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Will the Left parties unite at least now?


Left unity, this word is very commonly used in any discussion involving the Left parties. Both the Left Parties – the CPI and the CPM – always talk about it but do nothing about it. They talk miles but don’t move even an inch. If the CPI proposes, then the CPM rejects it and when the CPM proposes it, the CPI rejects it.

Now there is a talk of the Left unity again.The reason? The CPM is holding its state level meetings. CPI state secretary Ramakrishna has called for the unity of all the left forces in the country. There are homilies from all quarters, but no concrete action whatsoever.

Both the Left parties have come to such a pass that the Left unity can no longer influence the electoral outcome. Both the parties have become extremely weak organisationally, electorally and politically. The Left parties are now completely decimated. Even the much-touted protests and dharnas are not happening these days. The Left is reduced to just occasional press conferences

Analysts say the Left parties themselves are responsible for such a sorry state. In fact, the Left parties had strongly opposed the land alienation for Amaravati construction. Now, the very same Left parties are backing the TDP, which alienated the land belonging to the farmers. It is because of such faulty policies that the Left parties have completely lost their clout.

Will the talk of Left unity have any real impact on the Left parties and their electoral performance? Highly unlikely, say political watchers. The parties have lost their relevance, say political observers. One only hopes that the parties learn their lessons at least now.

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Is Jagan influencing CPI through backdoor?


Is AP Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy influencing the Left parties through the backdoor? Is he using the caste card to corner the Left leaders who are critical of the YSRCP government? What’s behind a section of the party calling Chandrababu a lackey of the corporates at a time when he is not in the government?

The CPI state council held on Sunday at Vijayawada was a stormy affair. A section of the party have strongly criticised state secretary K Ramakrishna for “targeting” YSRCP and YS Jagan. They said that the continuous criticism of YS Jagan was actually painting the party as pro-Chandrababu. “Why should we look pro-Chandrababu Naidu, who is seen as a friend of the corporate,” asked several leaders belonging to a particular social group.

This group reportedly said that Jagan’s welfare schemes were actually proving beneficial to the weaker sections. They suggested that the party maintain equal distance between both the TDP and the YSRCP. This section said that the CPM was being seen as pro-Chandrababu. They said personal attack on YS Jagan was one thing and criticising his policies was another. Interestingly, the CPI leaders wanted Ramakrishna to take a leaf out of CPM, which was adopting a more ‘nuanced’ approach.

Ramakrishna tried to explain that he was working as per the guidance of the party and that Jagan was not his personal enemy. Even Narayana, the national leader of the party, tried to defend Ramakrishna. But the vocal section did not relent. The attack appeared concerted and well-planned.

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Why is Dr Narayana focusing on Nagari seat?


Remember CPI top boss Narayana? He is the most popular Left voice in Telugu politics. After Raghavulu of the CPM became silent, Narayana is the only voice of the Left in Telugu media. Though a national level party leader, he is spending most of the time in his native village of Ainambakkam in Nagari assembly constituency.

He is organizing dharnas, rallies in various parts of Chittoor district. He has recently turned a daily wager in the district to ‘understand the problems of the dailywagers.’ He has also organized a semi-nude protest in Chittoor and Tirupati over the rising fuel prices. He has also staged a dharna in front of the Chittoor collectorate. He is also addressing local issues in Ainambakkam.

But why has he suddenly become active in Chittoor? If sources are to be believed, he wants to contest from Nagari assembly constituency in 2024. Nagari is currently held by YSRCP MLA and actress RK Roja. Dr Narayana wants to contest against her and wants to enter into the assembly.

Narayana has made several attempts to enter the legislative and parliamentary bodies, but was never successful. Unlike many CPI national secretaries, who were at least Rajya Sabha MPs, Narayana has never managed to enter the assembly, Council or Rajya Sabha. He has contested for the Tirupati assembly seat in 1999. Later, he even made a bid to become Tirupati Mayor. In 2014 elections, has also contested form Khammam Lok Sabha seat. In all these places, he had lost badly. Now, he is making plans to contest from Nagari against charismatic Roja.

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CPI became ‘Chandrababu Party of India’, says Roja


From the CM to Ministers to MLAs, all the YCP leaders are following one single agenda which is to launch counter attacks against rivals. Issues and problems are not the immediate criterion. Counter allegations should get highlighted. Now, RK Roja is using these strategies to the maximum possible extent. She launched a scathing attack on an unlikely rival which is the Communist Party of India (CPI).

It is well known CPI State Secretary Ramakrishna has been raising dissent on each and every programme of the Jagan Reddy regime. His statements have embarrassed the Government the farmers’ suicides, atrocities on BCs, SCs and STs and Muslim Minorities.

Apparently agitated, RK Roja said that the CPI has now turned into the ‘Chandrababu Party of India’ in Andhra Pradesh. CPI Ramakrishna has harmed the prestige of the party by colluding with Naidu. She asked the CPI whether the left party gave lakhs of house site pattas in the States where their parties were in power.

Roja made sarcastic personal remarks against Nara Lokesh and Devineni Uma as well. Whatever, the YCP MLAs and Ministers were switching into an aggressive, offensive mode in order to silence the Opposition rather than debating the issues that were being raised. With far fewer numbers in Assembly, the Opposition too became handicapped to pressurise the Government.

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CPI, Jana Sena leaders arrested for seeking justice in Agrigold scam


The YSRCP government’s spree of arrests continued on Wednesday. This time, the government had arrested CPI and Jana Sena leaders in connection with the AgriGold scam.

On Wednesday, the Andhra Pradesh police had arrested CPI state assistant secretary and AgriGold Customers and Agents Welfare Association honorary president Muppalla Nageswara Rao. He was arrested when he along with other victims of AgriGold scam took out a ‘Chalo Assembly’ rally in protest against allotting a measly Rs 200 crore in the Budget to do justice to the AgriGold customers. The YSRCP had allotted a total of Rs 1,150 crore for clearing the dues to be paid to the depositors by the Agrigold.

Muppalla Nageswara Rao, CPI district secretary Jangala Ajay Kumar, city secretary Kota Malyadri and several CPI leaders were taken into preventive custody at Mangalagiri, Guntur and Arundelpet police stations after they tried to take a procession to the Assembly demanding justice to the Agrigold Chit Fund scam victims. Jana Sena MP Boyabina Srinivas Yadav was also kept under house arrest.

The AgriGold agents, depositors and staff under the banner AgriGold Agents and Customers Welfare Association, have been agitating at several places in the State seeking justice. They were even arrested numerous times by the police. Several victims of Agrigold scam had committed suicide after the scandal broke out.

Agrigold was set up in 1995. The company had collected more than Rs 6,000 crore from lakhs of depositors promising high returns, but failed to repay the money after maturity of deposits.

The government had ordered a CID probe into the Agrigold scam following which cases were registered on the prime accused including the company’s chairman Venkata Rama Rao, MD Avva Venkata Seshu Narayana Rao, vice-president Prasad, directors Ramachandra Rao and PLL Khan. The government had issued four GOs with the list of properties attached. The High Court had also set up a panel.

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AP CM must no longer neglect COVID-19 threat: CPI


In view of lack of effective testing, it’s not clear the extent of harm that Coronavirus has caused in AP. CPI State Secretary Ramakrishna says that the virus infection is spreading very fast and very silently in the state. The government has not taken required preventive measures in the beginning of the contagion. Ramakrishna appealed to the AP CM to give a humanistic response at least now. The people are in the face of a grave danger in view of the raging epidemic.

The CPI leader asked CM Jagan to talk immediately to Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao to help rescue the Andhra migrant workers who are stuck in the lockdown restrictions in Hyderabad and other parts of Telangana. The problems of migrant labourers are multiplying because of the government’s indifference. The CPI had expressed concern over the lack of adequate facilities being made for the homeless workers. They have lost work and are on the roadsides unable to find help.

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TDP-CPI to take on Jagan for civic polls


After a severe setback in the 2019 elections, Telugu Desam Party (TDP) is gearing up to bounce back in the ensuing local body elections and seems to leave no stone unturned to defeat the YSRCP. In its endeavor, the TDP decided to have a poll alliance with the Communist Party of India (CPI) to take on Jagan Mohan Reddy-led YSRCP in the rural and urban local bodies in Andhra Pradesh, scheduled between March 21 and 29.
This is the second poll alliance to be formed for the rural and urban local bodies which goes to show how prestigious political parties are viewing the elections. Pawan Kalyan-led Jana Sena Party is already in truck with the BJP to fight the local body polls together. The Communist party had an alliance with the Jana Sena during the 2019 general elections but later it forged an alliance with the BJP.

In 2014, the TDP trounced the YSRCP bagging a majority of municipalities and municipal corporations in Seemandhra region. Of the 92 municipalities in Seemandhra, TDP won 65 municipalities and YSRCP 19. Of the seven municipal corporations, TDP had bagged five and YSRCP two. TDP had won a majority of the urban local bodies in Kadapa district, the home turf of late chief minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy and now his son Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Andhra Pradesh has 13 districts with 669 Zilla Parishad Territorial Constituencies’ (ZPTC), and 676 mandals with 9,639 Mandal Parishad Territorial Constituencies (MPTC).

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CPI withdraws support to TRS for Huzurnagar bypolls


In a blow to ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS), the Communist Party of India (CPI) on Monday withdrew its support to the party for October 21 by-election to the Huzurnagar Assembly seat.

Peeved at the manner in which the TRS government is handling the ongoing strike by Road Transport Corporation (RTC) employees, the CPI withdrew its earlier decision to extend support to the ruling party.

CPI state Secretary Chada Venkat Reddy announced the party’s decision after a meeting at Makhdoom Bhavan, the CPI headquarters.

Stating that strike is a legal right of employees, he said the government tried to snatch this right by terming the strike illegal and refusing to hold talks with the employees. Reddy said by announcing dismissal of 48,000 employees, the TRS government provoked them.

The CPI leader alleged that the government not only adopted anti-employee attitude but by calling applications from unemployed for fresh recruitment in the RTC created a conflict.

Venkat Reddy said due to the government’s anti-employee attitude, two employees committed suicide. He said as the government failed to mend its ways, the CPI was compelled to review its stand and withdraw the support.

The CPI, which had an alliance with Congress, Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and Telangana Jana Samithi (TJS) in 2018 Assembly elections, is not contesting the by-poll. Following a request by the TRS leadership, the CPI on October 1 had decided to extend support to the ruling party.

The bypoll in Huzurnagar is necessitated by the resignation of state Congress chief Uttam Kumar Reddy from Assembly following his election to Lok Sabha from Nalgonda constituency in the recent polls.

Uttam Kumar Reddy’s wife Padmavathi Reddy is the Congress candidate. She is locked in a direct fight against TRS candidate Saidi Reddy.

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KCR all-out efforts to snatch Huzurnagar from Uttam


It has become a prestige issue for Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao to win in Huzurnagar by-election. Actually, this assembly seat is a stronghold of Congress state president N Uttamkumar Reddy. As he won from Nalgonda Lok Sabha seat, the by-election became necessary for Huzurnagar. Being the ruling party in the state, TRS is making all-out plans to snatch this segment from Congress hold.

As part of this, KCR has begun using all his political strategies which included opening talks with the CPI leaders for their support. This has sprung surprise to many. KCR totally ignored the Left parties in 2018 elections but now he changed his tactic. Apart from this, TRS Ministers and MLAs are camping in all mandals and even villages in Huzurnagar to increase winning chances of TRS candidate.

In 2018, Uttamkumar Reddy won Huzurnagar with a majority of over 7,466 over TRS. He has been winning from here for three times successively since 2009. Now in this by-election, Uttam fielded his wife Padmavati and began using all his might to get her elected. KCR immediate plans are to break unity between CPI and Congress. CM is using all his ruling party advantages in any by-election. No wonder if KCR snatches Huzurnagar from Uttam.

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Janasena – Communists alliance to continue or to break?


Is Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena party going to break the alliance with Communists before local elections? Did the alliance with communists did more harm than good to Janasena? At least, is that the opinion among the think tank of Janasena? Same is going to be the case with BSP as well? The answer seems to be “Yes” as per the grapevine in political circles. Details as below.

2009 vote statistics prompted Pawan to ally with Comrades:

Chiranjeevi’s PRP won around 17% votes in the state of united AP and in more than 20 constituencies, it lost with less than 10 thousand votes, which corresponds to approximately. So, it was felt that proper alliances with other parties that have a standard vote percentage around 1-2% would have made a difference to the fate of Chiranjeevi’s PRP. They were of the opinion that Congress got just 7 seats more than the magic number (148) to form the government and had Chiranjeevi’s PRP won any 7 seats out of those 20+ seats that lost with 1% margin, AP politics would have been different by now.

2009 vote percentage statistics:

PartyVote Percentage
Indian National Congress36.60%

Allying with Communists and BSP cost Pawan huge:

Probably because of the same reasons, almost 3 years ahead of 2019 elections, Pawan Kalyan allied himself with communists. Moreover, Janasena thinks tank thought that Mayawati’s BSP that got 2.1% in 2018 Telangana assembly election also will improve Janasena prospects. However, the strategy did not work out in 2019 AP assembly elections.

PartyVote Percentage

It is very clear that Pawan’s strategy miserably backfired as CPI, CPM and BSP all together got 0.71% votes. It was surprising to see the strength of communists drastically coming down compared to 2014. In 2014, CPI got 0.5% and CPM got 0.8%. Same is the case with BSP. All these three parties put together had around 2% vote bank in 2014, but they could garner only 0.71% (together) in 2019.

Another reason for Janasena core team considering the breaking up with communists is the adamant attitude displayed by CPI leadership during the seat-sharing and asking for the seats where Janasena had better candidates. Probably, because of these reasons, Janasena leaders are convinced to fight alone in upcoming election battles irrespective of results. As of now, there is no official statement on continuing or breaking up Janasena-Communists alliance. We will have to wait and see whether this alliance will continue or not

-ZURAN (@CriticZuran)

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Are Jana Sena, CPI parting ways?


The announcement of the candidate by Jana Sena in Vijayawada Lok Sabha constituency may distance CPI from the alliance. Jana Sena is in poll alliance with CPI and BSP. As part of this alliance, Jana Sena allocated Vijayawada Lok Sabha constituency to CPI, which has already announced Chalasani Ajay Kumar. CPI has made arrangements for nomination on Monday as well. At this juncture, Jana Sena unexpectedly announced its candidate for Vijayawada Lok Sabha constituency.

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan has announced Muthamshetty Prasad babu as the party candidate for Vijayawada Lok Sabha constituency. Pawan Kalyan on Saturday addressed at two public meetings in Vijayawada as well. However, CPI leaders and cadres kept themselves away from Pawan Kalyan’s tour.

Pawan Kalyan in the last minute changed his strategy and fielded Prasad babu in Vijayawada Lok Sabha constituency.

As part of the poll alliance, CPI asked for Vijayawada West constituency. But, Pawan Kalyan oped for Vijayawada west and instead allocated Nuziveedu to CPI. Subsequently, CPI announced Akkineni Vanaja for this constituency. But, Jana Sean rolled back its decision on Nuziveedu as well. For this, Jana Sena allocated Vijayawada Lok Sabha constituency to CPI. Now, again Pawan Kalyan changed his decision on this seat as well. This made CPI leaders angry over frequent changes in Pawan Kalyan decisions. CPI cadres are keeping the pressure on leaders to go for contesting alone.

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Will third front emerge in Telangana?


Hyderabad: With an objective to leverage cadre strength in Telangana, Left parties are planning to emerge as a potential third front. However, realising on their weakness to transform the support into votes, CPI and CPM are wooing Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan to make inroads into Telangana. According to sources, both the Left parties are doing their best to get Pawan Kalyan in their stride for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections.

CPM is gearing for Assembly and Lok Sabha elections in Andhra Pradesh along with Jana Sena. Along with Pawan Kalyan, CPM is organising several dharnas and public meetings demanding special category status (SCS) for AP.

Coming to CPI, which was part of Prajafront in the recent Assembly elections held in December 2018 in Telangana, the communist party doesn’t want taste the same bad experience with the Kutami and wants to forge an alliance with Pawan Kalyan, said a senior leader.

“CPI is moreover not satisfied with the functioning style of Congress and realised that it can’t match KCR charisma and strategies. Hence, it’s looking to Jana Sena,” remarked the CPI leader.

CPI also attributes the reason for the delay in seat sharing, to the dismal performance of Prajafront in Telangana as TRS had taken every advantage of this.

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‘Praja Kutami’ joint manifesto promises farm loan waiver


The ‘Praja Kutami’ (People’s Alliance) of Congress, TDP, TJS and CPI has released its joint manifesto for December 7 election in Telangana. They have promised one-time waiver of Rs. 2 lakh farm loan for the farmers. They will reduce age limit for pensioners from 60 years to 58 so that more poor families will get benefit out of it. All outsourcing employees will get revised pay on the basis of court order for ‘equal work and equal pay’. At least 1 lakh jobs will be filled within the first year of Praja Kutami coming to power in the state.

Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee president Utham Kumar Reddy said TJS leader Prof. Kodandaram will head the committee to ensure implementation of the manifesto and there would be total transparency and accountability in governance under the alliance. Kodandaram said those consuming below 100 units of power will get free supply.

The Praja Kutami manifesto promised formation of government agencies to replace private firms to provide job opportunities for Telangana workers seeking jobs in the Gulf. The alliance leaders assured to protect interests of all those sections discriminated and marginalised by KCR government in the past four and half years.

TDP Telangana president L. Ramana said only those promises which could be implemented were included in the joint manifesto and a close study would be made all over the state to formulate special plans to extend all these benefits to the intended sections of people. In agriculture sector, the Praja Kutami assured to execute irrigation projects, ensure minimum support price and stabilise crop prices.

[pdf-embedder url=”https://www.telugu360.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Peoples-front-manifesto-2018.pdf” title=”People`s front manifesto 2018″]

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CPM hits out at super star Rajini’s remarks


CPM national general secretary Sitaram Yechuri has taken strong objection to Tamil super star Rajni’s comments on the coming together of different parties against the BJP government at the centre. Sitaram welcomed the joining of secular and like-minded parties to defeat the undemocratic Modi government.

Sitaram termed Rajni’s remarks unfortunate, saying that the people of the country shall need an alternative formation to go to their rescue when the need arises. Rajni had recently asked the people to judge who is stronger when many parties are joining together only to defeat one single party. The comment led analysts to say that Rajni is moving closer to BJP.

The CPM leader asserted that Rajni has forgotten the fact that many parties came together to defeat the Vajpayee government in 2004. He vowed to repeat that in coming election by stopping the Modi government. Sitaram also said that it is the inherent nature of any democracy to offer an alternative to the people when there is a need.


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CPI may leave Mahakutami?


The Communist Party of India (CPI) which is part of Mahakutami alliance under the leadership of Congress party may go independent for Telangana assembly polls. The CPI as strong enough in as many as 12 segments and it will show impact of winning and losing in about 40 constitutions. Based on its strengths, the CPI asked 12 seats in the alliance, but, the leaks of Congress confirms only 3 seats – Bellampally, Vyra and Husnabad.

The Party’s state council held an emergency meeting twice on Friday at its state headquarters Makhdoom Bhavan chaired by the National General Secretary of the party Mr. Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy, state secretary Mr. Chada Venkat Reddy and others.

Sources said that the state leadership flayed on the national leaders for not taking initiation in AICC’s meetings in order to demand more seats. Responding to the allegation, Mr. Suravaram told them that the state leadership should deal with the alliances at state level. Following the reply, the state leadership under supervision of Chada Venkat Reddy and others med TDP-TS chief Mr. L. Ramana, TJS Chief Professor Kodandaram, Congress senior leader Mr. Jana Reddy and explained that the party desires two more seats that are Kothagudem and Munugodu. Soon after these meetings, the state committee held an emergency in the evening for second time and declared that the party would contest from 5 seats against the decision of Mahakutami. The leaders informed media that in case, the congress rejects its proposal; the CPI would go lonely in the elections by contesting in more segments.

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CPI not happy with 3 seats offered by Congress


The CPI leaders are unhappy with the allotment of just 3 seats by the Congress party as part of seat sharing. With this, the Mahakutami is expected to face problems in immediate future. The CPI has asked for not less than 5 seats and the party leaders are meeting in Hyderabad on Friday to discuss the latest situation to decide their future course of action.

CPI state secretary Chada Venkata Reddy has expressed objections already over seat sharing and he has taken up the issue with Prof. Kodandaram, whose party Telangana Jana Samithi was given 8 seats. TJS has been demanding not less than 10 seats but the Congress has not honoured its request.

‘Mahakutami’ has already lagged behind in electioneering what with TRS making quick strategies by announcing its candidates quite early. With the CPI not likely to give its full cooperation, Mahakutami candidates will have to do a balancing act in some segments. As per information, the three seats allotted to CPI are Husnabad, Wyra and Bellampalli. In addition to this, CPI is demanding for Kothagudem seat as well considering its strong support base in coal belt.

Meanwhile, Prof. Kodandaram’s reactions are not yet known after allotment of 8 seats to TJS. He is currently discussing this within party leaders. Mahakutami partners are under pressure to make sacrifices in order to have unity to oust KCR from power.

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CPI threatens to break tie-up with Mahakutami


Mahakutami problems remain unresolved with Telangana Jana Samithi and CPI continuing to demand their share of seats from Congress. CPI has threatened to break away from Grand Alliance and contest alone in next month’s elections. CPI Telangana general secretary Chada Venkata Reddy has announced that their party is ready to contest in 9 assembly segments. They are Husnabad, Bellampalli, Kothagudem, Alair, Munugodu, Pinapaka, Devarakonda and Wyra.

Venkata Reddy has also cautioned Congress against taking wrong decisions. CPI is confident that they have strong presence in 40 assembly segments where they can influence the election result.
Meanwhile, Mahakutami seat sharing is not yet completed as partners stuck to their demand for their share. With this, Congress has decided to consider and limit itself to 90 seats.

Congress Telangana chief Uthamkumar Reddy has announced recently that they will contest in 95 seats. But Kodandaram and party refused to come down. Now Congress is considering to give 29 seats to partners as against 24 earlier.

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Congress, TDP, CPI form alliance in Telangana


In a major development, opposition Congress, TDP and CPI on Tuesday joined hands to form a grand alliance to take on the ruling TRS in Telangana in the ensuing Assembly elections.

The leaders of these parties announced after first round of talks that they are forming the alliance.

This is the first time in Telugu Desam Party’s 35-year-old history that it is joining hands with the Congress in a state.

State Congress chief Uttam Kumar Reddy said they would try to bring together all opposition parties to defeat Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS). The alliance will also seek support of all people’s organisations, employees, unemployed and women’s groups.

The leaders of Congress, Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and Communist Party of India (CPI) met at a star hotel in the city. This was their first meeting to form an alliance.

Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao last week dissolved the Assembly to go for early elections. The polls are likely in November.

The opposition parties have termed TRS chief’s action as undemocratic.

Uttam Kumar Reddy, TDP’s Telangana unit president L. Ramna and CPI’s state secretary Chada Venkat Reddy and other leaders of the three parties held the talks.

Later, they joined leaders of other opposition parties to meet Governor E.S. L. Narasimhan and demand President’s rule in the state.

They said that free and fair elections were not possible in Telangana with Chandrashekhar Rao as the caretaker Chief Minister.

The state Congress chief later told reporters that the opposition parties have expressed their concern over KCR abusing power for the benefit of TRS. They said KCR had openly claimed that he had discussed with Central Election Commission to hold the elections in November.

“This is against the principles of democracy and against the Constitution. Holding of elections and formation of government is the duty of Election Commission and not the ruling party’s,” he said.

Uttam Kumar Reddy said that Prime Minister Modi, CM KCR and Election Commission appear to be in connivance to suppress people’s democratic rights.

He said that the Election Commission had announced the schedule for revision of electoral rolls on September 1. The entire process was to be completed by January 4.

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Janasena, CPI and CPM form an alliance! Temporary or Permanent?


It is official. Janasena and both the Left parties (CPI and CPM) have come into an alliance, giving rise to a new political entity. CPI AP Secretary Ramakrishna has confirmed the same in a press meet. From here onwards, this ‘alliance’ will fight against the problems of people in the Uttharandhra and Rayalaseema regions. ‘The first meeting of our alliance will be held in Ananthapur’, said Ramakrishna.
While this is a welcome move from the three parties, it still fails to answer basic questions, especially from Janasena point of view. The parties nowhere mentioned, where the alliance will be taking forward into the elections or is limited to the ‘SCS movement’, and solving the problems of the people.

Factually speaking, CPI and CPM have lost their grip on AP politics long time back. They hardly have any impact on the assembly polls. What’s stands on their side is genuineness and clear politics unlike other leading parties in the state. Meanwhile, this isn’t the case with Janasena that is still trying to find a way to strengthen its party core.

The upcoming ‘SCS Movement’ by these parties, is like a litmus test for the Janasena party, in view of the upcoming polls.

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2019 AP Election Fever: CPI – Janasena alliance?


K Ramakrishna, State (AP) CPI Secretary hinted at a possible alliance with Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena party in the upcoming 2019 AP Assembly elections. Speaking at the 24th Guntur CPI Representatives Congress, the CPI leader stated, ‘the ideologies of both CPI and Janasena are similar. We are ready to work along with Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena Party in the upcoming elections. We will work with individuals whose agenda is ‘People’s Welfare’.’

Even Pawan Kalyan shares similar ideologies like us. We are looking forward to working with him in the future. As of now, no decision has been taken by the party’s core committee. Once we conclude the CPI Representatives Congress meeting in Kadapa district, the party will meet in a coordination committee meeting, and will come to a decision on this, said K Ramakrishna.

CPI leader K Ramakrishna has also been a part of the AP JAC (Joint Action Committee) set up by Pawan Kalyan. The CPI leader took a jibe at Chandrababu Naidu before concluding his speech. He said, ‘PM Modi is treating AP CM Chandrababu Naidu like a blade of grasses’.
It will be interesting to see whether CPI’s alliance with Janasena will be a reality or a mere tabloid headline.

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