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Naidu keeps officials on tenterhooks


Senior officials in the Andhra Pradesh administration are turning out to be a worried lot. Because, the Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu’s style of keeping officials on tenterhooks all the time, and time and again reviewing the same subjects in short intervals seems not going down well with the officials.

Hyderabad: Is it the senior officials running the state administration in Andhra Pradesh are turning into a worried lot? The answer seems to be a big YES. Given the style of Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu’s style of keeping officials all the time on tenterhooks these days is not going down well with the officials.

Senior officials shuttling between Vijayawada and Hyderabad have been facing monotony with the spate of review meetings that the chief minister has been holding for the last three months at Vijayawada. “Time and again the same subjects are reviewed with short intervals. This leaves the officials not able to implement what had been agreed in a previous review meeting,” feel the officials. It is like all the time reviews with no visible execution of works would sure to cause a dent to the image of the government, they argue.
Not able to bear a waiting of over three hours, a junior IAS official arrived from North Coastal AP to attend a review meeting to Vijayawada had remarked, “why this record playing, time and again?,” but a seasoned senior however, cautioned him not to air his views openly.

This time, Naidu summoned the officials to attend a cabinet meeting at 3 PM on December 16 at Vijayawada. “Normally the cabinet meeting goes up to 9 PM. And, we have to rush back to Hyderabad to prepare briefs to the ministers and discuss with them for the assembly session that is going to being at 9 AM, next day,” said an official. Instead of Vijayawada, the cabinet meeting could be held at Hyderabad as it would give enough time for the officials and ministers to prepare for the next day’s session, said another official.

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Andhra CM to unveil Dictator audio


Nandamuri Balakrishna‘s 99th film Dictator has wrapped up its talkie part recently. The makers are confident of releasing the film for Sankranthi and lavish arrangements are being sketched out for the audio launch event which will be held on December 20th in the new capital of Andhra Pradesh, Amaravati.

The latest update we hear is that Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Shri Nara Chandra Babu Naidu will grace the event to unveil the audio. Balakrishna, MLA of Hindupur, is planning to invite bigwigs from the political spectrum to the event. Noted names from film industry are also going to attend the event.

Sriwaas is directing the action entertainer and also co producing it along with Eros International banner. Anjali, Sonal Chauhan and Aksha Pardasany are the female leads. SS Thaman is the music director for the film.

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Naidu leapfrogs from S’pore to Malaysia


Chandrababu Naidu’s new mantra is ‘Pemandu’. The chief minister of Andhra Pradesh now thinks that he could propel the state into higher growth trajectory by chanting “Pemandu”. Today, in an extraordinary meeting of all special chief secretaries, principal secretaries, secretaries and heads of department he talked of Pemandu and suggested them that they should work from now on wards under the guidance of his new Mantra. Of late, after Singapore, Malaysia has become Naidu’s catchphrase in the review meetings with government officials.

Pemandu stands of Performance Management and Delivery Unit (PEMANDU), and was the discovery of the Malaysia. Malaysia, Naidu’s first love for economic transformation of Andhra Pradesh, adopted Pemandu to transform the country into a high-income economy by 2020.

After fixing the annual growth rate of 15 per cent for the next financial year, Naidu told the state bureaucracy that he was planning to adopt the Malaysian methodology to put the state in the high growth trajectory. As per the Pemandu, a central monitoring unit will be set up in the office of chief minister and its wings called labs will be set up in every department in order to monitor the performance, and troubleshoot if the performance is hindered by extraneous reasons. By constantly monitoring the performance of all department in various sectors, Naidu thinks, the government can achieve international standards. In the case of Malaysia, the Pemandu is a unit in the office of Malaysian Prime Minister. Pemandu ‘s main role is to oversee the implementation of and assessment of progress of the Economic Transformation Program and the Government Transformation Program in the country.

A special chief secretary, closely associated with Naidu, said the Malaysian Pemandu was charged with transforming public services and attracting foreign investments into the private sector. “It achieves this by acting as an in-house government consultancy, supporting ministries in developing and implementing new solutions to transform public services,” he said.

Naidu’s affair with Malaysia was not all of sudden. According to sources, his infamous vision 2020 had also been inspired by Malaysia. This Vision ‘2020-Malaysia’ was provided by an international consultant which also prepared the Vision 2020 document for Naidu. But, following his defeat in 2004, the document had been consigned to the dust bin by the Congress government. And Naidu also reportedly got skeptical of its electoral charm and he was compelled to forget it. Now, Naidu, who is starved of new ideas to spin a developmental magic in successor state of Andhra Pradesh, borrowed Pemandu (minus vision 2020) from Malaysia and is attempting to impose on Andhra Pradesh. According to the special chief secretary, who talked to ‘telugu360.com’ on condition of anonymity, the whole essence of the Pemandu is to privatize the economy as widely and deeply as possible.

In Bahasa Malaysia, Pemandu means drive. And the idea is shaped by the belief that methods and approaches used in the private sector can be applied successfully to the public sector. Pemandu has two programs: one, the Government Transformation Program (GTP), which focuses on how the government and the private sector can join hands to modernize the way the government operates, and two, the Economic Transformation Program (ETP), which focuses on attracting private investment into Malaysia,” sources in the Andhra Pradesh planning department told this correspondent. The state bureaucracy, however, is divided on the efficacy of the foreign model in the Andhra context.

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Can Naidu remain a force in Hyderabad post-Warangal ?


Telugu Desam party is shaken by Warangal earthquake. The poor performance of the TDP-BJP combine has given credence to the TRS chief KCR’s oft repeated assertion that  TDP is an Andhra Party and it has no place in Telangana. The rejection of the party by the Warangal voters was so devastating that party supremo Chandrababu Naidu is planning to redraw the political strategy for the  Telangana keeping in view the ensuing elections for the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC). The Telangana state government is moving ahead with the objective of conducting the elections to the GHMC before January 31. Naidu is seriously thinking of preventing the Warangal aftershocks travel to Hyderabad and dismantle the last port of call of the party ie GHMC. Losing GHMC is  certain to close the  Telangana doors for the party in 2019. TDP sources said the leadership is in the grip of the fear of GHMC. Hitherto the notion that the TDP is a forces in GHMC where so called settlers outnumber the original T-voters, has given it an hypothetical strength.

Post-Warangal, the general feeling among the functionaries of government and the party is that Naidu had made a strategic mistake in shifting  base to Vijayawada prematurely.  After Warangal, the question being asked by T-TDP leaders is that can Naidu defend the last bastion of the party ie GHMC with his Amaravati centric politico-economic strategy.

A senior functionary of the TDP from Telangana confided in ‘telugu360.com’ that Naidu’s decision to shift the capital from Hyderabad to Vijayawada has started taking its toll on the party. This development will force shift  the voters towards TRS in the absence of a credible political rival force.  ” Naidu’s Shifting to Vijayawada is not a mature decision and is  bereft of any political vision, the cost of which  is strongly felt  in Warangal. GHMC may not be immune to this political transformation,” he said.According to the leader, who wants to be anonymous, even the Revanth episode has also had its negative impact on the party’s performance in Warangal.

Many Telangana leaders are of the opinion  that TDP has lost its edge in Telangana because of Naidu’s over emphasis on Amaravati and insistence on shifting to Vijayawada. “His overnight flight to Vijayawada and his statements asking the employees to rush to Vijayawada is a moral defeat for the party in Telangana. All these developments have left the entire political field in Telangabna wide open for Telangana Rashtra Samiti to conquer. Once party leader leaves the war zone, war is lost,” he said adding that allocating the seat to BJP is another mistake in the post-Telangana politics.  According to the leader, all TDP’s loyal voters, seem to have shifted to TRS en masse in Warangal. Party sources feel that  Naidu should now slow down the shifting of administration to Vijayawada and stay put in Hyderabad on the pretext that  office space and residential accommodation is not available in Vijayawada.  Similarly Naidu can also  take shelter under the centre stating that the shifting of capital is being hampered by the delay in the release of central assistance to Amaravati.

The shifting of temporary capital has put an enormous burden on the state exchequer but without any political gain. After the miserable failure of the party in Warangal, Naidu seems to have lost both money and image in TS. On Saturday, when he visits Hyderabad, some T-TDP sources believe,  Naidu  may  drop hints at his revised strategy to come back to  Hyderabad for some time and formulate a strategy for GHMC, if he really had no political understanding with Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao.






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Naidu condemns Chittoor Mayor’s murder


Chief minister Chandrababu Naidu condemned the killing of party leader and Chittoor mayor Anuradha, who fell victim to the bullets of anonymous miscreants on Tuesday morning. The CM said this was an inhuman act against a woman. The miscreants barged into the municipal office at noon, overpowering the staff and attacked her. First she was shot at from the point blank range. Later, the masked miscreants attacked husband Katari Mohan with knives. He was also injured. Mohan has been shifted to the Vellore hospital for treatment. His condition is said to be critical. Immediately after the attack police shifted the couple to a local hospital, Anuradha reportedly died while on the way to the hospital. Police said the assailants pumped bullets from close quarters. Some say the assailants entered the office wearing burqas.
Police sources said the ghastly incident was the results of a previous enmity. Mohan was accused in an attempt to the murder case. The attempt was made on former MLA CK Babu, another TDP leader years back. For quite some time Mohan had been underground. He surfaced in Chittoor following her wife’s election as mayor. Mohan also contested Assembly election unsuccessfully in past.
Reacting on the incident, chief minister Naidu expressed shock at the attack on a old woman.” This is hardcore factionism. Some people are trying to create panic and scare among the public with the attacks of this type. This is highly reprehensible. I condemn it strongly,” he said.
Assuring that whoever mighty be behind this incident and howsoever big they might be, Naidu said, they would be brought to book.
” Some people wearing a mask of politics are promoting this type of culture. They inherited this murder culture from their ancestors. This is not good for the society,” he said.
” On one side smugglers and on the other perpetrators of law and order problems- wrecking the system. We will put an to these type activities. We will deal with them with iron hand,” he said.
Two people had surrendered, the CM said.
“Investigation is going. The rest of the culprits will be arrested and punished,” he said adding there was no place for culture of murder in the public life. All the attackers are identified as fro Karnataka.

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Visitors throng CM’s V’wada camp office


Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu’s camp office in Vijayawada Tuesday witnessed a spurt in number of visitors. As the CM has become more accessible to the public to look into their grievances and address them,the visitors are making a beeline for a visit to the camp office.

According to a press note release by office of advisor (communications)to the government,the CM spent more than a hour with the visitors and listened to their grievances with rapt attention.He addressed some woes instantaneously.The CM announced Rs 2 lakh to a patient of chest cancer,Yaccha Suvarchala Devi of Nayudupet of Nellore district to meet her medical expenses. Naidu sanctioned Rs. 50,000 to a 10-year boy, Varikuti Aakash, who lost his leg in an accident;and another Rs. 50,000 to an old man- Kola Harichandrudu of Kammanamolu village, Nagayalanka mandal,for his livelihood.

Meanwhile,the number of enthusiastic individuals to share their contribution for the capital construction, is also on the rise.E Mariyamma of Arunodaya Women’s society of Guntur and Chintala Suhasini of Adarsa Women’s society donated Rs.10,000 each for the capital- Amaravati.The statement further said, the CM appreciated a BBM student, Sri Charan of Vignan University, Guntur for donating his pocket money Rs. 1000 towards the great cause of constructing our dream capital. The Chief minister also commended an Engineering student, K V Deepika of Guntur for her inspiring article on Nobel Peace Prize winner,Children’s rights activist, Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzail, who was shot by Taliban against her brave campaigning on education to girl child.

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KCR to reciprocate Naidu’s Amaravati gesture


Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is going to reciprocate Andhra chief minister Chandrababu Naidu’s invitation to  Amaravati on Vijayadasami Day. Rao, will soon go to the residence of Chandrababu Naidu in Hyderabad, when he is available in joint capital, to invite  him to the Chandi Yagam, scheduled on December 23. The Yagam will be performed at his Erravalli farm-house.

Chadrasekhar Rao is inviting all important personalities across the country to the Yagam which he performs every year. This year, it is going to be a national event.  Chief minister, who left for New Delhi this evening, is meeting President  Pranabh Mukherjee and Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with some other union ministers tomorrow to invite them to the Yagam. He is expected to invite BJP national  president Amit Shah as well.

According to highly placed sources in TRS , “Telangana  chief minister  Chandrasekhar Rao will visit Naidu’s residence along with his family and invite Naidu’s family including his son and daughter-in-law to the Yagam.  Most likely in mid November KCR is expected to pay a visit to the residence of Naidu.”

On Amavarati day i.e, October 22,2015  when PM was laying foundation stone for the new capital, Naidu  extended extraordinary reception to his Telangana counterpart, who was till other day his bête noire.   Chandrasekhar Rao was an extraordinary guest at the function. He was third important member on the dais,  the other two being Prime Minister Modi and union minister Venkaiah Naidu. This honor was not available to  senior most political leader of the state and former chief minister K Rosaiah.  At every ritual Naidu ensure KCR was there around. And the pinnacle of the importance was the etching of KCR’s name on the plaque the prime minister unveiled to commemorate the day. Thanks to the new found bon homie,  Naidu made KCR’s name unforgettable in the history of Amaravati.  A similar reception awaits Naidu at  Chandi Yagam,” a senior TRS leader told ‘telugu360.com’ .

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Resentment Brewing Among Andhra IAS Officers


Resentment is brewing among the  IAS officers of Andhra Pradesh  as  Chief minister N Chandrababau Naidu has developed a sort of disliking for AP cadre babus .  Barring a couple of officers, who are about to retire in a couple of months, Naidu is now surrounded either by junior  officers or those officers brought on deputation from  other services or states. In the words of a senior IAS officer, the state now is being run by IRS officers who have come to the state on deputation. There is even a complaint that officers of a particular caste are being encouraged by the state government. As the state is in short supply of  this brand , Naidu’s government is importing them from other states and services, is the talk doing rounds in the corridors of power.  It is the continuation of ‘caste-empowerment’ project  initiated by YS Rajasekhar Reddy when he was chief minister, they allege.

In assigning responsibilities to the officers on deputation cadre rules are brazenly violated  now. In fact, in  a case related to the appointment of cabinet secretary by Mayawati and in another case related to violation of cadre rules in Kolkata High Court, the importance of cadre posts is are clearly defined. But, they are thrown to the winds in Andhra Pradesh.  The general rule is that officers on deputation should not be given cadre-responsibilities. Now, Naidu is appointing  the IRS, and IPS officers to the posts where their duty is to discharge cadre responsibilities. These new officers occupy key positions in IT, Finance, Investment and Infrastructure, CMO etc much to the chagrin of  Andhra Pradesh cadre IAS officers. Many allege that officers, who want to go by the rule book are targeted by chief minister. Naidu is working on the premise that : 1. He is rebuilding the state with an aim to make it occupy number one slot in India 2019 by developing a world class capital city and transforming the state into an investment destination; 2. As he is working hard, every officer should cooperate by listening to him and by giving a nod to whatever he suggests.

According to a senior officer there are two reasons for Naidu’s disillusionment with AP officers: 1. Many of IAS officers are involved closely in the nepotistic activities of YS Rajasekhar Reddy, in implementing the CM’ agenda including scams. So, AP cadre officers can see through the games of CM Naidu if given an opportunity, with their exposure to the investments ; 2. Many officers, following the arrests, CBI cases and prolonged judicial custody in Jaganamohan Reddy‘s assets cases, wary of motives of  chief ministers and may not cooperate with him in implementing the CM’s agenda of making Andhra Pradesh Singapore and allow a couple Singapore Companies join forces  with the local companies, close to the powers that be, to do projects in Amaravati or other locations.

” While YS Rajasekhar Reddy practiced  inclusive humiliation, Naidu’s policy is exclusive humiliation,” remarked a special chief secretary rank officer of state government.

A 1977 batch officer, who fought against the violation of cadre rules in Andhra Pradesh for over two and half decades, said, ” I am not able to figure out whether the AP cadre IAS officers are in spell or scared of Naidu. They are not able to challenge the cadre-rule violation taking place so brazenly in the state,” he told this correspondent.

Naidu  is keeping Andhra cadre IAS officers  at bay as far as possible ever since he took reins in June 2014. If any officer is not amenable he is being shifted to non-focal or ex-cadre posts. All important posts in the key areas of Naidu developmental agenda are being filled with either junior officers or outsiders.  Naidu’s areas of interest are  Urban development (Capital region development authority), Investment & Infrastructure, Power, IT,  Industry etc are handled by officers who are juniors by twelve years to the incumbent chief secretary IYR Krishna Rao of 1979 batch. Most of the officers belonging to the batches between 1980 and 1989 are  persona non gratae in Andhra Pradesh.

The officers who matter now in Andhra Pradessh

1.Dr. M.Venkateswarlu, IPoS (1992), Postmaster General, Kerala as MD of Bhogapuram International Airport Development Authority

2.Metta Rama Rao, IRS (C&CE, Officer on Special Duty (OSD), AP Bhavan, New Delhi
3.Venkaiah Chowdary, IRS Managing director APMDC earlier OSD chief minister.
4.J.Krishna Kishore, IRS (IT:90), Chief Executive Officer, Economic Development Board, Government of Andhra Pradesh.
5.Naresh Penumaka, IRS (C&CE1987), has been posted as Commissioner, Handloom and Textiles and Joint Chief Executive Officer, Khadi & Village Industries Board (KVIB) and Joint Managing Director, A.P. Handicrafts Corporation Limited consequent on his deputation to state of Andhra Pradesh from Ministry of Finance, Government of India.
6.G.S.Phani Kishore, IRS (1992), appointed as Special Secretary to Government, Information Technology, Electronics and Communications Department and Managing Director, A.P. Technology Services (APTS)
7.Adusumilli V Rajamouli, IAS (UP:03) posted Joint Secretary to Chief Minister, Chief Minister’s Office
8.Ch.Venkata Gopinath, (IRS), from Ministry of Finance, Government of India, to Andhra Pradesh Medical Services and Infrastructure Development Corporation
9.Aparna U., IAS (UP:01), as Deputy Chief Executive Officer, A.P. State Skill Development Corporation, Hyderabad
10.Lt. Col M.Ashok Babu, (IC-57838) AOC, at the disposal of Government of Andhra Pradesh on deputation, initially for a period of two years as Officer on Special Duty (OSD), Andhra Pradesh Bhavan, New Delhi.

11.Smt.K.Sandhya Rani, IPoS, at the disposal of Government of Andhra Pradesh on deputation, initially for a period of two years- as Commissioner, School Education.
12.W.V.R.Murthy , IAS (AGMUT:2002) has reported to the Andhra Pradesh Cadre as Managing Director, A.P. State Finance Corporation Limited, Hyderabad.
13.K. Sambasiva Rao, IRTS (1997 is posted as Vice-chairman & Managing Director, A.P. Infrastructure Corporation Limited (INCAP)
14. A.S.P.S. Ravi Prakash, Pondicherry Civil Service (NFG) Officer, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Girijan Cooperative Corporation, Visakhapatnam.
15.Dr. Arja Srikanth, IRTS (1987) SAG, as Additional Commissioner, Andhra Pradesh Bhavan, New Delhi
16.M. Jagdish Babu, IRS, as Secretary, A.P. State Planning Board
17.Ms. Hema Munnivenkatappa, IAS (1998) Sr. Deputy A.G. (Administration) O/o A.G. (A&E), Andhra Pradesh & Telangana to the state Government of Andhra Pradesh on deputation as Special Secretary, Finance Department. 18.Dr. E. Ramesh Kumar, IAS (MP:99), Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Girijan Cooperative Corporation, Visakhapatnam.

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Naidu mulling to rollback ‘revolutionary’ decision


Political pressure is building on Naidu on rolling back what the chief minister once touted as revolutionary decision in empowering the women in the state. The government, which is not in a mood to displease contractors, is in principle said to have decided to take back the leases of sand mining from the women self-help groups (SHG). Rather than the women, these contractors play in strengthening the party network in rural areas. There are so powerful that, even if the leases are with the women, they could successfully force the women for illegal subleasing or threaten them to acquiesce to their activities. Even though last year, the sand mining yielded good revenue, it created more problems, because in many places, TDP leaders were involved in the illegal mining. Bitter after taste left by the controversy generated by the purported rude behavior of TDP MLA Chintamaneni Prabhakar towards MRO Vanajaskhi is said to have played bigger role in forcing the government to revisit its own decision to roll-back the leases given to the SHG. Though Naidu had to do a lot of home work to give clean chit to Chintmaneni Prabhakar, the controversy generated by his alleged attack highlighted two things: 1. one TDP leaders are involved in the sand related activities. 2. If there is no policy change it would expose the party to the political attacks from opposition parties. Vanajaskhi issue had got limited attention as the opposition YSRC party was busy in other important issues such as special status and land acquisition. As a solution to this, the government is mulling over to cancel the leases of Women groups and give them to the private parties. By this the government could please TDP leaders in a big way . For a party which is not able to provide rewards in the form of appointments in public sector bodies, sand mining leases could be an escapee route. According to sources a final decision will be taken in a week. The issue was discussed threadbare at the Cabinet meeting headed by Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu Thursday. Before announcing the rollback Naidu’s government will publish a white paper on sand mining and supply in the State while asking the people come up with suggestions to improve the system.

This was disclosed by none other than Achhannaidu, labor minister. He admitted sand mafia continued to exert its influence the sand mining. “Whether or not we need to revert to the earlier practice or are there any other ways to improve the present system were discussed,” Achhannaidu said.

The TDP government had handed over sand mining to the DWCRA women groups with a view to empowering them but the rules appeared to have increased sand shortages. Similarly, the ban on quarrying at night led to a decrease in sand excavation, which had a cascading impact on the construction industry is the explanation the government is planning put forth.

“The existing sand mining policy fetched more than Rs. 780 crore in a year compared to about Rs. 60 crore in combined Andhra Pradesh. Unlike earlier, a clear picture had emerged now on the number of ramps and reaches, and the sand available. The government was considering handing them over to private parties by auctioning the reaches,” the Minister said..

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AP Cong to implead itself in farmers’ suicide cases


The Andhra Pradesh Congress will implead itself in the cases related farmers’ suicides in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana which are now being heard by d Hyderabad High Court. APCC president N Raghuvira Reddy said the High Court had snubbed the two governments in the cases and directed them to submit detailed reports on the reasons behind the crisis in the farm sector.

Stating that the two governments were trying to dilute the seriousness of the situation and were covering up facts Raghuvira revealed that Congress would implead itself in the cases to present the facts and figures before the Court. “The lack of seriousness on the Andhra Pradesh government was evident from the manner in which chief minister Chandrababu Naidu has put the death toll at 46 while 70 farmers committed suicide in September alone. Over 100 people committed suicide in Anantapur district alone. Farmers of commercial crops like tobacco, sugarcane and palm have are in deep crisis and suicides are being reported from the areas these crops” he said.

The APCC chief said the TDP government had failed to implement the recommendations of the Swaminathan Committee despite promising to do so and present crisis was the result of chief minster’s basic attitude towards agriculture.

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Naidu holds teleconference with 8K people


Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandrababu Naidu today gave a clarion call to people of the state wherever they are to come forward to eradicate the poverty and backwardness from the state by adopting villages and wards in the state.

Addressing an unusually large Teleconference with about 8000 people across the globe, who adopted the villages and wards, he sought help from them to make “Smart Village and Smart Ward” program a success. So far 7,978 General Partners and 4,767 Sector Partners have been identified for the development of their adopted villages/wards. Appreciating their noble gesture of spending nearly Rs 300 crore on modernization works in their respective villages/wards, the CM said a web portal for real-time monitoring had also been launched. Naidu also announced that an independent body headed by a CEO will be set up to monitor the progress of government’s flagship program “Smart Village/Smart Ward”.
The objective of the program is realize the key indicators like 24x7power, gas, road and drinking water, individual household toilets, 100% literacy, prevention of maternal or infant mortality, broadband connectivity, eradication of child marriages etc.

He has invited NRIs, NRVs (Non-Resident Villagers), Industrialists, Ministers, MPs, MLAs, Celebrities, IAS, IPS and IFS officers to adopt villages. The Chief Minister also appreciated the 600 active partners who had already completed a baseline survey of their respective adopted villages and wards.

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Purandeswari asks Naidu to stop acquiring farm lands


On the day Nara family’s take-over of Telugu Desam party from NTR family was complete with the elevation of Lokesh to the rank of general secretary of the party, NTR’s daughter D Purandeswari upped the ante against the TDP government. Purandewari, who is also BJP Mahila Morach in -charge, announced her opposition to the acquisition of fertile agricultural lands for setting up industries during her visit to in Pedana, Krishna district yesterday.

In no uncertain terms, the scion of NTR , who distanced Naidu’s TDP politics 15 years back, said taking the fertile lands in Machilipatnam (Bandar) area for the development of deep water port and associated industrial corridor was unfair. Pedana also falls in the danger zone of Naidu grandiose plan of Bandar Port development plan. Expressing surprise at the huge land bank being created by the state government with farm lands, she also, demanded Telugu Desam government to release a white paper on the lands acquired so far, plans to acquire more land in future along the with their fertile strength.

On Wednesday, local BJP of Pedana, organized a program to felicitate her on her visit to the town of Kalankari art. Many farmers met her and poured over their woes before her. She said she was especially opposed to the state government’s move to acquire thousands of acres of fertile land for the proposed Machilipatnam deep-sea port and port-based industries. Purandeswari, who was HRD minister in pervious UPA government, said she would soon meet farmers, who were facing the threat of eviction due to the proposed land acquisition in Machilipatnam and Pedana mandals in Krishna district.

She demanded that the government could acquire barren land to create a land bank.

The senior BJP leader demanded a white paper be released giving a clear picture on how much land acquired and how it would utilize the land acquired by it. She opined that if acquisition of agriculture lands continued, it would affect the food security in future, in view of the population of the growth of the country.

This is the second the BJP tried to embarrass the its ally TDP in the state in the past ten days. Last week, after a visit to Polavarm project, BJP Andhra Pradesh president K Haribabu said not a pie had been spent on the polavarm project by TDP government. ” TDP asking centre to reimburse Rs 1900 crore spent on Polavarm project, is unfair, as there was no physical progress on the project. Government should demonstrate its commitment to the complete the Polavaram project with the same commitment which it showed on Pattiseema project,” Haraibabu said.

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Foundation laid for defense unit near Anantapur


Foundation stone has been laid for the second venture of Bharat Electronics Limited near Palasamudram village in Anatapuramu district. BEL is coming forward to set up Defence Systems Integration Complex at a cost of Rs 500 crore. About 32 years ago in 1982, BEL had set up its first unit in Machilipatnam. The public sector giant is also planning another establishment at Nimmaluru in Krishna district soon.

Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu, union defense minister Manohar Parikkar, union urban development ministers Venkaiah Naidu, civil aviation minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju, commer ce minister Nirmala Sitharaman and science and technology minister Y.S. Chowdary participated in the program. Once commissioned, Palasamudram facility would be the largest BEL establishement in the country. It is located in a sprawling 900 acre complex and will be an extension of BEL’s Missile Systems Strategic Business Unit at its Bangalore Complex.

“The Palasamudram unit will cater to the needs of Missile & Weapon Systems manufacturing/integration for the ongoing and upcoming Missile programmes,” the defense minister said. The new facility will house state-of-the-art infrastructure such as Assembly Hangars and Hard Stands for Radars and Weapon integration, RF radiation sources for target simulation, Automatic Test Equipment, Clean Rooms for electronic assembly, Non-Explosive & Explosive Integration Buildings, Missile Storage buildings, Environmental Test Chambers, Fire Stations, Solar Power Plant, Estate and Admin buildings.

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Naidu unhappy over bankers in AP


Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu displeasure over bankers for their non-cooperation in extending credit to farmers and highlighted the need for sensitizing bankers. Naidu addressed the bankers in the 191st meeting of the SLBC of Andhra Pradesh in Vijayawada, Expressing anguish over the spurt of farmer suicides in the state, the Chief Minister said that bankers had been adamant and have been showing the government in bad light despite the government extending debt redemption scheme and making capital infusion for the welfare of farmers in the state.

“Andhra Pradesh cannot have farmer suicides. We need to be sensitive to their problems. Lack of viability of commercial crops, defunct pump sets are some of the main reasons. We need to bring down debts and for this, we need cooperation of bankers. Every farmer should be able to carry out agriculture without debts,” he added. Crop insurance has become a major problem in the state. Despite farmers paying premiums, they are not able to insure their crops. “Hence, we need to prepare a vulnerability index and sort issues district-wise,” the Chief Minister explained.

The Chief Minister also expressed his dissatisfaction with bankers lagging in technological advancement. He sought information on how many banks do not have Core Banking Solutions and why they have not been able to digitize their data completely.

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Bauxite Mining: Naidu Then and Now


Politics is all about convenience. Your vocabulary changes depending upon your seat in Assembly- Treasury benches or opposition benches. Taking complete U turn Telugu Desam government is planning to exploit the bauxite ore available in Visakhapatnam district. According to sources in the Government and TDP, the party wants to reopen the negotiations with the companies which were given the license to mine the bauxite and produce alumina and aluminium . Even Kothapalli Gita, MP from Araku, into which the mining area falls, revealed that the mining activity would begin once chief minister takes a final decision . It is clear that TDP is actively considering the bauxite mining, ironically which stoutly opposed when chief minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy government gave license to Anrak, a gulf company to mine bauxite. Chief minister Naidu visited the areas in deep jungle and opposed this. See what Naidu said on November 18, 2010 about bauxite mining.

Talking to media in Visakhapatnam, then opposition leader in Assembly, Chandrababu Naidu opposed bauxite mining the Eastern Ghats of Visakhapatnam district., Naidu said, ” The Congress government should respect the public opinion and take note of concerns expressed by environmentalists.” Naidu visited the proposed bauxite mining sites near Anatagiri in Visakhapatnam district on November 18, 2010 before addressing the media. ” Congress government deals with Jindal Company and Ras-al-Khaima , be scrapped and no bauxite mining should be taken up,” he demanded.

At that time he was bold enough to admit that the his TDP government had once made the proposal to take up bauxite mining in the Visakhapatnam district. But, after heeding to public opinion, he said, he had retracted from the decision to mine the bauxite. He attacked the YSR Government, which gave the permits, by stating ” Congress was quite unmindful of the problems of girijans and was also ignoring the ecological issues. The deals have been struck with the companies in an underhand manner.”

Now in 2015, Naidu changed his tune. He is actively pursuing the mining of bauxite. So, the Left parties are planning to launch agitation to stop the bauxite mining from ecologically sensitive zone in Eastern Ghats. On Friday, all Left parties organized a round table in Vizag. These parties adopted a resolution which demanded the government to withdraw all plans to undertake the bauxite mining and protect the Girijan and environment.

They also demanded the TDP government to stop harassing the tribal people who were raising their voice against the reopening the bauxite mining. Leader participated in the meeting were, J V Satyanarayana Murthy, AJ Stalin, M Pydirraju (CPI),K Lokanadham, G Koteswara Rao (CPM), Y Kondiah (CPIML New Democracy), GVM Reddy (MCPI U), Ganesh Panda (CPIML), S Govindarajulu ( SUCI-C) etc.

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AP launches BC sub-plan with Rs 6640.50 crore


In a major breakthrough in wooing the backward classes TDP government today decided to implement the B.C.Sub Plan with an outlay of Rs.6640.50 crore from the Budget Estimates of 2015-16.

With this Andhra Pradesh has become the first state in India to implement a sub-plan on the lines of SC sub-plan for the welfare of backward communities in the state. In fact it was again the state of Andhra Pradesh, which made implementation of the SC plan mandatory through an act of Assembly for the first time during chief minister Kirankumar Reddy’s Congress regime. Ever since SC sub-plan was given statutory backing , BC also have been demanding a sub-plan.

With a view to give more focus to the all round development of backward classes in the state, the TDP government today decided to earmark certain portion of funds from the total plan outlay of state for the exclusive development of backward classes under Backward Classes Sub Plan. To begin with, Government has decided to implement the BC Sub-Plan with an outlay of Rs.6640.50 Crore. The scheme are being implemented in 21 departments, which include BC welfare, Handloom, rural development, education,energy, civil supplies, industries etc.

The allocation of funds under sub-plan prevents the diversion of funds meant for BC welfare to other schemes and projects. The expenditure under sub-plan will be transparent.

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Andhra Pradesh plans pilgrimages to Pattiseema


While opposition parties call the state government’s Godavari-Krishna linking as fraud and can’t be called interlinking of rivers at any stretch of imagination, chief minister Chandrababau Naidu is planning to convert the Pattiseema Project into a pilgrim centre. Pattiseema, according to Naidu, has made the linking of what he calls mighty rivers of South India Godavari and Krishna possible. He boasted this even  to Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong yesterday. According to sources in the government, Naidu is planning to take a bus load of farmers from each district to Pattiseema Lift and Polavaram righ branch canal. And the government has earmarked Rs 50 lakh for each district for the purpose of Pattiseema Pilgrimage and associated awareness creation.

Naidu’s objective is to burn the idea of interlinking of Godavari-Krishan into the minds of people of Andhra Pradesh, as  a greatest feat, achieved by TDP government. This is all to educate the people of the state on the need to link various rivers and divert the water to deficient regions like Rayalaseema in order to achieve drought proofing of Andhra Pradesh, says TDP sources.

The Government has embarked on a campaign from October 2, to December 3 to create the awareness on Drought Proofing, Inter- linking of rivers, Water Conservation, Water Management and Plantation. The campaign envisages active participation from all sections of the society besides various Government departments at village , mandal , district , state level, high schools, colleges and universities. During the campaign period discussions , debates and other competitions will be held  for students, farmers, NGOs, Water Users Associations(WUAs), public representatives, Government departments etc. on  drought proofing, inter linking of rivers, water conservation, water management and plantation.

The winners of these competitions will be taken to Pattiseema on pilgrimage. Instructions have been issues to the chief engineer and superintending sngineer, irrigation, who are in charge of Pattiseema Project works, to make necessary arrangements for conducting the awareness tours at the project site and facilities to the visiting pilgrims.

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UNICEF & CESS reveal ugly side of Andhra Pradesh


Around the same time, when Chandrababu Naidu was briefing Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong about the World Bank rank to Andhra Pradesh in ease of doing business today, Assembly speaker Kodela Sivaprasada Rao released a study report that demolished the development of Andhra Pradesh and its reforms. About 64.92 per cent of state people have no water provision in their houses and 52.50 per cent still practice open defecation,according to the report the speaker released.

While Andhra Pradesh may be second to only Gujarat in ease of doing business , but its track record, according to the report, is terribly poor as far as the provision of drinking water is concerned. The study revealed that the state has not made much progress in providing drinking water and total sanitation facilities, particularly in rural areas. These areas remained untouched by the so called reforms and the modern governance. The report, ‘Constituency-wise Analysis of Drinking Water and Sanitation Conditions in Andhra Pradesh’ hs s been prepared jointly by the Division of Child Studies of UNICEF and Hyderabad based Centre for Economic and Social Studies(CESS). Like World Bank, Unicef is also a credible international organization and CESS an autonomous research organization.

The report has been released by Andhra Pradesh Assembly speaker Kodela Sivaprasada Rao in Unicef office of Hyderabad.

According to the report only 35.8 per cent households have water facility in their premises. While West Godavari tops the list of districts in Andhra Pradesh with 55 per cent, Srikakulam is the lowest with 15. 57 per cent. The households that have water facilicity in the premises account just 25.88 per cent in Kurnool district. As far latrine facility, only 47.5 per cent household have latrines. In this aspect Krishna occupies top rank with 70.35 household, Anantapuram and Srikakulam are at the rock bottom with 22.01 per cent and 21.24 per cent respectively.

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Naidu assures world-class roads for AP


Chief minister chandrababu Naidu today asked the official to take the contractors to task if the roads they laid were of substandard. “Black list all those whose work doesn’t stand test of quality,” he said. The Chief Minster asked officials to study/review the contractors’ work before awarding them project. “We cannot compromise on the quality. Those delivering sub-standard work will be blacklisted,” the CM said.

The CM also instructed the officials to restore all roads in the state into all-weather roads. He asked them to make every road in the state pothole free and should be in position to offer a safe journey. Addressing the collectors conference on the second day in Vijayawada today, the CM said the roads in the state got destroyed during the ten-year Congress rule. ” From now onwards”, he said,” people should not suffer because of bad and pothole filled roads during rainy season.”

He assured that there would be no dearth of funds for repairing the road in Andhra Pradesh. He set a deadline of three years to make Andhra Pradesh’s road network the best and well connected in the country. “Public satisfaction is important. Once the change is evident, people will appreciate us. We should set an example by constructing world-class roads,” he added.

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Naidu to invite S’pore PM to Amaravati ceremony


Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandrababu Naidu will extend official invitation to the Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to the foundation stone-laying ceremony of the new capital of Andhra Pradesh on October 22nd.
Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu along with the delegation of ministers and officials will visit the island nation on September 21st and 22nd.

On the first day , chief minister will participate in a commercial meeting at Science Park with a Singapore Consortium and later, meet Minister Iswaran for lunch and discuss on the Swiss Challenge Method for Amaravati Development.

In the evening, the CM will deliver a lecture at the Institute of South Asian Studies (ISAS) which will be moderated by Ambassador Gopinath Pillai, Special Envoy to Andhra Pradesh and then attend the dinner hosted by the Singapore consortium.

On the second day, the Chief Minister along with the government delegation will visit the Singapore City Gallery and get an overview of the key physical features such as residential, industrial, commercial areas, airbases, reservoirs etc of the City. He will also review the planning for the Civic district, Marina Bay and also study the Concept Plan and the Master Plan.

The visit to Singapore City Gallery will also include planning for green and blue spaces, recreation spaces, island-wide water catchment, waste management, integration of land use plans with public transport networks and conservation planning.

Before wrapping up his 2-day visit, he will visit three townships :
1. Kallang-Bendemeer Region (Sports hub)
2. Changi Business Park Region (Aviation hub)
3. One-North Region (R&D, Knowledge hub)

During the visit to townships, the Chief Minister will understand different stages of integrated townships and how the Seed Development Area could potentially evolve from lower density, high-tech industry business spaces to higher density, high-end office-business park spaces. He will leave Singapore on September 22nd evening.

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