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TRPs look good for ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’ grand finale


The grand finale of the reality show ‘Bigg Boss Season 5’ garnered decent ratings on TRP, although it fell short of the previous season’s finale, according to reports.

The ratings of the four-and-a-half-hour-long episode are out. According to BARC, Star MAA has got 18.4 (SD+HD) TVR Ratings for the Grand finale.

While the TRP ratings indicate some impressive numbers in the Urban category, the grand finale of ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’, as indicated by the TRP chart, doesn’t draw higher ratings than those of seasons 3 and 4.

India’s top stars Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor appeared in the show’s grand finale along with director SS Rajamouli and the ‘Brahmastra’ team.

Also, the ‘Pushpa’ team- Rashmilka Mandanna, Devi Sri Prasad, and Sukumar were present to promote their movie, as well as take the show forward.

The event had Nani and his ‘Shyam Singha Roy’ co-actors Sai Pallavi and Krithi Shetty as well. With Nagarjuna as the host, the season had ended on a high note.

The makers of ‘Bigg Boss’ have announced the OTT version of the reality show, which is likely to begin in February 2022.

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VJ Sunny bags Bigg Boss 5 Title


The fifth season of Bigg Boss Telugu came to an end and VJ Sunny bagged the title of Bigg Boss 5. He took home Rs 50 lakhs prize money along with a plot worth Rs 25 lakhs and a bike. The grand finale witnessed top celebrities from North and South. SS Rajamouli, Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Nani, Sai Pallavi, Krithi Shetty, Naga Chaitanya, Ayan Mukerji and Shriya Saran were the guests of the evening. Bigg Boss 5 started on September 5th and the journey came to an end after 106 days. A huge set was constructed in Annapurna Studios.

VJ Sunny during his winning speech dedicated the award to his mother Kalavathi. “My mom’s letter was a huge motivation for me to win this title. Thanks to all my 19 inmates along with the audience for making me a winner” told Sunny. Sunny started his career as a host and is a VJ. Sunny and Shanmukh are the finalists. Shanmukh and Sreerama Chandra are named as the runners-up for Bigg Boss 5.

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Alia Bhatt mouths Balakrishna’s viral dialogue at ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’ grand finale


The grand finale of ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’ saw an ensemble of stars on the dais as Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt wowed the audience when she mouthed Balakrishna’s famous dialogue from ‘Simhaa’.

As the winner of ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’ is to lift the trophy, India’s biggest celebrities are to grace the event on Sunday.

The producers unveiled a promo featuring the stars on Sunday before the event starts.

Alia Bhatt, who is to allure the audience in S.S. Rajamouli’s ‘RRR’, is seen interacting with the finalists of ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’.

As a part of the promo, Alia utters the viral dialogue from Nandamuri Balakrishna’s hit ‘Simhaa’. As Alia Bhatt utters ‘Dhabidi Dhibide’, the audience goes crazy in the promos.

Ace director Rajamouli with Bollywood stars Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt are to appear on the show, while director Sukumar, Rashmika Mandanna, and Devi Sri Prasad from the ‘Pushpa’ team are also seen in the promos of the upcoming finale event.

‘Shyam Singha Roy’ stars Nani, Sai Pallavi, and Krithi Shetty are also among the guests who enter the ‘Bigg Boss’ house at the grand finale event.

With many more performances by Shriya Saran, Rahul Sipligunj, Arun Kaundinya, and the ex-contestants of ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’, the promos have raised the buzz around the finale event.

Ram Charan and Jr NTR are also among the guests who are expected to attend the Live event of ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5′ grand finale.

’83’ actor Ranveer Singh is to be on the stage as well, while Deepika Padukone will interact on the show via video conference.

VJ Sunny, singer Sreerama Chandra and Shanmukh Jaswanth are in the race to win the title, as Siri and Manas are eliminated from the list.

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Siri, Manas out of ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’ title race


Siri and Manas have been eliminated as the grand finale of reality show ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’ approaches.

With an ensemble of stars in the lists of the guests attending the grand finale of ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’, the speculations about the title winner are rife.

Hosted by Nagarjuna, the grand finale is to see Alia Bhatt, Ram Charan, and S.S. Rajamouli on the ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5′ dais on Sunday.

On the other hand, ’83’ stars Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are to cheer the viewers, as they promote their sports drama in the grand finale episode.

It is reported that from the top-5 contestants, Siri and Manas have been eliminated as Siri stands in the fifth position, while Manas takes the fourth position.

So, Siri and Manas are officially out of the title race for ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’.

VJ Sunny, Sreerama Chandra, and Shanmukh Jaswanth would be seen on the stage, and the makers are to announce the title winner on the episode which will be telecast on Sunday.

Reports suggest that VJ Sunny is likely to be the winner of the season, while the second position might be a tough nut to crack, as both Sreerama Chandra and Shanmukh Jaswanth share mostly equal percentage of votes by the audience.

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Bigg boss 5: Kajal in the danger zone, will Bigg boss save her?


Bigg boss 5 will end by the end of next week. Currently 6 contestants are there in the house. Out of these 6, one will leave this weekend. Competition is getting tough as all the remaining housemates are strong contestants. Details as follows

What is happening in the house:

Bigg boss gave the housemates a role play task in which housemates have to enact an incident or journey of other housemates. Sunny utilised this opportunity very well and entertained the audience by playing the role of Shanmukh. The way he hugged Siri character ( played by Shanmukh) several times evoked laughs.

The same way Manas played the role of Priyanka in a perfect way. Initially the role of Priyanka was supposed to be played by Sunny and the role Manas was supposed to be played by Kajal. But while doing the rehearsal Kajal was seen saying to Sunny that she will say I love you – which means Manas says I love you to Priyanka. It seems Kajal intentionally did this to damage the image of Manas. But Manas objected to this and Kajal cried. She told she won’t play the role. Then Manas played the role of Priyanka and Sunny played the role of Manas and this came out very well.

Who is in the danger zone:

Out of the 6 housemates, Sreeram already reached the finale. Sunny and Shanmukh are getting good votes and so will be the top 2 contestants. This leaves Siri, Kajal and Manas in the danger zone. As per the unofficial voting, Kajal is getting the least number of votes among these 3.

But, will Bigg boss save Kajal?

There is an opinion among the audience that Bigg boss team will do some favours to some contestants every season. In season 3 they saved Punarnavi several times. In season 4 , Monal and Sohail were given special treatment. In the current season, whether Bigg boss will send Kajal this week as per the voting or will make Manas a scapegoat is a big question. As there are only 2 lady contestants now, if Bigg boss wants to have 2 women and 3 men in the final, it is almost sure that Manas will be eliminated this week irrespective of voting.

We need to wait and see whether Bigg boss team will eliminate as per the votes or not this week.

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Priyanka Singh’s exit from ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’ narrows the race to finale


Actress Priyanka Singh, who managed to reach the top-7 list of ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’, was eliminated from the show on Sunday.

Recent nominations had Kajal, Siri, Manas, Sree Rama Chandra, and Priyanka in the danger zone.

As Priyanka scored lesser votes than any other contestants, the host revealed that she had to leave the show. Priyanka, who is also called Pinky, had a special bond with Manas, which made the two emotional, as she left the reality show.

Priyanka, a transgender woman, had proved herself to be a sweetheart on the reality show, which the host quotes as an inspiration to hundreds. Known for her caring nature, Priyanka always cooked and helped others in their chores, as per the contestants.

“She was the one who took care of the entire family during her stay in ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’. Now that she is gone, we all need to take care of each other”, VJ Sunny said, during his conversation with host Nagarjuna. Others uttered similar praises for the actress.

Sreerama Chandra and Manas dedicate a song each, as Priyanka stands beside the host to say her goodbyes to the contestants. Nagarjuna had quizzed Priyanka on her past and present impressions of each member of the house.

As Priyanka is out now, VJ Sunny, Manas, Kajal, Sreerama Chandra, Shanmukh, and Siri are the six contestants who are left in the race to the finale, while Sreerama Chandra has already become the first finalist for the season, by winning the ticket to finale.

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Bigg boss 5: Four contestants in ticket to Finale race


Ticket to Finale task continues in the Bigg boss house. The task was supposed to be ended by Thursday extended for one more day. After the tasks, still 4 contestants are in the race. Details as follows.

As part of ticket to Finale, Bigg boss has been giving a series of tasks to the housemates. Endurance task has damaged health condition of the housemates, especially of Sreeram and Siri. After that there was a Focus task in which the housemates have to count 29 minutes in their mind and whoever comes closest will be the winner. Manas won this task.

Skill task:

Later there was Skill task. In this task, housemates have to play a small game. There will be a slope in the garden and housemates have to pour water on it continuously until the balls that are placed in the jar below the slope come up through the holes placed on slope. Sreeram and Siri were hurt in the endurance task and so Sunny and Shanmukh played on their behalf. Overall, Sunny won this task after playing the tie breaker task with Shanmukh.

Finally, Manas, Sunny, Siri and Sreeram are in the race and one of these 4 will win the ticket to Finale in the next episode. We need to wait and see who will be the winner of this task.

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Bigg boss 5: Ticket to Finale continues


Bigg boss show is inching towards the climax and whoever wins the ticket will become the first contestant to reach the finale. The task tests the endurance and focus of the housemates.

The first task:

Bigg boss gave the options of endurance, speed and action and the house unanimously selected the option of endurance. As per this option, Bigg boss gave a task. In this task, the contestants have to stand in ice cubes and protect the balls given to them. Occasionally they can put their legs outside and others can grab their balls when they put the legs outside. Sunny excelled in this task too. Sreeram stood at second place.

However, this task has negatively affected the health condition of most of the housemates. Keeping the legs in ice cubes for so long affected the housemates’ legs. Especially Sreeram and Siri seen to have been impacted a lot. Most of the housemates had to visit doctor’s room and take some medication.

Second task:

Later Bigg boss gave three other options – Skill, focus and memory. It seems that Bigg boss intentionally shifted from physical games to mind games due to health conditions of the housemates. The housemates selected focus. Housemates were given a task to ring the bell after 29 minutes. The catch here is that there is no clock in the house and the housemates have to calculate the time inside their mind. Whoever comes closest to the 29 minutes mark will be the winner. This task continues in the next episode.

We need to wait and see who will win this ticket to Finale task.

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Bigg boss 5: Who will be top 5 contestants


Bigg boss season 5 is inching towards climax. Now social media is full of debates on who will be the top 5 contestants of this season. Details as follows.

Who is at 7th position:

As of now, 7 contestants are in the house. Sriram, Manas, Priyanka, Kajal and Manas are in the nominations and one of these will leave the house this weekend. As per the unofficial votings, Sriram is at the top and Priyanka is at the bottom. It is more likely that Priyanka will leave the house this week unless anything dramatic happens that puts other contestants at jeopardy.

Who is at 6th position:

Out of the remaining 6, Shanmukh, Sunny and Sreeram seem to be enjoying the top 3 positions though the order may differ. This leaves Siri, Kajal and Manas at the bottom 3. Who out of these 3 will leave next week depends on lot of other things including the result of Ticket to finale task.

Another factor is that Siri is getting more votes when Shanmukh is NOT in the nominations as his voting is getting transferred to her. If both Shanmukh and Siri are nominated next week, whether Siri will get sufficient votes to be above 6th position or not is a big question.

Another factor is , if the makers of Bigg boss want to have 2 women contestants in the final episode, both Siri and Kajal may reach the finale irrespective of voting and in that case Manas is the most probable candidate to leave the house next week if he does not win the ticket to Finale.

Who are at top 3 as per voting?

As per voting, Shanmukh, Sunny and Sreeram are at the top 3 positions as of now. But if Manas wins the ticket to Finale, Sreeram may have to leave the house next week as Big boss makers may prefer to have 2 women in the grand finale.

Did Ravi give clue about Shanmukh winning this season?

Ravi was supposed to be the finalist of the season but was eliminated due to several reasons. While leaving the house, Ravi told Shanmukh that Shanmukh will win only if he leaves the house. This led to debate on social media whether the title is already fixed irrespective of voting.

Overall, as per the voting, at this moment, Shanmukh, Sunny, Sreeram, Kajal and Siri are at the top 5 slots. But this may change depending on the ticket to Finale task outcome and the performance of housemates next week.

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Bigg boss 5: Manas and Priyanka break up drama


Latest episode of Bigg boss 5 completely occupied with the breakup drama of Manasa and Priyanka. Ticket to finale task also started in this episode. details as follows.

It is known news that Manas and Priyanka have been moving close to each other since last several weeks. However Manasa was given hints by the host Nagarjuna as well as his mother that he need not entertain Priyanka Singh. In fact Nagarjuna told him not to give false hopes to Priyanka. It seems Manas is trying to distance himself from Priyanka and end friendship with her. But Priyanka ,who is a transgender, faced rejection several times in life and nobody is sure how she will handle another rejection by Manas.

In the latest episode Manas found fault with her for nominating Kajal who has supported her. But Priyanka tried to defend herself. Manas abruptly ended the conversation and left the place. Priyanka got offended by this move and asked him to give her some respect. This led to a bitter argument and both of them made some serious comments about each other.

Later Priyanka shifted the blame to Kajal and told that she is the reason for all this disturbance. But Kajal tried to defend herself and this led to war of words between Priyanka and Kajal. It was very much evident that Manas wants to end his relationship with Priyanka while Priyanka wants to continue and even strengthen this relationship. But she was helpless. Later the issue send to have been resolved as both of them hugged each other. Priyanka also apologised Kajal the next day.

Ticket to finale:

The series of tasks for ticket to finale started today and will continue for next couple of days

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Bigg boss 5: Nomination day


In Bigg boss show, Monday is the day of nominations. This week, except Shanmukh and Sunny, all others are nominated for eviction. Details as follows.

Shanmukh nominated Kajal for bringing up the topic of community during the captaincy task. It is known thing that , during captaincy task, Kajal requested Shanmukh to help Priyanka Singh keeping her community ( transgender) in mind. He also nominated Priyanka for not being able to take negative comments in a sportive way.

Priyanka told she is not able to nominate anyone as she doesn’t have any reasons to nominate them. She told she had reasons for Shanmukh and Ravi but she can’t nominate both of them as Shanmukh is captain and Ravi already left the house. But Bigg boss warned her to nominate someone otherwise she will be in nominations directly. Then she nominated Kajal and Siri.

Siri nominated Kajal for bringing up the word community during the task. She also nominated Priyanka as retaliation.

Sriram nominated Manas and Kajal for being disrespectful to him. Kajal tried to defend herself and that led to argument between both of them. Manas nominated Sriram as a retaliation. He also nominated Siri for finding fault with his judgement.

Sunny nominated Siri and Sriram. He tried to be diplomatic with both of them by giving simple reasons and by trying to avoid arguments. Kajal tried to defend herself by explaining the word community. She nominated Priyanka and Siri as retaliation.

Sunny got lucky as he was not nominated by anyone today.

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‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’: Fans call Anchor Ravi’s elimination ‘unfair’


Anchor Ravi, who was one of the strongest contestants of ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’, was evicted from the house on Sunday and the fans are not happy.

The episode which was hosted by Nagarjuna had a few fun games, after which the results of the nominations were announced.

RJ Kajal and Anchor Ravi were the two contestants in the danger zone. Sunny, who had earned the eviction free pass, used it to save RJ Kajal. But, it was revealed that Ravi was the one who was lagging behind in the voting.

Ravi, who got eliminated, was in shock, but accepted that he had made wrong calculations, which landed him in the elimination zone. ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’ viewers are in shock, as Ravi was not expected to leave this week.

Ravi’s fans call the eliminations ‘unfair’, as they believe he has the potential to be in the top-5 list. “While contestants like Siri and Priyanka are saved, it is not okay to have Ravi eliminated from the show”, a ‘Bigg Boss’ follower wrote.

“Shocked”, a tweep wrote, while another comment reads, “Ravi is a mentally strong player. Not fair that he is evicted before other weak contestants”.

A few of Ravi’s fans had even gathered at the Annapurna Studios, to express their anguish at his elimination. They even held a rally, demanding to get Ravi back on the show.

Ravi, on the other hand, had accepted his defeat, quoting his misinterpretations as the reason for the eviction. “Anchor Ravi signing off from ‘Bigg Boss’,” he said, with a smile on his face.

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Bigg boss 5: Shocking elimination of anchor of Ravi


As the Bigg boss 5 show is inching towards the climax, the competition is getting intense and unexpected twists are unfolding. In the latest episode, anchor Ravi got eliminated and this shocked the audience. Details as follows.

As always, this weekend episode of Bigg boss also filled with games and fun. But more than the fun, the audiences were more keen on knowing who will be evicted this week. As we already know, all the housemates except Shanmukh, who is the captain of the house, are in the nominations this week. After all other contestants got saved, Priyanka, Kajal and Ravi were left. At this point too the audience expected Priyanka or Kajal to leave the house this week. But Priyanka was saved to the surprise of the audience. This left Kajal and Ravi as the bottom two.

Sunny’s eviction free pass to Kajal:

It is known news that Sunny won eviction free pass earlier that he can use either for himself or others. Once used he can not get back the pass. When Ravi and Kajal were ready to check their luck, Nagarjuna asked whether Sunny wants to use the pass for any of these two. Sunny, without any hesitation, announced that he wants to use it for Kajal. However prior to this Kajal expressed to Sunny that she wants to stay in the house because of the audience votes but not because of the eviction free pass. However, Sunny decided to save her. After that, it was verified who was actually saved by the votes. Shockingly, Kajal was saved by the audience too.

Was Ravi eliminated by Bigg boss despite Ravi getting more votes?

Ever since Ravi eviction news came out on social media, it was widely debated whether the makers of the show eliminated Ravi intentionally despite audience voting in favour of him. Some opined that makers might have sent him out as he is the most expensive contestant in the Bigg boss house as of now. Some others pointed out that, as per social media votings, both Kajal and Priyanka got lesser votings than Ravi. As per some insider reports, Kajal got the least votes but the makers made Ravi a scapegoat to save Kajal.

Overall, social media voice is widely in favour of Ravi and the netizens opine that the makers of the show have shown him doors because of some specific reasons that are best known to them. We need to wait and see who out of these 7 will be the winner of this season.

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Bigg boss 5: Who are the top 5 contestants?


Bigg boss season 5 is inching towards the climax as only 3 weeks left for the grand finale. There is a lot of curiosity among the fans of Bigg boss about who would be among the top 5 . Not only the audiences but even the housemates are also equally curious. Latest episode gave some clarity to the housemates.

Sacrifice task:

Already the dear ones of the housemates visited them in the last couple of days. All the housemates are relieved from stress after taking their dear ones after 10 weeks of isolation from the outside world. Today Nagarjuna gave another opportunity to meet their dear ones but they need to do some sacrifice to get that opportunity.

Ravi’s mother joined the house today and he became extremely emotional. Already the episode in which Ravi’s daughter joined the house was a super hit as almost every family in the state got connected to the father daughter relationship of Ravi and his daughter. Ravi’s mother told she is proud of him.

Kajal’s sister and her friend and singer Lipsika joined the house and they were in praise of her game in the house. Sriram’s mother became emotional after talking to him after 80 days. Comedians Appa Rao and Sai came to visit Priyanka. Priyanka revealed that it was Appa Rao who introduced her into the Jabardast show and she works be grateful to him for the entire life.

Srihan’s hilarious punch lines:

Later Srihan, would be husband of Siri, joined the house. The way he imitated Priyanka and Manas’s conversation split the house into laughs. He also imitated the way Sunny behaves in frustration. It was an impeccable imitation. The way he delivered punch lines on Siri and Shanmukh show his spontaneity.

Shanmukh & Deepu’s chemistry was so cute

Shanmukh has been waiting to see her fiancé Deepthi Sunaina and today she visited the house. She is well known to the Telugu audience through Bigg boss 2. Their chemistry was so cute to watch. She told he would be the winner of the season. She was so gorgeous on the screen

Who are top 5?

All these guests were asked to name the top 5 contenders of the season. Different guests selected different housemates and all the 8 housemates were covered by one or the other guest as the finalist. But overall, Shanmukh, Sunny and Sriram were selected as the top contenders by most of the guests. This gave clarity to the housemates as well as the audiences. As of now these 3 seem to be definitely in the list of finalists.

Overall it was a very good episode.

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‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’ eliminations: Anne leaves the show, creating space for Kajal


With Jessie’s eviction, ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’ has VJ Sunny, RJ Kajal, Manas, Siri, Shanmukh, Priyanka Singh, anchor Ravi, singer Sree Ramachandra, and Anne Master left in the race for the title.

As Sunday’s episode is to witness another contestant leaving the show, it is reported that dance master Anne is the one who would be shown the exit in the upcoming episode, which is hosted by Nagarjuna. Anee, who proved that she is a strong contender, is to be evicted as per the votings by the audience.

It was least expected that Anne would be evicted from the show this week, as she is such a strong player. Anne’s behaviour is the only aspect behind her eviction, as per the social media trends and buzz.

The voting patterns on the official site indicate that Priyanka Singh and Anne are the two contestants with the least number of votes from the audience. Anyways Priyanka Singh managed to earn a slightly higher number of votes, making it clear that Anne is the one who gets evicted from the ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’ house.

Anne’s wrong intentions about a few players are portrayed in a way that is awkward for the viewers to watch. And, her treatment of Kajal is considered the main reason for her eviction this week. Anne not only called Kajal ‘Naagin’, but also made awkward dance moves so as to disrespect her. Even when the host tried to talk about the same, Anne repeated the ‘Naagin’ dance, which created so much negativity for her.

Even during the week’s nomination process, Anne was seen making sounds, dancing in such a way that Kajal gets hurt. Anne’s activities only created a huge fan base in favour of Kajal. Kajal, who was termed to be an underperformer all these weeks, turns out to become one of the strongest contestants in recent times, creating much fandom for her.

VJ Sunny, Manas, and Kajal emerged as the best performers this week, as per the audience’s opinions on social media. With only eight contestants on the show, the inmates are to fight for their places in the coming weeks.

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Bigg boss 5: Nagarjuna becomes relationship counsellor


In Bigg boss 5, the host Nagarjuna turned relationship counsellor for the youngsters in the latest episode. Details as follows.

Counselling on Shanmukh -Siri relation:

In the house, Shanmukh and Siri having a special friendship. Both of them are engaged to the others outside the house. However, in the recent episodes, it was seen that Siri had fallen for Shanmukh but later she felt guilty about her own behaviour. She tried to harm herself because if this guilty feeling.

Nagarjuna became a relationship counsellor in this episode. Nagarjuna called her into the confession room and reprimanded her for harming herself. He asked Bigg boss to open the doors of the house and told Siri that she can leave the house if she wants to harm herself again. He asked her why she did so. She told she was confused and she was getting sort of crush on Shanmukh but she still knows she is committed to someone else outside. She cried and Nagarjuna counselled her to become a better person.

Later he called Shanmukh into the confession room. Shanmukh told he was missing Deepthi a lot. Nagarjuna asked Bigg boss to open the doors of the house and asked Shanmukh to leave the house if he is missing Deepthi a lot. Shanmukh apologised for his behaviour. He also told it is him who did mistakes with Siri that caused her lot of pain

Manas and Priyanka relation:

Later he called Manas into the room and asked what is his issue with Priyanka. It is known news that Priyanka has lots of affection for Manas but Manas doesn’t have same feelings for her. But he is not avoiding her completely, fearing she may get offended and she may take extreme decisions. Nagarjuna asked him why is he allowing her to develop feelings for him if he doesn’t have any intention to have relationship with her. He gave the same reason that he still has fear about how she will respond if he says the truth.

Nagarjuna showed him a video in which Priyanka was seen completely obsessed with Manas. Nagarjuna told, we need to tell the truth even if it hurts. Otherwise, she may develop even more feelings for him. Manas totally agreed.

Nagarjuna becomes psychology counsellor for Annie:

Nagarjuna spoke to Annie master too, who has been at loggerheads with Kajal in recent times. He told her to not go too far in ridiculing Kajal, though doing such things occasionally is fine. She also agreed on his words.

Overall, the way Nagarjuna handling the show shows how keenly he is following the show and the housemates. The way he counselled the youngsters in the relationships shows his maturity in handling the relationships. Overall it was a nice episode.

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Bigg boss 5: It was not a lip lock in the house


Bigg boss season 5 is continuing on a good note and the Captaincy task continues in the latest episode as well. Details as follows.

Captaincy task continues:

Nee Illu Bangaram gaanu- Captaincy task of the week continues in the house. In the previous episode, Siri and Priyanka already became contenders for the Captaincy. Siri became captain as Manas played on behalf of her. Today when Annie and Manas played the task, Annie won and became the contender for Captaincy. Next time, Kajal, Sunny and Manas played the task and Manas won the task. Overall, Siri, Manas, Annie, and Priyanka are the final contenders for Captaincy.

It was not a lip lock:

In the promo of current episode, it was seen Siri hugging Shanmukh but after seeing the visual, some people thought it could be lip lock between those two. There was a wide debate on social media on this and some went on to criticise the show. However, it was just another hug between the friends. Siri and Shanmukh have been fighting for petty reasons and then patching up since the beginning of the season. This is just another instance of the same theme.

Out of others, Kajal and Sunny were seen arguing as Sunny demeaned her by calling his tail. She was seen crying for the comments. Similar demeaning comments were given by Manas to Priyanka for which she got offended. But he apologised later.

Overall it was an average episode.

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‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’: Manas grabs the opportunity after 10 weeks


Anchor Ravi has become the captain in the previous week, and hence is immune to nominations this week in ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’. It is the captaincy that has saved him from being in the nominations for the ninth time in a row.

Now that the contestants are giving their best to win the captaincy task, it is really important for each of them to gain immunity as the game has become harder. In Wednesday’s task, Manas, who played the task instead of Siri, won the game and makes her the second contender for the upcoming captaincy task.

On the other hand, Priyanka Singh also becomes a captaincy contender. Reports suggest that Manas, Priyanka Singh, Siri, and Anne compete for the captaincy task. It is reported that Manas has won the captaincy task and has immunity for the coming week. Manas is a strong contestant, who had no luck by his side all the while. Now that he has won the task, he seems to be happy to become the captain after 10 weeks.

Sunny, on the other hand, is seen upset with the unfair decision by Ravi. Ravi, who intentionally disqualified Sunny from the captaincy task, is seen defending himself. Ravi has gained much negativity among the viewers, with his cunning game strategies.

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Bigg boss 5: Housemates become gold miners for captaincy task


After the nomination process, Captaincy task starts in the Bigg boss house. Today’s episode had the Captaincy task – Nee Illu Bangaram gaanu. Details as follows

Kajal vs Shanmukh & Siri & Annie

Kajal has been playing the game very well but the problem is that the housemates as well as the audience were able to see her strategy clearly. In the recent episode, she became very emotional and told she could not take the comments made by Shanmukh and Siri during the nominations. It is known news that Shanmukh told that the house would be more peaceful if Kajal leaves the house. While Kajal cried recalling these comments, Annie master called this is all a drama.

Shanmukh vs Siri:

Shanmukh and Siri have been good friends in the house but several times Shanmukh tried to avoid Siri for various reasons but they later patched up. The same thing repeated again as he tried to distance himself from her because he doesn’t want their relation to be portrayed in a different way and impact their personal lives. However, all this was again a storm in tea cup and the issue resolved after Shanmukh apologising Siri.

Captaincy task:

Nee Illu Bangaram gaanu is the Captaincy task for this week. All the housemates become gold miners for this task. They have to collect Gold balls and preserve them. Three rounds of the game played as of now.

We need to wait and see who will become captain this week

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Bigg boss 5: Nomination process and heated arguments


Nomination episodes are always fierce and intense in the Bigg boss show. Today’s episode also was an intense episode. Details as follows.

Ravi’s nominations:

Ravi started the nomination process in this episode. He nominated Sunny and told that the way he received the advice given in negative way is not good. He also reminded that Sunny called him “fake”. He nominated Kajal for provoking Sunny. Sunny asked them not to drag him into their issue. Kajal tried to defend herself and told that she only asked Sunny to be his own self. 

Shanmukh’s nominations:

Shanmukh nominated Kajal and gave a weird statement that if she leaves the house there will be less issues in the house. Kajal could not take the statement but didn’t defend herself. He then nominated Priyanka for keep on saying sorry but repeating the same behaviour. 

Manas nominations:

Manas nominated Shanmukh for making too many assumptions about others. He also told that Shanmukh makes decision based on others inputs instead of using his own judgement. He also nominated Annie master for not having connection with him but he added he still has respect for her. He pointed that Annie master taking the hugging also in a wrong way and raising that in previous week’s nominations is not a right thing to do. 

Sriram nominations:

Sriram nominated Sunny for not being composed during the tasks. He appreciated Sunny’s way of playing the tasks though. He also nominated Manas for not standing up for right thing in the previous week when Sunny was using the words “will beat you”. 

Kajal nominations:

Kajal and Annie have been at loggerheads in recent times. 

Kajal reminded that she called her “Faltu”. Annie reminded that Kajal called her “ Bewakoof”. Then Annie master danced after the nominations as a mark of ridiculimg Kajal. Kajal nominated Shanmukh for his weird statement during today’s nomination process. There was a bitter agreement between Shanmukh and Kajal. 

Siri nominations

Siri nominated Priyanka and told that she should focus on her own game instead of playing the game for Manas. She also nominated Kajal. It seems Siri is playing the game intelligently by nominating the ladies as they are her competitors. She told that during last week’s nomination,  Kajal gave a silly reason which she didn’t like. 

Priyanka nominations:

Priyanka reciprocated by nominating Shanmukh. She also nominated Siri. She questioned Siri when did she play Manas’s game and Siri couldn’t answer the question.

Sunny nominations:

Sunny nominated Sriram keeping in mind previous week’s issues. Sunny also nominated Siri keeping in mind how her game spoiled his prospects last week. 

Annie nominations:

Annie master nominated Manas. She told that she was missing her family and that’s the reason she hugged him but he did not take the hug in right spirit. Annie also nominated  Kajal and told that there has been negative vibe with her. They both had a bitter argument. 

All the housemates except Ravi are in the danger zone this week. 

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