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HC dismisses BJP, TDP petitions on Tirupati bypoll


The High Court of Andhra Pradesh has dismissed the two petitions filed by the BJP and the TDP seeking cancellation of the April 17 Tirupati by-election. Both the parties have sought the nullification of the bypoll saying that the ruling YCP resorted to large scale use of bogus voters. The court held hearings on the petitions today and ruled that it would not be able to interfere with the election process at this juncture.

BJP candidate and retired IAS officer K. Ratna Prabha filed the first petition seeking a fresh notification for the election. Her advocates brought to the notice of the court that there was vide evidence to show how the ruling YCP leaders brought outsiders to vote in the Tirupati parliamentary constituency.

It was for the first time that Ratna Prabha contested in the direct election after she was retired as the Chief Secretary of Karnataka state. The BJP Delhi leaders have promised to give all their support to her candidature. Her election managers were also forced to complain to the Central Election Commission on the bogus voters problem. Finally, she filed the petition in the court.

The TDP also filed its petition and complained against the serious election violations resorted to by the YCP leaders. The Congress also made serious allegations against bogus voting but it did not go to the court.

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Kodali predicts 4.5 lakh majority in Tirupati bypoll


Amid non-stop allegations, the YCP Ministers have started making counter arguments on the issue of bogus voters in the Tirupati by-election. They say that if there is indeed a problem of fake voters, then the overall polling percentage would have touched 90 percent and above. But actually, just 64.29 percent polling was recorded in the just concluded bypoll and this is over 15.47 percent less than the voting percentage in 2019.

Making these logical arguments, Minister Kodali Nani has come before the media and straightaway launched a scathing attack on the Opposition parties. He asserted that their party would not need any bogus voters for winning the by-election. The Minister confidently said that the YCP nominee would get anywhere around 4.5 lakh majority in the Tirupati bypoll.

Nani’s latest claim further raised doubts among the rival parties about the extent of violations that could have been resorted in the election. On its part, the TDP is challenging whether the YCP Ministers would swear on the God of Tirupati that they did not bring fake voters from outside constituencies.

Even before the poll, the YCP claimed it would get far higher majorities than before and they would cross 3 lakh or 5 lakh. Now, the latest figure given by Nani is 4.5 lakh. The result would be announced on May 2.

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TDP leaders arrested for blocking bogus voters, alleges Naidu


Telugu Desam Party (TDP) supremo and former Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu on Saturday alleged and condemned that police arrested his party leader who tried to block bogus voters in the high octane Tirupati Lok Sabha by-poll.

“Police who should protect democracy are arresting the TDP leaders doing that work,” alleged Naidu.

He alleged that police illegally arrested TDP’s 47th division President Venkateswarlu and 50th division President Venkata Ratnam in Tirupati and demanded their immediate release.

The TDP chief alleged that thousands of ruling Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress Party (YSRCP) cadres from Nellore, Chittoor and Kadapa districts have descended on the Scheduled Castes-reserved Tirupati Lok Sabha constituency, taking out rallies while the police are allegedly looking as bystanders.

Meanwhile, Andhra Pradesh Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) K. Vijayanand ordered Chittoor and Nellore district officials to ensure that no poll violations occur in the high octane Tirupati by-election.

Vijayanand said that he spoke to the district collectors, superintendents of police (SPs) and returning officers as many Telugu news channels are telecasting that allegedly fake votes are being polled.

He said that the election must happen in a peaceful environment and directed officials to take strict action on bogus voters.

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Naidu, Chinta, Ratna chorus for repoll in Tirupati


By afternoon, it was all clear that the ruling YSRCP has got an undeniable upperhand in the Tirupati by-election. In the first two to three hours itself, thousands of outsiders came out on the roads and formed lines in front of the polling stations. It was apparently too late by the time the leaders of the TDP, the BJP and the Congress woke up to the reality. Left with no choice, the Opposition leaders began demanding repoll.

BJP nominee and retired IAS officer Ratna Prabha even staged a dharna in front of the police station. She demanded cancellation of today’s by-election since a large number of fake voters came and voted for the ruling YCP candidate. TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu and Congress AP chief Sailajanath have also made similar demands. But BJP AP chief Veerraju has not made any comment so far while his party local leaders made some noise on this front. Ever since Pawan Kalyan was down with the virus, the Jana Sena leaders almost fell silent on the bypoll.

Some Opposition leaders were going on record that it would be no wonder if the YCP nominee gets more than 3 lakh majority going by today’s violations. They say that there were hundreds of cases in Tirupati alone where the genuine voters found out at the polling booths that their votes were already cast.

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Tirupati bypoll: Gurumoorthy, Panabaka Lakshmi cast their votes


M. Gurumoorthy and Panabaka Lakshmi, the candidates from YSRCP and TDP respectively, who are in fray in the Tirupati Lok Sabha bypoll, voted on Saturday.

“I have done my duty by voting. I urge you all to come out in large numbers and vote to save our Tirupati,” said Lakshmi.

Likewise, ruling YSRCP candidate Gurumoorthy exercised his franchise in his native village of Mannasamudram. He voted along with his wife and parents in Srikalahasti constituency.

Meanwhile, BJP and Janasena joint candidate Ratna Prabha claimed that a bogus voter has been arrested at 26/A SPJNM School polling station.

She claimed more bogus voters were driven out.

“Police assured action. Our karyakartas have gone to the police station,” said Prabha.

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TDP-Cong cry over fake voters but BJP-JSP cool


The polling day began in Tirupati with the TDP making serious allegations against the YCP on the issue of outsiders and fake voters. The Congress also started attacking the YCP on this issue. These parties say that the outsiders arrived in tourist buses from the Rayalaseema districts. They were camping in the function halls and buildings belonging to the YCP leaders in the temple town and also in other parts of the parliamentary segment.

On their part, the BJP-Jana Sena leaders have remained silent. Till yesterday, the BJP ran the campaign by targeting the TDP and the YCP equally. On the other hand, the TDP leaders are blaming the election authorities and the police for not taking any action against the outsiders illegally entering the polling booths. The Tirupati SP is not responding to the Opposition complaints and there has been no required police presence in the troublesome areas.

Congress nominee Chinta Mohan has gone a step ahead, saying that the YCP has brought outsiders from Kadapa, Anantapur, Kurnool and such places. These outsiders are illegally casting the votes of local people. The Chief Minister and the Ministers are involved in this illegal activity.

Going by the serious concerns, the TDP and the Congress seemed to have lost hopes on positive polling for them. No wonder, the YCP nominee would get more votes than expected.

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Tirupati battle today amid special Covid measures


The polling for the Tirupati by-election began at 7 a.m. today and it would continue till 7 p.m. Special measures were taken to prevent the spread of Covid virus. The infected voters would be allowed to vote at the polling stations after 6 p.m. Moreover, the number of voters per polling station has also been reduced to 1,000 from the earlier 1,500.There are over 17.11 lakh voters in the Tirupati parliamentary segment right now.

The overall constituency is spread over four assembly constituencies in the Nellore district and three assembly segments in the Chittoor district.The main political parties, the YCP and the TDP, have continued their mutual allegations even on the polling day. The TDP complained to the election commission that the ruling party Ministers are still camping in the Tirupati segment even after the campaigning came to an end.

Whereas, the police authorities have made the TDP leaders to leave Tirupati immediately after the closure of the campaign.The fate of YCP nominee Dr. Gurumurthy will be decided in this election. He is contesting in a direct election for the first time and solely dependent on the Chief Minister’s blessings and the Ministers’ support.

Whereas, TDP nominee Panabaka Lakshmi is a long time politician and former Union Minister with considerable experience.BJP nominee Ratna Prabha is a former IAS officer and retired Chief Secretary of Karnataka. Congress nominee Chinta Mohan has represented Tirupati in the past for many times.Following the demands from the Opposition, over 23 companies of Central forces and three companies of special teams were brought to ensure a free and fair poll today.

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Tirupati bypoll: Main fight between YCP and TDP


The election campaign has come to an end and the battlelines are finally drawn for the Tirupati by-election. It is just one more day for the polling. The YSRCP is trying hard to retain the seat. The TDP, the BJP and the Congress are making their best efforts to defeat YCP nominee Dr. Gurumurthy. The two national parties, the BJP and the Congress, have failed to make much progress in the initial stages of campaigning itself.

As a result, the main fight now appears to be between the YCP and the TDP. The ruling party and the main opposition party are locked in a near battle royal. Over eight to nine Ministers are camping in the assembly segments assigned to them to ensure the victory of Dr. Gurumurthy. The YCP’s sole focus is on winning the seat with a good majority with a tight grip over the voters through the volunteers.

CM Jagan Reddy has cancelled his election meeting and wrote letters to the voters. The volunteers have handed over these letters to all the voters. On its part, the TDP had Chandrababu Naidu and Nara Lokesh taking part in a hectic campaign for over a week. They highlighted the Government’s failures, the unresolved Viveka murder case, the increasing State debts and the CM’s anti-people policies.

The YCP has first aimed at 3 to 5 lakh majority but now the situation has turned tough. Analysts say that the YCP may get less than one lakh majority. If it got less than 50,000 majority, then it is a vote against the Jagan regime.

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BJP ultimate campaign to stop TDP in Tirupati


In the face of rising odds, the Bharatiya Janata Party leaders have started desperate measures in the Tirupati bypoll. They have begun a bitter campaign against the Telugu Desam Party. The BJP AP unit has started urging the voters not to vote for the TDP since it is a sinking party. The BJP’s argument is that the TDP has already lost its existence in Telangana and now it is going to lose its existence in Andhra Pradesh.

The BJP’s latest twist to its campaign obviously comes from the fact that it is failing to catch up in the campaign. From the beginning, the BJP AP leaders’ dream is to push the TDP to the third place by grabbing the second place in Tirupati. That is not happening at the ground level. On the other hand, the polarisation of the Hindu votes is also not happening in a big way. It became a huge dampener.

BJP AP leaders put their hopes on the Jagan regime to suppress the voice of Chandrababu Naidu and TDP leaders. However, a variety of factors including the anti-incumbency feeling are benefitting the TDP but not the BJP.

The BJP is asking the voters not to vote for a losing TDP. However, it is not able to convince the voters how it is going to win the Tirupati seat when it is not even able to make the temple attacks an election issue.

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BJP voice lost in stone politics of Naidu-Jagan

The BJP national leaders thought of making a beginning in Andhra Pradesh by securing significant gains in the Tirupati by-election. However, they are facing one hurdle after another ever since their campaign began. The most severe blow came from Pawan Kalyan who did not share dais with BJP National President JP Nadda at his Tirupati public meeting. More unfortunately for the BJP, the stone pelting incident took place in the Chandrababu road show the same day.

In fact, quite a good number of BJP leaders attended the Nadda public meeting for which they made elaborate arrangements. BJP leaders Sunil Deodhar, Somu Veerraju, Vishnuvardhan Reddy and scores of others took active part. They launched unsparing criticism. But all that got washed out after the whole media attention shifted to the stone pelting on Naidu meeting.

Even the ruling YCP leaders and the police have turned their attention to the TDP allegations. Minister Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy totally ignored the BJP show and solely attacked Chandrababu saying the TDP chief was resorting to fake allegations.

Doubtless to say, the BJP’s all out efforts to push its campaign suffered severe setbacks. The voice of Nadda and other leaders got totally lost out in the stone politics that followed. The BJP attempts to divide the Hindu voters were not going forward along the expected lines with State and local issues dominating the scene.

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Nadda to campaign for Tirupati bypoll today


Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) national president J.P. Nadda will campaign at Naidupeta town in Andhra Pradesh’s Nellore district on Monday to propel the chances of the saffron party in the forthcoming Tirupati Lok Sabha bypoll.

“After receiving a grand welcome by AP BJP at Tirupati, BJP president Nadda will travel to Tirumala hills to take holy darshan (visit) of swami Balaji,” said BJP national secretary and AP co-incharge Sunil Deodhar.

Nadda will visit the temple at 2 p.m.

Deodhar said Nadda will address a BJP-Janasena rally at Naidupeta at 6 p.m., even as Coronavirus second wave is raging in the southern state.

On Sunday, the AP co-incharge took stock of the preparations being made for Nadda’s rally along with AP BJP president Somu Veerraju.

However, Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy cancelled his election meeting scheduled on Wednesday worrying over the rising coronavirus infections.

Meanwhile, the AP BJP co-incharge trained his guns at the Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress Party (YSRCP) candidate’s religion, alleging that he is a Christian.

“You can’t cheat the people of AP like this. We will follow the matter even after polling. This is breach of Constitution which clearly says Christians can’t contest from SC-reserved seats. You are backstabbing SCs. BJP-Janasena will expose your hidden agenda,” he alleged.

Deodhar shared a few pictures of YSRCP candidate M. Gurumoorthy receiving blessings from a pastor in a church.

However, similar allegations have also been against BJP’s candidate Ratna Prabha.

Despite these efforts, it was noticed in the recent rural and urban local bodies polls that religion and alleged temple attacks politics did not play any role and the ruling party went on to register landslide victories.

According to the BJP leader, people are not happy with the TDP and YSRCP because they did not fulfil their promises.

“Horrible roads too, like how they’re across rural areas of AP,” he said.

Meanwhile, people may look out for Nadda’s speech if there will be any reference to delivering on the demands of special category status, railway zone, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant (VSP) and other bifurcation promises.

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BJP manifesto gimmicks on depoliticising TTD

Some BJP senior leaders like Subramania Swamy have long been demanding the removal of the State Government control on the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD). At the same time, they are not talking about similar steps in respect of all other temples in the country. The singular reason is the TTD is one of the largest earning temples in the entire world with lakhs of devotees making donations round the year and politicians clamouring for influence in its administration.

Now, the BJP has included the TTD autonomy issue in its latest manifesto in the Tirupati by-election. It has promised to bring the Seven Hills Temple out of the control of the AP Government. This would be done in order to protect the sanctity of the Devasthanam.

The BJP manifesto has also promised to bring the TTD under the one and only supervision of Dharmacharyas. Thereby, the divinity of the shrine would be protected in different ways. Other religious propaganda atop the Seven Hills Temple would be totally eradicated. The devotees’ many demands would be fulfilled without allowing political interference. These included the installation of the Sarabhaiah statue in Tirupati.

The BJP manifestos being released in times of elections in different states were raising eyebrows. Already, it promised Special Status to Puducherry even though the Modi regime has ruled out the same for AP in the past.

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Jagan cancels Tirupati election meeting on April 14 citing corona

YSRCP chief and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy has cancelled his public meeting in Tirupati to be held on April 14 to campaign for Lok Sabha by-poll.

Jagan on Saturday (today) announced that he has decided to cancel the April 14 meeting due to increasing corona cases in Chittoor and Nellore districts.

Jagan has written an open letter to Tirupathi voters in this regard.

He said he took the decision to cancel his Tirupati meeting after seeing today’s corona bulleting of the state.

Jagan said 11 people had died in AP due to corona in the last 24 hours as per this bulletin and of them, four belong to Chittoor and Nellore districts.

He said Chittoor and Nellore districts are witnessing the highest corona positive cases adding that 292 cases were reported in the Nellore district on a single day.

Jagan stated that if he holds a public meeting at this stage thousands of people will attend the meeting and there is a danger of coronavirus spreading faster.

Jagan reminded voters that he had recently written a public letter explaining the welfare and development programmes of the YSRCP government over the past two years and requested Tirupati voters to recognise the YSRCP government’s efforts and elect YSRCP candidate in Lok Sabha by-poll on April 17.

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Amid Andhra bypoll, Pawan Kalyan’s movie gets wide publicity


Irrespective of the Tirupati Lok Sabha bypoll prospects of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the JanaSena Party (JSP), Pawan Kalyan has emerged a winner in getting wide publicity for his new movie from political leaders.

Starting from the BJP Tirupati bypoll candidate Ratna Prabha to senior BJP leaders, Kalyan’s new movie is being promoted unabashedly.

Ratna Prabha, a retired Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer and former Karnataka Chief Secretary, has already issued a statement that Kalyan’s movie is releasing this Friday and she is sure it would be a ‘superhit’.

A few days ago, she said,”Watched the movie trailer with my kids/Pawan Kalyan fans. What an exciting trailer! Looking forward to see the chronicles.”

Sunil Deodhar, BJP National Secretary and the party’s Andhra Pradesh co-incharge, went a step ahead appearing at the ticket counter of a Tirupati theatre and accused Chief Minister Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy of cancelling ‘benefit shows’ amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Benefit shows are additional screenings of new movies outside the usual exhibition hours to cater to larger crowds and a revenue maximising technique.

This means there would be more than four movie screenings per day.

In normal times, benefit shows are common in the Telugu states.

“I came to watch Pawan Kalyan’s movie. It is unfortunate on part of Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy that he is so scared of Pawan Kalyan that he banned all his benefit shows this morning,” said Deodhar.

Lacing a political message, the BJP leader claimed that if Reddy is ‘scared’ of the release of Kalyan’s cinema, then what will happen to him in the state when the real political movie of Narendra Modi and Kalyan as well as the BJP and JanaSena releases everywhere in the state against his alleged barbarism, rowdyism, family, corrupt politics, forceful religious conversions, among others.

Resuming the movie promotion, Deodhar vowed that he would watch the movie.

“And my appeal to all that you should definitely watch the movie,” he added.

He claimed that he told Prabha that the moment the movie releases it will be a ‘superhit’ and her victory in the bypoll would also be declared along with it.

Deodhar also promoted Kalyan’s movie during the recent public meeting in Tirupati where the actor-turned-politician gave a speech.

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Jagan 1-day campaign, Naidu 4 days in Tirupati


The by-election campaign in the Tirupati by-election is picking up momentum. The April 17 poll is getting country-wide attention as it is considered a mini referendum on the Jagan regime. Despite this, Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy is planning to do such a one-day campaign. It is most likely on April 14. Whereas, TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu is starting his campaign from April 8 and is expected to continue it for four to five days.

The YCP is very confident of increasing its majority. Mr. Jagan Reddy has deployed one Minister each in all the seven assembly constituencies in the Tirupati parliamentary constituency. Moreover, the CM is heavily relying on the local strongmen like Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy and Chevireddy Bhasker Reddy in the Chittoor district’s three segments and on Anil Kumar Yadav and Kakani Govardhan Reddy in the Nellore district’s four segments.

On the other hand, the TDP campaign has already been started by Nara Lokesh who has been doing door to door campaigns in the segments for the last four days. From today, Mr. Naidu will take over the TDP electioneering.

The YCP is silently doing its work in the respective segments with its money and muscle power. Whereas, the TDP is heavily dependent on raising awareness against the Jagan regime’s failures.

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Strange coincidences in Tirupati, Nagarjunasagar bypolls!


Tirupathi Lok Sabha bypoll in Andhra Pradesh and Nagarjunasagar Assembly bypoll in Telangana have several coincidences.

Both these bypolls are being held on April 17.

The bypolls for both these seats were necessitated following the untimely death of sitting MP and MLA of ruling parties YSRCP and TRS in AP and Telangana.

Now yet another coincidence will be witnessed on April 17.

YSRCP chief and AP CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy will hold a huge public meeting in Renigunta in Chittoor district on April 14 to campaign for party candidate in the bypoll.

TRS chief and Telangana CM K Chandrashekar Rao has also decided to hold a huge public meeting in Halia in Nagarjunasagar Assembly constituency on the same day on April 14 to campaign for party candidate in the bypoll.

The last day for campaigning in both these states is April 15.

Both the ruling parties in both the states want to end the campaigning with the huge public meetings of their party chiefs.

Everyone is eagerly waiting for the outcome of these bypolls in both states.

Whether the bypoll result will also be a coincidence with ruling party candidates emerging victorious will be known only on May 2.

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BJP-YCP bid to split Hindu votes in Tirupati bypoll


The BJP has adopted a two-pronged strategy to get maximum votes in the Tirupati by election. Its first aim is to use the Pawan Kalyan following to polarise the Kapu and the youth vote banks. The second objective is to split the Hindu votes to the maximum possible extent. The present bypoll is certainly going to be a big test to the BJP’s future chances and dreams for a stronger foothold in AP.

As such, BJP Political Affairs Committee Chairman IYR Krishna Rao has taken it upon himself the task of attacking CM Jagan Reddy along religious lines. He has launched a direct attack in current election campaign, saying that Mr. Jagan Reddy is giving freedom and space only for the other religion in the State. This Chief Minister is not allowing the Hindu organisations to grow or expand in any manner.

In the face of such outright attacks, the YCP is using its power to make the TTD priests voice their support for their party candidate. TTD Chief Priest Ramana Deekshitulu has been indirectly campaigning for the YSRCP nominee. He has even compared the CM to Lord Vishnu who gets reborn to re-establish dharma in the world.

The YCP leaders are confident that they will win even without a good chunk of the Hindu votes. But if the Hindu voters also supported in a big way because of the welfare benefits, then its candidate would be sure to get historic majority.

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‘Boycott politics’ dominate Tirupati poll campaign

The rival parties began to challenge each other to boycott the Tirupati byelection if they have no faith in the system. It all started with Chandrababu Naidu’s boycott call on the parishad elections. The moment he announced this, the YCP began saying that the TDP is a sinking ship and it has no political relevance.

The YCP leaders are now asking why Mr. Naidu is not boycotting the Tirupati bypoll as well. It is better for the TDP chief to step aside since his party is sure to meet with humiliating defeat just like in the 2019 polls, local body and municipal body polls this year. The BJP too joined chorus and suggested the TDP quit the election.

On their part, the TDP leaders mounted a stinging attack, saying that it was CM Jagan Reddy who has no moral right to contest any election for that matter. The Chief Minister insulted the voters and boycotted the Assembly for over 3 years. He remained on the roads in the name of the Padayatra. He should have been in jail if not granted bail in the illegal assets cases. Moreover, the TDP has no faith in State Election Commissioner Nilam Sawhney only and has confidence in the bypoll.

The TDP leaders are also questioning the relevance of the BJP candidate in the Tirupati fight. It was well known that the BJP got less than one percent vote share in 2019. The BJP has a hidden agenda rather than making a genuine effort to win the support of the people.

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It’s YCP volunteers versus TDP booth committees


The battle lines are drawn for the April 17 Tirupati bypoll. There will be no big rallies, no massive public meetings and no hype on road shows. This time, the whole focus is on door to door campaigns aimed at having a personal touch with the voters at the individual level.

Both the YCP and the TDP have chosen to put spotlight on the micro level management of the voters. Already, the ruling YCP has huge support from the volunteers network. Each volunteer is assigned around 50 families which means they will be having full details about nearly 200 voters. In the local body elections, the YCP leaders used volunteers effectively to keep a close watch on the voters mood and to make sure they vote for their party.

Faced with no alternative, the TDP has been forced to develop a strong system for itself to counter the impact of the volunteers on the voters. As such, the whole TDP leadership put special focus on reviving and activating booth committees. Each committee is assigned the task of covering over 100 families. What more, the booth committees will also visit each voter’s family about 10 times to raise awareness on over ten topics.

While the YCP and the TDP are focusing on village and ward level management of election, the BJP and the Jana Sena are still banking on star campaigners like Pawan Kalyan, Bandi Sanjay, etc.

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Why Pawan demanded Amit Shah tour in Tirupati?

Eventually, Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan has agreed to take part in the election campaign for the BJP nominee Ratna Prabha in the Tirupati bypoll. In a few days from now, he is likely to begin his campaign. But, there are no reports on the steps taken by the BJP to fulfil Pawan’s demand. He has asked for involving Amit Shah, Yogi Adityanath and such top BJP leaders in the campaign.

On its part, the BJP has not finalised its schedule for Amit Shah or Yogi visits yet. There are no star campaigners among the BJP AP leaders. Pawan seems to be the lead campaigner on behalf of their alliance now. Following this, the Jana Sena leaders are eagerly awaiting the BJP’s next strategy to involve their party national leaders.

The big problem before Pawan Kalyan right now is the question whether the BJP candidate will get a deposit or not. Going by the 2019 general election, the BJP has got less than 1 percent vote share in AP. Even the Congress, which has performed slightly better than the BJP, has lost deposits.

The BJP national leaders are also conscious of the fact their party position is not so rosy in Tirupati. Amit Shah or Yogi may not take active part in electioneering if the party does not pick up in the initial stages of electioneering. Now, greater responsibility falls on the shoulders of Senani to boost the Tirupati campaign. Obviously, it would be Pawan who would have to take the blame if the BJP lost deposit and if he remained the sole star campaigner.

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