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baahubali Verdict: All Time Blockbuster

Release Date: 2015-07-10 AP/TS First Day: Rs. 22.24 Cr
AP/TS First Week: Rs. 61.23 Cr AP/TS Lifetime: Rs. 111.10 Cr
India First Week: Rs. 86.08 Cr India Lifetime: Rs. 149.20 Cr
Worldwide First Week: Rs. 110.73 Cr Worldwide Lifetime: Rs. 183.75 Cr
USA Locations: USA
USA Premiers: $ 1,365 K USA First Day: $ 2,430 K
USA First Week: $ 4,971 K USA Lifetime: $ 6,862 K


  • ALL INDIA 1st Week: Rs. 86.08 Cr | Final: Rs. 149.20 Cr
  • TELUGU STATES 1st Day: Rs. 22.24 Cr | 1st Week: Rs. 61.23 Cr | Final: Rs. 111.10 Cr
  • NIZAM 1st Day: Rs. 6.28 Cr | 1st Week: Rs. 22.59 Cr | Final: Rs. 42.70 Cr
  • CEDED 1st Day: Rs. 4.95 Cr | 1st Week: Rs. 12.12 Cr | Final: Rs. 21.80 Cr
  • UA 1st Day: Rs. 1.75 Cr | 1st Week: Rs. 5.30 Cr | Final: Rs. 9.75 Cr
  • GUNTUR 1st Day: Rs. 2.54 Cr | 1st Week: Rs. 5.47 Cr | Final: Rs. 9.50 Cr
  • EAST 1st Day: Rs. 1.97 Cr | 1st Week: Rs. 5.21 Cr | Final: Rs. 9.10 Cr
  • KRISHNA 1st Day: Rs. 1.26 Cr | 1st Week: Rs. 3.64 Cr | Final: Rs. 6.85 Cr
  • WEST 1st Day: Rs. 2.56 Cr | 1st Week: Rs. 4.65 Cr | Final: Rs. 7.10 Cr
  • NELLORE 1st Day: Rs. 0.93 Cr | 1st Week: Rs. 2.25 Cr | Final: Rs. 4.30 Cr
  • ROI 1st Week: Rs. 24.85 Cr | Final: Rs. 38.10 Cr

    • Movie HeroPrabhasRana Daggubati
    • Movie HeroineAnushka ShettyTamannaah
    Director: S. S. Rajamouli

    SS Rajamouli about the equation of Indian Audience

    Top director SS Rajamouli along with the makers of Baahubali attended the press meet of Baahubali – Crown of Blood, an animated series of Baahubali that will soon stream on Disney Plus Hotstar. SS Rajamouli during the interaction explained the perspective and the choice of Indian audience when it comes to films and watching them in different mediums. He also explained the real thought behind Baahubali – Crown of Blood.

    “We all know Baahubali is the biggest hit of Indian cinema and it is the most watched film. We have 140 crore population in India. Let us think like 120 crore people watch films. The number of tickets sold for the film were just 10 crores. There are 110 crore people who did not watch the film in theatres. Most of them watched the film on television, OTT or other mediums. We live in the world of films and we think everything is cinema. We think everyone watches films but that is not true. In India, cinema plays a major role. The other people get that storytelling entertainment from books, novels, comics and other mediums. There is a section of the audience who only watch animated films. The idea of Baahubali – Crown of Blood is to touch all the audience. There is a debate as to why producers are not making quality animated films. Baahubali – Crown of Blood is for them” told SS Rajamouli.

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    Baahubali Franchise Should Continue Beyond Us: Rajamouli


    Baahubali: Crown of Blood is a 2D animation series produced by Graphic India and Arka Mediaworks Production Pvt Ltd and the visionary filmmaker SS Rajamouli, Sharad Devarajan, and Shobu Yarlagadda. The series directed and produced by Jeevan J. Kang and Navin John will start streaming on 17th May. The makers addressed the media today. Rajamouli revealed his initial plans of trying different ways to take the Baahubali franchise forward. “Initially, I thought I wouldn’t let anyone do anything without my concern. Then, I gradually realized, I had to let go. I tried to explain the soul of Baahubali. The team worked beautifully in creating the characters, the story arc, and the character’s arc. I’m content with the outcome. We want the franchise to continue beyond us. We need to keep aside our ego and love while giving it to the next set of creators. That’s a conscious decision to give the voices, the direction, the story-writing to others, to feel the soul of the film.” They screened two episodes of Baahubali: Crown of Blood to the media and the response was amazing.

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    Mani Ratnam heaps praise on SS Rajamouli


    Ponniyin Selvan 2 (PS 2) is all set for a grand release in theatres on the 28th of April. As part of it, there was a promotional event in Hyderabad on Sunday. Speaking at the event, Mani Ratnam said, If Rajamouli had not made Baahubali in two parts, Ponniyin Selvan might not have happened in two parts.

    Mani Ratnam said Rajamouli created a path for Indian mythological movies. He thanked Rajamouli on this occasion and said Baahubali gave confidence to the entire Indian cinema industry to do historical films. Mani Ratnam tried of making Ponniyin Selvan in 1994 and 2011, but both times he was unsuccessful.

    Lyca Productions, Pen India Limited and Red Giant Movies are bankrolling this film. First part, PS1 was released on 30th September 2022 and it impressed only the Tamil audience.

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    Shoots On Pause: South to rework economics

    ‘RRR’, ‘KGF’, ‘Pushpa: The Rise’, ‘Baahubali’ and other such big hits, and one would think that the South Indian film industry is rolling in money! Evidently, it is not so. And that is what bothers the filmmakers in the South.

    Their malady is that just about everybody connected with the making of a film, from the stars to the technicians, makes money when a film is being made except for the producer. To contemplate on this issue, the Active Telugu Film Producers Guild (ATFPG) met last week.

    Films such as ‘Baahubali’, ‘Pushpa’, ‘RRR’ are a flash in the pan and the media celebrates only those. But the Guild contends that against these few blockbusters, which appear periodically, there are many other films that drag a film producer deep into the red.

    That a film producer always makes money is a perception people live with because of the stars. The stars are the face of the film industry. Their riches and the glamour quotient are for the people to see, not the plight of those behind the scenes. In the popular perception, if stars make so much money, certainly, the ones who employ them must be earning so much more!

    How one hopes this was true, that producers were the ones employing stars! The fact is that once a star is signed, a producer starts working for the star. In the Hindi industry, all but a successful few borrowed at the rate of 3 per cent per month, or 36 per cent per annum! The interest was chargeable every quarter and deducted while landing.

    It was a desperate situation for a film producer. Because, not only his film, even his household ran on this borrowed money. He was a full-time filmmaker and had no other source of income. All this because though this was called an Industry, it was never recognised as one and therefore not privy to institutional finance. Which, if nothing, would be available at a reasonable rate of interest.

    Usually, a film producer lived on liabilities, always owing money to his financiers, which got transferred from one film to the next, unless his film turned out to be a big hit. Only that day did he stand a chance to pay up his debts and emerge clean. That, too, depended a lot on his distributors and if they paid his overflow (share of the profit after recovering his investment). The distributors were, almost always, only partly honest.

    There were some filmmakers whose finances were structured in such a way that even the world rights of their movies vested with the financer. He controlled all the transactions, including the profit earned by the film, till he recovered his investment, or over a stipulated period. In such an event, even if the film was a hit, the profits went to this world rights holder.

    The best case of such an understanding was film producer Yash Johar, the founder of Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions. Yash Johar enjoyed tremendous goodwill in the industry, making many well-received films such as ‘Duniya’, ‘Duplicate’, ‘Agneepath’ and ‘Gumrah’ with the biggest of stars. Yet, Johar never tasted success.

    Finally, when success came to him with ‘Dostana’ (starring Amitabh Bachchan and Shatrughan Sinha), his profit was mortgaged to the film’s world rights controller for the next 10 years!

    Yash Johar, such as he was, would laugh at his situation. One hit I make and the profit goes to someone else. That is the way the film business worked. The producer was the one who put together a project, slogged for a year or two but got little or nothing back at the end. The producer knew his situation well, but had no way of coming out of the quagmire.

    Recently, the Multiplex Association of India (MAI) decided that a Hindi film will be released on OTT platforms only after eight

    weeks of its theatrical release! Whose film is it, who is the producer? And, why does MAI decide on such matters for a producer? Well, that is the way it has been for a long time. From the number of screens to be assigned to a film to the admission rates, it is all decided by the multiplex operators.

    Filmmakers, in Mumbai or in the South, are all facing similar problems that make filmmaking a risky business for them. The major problems faced by them are also the same: high admission rates at the cinemas; impractical out-of-proportion star earnings and the OTT effect on the box-office prospects of films.

    South Indian filmmakers, especially the Telugu film industry, have decided to tackle these three problems to start with. The Hindi filmmakers, despite (or due to) four associations representing the production sector, have shown neither the courage, nor the inclination to take the lead. They are kind of used to the terms being dictated by others, whether the cinemas or the stars.

    Now, the producers in South India, especially in the Telugu film industry, have decided to do something about it. The Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce has broadly classified films into small, medium and big budget for the purpose of implementation of its resolutions.

    Accordingly, films will have to keep a four-week window between their theatrical and OTT releases, but the big- budget ones will have to adhere to an eight-week window before their OTT release.

    The admission rates for small-budget films in the A and B centres should start from a maximum of Rs 100 for single screens and Rs 125 for multiplexes. For medium-budget films, the rates should start from Rs 122 for single screens and Rs 177 for multiplexes. The respective rates for big budget films should be Rs 177 and Rs 295.

    These admission rates apply to Telangana because in Andhra Pradsh, which is also a Telugu film market, the rate ceilings have already been applied by the state government.

    The producers also discussed the high fees charged by the stars, contending that nobody else but them were making money in the film industry. All these problems, which are faced equally by the Hindi film industry, were discussed in the meeting, which concluded by noting: “Producers and distributors had gotten into the habit of inflating box-office collections of films to paint a rosy picture of the stars of those films in a bid to satisfy their egos.”

    This, according to the producers, spurred the stars to further hike their remunerations.

    The Telugu industry appears to be serious about the matter and has decided to stop all film activities, including shoots, from August 1.

    The Hindi industry, on the other hand, has taken no initiative yet to solve its problems. Looks like they have started believing in their own inflated box-office figures and are happy. Who are these figures fooling except the filmmakers themselves?

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    When ‘man of masses’ Prabhas was greeted by a huge crowd


    Fans of Telugu superstar Prabhas were in a mood to celebrate all through Monday, because the actor had started shooting for the first part of “Baahubali” seven years ago on this day.

    The makers of the SS Rajamouli blockbuster took to social media to share some throwback photos from the sets where thousands of fans had gathered for the start of the shoot. In one of the photos, Prabhas is seen standing in front of a huge crowd.

    “July 6, 2013. The moment when it all began! We started the shoot of #Baahubali on this day 7 years ago…,” read a tweet on behalf of the makers.

    The post made fans nostalgic. “Jai Prabhas Anna”, wrote a follower, while another haled him as “man Of Masses”.

    “Really wish to go back in time to relive those days. When Baahubali mania was gripping the whole country and it was madness outside the multiplexes. Oh and my first genuine crush Prabhas gracing the screens. I’ve never felt like this for an actor before Heart suit #Baahubalidays,” wrote another user.

    The two-film “Baahubali” series narrates the story of two brothers at war over an ancient kingdom.

    “Baahubali 2: The Conclusion” (2017) is one of the biggest Indian films at the box office, having done a global business of approximately Rs 1810 crore, while the first film, “Baahubali: The Beginning” (2015) minted over Rs 685 crore.

    The series also stars Rana Daggubati, Anushka Shetty, Tamannaah Bhatia and Ramya Krishnan.

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    Baahubali team heads to London


    It is already known that Baahubali will be screened at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London on October 19th and it will be followed by a live musical concert by MM Keeravani. Prabhas, Anushka, Rana Daggubati, SS Rajamouli, MM Keeravani, Shobu Yarlagadda, Prasad Devineni along with the team of Baahubali headed to London to participate in the prestigious event. Keeravani will be performing the songs and the score of Baahubali live for the patrons.

    The entire team of Baahubali is proud about this historic event. Soon after this, everyone except Prabhas will return back to Hyderabad and will turn busy with their works. Prabhas who is celebrating his birthday on October 23rd will stay in London and close friends of him will fly to London to participate in the grand bash.

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    Tollywood films failing to match Baahubali in this aspect


    That SS Rajamouli’s behemoth Baahubali has set a benchmark not only for box office records, but also regarding pan-India promotions is an undeniable fact. The aggressive and unprecedented publicity campaign all over the country has played a pivotal role in the massive box office success of the two parts. Also, it has set a precedent for South India filmdom on how to market regional films in North belt. Moreover the colossal success of Baahubali has instilled the courage and confidence in Telugu filmmakers to try their hand at pan-India films with astronomical budgets.

    Films like Saaho and SyeRaa Narasimha Reddy have managed to mimic Baahubali in terms of budget and making. But, they have failed to handle pan-India promotions which was the key strategy for Baahubali. Saaho team couldn’t chalk out the right strategy to build up hype in North audience. They failed in marketing the film beyond Telugu states. However, the stardom of Prabhas has ensured that the film opened on a strong note in North India.

    Now, the same mistake is being repeated for SyeRaa as well. It is a prestigious film for Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan. Trade circles are hoping that SyeRaa will ride on the coattails of Saaho and open to packed houses in North India. But, the poor promotions are likely to impact the openings to some extent. Not only just the hefty budget, but Telugu big ticket releases should make sure that the promotions are also on par with that of Baahubali.

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    Saaho to surpass Baahubali in Nizam


    Despite of the mixed reviews, Saaho has been doing exceptional business all over. The film continued to remain strong across the Telugu states on its third day. Saaho collected a theatrical share of Rs 4.90 crores on its third day in Nizam making the total Rs 19.50 crores in the territory. Saaho is expected to cross the first week share of Baahubali: The Beginning (Rs 22.59 crores) in Nizam very soon.

    Saaho will emerge as all-time top two grosser in Nizam and will stand next to Baahubali: The Conclusion. Saaho even had a strong weekend across the North Indian circuit. Though the film performed low across the C centres, Saaho has been doing strong business across A and B centres across the country. In Nizam, the film ran with packed houses in Hyderabad. Saaho is directed by Sujeeth and it featured Prabhas, Shraddha Kapoor in the lead roles. UV Creations bankrolled this big-budget action thriller.

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    Thanks to Baahubali, Our 300 cr is safe -Chiranjeevi


    Megastar Chiranjeevi and his son Ram Charan gave a terrific treat to Bollywood media folks to promote the teaser of ‘Sye Raa’ and announce the arrival of the movie. We have to say that it worked out because Bollywood can’t stop raving about this movie now.

    When quizzed about why he picked Sye Raa, Megastar said, “This content is on my mind from a long time, as it happens to have action elements due to the patriotic connect, and also the emotions are bigger. At the same time, the story has commercial ingredients that could make it work at the box office”.

    Is this the right time to do this film? “We have dared now, looking at Baahubali and its run” articulates Chiru, giving the whole credit of taking Sye Raa on the floors to Baahubali. But what about the huge budget involved as they say close to 200-300 crores is spent on the movie?

    “As we are promoting the film, the money is still being spent and it stands close to 300 crores easily. But thanks to Baahubali, we’re not worried about the investment as that will easily comeback through collections and other sources” Chiru made it clear.

    Directed by Surender Reddy and bankrolled Ram Charan, Sye Raa is hitting the marquee on October 2nd.

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    Baahubali Makers all set for Big Move

    Arka Media Works bankrolled the prestigious Baahubali franchise and they are appreciated for taking the film to the next level with their grand production values and promotion techniques. Now Shobu Yarlagadda and Prasad Devineni, the founders of Arka Media Works are all set to make their waves in digital platforms. Shobu Yarlagadda is focused on web content and will produce web series and other stuff for all the leading digital giants in the coming years.

    A lavish office has been set up recently in the heart of the city which is welcoming young and talented filmmakers who can direct web related content. A team is currently finalizing the concepts and Shobu Yarlagadda is personally monitoring the pre-production and scripting work of these projects. Some big announcements about the collaborations and projects will be out in the coming days.

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    Koffee with Karan: From personal to profession,Baahubali trio get candid on couch


    Koffee with Karan

    Baahubali trio Prabhas, Rana and SS Rajamouli debuted in the popular chat show ‘Koffee with Karan’ in its latest episode and it was aired this Sunday evening. From personal lives to profession, the trio spoke with candour and made this one of the best episodes in recent times. There were a lot of candid revelations and funny jinks throughout the show and there was nary a dull moment in the episode.

    The show started with Karan asking about the working experiences of the trio while doing the magnum opus period drama Baahubali. While Rana said it was like going to an acting school learning a lot of things, Prabhas said he believed in Rajamouli’s vision and execution. The trio revealed that they were so tensed the day before the film’s release. Prabhas stayed in Delhi and Rana flew to Mumbai on the day of Baahubali release. Rajamouli said they didn’t expect the impact and reception it got in audience after the release.

    On who is the bad boy out of the two, Rajamouli pointed to Prabhas. Both actors said they are single and are not dating any one. When Karan Johar asked Prabhas if he is dating Anushka, he said there is no truth in rumours and said she is just a best friend from the past eight years. It has also been revealed that Anushka’s actual name is Sweety.

    The rapid fire round is the most exciting part of the episode. Both Rana and Prabhas have voted for Deepika Padukone and Anushka Shetty as the sexiest actresses at present. Rana also opened up about his relationship with Trisha and said they dated for while before calling it splits. ‘ Being Single is the best way to be’ said both the actors. They preferred Ranbeer over Ranveer among the current generation of actors in Bollywood.

    About the order of preference of actors according to their screen presence, Prabhas answered NTR, Mahesh Babu, Bunny and Charan. Prabhas also revealed that he prefers food over sex. Rajamouli came up a startling facts about Prabhas’ farmhouse and how big a food lover he is. Rana said Mahesh Babu and Namrata give couple goals. Rajamouli said he has excelled in capturing the emotions with actions than any other filmmaker. He revealed that Mahanati is one recent film which blew him away.

    Rajamouli took home the coveted Karan Hamper for his honesty and abruptness in the rapid show. He also aced over Rana and Prabhas in the gaming round.

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    Baahubali turns a boost for KGF


    Kannada film KGF is making huge noise across the country and the trailer has been widely accepted by the audience. Though the film has universally appealing stuff, the makers initially wanted to make the film only in Kannada and release across the country with subtitles. With Baahubali franchise turning out to be a huge hit in all the Indian languages, KGF makers had a chance to explore all the languages. The film is releasing across Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi and Malayalam through renowned production houses and will get a comfortable release on December 21st.

    The idea of KGF started five years ago said the film’s director Prashanth Neel. The film started rolling in March 2016. Most of the crucial episodes are shot in Kolar, Karnataka under extreme weather conditions. Yash and Srinidhi Shetty are the lead actors in KGF. The film even has a Rajamouli connection as the top director was the one who passed on the word to several industry biggies and recommended the film.

    Sai Korrapati is releasing the Telugu version and the film will clash with Padi Padi Leche Manasu, Anthariksham 9000 kmph, Maari 2, Zero which are announced for December 21st release.

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    Baahubali trio to appear in ‘Koffee with Karan’ show


    Popular TV show Koffee with Karan, which has renowned filmmaker Karan Johar as host, is in its sixth edition now. Several Bollywood stars have already graced this chat show and audience are hooked for the interesting combination of guests invited by Karan Johar in this edition.

    According to the latest reports from Bollywood media, Baahubali trio SS Rajamouli – Rana Daggubhati – Prabhas are going to grace the show this weekend. This is the first time South India celebrities are going to feature in this show. All three of them are currently in Mumbai to shoot for the crazy episode.

    It is a known fact that Karan Johar associated with Baahubali franchise and distributed it all over North. He maintains a very good rapport with Rana and Prabhas. Needless to say, this particular episode is going to record a stunning TRP when it is aired in television soon.

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    Where is ‘Baahubali’ like buzz for 2Point0 ?

    If there is ever a film that is touted to take the box office by a storm like Baahubali, it is none other than Rajinikanth’s highly anticipated visual extravaganza ‘2Point0’ which is directed by Shankar. The science fiction thriller is made on a whopping budget by Lyca Productions and is set to unspool worldwide on this November 29th.

    2Point0 has been drawing comparisons with Baahubali from all quarters. In terms of its making, star cast, budget involved, technical values and VFX shots, 2Point0 is on range with Baahubali. But, the massive and unprecedented buzz that was palpable for Baahubali is non existent for 2Point0. Shankar usually explores all avenues to promote his films bigtime. But, the promotional content of 2Point0 is little underwhelming.

    The film has been sold for stunning prices in all languages. In Telugu, in particular, the rights are pegged at a staggering 70 Crores which is on par with Telugu biggies. The film need to emerge as a solid box office hit to ensure profits for buyers. Apart from the aggressive promotions by overseas distributors, there is no real buzz on the film. It is going to be a tall ask for 2Point0 to break even in Telugu states.

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    Baahubali is a beautiful and creative slap on our face : Karan Johar

    Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar, who distributed Baahubali franchise all over North India, is yet to come out of the hangover resulted from its gigantic success. Every time he gets a chance to speak about South films, he profusely lauds the way Baahubali has changed the perspective of Telugu cinema and how it influenced Bollywood cinema.

    In a recent tete-a-tete with one of the leading film critics, Karan Johar explained the Baahubali phenomenon and also how its astronomical box office success influenced and encouraged Bollywood filmmakers to try out their hand at big ticket period films in Hindi. Karan labels Baahubali as the biggest cross over success in Hindi and asserts that it may not happen time and again. He reveals how he marketed Baahubali as the biggest motion picture of India which garnered the pan India attention before its release.

    Karan praised SS Rajamouli’s blend of emotional narrative with commercial elements and says that the scale and vision of Baahubali is something which was never experienced in Hindi cinema before and points this as one of the major reasons for the massive success. He also reveals how Rajamouli missed out on a big chance to market Eega in Hindi and said it would have ruled the box office had they approached him at that time.

    Talking about box office numbers, Karan says that the biggest Bollywood blockbuster is Baahubali which collected close to 510 Crores in Hindi alone. Karan spoke about his association with Rana and how he was introduced to Telugu films. He said that the next big ticket film that is much awaited by Bollywood circles is Rajinikanth’s 2Point0 which is directed by Shankar.

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    Will 2Point0 be as successful as Baahubali ?

    All eyes are on Rajinikanth’s much awaited science fiction thriller 2Point0, which is the follow up to the 2010 blockbuster Robot. Director Shankar made this as a visual extravaganza with a whopping budget. The teaser and trailer of 2Point0 gave a glimpse of the grand visuals with spectacular VFX shots. Now, the big question is whether 2Point0 can be as successful as Baahubali series at box office.

    SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali series emerged as a massive hit because of its nativity factor. The story has a strong emotional point with plenty of drama. These elements have struck a chord with all sections of audience. Going by the looks of 2Point0 trailer, it seems like Shankar is banking heavily on VFX-heavy visual effects and lavish making as the selling points for the film.

    In terms of its technical standards, 2Point0 will surely match the high expectations. But, the question is whether there is enough drama and emotional content in the story to emerge as successful as Baahubali. We have to wait till November 29th to find out.

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    Director Shankar jealous of Baahubali success?


    Director Shankar is getting ready with 2.0, which is sequel for his earlier movie Robo. He gave an interview to an English Channel and Telugu audience who saw that interview felt whether Shankar is jealous of Baahubali success.

    He gave an elaborate interview to English Channel and spoke about several things. When the interviewer asked him about Baahubali, Shankar did not even acknowledge the question and answered it in his own way. It happened twice during the interview. Even when the interviewer asked him that because of Bahubali, market for South Indian movies in Hindi belt is increased, he responded to that question without uttering the word Bahubali. He told, his movie 2.0 will increase the market for South Indian movies in Hindi belt states further.

    It’s no doubt that, Shankar is very great director and even Rajamouli acknowledged that he is still mesmerized by the way Shankar uses technology in his movies. But Shankar always compares himself only with directors like James Cameron and his movies with Hollywood movies like Avatar.

    When he was releasing Robo in Telugu, Chiranjeevi attended the audio function and during that Robo promotions he spoke a bit about Magadheera , saying it was the costliest South Indian film before Robo and Robo surpassed Magadheera in terms of cost. Maybe when he comes here to promote 2.0 Telugu version, he may speak a bit about Bahubali.

    Anyway, if he had spoken a bit about Bahubali in National media, that would have been even more graceful.

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    SyeRaa team following Baahubali strategy


    Megastar Chiranjeevi’s period film SyeRaa Narasimha Reddy is touted as the next Baahubali of Tollywood. The film is being made on a larger than life canvas with ensemble cast, whopping budget and Hollywood technicians. As the SyeRaa is a prestigious film for Chiru and Charan, they are leaving no stone unturned to make it a grand affair like Baahubali. They are following a similar strategy like Rajamouli for SyeRaa promotions.

    It is well known that SS Rajamouli and his team redefined publicity strategies and set an example by promoting Baahubali franchise very aggressively. For the first part, Rajamouli introduced each and every significant character in the story to audience through posters. This strategy paid off very well and a lot of hype was generated among audience.

    Now, the makers of SyeRaa are taking a cue from Baahubali promotions. Like Baahubali, SyeRaa features an array of stars in prominent roles. So, director Surender Reddy has decided to unveil each character on a special occasion to garner good buzz on the film.

    After releasing Chiru’s look on his birthday a few days ago, team Syeraa has now unveiled the first look poster of Kicha Sudeep’s role this Saturday. The striking makeover of Sudeep received a thumping response from audience. It is learnt that the makers are planning to release the looks of remaining actors in the film one by one very soon. This is a very clever strategy to draw the attention of audience before the film’s release.

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    Baahubali Prequel is happening and here are the details


    Baahubali franchise has been a sensation in Indian cinema and it opened doors for many periodic films. Now the prequel for the film is happening and it will be produced by online streaming giant Netflix. SS Rajamouli and Deva Katta will co-direct the movie and the prequel has been titled Shivagami. It will be a three season show and will be made on a huge budget.

    The prequel will discuss about several characters of Mahishmati in detail which had less screen presence in Baahubali franchise. The details about the cast, crew is yet to be revealed. Shivagami will release online in all the languages. More details awaited.

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    Syeraa to be bigger and better than Baahubali


    Baahubali is the first film that comes into the mind of the Tollywood audience when discussed about periodic epics and war dramas. The war episodes impressed the audience big time and they managed to set new benchmarks in Indian cinema. Megastar Chiranjeevi’s Syeraa will have couple of war episodes and the makers are in plans to make them better and bigger than Baahubali.

    The war episodes will be shot this week in Hyderabad and Surendar Reddy along with his team is designing the episodes. More than half of the film’s budget has been allotted for these war episodes. Though the screen time of these episodes has been less, the makers are in plans to shoot them lavishly on International standards.

    An action episode for Syeraa has been shot earlier and the VFX team managed to indulge graphics in that episode which came out really well. Impressed with the output, the other episodes too are made with perfect planning. Megastar Chiranjeevi is said to have given a free hand for the team in terms of budget. Chiranjeevi, Nayanthara, Amitab Bachchan and Tamannaah are the lead actors in Syeraa which is produced by Konidela Production Company. The film will release during summer 2019.

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