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Harish Rao no more a ‘reliable leader’ in TRS!


TRS leader T.Harish Rao used to be the most adorable leader in the party. Because Harish played a key role in TRS since its inception in 2001 and also in Telangana statehood agitation.

He was No.2 in TRS after KCR being KCR’s nephew and used to be a ‘bridge’ between KCR and TRS leaders/cadre. He maintained cordial relations with all the leaders and cadre in party.

For that reason, any leader in TRS who face any issues in the party or in their political career used to open up before Harish believing that Harish will help them out being a well wisher of all in the party. They used to rely on Harish Rao on all the issues in the party.

But of late, the buzz in TRS circles is that nobody is believing Harish Rao as party leaders and cadre are seeing Harish as a ‘spy’ of KCR.

While leaders in TRS are opening up before Harish and telling all the problems being faced by them in the party, Harish is quietly listening to them and later simply passing on all the information to KCR.

Party circles say Etela Rajender is the classic victim of Harish Rao’s ‘spying’. Etela who also worked with Harish Rao since TRS inception, believed Harish to be his true and close friend. He opened up before Harish and complained about the flawed policies of KCR in his second term in office and about KCR ill-treating ministers. Etela believed Harish as Harish was also sidelined in party and govenment in KCR’s second term.

But Harish took this as an opportunity to get closer to KCR and passed on all the information told by Etela against KCR. This is cited as the main reason for KCR expelling Etela from cabinet.

Leaders in TRS now realised that KCR is using Harish only as a ‘spy’ and Harish is not that genuine person what they used to believe all these days and open up before him.

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Harish Rao in KCR’s ‘national team’!


TRS president and Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrasekhar Rao is totally focused on national politics at present. He is spending all his energies and time on how to root out Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP-led NDA government at the Centre from power in 2024 Lok Sabha polls.

To achieve this goal, KCR already hired political strategist Prashanth Kishor to guide him on the issues to be taken up at the national level to attack BJP and how to garner national attention with political moves.

KCR has now reportedly decided to set up a ‘national team’ exclusively to assist him in national politics. He is reportedly considering intellectuals, retired IAS, IPS, IFS officers, leaders of various organisations fighting on various peoples’ issues besides senior journalists, and a few senior leaders of TRS for his national team.

The buzz in TRS circles is that minister T.Harish Rao will also be included in this team. This fuelled speculations that KCR wants to confine Harish Rao to national politics like his daugther Kavitha.

This would pave way for the smooth transition of power to his son KT Rama Rao and will also ensure that KTR has no alternate power centres in TRS party as well as TRS government.

By taking his daughter Kavitha on Mumbai tour recently to meet Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thakeray and NCP chief Sharad Pawar, KCR gave clear indications that he wants to confine Kavitha to national politics and making her MLC was only a temporary arrangement.

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Kavitha, Harish join KCR, KTR’s ‘letter war’!


TRS president, Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao and his son, IT minister K.T.Rama Rao have launched a ‘letter war’ on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP government at the Centre.

For the past one month, KCR and KTR are writing letters to PM Narendra Modi and union ministers Nirmala Sitharaman, Piyush Goyal, Ashwini Vaishnaw, Nitin Gadkari, Gajendra Singh Shekhawat etc pointing out discrimination being meted out to Telangana in sanctioning of projects and funds, on pending state bifurcation promises and demanding more funds and projects to Telangana in upcoming Union Budget 2022-23 set to be presented in the Parliament in February.

KCR and KTR are also attacking Modi and Centre in their letters.

These letters of KCR and KTR are attracting top headlines in newspapers and TV channels in Telangana while some are garnering the attention of national media.

Now, finance minister T.Harish Rao and MLC Kalvakuntla Kavitha have joined in this ‘letter war’ against BJP.

Incidentally, both Harish Rao and Kavitha wrote letters on the same day on Monday.

In his letter to union finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman, Harish Rao took strong exception to Centre not granting funds to Telangana for the development of backward regions, pending 14th and 15th finance commission grants, denial of funds recommended by NITI Aayog, GST/ IGST arrears etc.

Kavitha on the other hand dashed off a letter to Telangana BJP president Bandi Sanjay to answer why BJP government at the Centre did not sanction a single paise to Telangana for conducting Medaram Jatara, known to be the Asia’s largest tribal festival, even after CM KCR writing series of letters to the Centre in this regard.

Kavitha asked Sanjay to answer why BJP government at the Centre has kept the legislation extending 10 per cent reservations for tribals (STs) pending that was passed by TRS government in Legislative Assembly in 2017.

BJP leaders are angry at entire KCR’s family engaging in letter war against BJP.

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Harish Rao is incharge of the most jinxed ministry


What is the most jinxed ministry in Telangana? No marks for guessing. The health ministry in the Telangana Government is turning out to be a jinxed ministry. In the last seven years of the TRS rule, this ministry saw two sackings and two replacements. The people taking charge of this ministry are either sent packing or replaced.

In the early days of TRS 1.0, Tatikonda Rajaiah, a medical professional himself, was the health minister. Within a few months, he got embroiled in unseemly controversies. Some unsavoury phone call leaks have led to his sacking within just eight months. His exit was unceremonious and Rajaiah could never recover from this fall from grace.

After Rajaiah, Jadcharla MLA Laxma Reddy was made the health minister. He was the health minister till 2018. Though he was re-elected in the 2018 elections, KCR did not give him any ministry. He is now left in the lurch. Then it was the turn of Eatala Rajender. His term was marked by Covid scare. Though he worked hard, the situation went out of hand. But meanwhile, differences grew between Eatala and KCR and this lead to KCR’s removal from the cabinet.

Then KCR himself handled the health ministry for some time. Excepting for a couple of review meetings, he did nothing. His nephew Harish Rao himself was handling the ministry. Now this has been formalised and Harish has been given the additional charge of the health ministry. Amid rumours that Harish could be the next target of KCR after Eatala Rajender, his taking over the health ministry has become the talk of the town. Will he go the Rajaiah way or Eatala way or Laxma Reddy way?

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Is Harish Rao ‘leaking’ his own audios on Huzurabad bypoll?


TRS senior leader and finance minister T.Harish Rao who is spearheading TRS campaign and poll strategy in Huzurabad Assembly constituency since June, seems to be adopting a new strategy as October 30 polling day nears.

The ‘leaked’ audio clippings of Harish Rao are suddenly surfacing on various social media platforms

In these audio clippings, Harishs is heard telling TRS local leaders in Huzurabad that latest party survey reports and intelligence reports came out, which state that TRS candidate Gellu Srinivas Yadav is going to defeat BJP candidate Etala Rajender with a majority of over 25,000 votes.

Harish is holding teleconferences with party’s local leaders in Huzurabad every hour a day ahead of polling on October 30.

Now the question arises who is leading ‘audio clips’ of teleconferences held by Harish Rao.

Speculations are rife in TRS circles that Harish himself is leaking his own audios as part of KCR’s strategy to play mind games on BJP and send a message to voters across Huzurabad that TRS is winning this bypoll and thereby making BJP leaders and cadre in Huzurabad nervous before polling.

But will this strategy work out for TRS? BJP leaders and cadre are countering Harish’s predictions on TRS victory saying that Harish received survey reports that BJP is winning this seat with 25,000 majority but to boost up TRS leaders and cadre’s moral ahead of polling, Harish manipulated the surveys.

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Missing Harish Rao and Kavitha creates a flutter in TRS!


The TRS celebrated two years of its formation in a grand manner in Hyderabad on Monday (today).

However, the absence of finance minister T.Harish Rao and MLC Kalvakuntla Kavitha in these celebrations has created a flutter in TRS.

Because both are important leaders in TRS. While Harish Rao is the nephew of TRS chief and Telangana CM KCR, who is with KCR since formation of party in 2001, Kavitha is none other than the daughter of KCR.

There is already a big debate in TRS circles that KCR sidelined Harish Rao and Kavitha in TRS to make way for his son KTR to become party president and CM in the future.

At this juncture, the absence of Harish and Kavitha from such a big meeting like plenary became a heated debate in political circles.

Harish was confined to Huzurabad Assembly constituency since July where he is campaigning for the bypoll on October 30.

Kavitha on the other hand went to Dubai on October 23 to showcase Bathukamma on world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa.

Party sources say Kavitha continued her vacation in Dubai and not returned to Hyderabad to take party in plenary as anyway, she is not getting prominence in the party and in the TRS government even after becoming MLA a year ago.

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Harish meet Vivek: Sets off speculation in Telangana politics


Is the TRS planning something very big to upset the BJP’s plans in Huzurabad? Is it trying to lure former MP and money-bag politico G Vivek into the TRS. If Vivek is lured into the BJP, the party would be left without a major funder for the party. So, the reports that TRS minister and KCR’s nephew Harish Rao met Vivek secretly at the latter’s residence are causing disquiet in the BJP.

Highly placed sources say that Harish Rao went over to Vivek’s house late in the night and invited him into the TRS. Vivek is an important cog in the BJP wheel as he is from the scheduled caste and is big leader. Also, he owns V6 TV channel and Velugu newspaper. An industrialist, Vivek is very useful to the BJP. However, of late, he is upset with the BJP over not getting the kind of importance that he deserves. He is unhappy over not getting a favourable response on Rajya Sabha seat.So, the TRS is trying capitalise on this discontent.

Sources say that the TRS has offered him a Rajya Sabha seat. In return, he would have to join the party. While one does not know what Vivek’s response is. But if Vivek leaves the BJP, it would be a big blow for the party especially at a time when the Huzurabad bypolls are round the corner.

Vivek, who comes from a diehard Congress family, joined the TRS when the Telangana agitation was at its peak. However, the TRS marginalised him and forced him out of the party. He went back to the Congress and then joined the BJP. He has been playing a key role in the BJP affairs and is said to have played a key role in getting Eatala Rajender into the BJP.

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Why was Harish not invited to KCR’s Delhi programme?


The launch of the works on the TRS office in Delhi was a gala affair. No wonder, everyone who is someone in the TRS was there to mark the occasion. The ministers and the MPs were there in tow. The office bearers made their presence felt. But, there were two top TRS leaders who were conspicuous by their absence.

KCR’s daughter and former TRS MP Kavitha Kalwakuntla and TRS’s troubleshooter Harish Rao were absent.

While Kavitha is said to be on a vacation abroad abd us said to have skipped even the Rakhi Bandhan this year, Harish is very much available in Telangana. He is currently busy with the campaign in Huzurabad. He could have spent a few hours to be in Delhi for the occasion. But, he could not come to Delhi and was tied up in Huzurabad.

Party insiders say that if KCR wanted he could have asked Harish Rao to be in Delhi for the inauguration. But, there was no formal invitation from either the party or from the top boss to Harish Rao. Insiders say that this was a deliberate attempt to show him his place in the party. This is KCR’s way of telling Harish Rao’s position in the pecking order.

The party sources are speaking in hushed tones about how the party leadership is using Harish Rao and is sidelining him when he is not wanted. Harish Rao is being used for the all-important Huzurabad elections, but he is not needed when the party’s key office is being constructed. Sources say Harish Rao knows this but is deliberately keeping a low profile. Sources said that he is biding his time in the party.

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Huzurabad tension for ‘trouble shooter’


No leader appears to be more tensed in TRS than TRS senior leader and minister T Harish Rao over the outcome of upcoming Huzurabad by poll.

This is because TRS chief and Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao has entrusted the task of Huzurabad victory to only Harish Rao, who is known as ‘trouble shooter’ in TRS.

Since TRS is in trouble now due to Etela Rajender, Huzurabad task was given to trouble shooter Harish.

Harish’s situation too is not good these days. KCR entrusted Dubbak by poll task to Harish in November 2020. But Harish received a jolt from BJP which wrested seat from TRS in Harish’s own Undivided Medak district.

Harish realized that the situation is no better in Huzurabad as TRS lacks a strong candidate who can match a leader of stature of Rajender.

For this reason, Harish did not visit Huzurabad so far and has been operating from Siddipet.

Harish is holding meetings everyday in Siddipet and luring Etela’s supporters into TRS by making bumper offers.

Harish is preparing ground to completely isolate Etela from TRS leaders and cadre in Huzurabad before he steps in his constituency.

Harish supporters feel that KCR instead of handing over Huzurabad responsibility to his son KTR, he cleverly roped in Harish, to see that KTR’s image is not hit if TRS loses and Harish can be blamed for this.

KTR represents Siricilla constituency in Undivided Karimnagar district under which Huzurabad too falls. But he was not made in charge for Huzurabad.

Harish represents Siddipet in Undivided Medal district. He no way relates to Karimnagar district. But still he was made in charge.

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No Etela, no minister post for Harish Rao!


Sacked health minister and BJP leader Etela Rajender on Sunday made sensational comments on senior TRS leader and finance minister T Harish Rao.

Addressing a meeting of BJP party activists in Huzurabad, Etela revealed how Harish Rao got minister post for a second time in KCR cabinet after TRS came to power for second term in December 2018.

Etela said after KCR became CM for the second term in December 2018, KCR had decided not to take me and Harish into his cabinet.

For that reason, KCR formed cabinet with just one minister Mahmood Ali on December 12, 2018 and he continued the one-member cabinet for over two months till February 19, 2019.

After I raised a strong protest in February 2019, he took me into the cabinet but kept Harish out,” Etela said.

“I felt bad after Harish was kept out of cabinet because myself and Harish worked for TRS sincerely and committedly since 2001 and we both took part in Telangana statehood agitation till 2014 actively and worked day and night to strenghen and protect TRS from the onslaught of then Andhra rulers.I waited till August with the hope that Harish will be inducted into the cabinet. With no indications from KCR in this regard, I raised my voice again on August 29, 2019 at a meeting in Huzurabad saying TRS party does not belong to a single individual or family but to all those who fought for Telangana since the inception of party in 2001. I said those who worked in TRS from the beginning are all owners of the party,” Etela recalled.

Etela stated that only after he made these comments on August 29, 2019, KCR feared revolt in TRS and took Harish into his cabinet within a week on September 8, 2019.

Etala said although Harish may be criticising him today under the pressure of KCR and his family, he knows from the bottom of his heart that he got minister post for second time because of Etela Rajender and if Etela was not there for him in those days, KCR would have thrown Harish out of TRS then itself like I was thrown out of TRS now.

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Harish brings’ defected TRS councillors’ back into TRS within 24-hrs!


The ruling TRS and opposition BJP are playing a sort of ‘musical chair game’ in Undivided Medak district, the home district of TRS chief and CM K Chandrashekar Rao and finance minister T Harish Rao, in engineering defections in each other party.

The BJP on Tuesday engineered a defection in Dubbak municipality by taking two TRS councillors into its fold.

The two TRS councillors Diviti Kanakaiah (ward no.7) and D Balakrishna (ward no.8) joined BJP in the presence of BJP Dubbak MLA Raghunandan Rao.

This embarrassed TRS, KCR and Harish a lot as it happened in their home district.

Harish immediately sprung into action to bring back defected councillors into TRS.

Within 24 hours, Harish managed to bring them back into TRS.

The two defected councillors rejoined TRS in the presence of Harish today (Wednesday). They expressed apologies for leaving TRS and alleged that BJP leaders lured and mislead them with false promises on developing their wards by sanctioning funds.

They said they will always remain loyal to KCR and TRS.

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Will own moral responsibility for defeat: Harish Rao


Finance minister Harish Rao and Dubbaka star poll campaigner said he will own moral responsibility for the defeat the party suffered at the hands of the BJP in the byelections.

“I accept moral responsibility for the defeat. At the same time, my commitment towards the well-being of people in Dubbaka will be uncompromised and unmatched,” Harish Rao asserted. 

He said the party will hold discussions to assess the reason for defeat in the bypolls. “There could be several reasons for the defeat. The party will hold meetings and assess the reasons for the same. The party is dedicated to the overall development of the state, and we will continue to do so,” Harish Rao said.

Harish Rao single-handedly campaigned for the party’s candidate in Dubbaka. He aggressively campaigned in the constituency by tearing into the BJP camp. He tried to expose the BJP on a host of issues like the central government’s share in schemes like KCR Kit and pensions for beedi workers. 

He also slammed the central government for not clearing dues of Rs 11,180 crore. Harish Rao told Dubbaka voters that development would be possible only if the ruling party wins since the TRS-led government will be in power for the next three years, but the message seems to have clearly failed.

With the party’s defeat in the bypolls, Harish Rao could once again be sidelined. Already there is a buzz that there is a growing power tussle between KTR and Harish Rao.

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We have to live with virus, says KTR, Harish Rao


After Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy, Telangana MAUD minister K T Rama Rao and irrigation minister Harish Rao said people should learn to live with the coronavirus indicating there might be no early tapering off of Covid-19.

Talking to municipal commissioner and additional collectors via video-conference, KTR said there are higher chances of transmission of corona virus once the staggered lockdown is lifted in the state. “Living with the virus is a reality. Till now there is no vaccine, until that time we have to adjust our lifestyle to the reality,” KTR said.

Further, with monsoon approaching, KTR asked the officials to also focus on pre-monsoon cleaning and epidemic prevention activities. Pointing out that Dengue fever and communicable diseases tend to rear up during the monsoon period, he asked officials to redouble the sanitation activities and take all precautionary measures to combat monsoon diseases. In this regard, he sought the community support and people participation.

Meanwhile, Harish Rao at a press briefing said people have to make corona virus prevention guidelines a part of their lives as a behavioral change. “We have to live with the virus. We don’t know for how long, it could be for 3 months or six months or 1 year. Social distancing will be new normal until the time someone makes a vaccine for the virus. People should follow the required do’s and don’ts. No one knows for how long the lockdown will continue. We have to continue to follow the physical distancing to combat this virus.”

He appealed to the people of Siddipet to strictly follow the physical distancing norm and other regulations to combat the virus and asked people not to take the virus casually though Siddipet is declared green zone. Further, Harish Rao said those who fail to wear masks will face a fine of Rs1,000.

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KCR & Harish! Is this ‘realistic budget’?

For the last several months, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has been expressing severe concern over the present ‘economic recession’ sweeping the country, saying that recession has adversely impacted the Telangana state economy and state government earnings.

He made several statements that his government will present a ‘realistic budget’ in the backdrop of recession but not increase the budget size for ‘false pride’.

KCR himself presented a ‘realistic budget’ last year by slashing the budget size by 20 per cent from Rs 1.82 lakh crore in ‘vote on account’ budget in Febuary 2019 to Rs 1.46 lakh crore in ‘full fledged budget’ in September 2019.

But when T Harish Rao presented budget in Assembly for the first time in his capacity as finance minister on Sunday, everyone was shocked to see a ‘jumbo budget’, in which the budget size was increased to Rs 1.82 lakh crore.

On one hand, Harish in his speech talked about the adverse impact of recession on Telangana economy, how Telangana government’s revenues dipped due to reduction in revenue collections and cut in central grants.

On the other hand, he presented a jumbo budget by fudging the figures over last year.

He could not explain from where the government will mobilise the resources to achieve the ‘jumbo budget’ targets.

Harish hass pegged the budget size at a whooping Rs.1,82,914.42 crore. Out of this, the revenue expenditure has been pegged at Rs.1,38,669.82 crore and capital expenditure at Rs.22,061.18 crore. The revenue surplus was estimated at Rs.4,482.12 crore, while the fiscal deficit at Rs.33,191.25 crore.

Harish said, “This Budget has been prepared against the backdrop of overall economic slowdown gripping the Indian economy. The economy is facing slowdown for the past one and a half years. As a result, there is reduction in tax devolution and other transfers to the State by the Centre, and decline in the growth of State revenues. There is an immediate need to keep up the growth momentum in the State. The tax devolution from Centre to the State is expected to be lower in 2019-20 by Rs.3,731 crore as compared with the budget estimates. There are delays and shortfalls in the release of State’s share in Integrated Goods and Services Tax and GST compensation. Following the economic slowdown, the growth of the State’s own revenues in 2019-20 (till the end of February) is estimated to be at 6.3%, much below the growth of 16.1% achieved in 2018-19. 3. On top of this, following the recommendations of the Fifteenth Finance Commission, there will be a reduction in the share of Telangana in Central tax devolution from 2.437% to 2.133 % resulting in reduction of tax devolution by an amount of Rs.2,384 crore in 2020-21.”

After giving the above lengthy explanation on the impact of economic recession on Telangana, no one could understand how KCR and Harish approved this ‘jumbo budget’.

KCR and Harish should now explain: Is this realistic budget or unrealistic budget?

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Harish Rao ignored by YSRCP leaders and TTD officials!


TRS senior leader and Telangana finance minister T Harish Rao’s position seems to be turning from bad to worse.

TRS party chief and Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao has sidelined Harish Rao both in the TRS and also in the TRS government, while he is promoting his son KTR both in the party and the government. Speculations are rife that KTR will be made as CM anytime in 2020.

On Monday, Harish got yet another shocker in Andhra Pradesh, as he was ignored by both YSRCP leaders and also TTD officials.

Harish was in Tirumala to have darshan of Lord Venkateshwara on the occasion of Vaikunta Ekadasi on Monday.

However, Harish was shocked to find that there was no one to receive him at the temple.

On the other hand, KCR’s son KT Rama Rao was accorded a grand welcome at Tirumala.

YSRCP leaders and TTD officials queued up at the temple to welcome KTR at Tirumala right from his arrival at the Renigunta airport on Sunday evening till he had darshan of the Lord during VIP break darshan on Monday. KTR was accompanied by his wife, son and daughter.

YSRCP MP PV Midhun Reddy, MLA Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy, a host of local YSRCP leaders and TTD officials accorded him a grand welcome at the airport and also at the temple. They accompanied KTR’s family in the temple.

Harish too is entitled for protocol at Tirumala temple as a minister from Telangana State. But no one bothered to follow the protocol. Harish had to wait for longer time at the temple as neither anyone received him nor made any arrangements for his darshan of the Lord.

Though Harish tried to reach out to TTD officials, there was no response. At one point, Harish reportedly got angry and decided to return Hyderabad without having darshan.

However, the timely involvement of TTD board member from Telangana, Damodar Rao has saved the day for Harish. Damodar Rao made arrangements for Harish and ensured Harish got VIP break darshan along with other VIPs.

An angry Harish returned to Hyderabad immediately after darshan as he was not keen on staying in Tirumala any longer.

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Son, nephew’s induction into cabinet is KCR’s calculated move


The induction of both son and nephew into the cabinet by Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao shows that he doesn’t want to take any chances in the wake of Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) aggressive attempts to consolidate the gains made in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

As the outcome of Lok Sabha polls spoiled his plans to move to Delhi to play a key role in national politics leaving the Chief Minister’s post for his son K.T. Rama Rao, KCR, as the Chief Minister is popularly known, realised that he can’t afford to give any room to the BJP, which is in an aggressive mode to expand its base in the state.

By inducting nephew T. Harish Rao into the cabinet and allotting him key portfolio of finance, the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) has tried to leave no room for any dissidence in the party.

It was being speculated that KCR was sidelining Harish Rao to pave the way for his son KTR to take over the mantle. He had, in fact, made all preparations for KTR’s elevation by making him the TRS working president after it retained the power with a landslide win in December 2018. KCR wanted to focus on national politics as he had floated the idea Federal Front as an alternative to both the BJP and the Congress.

In the first cabinet expansion, KCR kept both KTR and Harish Rao out, who were part of his previous cabinet.

Holding several important portfolios, like industry, information technology, urban development and municipal administration, KTR had emerged as the number two. His cousin Harish Rao was minister for irrigation.

The buzz in political circles was that Harish was kept out to block any problem in KTR’s elevation after the Lok Sabha polls. But by retaining power at the Centre and with a huge majority, the BJP dashed KCR’s hopes of playing a role in national politics.

KCR also suffered a setback as the BJP increased its tally of Lok Sabha seats to four from just one in the 2014 Lok Sabha. With the Congress too bagging three seats, the TRS failed in its game-plan to win all 17 seats, including a seat of its ally All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM).

KCR also suffered a big blow as his daughter K. Kavitha lost to the BJP in Nizamabad. Since then the BJP has been projecting itself as the alternative to the TRS. The BJP central leaders too have started focusing on the state with an aim to gain power in 2023. It also wooed leaders from other parties, including a couple of them from the TRS.

“In such a situation, keeping Harish Rao out could have created a problem for KCR,” said a political analyst.

While KTR has been allotted the same portfolios he was holding in the previous cabinet, Harish Rao has been entrusted with the key portfolio of finance.

“KCR advanced the Assembly election dates and succeeded. This time in the face of aggressive defection planned by the BJP, he didn’t want to take any chances,” analyst Telakapalli Ravi told IANS.

“It also signifies growing vulnerability of KCR and that he can’t afford to take unilateral decisions as he had thought after winning the second term with a massive majority,” he said.

“KCR has taken a measured and less-risky step in his cabinet expansion,” says another analyst P. Raghava Reddy.

Ravi believes KCR will be hard pressed to provide any logical explanation as to why he delayed the inevitable for so long. “Harish Rao also proved his loyalty by not uttering a word of protest or displaying signs of any misadventure,” said Ravi, pointing out that Harish Rao had also offered to work under KTR.

KCR also inducted two women into the cabinet to silence his opponents, who had been targeting him for giving no representation to women in his previous cabinet.

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Harish Rao loses irrigation: KCR master plan


Telangana Minister T Harish Rao was widely known for his liking for the irrigation ministry. He efficiently ran this during the first term of TRS Regime. But now, KCR retained irrigation ministry while allotting finance ministry to Harish. This has triggered political speculation over what would be the actual plan of TRS boss for the future of his nephew. On the other hand, KT Rama Rao was given the same old ministries of information technology and municipal administration.

Rumours say that KCR is certainly keeping a tight control over Harish Rao in order to strengthen KTR’s position further in the party set-up. There’s a clear succession plan to make it smoother for KTR in the coming days. TRS leaders dismiss it saying that KCR intends to closely monitor the irrigation ministry himself because of historic projects like Kaleswaram. Moreover, KCR is closely coordinating with CM Jaganmohan Reddy on diversion of the Godavari river waters to Srisailam project to make Rayalaseema prosperous.

KCR also retained the revenue ministry for the sake of implementing reforms in the revenue administration without resistance from the employees and the people.

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Telangana CM again expands cabinet, inducts son, nephew


Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao on Sunday expanded his cabinet with the induction of six ministers including his son K.T. Rama Rao and nephew T. Harish Rao.

The new ministers were administered oath of office and secrecy by Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan at a ceremony held at the Raj Bhavan at 4.14 p.m.

The four other minister who took oath are P. Sabita Indra Reddy, Gangula Kamalakar, Puvvada Ajay and Satyavati Rathod.

Chief Minister Chandrashekhar Rao, his ministers, leaders of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS), MPs, state legislators and senior officials attended the ceremony.

Interestingly, Soundararajan administered oath to new ministers a few hours after she was sworn in as the Governor.

Chandrasekhar Rao, who had no woman minister in his cabinet during the first term, inducted two women – Sabita Indra Reddy and Satyavati Rathod.

Three of the newly-inducted ministers had earlier served as ministers.

K.T. Rama Rao and Harish Rao were in the cabinet during the TRS’ first term in power.

Sabitha was one of the 12 Congress MLAs who had defected to the TRS after the latter retained power. She had earlier served as minister in undivided Andhra Pradesh.

This is the second expansion in the state cabinet since the TRS swept back to power in the elections held in December last year.

With this expansion, the strength of the cabinet has gone up to 18, the maximum permitted by the rules.

Chandrasekhar Rao had taken oath as the Chief Minister for the second term on December 13. Home Minister Mehmood Ali also took oath with him.

KCR expanded his cabinet on February 19 by inducting 10 ministers.

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KTR and Harish to become Ministers: Cabinet expansion


Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrsekhara Rao is all set for Cabinet expansion on Sunday. His son and TRS Working President KT Rama Rao is certain to be inducted into the Ministry. Reports say that KCR’s nephew T. Harish Rao’s name is also being considered for Ministry. In all, six new faces will be there in the already 12-member strong Cabinet most likely. One or two ministers are expected to be dropped. Political circles are discussing whether Minister Eetela Ravinder will face KCR anger this time. Incoming Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan has been informed about the expansion.

The other leaders likely to get ministry are Sabita Indra Reddy, Puvvada Ajay Kumar, Gangula Kamalakar, Rekhya Naik or Satyavati. Former Minister Nayini Narasimha Reddy is likely to be made RTC Chairman. MLC Palla Rajeswar Reddy may be given vice chairman post of Mission Bhageeratha.

Nalgonda MLC Gutta Sukhender Reddy is expected to be made Legislative Council Chairman. There were rumours in the past that Sukhender Reddy will be made a Minister by dropping Malla Reddy from the Ministry. But the latest political equations have changed dramatically Huzurnagar by-election.

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Ministry to KTR? Suspense on Harish Rao


Telangana CM K Chandrasekhara Rao is all set to expand his Cabinet soon once again. He has not given ministerial berth to his son KT Rama Rao in the first expansion. At that time, KTR became the TRS Working President. Since then, there has been an increasing demand from within and outside the party for taking KTR back into the Cabinet. MIM President Asaduddin Owaisi has even tweeted in favour of KTR to be seen as Minister again.

Following these developments, there is speculation in Telangana that it is almost decided on KTR ministry. The IT, industry and municipal administration ministries are still with KCR. In the previous term, KTR has held these ministries and developed close rapport with the stakeholders concerned. Now, the IT industry leaders and others are asking for KTR to be their minister once again.

Former minister Harish Rao is also standing chances of getting ministry. But there is still suspense as KCR has not given any indications in this regard. Moreover, Harish is lying low because of reduced importance to him as of now. TRS leaders say that MLC Gutta Sukender Reddy is also likely to be given ministry along with KTR. KCR has given a promise to Gutta in the past. Right now, there are 12 ministers in the KCR Cabinet. There is a chance for inducting seven more ministers this time.

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