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After KTR, now Kavitha poses questions to Amit Shah


Ahead of Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s arrival in Hyderabad on Saturday, Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) legislator K. Kavitha has posed a few questions to him.

Resuming from where her brother and TRS working president K.T. Rama Rao had left, Kavitha took to Twitter to ask her questions and mount a fresh attack on the Centre over its failed promises to Telangana.

Shah is scheduled to arrive in Hyderabad in the afternoon and is due to address a public meeting at Tukkuguda in the evening.

In a series of tweets, Kavitha first welcomed Shah to Telangana, and then said “please tell the people of Telangana when will the Central government clear the following: dues of Finance Commission Grants: Over Rs 3,000 crore; Backward Region Grant: Rs 1,350 crore; GST Compensation: Rs 2,247 crore”.

“Why did the Union Government ignore NITI Aayog’s recommendation of Rs 24,000 Cr funds to Mission Kakatiya & Mission Bhagiratha that inspired the prestigious Central government scheme of Har Ghar Jal.

“Amit Shah ji, isn’t it the sheer hypocrisy of the Union government to accord the National project status to Upper Bhadra project in Karnataka, Ken Betwa river linking project & denying the same for Palamuru Rangareddy Lift Irrigation Scheme & Kaleshwaram Project of Telangana?” she added.

On Friday, KTR wrote an open letter to Shah, posing 27 questions on the failed promises and the discrimination towards Telangana.

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Telangana BJP looks to up the ante with Amit Shah’s visit


The BJP in Telangana looks to up the ante against TRS government with Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s visit on Saturday.

Shah will address the public meeting at Tukkuguda in Rangareddy district near Hyderabad to mark the culmination of the second leg of state BJP president Bandi Sanjay’s Praja Sangrama Yatra.

The saffron party leaders expect that the senior leader’s visit and speech will act as morale booster and set the tone for the party’s preparedness for Assembly elections, scheduled next year.

This is Amit Shah’s first visit to Telangana after BJP won the by-election in Huzurabad in November last year and the first since Telangana Chief Minister and Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) chief K. Chandrasekhar Rao renewed his plans to play a key role in national politics by forging an alliance of anti-BJP parties.

Shah’s visit also comes amid the continuing attacks by KCR and his son KTR on BJP-led government at the Centre for discrimination against Telangana and its failure on various fronts.

During the last few months, the TRS has mounted a scathing attack on the Narendra Modi government over rising inflation, unemployment and incidents of communal violence in various parts of the country. On several occasions, KCR slammed the BJP for spreading communal hatred for its narrow political interests.

Amit Shah is likely to launch a counter-attack on TRS government and reiterate what BJP’s national president J. P. Nadda claimed at the public meeting in Mahabubnagar last week. Nadda said people of Telangana want double-engine growth and the results of Dubbaka by-election in 2020 and Huzurabad in November last year reflect this.

BJP’s state leaders hope that Shah will mount a scathing attack on TRS government for what they call undemocratic means being adopted to suppress the voice of BJP. The arrest of Bandi Sanjay and other leaders and suicide of a party worker in Khammam district may find a mention in his speech.

This is also Amit Shah’s first visit to Telangana after a bitter war of words between the TRS and BJP over the paddy procurement issue.

Meanwhile, union minister for Tourism and Culture G. Kishan Reddy on Friday visited Tukkuguda to review the arrangements for the public meeting.

Talking to reporters, Kishan Reddy alleged that KCR and KTR are making false propaganda against the Central government to hide their failures.

Kishan Reddy, who is a member of Parliament from Secunderabad, said KCR was trying to continue the family rule but people have understood this and the results of Lok Sabha elections and Dubbaka and Huzurabad by-elections reflect people’s anger towards TRS.

Kishan Reddy said Amit Shah would speak on anti-incumbency, corruption and autocratic rule in Telangana

The saffron party is planning a massive show of strength by mobilising people in large numbers for the public meeting.

State BJP leaders expect that the meeting will boost the morale of the party and gear up the cadre for the next year’s Assembly elections.

BJP’s show of strength comes close on the heels of Congress party holding a massive public meeting in Warangal on May 6. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had addressed the meeting, which made a slew of promises for farmers.

Some Central ministers had also participated in the second leg of the padyatra launched on April 14 from Alampur in Jogulamba Gadwal district.

During the month-long foot march, Bandi Sanjay covered 385 km in five districts. He will pass through 105 villages in 10 Assembly constituencies.

Sanjay, who is also a member of Parliament from Karimnagar, walked 10-15 km every day to interact with people to know their problems.

The BJP leader alleged that there is corruption and family rule in the state and all sections of people, including youth, employees and farmers, are not happy.

The first phase of the yatra had started in Hyderabad in August 2021. It lasted for 36 days covering 19 Assembly constituencies and half a dozen Parliamentary constituencies in eight districts.

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Begin the change from Gujarat, Telangana leaders dare Amit Shah


Telangana is considered as mini-India because of its true cosmopolitan nature and the language sentiments here not being as strong as in Tamil Nadu or Karnataka, but Union Home Ministers Amit Shahs recent statement that Hindi should be the alternative to English for communication among Indians has drawn the ire of all.

Political parties and academicians see this as an attempt to impose a particular language on India though unity in diversity is the country’s strength. They warn that this regional chauvinism will boomerang.

Some political leaders have slammed the BJP for what they call its double-standards on the language issue, and dared the party to start imposing Hindi from Gujarat.

The ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) has come down heavily on the BJP for doing politics over language, saying the saffron party wants to decide not only what one should eat and wear, but also the language one should communicate in.

“Why don’t we let people of our great nation decide what to eat, what to wear, who to pray to and what language to speak,” said TRS working President K.T. Rama Rao, who warned that language chauvinism or hegemony will boomerang.

He also believes that rejecting English will be a great disservice to the youngsters of this nation who have global aspirations.

“Already our students in different states are missing the English language to be competent. While it is the wish and will of citizens to practice what they want, imposition is not right. After Amit Shah spoke, we have seen on national channels many BJP MPs toeing the line of the �one nation one language’ theory. That’s more dangerous than the agenda Amit Shah has brought. This questions the identity of states and different regional languages,” TRS leader Manne Krishank told IANS.

He also believes that the BJP is adopting dual standards on the language issue.

“In February, the Gujarat government took a decision that all sign boards should be in Gujarati. The government of India ruled by the BJP is pushing states that they should practice Hindi, whereas Gujarat is talking about Gujarati. Instead of preaching states down south, they should start from Gujarat if they really believe in practicing what the preach. Let them start from Gujarat,” said Krishank, who is the convenor of the social media wing of the TRS and also chairman of the Telangana State Mineral Development Corporation (TSMD).

“It’s an absolutely uncalled for remark by Amit Shah against the very spirit of the Indian Constitution. Not just the federal concept of the Constitution, but the very spirit of unity in diversity. Enforcing a particular language upon the entire country, particularly in southern India, is an attempt of expansionist imperialism.

“I mean, they want to somehow take control of the region and therefore they are using language now. But I think India is mature enough to understand this dubious politics of region, religion and now again language. This is essentially to establish their dominance,” said senior Congress leader Dasoju Sravan Kumar.

He believes there is no language problem in almost the entire south India.

“You don’t see language problems, particularly in the context of Telangana, where there are people who speak Urdu and Hindi. There are people who come from all over India — Gujaratis, Parsis, Rajasthanis, Tamilians, Malayalis and others.

Telangana is like a mini-India where people come from various religions, regions and languages. Per se, this kind of Hindi enforcement by the government of India will only boomerang and Telangana will strongly extend the rebuttal,” said Sravan Kumar, who is a national spokesman of the Congress.

“Language is part of the DNA. How can my DNA be changed just because Amit Shah enforces something? Everybody speaks their mother tongue based on culture, history and traditions. And you suddenly come and say you should speak in Hindi. First you change Gujaratis, and then come to us,” added the Congress leader.

Academician K. Nageshwar has also found fault with the Union minister’s statement.

“Diversity of language, culture, tradition, belief, faith, customs and an underlying unity is India’s true soul. Don’t convert India into a hegemonic regimented society,” said Nageshwar.

He reminded Amit Shah that there is no single language of India. There are several languages of India and linguistic diversity demands equal treatment of all.

The former member of legislative council observed that promoting a language that advantages one set of Indians over others is a recipe for division over diversity.

He wondered why can’t Amit Shah talk of making any south Indian language mandatory in Hindi-speaking states to forge national unity.

“It’s my choice. Let me speak what I want to speak. Why are you forcing me to speak Hindi? It makes no sense. If somebody wants to learn, they are anyway learning. These days there is so much awareness.

“Tamilians are also learning Hindi if they like and if they think that it helps them in business. Language is not a national identity. Language is a medium of communication,” said Sravan Kumar, who also served as assistant professor in human resource management at the Institute of Public Enterprise.

“If you go to Gujarat, how many people speak Hindi there? They speak Gujarati. How many people in Rajasthan speak Hindi? They speak Rajasthani. In Maharashtra they speak Marathi. Language enforcement is essentially some kind of expansionist thinking, imperialist thinking. This is our language and all should practice it. This is a sort of tyrannical and dictatorial tendency,” he said.

Krishank is of the view that the talk of Hindi as alternative language to English is BJP’s style of politics.

“First food, then dress and now language. We have seen it in Karnataka. Hijab, Hilal and now Hindi. They are doing triple H politics,” he remarked.

The TRS leader also reminded Amit Shah that Hindi is spoken in different states differently.

“Someone from Bihar speaks one Hindi, someone from Uttar Pradesh speaks another Hindi. We in Hyderabad speak Deccani which is a different dialect from Hindi. If their �nahin’ is �na’ for someone, it is �nakko’ for me. It’s �Bhao’ in Maharashtra and it’s �Bhai’ in another place.

“More than necessity or anything, comfort level has to be seen. For instance, when Nirmala Sitharaman speaks in Parliament in English, it is understood. We appreciate that she is a good orator, but when she speaks Hindi, she makes so many mistakes. It looks as if she is speaking some other language. This is how it is.

“If tomorrow a Hyderabadi goes and speaks, it will be totally different. In Bollywood movies, Hyderabadi Hindi is shown for comedians. What they are trying to do is mere politics. Imposition of politics through language,” Krishank said.

He believes that it also matters with whom one is communicating.

“If we are visiting another state, whom we are communicating with? If I am communicating with an auto rickshaw driver it is different, but what if I am going for a meeting of corporate heads. Are they going to make it mandatory for every corporate industry to work in Hindi? If I am going to an MNC in Mumbai to work, will I go and give an interview to the MD in Hindi,” he asked.

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Amit Shah visits statue of equality


Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday visited the statue of equality and participated in the Ramanujacharya Sahasrabdi Samaroham at Muchintal on the outskirts of Hyderabad.

The minister participated in various rituals held at Chinna Jeeyar Swamy Ashram as part of the Samaroham, the 1000th birth anniversary celebrations of Ramanjuacharya

Shah inaugurated the ticket counter and theater complex at Ramanujacharya’s statue. The 216-feet statue was unveiled by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on February 5.

The home minister also went around the photo exhibition on the life of Ramanujacharya and watched a 3D laser show.

He had darshan of 108 Divya Desams or ornately carved temples. Chinna Jeeyar Swami explained to him various features of the statue and temples. Amit Shah also took part in the yagyas organized in the Yagyashala.

Speaking on the occasion, Amit Shah said he considers himself to be fortunate to visit the holy place. He said the darshan of the statue of equality gave him inner satisfaction. He said the statue was giving a message of unity and equality to the entire world.

The Home Minister said the teachings of Ramanujacharya will continue to guide all sections. He described the statue of equality as an inspiration for the new generations. He suggested that the idea behind the statue should be conveyed to people in all languages.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on February 5 had dedicated to the world the giant statue which commemorates Ramanujacharya’s teachings promoting equality in all aspects of living including faith, caste and creed.

The statue is made of ‘panchaloha’, a combination of five metals: gold, silver, copper, brass, and zinc and is among one of the tallest metallic statues in sitting position, in the world.

The statue is mounted on a 54-feet high base building, named ‘Bhadra Vedi’, has floors devoted for a Vedic digital library and research centre, ancient Indian texts, a theatre, an educational gallery detailing many works of Ramanujacharya.

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KCR’s Covid restrictions to halt Bandi padayatra, Amit Shah public meet!


TRS chief and Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrasekhar Rao has been waging a battle against BJP since Etela Rajender quit TRS and joined BJP. After BJP’s Etela Rajender defeated TRS in Huzurabad Assembly bypoll in November, KCR has further intensified war against BJP.

TRS is staging dharnas against BJP government at the Centre over paddy procurement issue since November and KCR himself sat on dharna at Indira Park for the first time in November.

BJP too is taking TRS seriously. Union home minister Amit Shah recently met Telangana BJP leaders in Delhi and told them to intensify fight against KCR and TRS.

He told them that he will soon visit Telangana and stay there for two days and will also address a public meeting. He asked BJP Telangana president Bandi Sanjay to begin his second phase of padayatra in Telangana.

When BJP leaders in Telangana have started making arrangements for Bandi Sanjay padayatra and Amit Shah’s public meeting, KCR imposed Covid restrictions in Telangana citing increasing Covid cases and Omicron cases. KCR banned all rallies, political meetings, public meetings, public gatherings in Telangana from December 25, 2021, January 2, 2022 first.

Now, KCR issued fresh orders on Saturday extending restrictions till January 10. It appears that KCR will continue to extend restrictions week after week.

BJP leaders question how KTR was permitted to hold a huge rally in Nalgonda on December 31, when Covid restrictions were in force. They suspect that KCR is imposing Covid restrictions only to block Bandi Sanjay’s padayatra and Amit Shah’s public meeting.

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Amit Shah tells Telangana BJP leaders to be ready for polls


Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday asked Telangana’s BJP leaders to be ready for the state Assembly elections whenever they are held, and work hard to bring the party to power.

The state BJP leaders led by Union Minister for Tourism and Culture G. Kishan Reddy called on Amit Shah in Delhi.

Shah has directed the BJP leadership to educate people about the corruption indulged in the by Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) government.

The senior BJP leader reviewed the political situation in the state and gave directions to the state leadership to achieve the goal of bringing the BJP to power.

State BJP president Bandi Sanjay Kumar, BJP national vice president D.K. Aruna, former minister Eatala Rajender, MP D. Aravind, former MPs Vijay Shanti, G. Mohan Rao, Jitender Reddy and others attended the meeting with Shah.

The meeting is likely to give a boost to BJP’s efforts to focus on Telangana ahead of Assembly elections in 2023. Shah, however, asked the BJP leaders to be prepared even if the TRS goes for early polls.

The Union Minister asked the state BJP leadership to expose the rice scam and other corruption by the TRS government and suggested that they demand a probe into the same.

Shah also wanted the BJP leaders to effectively counter the allegations being made by Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao against the BJP. The Central minister wanted the BJP leaders to prepare an action plan to expose the TRS over the issue of paddy procurement.

The meeting was held a day after the TRS organised state-wide protests against the Centre over ‘anti-farmer’ policies. The protesters set afire the effigies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other Union ministers.

The meeting also discussed the strategy to counter the allegations by TRS against the Central government over the procurement of paddy.

Stating that the government and party are different, Shah said the party should carry on its activities irrespective of the relations between the state and the Central governments.

The Union Minister also suggested to the party leaders to chalk out programmes to remain in the midst of the people. Referring to the first phase of Bandi Sanjay’s ‘praja sangrama yatra’, he advised him to work out plans to launch the second phase.

After the meeting, Sanjay said they briefed Shah on bad governance, family rule and the attempts by the TRS government to crush dissent by foisting cases against BJP leaders.

Amit Shah also congratulated Eatala Rajender over his victory in the recent by-election to Huzurabad Assembly seat. Rajender had quit TRS and joined BJP after KCR dropped him from the state Cabinet following the allegations of land encroachment.

Shah told BJP leaders that he will visit Telangana for two days after the current Parliament session and will address a few public meetings.

State BJP leaders claim that following its victories in the by-election to Dubbak Assembly seat last year and the recent win in Huzurabad, BJP has emerged as the only viable alternative to TRS.

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Amit Shah ‘deeply hurt’ at Modi’s ‘funeral processions’ by TRS!


Union home minister Amit Shah is reportedly very angry at TRS government and also Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao for holding ‘funeral processions’ with effigies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi by beating death drums across Telangana and burning them later.

TRS Ministers, MLAs, MLCs, MPs etc held funeral processions of Modi and burned his effigies in all districts on Monday (yesterday) to protest against Centre’s decision not to procure paddy from Telangana in rabi.

The pictures of these funeral processions were widely published and telecasted in media. Telangana BJP leaders including union minister G.Kishan Reddy, BJP Telangana president D.Arvind, MLA Etela Rajender, DK Aruna etc met Amit Shah in Delhi on Tuesday (today) and submitted videos and photos of Modi’s funeral processions and complained against TRS and KCR.

They told Amit Shah that funeral processions were conducted as per the directions of KCR.

Amit Shah reportedly told TS BJP leaders that he was deeply hurt and pained looking at these videos and pictures and expressed severe anger on TRS and KCR for resorting to these inhuman acts.

Amit Shah reportedly asked BJP leaders to focus on KCR’s scams and corruption, gather proofs and demand inquiry based on which the Centre can order cases against KCR and send him to jail.

Shah reportedly said KCR committed a big sin with this act and he has to face the consequences.

He asked BJP leaders to take on TRS and KCR and BJP high command will stand by them and extend full support to them.

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Is national leadership setting things right in AP BJP?


Finally at long last, the national leadership of the BJP has focused on Andhra Pradesh. Union Home Minister Amit Shah has apparently given a dressing down to the AP BJP leaders and asked them to lay more emphasis on building the party organisationally in Andhra Pradesh.

Soon after his Tirupati visit, there are some visible changes in the party’s day-to-day activities. Amit Shah asked the party leadership in Andhra Pradesh not to abandon the Amaravati cause. He told them to focus on the issue and indicated that this could be a potent political weapon to attack the YSRCP. Soon after this, several BJP leaders expressed their solidarity with the yatra and extended support in Guntur, Prakasam and Nellore districts.

The BjP is also showing a renewed interest in Hindutwa related issues. Amit Shah reportedly asked the state BJP workers as to why the BJP was not doing well in the land of Tirumala Venkateswara. This only indicates that the party could be focusing more on conversion activities and could raise the pro-Hindu issues in the coming days.

More importantly, Amit Shah has reportedly decided to broad-base the party. He has constituted a new core committee of the party giving representation to various sections of the society. Several key leaders, who have joined the BJP from the TDP and the Congress have been included in the core committee. This is being seen as an attempt to seriously rebuild the party in the state. Let’s wait and see if these new moves will breathe life into the party.

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Did Amit Shah ask Jagan to take back 3-capital bill?


Did Union Home Minister Amit Shah play an important role in the withdrawal of the three-capitals bill by the AP Government? Highly placed sources in AP secretariat say that YS Jagan had withdrawn the three capitals bill after Amit Shah directed him to take back the law. It is because of this call that Jagan has ‘temporarily’ withdrawn the bill.

Sources say that Amit Shah took a serious view of the lathicharge on Amaravati farmers’ who are on a padayatra. The security agencies and IB wing sleuths who were in Tirupati for the conduct of the South Zonal Council meet have sent a report to the Union Home Minister on the lathicharge. Amit Shah then asked the BJP to support the farmers.

Soon after, he reportedly spoke to the chief minister about the Amaravati issue.

He reportedly told Jagan that there were serious flaws in the bill and that the Government might face an embarrassing situation in the court. Sources say that Jagan was once again advised to withdraw the bills on November 19. It was after this call that Jagan took the decision.

In fact, several legal experts had already cautioned the AP government that there were several legal loopholes in the bill and that it could be struck off by the court. But, the state government went ahead with the bill. Now with the reported intervention by the Union Home Minister, the Jagan government saw reason and withdrew the bill.

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Amit Shah chairs Southern Zonal Council meeting in Tirupati


Union Home Minister Amit Shah chaired the meeting of the Southern Zonal Council here on Sunday.

Chief Ministers, ministers and top officials from the southern states and Union Territories were attending the meeting, which began at a star hotel in the afternoon.

Chief Ministers of three states including host Andhra Pradesh were among the participants in the 29th meeting of the Southern Zonal Council.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy delivered the welcome address. Karnataka Chief Minister Basvaraj Bommai and Puducherry Chief Minister N. Rangaswamy were also attending the meeting.

The other states were represented by the ministers or officials. Telangana Home Minister Mohammed Mehmood Ali, Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar, Tamil Nadu Education Minister Anbil Mahesh Poyyamozhi, Kerala Revenue Minister K. Rajan, Puducherry incharge Lt Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan, Andaman and Nicobar Lt Governor Devendra Kumar Joshi, and Lakshadweep Administrator Praful Patel were attending the meeting.

The meeting was discussing 26 key issues such as cooperation between states, conflicts, border issues, internal security, infrastructure development, industries, tourism development, and economic development.

The meeting will also review the implementation of the decisions taken at the previous meeting.

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Amit Shah offers prayers at Tirumala temple


Union Home Minister Amit Shah, who arrived here on Saturday night to attend Southern Zonal Council meeting to be held on Sunday, offered prayers at Sri Venkateswara temple at Tirumala.

He along with Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy worshipped at the temple and took blessings of the priests.

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) chairman Subba Reddy and other officials felicitated the Union Home Minister and the Chief Minister and presented them mementos.

Earlier, Shah was welcomed by the Chief Minister at Renigunta Airport near Tirupati. They drove straight to the hill shrine.

After the prayer, Shah went to Padmavati Guest House and after the dinner, he went to Tirupati by road, where he will stay in a star hotel.

Shah will leave for Venkatachalam in Nellore district on Sunday morning by a helicopter of the Indian Air Force.

He will participate in the programs of Akshara Vidyalaya, Swarna Bharati Trust and Muppavarapu Foundation.

The Union Home Minister will return to Tirupati in the afternoon and attend Southern Zonal Council meeting.

After the meeting, Shah will stay in the same hotel. On Monday morning, he will offer prayers at Tirumala temple and return to New Delhi in the afternoon.

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Amit Shah telephones Chandrababu, says we will meet soon!


Union home minister Amit Shah sprang a surprise by calling TDP chief and former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu over the phone on Wednesday (today).

Amit Shah’s phone call to Naidu assumed political significance as he did not give an appointment to Naidu to meet him in Delhi on Monday and Tuesday.

Naidu was in Delhi to meet Amit Shah on Monday and Tuesday and sought his appointment. But Naidu could not meet him as Amit Shah was in Kashmir to attend the official programme on Monday.

Although Amit Shah was in Delhi on Tuesday, Naidu could not meet him as Amit Shah was busy with prior official engagements. With this, Naidu returned to Hyderabad to Tuesday.

Naidu was in Delhi to lodge a complaint against YSRCP government in Andhra Pradesh for attacks on TDP offices and leaders and to demand President Rule in Andhra Pradesh invoking Article 356 of the Constitution for failing to maintain law and order in the state.

Naidu met President Ramnath Kovind and submitted all the evidence on how TDP offices and leaders were attacked by YSRCP activists last week.

Naidu wanted to meet Amit Shah later but he could not do so as Amit Shah did not give an appointment.

But on Wednesday, Amit Shah himself called Naidu over the phone and inquired why he wanted to meet him. Naidu explained about YSRCP attacks on TDP offices and leaders, deteriorating law and order situation in AP and increasing drug menace in AP.

Amit Shah told Naidu that he could not meet him due to his busy schedule but assured him that he will meet Naidu soon.

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Will Chandrababu-Amit Shah meet herald new political equation?


Will Union Home Minister Amit Shah give an appointment to TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu? This is the biggest question floating among the political class these days. Chandrababu Naidu is all set to go to Delhi to meet Amit Shah and apprise him of the attacks on TDP offices across the state by YSRCP workers. But, given the kind of relations that the TDP and the BJP have, will Amit Shah agree to meet Chandrababu?

In the wake of the attacks on the TDP offices and the dramatic arrest of party spokesperson Pattabhi, Chandrababu Naidu will undertake a 36 hour deeksha in Amaravati. Soon after the deeksha, he is set to go to Delhi. He had already written to the Centre to send Central forces to bring the situation in the state under control.

The BJP and the Chandrababu do not exactly enjoy the best of relations. In fact, Amit Shah was attacked by the TDP activists when he visited Tirupati in the past. Stones were pelted at him and Chandrababu even went to the extent of forming an alliance with the Congress to defeat the BJP. In fact, there were allegations that he had funded the Congress campaign in some states.

Given all these, will Chandrababu be able to get an appointment of Amit Shah? But, one sign of thaw is that Amit Shah readily spoke to Chandrababu when the latter called him the other day over the issue of the YSRCP attacks on the TDP headquarters. Chandrababu hopes that Amit Shah will act as a minister and not as a BJP leader. Not just that. If Amit Shah gives an appointment to Chandrababu, it could even unveil a new political equation in the state.

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Will Amit Shah obliges Naidu’s request, sends central forces to AP?


The series of attacks by YSRCP activists on TDP offices and houses of TDP leaders in Andhra Pradesh in broad daylight on Tuesday (today) has created a furore across the country.

The YSRCP activists went on a rampage and damaged the properties of TDP and TDP leaders while the police remained mute spectators.
The incidents have become a subject of heated debate even in national media which telecasted the visuals of ‘goonda raj in AP’.
With no belief in AP police under Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy regime, TDP chief and former CM N.Chandrababu Naidu called up union home minister Amit Shah over phone and sought protection from YSRCP.
Naidu explained to Amit Shah about ‘goonda raj in AP under YSRCP regime and sought immediate deployment of central security forces as they have no belief in AP police.
Amit Shah reportedly told Naidu that he will seek a report on attacks from the AP Chief Secretary and AP DGP and take appropriate action.
Shah asked Naidu to submit evidence on attacks on TDP offices and properties of TDP leaders by YSRCP activists.
But doubts arise over whether Amit Shah obliges Naidu’s request and deploys central security forces as Naidu is no more in the good looks of Modi and Shah since 2018 when he snapped ties with NDA and worked to form a united front with Congress and regional parties against Modi during 2019 Lok Sabha polls.
Since then, Jagan became closer to Modi and Shah.

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Amit Shah’s ‘yes’ to KCR and ‘no’ to Jagan!


It looks like BJP national leadership is giving more prominence to Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao over Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy.

The reason KCR is easily securing the appointment of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and union home minister Amit Shah easily to meet them whenever he is visiting Delhi.

But it’s not the case with Jagan. Jagan had to postpone his Delhi visits several times earlier after he failed to secure appointment of Modi and Amit Shah.

Latest, KCR secured appointment of Amit Shah for second time this month to meet him at his residence in Delhi on Sunday.

KCR is in Delhi to attend Amit Shah’s meeting held with CMs of Naxal-affected States on Sunday at Vigyan Bhavan in Delhi.

After the meeting, KCR managed to secure appointment of Modi again .

Only KCR and Amit Shah were present in the meeting at Shah’s residence. The meeting lasted for over an hour from 8.45 pm to 10 pm on Sunday night.

Contrary to this, Jagan skipped CMs meeting convened by Amit Shah. Though Jagan claimed that he sustained a leg injury while working out in the gym due to which he canceled Delhi trip, speculations were rife that Jagan cancelled visit after he failed to secure Amit Shah’s appointment to meet him personally after the meeting.

Why did Amit Shah refuse to meet Jagan personally after the meeting while he readily agreed KCR’s request to meet him although TRS and BJP are fighting a political battle in Telangana is the question now being hotly debated in political circles.

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Jagan cancels Amit Shah’s meet in Delhi, deputes HM Sucharita!


Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy has cancelled his Delhi trip all of a sudden.

As per original schedule, Jagan was supposed to leave for Delhi on Saturday (tomorrow) to attend union home minister Amit Shah’s meeting on Sunday.

Amit Shah has convened a meeting with CMs of ten Maoist-affected States to discuss curbing naxalism in these states.

Telangana CM K.Chandrashekar Rao left for Delhi today (Friday) itself, two days in advance.

However, the AP Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) issued a press release all of a sudden on Friday night (today) saying Jagan is not in a position to attend this meeting and he has deputed home minister Sucharita to attend the meeting on his behalf.

The reason cited was that Jagan sustained a leg injury during his workout in the gym on Friday morning.

He has not recovered till Friday evening even after medication and doctors advised him to take rest as he is feeling severe pain in his injured leg.

As per doctor’s advice, Jagan cancelled his Delhi visit, the CMO stated.

But this sudden development triggered speculations that Jagan cancelled his trip to avoid meeting KCR as both are at loggerheads over Krishna water sharing dispute for the last several months.

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Only BJP can give real freedom to Telangana: Amit Shah


Union Home Minister Amit Shah said on Friday that only the BJP can give real freedom to Telangana by liberating people from family rule and by providing a government not dependent on the Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM).

Addressing a public meeting at Nirmal town to mark ‘Telangana Liberation Day’, Shah said while Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel gave the state independence on September 17, 1948, Telangana will get real freedom only when a government comes to power which is not dependent on the MIM.

The BJP leader slammed the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) government for not officially celebrating September 17 and promised that once the BJP comes to power in the state, it will officially celebrate ‘Telangana Liberation Day’ in a befitting manner.

He alleged that the TRS government is not organising official celebrations as it is scared of the (Asaduddin) Owaisi-led MIM.

“Those who want to be scared of Owaisi, let them be. The BJP is not scared of anybody and it does not indulge in politics of appeasement,” Shah said.

He warned that taking Owaisi’s shelter will not save anyone. “If somebody thinks that he will be safe by taking Owaisi’s shelter, I want to tell him that the people of Telangana have woken up and Owaisi’s shelter can’t save you,” he said.

The Home Minister also claimed that during the Telangana movement, K. Chandrasekhara Rao had promised official celebrations of September 17 in Telangana.

“I want to ask the Chief Minister, what happened to your promise of celebrating the day like in Karnataka and Maharashtra,” he asked.

Shah pointed out that Telangana and parts of Karnataka and Maharashtra became independent 13 months after India’s Independence. He said it was the ‘Police Action’ launched on the orders of Sardar Patel which led to the Hyderabad state’s accession to India. He said the tribals of Nirmal fought against the British and later against the Nizam for independence.

The Home Minister also paid tributes to the freedom fighters of the region and asked Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhara Rao, popularly known as KCR, if he had forgotten their sacrifices.

He exuded confidence that the BJP will form the government in Telangana in 2023, claiming that only the BJP can provide Telangana its due place of pride and be the only alternative to TRS.

Stating that the Congress is getting eliminated across the country, he said that it can’t be an alternative to the TRS.

“Even if the Congress becomes an alternative, will they not be scared of Majlis,” he asked the people, adding that the Congress can’t fight against Owaisi.

Claiming that the people of Telangana are with the BJP, he recalled that the party secured 20 per cent votes in Telangana in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and won four seats. Shah also predicted that the saffron party will make a clean sweep in the next Lok Sabha elections.

Shah said BJP won the Dubbak Assembly seat in the by-election and strengthened its position in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), which forced the TRS to seek the support of MIM.

He also appealed to the people of Huzurabad constituency to elect Eatala Rajender in the ensuing by-election. Shah said Rajender joined the BJP as there was no place for him in TRS, which is dominated by a family.

The BJP leader said that he came to Nirmal for the ongoing Praja Sangram yatra of state BJP chief Bandi Sanjay. He said the yatra will touch 119 Assembly constituencies in the next five months and sow the seeds for BJP’s victory in the 2023 polls.

Shah said Bandi Sanjay’s fight is against a government which is scared of Majlis and against family rule in Telangana.

Union minister G. Kishan Reddy, Bandi Sanjay, party’s incharge for Telangana Tarun Chug and other leaders also addressed the public meeting.

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Amith Shah’s visit to TS to neutralise KCR’s Delhi trip impact!


Union home minister Amit Shah is visiting Telangana all of a sudden.

Amit Shah is addressing a public meeting in Nirmal on September 17 to mark the occasion of “Telangana Liberation Day”.

The BJP is demanding TRS government to celebrate Telangana Liberation Day officially for long but Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao is refusing to do so although he made this promise during Telangana statehood agitation allegedly due to pressure tactics of AIMIM, the friendly party of TRS.

Amit Shah is now visiting Telangana on September 17 to reiterate BJP’s demand.

However, Amit Shah’s sudden visit to Telangana generated political heat in Telangana.

Speculations are rife that there is BJP’s ‘hidden agenda’ behind Amit Shah’s visit. That is to neutralise the impact of recent KCR’s visit to Delhi from September 1 to 9 where he met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah within short notice.

This created an impression that TRS and BJP are friends at Delhi-level and fight only at Gully-level. KCR’s Delhi trip also impacted Bandi Sanjay’s ongoing padayatra in TS with Congress accusing TRS and BJP of maintaining ‘secret ties’ which was proved with KCR’s meetings with Modi and Amit Shah.

To counter this, Amit Shah is rushing to Telangana to attack TRS and KCR in the public meeting at Nirmal on September 17 and send a message that TRS and BJP are political rivals and no ‘secret friendship’ exists between them.

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Rahul Gandhi-Amit Shah faceoff in Telangana on this September 17


September 17 will see a big face-off this time. Yes. The two second-in-command leaders in the two biggest parties in the country will be in Telangana. BJP’s biggest leader after Narendra Modi and union Home Minister Amit Shah and Congress Party’s past and future president Rahul Gandhi would be in Telangana on September 17. This will be a unique face-off for Telangana.

September 17 is an important date for the BJP as it is the Hyderabad Liberation Day from the yoke of Nizam and the Razakars. It is also the birth anniversary of BJP’s biggest icon Sardar Patel. More importantly, it is the birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Amit Shah will join Bandi Sanjay’s Yatra and will address a massive public meeting in Kamareddy. Later, he would proceed to Nirmal, where he would address another meeting atop Nirmal fort. The location is important because it was here in 1857 that over a thousand freedom fighters were hanged from a banyan tree. The occasion, the location, the speaker and the yatra confirm the BJP’s ideological agenda.

Congress senior leader Rahul Gandhi too will visit Telangana on September 17. He would speak at a public meeting organised to mark the conclusion of the Dalit and Girijan conferences that the TPCC has been organising. The Congress is trying to gather around 5 lakh people for the occasion. The Congress is planning to launch its Mission 2023 on the occasion. The Congress leaders are already busy with the preparations for Rahul’s visit. This will be Rahul’s first visit to the state after October 2018. He is also likely to review the party’s organisation work and the visit is primarily intended to establish Revanth Reddy’s authority in the state Congress affairs.

So, expect a lot of political action on September 17 this time. The target of both the national parties would no doubt be the ruling TRS in Telangana. Let’s see how the TRS deflects the two-pronged attack.

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Amit Shah to visit Telangana on Sep 17 to address Liberation Day event


Union Home Minister Amit Shah will visit Telangana on September 17 to attend a public meeting in Nirmal district to coincide with the Telangana Liberation Day.

BJP leader and party MP from Adilabad, Soyam Bapu Rao, said on Tuesday that Shah will address the meeting at Veyi Udala Marri. The saffron party is making elaborate arrangements for the public meeting.

State BJP president Bandi Sanjay will pause his ongoing ‘padyatra’ for a day to attend the public meeting.

The meeting is also being seen as part of BJP’s campaign for ensuing elections to the Huzurabad Assembly seat.

The BJP has long been demanding that the government should officially celebrate Telangana Liberation Day.

Governments in undivided Andhra Pradesh and the TRS government after the formation of Telangana in 2014, however, had turned down the demand on the ground that this could lead to communal trouble.

On September 17, 1948, the then Hyderabad state was merged with the Indian Union following India’s military action ‘Operation Polo’, popularly known as ‘police action’.

Every year, BJP workers try to hoist the national flag at government offices and public places to press for their demand for officially celebrating the day. The BJP has alleged that the ruling party is scared of the All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM).

The public meeting to be addressed by Shah will be held at Veyi Udala Marri. It is said that Nizam’s ‘Razakars’ (volunteers) had allegedly killed 1,000 people fighting against Nizam’s government near a banyan tree at Udala Marri. The place later came to be known as Veyi Udala Marri.

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