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Chandrababu’s five-point strategy to energise TDP


Emboldened by the recent successes in organising the party workers and the people against the YSRCP, TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu is now said to be putting in place a five-point programme to take on the YSRCP. Chandrababu is said to be of the opinion that the popularity of the YSRCP government is fast fading and that this is the most opportune time to mobilise public opinion. Chandrababu is said to have been enthused by recent successes in putting Kodali Nani on the mat on the issue of Casino in Gudivada and on the issue of increasing milk rates of Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy’s dairy organisation.

The five-point strategy of Chandrababu is:

Focus on Local Issues: Chandrababu wants the party workers to focus on local issues and intensify struggles. He has asked the party workers and leaders to plan and organise agitations that highlight the failures of the YSRCP government. The YSRCP has failed in solving any problem even after two-and-a-half years of its rule, he feels.

Tough action on non-performers: Chandrababu is planning to take tough action against two-timers, coverts in the party. He is of the opinion that while the party would walk the extra mile to protect and promote sincere party workers, there would be lenience on those who are inactive or acting in cahoots with the YSRCP at the ground level.

Take up major issues: Chandrababu is planning to take up issues that have state-wide resonance. He is planning to wage state-wide agitation against the mining mafia. Power tariff hike and the rising prices would be highlighted through major agitations across the state.

District reorganisation: The TDP has realised that there is widespread dissatisfaction and anger about the proposed reorganisation of the district. There are agitations and protests everywhere. Chandrababu feels that it is about time TDP takes leadership of these protests. He wants the TDP workers to plunge into action across the state.

Rekindle TDP spirit: The next Mahanadu would mark the 40 years of the founding of the TDP. Similarly, NTR’s birth centenary too is round the corner. The party wants to use these two occasions to rekindle the TDP spirit among the workers, sympathisers and leaders. State-wide motivational programmes are being planned in a big way

Chandrababu is confident that the party workers are working with a new-found enthusiasm and that the people are getting increasingly disillusioned with the ruling YSRCP.. He is also happy that several leaders have begun taking to streets and waging people’s battles. He feels that the five point strategy will further help the party.

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Are Jagan’s MLAs going the way of Chandrababu’s MLAs?


Is Jagan making the same mistake that Chandrababu Naidu has committed during the 2014-2019 period? Has he changed his mind on the issue of reining in the MLAs, especially the first-time MLAs? Has he decided to allow the MLAs to have a ‘free hand’ in their constituencies? Yes , say those in the know.

Soon after coming to power in 2014, Chandrababu gave a free hand to his MLAs. The MLAs began interfering in everything from choosing the beneficiaries to granting of the welfare schemes. They literally dominated the constituency. Soon, they were given to corrupt ways and became hugely unpopular in their constituencies. This led to the massive defeat of the party in 2019 elections.

Learning from it, Jagan had a tight-fisted control over hs MLAs. He ensured that everything passed through his hands and left the MLAs with no real power. At the village level, the village secretaries became very powerful. The MLAs had nothing to do. This continued for two years. Now, it appears that YS Jagan is slowly but surely allowing the MLAs a free hand.

Like the TDP MLAs, the YSRCP MLAs too are reportedly fast emerging as extortionists. The recent Casino organised in Gudivada is one such glaring example. The Casino was organised in the convention centre owned by Nani. But, the Government did not act upon it even when it became a state-wide news. The lewd dances and unbridled betting have become the talk of the town. Similarly, there are allegations that night curfew in AP was delayed by few days to enable the film produced by a minister’s brother have a free run.

Thus doubts are emerging as to whether Jagan’s MLAs too are going the way of Chandrababu’s MLAs. All these are making the YSRCP MLAs unpopular in their respective constituencies. This could prove too costly for YS Jagan as it had proved too costly for Chandrababu.

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“Operation Cleanup” begins in Kuppam


TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu has begun “Operation Cleanup” in Kuppam. He has begun the process of building up a new second-level leadership in Kuppam. He has taken up the process of cleaning up the party in the all-important constituency especially after the defeat in the municipal elections in Kuppam.

Normally, leaders like Muniratnam, Chandrababu’s PA Manohar, MLC Srinivasulu and Gaurivani are seen by Chandrababu Naidu’s side whenever he visits Kuppam. But in his latest visit to Kuppam, these leaders were conspicuous by their absence. Internal sources say that Chandrababu himself asked them to keep off from the day-to-day TDP activities.

PA Manohar and Muniratnam had resigned soon after the election defeat. In fact, Manohar reportedly asked to be relieved immediately. But, he was asked by the party leadership to continue till alternative arrangements were made. But, the party consciously kept them away from Chandrababu Naidu. MLC G Srinivasulu has not been occupying the dais ever since the party defeat in Kuppam.

Sources say that Chandrababu is planning to make former minister Amarnath Reddy incharge of Kuppam constituency. Reddy, who is vastly experienced and has been known to be an expert at the grassroots level work would soon take over and build the party from the bottom in Kuppam.

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Will KCR invite Chandrababu to Pragathi Bhavan to discuss national politics?


TRS president and Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao has been inviting leaders of national parties and regional parties to Pragathi Bhavan since January 8 to forge a Front against BJP-led government at the Centre for 2024 Lok Sabha polls.

He invited CPI and CPM leaders including Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan to Pragathi Bhavan and hosted lunch for them. The Left leaders who met KCR include Sitharam Yechury, D.Raja etc.

KCR on Tuesday invited RJD chief Tejashwi Yadav to Pragathi Bhavan. KCR is planning to invite few more regional party leaders to Pragathi Bhavan to bring all non-BJP parties together to dethrone Narendra Modi led BJP government at the Centre.

However, doubts surround over whether KCR invites TDP chief and former AP CM N.Chandrababu Naidu to Pragathi Bhavan for discussions on anti-BJP Front.

Naidu fought against NDA and BJP in 2019 Lok Sabha polls. Naidu met leaders of various regional parties and attempted to form a Congress-led Front against NDA in 2019 Lok Sabha polls. But shockingly, Naidu himself lost AP Assembly polls in 2019 held along with Lok Sabha polls.

Now Naidu is neutral. Neither he is talking in favour of BJP or Congress. Against this backdrop, all eyes are on KCR whether he invites his former boss in TDP Naidu to Pragathi Bhavan or not.

Naidu or TDP is no more a threat to KCR in Telangana unlike earlier. The TDP has vanished in Telangana and there is no scope of its revival in Telangana as entire TDP leader base and cadre base has shifted to TRS.

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Naidu seeks action against those involved in attacks on TDP leaders


Telugu Desam Party (TDP) national president N. Chandrababu Naidu on Tuesday urged the Director General of Police Gautam Sawang to take stringent action against those involved in the brutal attack on his party leaders in Kuppam Assembly segment in Andhra Pradesh’s Chittoor district.

In a letter to the DGP, former Andhra Pradesh chief minister Naidu stressed the need for maintaining law and order to restore the people’s faith in democracy. He alleged that the henchmen of the ruling YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) are targeting the opposition TDP leaders but there has been no action from the police there.

“It has been brought to my notice about the brutal and uncivilised attack by YSRCP henchmen on TDP leaders in Kuppam, on January 10, 2022. Two TDP leaders, Lokesh and Saravan were attacked in broad daylight by the YSRCP goons in Kuppam town. Not only were they attacked but also one of them, Lokesh, was prevented from going to the hospital to get treatment,” wrote Naidu, who represents Kuppam constituency.

The leader of opposition told the DGP: “Such cruel attacks were carried out by the YSRCP henchmen only to deter the TDP leaders from raising illegal mining issues. These attacks have not only eclipsed fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution but are also a blot on our democracy.”

Meanwhile, the TDP staged protests across the state on Tuesday, demanding that the YSRCP government bring down the prices of essential commodities.

The party leaders and workers took out rallies, demanding that the government reduce the prices of essential commodities, petrol, diesel and gas ahead of the Sankranti festival celebrations.

TDP general secretary Panchumarthy Anuradha said that the poor people in the state were unable to celebrate Sankranti considering the skyrocketing prices. The YSRCP leaders were enjoying feasts and entertainment with tainted money but not bothering about the hunger pangs of the common people, she said.

She said Chief Minister Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy was still unable to give a convincing reply on why Anna Canteens were closed. These canteens were providing food at just Rs 5 during the TDP regime.

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Defeat me in Kuppam if you can, Chandrababu dares YSRCP

TDP Chandrababu Naidu dared the ruling YSRCP to face him in Kuppam in the 2024 elections. He said that he would surely contest from Kuppam and that there was no question of shifting away from his home turf. He said the YSRCP has no right to ask him to go away from Kuppam.

Visiting Kuppam for the first time after the recent defeat of the party in the municipal elections, Chandrababu addressed party workers and sympathizers in Devaraju Puram in Ramakuppam mandal. Chandrababu would cover three mandals in the constituency during his two-day tour beginning Thursday. The last time he visited the constituency was on October 29 and 30 ahead of the municipal elections.

Chandrababu Naidu further said that he would visit Kuppam once in every three months. He said that the YSRCP had won because of the money power. He said that the YSRCP used money to lure the voters and he added that he would stand by every party worker in times of need. He said that though some local leaders had defected to the YSRCP, the cadre and the voters were with them. He said the TDP would win back Kuppam.

Kuppam has been a TDP citadel from the beginning. The party has not tasted defeat till 2020. The party lost all the elections held after 2019. The TDP was defeated in the local body elections and the panchayat election. This came as a shocker for the TDP as Kuppam is represented by none other than Chandrababu himself.

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Jagan bent on ruining Andhra Pradesh: Chandrababu Naidu


Telugu Desam Party (TDP) national President N. Chandrababu Naidu on Tuesday hit out at Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, saying the latter is bent on ruining the state in an irreparable manner.

The former Chief Minister, who termed Reddy as a ‘betrayer’ and a ‘professional liar’, made a scathing attack on the rule of YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) in the last 32 months.

Addressing a news conference, Naidu alleged that Reddy is a ‘man of destruction’ whose regime perpetrated attacks on constitutional institutions, obstructed Polavaram, demolished Amaravati, centralised corruption and imposed financial burden on the poor.

The leader of opposition said that the destruction that began with the demolition of the government’s Praja Vedika building in 2019 has been going on endlessly. He was referring to the meeting hall demolished after the YSRCP came to power.

Praja Vedika was built next to the residence of Naidu in Amaravati when he was the Chief Minister.

Naidu said that destruction would be easy but it would require a lot of effort to construct anything. He recalled that Reddy had held a conference of district collectors at Praja Vedika and ordered its demolition at the same meeting. The structure was demolished on June 25, 2019 but the debris has still not been cleared.

“The debris of Praja Vedika are lying there as a witness to the CM’s retrograde policies,” the TDP leader said.

Naidu said the poorer sections are bearing the brunt of Reddy’s ‘reckless’ policies which pushed the state into a deeper debt trap. The educated and business sections might go to other states for opportunities, but the poor people would have to remain in Andhra Pradesh and repay the mounting state debt that is being caused by the corrupt regime.

Naidu asserted that an able administrator would only look for opportunities to create wealth so as to generate income and meet welfare goals in a sustainable manner, but Reddy crushed Amaravati despite it being a Rs 2 lakh crore asset. Already Rs 10,000 crore has been spent on capital buildings, which are now in dilapidated condition due to YSRCP government’s atrocious policies, he said.

The TDP chief lamented that Amaravati marked the peak of destruction under Reddy’s rule. Over 29,000 farmers voluntarily gave 33,000 acres of land with a noble objective to construct capital for their state. The intellectuals should debate this issue and analyse the disastrous consequences of the government’s destruction on the future generations of the state, he said.

Naidu also held the government’s reverse tendering responsible for the delay in Polavaram. “Can Reddy complete it in 2022? Can the government release a white paper on the delay,” he asked.

The leader of opposition recalled that the YSRCP had promised to complete Polavaram by December 2021 but the DPR is yet to be finalised. The Chief Minister should explain to the people why he could not get clearances for such an important project even after 32 months, he said.

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Chandrababu Naidu seeks action over defiling of NTR statue


The opposition Telugu Desam Party (TDP) in Andhra Pradesh on Monday condemned the defiling of a statue of its founder and former chief minister N.T. Rama Rao in Guntur district by the son of a local leader of ruling YSR Congress Party.

TDP president and former chief minister N. Chandrababu Naidu wrote to Director General of Police Gautam Sawang to take stringent action against the culprits to ensure that such acts of vandalism are not repeated.

Naidu alleged that Sunday’s incident in which Settipalli Koteswara Rao, son of YSRCP ZPTC member Settipalli Yalamanda, desecrated the statue of NTR in Durgi should be seen as a part of larger conspiracy to incite hatred among different sections of people. “If this continues, people may revolt against such incidents in the future. This has been the trend since June 2019 in Andhra Pradesh and ever since such hooligan incidents are repeatedly taking place,” wrote the TDP chief.

He alleged that such incidents were occurring at the behest of the ruling YSRCP leaders and the fact that the son of a YSRCP ZPTC member desecrating NTR’s statue is evidence enough. He said that the ruling party in its attempt to scuttle democracy is encouraging hooligans and patronising henchmen to desecrate, damage and destroy the statues of national leaders like NTR, Dr B.R. Ambedkar, Potti Sriramulu and others.

Naidu said the police, instead of detaining the peacefully protesting people, should control such vandal acts from spreading further. He demanded that police conduct a comprehensive inquiry and ensure that the culprits are punished as per the law. Only a stringent action, without undue influence, from the police will deter the perpetrators and ensure that such vandal acts are not repeated in the future, he added.

TDP state president K. Atchannaidu also slammed the YSRCP government for not taking necessary action to prevent attacks on the statues of NTR and Ambedkar.

Atchannaidu asked whether the government would allow statues of only YSR (YS Rajasekhara Reddy) to exist in Andhra Pradesh while those of stalwarts would be defiled or removed. He said the attack on NTR’s statue amounted to hurting the sentiments of the Telugu people all over the world.

Meanwhile, police said they have arrested Koteswara Rao, who damaged the statue under the influence of alcohol

Guntur rural Superintendent of Police Vishal Gunni directed deputy superintendent of police to conduct an inquiry into the incident and submit a report. The police said they will take strict action against the accused as per law.

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TDP chief alleges life threat to Vangeveeti Radha


Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu on Wednesday said that if any harm was caused to party leader Vangaveeti Radha, the YSR Congress Party government will be held responsible.

The leader of opposition alleged that a conspiracy was being hatched to assassinate Vangaveeti Radha. In a letter to Director General of Police Gautam Sawang, Naidu demanded a transparent investigation into the latest recce conducted on Vangaveeti Radha in Vijayawada.

Radha while participating in the death anniversary of his father Vengaveeti Mohana Ranga Rao on December 26 had claimed that he was facing threat to his life. He said some politically motivated persons did a recce near his house and office.

Ranga, who was a Congress legislator and a powerful leader of Kapu community, was hacked to death while he was on a fast in Vijayawada on December 26, 1988.

Following Radha’s allegation, the state government offered him security but he turned down the same saying that his followers and well-wishers would protect him better.

Chandrababu Naidu, in his letter to the DGP, demanded that stringent action should be taken against those who held the recce with an intention to kill Radha. It was appalling that the law and order situation was deteriorating under the YSRCP’s ‘Goonda Raj’ in Andhra Pradesh, he said.

Naidu said that as stated by Radha, a group of people have been observing his movements and following him everywhere to conduct recce and to attack him. Such illegal acts carried out during broad daylight became the hallmark of the reign of jungle and goonda raj in Andhra Pradesh in the past two and half years, the TDP chief said.

Mohana Ranga was murdered in 1988 when he was on hunger strike, sparking unprecedented violence in Vijayawada and other parts of Krishna as well as neighbouring districts. More than 40 people were killed and property worth over Rs 100 crore was damaged.

The violence abated after then chief minister N.T. Rama Rao made Ranga’s rival and TDP legislator Devineni ‘Nehru’ Rajasekhar surrender. Then home minister Kodela Sivaprasada Rao also had to resign.

Incidentally, Ranga had also alleged a threat to his life and went on a fast demanding security when he was hacked to death.

In 2016, filmmaker Ramgopal Verma had made a Telugu movie “Vangaveeti” — based on the feud between the families of Radha and Deveneni ‘Nehru’ Rajasekhar belonging to two different castes and political parties.

Radha had quit YSRCP in 2019 after he was denied ticket from Vijayawada Central Assembly constituency. He later joined TDP.

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Three survey teams to pick candidates for TDP in 2024?


For Chandrababu Naidu, 2024 election is the make-or-break election. If he fails to win this election, not just his political fate would be sealed, but also Lokesh Babu’s fate too would be sealed. The party too could melt away due to the lack of a winnable leadership. Hence, he is trying every trick in the trade to ensure that he gets the basics right and he picks the right candidate.

If sources are to be believed, Chandrababu Naidu is now planning to decide the candidates for various constituencies based on special surveys. He has already commissioned a survey to identify the winning horses. This is contrary to Chandrababu’s normal practice. Since 1999, he has personally picked the candidates on the basis of his assessment of the leaders. Though there were screening committees, they did not have any real power. But this time around, he is resorting to surveys.

But, things have changed after the 2019 elections. The party was badly mauled in the election and this had a deeply demoralizing effect on the party. After the crushing defeat, several traditionally pro-TDP groups and communities have moved away from the TDP. Also, most of the party leaders are aged and jaded. Hence Chandrababu Naidu wants a generational shift in the party.

Sources say that he is commissioning surveys across the state. They say that at least three surveys are being done by three separate agencies. One of the agencies is led by former Prashant Kishor associate Robin Sharma. Based on the reports from these three survey agencies, Chandrababu would take a decision on the candidates, sources reveal.

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Naidu gives full powers to Kesineni Nani in Vijayawada West!


For long, the TDP in Vijayawada was hit with group politics within party.

The internal wranglings within party in Vijayawada between TDP Vijayawada Lok Sabha member Keseneni Nani and TDP leaders Buddha Venkanna, Nagulmeera adversely affected the party in various elections as both the groups tried to gain upper hand by openly indulging in war of words causing embarrassment to party leadership.

Finally, TDP president and former AP CM N.Chandrababu Naidu stepped in to end this political infighting in Vijayawada TDP.

Naidu preferred Kesineni Nani over Venkanna and Nagulmeera.

Naidu appointed Nani as party’s incharge for Vijayawada West Assembly constituency. He gave full powers to Nani to constitute his own divisional-level committees of the party in Vijayawada West.

Venkanna also vied for this post but Naidu rejected him. Naidu even allowed to scrap the division-level party committee constituted by Venkanna and Nagulmeera earlier.

The TDP leaders and cadre in Vijayawada now got full clarity over Vijayawada West constituency after a long uncertainty due to internal wranglings in TDP.

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Chandrababu upset with truant TDP leaders who ignored Amaravati farmers’ meet


Have some TDP leaders from Rayalaseema and adjoining regions played truant when the prestigious meeting of the Amaravati farmers was held at Tirupati? Why did some leaders deliberately stay away from the meeting and not mobilize crowds? What was the reason behind their being lukewarm towards the meeting of the farmers from Amaravati?

At a time when the TDP invested a lot of its energy and time in making the Amaravati farmers yatra a success, some leaders did not show the same enthusiasm. They not only chose to keep away from the rally, did not even help in the crowd mobilization. The party insiders and the top leadership is now trying to get reports from various districts on this issue. The party leadership feels that had these leaders too plunged themselves into the Amaravati stir, the meeting could have been a much bigger success.

There are reports that while Tirupati city incharge Gali Bhanuprakash, Chandragiri incharge Pulivarthi Nani, former minister Amarnath Reddy and Nallari Kishore Kumar Reddy worked hard to mobilize crowds for the meeting, several leaders from Tirupati and neighboring Satyavedu and Srikalahasthi did not show any enthusiasm. Former MLA Sugunamma of Tirupati, Bojjala Sudheer Reddy of Srikalahasti and JD Rajasekhar of Satyavedu are now being accused of looking the other way while the massive meeting of the farmers was being organized.

A report, reportedly sent to Chandrababu Naidu, claimed that these leaders were encouraging groupism among the TDP cadre in their respective areas. They are also being accused of being quite inactive in implementing the party’s programmes. It remains to be seen what action Chandrababu would initiate against these leaders.

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Chandrababu’s gamble pays off, Bhuvaneswari’s public appearance is a hit


The general consensus in the TDP is that Nara Bhuvaneswari had conducted herself in a very dignified manner and spoke in a mature way. Her very public appearance, the party insiders feel, has an electrifying effect on masses, especially the women. The party feels that Chandrababu’s plans to weaponize his wife have surely yielded rich dividends.

The other day, Nara Bhuvaneswari made a rare public appearance and distributed largesse to 48 flood-affected families in Tirupati. The fact that she chose Tirupati, so close to NTR and the TDP, and used the platform of NTR Memorial Trust itself indicates that there is a careful planning behind her public appearance.

Using the platform of service, she referred to the women’s issue. She used the YSRCP’s abuse and slander against her in the assembly and sad that those who abused her would have to pay for their actions.

In a very clever move, she tried to turn the issue into a gender issue. She said that such atrocities were happening on the womenfolk across the state. She said the womenfolk are the bedrock of society. When asked about the slander by the YSRCP leaders, she said that it was a small issue and tried to brush it aside. However, by doing so, she had sought to show the contrast between the YSRCP and the TDP.

TDP sources feel that Chandrababu would use Bhuvaneswari more often given her impact. The YSRCP was in a defensive mode after her address to the media. Though Nani responded to her comments, his replies were quite tame and insipid.

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Nara Bhuvaeswari: Chandrababu’s master weapon?


Has YSRCP’s folly of attacking and abusing Nara Bhuvaneswari on the floor of the assembly turned out to be too costly for itself? If sources are to be believed, she is likely to enter active politics soon. Though she had always preferred to remain on the sidelines, Nara Bhuvaneswari is no stranger to politics. Her father has been a CM for eight years and her husband was the CM for 14 years.

Till now, she has confined herself to the Heritage industries and the NTR memorial Trust. But now, she is all set to enter into politics in her own way. On December 20, she is likely to call on the 48 families that have been hit by the unprecedented floods in Tirupati. She is going to hand over Rs 1 lakh to each of the affected families.

The money is going to be given on behalf of the NTR memorial trust of which she is the chairperson. Thus this programme has assumed great political significance especially in view of the recent attacks on her by the YSRCP on the floor of the house.

This is the first time that she is coming into the public and hence the event is being seen as a politically significant one. There is already a buzz that she is going to be one of the star campaigners for the party in 2024 elections. Sources say Chandrababu is behind this surprise move and the TDP sources believe that this is a political master stroke.

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Is suspension of renegade party leaders proving counter productive for Chandrababu?


Will Chandrababu Naidu’s strategy of coming down hard on those who backstabbed the party in the recent local body elections boomeranging? Are those who actually helped the YSRCP win the local body elections with handsome majorities trying to defame Chandrababu Naidu?

The TDP, which has dominated Nellore politics for decades, drew a blank in the recent municipal corporation elections It could not put up candidates in some wards, while the candidates put up by the party backed off at the last moment in some others. In yet other constituencies, the candidates did not even campaign. The party could put up a serious fight in only a handful of seats and even there, it was routed.

Senior leaders like Atchen Naidu, NImmakayala Chinna Rajappa, BC Janardhan and Nakka Anandababu, who camped in Nellore to supervise the party campaign were shocked at the back-stabbing by several leaders. They reportedly complained to Chandrababu Naidu about the behaviour of the party candidates and local leaders. N angry Chandrababu had suspended three leaders for backstabbing the party.

But it is now emerging that these suspended leaders are going home telling how arbitrary their suspension was. Their anti-Chandrababu tirade is proving counterproductive for both Chandrababu and the party. They are trying to tell the party workers that they were made scapegoats while the real culprits went scot-free. This is proving to be something of a headache for the party boss. He can neither backtrack the decision nor suspend anymore leaders.

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Chandrababu’s survey makes dormant leaders jittery


Has the TDP begun the process of reinventing itself? It appears so. Party chief Chandrababu Naidu has launched the process of reenergising the party. A massive internal survey has reportedly begun to understand the lacunae, issues and problems within the party.

Chandrababu Naidu, who has realised that the party is moribund in several places in the state, has begun the process of talking to the leaders at various stages. He has chided several leaders for not putting up a fight in the local bodies. His latest survey in all the constituencies is aimed at examining if the local leaders are working hard to take the party’s messages to the people or not. It is also trying to analyse how serious they are in working for the party.

The survey is also studying who is backstabbing the party and who is working to confuse the party workers. It is based on this survey that Chandrababu Naidu has recently suspended two key leaders from the Nellore Municipal Corporation. Sources say that few more leaders from Nellore too would be suspended from the party.

Also, the survey is identifying future leaders of the party. Similarly, those would be best suited as the party candidates for the 2024 election too are being analysed, TDP sources say. Some seniors,however, are said to be unhappy with the survey as they have remained largely dormant during the last two years. But, Chandrababu is said to be determined to take the survey to the logical end.

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Finally, Chandrababu cracks whip on back-stabbes


Finally, TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu has begun cracking the whip. He has taken a serious view of indiscipline and back-stabbing in the party. He has identified the people who have played truant in the recent municipal elections and has begun acting decisively against such leaders. He has also sent clear signals that those who remain in the TDP, but keep contact with the YSRCP for personal gains would not be tolerated anymore.

Taking a serious view of the recent rout of the party in the Nellore Municipal Corporation, where the TDP was white-washed, Chandrababu Naidu has cancelled all the division committees in the city. Also, two key leaders – former municipal chairperson Azeez and Kotamreddy Srinivasulu Reddy – were suspendted for anti party activities. He told them in clear terms that they would face tough action if they did not mend their ways. He told them that he would take a final action against some leaders after a complete reported is given to him.

In the Nellore Municipal Corporation elections, several leaders had openly maintained contact with the YSRCP. Several division-level candidates withdrew their nominations at the last minister and thus gave a walkover to the rival. As a result, the party could not win even a single division in the elections.

Taking a serious view of the Trozan’s horses policy of some leaders, he said that the party needed young blood for its rejuvenation. He said he would not allow the compromise politics in the name of caste and religion. He said the party does not need those who compromise for personal gains and betray the party.

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Chandrababu Naidu diluted SCS demand, says Andhra minister


Andhra Pradesh’s Agriculture Minister Kurasala Kannababu on Saturday said it was N. Chandrababu Naidu who diluted the demand for Special Category Status (SCS) for the state by agreeing to a special package.

He said Naidu has no moral right to speak on the promises made at the time of bifurcation of the state.

YSR Congress Party leader said that Chandrababu Naidu who is now targeting the state government over SCS, had indeed welcomed the financial package for the state, which was announced by the Centre and had even thanked the Central government by passing a resolution in the state Assembly.

He slammed the previous TDP government for mortgaging SCS for Andhra Pradesh in exchange for a special package that solely benefitted Naidu and his ‘benamis’. He said that the state lost its privileges because of Naidu and the government is now forced to plead for special status.

Recalling that it was YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, who made the YSRCP MPs resign and protest for SCS, he said Chandrababu Naidu did not take such a step. He alleged that Chandrababu had pocketed the announced special package and looted public money. He questioned Naidu why he maintained silence in the past and now making allegations against the chief minister.

Kannababu said that Amaravati is an asset for Chandrababu and his benamis, which is worth over Rs 2,00,000 crore and he has been inciting people of that region to protect their ‘ill-gotten’ properties. He said that the entire state was mortgaged by Chandrababu only to safeguard his 30,000 acres in Amaravati.

He said that Naidu will not agree even if the government wants to set up a single capital somewhere other than Amaravati.

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Daggubati, Chandrababu meet after years, pose for pics


It was a rare star constellation of sorts. After a gap of several years, both TDP chief Chandrababu and Daggubati Venkateswara Rao had an occasion to bump into one another. Not only they ran into eacher, but even exchanged pleasantries and had a brief chat. In fact, both the leaders posed for a photograph after a gap of several years. This reunion in itself a news of sorts.

Both Chandrababu and Daggubati attended the pre-wedding ceremonies of the daughter of Uma Maheswari, who is the daughter of NTR. Both Chandrababu and Daggubati have married NTR’s daughters Bhuvaneswari and Purandeswari. Both are thus sons-in-law of NTR. They greeted each other and chatted briefly. They also posed for a group photo.

Both Chandrababu and Daggubati have fallen apart during 1999. Daggubati journeyed thourgh BJP, Congress and the YSRCP . In 2019, he contested on a YSRCP ticket and lost the elections. Purandeswari was in the Congress during 2009-2019 period. Later, she joined the BJP and lost in both 2014 and 2019 elections. In fact, both the sons-in-law were like the right and left shoulders of NTR. But, soon differences cropped up and they parted ways.

While Chandrababu took control of the party, Daggubati left the party after NTR’s death. They briefly came together in 1995, but soon they fell apart.

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YSRCP readying young gun to take on Chandrababu in Kuppam?


Is the ruling YSRCP readying up a young gun to take on the might of Chandrababu Naidu in Kuppam? Is it going to tell the world by Sankranthi as to who the young gun is? Will the YSRCP pit his youthful activist against an ageing Chandrababu Naidu?

For the YSRCP, Kuppam is the flavor of the season. It has managed to unseat the TDP in panchayat, MPTC, ZPTC and even municipal elections. This has happened for the first ever time in 40 years. By winning 19 of the 25 wards in Kuppam municipal council, the YSRCP has signaled that it is aiming at snatching away Kuppam Assembly Constituency too. The big boss of Chittoor, Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy, has already announced that Kuppam would pass into the hands of YSRCP in 2024.

It is now emerging that Bharat Reddy and Sudheer Reddy, both close relatives of Peddireddy, would be the probable YSRCP candidates. Peddireddy is readying strategies to ensure that Bharat is projected as the candidate. Thus the 2024 election is likely to turn into a straight contest between Peddireddy and Chandrababu.

Peddireddy’s family is dominating the district in politics. His son is the MP. His son Dwarakanath Reddy is an MLA. Bharat Reddy is already an MLC.

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