and set up the YSRT Party as a political alternative for the people of Telangana. Embarking on a padayatra of the state, she had covered 2000-km on foot a week ago.

Wondering why TRS ministers and MLAs are scared when she raises the corruption issue, Sharmila stated that they are running the state in Taliban-style.

Alleging that Telangana Police are arresting anyone who questions failures of the TRS government, Sharmila said the police department might as well be merged in the ruling TRS party.

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Jagan family pays tribute to late YSR


Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy, mother Y S Vijayamma and other family members paid glorious tributes to late Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy at Idupulapaya in YSR district on Friday. The family members visited the YSR Ghat at Idupulapaya in the morning and joined the family prayer service held at the memorial.

After the prayer service, Jagan Mohan Reddy and mother Vijayamma reached the party plenary venue near Acharya Nagarjuna University in Guntur district. The plenary started on the first day with the delegates reaching there from across the state.

Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy inaugurated the plenary after paying tributes to his father Dr Rajasekhar Reddy at the venue and hoisting the party flag.

The party leaders also organised a massive blood donation camp at the plenary venue to commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr Rajasekhar Reddy. The Indian Red Cross Society delegates are collecting the blood donation at the plenary venue.

Party general secretary and Parliamentary Party leader V Vijayasai Reddy inaugurated the blood bank, while MP Dr M Gurumurthy and Minister Dr Sidiri Appala Raju are coordinating the blood donation.

The plenary would pass nine political resolutions during the two days and make amendments to the party constitution. The major amendment is to make Jagan Mohan Reddy as the party lifetime president on the lines of the DMK in Tamil Nadu. The party leadership is said to have secured clearance from the Election Commission to make this amendment, citing the permission given to the DMK in the past.

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Video: YS Jagan Inaugurates YSR Statue In Vijayawada


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12-ft YSR statue dominates Vijayawada skyline


Lot of political controversy surrounded the massive YSR statue since Ex MP Lagadapati Rajagopal got it readied and installed in Vijayawada before 2014 elections. The 12-ft statue dominated skyline between One Town and Two Town at the Police Control Room junction. Later, the TDP government shifted the statue from there and developed a park with novel sculptures made out of metal wastes. The TDP’s decision is subsequently reversed again by the ruling party.

Now, the YCP leaders have got the huge bronze statue re-installed at the same place by removing the sculptures that were put up there. The YCP Vijayawada unit took it up as a matter of prestige. Accordingly, the officials made all necessary arrangements for the safe installation. Lagadapati mobilised funds and spent Rs 30 lakh on the statue at that time.

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Video: Singer P.Susheela About YSR And YS Jagan

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Jagan and YSR – kings of welfare


Coincidentally, Jagan rode to power amid the similar challenges faced by his father late YS Rajasekhar Reddy prior to 2004 election. Both father and son had to counter a master strategist and popular administrator like Chandrababu Naidu. Both of them tasted defeat in the hands of the TDP before they recovered and finally took their revenge.

Interestingly, ‘Padayatra’ seemed to be the only one mantra of success for the father and son. YSR took the huge risk of doing Padayatra all over AP when his party colleagues rejected his leadership. As his Padayatra gained popularity, YSR not only won over voters but also emerged undisputed Congress in AP.

Jagan did not hesitate to boycott Assembly and began his marathon Padayatra across the state just reminding people of YSR. He convinced voters on his welfare promises and his vows to bring Rajanna Rajyam. He promised to extend greater benefits under Arogya Sri, increase pensions and provide assistance to farmers. Like his father, Jagan defeated Naidu in a classic inimitable style.

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Yatra Review – A Documentary on Magnanimity of YSR

Yatra movie Review


T360 Rating : 2.75/5

Yatra is billed as a biopic that focuses on the historical padayatra taken up by former Chief Minister of the Andhra Pradesh, Y .S . Rajasekhar Reddy. Legendary actor Mammootty is returning to Telugu cinema after a long gap with this film. Directed by Mahi V Raghav, this film has caught the attention of everyone in political spectrum as well as movie buffs for the intriguing trailers and teasers.


Yatra story begins somewhere in 2003 when YSR, then Congress legislative party leader, plans for a Padayatra as a last weapon to take on the incumbent TDP, and also to checkmate other contenders (for CM post) within the party. Movie showcases his padayatra, victory in general elections and ends as he takes oath as a chief minister of Andhra Pradesh in 2004.


Yatra movie starts off with engaging scenes to establish YSR’s character. It was shown that in 2003 YSR struggled to come up with a strategy on how to deal with then ruling Telugu Desam Party which appeared very strong. As a last option he takes up a 60 day padayatra which touches base of every district with the main route covering cities, towns and villages.

After a good start, first half moves on sluggishly till interval. Chandrababu Naidu’s infamous “They briefed me “(Vote for Note) audio tape from 2015 has been used for a 2003 dated context very effectively. For this scene, everyone in the theater burst out laughing. As padayatra begins, people come to YSR and tell their grievances and moved by their suffering YSR declares ‘Free power to farmers’ scheme if he comes to power.

As second half starts, Rajasekhar reddy’s personality has been highlighted as a changed person (from angry man to a composed one) . Even opposition party leaders start praising YSR for his makeover. Many biopics in Telugu and in other languages stick to the facts or project the protagonist as good they’re originally! YATRA film did not stop at it, but unabashedly taken a different approach. The team constantly attempted to fetch political mileage to present day YSRCP by showing Congress high command in bad light, and also by criticizing TDP as and when possible.

In the process of appeasing Jagan, the team of Yatra distorted facts to large extent. Showing TDP in a bad light is understandable given the arch rivalry and present political compulsion. But portraying that Congress high command was against to YSR, depicting that YSR dictated terms to high command in pre-2004 phase etc scenes are far fetched. A quick glance into history here to know the levels of distortion. It was Rajiv Gandhi who gave opportunity to YSR (at 33 age) as PCC president in 1983. Again, in 2004 it was Sonia Gandhi who preferred YSR as CM candidate. Until 2007, YSR had less leverage with Congress high command and only in the last two to three years his clout increased at Delhi.  But to everyone’s dismay, in this film it was shown as it was YSR who dictated terms to high command by choosing all 294 candidates himself for 2004 elections. Everyone from that era knew that any congress CM waited at 10 Janpath lobby for hours and in some cases days to get their candidates in list. However, YSR was always subservient to Congress high command and publicly stated umpteen times that his dream is to make Rahul Gandhi as PM.

Contrary to above facts, to appease Y.S. Jagan, makers of YATRA projected congress as villain for Y.S. Rajasekhar reddy as well. In addition, every scene tries way too hard to paint YSR as a God like politician and kills the cinematic experience for general audience. In Climax, after the movie ends, they have shown 10 minutes of real life videos of YSR’s untimely and sad demise, subsequent circumstances which may recreate emotion for YSR fans. Penchal Das ‘s background song added emotion to those news reel clippings. YS Jagan’s video speech clips at the end gives kick to Jagan’s followers.

Each of the YSR’s popular schemes were written with a story woven as a rationale behind the scheme. Overall, the film appeared as a political vehicle than a biopic.


Mammootty is very good as YSR, but appeared too subtle for YSR’s actual character. Rao Ramesh as KVP fits the bill, other characters have no much presence. The actress who played YSR’s wife Vijayamma garu role acted well

First two scenes
“They briefed me “satire
Two emotional songs
Climax (TV and Youtube Visuals though) for hardcore fans

Documentary styled direction and slow pace
Overtry of sentiment scenes
Political pitch ruins cinematic experience
At times one may feel watching Sakshi TV’s program on YSR’s Jayanti / Vardhanti


Yatra is a two-hour documentary which attempts to cater YSRCP’s political needs than being a Rajanna’s biopic. First half is somewhat decent, but the director takes too much cinematic liberties in a movie that is supposed to be story of a real leader. It may not appeal to General audience, may appeal to hardcore YSR fans due to the emotional bonding between them and one of the great mass leaders of AP. A great opportunity was only half utilized to give a good tribute to Dr. YSR.

T360 Rating : 2.75/5

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Yatra Contest – Pose Like YSR and Win $50 or 3500 Rs


Nirvana Cinemas, a renowned distribution house in Overseas is proud to associate with 70mm entertainments for third time for Yatra, a movie on the remarkable walk of YSR.

Malayalam super star Mammotty is playing the lead role, while there are many other supporting cast & crew. Mahi V Raghav, who delivered a blockbuster with Anando Brahma is wielding the mega phone.

We would like to bring a fun contest to all of you and it is super easy to participate. All you need to do is just pose like YSR and post the picture on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram by tagging @NirvanaCinemas and hashtag #YatraContest.

Yatra is hitting screens worldwide on Feb 8 with US Premieres on Feb 7.


1. Pose like YSR and post the pic on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram by tagging @NirvanaCinemas and use hashtag #YatraContest

2. Just one entry per person

3. Best 3 poses will win $50(USA) or 3500 Rs (India) each

4. Deadline Feb 7th, 2019 11:59 PM IST

5. All Genders, All Ages can participate.

Press release by: Indian Clicks, LLC

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9th YSR Vardanthi Event and Dr. YSR International Charitable Trust Launch, Atlanta, GA


The Atlanta team of NRI YSRCP paid homage and rich tributes to Dr. Y. S. Rajasekara Reddy garu during the 9th Vardanthi event held on the 8thth of September, 2018. Upendra Rachupalli and Balarami Reddy Valluru garlanded the portrait of Dr. YSR and let the lamps.

The speakers and the participants of the event remembered Dr.YSR, his services and his penchant for serving the people and the country.
Following the tribute to Dr. YSR. Dr. Dhanunjaya Reddy Gaddam announced the launch of Dr. YSR International Charitable Trust and explained to the crowd the purpose of launching the trust and its activities going forward. The participants responded enthusiastically to the launch of the trust and showed their support by pledging over $6000 during the launch.

Upendra Rachupalli, Srini Vangimalla, Raj Ila, Prabhakar Reddy, Venu Reddy Panta, Suresh Suruvilla, Dr. Kishore Reddy, Naveen Konareddy, Raj Muppalla, Dr. Kamesh and several others graced the event.
The event was organized by Dhanunjaya Reddy Gaddam, Kiran Kandula, Krishna Narsimpalle, Jayachandra Reddy, Rambhoopal Reddy and several other followers of Dr. YSR.

Kiran Kandula thanked the audience for their time and making it to the event to show the affection and love towards Dr. YSR. Drinks and dinner followed, and the evening ended with lots of high spirits and optimism.

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Chandrababu blows his own horn, asks parents to change thinking

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu asked parents to think forward about the future of their children. In the fast forward society, he called for a change in thought process of parents. He said, despite belonging to a family with agriculture background, he managed to send his only son Nara Lokesh for higher education abroad. He said that he said the same in assembly when Former Chief Minister Late Y S Rajashekar Reddy was alive.

Naidu taking a jibe at the opposition leader said that Jagan’s father, sent him to the US for higher studies but the YSRCP chief ran away from America without completing his education. He said unlike Jagan, his son and daughter-in-law studied in Stanford University and returned home with degree. Blowing his own trumpet, Naidu held that he did not want his family to depend solely on politics, so he inspired them to work hard. He took pride for his wife and daughter-in-law for being successful entrepreneurs. Speaking about the third generation, Nara Devansh, the TDP chief said he was happy that when late NTR was CM, Lokesh was born, and now when he is CM, his grandson took birth born.

Naidu said that change in thoughts will bring about change in life. Speaking to the students selected for foreign studies, he said there are immense opportunities out there for better education and enhancing skills. He asked the students should to grab these opportunities and make the most out of them. The TDP national party president said that his government will always encourage intelligent and hardworking students. CM said the future of children is based on the decision taken by the parents.

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Pawan Kalyan urges southern parties to unitedly fight bias

Leading Telugu actor and Jana Sena party chief Pawan Kalyan on Thursday urged all south Indian political parties to join hands and fight what he said was the biased attitude of north Indian leadership.

He launched a scathing attack on the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for its former MP Tarun Vijay’s remarks about the skin colour of south Indians.

In a series of tweets, the actor-politician said the parties of south India should come on a common platform to get a better deal from the central government for their respective states and to fight the bias towards the region.

He agreed with CPI leader K. Narayana’s statement that in Tarun Vijay’s remarks, he saw a BJP agenda to bring about a south-north divide.

“Tarun Vijay’s demeaning racial remarks towards south Indians is a fine example of how the snobbish north Indian elites and political classes view our ‘Dravida Bharatha’ and its people,” he tweeted.

“To BJP leadership and to Tarun Vijay: We are in ‘Down South’ and we are foundation of this Nation, not your ‘Up North’ political leadership foot stand.”

Pawan also slammed the Telugu Desam Party (TDP), saying it had no right to compromise on the promised special category status with the Centre as the people of Andhra Pradesh brought TDP and BJP into power, trusting they would accord special category status to the state.

He urged the TDP not to mortgage the self-respect of the people of Andhra Pradesh for personal benefits.

The actor tweeted that it was quite disheartening to see central minister and TDP leader Ashok Gajapati Raju’s silence and absence of TDP MPs in Parliament when the discussion on special status to Andhra Pradesh came up.

“I think TDP MPs have forgotten the insult of their MPs getting beaten by North MPs in the parliament during the state bifurcation,” he remarked.

“Attitude of our political class (in Delhi). You put us down by our skin colour, we are ok, you mock at us by speaking in our Dravida tongue, we are ok; in Parliament you kick us, abuse us and divide us, we are ok. And we are ok to be slavish and subservient at the cost of our people’s self-respect as long as you do not deny us our contracts, business opportunities, bailing us out from our scams and wrongdoings.”

Pawan praised Yuvajana, Shramika, Rythu (YSR) Congress Party, saying its MPs were doing a commendable job in pursuing the special status issue with the Centre.

The actor, who campaigned for BJP-TDP alliance in the 2014 election, last year distanced himself from the coalition after the Centre refused to accord special status to Andhra Pradesh. He had since been targeting both the parties.

Last month, he announced that Jana Sena will contest 2019 the elections in both the Telugu states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

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Myths and realities of Godavari – Krishna Inter Linking : An expert’s view


[intro]Telugu360.com has requested former Chief Technical Adviser to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO/UN), Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy, to present views on TDP Government’s much publicized inter linking of  Godavari – Krishna rivers  this week. In this guest essay he discusses about Polavaram, Pattiseema projects and Inter linking of rivers[/intro]

I did the inter-linking of Godavari River with Krishna River during 1964-69 on many occasions of my travel in train Guntur to Visakhapatnam via Vijayawada to Rajahmundry. I used to fill Krishna water in a bottle at Vijayawada and put that water into Godavari at Rajahmundry and vice versa . I enjoyed this. Now i read a story (by Tanaya Singh in BetterIndia)which says that the TDP government is the first to inter-link the Godavari water with Krishna River. The story says the Godavari River water from Tadipudi lift irrigation was pumped in to Polavaram Right Canal and this reaches Krishna River Prakasam barrage. The TDP Government plan was to pump water of Godavari from Pattiseema lift irrigation project in to the Polavaram right canal to Krishna River.

Justice Bachawat Tribunal approved the inter-linking of Godavari River with Krishna River through Polavaram project [it is a multipurpose project with 960 MW of power production]. With this 80 TMC of surplus water in Krishna River basin becomes allotted water. In this AP share is 45 TMC. For Polavaram Project in 80s Chief Minister Anjaih laid the foundation stone but nothing moved afterwards. In 2004 Dr. Y. S. Rajashekara Reddy took over as Chief Minister of the State. He started the work [got most of the necessary approvals] including first phase of rehabilitation and right left canals excavation before his death. Dr. YSR’s government released excellent R & R Package. As part of this, Pulichintala project was initiated [I was a member of the CFE committee in APPCB which cleared the project – three collectors agreed with my proposal to give land to land for displaced]. If Dr. YSR would have been alive this project would have been completed and Rayalaseema would have benefited from the inter-linking of Godavari with Krishna. Here the water moves through gravity from Godavari to Krishna, which is real inter-linking of rivers.

Now present TDP Chief Minister says, he laid foundation stone to Tadipudi lift irrigation project so, it is his baby [inter-linking]. Unfortunately, NTR laid foundation stones for several projects but none of them started work. The Present TDP Chief Minister also laid second time foundation stones where NTR laid the foundation stones prior to 2004. With this we lost the flood water use from Krishna basin [8 projects]. All these projects were proposed in Congress time in 70s-80s only. TDP rulers simply laid foundation stones. Under Jalayagnam Dr. YSR initiated all the projects [proposed in 80s] by giving funds. Now, TDP government says, though they abused on Jalayagnam projects now they claim Tadipudi lift irrigation project is their own, so they own the inter-linking of the rivers.

A report in Andhra Jyothi, 20 June 2014 state that in Telangana under Jalayagnam 25 projects were initiated to irrigate 22,77,416 acres at a cost of about Rs. 21,506 crores. So far around 14,321 crores were spent on them. After Dr. Y. S. Rajashekara Reddy death in 2009, the later governments failed to speeding up the construction activity as: if they are completed the benefit goes to Dr. Y. S. Rajashekara Reddy. To complete the projects around Rs. 11, 440 crores are needed in which original estimate is Rs. 7,185 crores plus an addition of Rs. 4,255 crores [escalation costs]. However, the new government is playing politics and wanted to change the projects. Some of them are nearly completed. These projects include under Krihna River as well Godavari River. One of the major projects initiated on Godavari River is Pranahita-Chevella project that is expected to meet the drinking and irrigation needs in 7 districts out of ten districts of Telangana and thus bring down the cost of water grid project initiated at Rs. 40,000 crores.

Have you seen the water that flowed from Tadipudi lift irrigation project built by Dr. YSR government in to Polavaram right canal which was built by Dr. YSR government – it is a muddy water [irrigation minister & TDP leaders have a dip in that water] pumped in to mud canal [TV channel showed this – water flow cutting the banks and carrying red sandy soil with it and will deposit it in to Krishna River].

Tanaya Singh says in the write up the Pattiseema project is meant to supply water to Rayalaseema. May be the writer has no knowledge on the Rayalaseema projects and Pothireddypadu head regulator are not yet finished after Dr. YSR death – everybody is afraid that these are completed Dr. YSR will get the credit.

TDP leader including NTR were never interested to take up irrigation projects due to regional politics. NTR completed Telugu Ganga project with most of the money was given by Tamil Nadu Government to take drinking water to Chennai – but on the day of opening the canal breeched submerging vast cropped lands in Rayalaseema.

Inter-linking of Rivers – by definition, the water from One River joins another river through gravity. Lift irrigation does not come under inter-linking of the rivers as the flow water will not connect the two rivers. So, water taken from Godavari through Tadipudi or Pattiseema through lift irrigation will not connect the two rivers through water flow. Unfortunately no irrigation expert says this is not a inter-linking of rivers. This is our political experts!!!

Tadipudi was built by Dr. YSR government and Polavaram Right Canal was excavated by Dr. YSR government. TDP government simply lofted water from Tadipudi and put in to Right Canal. So, the credit of inter-linking [?] as propagated goes to Dr. YSR and not to TDP government. Tadipudi water is meant for Godavari district and not for Krishna district.

Pattiseema lift irrigation project – it is meant to serve the real estate interests in the new capital city only and not to take water to Rayalaseema. Rayalaseema get water only by completing the pending works on projects in Rayalaseema and Polavaram.

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Jagan to rope in students into SCS movement


YSR party president YS Jaganmona Reddy is planning to rope in youth and students into his campaign for the special category state (SCS)status to Andhra Pradesh in a big way. The participation of students is expected to electrify the movement for special status. In order to draw students and youth attraction, the party is highlighting the link between the employment potential and special category status.
So far, even though bandhs, protests and dharnas have been organized, the movement has mostly remained as a partys’ affair. This has not percolated down into the students and youth community.

As part of this strategy he is participating in a convention of students in Tirupati on Tuesday. Originally the meeting was to be held at Srivenkateswara University Auditorium. However, the state government denied permission to the YSRCP student wing for organizing the convention aimed at educating the students on the benefits of special State status to Andhra Pradesh especially in the creation of employment opportunities for students. party MLA RK Roja alleges that education minister, Ganta Srinivasa Rao instructed university officials not to permit the political programs in the auditorium.

In the meantime, Jagan addressed a preparatory meeting of youth and students wings of the party at Lotus Pond , Hyderabad. on Monday. He said the special category state status to Andhra Pradesh is prerequisite for the development and employment creation.

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YSR portrait issue rocks the Assembly


The demand of restoring the YS Rajasekhar Reddy’s portrait rocked the Andhra Pradesh Assembly on Tuesday, the third day of five day monsoon session during question hour. As speaker Kodela Sivaprasada Rao disallowed YSRCP’s adjournment motion on drought and drinking water problem, the opposition member trouped into the well chanting slogans YSR Zindabad, and displaying the portraits of YSR and demanded the restoration of the portrait in the members launge. The raucous led to the adjournment of the motion for 10 minutes.

The portrait, along with portraits of Tanguturi Prakasham and Sanjeevaiah have been removed last month at the instructions from the speaker. This decision was later ratified by the special purposes committee of the Assembly. The committee’s argument was that it was not convention to hang the pictures of formers chief ministers in the Assembly. Only pictures of former speakers are kept. But, the YSRC objected to it stating that it was the decision of the previous assembly and it should be honored. Today, YSRC members did not allow the house run staging dharna in the well. Speaker took strong objection to it and asked them to give a notice on the subject before raising in house.

“If you have real respect for YSRajasekhar Reddy and you think he was your leader, why didn’t you give the adjournment motion on the subject. You gave the notice on drought. The subjects should be raised in Assembly only on prior notice,” he said. Speaker also warned them against the taking house for raise.”You cannot dictate the house to take any subject you wish just like that. Don’t cross the limits,” speaker warned. But, opposition continued their protest, slogans and display of YSR portrait. Speaker asked them why were they stalling the business of the House. He specially asked the members, to remove the picture. He assured them he would permit them to speak only if them removed the picture. As the opposition members un-relented, speaker adjourned the house for ten minutes.

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Godavari Water Becomes Inflammable in TS


Politically speaking, Godavari water is becoming inflammable in Telangana.So far, we have seen the Krishna water generating extreme heat between Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and this lead to lathi-battle between the two Telugu states near Nagarjuna Sagar some time back.

This time round, the Godavari water is turning into contentious issue because of TRS government’s decision to abandon  Dr BR Ambedkar Pranahita-Chevella Sujala Sravathi project, which YSR initiated as chief minister. YSR laid foundation for the project, which would impound 160 TMC water from Pranahita river, on December 17, 2008. On that day, the project, planned with an outay of Rs, 38,5000 crore,was envisaged to generate 13,500 MW power.

Adilabad district was upbeat because it was going to be the principal beneficiary. Now, tension is building up in the district as the TRS has almost decided to abandon the original project and wants to build a project in lieu of Dr BRAPCSS project near Kalewaram. The decision has meet with protest from all opposition parties-Congress,YSRC, Telugu Desam, CPI and CPM. The mass organization Jalasadhana Samithi organized protest against the decision in the very meeting KCR addressed in Gudem, Adilabad district, two days ago.

Political parties allege that the original project is abandoned as it gives credit to the Congress party.  YSR Congress says KCR doen’t want credit go to YS Rajasekhar Reddy. CPI and CPM also are opposing the change of project site.

On the other side, government argues that original project, with huge submergence in Maharasthra, leads to disputes and stalls the project, and shifting of the project from Tummidihetti to Kaleswaram in Karimnagar disrtrict is the best deal.

Jalasadhana Samiti, a non-profit and non-political mass organization disputes government’s verision. According to Nainal Goverdhan, a representative of organization, original project is planned scientifically and water flows due to gravity. “If a project is built near Kaleswaram, transferring water to Adilabad district which is located on higher planes, is difficult and needs huge power to lift the water to higher levels. Kaleswaram denies Godavari water to Adilabad,” he told Telugu360.

KCR, he said, organized Telangana movement around the slogan ‘Telangana Resourses to Telangana’ only. Now we want carry that slogan forward with “Adilabad water to Adilabad  only”.

“We oppose the Kaleswaram  and demand that original project be implemented,” he said. Goverdhan was warned by CM KCR of dire consequences if continues to oppose the Kaleswaram, when staged a protest Gudem village.

Similarly, CPI state secretary Chada Venkata Reddy also opposed the move to change Dr BRAPCSS project alignment. District CPM leader Bandi Dattadri, advised the government to against shifting project. Instead, he said, to avoid the submergence in Maharashtra, the height of the project could be brought down by 5 mts. The financial burden of Kaleswaram would outweigh the benefits if the project is built near Kaleswaram.

Many suspect, something more than feasibility and submergence in Maharashtra are said to have driven the government to abandon the original project, which no doubt earlier attracted criticism from environmentalists.

Even though no force can stop the government shifting the Dr BRAPHSS project (name also will be erased) to Kaleswaram, the decision is bound to create ill-will among the people of Adilabad against KCR government. And also the controversy is expected to turn into new ammunition in the hands issue-less opposition parties

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YSRC: Aadhar Linkage Robs Poor of Benefits


YSR Congress accused the TDP government of conspiring to cut benefits to poor from the schemes launched by YSR government between 2004 and 2009 by insisting on the Aadhar linkage. This ultimately is to discontinue the welfare schemes of YSR, the party alleged.

Insisting on linking of Aadhar cards to welfare schemes was against the verdict of Supreme Court on the issue, the party said.

“The Supreme Court of India ruled against linking Aadhar to welfare schemes. Yet, state cabinet took decision to link Aadhar to all welfare schemes apparently to dilute the welfare schemes introduced by YSR,” Party SC Cell President Merugu Nagarjuna told reporters here on Monday.

He reminded that Naidu vociferously opposed the Aadhar linkage while in Opposition in 2013. But, after assuming power he took an U-turn exposing his double standards.

The decision, with on stroke, make lakhs of people who do not possess Aadhar card ineligible to get benefits from welfare schemes.

“Such decisions taken by the cabinet are anti-people and are aimed at only bringing down the number of beneficiaries of which weaker sections form the major chunk”, he said.

YSRC urged the state government to revoke the decision and respect the apex court verdict.






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Jayasudha: I won’t leave Congress


[dropcap]S[/dropcap]tar-turned politician and former Secunderabad MLA Jayasudha stoutly denied reports that she was leaving Congress to join Telangana Rashtra Samiti.

She made it clear after meeting PCC president N Uttamkumar Reddy.

Clarifying this a three days after the grand gala function organised on the occasion of the audio release of Basti , debut movie  of her son  Shreyan Kapoor. The function triggered a speculation that the heroine of yester year was all set to join TRS and the function was the step in that direction. The talk among the congress circles is that PCC president may issue a show cause notice before recommending expulsion from the party.

Jayasudha, who represented Secunderabad Assembly constituency between 2009-2014 lost the election in 2014 and has been inactive in the party. She was picked up by YS Rajaekhar Reddy who fielded her from Secunderabad. After YSR death she could not switch over to YSR Congress floated by YS Jaganmohan Reddy as it would brand her as anti-Telangana. So,  she remained in Congress.

Amid the rumours that she had been suspended from the party Jayasudha met Uttam today. Later she said she was aghast at the  baseless reports. “ I am in Congress and I will continue to be in the party. I will campaign for the party success in both Telugu states,” she told media.


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Y.S. Rajashekara Reddy is a prominent political figure in Andhra Pradesh politics, who was predominantly responsible for bringing Congress back to power in the residuary Andhra Pradesh after a decade.


Born on July 8,  1949 in Pulivendula of Madras Constituency, YS Rajashekara Reddy studied M.B.B.S and apparently offered medical services at his residence at rupee one.  His father Raja Reddy was then a key Congress leader.


Rajashekara Reddy entered politics in early 1980s and served as minister of state for rural development between 1980-82.  He then held various portfolios such as excise ministry, education ministry till 1983.  He rose to prominence with his powerful speeches against the then chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu in the status of the leader of the opposition.


At a point of time when Congress party almost lost its hold in this Telugu speaking state, it was YSR who forged a powerful programme—Padayatra, through which he traveled extensively on foot and met several farmers. His emphathetic  approach towards farming issues and his strong opposition against the concentration of wealth in the urban development apparently attracted a large number of farmers as well as students, who were dissatisfied with the privatization policies of Chandrababu Naidu.


Eventually, YS Rajashekara Reddy steered Congress party towards success in 2004. YSR, who promised to provide free electricity to farmers, signed on that order that ensured free power, on the very first day of his governance.


He went on to implement several key developmental programmes such as Arogya Sri health insurance scheme (that offers corportate medical treatment to the downtrodden), free ambulance service in the state, college fee reimbursement and free houses to the poor.


While TDP primarily focusses on the urban development,  people of the rural regions-who eagerly awaited someone to address their issues-were apparently elated with YSR’s rule.

As a result of the development programmes his governance took up between 2004-09, Congress party won the general elections in 2009 for a consecutive second term.


He met with a tragic end on September 2, 2009 as the helicopter on which he was traveling crashed in Nalamalla forests. His son, YS Jaganmohan Reddy, who came out of Congress party and resigned as Kadapa MP, formed YSR Congress party based on the development programmes taken up by Congress party between 2004-09.


YSR’s phenomenal success—free ambulance service, is still prevalent in Telugu speaking states.

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