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Don’t resort to self-sacrifices: Naidu appeals to youth


​Appealing to the people of the state not to resorting the self-sacrifice, ​chief minister Chandrababu Naidu accused opposition parties of ​instigating ​ the people emotionally to commit suicides in the name of special status.
He ​cautioned​ the people not to fall prey to the opposition parties’ games with sentiments.

“Don’t get disheartened. We have to be patient . We don’t get anything from being in hurry. Don’t take extreme steps like suicides. We will fight to get what is our due,” he cautioned and appealed to the parties to be patient and make the people also to be patient.”We need speicial status. What there should be wider debate on what we would get by getting tag of special category status” he added.

Addressing media in Vijaywada this afternoon, Naidu rubbished the accusation of the opposition party that he was revolving the New Delhi to get himself bailed out from the cash-for-vote scam. Reassuring the people that the state would not relax its efforts in getting the assistance, he said the Prime Minister had instructed the NITI Ayog to prepare the road map. ​and asked people to give it sometime.​​

“The Prime Minister said Bihar case ​wa​s different from AP. AP’s assistance has constitutionally backed. The assistance assured for AP is incorporated in the Act. Andhra Pradesh must be given assistance. What is there in the special status? You will get more than the entitlements of special category status,” is what Prime Minister​ assured him​ according to the chief minister.

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Tata to adopt 264 villages in V’wada Lok Sabha constituency


Tata Group chairman Emeritus Ratan Tata, in an unprecedented move, came forward to adopt 264 villages in the Vijayawada parliamentary constituency. This was announced by Tata himself after a luncheon meeting with chief minister Chandrababu Naidu on Moday afternoon. Naidu lauded the decision of Tata stating that by adopting a whole Parliamentary constituency, Tata showed the corporate philanthropy a new path of social responsibility.

“This is for the first time that such a huge number of villages are being developed by a single institution/ Trust in Andhra Pradesh. This will set an example in the country as it will be mentored by Industry Titan Ratan Tata. I’m impressed with the background work and research Tata Trust has done on these villages,” the Chief Minister said.

Expressing gratitude for Tata’s gesture Naidu urged Tata to pay a visit to Visakhapatnam, Nellore and districts also. The CM requested Tata’s participation in aqua, food processing, automobile and manufacturing sector also. He said the state was fortunate that Tata visited Vijayawada when Andhra Pradesh was constructing Amaravati capital. Naidu said Tatas arrival in the state means the state is fully ripe for the investments.

Later, Tata was all praise for chief minister Naidu for his endeavor to industrialize the state. He assured all possible help to the state government in transforming the state into an industrially advanced one.
A memoradum has been signed between the Tata Trust and government of Andhra Pradesh with regard to the adoption of villages.

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Eight question CM Naidu must Answer


YSR Congress party MLA Roja today posed eight questions to chief minister Chandrababu Naidu and sought answers immediately in the interest of people of Andhra Pradesh.

She released these questions on the eve of Naidu’s Delhi tour this evening. Naidu is meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi tomorrow at 10.30 in the morning, purportedly to discuss the special status issue.
Roja is skeptical about Naidu’s tour. As this is not for the first time Modi and Naidu meeting, she says Naidu owes answers to her questions as they are relevant to the development of the state. The questions are:

1. How many times have you met Prime Minister Modi and the issues you discussed with him? Release a white paper on these meetings and contents of the meetings as the people have the right to know them.

2. Are you in favor of Special Category Status to Andhra Pradesh or not?

3. Do you believe that centre is going to accord the Special Category Status to Andhra Pradesh ?

4. Do you want to continue in the NDA government in case Modi denies special status to Andhra Pradesh.

5. Can you with draw you ministers from NDA government and remove BJP ministers from state cabinet if Modi says ‘NO’ to special status?

6.Why didn’t your party question the NDA even though there had been clear indication that there would be no special status to Andhra Pradesh. Centre is not implementing the provision incorporated in Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act-2014, even though 14 months lapsed. Why didn’t your party raise it?

7. There has been an allegation that you have traded the special status for your safety in cash-for-vote scam. In this connection you need to reveal the objective of your tour. Is the tour meant to extract special status or to bail out yourself from the case being pursued by Telangana ACB.

8. Do you want to preserve your status as chief minister or special status to Andhra Pradesh?
She sought support of all political parties, students, and other sections of society to the bandh the party called for on August 29, 2015

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Why special status denied to AP?


Why is Prime Minister Narendra Modi denying special category status to Andhra Pradesh, though an ally of NDA, TDP is in power? Ask CPI Narayana for the answer. Narayana, known to make non-serous statements look serious, says there has been dispute between Modi and Naidu. And it is related to old antagonism between the two.This is the reason.

CPI Narayana

During golden era of Chandrababu Naidu, when Vajpayee was Prime Minister, the Andhra Pradesh chief minister demanded resignation of Modi following riots in Gujarat. Modi had not forgotten the tense moments Naidu created when the issue came up in the Lok Sabha in the form of no-confidence motion. The debate went into midnight, when Naidu, while refusing to vote against NDA government, only sought resignation of Modi. He saved Vajpayee government but rubbed Modiji on wrong side.
“The TDP and BJP do not have cordial relations. They are mutually suspicious. BJP knows that TDP wants special status to get strengthened in the state. This BJP doesn’t like. Modi can bestow special status on AP within second if he wants,” Narayana said.

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Some good news for Kurnool , at last


Some good news, though belated, for Kunool district, finally. Vhief minister Chandrababu Naidu has decided to buy peace with Kurnool distinct. This afternoon, at 1.20 he is going to unveil a pylon at Pudicherla for the proposed Orvakal Industrial Hub. Later, at 2.15 he is going to address a public meeting in Kurnool town, a 30-minute ride from Orvakal village.
This move is politically very important for Naidu at a time, when unrest is brewing in Rayalaseema region, for two reasons.

One- Kurnool district has been unhappy with Naidu and even generated a lot of bad blood between deputy chief minister K E Krishnamurthy and the CM. KE is upset, Kurnool district doesn’t figure prominently in the CM’s scheme of things. Many a time, in public meetings, KE openly expressed this. Even though
Kurnool, popular as Doab, means, like Punjab, region of two rivers, Tungabhadra and Handri, has not got any major institution from the ones CM announced in the past 14 months. Entire Rayalaseema has got reduced to Chittoor, which grabbed all national institutes. Naidu, purported explanation for this, KE could not win more than two seats in 2014 elections, that means he doesn’t want to give much to the district where his party was not a force. This has not gone down well with the people. The discrimination against Kurnool dampened the TDP cadre also in the district.

Two- Rayalaseema region is revolting on the matter of ‘special status’. The sentiment ‘Rayalaseema’ is gaining ground. Intelectuals in the region, are highlighting the culture and historicity of the region to acquire a separate identity. Giving short change to the region, which is struggling to coalesce cultural region with identity will deleterious to the interests of Naidu and his party. In spite of the fact that Rayalaseema is strong-hold of Opposition, Naidu needs to walk an extra mile to win over the people there.

Inauguration of pylon, which can be dubbed as eye-wash, is right step in right direction. Because the small pillar will convey to the people at least the intent of Naidu that he is not ignoring the region after promising sky. See what Naidu promised to Orvakal –

1. 5,000 acres have been set apart for 1,000 mw solar project,
2. 3,000 acres for DRDL,
3. 1,000 acres for Nuclear Fuel Complex and
4. 16,000 acres for industrial units.
5. St Gobains, leading glass manufacturer wants to set up a unit at Orvakal
6. Japanese company proposed Solar Components manufacturing unit.
7. Gujarat Ambuja gave its letter of intent to set up starch unit with maize.
8. A mango processing unit with a capacity to handle 40,000 tonnes
9. A green field airport

In Kurnool district

1.A Textile Park on 100 acres at Banavasi
2. A cement plant with a capacity of 40 million tonnes
3. Railway Midlife Coach Factory near Kurnool.
4. A IIIT and Urdu University from next academic year.
5. Tungabhadra Institute of Medical Sciences at Kurnool

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A critical look into CM Naidu’s Vastu-craze


Noted Kannda-Telugu Scholar Kuradi Chandrasekhara Kalkura comments on how chief ministers’ penchant for Vastu is disturbing the physical and institutional structure of our system. A friend of Sivarama Karanth, Kannada Jnanapitha award winner, Kalkura is presently campaigning for the spread of Telugu medium. His Ratham with Telugu message crisscrossed the entire united Andhra Pradesh. A Udupi hotelier, and former Zilla Granthalaya Samstha Chairman of Kurnool, Kalkura comments on how chief minister Naidus’ Vastu belief is going beyond tolerance at the cost of tax-payers money.

Andha Pradesh Chief Minster Nara Chandrababu Naidu, who is renowned as a hi-tech leader, who put Hyderabad on the global map with a slew of initiatives, has apparently opted out of the prestigious Sixth Indian Science Congress citing ‘Vaastu Dosham.” (The session was held at Acharya Nagarjuna University, (ANU) Guntur- in Jan. 2015.

Different opinions are expressed by different astrologers about the day, place and time of his swearing in as Chief Minister on June, 8th, 2014 instead of June, 02. “Chandrababu Naidu’s swearing in time was not auspicious” – comments Swaroopaanandendra Swamy, one year later. Correctness of the Vaasthu in selecting Thullur as Capital is contested. Fixing of the date for beginning the Godavari Pushkaralu is disputed. These are only samples, not exhaustive.

Here is an extract from The Supplement to : “The Journey of My Life” an informative Autobiography of Andhra Kesari Tanguturi Prakasam Pantulu, the first Chief Minister of Andhra State in 1953, and a reference book on the contemporary History (Compiled by his prodigy and disciple Tenneti Viswanatham. Page, 216).

“There was rejoicing everywhere in the Andhra Districts in connection with inauguration of the Andhra Province. However, Prakasam received several letters from prominent astrologers suggesting that the inaugural function should not be fixed on 1st October, as scheduled but either a day earlier or a date later. There was a spate of letters on the subject. However there were objections from the officers for change of date on the plea that the original date would facilitate maintenance of accounts.

“Prakasam expressed his opinion that it was hardly the time to administer the states on the basis of astrologers’ forecasts. Since the astrologers’ objection pertained to his own future, but not the progress of the Province, Prakasam did not bother to attach much importance to them. He commented that none could be a minister for ever, even if the inaugural ceremonies were conducted on an auspicious day fixed by all the astrologers. He added that he would not say ‘no’ to the date fixed by the Central Government.”

It is well known that that the Prakasam’s Ministry fell after 13 months. He was sympathetically asked, “Pantulugaru, you are pulled down, for your rigidity and adherence to principles. Why do not you compromise and adjust to the changing circumstances? Where do you go from here? There is no house of your own.”

Prakasam was characteristic in his reply: ” Arhe! When many streets and Colonies are named ‘Prakasam Street/Nagar’, why should I have a separate house.?” He was an embodiment of Sthitaprajnata! And this is one of the many an excellent examples. This reminds the scene from Shakespeare’s Julies Caesar: “Beware of Ides (15th) of March” was the warning by the Soothsayer. “O Caesar, read mine first, for mine’s a suit/ That touches Caesar nearer; read it, great Caesar”. Caesar retorts: “What touches us, ourself shall be last served.”


Reverting to the Sixth Indian Science Congress, it is reported that the organizers and participants, were not happy with the chief minister skipping the historic session. Eminent nonagenarian Scientist, Swaminathan, (born 7 August 1925) known as the the father of Indian Green Revolution. “Expressed his disappointment at the absence of the chief minster saying that he wanted to discuss with him several matters.” He is one of the most respected figure in the comity of scientific world. The CM must have been informed, much in advance about the venue and timing. If he was so particular about the Vaastu, he could have either persuaded the organizers to shift the venue, at least, just for the inaugural Session or could have given them point blank his mind. He seems to be more concerned with his Vaastu than the future of thousands of budding Scientists. It was a “Science Congress.” If he was so convinced about authenticity of Vaasthu he could have ordered a separate session on “Astrology and Vaastu”.

The CM’s attachment for Vaastu is being regularly reported. Though the fixed date for the bifurcation of the State was June, 2, 2014, he took Oath of Office on June,8th. The Venue was shifted from ANU to a nearby vacant land. At every step in the administration, he is advised by the some Astrologer or a Vaastu specialist to follow a particular path. In spite of the opposition from all the wise counsels, the C.M. is going ahead with the construction of the Capital in the Seismic and Cyclone prone areas of Tallur in Guntur/Krishna district’s Border. Vagaries of nature must have been predicted to the C.M. As though the country is bereft of engineering skill, the Singapore and Japan technologists are invited to construct the Capital; obviously all these with the advice of Astrologers and Vaastu specialists.

Irrespective of the origin of the Hukka and Bukka, the founders of the Vijayanagara Empire, historians agree that they were supported and inspired by Vidyaaranya, a saint at the Sringeri monastery to fight the Muslim invasion of South India. The redoubtable Vidyaranya, an ardent follower of Adi Sankaracharya is considered the greatest in the long line of Saints of Sringeri. He fixed the Muhurtham (auspicious occasion) for establishing the mighty Vijayanagara Empire in 1336, on Vijayadasami. The Empire was established at Hampi, said to be Kishkinda of Ramayana on the banks of the River Tungabhadra. It is well known that the Deccan Sultanates, in the battle of Talikota defeated, captured and killed the Vijayanagara ruler, Aliya Ramaraya in 1565.
The empire disintegrated and finally had its swan-song in 1646. Were the victors advised by better experts on Vaasthu and astrology? Even the kingdoms of the Sulthanates of Deccan were liquidated and did not last forever.

Vijayanagara Empire, particularly Srikrishnadevaraya is still remembered not merely for the Temples they built, but more for their patronage of Art, Architecture, Literature, and Social relations and Economic developments; with emphasis on irrigation. The empire is lost. But the Vijayanagara Canal on Tungabhadra and Flood Protection Wall along the River Tungabhadra still serve the people.


Just as one has unflinching faith in his family physician, one reposes confidence in a particular Vaasthu and Astrology expert. Naidu himself, an ardent follower of Vastu and Astrology, has his own advisers. They may not be the most competent. Not only Naidu, many persons in public life, even the scientists all over India have immeasurable belief in Vastu and Astrology. It looks as though the dates and timings for launching of the Satellites and Mangalayan were also decided by the Astrologers. Everyone has the right to chose the experts of his favor in personal matters. But transparency is the hall mark of Public Administration. The Governments must be prepared to answer any queries under the Right to Information Act. There are idle talks about the controversy and failure of every project and scheme of the Government. !!! e.g. Why there is controversy over Pattiseema and Polavaram? Non observance of Astrology and Vaasthu or wrong technical advice!

Hence we do not know how many more existing buildings and projects will be demolished /altered /rebuild to suit the present day Vaastu, as analysed by some Pundits. The present Vaasthu may ill suit the future CMs. Man is mortal. The capital and the projects are eternal. If Vaastu is scientific or sentimental or symbolic or all the three, nothing prevents the CM from instituting/creating a regular department of Vaasthu and Astrology, either attached to the Department of Human Resources or Endowment or PWD in Secretariat and order every file to be circulated through the department. It is better that the Central Governments also follow the suit to have a wing of the Vaasthu and Astrology.

Chandarababu Naidu is an individual. Chief Ministership is an Institution. Andhra Pradesh is a State. Interests of an Institution and a State cannot be mortgaged to the whims and fancies of half baked knowledge of a few individuals however high they may be. It is high time, that the Governments, if necessary by suitably amending the Law, declare all the Government buildings, old and new are Heritage Buildings, so that, in the garb of Vaasthu they are not meddled with, thus avoiding a burden on the tax payers’ money.

I wish the Officials be firm about the norms and procedures and not to nod their heads for anything and everything that the CM commands. This is to urge the C.M. not to entrust the administration to the Astrologers and Vaasthu Pundits.

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Special Status is not a cure-all pill : Naidu


Chief minister Chandrababu Naidu for the first time made his mind clear on the special status.Confirming maverick JC Diwakar Reddy’s oft repeated assertion that special category status would not be bestowed on AP and chief minister Naidu’s knows this pretty well that the demand is a pie in the sky, Naidu said, though cautiously, that special category status was not a “cure-all” pill.

As we reported in these columns, Andhra Pradesh, whatever may be its problems, is not eligible for special category status. Mere hardship is not the qualification for getting special category status tag. The state should have natural, geographical, demographic and not easily surmountable problems to be categorized as special category state. So, instead of harping on special status, state should work for equivalent benefits. For political gains, definitely the issues provide the opposition a hard stick to hit at TDP government.

Chief minister Chandrababu Naidu, who has been silent on the subject for long, for the first time, counseled caution and warned that stretching the demand for special category status too far may prove counterproductive.
addressing his first press conference in newly set up camp office in Vijayawada on Wednesday, Naidu said special category status should not be seen as the panacea of all ills and the state need more than this go overcome the problems division had thrown up to hit the highway of development.

Rapping the opposition parties for their attack on TDP-BJP combine, the chief minister said,” Don’t push the demand too far. If centre buckles under and accords the special status at the cost of our other demands for help like economic package to backward areas like Rayalaseema and North-coastal Andhra we will be at loss. I don’t want to forego the other assurances made in the AP reorganization Act, at the altar of special status.”

Naidu reiterated the TDP alliance with BJP would continue.Asking people against becoming cynical on NDA assistance to the state, the chief minister let us keep drawing centre’s attention to the problems and to honor its commitments made to the people of Andhra Pradesh.

He said the state should not be denied bigger benefits in lieu of special category status.
Naidu announced that he would release the fact-sheets on the problems and the need for liberal assistance from the centre etc.

He disclosed that he had spoken to PM, home minister, finance minister and BJP president and posted them with the developments in the state and need to honor the commitment made to the state.

He said the Prime Minister asked him come to Delhi after August 15 to discuss the matter. Stating that this would his ninth meeting with PM Modi, Naidu said every time he met he discussed threadbare the problems of the state like assistance to capital construction, bridging the revenue gap, economic package to Rayalaseema and North-coastal Andhra etc.

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CM Naidu releases first “Made in India” Smart Phone from Vizag


Visakhapatnam: Vizag today a made a history of sorts.  Chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu on Monday released the  Xiaomi’s first smart phone manufactured in India in a glittering program organized for the occasion in the port city. The CM appreciated the company for rolling out the handsets in record time.


Here are the snippets from the launch of Xiaomi first “made in India” phone – RedMi 2 Prime:

Chief Minister  Chandrababu Naidu:

  • Having Xiaomi in AP is a proud moment for us. Xiaomi is being rebranded as MI. They say Mi is Mobile Internet and Mission Impossible. I like Mission Impossible because it shows their grand vision and goals.
  • Xiaomi is the third largest smartphone-maker in the world after Samsung and Apple, respectively. Xiaomi became the largest smartphone vendor in China in 2014 and at the end of December 2014, Xiaomi became the world’s most valuable technology start-up, valued at $ 46 billion.
  • You have shows that it is possible to bring out a Made in India smartphone within 6 months of our meeting in Beijing.
  • I see youngsters are a core part of this company. They are competing with giants like Samsung and Apple to deliver cost-effective models. Xiaomi is expanding in the East. It shows they are aiming high.
  • I’m confident that India will become a pioneer in Hardware exports.We can create excellent ecosystem for hardware manufacturing.
  • I’m a strong believer in Technology. I’m ensuring that welfare schemes use technology. That is the best way to serve people. I wish Xiaomi scales to greater heights.

Hugo Barra, Global Vice-president, Xiaomi: 

  • We are here in India as part of the Make in India program.We kicked off our conversations with Chief Minister of AP  Chandrababu Naidu in China. Here, we are now. What thought would’ve taken us 2 years, we have done it in 6 months.Make in India program allows us to cut down on costs and enables us to better our supply chain. We can operate here either with little or zero inventory.
  • Manufacturing in India for Xiaomi is a “Just in Time” opportunity. Over a period of time, every single phone Xiaomi sells in India will be made in India.
  • We are not only celebrating our first anniversary but also marking the launch of first made-in-India smartphone RedMi 2 Prime.
  • We want our fans in India to suggest/guide us on designing special packaging for India-made Mi phones. We are starting a campaign for this on our social media pages.
  • We are proud to be the first mover’s into India. What’s happening in India is incredible. Internet Revolution ….We are proud to be at the forefront of the Make in India program.

Amitabh Kanth, Secretary, Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion. Government of India:

  • Welcome Mi to India and AP.
  • The future of Xiaomi is in India. If you grow or expand and become bigger in India… “Make your wealth in India.” We are an extremely young country. We’re passing through an interesting phase where we have the advantage of demographic dividend.
  • India has been the back office and China a factory. This is gradually changing now.
  • Xiaomi has captured the spirit of young India….Xiaomi is a combination of Sri City, Foxconn, Andhra Pradesh and CM Chandrababu Naidu.
  • ‘Make nn India’ has identified 25 sectors. We want to make AP an electronics hub.
  • The dynamic Chief Minister of AP has great ecosystem in Hyderabad during his earlier stint. Now, he wants to create the best ecosystem for AP. We, from the Government of India, will be your facilitators.


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After internal rivals, Modi targets outside rivals – Naidu and Nitish


Has BJP unleashed its game plan to undermine TDP government and make it vulnerable to attacks from all sides in Andhra Pradesh ? It looks so. Finance minister Arun Jaitley’s refusal to give Andhra Pradesh “special treatment’ and equating it with Odisha and Punjab is a clear indication that Modi’s government has decided once for all that there would not special status to Andhra Pradesh.


The decision has the potential to trigger movements across the state  by opposition parties and other non-political outfits floated by movie star Sivaji and intellectuals like Chalasani Srinivas. YSRC, Congress and Left parties  will intensify their fight. The Assembly which is expected meet in the last week of August is likely to witness war scenes. CPI has already called for a bandh. YSRC Jagan will lead a dharna opposite Paraliament on August 10.

The NDA government, which has denied special status to AP. should at least have announced a economic package to satisfy the people.

Why is this not happening?

Modi appears to be on the killing spree of rivals both with in and outside the party.

With in the BJP, he successfully liquidated potential rivals, external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj, Rajasthan chief minister Vasundhara Raje and Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. All are caught up in the cesspool of corruption. Ultimately, Modi government will bailout them but also hollow them out politically. They have to live at the mercy of Modi. Now it is difficult for the three strong leaders of BJP to rescue themselves from the Lalit gate (Sushma and Vasundhara) and Vyapam (Chouhan)without serious injuries.

Now, Modi appears to be targeting two potential non-BJP leaders in the country- Chandrababu Naidu and Nitish Kumar.There has been going on a open war of words between Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar and Prime Minister Mody. Nitish was the first person to oppose Modi’s candidature as the NDA Prime Ministerial candidate. In retaliation Modi is planning to wrest Bihar from Nitish in the Assembly election scheduled in October.

Next comes Chandrababu Naidu. From day one Modi has been maintaining distance from Chandrababu Naidu.  Modi has no love lost for strong South Indian leader. He treats his AP ally like any other chief minister. BJP knows that unless Naidu is weakened in Andhra, the saffron party striking roots in the state is not possible. Submitting to Naidu’s wishlist in the name of pains of bifurcation is amounting to strengthening the TDP leader further. Naidu’s would tom-tom central assistance as the result of his statesmanship. So, keeping Naidu on tenterhooks and weaken him by making him vulnerable to opposition attacks will be politically beneficial to BJP.

Sources in TDP said some section in state BJP complained that Naidu was boasting the 24-hour power supply as his achievement hiding the fact that it was centre which made it possible. So, all central assistance will be credited to TDP’s account and BJP would get nothing, is their argument. They also said to have pointed to the corruption in TDP government and told their leadership that centre’s help won’t reach the people.

The pattern in the NDA-TDP relationship bears testimony to NDA’s tactful rejection of Naidu’s cries for help. Nothing came from centre, though there have been tons of assurances which Naidu can neither swallow nor blurt out. Yesterday’s Jaitley’s statement has reiterated Modi’s policy towards Naidu’s Andhra Pradesh.

Jaitley’s statement:

He cited the instances of Odisha, Punjab and Andhra Pradesh for special assistance while speaking on the government’s supplementary demand for grants in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday.


Assuring parliament that no state would be given shortshrift  in distribution of finances,  Jaitley  assured that states with special problems and their interests would be fully taken care of.

Regarding Odisha, Jaitley said its receipts under the 14th Finance Commission (FC) would more than double to Rs.180,796 crore, compared to the Rs.68,119 crore the state had received under the 13th Finance Commission.

“Andhra Pradesh has suffered from the bifurcation of the state. In the first year, we have been trying to help it to cover its losses,” Jaitley said.

“We will continue to support Andhra Pradesh in every way, whether it’s about its revenue deficits, and also in ways so that industry can come to the state,” he added.

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Kavita targets AP CM in Lok Sabha


TRS Nizambad MPs Kavita on Wednesday directly attacked AP CM Chandrababu Naidu in Lok Sabha for the delay in the bifurcation of Hyderabad High Court. Dragging chief minister of a state  into a controversy and leveling charges against him is generally not the practice of House. However, Kavitha made a scathing attack on Naidu during  Zero hour in Lok Sabha sparking protest from Government.

Breaking the convention,  Kavita, not only referred to CM of Andhra Pradesh Chandrababu Naidu by name but also  accused  him of blocking the division of Hyderabad High Court, which was immediately objected to by urban development minister Venkaiah Naidu and law minister Sadananda Gowda.

For the past few day the TRS member have been agitating demanding immediate bifurcation of the High Court. Today also they raised the issue in Zero hour.  Participating in the reference, Kavata alleged that,” Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandrababu Naidu is trying to rule Telangana through High Court.”

She said Naidu had always been the stumbling block for Telangana and now for the division of High Court. She also criticized centre for not cooperating in the creation of separate high court for Telangana state. Earlier, another TRS MP AP Jitender Reddy said T-government was ready to allot any premises to Andhra Pradesh to set up their own High Court in Hyderabad and they could stay put for ten years.

Speaker Sumitra Mahaja also disapproved of Kavita’s remark and advised her not level charges against chief minister of a state from the House.

Reacting to Kavita remark against Chandrababu Naidu, Venkaiah Naid took strong objection. He said taking reference to a person who was not a member of the House was not right. “Don’t talk like a child. You are not supposed to refer to somebody who is not a member of the House. If you don’t like I will ask law minister to withdraw his statement. Do whatever you like,” Naidu said angryly and sat down.

” In the bifurcation of the high court,  a political decision has been taken already. Implementation of decision is getting delayed due to practical problems involved,” he said.

Responding to the debate law minister Sadananda Gowda said center was committed to th  e bifurcation of the state. Protesting the remark of Kaviata, Gowda said, the matter was sub judice and could not dwell more on the subject.



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No More Raucous on Phone-Tapping: Naidu’s advice


AP Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu asked his cabinet colleagues to observe restraint in their attack on the TS government over phone tapping issue. Now that centre’s role in phone-tapping is public knowledge Naidu tried to downplay the issue, saying that he was hopeful that justice would prevail as “Law has begun taking its own course in the phone tapping case.”

“Our stand on phone tapping issue is vindicated now. The Telangana government on its own acknowledged the fact in the High Court. So, let’s us wait and see what will happen in the Court of law,” Naidu is said to have observed in the Cabinet yesterday when some minister’s pointed to reported remarks of additional solicitor general Natarajan to his notice. Natarajan informed the court the TS government had kept the centre in loop while resorting to interception and the act was legal.

During the unusally long meeting , Naidu reportedly told them now the matter was “sub judice”.
Expressing dissatisfaction on the performance of most of his colleagues, the Chief Minister warned them to improve their workmanship lest face the axe. He warned the ministers that the brooked no tolerance for under performers. Sources said Naidu expressed displeasure over HRD minister failed to present the draft of private universities bill before the Cabinet, which the government wants to introduce in the ensuing monsoon session of Assembly.

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Why is Naidu in a Hurry to Move to Vijayawada ?


Why is Naidu in so much a hurry to relocate himself to Vijayawada? Today the cabinet meeting is being held in the city, to show his resolve to shift his base. He announced that he would work for three days every week from the camp office here. He appointed P Krishnamohan, registrar of college of architecture ,as OSD in CMCO in Vijayawada.

Earlier, he again appointed a new committee of officials to identify the department and persuade the employees to shift to temporary capital.

The thought of relocating all heads of the department(HoD) is one year old. In 2014 also he
set up a committee of senior officers to identify the departments to be relocated
to new capital region and seek the opinions of employees. Even after a half dozen meetings, the committee could not identify the departments and found that employees were not inclined to shift to temporary capital. Another important aspect is almost all IAS officer were opposed to this temporary shifting of the capital. Why?

Employees’ reasons:
1. Majority employees have constructed house and they are well settled in Hyderabad. If they were to relocate to Vijayawada they need an accommodation. They have to pay rent. This is an extra burden. Shifting families is not possible now because academic year has already begun.
2. Children of all employees will become non-locals in Vijayawada as they belong to Telangana state. This issue has to be settled.
3. Most important aspect is the allocation of house sites in Hyderabad. Erstwhile AP has allocated house sites to NGOs. Telangana is arguing that they are not eligible for house site as they are going back to their state. the matter is in court. If they were to move, TS argument gains strength , it could easily cancel the allocation. Each plot costs Rs 50 to 60 lakhs.
4. The shifting is likely to separate wife and husband if they are working in government and public sector.
Employees want these issues to be addressed first.
“AP Reorganisation Act, 2014, facilitates us to stay in Hyderabad for a period of 10 years. Then, why should we relocate our offices to the new capital by relinquishing our right here?” asked AP Revenue Services Association president Bopparaju Venkateswarlu .

IAS officers’ reasons

1. They do not express their view in public like NGO leaders. IAS officer also lose a 500 sq yard house site in Hyderabad if there were to choose to work from temporary capital. Who will forego such a huge and expensive land in Hyderabad.
2. Vijayawada does not have a social life comparable to Hyderabad- recreation, hotels, restaurants, malls, theaters, international airport, quality private schools.
3. There are many legal issues involved. Everyday hundreds of officers(IAS and NGO) need to attend courts. Coming from Vijayawada for court cases puts heavy burden on government.
“If we go to the new capital region, our children will be treated as non-locals there. That means, they will be ineligible for government jobs there. So, the zonal system set up as per Article 371(D) should first be scrapped,” a senior IAS officer said.

So, why is it that Naidu wants to relocate his office over night after remaining silent for over 7 months?

The talk is that Telangana government was annoyed by the constant refrain from AP ministers that they would not vacate Hyderabad even a day before the expiry of 10 year time given in AP Reorganization Act. The T-government is worried that if AP capital construction is delayed, there is a possibility of Andhras demanding extension of deadline. Their presence would jeopardize the complete ownership rights of TS over Hyderabad.

So, if sources are to believed, as part of the common understanding between TS and AP brokered by centre, the Telangana would not drag Naidu into cash-for -vote scam and Naidu would reciprocate it by shifting his base from Hyderabad to Vijayawada.

Many senior officers wonder as to how the CM would operate from Vijayawada when the secretariat and departments remain back in Hyderabad. Shifting departments necessitate shifting of about 20,000 employees to Vijayawada. Can government find accommodation to these employees?

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Rahul Effect?: Naidu shifts focus on Rayalaseema


Chief minister Chandrababu Naidu appears to have shifted his focus on Rayalaseeama. Wednesday was the day of Rayalaseema in AP secretariat.

For the past few months, the region is not all in the news, except for looming drought in wake of failure of monsoons to bring enough rains so far. This region’s Anantapur district receives lowest rainfall in India, after Jaisalmer.

There has been growing resentment among the leaders of R’seema that Naidu is giving short shrift to the region just because his TDP did not get enough seats from the region. YSR Congress and Congress have raised the banner of revolt to highlight governmental apathy towards the region. Oppositon leader YS Jagan toured the region in the name Odarpu yatra. AICC general secretary Rahul Gandhi toured Anantapur  and distributed financial assistance to family members of those farmers who committed suicide, all this happened while Naidu was busy with Pushkaralu.

Both parties are planning a movement, though separately, for the allocation of more funds for the early completion of Galeru-Nagari and Handri-Neeva projects.Congress seniors DL Ravindra Reddy and C Ramachandraiah have called upon people of Rayalaseema to take to streets to fight for the rights of the backward region, “as the TDP government is reneging on its promises made to Rayalaseema.”
While the Opposition parties have been more visible in region, governmental activity is conspicuously absent.

Rubbing salt to the wound,  for the past one year, coastal Andhra, because of the development of high profile capital, business conclave in Vizag, Godavari Pushkaralu, tours of Singapore teams etc,  has attracted an envious attention.

Naidu seems to have realized the political ramifications of these lopsided developments.

He devoted most of Wednesday to Rayalaseema.

He held a video conference with the collectors of Anantapur, Chittoor, Kurnool and Kadapa districts and inquired about the progress of ongoing irrigation projects in the region.
Chief Minister directed the officials to complete all the unfinished works of Handri-Neeva Sujala Sravanti (HNSS) phase-II by December 2015 as the project is key to store Krishna waters, which will be brought to Rayalaseema after the completion of Pattiseema Lift Irrigation Project, aimed at diverting Godavari waters to Krishna Basin. He also ordered the officials to ensure that
Galeru Nagari Sujala Sravanti (GNSS), Telugu Ganga and Srisailam Right Branch Canal, be completed at the earliest.

Interestingly, the State government also announced an interim special package with an amount of Rs 49.5 lakh to support the families of 33 farmers, who had committed suicide in Ananatapuramu. Is it not Rahul effect?

YSRC has fired the salvo that without completing either the Handri-Neeva Sujala Sravanti (HNSS) or Galeru Nagari Sujala Sravanti (GNSS) project, how you divert Krishna Waters simply by finishing Patti Seema.

He gave Collectors, Engineer-in-chiefs and Chief Engineer’s extraordinary powers to expedite the completion of works od the pending projects.




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CM to hoist Tricolor in Vizag’s RK Beach on Aug 15


Chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu will hoist the tricolor in Visakhapatnam’s RK Beach on August 15.

State administration is gearing up to celebrate the second Independence day in post-bifurcation Andhra  in a fitting manner in port city.

RK Beach

Andhra Pradesh has chosen Vizag  for the 2015 I-Day celebrations as part of the policy to celebrate the Independence Day in each district every year till the new capital is ready for the occasion.

The first I-Day was celebrated in Kunool, the first capital of Andhra state, formed in 1953, following the carving out of a Telugu state from Madras state.

Chief minister Chandrababu Naidu is for celebrating national festivals on Andhra territory rather than in common capital Hyderabad, which falls in Telangana. Vijayawada hosted Firs Republic day on January 26, 2015. In Vizag, the flag hoisting will take place in RK Beach.

AP Cabinet which is meeting in Vijayawada on July 31 will review the arrangements.

On Wednesday chief secretary IYR Krishna Rao issued instructions to the Visakhapatnam district collector to make arrangements for the celebrations at RK Beach. He asked the district collector to coordinate with General Administration Department (GAD) to make arrangements for the flag hoisting celebrations.
Impressive tableaux projecting development achieved in the past one year.

The special attraction of the event will be tableau on capital Amaravti. APSRTC will arrange buses to ferry students for the event.

Health and Medical Department has been asked to ensure fully equipped ambulance with medical officer and nursing assistants on all the rehearsal days and on the event day.

Special police battalions IG RK Meena has been made the nodal officer of the event, whereas DCP CM Thirvikrama Varma is the liaison officer for the ceremonial parade.

Nearly 12 contingents drawn from AP Special Police, Armed Reserve, civil police and other elite forces are likely to be part of the contingent.

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Cash-for-vote chargesheet : ACB fails to name Naidu


The expected has happened. Notwithstanding the ferocious statements by T-Chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao that no God would save Chandrababu Naidu from being implicated in Cash-vote-scam, Naidu’s name did not figure accused in the chargesheet filed by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) of Telangana.

Though the chargesheet did mention Naidu’s name many times as the person responsible for the whole episode, the ACB could not conclusively say that the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh was accused.

The basis for the Chandrababu Naidu’s reference in the chargesheet was the telephonic conversations between complainant Elvis Stephenson and TDP MLA Revanth Reddy, and Harris Sebastian.

The telltale reference was made in the form of “Babu’  and  ‘Boss’ and ACB argues that this  Babu and Boss was none other than Andhra Pradesh chief minister  Chandrababu Naidu.

To buttress its argument the ACB also produced call data of conversations where Babu and Boss recurrently popped up.

The ACB today filed a 25-page chargesheet in the special ACB court.  ACB  claimed that the chargesheet had been filed after interrogating 39 witnesses including TDP MLA Revanth Reddy, Sebastian, Uday Sinha, TDP leader Vem Narender Reddy, his son Krishna Kirthan, Sandra Venkata Veeraiah etc.The ACB annexed 319 documents to the chargesheet.

ACB also strategically chose a day, when entire media was running helter-skelter  to cover every bit of news related to  former president Kalam, to file the charge sheet.

Chief minister KCR’s periodic threats that Naidu was directly involved in the cash-vote-scam and T-News channel’s leaks of purported telephonic conversation between  nominated MLA Stephenson and AP CM Naidu, onlh created a hype that Naidu’s name was all set to appear in the charge-sheet.

Media carried reports that ACB was thinking of slapping a notice on Naidu to appear before ACB. The mind game unleashed by TRS was so frightening that CM Chandrababu Naidu had to issues an ultimatum to KCR that if he would attempt to arrest him that would be the  end of T- government.

Following intense war of words, Prime Minister Modi is said to have asked a union minister to work out a rapprochement between the two warring chief ministers. Consequently  KCR’s son and IT minister met union urban development minister Venkaiah Naidu twice in New Delhi. Telangana.Similarly, Venkaiah personally met KCR in Hyderabad.

Finally, today, the chargesheet filed by ACB has not reflected the terrible animosity the two chief minister displayed for each other. What KCR said in public meeting about Naidu’s role in cash for vote scam, in hind sight and Naidus’ ultimatum looks like  staging of a gory war scene to cover up the compromise being struck behind the screens.

All the accused will tried under IPC 120 (B) for conspiracy and prevention of corruption Act, because the peoples representatives come under the definition of public servants.

However, those who deny the compromise theory say  AP CM’s names might figure in the supplementary chargesheet which ACB is expected to file after further investigation.

“The ACB had thrown enough light on the role of Naidu. Telephonic conversations squarely point to the role AP CM played in the attempt to buy nominated MLA’s vote for a TDP candidate in Telangana Legislative Council elections,” they said.

Chandrababu Naidu’s name as well as the origins of money paid to the complainant would also come out soon in the supplementary chargesheet, they added.




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Does BJP have future in Telugu states ? Post-Pushkara Analysis


Two Telugu states, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, appear to be not in the side of Hindutva of Sangh parivar brand. The Godavari Pushkaralu in the two states have been celebrated with Telugu fervor without any saffron being painted to the event. For the first time India, such a large congregation of Hindus, remained untouched by Vishva Hindu Parishad or any other Sangh Parivar outfit. We know the Kumbh Mela is totally colonized by VHP. By associating itself with such religious congregations VHP normally “Hindutvize”  the event and pave the way for  BJP’s entry. Surprisingly, the Godavari Pushkaralu of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have been celebrated without any shade of saffron. Even the visit and holy dip of VHP International working president Pravin Togadia had largely gone unnoticed. Togadia, whose supreme strength is courting controversy, also had been silent when he was in Antarvedi of East Godavari district. He did not utter a single word about Hindutva- very unbecoming of Todagia.

Chandrababu Naidu.

Normally, Sangh Parivar appropriates all rights of celebrating the Hindu festivals. VHP establishes coordination committees for the festivals like the one in Hyderabad, Bhagyanagar Ganesh Utsava Samiti. The sound and fury of Nimajjanas in Hyderabad has been the result of overwhelming participation of Sangh groups. VHP was found on the date of Lord Krishna’s birth. It organized first world Hindu Conference on the occasion of Kumbh Mela in Allahabad. Dharma Sansads were organized in Haridwar and Allahabad Kumbh Melas. By these sessions VHP had been successful  in bringing majority Sadhus under its fold. It organized Sanskrit Sammelans. In fact, the VHP activities during Kumbh Melas had prepared a cultural ground for the entry of BJP. The areas of BJP influence are exactly the areas where the VHP controls the melas and festivals. Even Ayodhya movement owes its brith to these VHP congregations. Of course, Karnataka is an exception.

But, the Telugu Pushkaralu, which attracted about 8.5 crore people, were totally free of Sangh parivar’s influence. In the both the states,  they looked state sponsored, with chief ministers alone taking control of the situation. In the case of Andhra Pradesh, chief minister Chandrababu Naidu made Rajahnundry temporary capital to oversee the mega event of Maha Pushkaralu. Neither Naidu, nor T-CM Chandrasekhar Rao left an inch of space for Hindu right wing organizations. Or is it largely the nature of Telugu people not to ‘Hindutvize’ the practice of worshiping “Talli Godavari”.

K Chandrasekhar Rao

The  Hindu-Telugu mobilization was so massive that YSRC president Y S Jagan was also compelled to feel that a holy dip was politically important though with cross hanging from his neck.

The Pushkaralu  partly answer the BJP’s existential conundrum in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Both governments ensured that sangh parivar did not sneak into pushkaralu. Both Naidu and KCR emerged more Hindu than any other Hidutva leader.

The Telugu lands have largely proven immune to Modi wave. Despite clear Modi wave across India before the 2014 elections, Modi managers failed to tame united Andhra Pradesh. The fact that  the party had to settle down for an alliance with Telugu Desam party itself was the admission that it was difficult to paint saffron Andhra or Telangana regions.

One year into office at the center under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership, the party is not still sure of the road it has to take to become independent of Telugu Desam party in Andhra Pradesh.

According to sources in the party there has been a two-line struggle going on among the top brass of the party. Line one, there is no need to antagonize a strong NDA partner in AP by attempting to graduate itself from an ally- status to an independent party. The  rival line is that the objective of BJP is to emerge stronger and should be in a position to form the government someday. The BJP, the sources said, is not averse to play caste card to attract new sections of the Telugu society. If the sources are to be believed, the party is on lookout for a strong Reddy or Kapu leader to lead the party so that it could make forays into the new communities. The term of incumbent party president Haribabu will end in December.  The strategy is that since Hindutva is not all a force in Telugu lands, let us go in for social engineering.

As many Reddys and Kapus are disillusioned with existing parties, BJP wants to attract them by  having  party president from these castes. Sources said, names of party leaders such as MLC Somu Veerraju, senior leader Challapalli Narasimha Reddy, party AP general secretary S Suresh Reddy, former minister Kanna Lakshminarayana etc. are doing rounds in the party circles. Some in the party argue that former union minister D Purandeswari, though a Kamma, is a right bet to free the party from the influence of TDP

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Close Shave for Naidu and Ministers in Godavari


Chief minister Chandababu Naidu had a close shave in Godavari river when a boat a carrying media people touched the boat in which the CM and other ministers travelling on Friday near Rajahmundry.

When the two boats were about to hit, the drivers tactfully averted and saved the VIPs from being caught in accident.

Naidu, who has been  singlehandedly overseeing the whole of Pushkar arrangements, left for Kotilinagala ghat from Padmavathi ghat in a boat. The mishap happened on way to Kotilingala. Along with deputy chief minister N Chinna Rajappa, ministers Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, K Narayana, MP Murali Mohan, MLA G Buchhaiah Chowdary etc were accompanying the CM.

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state bandh: Jagan’s ultimatum to CM


YSR Congress party president and leader of opposition YS Jaganmohan Reddy issued an ultimatum to state government to find a solution to the municipal sanitary workers strike in four days or else, he said, his party would give a call for a state-wide bandh.

Jagan, who was on Rythu Bharos Yatra in Anantapuram district, spoke to municipal workers who came down to Kambaduru where he was camping to present a memorandum seeking his support to their demands.

Municipal workers across the state have been on strike for two weeks demanding a hike in their wages.

Jagan took strong objection to the government’s apathy towards striking employees, contract, and outsourcing workers. Stating that the increase of wages for municipal workers would not put a burden more than Rs 200 crore to Rs 300 crore he said  allowing the strike to continue would cost more to the society if the non-cleaning of streets triggered an outbreak of deceases. He asked Naidu to call the employees for talks and find a solution to the legitimate issues raised by them.

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Capital : Naidu’s Feast for S’pore Companies


YSR Congress expressed concern over the way capital construction was slowly being pushed into the hands of private parties by chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu.

“Instead of converting the construction of capital Amaravati  a G2G affair between Andhra Pradesh and Singapore as suggested by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, chief minister Naidu is pushing this into the hands of private companies,” party senior leader Dharamana Prasada Rao said.

“It looks as though the deal is already struck with some private parties of Singapore” he remarked on Thursday while commenting on  yesterday’s cabinet decisions.

“Singapore Minister Eswaran had categorically stated that it was only the private parties and there will be no involvement of  Singapore government in the construction of capital,” Rao recalled alleging that cabinet had approved the Master Plan only after the deal was clinched much earlier with private companies of city state.

He reiterated party’s oft repeated comment that the capital area development was being looked at by TDP government as a business opportunity and that was happening on the ground now.

“The terms and conditions for the development have already been agreed and the yesterday’s cabinet nod is only a formality and to show off that the State is transparent,” he said.

He questioned the very wisdom in holding the cabinet meeting at Rajahmundry, where the Pushakaralu in full swing.

Rao also took objection to putting lid on the issue of TDP MLA Chintamaneni’s attack thasildar Vanajakshi by concluding that that the official was at fault in the incident and  expressed apprehension that the decision was likely to  influence the outcome of the investigation.

He said the government’s stand vis-à-vis TDP MLA Chintamaneni would only embolden the sand mafia to carry out their illegal activities with impunity.

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KCR warns Naidu of Retaliation


Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao said he would not tolerate anybody insulting Telangana community.

“One can insult me. But, I won’t tolerate anybody who insults my state and  Telangana community,” he said in a meeting organized on the occasion of birth anniversary of poet Dasarathi.

The warning was directed against his Andhra counterpart N Chandrababu Naidu who said recently that it was NT Ramarao who taught  Hyderabadis to get up early in the morning. The remark created strong resentment among the people of Telangana. KCR used the occasion to warn Naidu that such comments would not be tolerated. He said his government would react to the comments suitably soon. KCR advised Naidu to mind his business. “You better concentrate on the development of your state and the capital. We will appreciate. Talk sense. This type of comments will not be taken lying down,” he said.







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