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KTR sold ice-cream for Rs50000, now sell Chilli for Rs10000 – TDP


Leader of Telugu Desam Party in Telangana A Revanth Reddy came down heavily on the Telangana government for their unscrupulous attitude towards Chilli farmers. Speaking at the Khammam TDP Rythu Deeksha, he asked, “if KTR sold ice cream for 50000 rupees, why is he not selling quintal Chilli for 10000 rupees?”
The TDP leader questioned, if the government is not able give fair price for 2lakh acres of crop, how will they pay for 1 crore acres. Revanth Reddy further held that the government is giving fair price for cinemas but not for farmers.

TDP organized protest condemning the manner in which farmers were arrested and handcuffed on April 30 when they protested against the falling Mirchi prices. He said farmers tried to protest as the traders were trying to cheat them. Revanth Reddy critiqued Minister Tummala Nageshwar Rao’s attitude towards farmers.

The TRS minister reacting to the allegations said that the KCR government is doing more than expected for Agriculture by giving current, developing fields and laying roads. Nageshwar Rao further said that TDP has no moral right to speak about Telangana movement.

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KTR sends a strong message to “Think Tidy”


Hyderabad is a city where there is outpouring love and compassion. The environment and cleanliness in the city is shaped not only by those in influential positions but by everyone who lives or work in the city of pearls.

Heavy rain with strong winds with speed of around 120 to 150 kmph in a hailstorm created mayhem in the capital city on Tuesday night. Around 300 trees fell to the ground. Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) wrestled with the fallen trees to clear the path. GHMC team along with along with members of the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) have been working to restore services and bring back normalcy.

One such affected user took to twitter and asked KTR to send GHMC officials to remove the fallen branches of an uprooted tree. KTR said “Don’t get me wrong but why can’t you & your friends try & do some basic cleanup instead of leaving it for @GHMCOnline Afterall it’s our city”. The Minister in just one tweeted conveyed that cleanliness of the city begins by cleaning one’s mind.

Also, this is the best time to plant a tree in Hyderabad as a respect to the fallen 300 trees, especially for the tree near Hasmathpet that fell to the ground after 200-years of existence. In the words of Anchor and actor Pradeep Machiraju “it’s the duty of each one of us to regain the Green! Let’s unite to make this place(Hyderabad) a better one by planting more trees”

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70 Pharma units shut in a fortnight


In the Indian pharmaceuticals sector, Hyderabad has a strategic place especially with the city contributing 30 per cent of the nation’s bulk drugs and vaccines. The upcoming Pharma city is anticipated to boost the sector itself. Minister KTR said that the cluster will offer industry-best infrastructure and will itself provide environmental clearances to companies.

On the contrary, at present the pharma industry is going through a rough phase with most of its units struggling to survive or locking down. As many as 70 units stopped operating in a fortnight. The reason is attributed to the higher production costs, factory licence rules and the exorbitant restrictions from Pollution Control Board (PCB). The strict PCB rules make it challenging for product changeovers, in a way curbing innovation in the Pharma industry.

With over 340 pharma units as members, Telangana Association for Pharma & Chemical Industries (TAPCI), voiced its concern over the alarming situation in the pharma industry.

Almost 20 per cent of the world’s generic exports are from the Indian pharmaceuticals sector which is thirteenth in value and third largest in terms of volume. The country has around 3,000 pharmaceutical companies. However, Indian active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) manufacturers expressed their apprehensions over the snowballing competition from China. Even Bulk Drug Manufacturers Association (BDMA) are requesting subsidy support and change in approval process for new drugs from the Central government

While the projections indicate that the sector by 2020, will remain sixth in size of business and third position in terms of overall growth, experts claim it will be helplful if drugs and intermediates licence is given, furthermore government ensures low interest on loans and comes up with Industry-friendly rules and regulations in Telangana.

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Pawan Kalyan may want to pull off a KTR

Sometimes the best way to get attention is reviewing the work and avoiding senseless arguments. Everyone is aware that Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan raises the issue of North South divide to get National media’s attention. But media is too busy covering AAP and Arvind Kejriwal, thus giving an edge to the regional media.

The national media is possessed over the charges against Kejriwal for taking two crore rupees bribe. Telangana Minister of IT K T Rama Rao shared the same feels and plainly reminded them that there are states outside Delhi. He tweeted “Am I the only one who finds the obsession of ‘National Media’ with AAP/Kejriwal amusing? Guys, 98% of India is outside of Delhi. Just saying” In just few minutes, consulting editor of so-called National Media said “more focus means more accountability”. The Minister accepted the challenge and asked them to focus on Telangana. Kalyan may want to learn from KTR on how to receive courteous attention without asking for it. Jana Sena supremo is unable to realise such response from National Media using his favorite North-South issue. May be someday his case will be considered, only to lose respect.

Kalyan is always noticed by the regional media and consequently, his each and every action is closely monitored. Before getting ambitious in expanding his horizons at national or international level, Kalyan needs to first be responsible to the regional media and people. A star hero singing the same ridiculous song of divisiveness is no longer national news. There are so many issues in the state and Jana Sena keeps holding the dried branch. TTD EO hailing from north would be hardly a matter of concern to Lord Venkateshwara himself. He has too many issues on his plate as the leaders who were supposed to “question” are wasting time by tweeting on absurd issues. Kalyan may want to take up better subjects to get focus or at least scorn the national media, as the north-south thing is no longer happening.

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Digvijaya claims Telangana Police trapping Muslim youth, draws flak


Senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh on Monday alleged the Telangana Police of setting up a bogus ISIS site to trap Muslim youth. Police termed his claim “unfounded” while the state government asked to show evidence or withdraw the remarks.

The Congress General Secretary, who is in-charge of party affairs in Telangana, made the serious allegations against Telangana police in a series of tweets.

“Telangana Police has set up a bogus ISIS site which is radicalising Muslim Youths and encouraging them to become ISIS Modules.

“The issue is whether Telangana Police should be trapping Muslim Youths in becoming ISIS modules by posting inflammatory information?

“Is It Ethical? Is it Moral? Has KCR authorised Telangana Police to trap Muslim Youths and encourage them to join ISIS? If he has then shouldn’t he own the responsibility and resign? If he hasn’t then shouldn’t he enquire and punish those who are responsible for committing such a heinous crime?” he posted.

Telangana’s Director General of Police Anurag Sharma said the allegations were unfounded and will lower the image of police.

“Unfounded allegations from a senior responsible leader will lower the morale and image of Police engaged in fighting anti-national forces,” Sharma tweeted in reply.

Telangana Minister K. T. Rama Rao, who is also son of Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao, reacted strongly to the allegations.

“Most irresponsible & reprehensible thing coming from a former CM. Request you to withdraw these comments unconditionally or provide evidence,” tweeted Rama Rao.

Rama Rao also told the media in New Delhi that Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi should react and condemn the baseless allegations.

He pointed out that Telangana Police had not only lowered the crime rate in the state but had earned praise from the Central government for cooperating with other states in tackling terrorism and extremism.

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TS Govt signs MoU with Walmart for ten new stores


Ten Walmart stores will be coming up over the next five years in Telangana. The Global retail giant signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Telangana government today.

The company which already has cash-and-carry store in Hyderabad, will add another five such stores in Hyderabad, while the remaining are anticipated to be come up in Karimnagar, Nizambad and other districts. The company will be investing around Rs 800 crore in Telangana which is expected benefit around 3lakh Kirana stores and would generate 2000 employment opportunities.

As per Industries Minister K T Rama Rao, the Telangana government realised the need for a retail policy and is likely to bring out a one soon which will have a heavy focus on better facilitation and speedy clearances.

The MoU was signed by Krish Iyer, president and CEO of Walmart India and Jayesh Ranjan, principal secretary, IT, in the presence of KTR and CEO of Walmart Asia and Canada Dirk Vandenberghe

In total will set up 50 new stores across India and will invest between $10 to 12 million per store
Walmart’s wholly-owned subsidiary Wal-Mart India Pvt Ltd runs 21 cash and carry stores under the Best Price brand across nine states in the country.

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Unsolicited advice to KTR, Lokesh about ‘Twitter Darbar’

Andhra Pradesh Panchayati raj Minister Nara Lokesh in last three days is taking up grievances related to villages on twitter. On the other hand, KTR has been addressing such issues on twitter for quite some time now. While KTR is picky, Lokesh who is a debutant is on problems resolving spree. While the ministers want to lead, let’s hope, they don’t end up nit-picking.

Lokesh’s twitter feed is an outright evidence that there are several problems to be addressed, a few of which have remained unresolved since ages. The twitter grievance redressal system, practiced by these two privileged ministers, is more like a lottery system where only few twitterati are blessed.

Sometimes tweets are judged by the amount of publicity they can generate for the minister.

There is category of requests wherein the minister in his position can hardly do anything. Like –

Lost passport when a person is abroad. A sensible individual should reach out to the Indian Embassy out there rather than reaching to unrelated ministry of IT or Panchayat. Even if anyone knocks on the ‘Twitter Darbars’, there is hardly anything the prince can do apart from rerouting the request through Ministry of External affairs or embassy.

Another practice is tweeting the newspaper clips about needy citizens and seeking assistance from the “Twitter Darbaars”. Even before the advent of twitter, ministers or officials or at times NRIs have reached out to such people as the whole purpose of publishing it, is to get the attention.

There are many similar requests on twitter which are receiving blessings from the ministers. In such cases, if feasible reduce the red-tapism at those embassies or in departments. On a positive note, these blessings are useful for some, but equality should be given importance over publicity. Will the prince ever be able to reach out to the under privileged who do not have access to him? There are established rules and guidelines in place for certain set of complaints. It is absolutely conclusive that few of the tweeple either have lost trust in the machinery or are unaware of the processes.

Cynical about something, without recommending viable solution, is a bad practice. Here are better plans:

At the government level – Programs like “Mee Kosam” in Anantapur and GHMC portal acknowledge the complaint, give a ticket number and the status can be monitored online or sent as a SMS to the aggrieved. On similar lines setting up a call-center or online portal will be the most viable option. Government can also setup a panel with separate twitter handle in which they can request the users to give their ticket numbers if unresolved for some time (SLA model)

At the leaders’ level – Instead of directly taking up unrelated issues the leaders should drive the tweeple to lodge the complaint or request at above said authoritative systems first. If the prince tweets only he will earn praise, if his entire machinery works, his kingdom will get the due credit.

At the twitterati level – While tweeting is easier than walking down to the office, it is important to google before tweeting and become knowledgeable about the rules and processes. A twitter user who constantly seeks the prince’s blessings for merely likes or retweets, is indirectly becoming the desperado for those deprived.

The said approach will also allow the public servants to be fully vested in what they are doing, so they need not bear the brunt of the minister at first itself. Moreover, such system will reduce the burden on the ministers to search through the hundreds of tweets aimed at them each day. Follow-ups do help in rare and exceptional circumstances. However, it should not become a standard practice for basic things too

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KTR sold ice-cream for 5lakh rupees

As a part of Telangana Rashtra Samiti Pink laborers week, Minister K T RamaRao, worked in ice cream parlour. KTR sold ice-cream in a parlor at Kompally and earned 7.30lakh rupees. His richest customer was MP Malla Reddy who bought an ice cream for 5 lakh rupees. Another prominent buyer was a local leader Srinivas Reddy who spent 1lakh rupees to buy ice cream for KTR.

KTR worked as an engineer at a construction site and also sold juice and ice-cream at Qutubullahpur. He was rewarded with 7.30 lakh rupees for a total of 25-minute work. The minister is likely to work for another 2 days. The money he earned will be used to fund the expenses of the annual convention of the TRS. The energy minister G Jagadish Reddy, took up coolie work in Nalgonda district wherein he earned 3 lakh rupees.

Starting today(April14) for a week, TRS leaders will be available for hire for two days against daily wages. The Chief Minister KCR has titled the week-long initiative “Gulabi Cooli Dinalu” (Pink Labour Days) wherein the TRS leaders are expected to earn enough to pay for travel and food expenses to attend their party formation day at Warangal on 27thApril.

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KTR blame game – accuses previous regimes for water problem


Even after two and half years of his government, completing more than half of the term, following many other ruling parties of the country, Telangana Municipal Administration Minister K Tarakarama Rao blames the previous regimes for the prevailing drinking water problem in the `global city’ Hyderabad, especially in the Old City.

Replying to a question in the State Legislative Assembly during Question Hour today, he said however, the State Government was taking corrective steps to improve the water supply position. He admitted that drinking water was one among three major issues for his party’s grand success in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) polls by winning 100 of 150 seats. Other major issues are power and law and order.

He assured that the drinking water needs of the city would be met on priority basis. He said he was ready to convene the meeting of city legislators on the issue and the government was also ready to take up short discussion.

Refuting MIM leader Akbaruddin Owaisi’s accusation that the Old City is being neglected, the minister said that as against the revenue of Rs. 93 crore, the Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWSSB)spends Rs. 115 crore in the Old City. However, he admitted that the government was unable to assess the details of water needs in the Old City. He also listed out various works which were sanctioned for the Old City.

He further said that while previous Congress Government had spent only Rs. 377 crore on HMWSSB from 2009 to 2014, during the last two years, TRS Government had spent Rs. 261 crore and sanctioned 7,624 works worth Rs. 448 crore.

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A Day with KTR : This man means serious business


(Gopal K) 

Being his father’s son is another thing. Catching up with many things and understanding the administrative, political and technological nuances of his typical job description has apparently come so naturally to him, that he seems to represent Gen Z.

This man is something. He holds forth the hopes and aspirations of people of Telangana, especially the younger generation.

KTR — Kalvakunta Taraka Rama Rao is omnipresent. He is ambidextrous — tweets, inspects roads, attends conferences and gives nice quotes on twitter, all at the same time. Of course, his main job which encompasses all the key portfolios – IT, NRI, Industries, Municipal Administration – in the newly formed State of Telangana surely keeps him on toes. Each of these is a full time job in itself. Above all, he is answerable to a very tough boss, the Chief Minister KCR, who doesn’t want to take chances with performance.

How is KTR managing all these things at the same time?  As everyone else, we too wondered how he does all the things at the same time. Telugu360 team reached out to KTR and an affable person that he is, he gladly accepted to do ‘A Day with KTR’ allowing us to take a sneak peek into his typical day’s schedule and present it to our readers.

Upon the advise of the minister, we descended on the hotel in Hyderabad to record his day’s significant itinerary.

9:30 AM – Grand Kakatiya, Hyderabad — Board Room

Early morning, right on time. We don’t see this with politicians much often. But, KTR was there right on dot. After a quick round of handshakes and introductions, he got on to business. The Confederation of Indian Industry was organizing a conference on manufacturing excellence — MAN’EXE to which KTR is the chief guest.

9:30 – 10:30 AM — Board room meeting with CII executives. 

KTR and a senior bureaucrat from Telangana State government, Arvind Kumar, who is the principal secretary of Industries, represented the government.

As CII representatives have explained about different initiatives the CII can take up in Telangana, KTR has begun his probing questions. When a discussion on manufacturing has come up, KTR immediately routes it to his recent visit to Sri Lanka. He has asked the CII delegates, if they can be the interface between Telangana and Sri Lanka governments on textile manufacturing. He has recalled his discussion with Union Minister of State for Commerce Nirmala Seetaraman regarding the trade barriers with Sri Lanka and sought the help of the CII. The minister is clear on what he wants.

This is where KTR has shown the difference. He doesn’t confine his thoughts and ideas just to Telangana. He advised the CII to present the case of South India, including the strengths and advantages of Andhra Pradesh, as a package to investors.

Widening the horizons, the Minister has asked the CII to enlist the strengths of Andhra Pradesh in food processing, prawn-culture and other industrial opportunities; and Tamil Nadu’s potential in Automobile manufacturing. He, however, laid emphasis on textile manufacturing in Telangana.

While Information Technology and automation are slowing down, the minister has asked the CII to explore opportunities and growth areas in IoT (Internet of Things) and other modern realms.

KTR has disclosed that Telangana Government is proposing to organize a mega investment summit next year and sought to know if CII can work with FICCI ( FICCI and CII represent two different industry bodies which usually do not get along very well). When a CII office-bearer expressed apprehensions, KTR has quipped: “When Telangana and Andhra Pradesh can work together, why can’t FICCI and CII? ” This has sent everyone around into peals of laughter.

What’s conspicuous there was a complete departure of the lackadaisical and protocol-prone style of government which was replaced by corporate ambience and culture. The MoM (minutes of meeting) were circulated in a jiffy – hardly less than 10 minutes – by Arvind Kumar, taking the CII delegates by surprise. The actionable points listed and the next course set for their journey ahead.

10:30 – 11:30 AM — Addressing public gathering for CII  

KTR addressed a larger forum of CII audience where he has dwelt at length on the various initiatives the State Government is muling to rope in more industries to set up shop. He spoke at length on the TS-iPass, its initiatives where industries would get clearances in 15 business days, else they are deemed to have been approved. He has averred the specifics on how more than 2,000 companies have received approvals in this process. He made his point sans any confusion.

11:30AM – 12:30 PM – Board Room 

While the minister is passing through the pre-arranged grind of back-to-back meetings, those who wanted to see him have been waiting for his audience. And, their number only has swollen. Soon, enough the minister got on to keep the appointments and converted the Board Room in Grand Kakatiya into his temporary office.

His core team of trusted lieutenants — Tirupati, Dileep and Mahesh — make sure all the appointments are kept and nothing goes awry. This helped KTR finish a quick meet with aeronautical manufacturers and other local business leaders. “We can’t waste the Minister’s time in traveling between different meeting venues. So we plan his schedule in such a way that he can do it at the same place where the longer meetings are also conducted,” says Dileep, Digital director for Telangana IT Ministry.

12:30 – 1 PM ( lunch) 

It was the time to grab a quick grub to catch up with other schedules. KTR quickly checked with the Hotel executives if they are ok with organizing a working lunch in the board room. However, factoring in the grind involved in making arrangement and the time it consumes, he has headed to the restaurant. And, we have accompanied him.

There is no constraint for selfies with this young minister of Telangana, who is the style statement of the State. Selfies is his signature style to leave an indelible impression among those who desire to take a pic with him. He is ready to pose. Parting shot at any meet is usually a photo shoot, rather selfie shoot for KTR. It’s for you to ask, he would never disappoint you, however tight a schedule he has. He knows how much connect those few seconds establish with his subjects.

It’s like the pumping of blood by the heart. The functioning is perennial and constant. KTR isn’t a man who loses a minute or two on trivia. He used the lunch time to prepare for his next meeting with Malaysian delegation. He gets briefing from Sujai on the same.

Now a bit about lunch. The delectable delicacies and mouthwatering fish, succulent chicken have indeed tickled the taste buds of the young man. But then, he was in a tearing hurry referring to his human notebook, Sujai.

Yet, he did not lose sight on what to eat. He wasn’t on to rice and a grand narrative of the smorgasbord, for it was a day typified with all trappings of his official rigmarole.

It seemed the minister is masticating the information about the impending meeting and swallowing the food.

Sujai has explained about Penang model and how manufacturing excellence achieved there in 1980s can be replicated and implemented in Telangana now. KTR has that quintessential quizzical streak in him. As the briefing moved ahead in harmonic progression, salvos have begun pouring out like bullets in geometric progression.

Sujai fielded with dexterity queries on whether Penang model is still relevant and why can’t the Japan/Chinese models such as JIT (Just in Time) be adopted. As his PA told that Malaysian delegation has arrived, KTR has rushed out, just after tasting the dessert. He was actually half done with lunch. Most days, it is like that or he skips lunch, at times.

1 – 2:30 PM — Grand Kakatiya Banquet hall 

Typical of a workaholic that he is, KTR has begun discussions with Deputy Chief Minister of Penang, an island state in Malaysia. It’s as if the duo have been engaged in the dialogue for a long time. KTR has explained how Telangana and Penang can collaborate on textile manufacturing, and hi-tech solar panels manufacturing.

Though KTR stays focused on hi-tech, his concern remains on leveraging its advantage for the benefit of rural economy and rural empowerment. Hence, the effort to get textiles and solar.

2:30 – 3 PM — On the way to HITEX 

As soon as he’s done with the Malaysian delegation, we headed to HITEX for a Cablenet conference. KTR stands out in more than one way. He doesn’t have a convoy and his vehicle stops at every signal and waits for its turn, in a country where even a small time police officer manages to throw the rules to the wind and pave way for himself. He never has more than one extra car in his entourage.

KTR gets a briefing from Sujai Karampuri, Director ITE&C, Telangana Govt on the talk points for the next meeting in the car.  He never las behind while staying current with things happening around. KTR quickly checks his mobile phone to know what is happening in social media and tweets about CII conference.

3 – 5 PM — Cablenet conference at HITEX

It’s an absolute chaos and lusty cheers as KTR steps in, as if some pompous Bollywood star has descended on the place. People began jostling and falling around and all over him to draw his attention and catch a glimpse of the minister. With a view to preventing this, the cablenet team has employed bouncers. “KTR hates using bouncers, but I don’t have any option. KTR might be unhappy with me for this, but I don’t have any other way to protect him in this crowd,” admits candidly one of the main organizers of Cablenet.

KTR at CableNet
KTR at CableNet

The jostling and milling crowd was such that Sujai, advisor to KTR for this conference, wasn’t able to go near the minister as a security blanket cordoned off the minister. Sujai was indeed supposed to walk the minister through all the stalls.

As KTR addressed the multi-system operators (MSOs) and switches gear seamlessly into Telugu. A gift of the gab he inherited from his dad and Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, the minister demonstrated his loquacious competency in his mother tongue, Telugu, while explaining about how government will help MSOs and not choke them.

“KTR exactly drove home the point. A very few people can do that so effectively. He makes my job easier and now I don’t have to field all the questions from MSOs as it came directly from horse’s mouth,” says an elated Sujai. As it is becoming chaotic, KTR’s security has escorted him out of the venue.

As the official programs concluded, the Telugu360 team took leave of the minister, who moved on to his personal appointments. A busy day, indeed.

Some observations:

  • KTR has the best team to ideate and implement policies and programs. Senior bureaucrats like Arvind Kumar and Jayesh Ranjan are heart and soul of the minister. They make functioning of the minister hassle-free with breakneck speed. This naturally eases his stress in handling multiple portfolios.
  • A big shout-out to Tirupati (PA to KTR). Based on our conversation with people, we understand Tirupati is the eyes and ears of the minister. He seems to know what KTR likes and what he dislikes and takes complete care of him.
  • Dileep Konatham, an alumnus of Google, is the Director of Digital Media, Telangana State Government’s IT department. He takes care of the Minister’s and the Government’s Digital Media platforms. He also facilitates the Minister’s coordination with various Telangana Government, Non-Government and corporate institutions within and outside the State.
  • Mahesh is the media face of KTR. He makes sure all events of KTR are covered and with necessary pep and accurate information.

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TS to launch KG to PG free education next year : KTR


Telangana IT and Municipal Administration minister KT Ramarao said Shamirpet area of Hyderabad would be developed into an education hub with institutes of international repute. Laying foundation stone for the Rs 370-crore expansion program of BITS-Pilani at Shamirpet he said the area already earned recognition from the NALSAR. In future more institutes with world standards will come up here ,he said. Stating the Hyderabad had all qualifications to become education hub, Ramarao said, the state was planning to bring a private universities bill. The bill would be introduced in the forthcoming budget session, he added. He informed that many more institutes in Hyderabad are planning t expand their campuses and it would bring Hyderabad on a par with any education hub abroad. Explaining the plans of TRS government with regard to providing quality education, the IT minister said KCR government was giving top priority to this aspect and it was aim of the government that Hyderabad should excel all other centres in India in the field of education.

” We have twin objective in mind when we talk of quality education. One is imparting best education to the students and make available experts to the state in various fields,” he said.

He announced that the government would launch the ambitions KG to PG compulsory and free education from 2016-17. He said while implementing the scheme the government would no compromise on the quality of education.

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KTR releases 100-day action plan for Hyderabad development


Telangana new municipal minister K T Ramarao today announced an ambitious 100-day action plan for the development of Hyderabad city.

The Action Plan was prepared incorporating many of the promises chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and KTR himself gave to the people during campaign to the GHMC elections. The campaign was led by KTR.

Ramarao, who has been entrusted with the responsibilities of Municipal Administration and Urban Development, following landslide victory in GHMC polls, said addressing the people’s grievances would be the top priority and an app and a portal would be created for the complaints. Ramarao said the city would soon have 40 model markets at various places. They would be constructed at a cost of Rs 28 crore. The GHMC , he said, would construct a 25 km cycle track with world-class standards.
To enhance the employability of youth in Hyderabad, GHMC would start skill development programs in a big way. The other important items incorporated in the action plan are:

1. Cleaning of Hussain Sagar Lake will be taken up in three phases
2. Establishing 20 parks in various colonies and setting up 150 gyms
4. All applications pending under LRS and BRS schemes
5. speedy collection of garbage
6. Release of 32,000 new tap connections
7. completion of the pending reservoirs in Hyderabad

8. Rs 100 crore assistance to women’s groups

9. All  on-line clearance for constructions in 30 days

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KCR and KTR gets EC notices for code violation


Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao, his son, and minister K Taraka Rama Rao at the receiving end following Election Commission slapped notices against each other for violation of model code of conduct.

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao and his son, and Panchayat Raj and Information Technology Minister K T Rama Rao are at the receiving end on Thursday.
This is following Election Commission slapping notices against each of them for violating model code of conduct that is in force for the Biennial Election to the TS Legislative Council. Giving a twenty four hours time, the EC has asked both of them to respond to the notices with their explanation by Friday.

The EC found fault with the Chief Minister for his alleged announcement in a section of the press that he would develop Khammam on par with Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh.
In regard to KTR, the Election Commission sought an explanation finding fault following welcoming several members of Mandala Praja Parishad Territorial Constituency, and Zilla Parishad Territorial Constituencies from Ranga Reddy and Mahabubnagar districts at the state secretariat. The EC has set a deadline of 48 hours to give their reply, and the notices have been served both of them, the father and son duo have time till Friday evening to tender their explanation to the commission. The commission has reportedly found fault with the chief minister announcing development of Khammam would tantamount to the ruling party using its official position to carry campaign while the model code of conduct is in force. KCR had reportedly made this while admitting several Congress leaders into the party fold on November 28th, at his camp office. Similarly, KTR had admitted people from Congress into party at the state secretariat which is the official seat of a minister.

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Microsoft CEO Invited to unveil TS new policies


Hyderabad: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to unveil the Telagana government’s four innovative and new Information Technology, Innovation and Startup, Electronic System Design and Manufacturing, and Image Policies on December 28, in Hyderabad.

Telangana Information Technology and Panchayat Raj Minister K Taraka Rama Rao said this after inaugurating an Image Incubation Center in city on Saturday. Each of the policies will have unique feature to empower startup’s as wells prospective investors in the state to show their strength, in coming up with innovative products and job creation, he said.

The Microsoft CEO has been invited to unveil these policies during his visit to the city on December 28, he said.

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Telangana IT Minister KTR puts up good show as an IT Minister


Telangana IT Minister KTR puts up good show as an IT Minister. But, yet to score in Panchayat Raj Department to make a mark among rural vote bank of the TRS where his uncle Harish Rao is still a darling of rural folk

Hyderabad: Son of Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao, and the State Information Technology and Panchayat Raj Minister K Taraka Rama Rao is leaving no stone unturned in his efforts to consolidate his strength in the party vis – a – vis his uncle and Irrigation Minister Taneeru Harish Rao. After his active participation in the separate Telangana movement and with the gifted ministry from his father and Chief Minister KCR, KTR has well prepared to in laying a road map for himself, to match his uncle in earning popularity among the masses on his own. “KTR know that the 43 year old Harish Rao is a darling of masses on many counts. Because, Harish has been working for about last 15 years in the field along the side of his uncle KCR, and he knows the pulse of the people. Mainly, Harish is popular among the rural folk in Telangana than in urban segments,” said a senior TRS party leader.

Taking all this into consideration KRT has been working hard on his ‘Mission Consolidation’ from the time he was made a minister in KCR’s cabinet. A senior manager from an IT company, closer to the Telangana IT Minister said, “the kind of job that KTR had worked in USA could be said a very common one that many of our guys from India are working. But, now it is altogether a new KTR one sees. He updated himself in such a way, if now any one approaches him with a proposal or a project, he talks like a top ranked project delivery manager working in a fortune 500 companies,” he added.

Adding further, he is trying to make a mark of his own in developing and promoting IT sector in Hyderabad in particular and Telangana in general. In this way, it was not Harish Rao, but KTR is competing with the brand of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu. For, it was Naidu, known for his efforts as the first man to take the initiative and made brand Hyderabad a success in the IT sector world over. To a greater extent KTR is enjoying his job as IT minister and has put up a quite a good show in last one year.

However, when it comes to Panchayat Raj, except the ambitious Water Grid Programme of the Telangana government, he could not gain his ground in giving his best to this ministry,” say the party insiders. In fact, it was Panchayat Raj where he could connect himself better with the rural masses of the State. By scripting a success story KTR might endear majority of youth in the urban segment and in a few pocket in the quasi urban and rural areas. But, the real litmus test for KTR is to get the rural masses around to establish his brand to be the man second in line of command, feels a TRS MLA. Until then, indisputably it was Harish Rao is remains as a darling among the rural voter base of the TRS, they added.

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Will quit politics if Cong proves corruption in water grid project: KTR


Telangana government’s water grid project is one such project which is not only appreciated by the neighbouring states but it also been huge criticised. The opposition party in the state, Congress recently made allegations that KCR is only releasing funds for the departments which were headed by his son K. Taraka Rama Rao and his nephew T. Harish Rao. They even went on to question how can government allocate crores of money for one project.

Reacting strongly on these allegations, IT and Panchayat Raj minister KTR challenged Congress to prove corruption in water grid project. KTR on Monday inaugurated Water Grid pylon at Medagam of Devalapur mandal of Adialbad district. Speaking on the occasion, the minister said, “I would quit politics if they can prove corruption in this project”.

He also alleged that TRS leaders are not like Congress leaders who have brought this situation for the state by involving in corrupt activities. “We will develop the state in 60 months which the Congress could not do for 60 years,” the minister said.

The CM is working 17 hours a day to develop the state, KTR added.

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‘Bangaru Telangana’ is our ultimate goal: KTR


On the day when all the opposition parties of Telangana have called for a bandh against government for not resolving the problems of farmers, IT and Panchayat Raj minister K Taraka Rama Rao came down heavily on Congress and Telugu Desam Party (TDP). Speaking at Jito Business and Lifestyle Expo at Imperial Gardens in Secunderabad, the minister stated that TRS is the only party which worked hard in making Telangana state a reality and now TRS government will work towards achieving Bangaru Telangana.

Congress and TDP never called for a bandh during Telangana agitation, then why they are troubling the people of state now, he criticised the opposition parties.

“Why were they not showed their love towards farmers during their regime?” KTR questioned.

The state government had already waived 52 per cent of farm loans in the state and are working towards giving a better life to all the needy farmers but opposition parties are creating unnecessary drama for personal gains, the minister added.

He also alleged that the present situation of farmers is only because of the corrupt governance of earlier parties.

We have designed special welfare schemes for the farmers and the government will stand by them, KTR informed.

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TDP to do YSRC in Telangana


Strange are the ways of the politicians in Telugu states. Once Telanana’s arch rival YSRC president Jagan is now a friend of KCR family. TDP once an ally of TRS, is its enemy number 1. Once believed to merge, TRS and Congress are now competing to liquidate each other in politics. Another strange twist is happening in Telangana now . The TDP, is going to hit the road in the new state like Jagan, who is on unending yatra in Andhra Pradesh against farmers’ suicides. In Andhra the YSRC president alleges the suicides in the state have been the result of incomplete loan waiver as the loan installments have only added up to woes of the farmers forcing them to take extreme step of ending their life.

In Telangana, the TDP has taken up same cause and with the same logic. The party is demanding an one-time settlement of debt under loan waiver scheme. The party has set a deadline to TRS government to announce one-time settlement by October 9 or face state wide bandh on October 10. Only difference is in Andhra Pradesh Jagan, true to his dominant nature, is fighting alone, in Telangana the TDP is making common cause with Congress, CPI, CPM, BJP and many other left parties.

The Telangana Telugu Desam Party announced that it was planning a bus yatra in protest against the “anti farmer” policies of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s TRS government. The bus yatras will be organized in association with BJP, it ally. T-TDP president L Ramana and Polit Bureau member R Chandrasekhar Reddy launched their bus yatra today. They expressed concern that the agriculture sector is in crisis and the entire Opposition had been mounting pressure on the government to stop the chain of suicides in the State. They also demanded remunerative prices to farmers. They demanded that the government implement one- time waiver of loans for farmers as assured and moratorium on the loans obtained from the private money lenders to provide relief to farmers which were dire financial stress which was forcing them to commit suicide. on Tuesday, both TDP and BJP started protest fast on the same issue in Gajwel, the constituency of chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao.

“Suspending the entire opposition from Assembly is undemocratic step and shows the dictatorial attitude of chief minister KCR. The manner in which Chandrasekhar Rao is harping on Krishna pushkarams due only next year exposes how serious the government is tackling the crisis faced by farmers,” Ramana said.

They said about 1,535 farmers committed suicide in different parts of the State during the 15-month TRS government rule.

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KTR guarantees three terms for father KCR


According to KT Ramarao, Telangana IT minister and son of chief minister Chandrasekharao , his father will remain as chief minister for three-terms. Talking to a news channel on Saturday, he said,” we want to work under chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao leadership for 15 years. So, there is no scope for differences with anybody, leave alone irrigation minister T Harish RAo.” When asked about the reported differences with Harish Rao, KCR’s sister’s son, Ramarao admitted that there did exist competition between his constituency Sircilla and Harish’s constituency Siddipet.

” This is a health competition between two constituencies. I expect such a competition among all MLAs. Harish Rao and myself were fully busy in our constituency works. When everything is KCR and he will be there for 15 years as chief minister, where is the scope for differences,” he said. The state’ s second in command reiterated that the TRS was pursuing the Maoist while stressing that there would be no compromise on the law and order situation.

In the backdrop of brutal killing of a two Maoists in an encounter in Warangal district, he said the TRS government had adopted the Maoist agenda and trying to implement it. ” As for the socio economic agenda, especially the distribution of land TRS government is still implementing the agenda of Maoists. But, with regard to the law and order situation, TRS government will act like any other responsible state in the country,” he said.

The clarified that the armed struggle of Maoists has never been our agenda.

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KTR demands central help on a par with Bihar and AP


Telangana IT minister K Taraka Ramarao demanded centre that the Telangana state should be treated on equal footing with Andhra Pradesh and Bihar in the matter of announcing a special package. Addressing media in Hyderabad, after the adjournment of Assembly, he said he was not opposed to any package to Andhra Pradesh, but Telangana should not be denied such a facility. “After all, Telangana demand had stemmed from the injustice done to the region in the past 60 years. So, centre should work to towards building level playing field for Telangana by offering liberal assistance. So we demand the centre that Telangana be given a package on a par with Andhra Pradesh,” he said.

He was critical of state BJP leaders and MLAs G Kishan Reddy and Dr Laksman. He asked them why had they been silent when Prime Minister Modi announced a whopping Rs 2.25 lakh crore to BJP. Modi, as prime minister of the country, should not reduce himself to the level of a chief minister of a particular state, he said. ” Narendra Modi is prime minister to Telangana also. Did you put the Bihar package in poll manifesto. If you have the courage to fight, go to Delhi and get the special package for Telangana approved from the center to help the farmers,” he advised state BJP leaders.

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