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Bigg boss: Uma eliminated


Actress Uma becomes 2nd contestant to be eliminated from Bigg boss house in season 5

Uma’s elimination was predictable:

Out of the 7 contestants nominated for elimination this weekend, four contestants were saved yesterday itself. Actress Uma, Nata Raj master and Priya were in the danger zone at the start of the today’s episode. Out of these 3, Priya was saved first, and both Natraj master and Uma were seen feeling tensed. Finally when Natraj master got saved, he felt very emotional. Surprisingly, Uma, who was seen as a loudmouth till date, was so calm and dignified while leaving the show.

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Last week itself audience felt that Uma will get eliminated as soon as she comes into nominations like actress Hema and karate Kalyani in previous seasons. Her foul language in the house and her nagging behaviour were the main reasons for her elimination. At some point of time, on social media , there was some propaganda that the fans of Karthika Deepam serial voted her in a big way and tried to save her. However, it seems her foul language in the house destroyed her prospects.

Suggestions to housemates:

After she got eliminated, Lobo was seen crying. But the way Uma handled her exit was so smooth and she did not get into any altercations with any of the housemates during her exit. In fact, she gave good suggestions to all the housemates. She advised Shanmukh to play his own game instead of playing for Siri. She advised Lahari to be more proactive. She also asked Lobo to be strong and play his own game.

Siri is the devil in the house:

At the start of the episode Nagarjuna made the housemates play some games, but the games were very routine and boring. In one of the games, housemates were asked to tell who is the devil in the house in their perspective. Most of the housemates named Siri as the devil and it indicates how much negativity she has among the housemates

Also it was birthday of anchor Ravi and he received gift and letter from his family. Kajal read the letter from his daughter and Ravi felt very emotional after listening to the letter.

After fantastic and a star-studded episode yesterday with Ram Charan and Maestro team joining the show, today’s episode looks just average.

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Bigg boss : Ram Charan’s magic in the house


Today’s episode started with Bigg boss announcing Sunny’s release from Jail. Lobo and Uma were seen flirting with each other, though it looked fake. Ram Charan and Maestro team joined the house today and made the episode wonderful.

Ram Charan joined the house:

Ram Charan recently became brand ambassador for Disney + Hotstar. Bigg boss makers telecast the ad in which Ram Charan performed as show man and revealed that the ad was immensely liked by the kids. Ram Charan also revealed in the show that Sai Dharam Tej is recovering really fast. Ram Charan also announced that Bigg boss show is number one show not only in Telugu but in India. Nagarjuna told Bigg boss Telugu made Star MAA number one regional channel in the country

Ram Charan’s interaction with Housemates was super cool:

As soon as housemates saw Ram Charan, they went crazy and shouted a lot. They looked so happy knowing Ram Charan is the brand ambassador for Hotstar. Charan interacted with each and every housemate. He recalled Anne doing choreography for Sangeet programs during his sister’s marriage . He poked fun at Ravi and told him not to tease his co-anchors. Priyanka told he has been asking Nagababu and Niharika for a photograph with Ram Charan for so long. Ram Charan spoke spontaneously with Priya. He appreciated Lobo. Shanmukh told he is a very big fan of RCT. Sriram sang Bangaru kodipetta song. Hamida told she had tried to take a photograph with RCT long back but was not successful. Manas told he is also from the same school as Ram Charan and he used to hear lot of stories about him and Rana in the school.

Maestro team in the house:

Ram Charan hosted Maestro team on to the stage. His Camaraderie with Nitin and Tamanna was too good. The way he hosted them proved that he has the ability to handle TV shows too. Nagarjuna appreciated hosting skills of Ram Charan.

Nagarjuna corrected the housemates:

Nagarjuna asked all the housemates to question themselves and whoever believes they have done something wrong has to stand up. Then Nagarjuna reprimanded Uma for using foul language. He has also exposed double standards of Swetha who spoke on humanity. He asked Lobo to quit smoking.

Siri’s fake allegations on Sunny exposed:

Siri alleged on Sunny and told he inappropriately touched her during a task. Audience clearly know that he did not do anything wrong but Siri dragged the discussion and tried to assassin the character of Sunny. In today’s episode, Nagarjuna showed the video and exposed her fake allegations. However Siri cleverly covered herself by saying , during the task it was not clear whether Sunny really put her hand inside her T shirt or not but she thought so.

Anne and Lobo saved from elimination:

In Bigg boss house, Uma, Nataraj, Kajal, Lobo, Annie, Priyanka, Priya were nominated for the elimination this week. As of now, Anne master, Nataraj master and Uma are the bottom 3 even though the order is not clear. Today Anne, Lobo and Priyanka were saved from the elimination. With this, Nataraj master, Uma, Priya and Kajal are still in danger zone

Nagarjuna also made the housemates happy by revealing that the launch episode got 18 points TRP, which is one of the highest in Telugu television history. Overall it was a wonderful episode of Bigg boss this weekend.

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Bigg boss 5: Episode full of tasks


Today’s episode in Bigg boss is full of tasks. The sportsperson in the each housemate came out during the tasks.

Bigg boss divided the housemates into 2 teams on Monday . Lobo, Vishwa, Priya, Priyanka, Hamida, Annie, Uma, Sriram and Shanmukh were in one team that is called Eagles team while the rest of them are in Wolf team. After the nominations, Bigg boss gave a series of tasks to these teams.

Task 1: Pantham Needaa Naadaa

The first physical task of the season was “Pantham Needaa Naadaa”. The teams have to collect max battons and the teams fought vehemently during this task. Housemates hid the battons inside their clothes. Yesterday, Bigg boss paused the task and started second task.

Task 2: Saagaraa Sodaraa

During this task, teams have to stand in separate lines and split their legs. They have to extend as long as possible and whichever team stretches more will be the winner. This task was canceled by the Bigg boss as the captains of the teams could not come to an agreement about which team is the winner

Task 3: Aa Gattununtaava Ee Gattununtaava

As part of this task, each team was given a start point, finish line. As soon as buzzer is given, the housemates have to go one by one crawling sitting on the given board till the finish line. In this task, Manas team won the game.

Emotions during the task:

Physical tasks give lot of scope for emotions. During the task, Sriram, who had been maintaining low profile till now, showed his leadership qualities. He also didn’t hesitate to tell Ravi on his face that he is playing a safe game . Sriram was also seen massaging Hamida and a romantic thread seems to have been opened.

Lobo could not play the physical game well and he was seen crying for not being able to do justice for the game. Sweta was seen reconciling with Lobo.

Priya, who was seen behaving dignified till now, was seen challenging and fighting with Sunny. Uma, despite her age, was seen playing the game enthusiastically. Siri, though played well, irritated the audience.

Sunny was seen putting up aggressive posture while fighting with Priya and Siri. This is in contrast to the cool dude posture he has been presenting till now.

After all the three games, one task was won by Wolves team, one by Eagles and one was tie. So, finally, it was a tie between the two teams

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Bigg bid tidbits: Another beautiful contestant as wild card?


Bigg boss season 5 was launched with a jumbo team of 19 members. Even though initially it was confusing to watch so many housemates on the screen, now the audience were accustomed to season 5 housemates. But as per latest reports, Big boss makers are planning to join another beautiful lady as wild card in the next couple of weeks. Details as follows.

TV serial heroine Navya’s name did the rounds before the start of this season as the probable contestant. However she was not seen on the day of launching. With this , many thought Navya entering big boss season 5 was just a rumour. But as per the latest reports, that may not be a rumour and Navya still has chances of joining the house this season. It seems big boss makers are planning to join her into the house as wild card entry after eliminating any one young woman contestant from the House. But there is another rumour that big boss makers are also in talks with anchor Varshini for the wild card entry. Mostly either Navya or Varshini will join in the house as a wild card entry in the next 2 to 3 weeks.

We need to wait and see whether there is truth in these rumours.

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Bigg Boss 5: Eagles vs Wolves


Today’s episode started with housemates reconciling with each other after the nominations. Bigg Boss later gave a physical task to the housemates. Housemates were divided into eagles team and Wolves team yesterday during the nominations. The same teams will be fighting with each other today. As always, physical task in Bigg boss house engaged the audience.

Siri vs Sunny fight over “inappropriate touching”:

During the physical task, women contestants complaining on some men for touching them inappropriately during the task is one regular theme in Bigg boss. During season 2, there was a big fight between Bhanu and Kaushal on the same topic. Today, Siri complained Sunny touching her during the task. But Sunny didn’t touch her and he only helped Swetha fight with Siri. It seems Siri intentionally tried to damage Sunny image.

Lobo felt dizzy and opponents called it drama:

Lobo, though entertaining the house, could not play well in physical game. He felt dizzy after some time and this team mates tried to help him. Ravi, who is from opposite team alleged that this is all drama and Vishwa from Lobo team objected this comment and it led to argument between Ravi and Vishwa.

Housemates who didn’t open till now opened up today:

Housemates like Sriram, Shanmukh, Manas who have been maintaining low profile till now opened up during the physical task. Especially Sriram showed anger on Kajal during the task. Manas proved again that he can talk rationally even in the midst of high voltage altercations.

The task will continue tomorrow.

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Bigg boss tidbits: Uma to repeat the fate of Hema and Kalyani?


Actress Uma is the senior most person in the Bigg boss house this season. She was not in the nominations first week and Sarayu was eliminated from the house. This week, as Uma is in the nominations, most of the audience are opining that she may get eliminated the weekend. Details as follows

Actress Uma showed her attitude with Annie master in the first week itself. After Annie master spoke to her humbly and told she is the senior, Uma forgave her. It was clear that Uma wants others to recognise and respect her seniority. In addition, she kept reminding that she is a vegetarian and she had a heated argument with Lobo about washing the dishes used for non veg. It looked like she wanted force her superiority on others. The way she used foul language during the nominations shocked family audience. Her behaviour was not accepted by many audience and it may reflect in the votings this week.

Earlier, in previous seasons, Hema and Karate Kalyani were also eliminated by the audience as soon as they came into nominations. Audience could not tolerate the arrogance and haughtiness of these senior actresses. Now, most of the audience of Bigg boss are opining that Uma also may repeat the same this weekend.

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Bigg boss 5: Interesting nominations


Monday is the day of nominations. This week Bigg bond played a small trick for nominations. This made the nomination process interesting. Details as follows

Bigg boss divided the housemates into 2 teams today. Lobo, Vishwa, Priya, Priyanka, Hamida, Annie, Uma, Sriram and Shanmukh were in one team that is called eagles team while the rest of them are in wolf team. Some housemates thought this grouping is for a task and they warmed up themselves. But later Bigg boss gave a twist and told housemates have to nominate the members belonging to the other group only.

Uma’s foul language during the nominations:

Siri nominated Uma and Nataraj master. Annie master nominated Uma and Kajal. Uma, being a vegetarian, has some concern about washing dishes used for non-veg. Today there was some argument between Uma and Lobo regarding the same topic. This argument was not liked by some housemates and they nominated Uma for this. Viswa too nominated Uma for fighting over a petty issue. She lost control at that point and used foul language. Uma nominated Annie master because of the fight happened over non veg issue. She also nominated Vishwa, again for an issue related to food. Her fight with Annie master looked awkward. Shanmukh nominated Uma for her foul language in the house.

Swetha’s outburst:

Lahari nominated Hamida and Annie master. Hamida retaliated by nominating Lahari. Lobo nominated Swetha and Ravi. Swetha retaliated by throwing off Lobo’s friendship band. She went on and gave a speech on humanity and that won applause from all the housemates. She chided Uma despite being from same team. She supported Annie master despite being from opposite team. However, in the end , she nominated Hamida and while doing so she behaved rude. She also nominated Lobo. Her double standards of talking about humanity and yet behaving rude was questioned by Priya. She apologised for her rude behaviour later.

Tit for tat:

Other housemates nominated those who nominated them. Nataraj master nominated Priya and Priyanka. Sunny too nominated Priya and Priyanka almost for the same reasons. Priyanka retaliated by nominating Nataraj master and Sunny. Manas nominated Lobo and clearly told that he is nominating because Lobo hindered him during Captaincy task. He also nominated Priya. Kajal nominated Vishwa and Annie master. Priya nominated Nataraj master and Sunny and both of them nominated her earlier.

Overall, Uma, Nataraj, Kajal, Lobo, Annie, Priyanka, Priya were nominated for the elimination this week.

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Bigg boss 5: Weekend fun


Weekend episodes in Bigg boss are always more enjoyable then weekday episodes. This weekend episode also filled with lots of entertainment.

Cat walk:

The weekend episode started with the task of ramp walk. Jesse is the judge for this task. Housemates were divided into pairs and each of the pairs did a ramp walk. Lobo was paired with Uma and he did this task also in an entertaining way. Natraj master and Annie master did ramp walk like a dance.

Anchor Ravi showed his creativity by poking fun at Jessie during this task. He imitated Jessie’s gestures during his fight with Annie master. Shanmukh was paired with Priya and he looked uncomfortable. Manas and Lahari did it like professional models. Finally, the pair who won the task was Priyanka and Swetha. Singer Sriram and Siri gave a surprise performance as they portrayed a nice chemistry between them.

Do you know me and surprise revelations:

Then again there was a task in which housemates were divided into pairs. Each of them will be tested on how much they know about their partner.

During this task, Vishwa revealed that Shanmukh keeps talking about Deepthi Sunayana (Bigg Boss 2 contestant). He also revealed that Shanmukh had tattoos of the letters D and S on his hands.

When Nagarjuna asked what is hidden talent in Sunny, Lahari told he does something like ventriloquism. Nagarjuna asked him to try and he said, “Nagarjuna, I love you”. Though none understood, Nagarjuna got it right.

During this task, Jessie asked Siri, why she got engaged so early. in fact it was a news to the audience. She cleverly replied that, she didn’t know person like Jessie will join her on the house.

Sarayu was portrayed as lady Arjun Reddy during this task.

Also, Priya revealed Priyanka’s crush on singer Sriram.

Most of the housemates gave correct answers when the question was about personal life of other housemates. This indicates that, most of the contestants know each other outside the house itself. This is actually defeating the concept of Bigg Boss, which is to see how the housemates behave with others who are not well known to them outside and mostly from a different backgrounds.

Nick names for housemates:

Lobo was given a task to give Nick names to the housemates. He utilised this opportunity also and served fun to the audience. He called Ravi Milky boy, Siri butterfly, and Sunny chocolate. The way he avoided giving nick names to Uma and Lahari was funny.

Over-all it was an enjoyable episode

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Bigg boss 5: Sarayu eliminated despite huge following in social media


Social media sensation Sarayu was the first contestant to be eliminated from the house this season. Though many thought Jessie will leave this week, Bigg Boss gave a twist to this. Details as follows.

Sarayu background:

Sarayu is very well known artiste to netizens who follow Telugu bold content on social media. Several of her videos have more than 1 crore views on YouTube. If only 10% of those who followed her on social media voted for her , she would have continued for several weeks in the house. Though she does bold content videos on social media, she is well educated and has experience in corporate world. She is not only an actress but also personality development trainer. She acted in movies also .

Best 5 and worst 5 :

As part of the task given by Nagarjuna, she selected Sweta, Manas Priyanka, Vishwa and Hamida as best persons in the house. She selected Siri, Sunny, Lahari, Shanmukh as worst players. She pointed out Sunny’s ego and his grudge on her. She also rightly pointed out Lahari’s arrogant tone. She revealed secret understanding between Siri and Shanmukh.

However, there is no big bomb task.

Sarayu bad luck:

Sarayu was very confident when she joined the house. However, she could not mingle with anyone in the house except Vishwa. In fact Vishwa was in tears when she got eliminated. Despite her image that she is daring and dashing, she couldn’t portray the same image in the house and at times appeared confused in which stand to take. Bigg Boss makers also didn’t telecast much footage of her.

Had she been given an opportunity to play a skit or do a dance in this week, she would have proved herself and continued for more weeks in the house. It is unfortunate that she didn’t get a single chance to prove herself in the house despite being talented. Another bad luck for her is that there are many other contestants like Uma who irritated audience a lot the week but such contestants were not in the nominations this week.

Was Jessie saved by Bigg Boss?

There’s is another debate whether Bigg Boss intentionally saved Jessie and sent Sarayu out. Jessie is meek and behaving immatured. His rude behaviour also not liked by many. But it seems makers of Bigg Boss telecast more footage of him and projected him in such a way that he gets sympathy. Sarayu didn’t get even half of the footage what Jessie got.

Anyway it’s end of road for Sarayu in Bigg Boss house. But the show helped her to crossover from social media to mainstream media. If she plans well to utilise the recognition she got in mainstream, she can definitely have a better future.

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Bigg boss: Set or Cut?


Bigg boss season 5 is going good and started engaging the audience from the first week itself. In the beginning of today’s episode, the housemates were seen clearing the air with other contestants. Priyanka apologised to Uma and they both became buddies.

Nagarjuna’s performance today:

Later Nagarjuna joined the house and told that he is not going to be harsh on the housemates despite the fact that they did some mistakes this week. The way Nagarjuna imitated Shanmukh was hilarious. He appreciated Lobo’s entertainment and exposed Kajal’s hypocrisy about her cooking abilities. Nagarjuna appreciated Ravi for his maturity in dealing with the housemates. However, he reminded Shanmukh about not opening up yet in a funny way.

Set and cut game:

This is the task of the weekend. Each of the housemates has to select one person with whom their bond is set in a positive way and one other housemate with whom their bond is cut into negative way. This task was not very interesting as the same concept was used already in a different way in the house this week.

Kajal was “cut “ by many:

Vishwa today his bond is set with Manas and his bond is cut with Kajal. Lahari also told her bond with Kajal is ‘Cut’. Lobo also told his relation with Kajal is not good but he explained it in a funny way. Sriram also told that his relation with Kajal is cut. Uma too cut her relation with Kajal and reiterated some words uttered by Kajal earlier. Annie master too cut her relation with Kajal and blamed her for over enthusiasm.

Even though Sriram cut his relation with Kajal, she selected him as best buddy. Even though Kajal got more negative comments, she was seen still smiling.

Sarayu vs Siri

Sarayu told her bond is cut with Siri and she didn’t set with any of the housemates. She told she is playing like one man army. Siri retaliated on Sarayu and while explaining the reason for the same, she bursted into tears. Jessie also told his bond is cut with Sarayu.


Among others, Swetha Verma told Annie master is like her mother as she was guiding her. Lobo told Shanmukh is like his late father who used to correct him when he does mistakes. Priyanka was overwhelmed when Ravi selected her as best buddy.


Ravi and Hamida are saved today and rest of the 4 – Jessie, Sarayu, Manas and Kajal are still in danger. It seems Manas and Kajal are in better position than Sarayu and Jessie. We need to wait and see who will be leaving this week.

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Bigg boss season 5: Siri is the first captain


Bigg boss season 5 is going on at brisk pace. Today Siri became the first captain of this season. There was lots of drama in this episode, as usual.

Priya cannot become captain in this season:

Hamida won power house task today and Bigg boss gave her a tough task. She has to select one housemate and that person cannot become captain in this season. She selected priya. When she came out and revealed her decision, Priya responded in a dignified way. If it were some other housemate, there would have been lot of drama and tears. But Priya responded in a very dignified way and it won applause from the audience. She was even seen saying that Hamida had no other choice but to select someone.

Siri wins Captaincy task:

Bigg boss announced that the 4 housemates who entered the power house- Siri, Hamida, Vishwa and Manas- are the contenders for the captaincy this week. Bigg boss asked housemates to select coordinator among themselves. House elected Priya as coordinator by vote.

The task of cycling is very common task in Bigg boss . When the task started, RJ Kajal started disturbing Vishwa. It seems she targeted him specifically. Swetha tried to disturb Manas. Finally Siri won the task. Priya, as coordinator, announced that Siri won the task. Siri selected Vishwa as ration manager.

Sarayu opens up:

Sarayu opens up today. She told , when she got the Bigg boss offer , many people asked her whether she knows anyone. Unfortunately she doesn’t know anyone out of the 19 housemates. She also expressed that she is feeling lonely as other people have already formed their own gangs. Annie master consoled her. Later she was seen fighting with Kajal as she targeted Vishwa.

Uma becomes unbearable:

It seems senior character artistes won’t shine in Bigg boss house. Be it Hema or Karate kalyani, both have left the house in the early stages of the show itself. Uma also looks like nagging lady and it looks like other housemates are being snubbed by her. In the previous episode, she fought with Annie master for Alu curry. Today she fought with Priyanka and others over task allocation. She told, she will not cook non-veg and she won’t even wash the dishes used for non-veg foods. Even though nobody forced her to do so, she dragged the argument till it becomes unbearable.

At this point, it is confirmed that, she will be eliminated from the house as soon as she comes into nominations, very much similar to the way Hema and Kalyani were eliminated.

Overall, this is another passable episode. Housemates like Swetha , Sriram and Sunny are not getting much footage while others like Lobo, Kajal, and Uma are getting ample footage. We need to wait and see who will be leaving the house this weekend.

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Bigg boss season 5: Manas will be among top 5, actor predicts


Bigg boss season 5, unlike season 4, started engaging the audience from day 1. Already actor Nagababu revealed that his support is for transgender Priyanka. Now actor and Bigg boss season 2 contestant Tanish revealed that his favourite contestant in this season is Manas as both of them are best buddies. Tanish also predicted that Manas will be among top 5 contestants of the season.

Who is Manas:

Most of the people did not recognise Manas on the launch day of Bigg boss 5. Manas is also child artiste like Tanish. Manas acted as child artist in the blockbuster movie Narasimha Naidu. He even won Nandi award as child artiste for that film. He later turned hero in 2015 but he didn’t get break in movies. But he was shot to fame from TV serials like Koilamma in MAA TV. He acted in films like Kai Raja Kai and Goli Soda. He hails from Vizag and his father is central government employee and he even worked in CBFC.

We need to wait and see whether Manas will be there in the house till final episode or not

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Bigg boss 5: Mixed emotions episode


Bigg boss season 5 was launched on Saturday in a grand way. This season started engaging the audience from day 1 itself. Today’s episode is again filled with a mixture of emotions. The episode started with Jessie apologising Annie master for his rude behaviour with her earlier. Annie master also accepted his apology and thereby put a full stop to the issue.

Lahari quarrelsome nature irritates:

Lahari is not in the nominations this week. Probably that’s why she is over confident and starting fights with other housemates like Kajal and Hamida too frequently. The way she is dragging the issues has become irksome. In the previous episode she targeted Kajal by alleging that she is doing everything for the content. After that fight, Kajal did become silent. Today she started fight with Hamida and it ended with Hamida bursting into tears.

Thread between Sriram and Hamida:

Hamida was disappointed after her fight with Lahari. Sriram started conversation with her by asking her zodiac sign. He tried to relate her zodiac sign with her behaviour and built the conversation. Romantic threads between singles is very common theme in Bigg boss house. We need to wait and see whether this thread between Hamida and Sriram further develops into a special bond.

Lobo entertains yet again

Lobo has been entertaining the audience right from the day 1. Today he imitated housemates like Annie master, Nataraj master and Priya. The way he imitated them won him applause from all the housemates and it was entertaining to the audience.

Actress Uma reminding Hema

In a previous season, Hema tried to dominate all the housemates and as a result she was eliminated by the audience in the early episodes itself. Uma reminded Hema today as she argued with the housemates over a pretty issue. However Annie master apologised and told that Uma is the most senior in the house and all of them respect her. Uma immediately cooled down after listening to these words as Annie respected her seniority. .

Some housemates maintaining low profile and not opening up yet:

Housemates like Shanmukh and Sarayu are still maintaining a low profile in the house despite having huge following on social media. Other housemates like Priya also staying silent most of the times. We need to wait and see whether this low profile helps them or damages them.

Overall it is a passable episode.

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Bigg boss 5: Nagababu reveals, whom he is supporting this season


Bigg boss is one show that is watched by common people and celebrities alike. Many celebrities like director Anil Ravipudi earlier revealed how big fans they are for this show. Nagababu also usually openly reveals whom he supports in the house. In the last season he supported Abhijeeth. Now he revealed his favourite contest this season. Details as follows

Nagababu commented on Bigg boss 5 recently. He told, he likes anchor Ravi, Annie master, singer Sriram, Priya and Nataraj master. But, he added, he is extending his full support to trans-woman Priyanka. It is known news that Priyanka started his career with Jabardast as Sai Teja and later changed the gender. She hails from Srikakulam district. Nagababu told that Priyanka faced many hardships in life. He also recalled how he helped her when she didn’t get opportunities after changing her gender. He reiterated his support is what’s with her.

We need to wait and see whether whether Priyanka will be able to leave her mark in the show.

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Bigg boss tidbits: Will Jessy be the first one to be eliminated this season?


Bigg boss show, as always giving total entertainment to the audience. The show is running successfully already. As per the reports Jessie may get eliminated this weekend if the trend continues.

Who is Jessie:

Jessie is not much known to the audience before Bigg boss season 5. He is a super model and called as Milind Soman of Hyderabad in fashion circles. He holds a Guinness book record in his name for organising ramp walk for 36 continuous hours. He is also praised as the man who made many models as celebrities. He won super model India title in 2018. His actual name is Jaswant but in Bigg boss show he is called as Jessie, probably, to avoid confusion with Shanmukh Jaswant name.

His performance so far:

He was nominated by so many housemates on Monday. He was seen crying when nominated by too many housemates. In today’s episode also he behaved rude with Annie master and looked like he doesn’t have enough maturity to handle people from different backgrounds. He also seems to be confused on whether to play sympathy game or to play aggressive game.

Sarayu, Hamida, Manas and Jessie are the bottom 4 out of the 6 housemates nominated this time. We need to wait and see who will leave the house this week.

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Big boss 5: Fightings and outbursts on day 3


On the 3rd day itself, housemates started fighting with each other. Some of them bursted into tears. Lobo was seen entertaining others in today’s episode as well.

Power house:

Bigg boss introduced the concept of power house this time. Big boss gave a small task to housemates and who ever wins that task will get some additional powers. Vishwa won the power house and gave task to Ravi and Priya. They both had to change their dress to opposite gender dress.

Later Manas won the power house and he gave the task to RJ Kajal. She has to sleep after everyone sleeps. In case some one wakes up for wash room, she has to wait till they sleep and then only she should go to sleep.

Annee vs Jessie – a big fight:

Annie master and Jessie didn’t share good rapport since beginning. Jessie unwillingly behaved rude with Annie master when she asked the chair beside him. Annie master got offended and raised her voice. Confused Jessie tried to argue with her initially and then realised and apologised. But the damage was done and he got negative feedback already.

Vishwa outburst:

Vishwa was having casual chitchat with housemates and suddenly he recalled his brother who passed away last year and suddenly busted into tears.

Kajal vs Lahari – bitter argument:

Fighting over food preparation and arrangements related to kitchen are quite common in Bigg boss house. Lahari picked up an argument with Kajal regarding the kitchen arrangement and went one step ahead and alleged that Kajal is doing everything for content.

It looked like Lahari intentionally targeting Kajal as she is feeling Kajal to be her main competitor. Kajal was disturbed with this argument. Ravi and Manas were seen consoling her. Manas reminded her that she had to do the task and sacrifice sleep to night.

Lobo vs Siri funny fight:

While some other housemates were having real fights, Lobo and Siri had a fake fight and housemates also were tricked and believed it to be a real fight.

Sarayu chitchat in smoking zone;

Sarayu was seen smoking along with Lobo. She is talking very rationally but not getting much footage. She even criticised other housemates and said they are doing drama for the sake of content.

Overall Jessie, Hamida and Sarayu are in danger zone as of now. Manas seems to be in safe zone. we need to wait and see who will be leaving the house this weekend.

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Bigg boss 5: First nominations revealing characterisations

In Bigg boss show, nominations episode is always a special episode. True characters and true bonds are revealed during the nominations. On Monday, Bigg boss asked the housemates to nominate the people who don’t deserve to be in the house. Sriram started the nominations by nominating Manas.

Bitter arguments

As always, this nomination episode also was filled with some bitter arguments. While nominating, Lahari had argument with Hamida. She even called Hamida as arrogant and rude. Vishwa and Jessie too had arguments when Vishwa nominated Jessie. Sunny and Sarayua also had some sort of argument

Jessy emotional outburst:

Jessy was nominated by many housemates like Annie master, Uma, Hamida , Nataraj master and at some point of time he bursted into tears. Jessy nominated Vishwa who nominated him. Later Jessy was consoled by Lobo, Sunny and Priyanka at different points of time.

Lobo funny nominations:

Undoubtedly, Lobo is the man of the episode. When Shanmukh nominated Lobo, he gave a funny reaction for the nomination. It was much needed relief at that time because this funny reaction came after Jessy’s emotional outburst. The way Lobo selected some contestants and discarded others for nominations was also bit funny. He evoked some laughs while nominating Ravi. Lobo was also seen encouraging Jessie to be strong after his outburst.

Siri and Kajal mature reaction:

Siri showed maturity when she was nominated by the housemates like Annee master. She thanked Annie for the the nomination. Also, she nominated Priya and told this nominations will make the bond between them even stronger.

Uma, Priya and Sarayu nominated Kajal and gave the same reason that she knows the game well and is a strong contender. Kajal nominated Uma and Sarayu who nominated her.

Transgender Priyanka and Priya’s decent behaviour:

Transgender Priyanka gave very logical reasoning while nominating housemates. She rightly pointed out Shanmukh’s reserved nature and nominated him. She also rightly pointed out Hamida’s meekness and wished her to be strong. Compared to other transgender Tamanna in previous season, Priyanka is putting a very decent show.

Same way, actress Priya also looking very decent and dignified. Unlike other character artistes Hema and Kalyani, who took dominating role right from the beginning in previous seasons, Priya is looking decent and behaving dignified.

Shanmukh arrogance:

Shanmukh nominated Sunny saying he doesn’t like if someone teaches him or tells him what to do. Of course, Sunny retaliated by nominating Shanmukh. Shanmukh nominated Lobo and said he didn’t like Lobo’s interference.

Final nominations list:

Ravi, Manas, Sarayu, Kajal, Hamida and Jessie are in the final list of nominations. But as per the fan following outside e house, Ravi, Sarayu and Kajal might be in safe zone. So Manas, Hamida and Jessie are in real danger zone this week.

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Bigg Boss: 5 much entertainment


Bigg Boss season 5 launched in a grand was and there 19 contestants in the house this time.

While Youruber Siri, Lahari, Sunny, Sriram, Annee master, Priya, Priyanka, Lobo and Jessie were the first 9 contestants to enter the house, below are the remaining 10 contestants in the house.

Click Here for First Nine Contestants List

10. YouTuber Shanmukh :

Shanmukh has huge following in social media. His web series are ruling the Telugu social media now as most of his videos got more than 1 crore views. However there is negativity on him as he recently caught drunk while driving. He tried to address that negativity on Bigg boss stage.

11. Actress Hamida

Hamida is not much known to the Telugu audience but she worked in Telugu film Sahasam Seyyara Dimbaka in the year 2015.

12. Nataraj master

Dance master Nataraj, who is known to Telugu audience through TV show Dhee, not only choreographed songs but audio acted in some movies like Sye. He revealed that his wife is currently pregnant and delivery date would be in next couple of months but still she supported him to go to Bigg boss 5.

13. 7 Arts Sarayu:

She is extremely popular in social media because of her adult content videos. Probably she taught Telugu YouTubers how to use cuss words in short films.

14. Vishwa:

Vishwa is known to Telugu TV audience through his serials and shows. He reminded Nagarjuna that he debuted through “Yuva” program produced by Nagarjuna. He is not only actor but also body builder.

15. Actress Uma:

Actress Uma is known through many cameo roles in Telugu films. She also acted in Telugu serials and played negative roles.

16. Actor Manas:

He is known to Telugu audience as child actor as well as hero. But he didn’t get a proper break-through as hero yet.

17. RJ Kajal

RJ Kajal is known to Telugu people s as Ex RJ from Red FM 93.5, and also as anchor at ETV Plus. She is also a dubbing Artist in the movies.

18. Sweta Verma

Swetha Varma is actress, who has worked in Telugu movies like Mugguru Monagallu and The Rose Villa.

19. Anchor Ravi

Anchor Ravi is one of the leading male anchors in Telugu. Rumours about his joining in Bigg boss show have been doing rounds since season 3.

Though 19 contestants entered the house, some of them like Sunny, RJ Kajal, Ravi and Viswa made their presence felt in the first episode itself. We need to wait and see who will win the title this time.

Click Here for First Nine Contestants List

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Bigg boss 5: Grand launch with a Jumbo team


Bigg boss season 5 launched in a grand way and the makers of the show assured 5X entertainment this time. Nagarjuna as usual hosted the show in his own unique style. The list of contestants is much better this time compared to season 4. The details about the contestants of this season as below.

1. Youtuber Siri:

Siri is the first contestant in Bigg boss season 5. She is known more for her YouTube videos and short films. But she also worked in TV channels and reported news. She is also known for her Tik Tok and Dub smash videos.

2. TV Serial actor Sunny:

The next one to enter the house is Sunny, who acted as in TV serials like Kalyana Vaibhogame. He quit the serial 3 months ago despite good TRP ratings and that time itself rumours surfaced about him entering Bigg boss house.

3. Lahiri Shari:

Lahiri is a small time actress who acted in Telugu films like Arjun Reddy and Malli Rava. She asked Nagarjuna to call her “Ammu”.

4. Indian idol Sriram:

Sriram is a very well known singer to Telugu audience. He won the Indian idol title and also sang several blockbuster songs in movies. In the words of Nagarjuna, he is not only singer but also actor and eligible bachelor.

5. Annee master:

Choreographer Annee is very well known to Telugu audience not only through her films but also through the TV shows in which she was judge for dance competitions. She became emotional after seeing her family members’ video wishing her ash the best.

6. Anchor Lobo:

Anchor Lobo is very well known to Telugu audience because of his programs in Maa music. More than the anchoring, he attracted the audience through his peculiar dressing style and hair style.

7. Actress Priya

Priya has been acting in Telugu films for more than 2 decades. She made debut with Chiranjeevi’s Master Movie and is known to audience with some good roles in films like S/O Satya Murthy. She has teenaged son and he wished his mom all the best through a video byte.

8. Guinness record holder Jessie:

Jessie is not known to the Telugu audience but Nagarjuna revealed that he holds a record in Guinness book of world records for organising ramp walk of 36 hours.

9. Transgender Priyanka:

Priyanka is known to the audience as Sai Teja through Jabardasth show. But later he decided to get operated and become woman. She revealed on the stage about her blind father and gave an emotional appeal to her father who still doesn’t know about her operation and turning woman.

( The list continues in part-2 of the article )

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Get ready for the amazing opening of Bigg Boss 5


It’s time to say Sayonara Boredom,

Lo and behold, Bigg Boss Season 5 is here.

Mark your calendars and set your reminders for September 5th, 2021. Pace yourselves because coming to your screens is one of the biggest events of Telugu Entertainment.

The latest season of Bigg Boss, the show that has become a common name in all of the Telugu households, is being launched on the 5th of September on Star Maa. So crank up all your excitement and wait for the big day because festivities are going to be a part of every house for the next 100 days.

Bigg Boss has become one of the most celebrated shows among the Telugu audience and the past four seasons were so successful that they compelled millions of families to sit together in their living room enjoying the show for more than three straight months. Packed with diverse emotions, subtle drama, thrill, excitement, and lots of laughs, Bigg Boss had introduced a new class of entertainment for the audience.

The way the host, King Nagarjuna had tackled the various mindsets that are a part of the show made the show even more entertaining for us. And it is expected to be the same but with an extra dose of excitement this season too. So get ready for the amazing opening of Bigg Boss season 5 on the 5th of September at 6 PM.

A flavourful mix of brainy and entertaining contestants who are going to be on your mind for the next 100 days are going to be revealed on this auspicious day.

The show is going to be aired at 10 PM from Monday to Friday and at 9 PM on Saturdays and Sundays on Star Maa television.

CLICK HERE!! for the Promo of the BIGGest Reality Show #BiggBossTelugu5.

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