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Vijaya Shanti Supports BRS, Netizens scratch their heads

Vijaya Shanti, the renowned actress-turned-politician, seems to have left voters scratching their heads with her recent comments against the BJP leader for his comments on BRS. Due to her frequent party switches over the years from BJP to Congress, and back and forth, people started wondering whether she is again planning to switch her loyalties. Details are as follows.

Multiple parties and Multiple U-Turns:

Vijaya Shanti’s political journey has been marked by uncertainty and ambiguity. Starting her political career with the BJP in 1998, Shanti’s allegiance has since wavered multiple times. After founding her party, Talli Telangana, in 2005, she eventually merged it into TRS, only to later part ways with the party and join Congress in 2014. Despite her stint as an MP with TRS between 2009 and 2014, she found herself on the opposing side once again. Congress gave her an MLA ticket in 2014 but she lost the elections. In a surprising turn of events, Vijaya Shanti rejoined the BJP in December 2020 by leaving Congress, but only to leave the BJP party once more in November 2023, returning to Congress within weeks. This series of switches has left many questioning her true political allegiance and commitment. Moreover, she got neither the ticket nor the recognition in the Congress party in the 2023 elections.

Vijaya Shanti’s surprising Comments in support of BRS:

Recently, her response to BJP leader Kishan Reddy’s comments, seemingly in support of the BRS party, has further muddled the waters. Despite being a member of Congress, Shanti’s remarks have sparked confusion among voters, with some speculating whether she has once again switched sides. Recently Kishan Reddy commented that the BRS party will not exist in the future. Vijaya Shanti responded to these comments though she does not belong to the BRS party.

She found fault with Kishen Reddy’s comments. Her commentary on regional sentiments and the significance of parties like BRS and YSRCP in southern politics made netizens scratch their heads. While her opinions may shed light on the regional sentiments in the south, they also fuel the uncertainty surrounding her own political identity.

Amid this confusion, one thing remains clear: Vijaya Shanti’s political journey continues to baffle observers and voters alike. With each party switch and contradictory statement, she adds to the confusion of the netizens about what she is doing now and in which party she is currently working. Many people are wondering what her next move will be.

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Supreme Court Grants Relief to Gadwal MLA Krishna Mohan Reddy


In a significant turn of events, Gadwal MLA Bandla Krishna Mohan Reddy has received a reprieve from the Supreme Court.

This legal saga began in August when he challenged the Telangana High Court’s ruling, which had declared the Bandla elections as invalid. With this, DK Aruna, who stood at second place became MLA. The Supreme Court promptly acted, issuing a stay order on the High Court’s verdict and directing the Election Commission (EC) to respond within two weeks.

The crux of the matter revolved around the requirement to disclose past asset sales in election affidavits. The Supreme Court opined that such disclosures were unnecessary, and it was erroneous to deem the election invalid based on this ground.

MLA Krishna Mohan Reddy explained his frustration, alleging that his opponents had misled the High Court by not serving him proper notices. He underscored that in the 2018 elections, he had secured a substantial victory with a lead of 28 thousand votes. Bandla further explained that prior to the election, he had legitimately sold lands , and these transactions had been wrongfully maligned with baseless allegations. He lamented that the High Court’s judgment had been passed without proper consideration of his arguments, and he deemed it an attempt to hinder his party’s growth. On the other hand EC has already issued Gazette to recognise DK Aruna as MLA.

The legal battle has taken a pivotal turn with the Supreme Court’s intervention, and Bandla Krishna Mohan Reddy now looks forward to addressing these issues through due process and fair consideration of his side of the story.

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Emotional Outpour of Station Ghanpur MLA Rajaiah


The Station Ghanpur constituency witnessed a heartfelt scene as MLA Tatikonda Rajaiah was left disheartened due to not securing the ticket for the upcoming assembly elections. Former minister Kadiam Srihari has been chosen as the BRS candidate for this seat, leaving Rajaiah, who had invested significant effort and resources, visibly moved. In his dismay, Rajaiah burst into tears in front of his followers.

Overwhelmed by feelings, Rajaiah shed tears while addressing supporters today. He expressed his commitment to leader KCR’s vision and appealed for unity among party members, emphasizing the significance of maintaining harmony. He assured that despite the setback, he will continue to advocate for government welfare initiatives and development projects for the people. While acknowledging that he did not receive the BRS ticket, Rajaiah’s wife, Fatima Mary, expressed optimism in CM KCR and Minister KTR’s sense of justice. She highlighted their transition from Congress to BRS for the sake of Telangana and expressed dedication to BRS and their endeavor to secure Kadiam Srihari’s victory as an MLA. Mary conveyed a reassuring message, urging supporters not to be concerned about the turn of events.

Critics point to Rajaiah’s own missteps as the cause of his current predicament. Just a few months ago, Kursapalli Navya, the Janakipuram village sarpanch of the BRS party, accused Station Ghanpur MLA and former deputy chief minister Tatikonda Rajaiah of sexual harassment and mental distress. Allegations also emerged that he obstructed developmental projects in her village, rapidly spreading through social media. This incident is not isolated; Rajaiah has faced similar accusations before, leaving observers skeptical. His tarnished reputation resulted from repeated allegations, eroding public trust.

However, Rajaiah’s latest statements quashed speculations about shifting allegiances to Congress or BSP- instead, he appears to have his sights set on the 2024 MP elections. As his political journey unfolds, the future remains uncertain.

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Sexual Harassment Allegations Impact Rajayya’s MLA Ticket in BRS ?


The release of the initial list of Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) MLA candidates has become hot topic in political circles. With names revealed for 115 constituencies, Chief Minister KCR highlighted minimal changes. Notable changes in constituencies like Vemulawada, Khanapur, Asifabad, Uppal, Korutla, Station Ghanpur, and Vaira reflect the party’s meticulous planning in preparation for the upcoming elections.

In the midst of these developments, the future of Tatikonda Rajaiah, MLA from Station Ghanpur, remains uncertain. Speculations about Rajaiah’s potential shift to the Congress party or BSP have fueled discussions. It seems, Rajaiah’s political trajectory has been marred by allegations of sexual harassment involving Janakipuram Sarpanch Navya. Couple of months ago, Janakipuram village sarpanch of the BRS party, Kursapalli Navya, has accused Station Ghanpur MLA and former deputy chief minister Tatikonda Rajaiah of sexual harassment and mental torture. Navya also alleged that the MLA obstructed developmental projects in her village. The allegations have cast a shadow over his candidacy, damaging his reputation and raising doubts about his suitability for office.

At the same time, Kadiam Srihari moved his cards in right direction and promised of victory if he is given Station Ghanpur ticket. BRS leadership seems to have been impressed by this as underscored by Kadiam Srihari’s inclusion in the first list of BRS candidates. Political observers opine that, Rajayya’s denied MLA ticket underscores the multiple considerations influencing party decisions. Reputation, strategic calculations, and public sentiment might have collectively influenced this decision of BRS leadership and it might not be just because of the harassment allegations on him.

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Jagga Reddy Dispels Joining BRS Speculations, Yet Doubts Persist


Recent political developments have set the Sangareddy constituency abuzz with speculation as discussions about Congress leader and Sangareddy MLA T Jayaprakash Reddy, widely known as Jagga Reddy, potentially aligning with the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) gain traction. However, amidst the growing rumors, Jagga Reddy has stepped up to denounce the conjectures and reaffirm his allegiance to the Congress party. He issued a resolute statement, affirming his commitment to Congress until his last breath and revealing plans for an upcoming event with Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in his Sangareddy constituency.

Despite this reassurance, lingering doubts continue to cast a cloud of uncertainty over his stance. Several factors contribute to the skepticism surrounding his intentions. Primarily, his history of switching party allegiances raises eyebrows. In 2004, he achieved victory on a BRS ticket, only to swiftly shift to Congress soon after. In 2014, he contested as an MLA on a Congress ticket but faced defeat by Chintha Prabhakar. Before the 2015 by-poll for the Medak parliamentary constituency, he joined the BJP and contested from the same. Following his loss in the by-poll, he returned to the Congress fold. This history evokes concerns about his sustained loyalty to any political entity.

Furthermore, his recent interactions with BRS chief KCR and his statements in support of KCR’s initiatives, despite being Congress MLA, raise questions. These actions appear incongruent with his present disavowal of any intentions to switch sides.

Currently, Jagga Reddy’s affirmation of his dedication to Congress seems to allay immediate apprehensions. But only time will reveal whether he will keep up his words.

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Don’t subscribe to view that BJP or Congress should be nucleus of any front: KTR


The Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS), which skipped the meeting of opposition parties held in Patna on Friday, has made it clear that it doesn’t subscribe to the view that the BJP or the Congress should be the nucleus of any front or coalition.

BRS Working President K.T. Rama Rao hinted that BRS will maintain equidistance from both the Congress and the BJP and it maintains that people and not parties should unite.

“We believe in uniting people on issues and not in uniting parties,” he told media persons in New Delhi. Interestingly, he was in the national capital to meet Union Ministers on a day when leaders of 15 opposition parties, including the Congress, met in Patna and decided to work together.

KTR, as the leader is popularly known, stated that any effort will be successful only when people unite and not parties. “Even if 20 parties unite and there is no outcome, which is people-centric, there is no point in it. It can’t hinge on your blind hatred for one party or another,” he said.

“If you have to ensure that people vote for you, you have to tell what you have done when given the opportunity. Unfortunately, the Congress can’t claim much.

“A simple philosophy we have been championing is that it’s not about uniting political parties. The agenda should be to unite people on issues. Unfortunately, in India political rhetoric eclipses everything around it,” he remarked.

“We have maintained all along that people should unite, based on people centric issues. Unfortunately, the whole ecosystem that has been built is that the BJP or Congress should be the nucleus of any front or coalition. This is something we don’t subscribe to,” the BRS leader said.

KTR alleged that both Congress and BJP have miserably failed in ensuring development of the country during the last 75 years despite people giving them huge opportunities. “Congress was given 50 years to administer the nation and BJP was given 15 years. If today you look around, our neighbours are doing better and so many countries moved on in the last seven decades while our country is where it was,” he said.

“If India still has villages without electricity and drinking water, it is because of these two national parties. There is a need for people to unite against both these parties. We will continue our efforts to unite people on the basis of issues against these two parties,” he added.

KTR stated that the BRS will continue its efforts to expand itself in other states. “If a small state like Telangana is able to do wonders in a short span of nine years, the rest of the country has a lot to pick and learn. We want the Telangana model of development to be replicated across the country. That is why we are spreading wings and ambitions to other parts of India including Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh,” he said.

KTR launched a scathing attack on Congress while reacting to the allegation by its leaders that his BRS skipped the Patna meeting as it is the “B team” of BJP.

“Everyone knows how Congress and BJP colluded in Nizamabad and Karimnagar parliamentary constituencies. People know who is colluding with whom,” he said.

He dubbed Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the weakest Prime Minister in the history of independent India and said that his party has been ahead of others in criticising Modi’s “inefficiency”.

To another query about Congress, he said: “Congress has been a disaster for this nation. They have been, in fact, the root cause for every malice that plagues India today. The fact that Congress has been given 50 years at governance has not been able to deliver reflects in their mindset and in their silly criticism.”

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We adore Hindi but will oppose its imposition: BRS leader Kavitha


Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) leader K. Kavitha has said that Telangana will oppose any attempt to impose Hindi.

“We will break any Hindi imposition rules,” said Kavitha, who is daughter of Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao.

She was addressing Telangana Sahitya Sabha on Wednesday. Kavitha, a member of Telangana Legislative Council, stated the Telangana movement was carried forward with the slogan that it is not only important to achieve Telangana but also to preserve our culture and traditions.

She said that Hindi is a beautiful language and her favorite language too. The words in Hindi songs are amazing. “As literature lovers, we will adore literature in the Hindi language, but if someone sets rules imposing Hindi, we will break the rules,” she said.

“In the context of such strange developments taking place in the country, we need to travel from the limited perspective of Telangana to the broader perspective of Indianness. Telangana Jagruti was transformed into Bharat Jagruti as a part of that, a said Kavitha, who is prudent of Bharat Jagruthi.

Telangana Sahitya Sabha has started under the chairmanship of Kavitha. On this occasion, she conferred Professor Kothapalli Jayashankar Vishishta Sahitya Puraskar-2023 on Acharya N Gopi.

Kavitha said that except for Telangana, no state in the country pays salaries and honors artists. She pointed out that the Telangana government has established an organization called Kala Sarathi and it is honoring more than 530 artists by paying salaries.

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Telangana CM directs to withdraw UAPA charges against ex-professor, 151 others


Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao on Saturday directed Director General of Police (DGP) Anjani Kumar to withdraw Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) against G. Haragopal, former professor at the University of Hyderabad and a human rights activist, and 151 others.

Following the Chief Minister’s direction, the DGP asked the Mulugu Superintendent of Police (SP), Gaush Alam, to consider withdrawing the FIR registered against Haragopal and others under UAPA.

For the first time in Telangana, the Tadvai police in Mulugu district had registered cases under UAPA against 152 persons, including Haragopal, in 2022.

In the 52-page FIR, the police named 152 persons who were booked under UAPA.

The police said that on August 19, 2022, complainant V. Shankar was performing his duty at Pasra Circle when he received information about an illegal assembly of CPI (Maoist) members from Telangana, including Bade Chokka Rao, Kankanala Raji Reddy, Koyada Sambaiah, Kursam Maggu, Madakam Sannal and others in the Beerella forest area.

Rights activist Haragopal, along with 151 others, was booked by the police under UAPA for his alleged links with Maoists, though he had claimed that he had no clue as to why they were booked.

Haragopal, who served as the Dean of School of Social Sciences at University of Hyderabad, had given a call to the society to respond as all those booked under UAPA fought for civil liberties and for the statehood to Telangana.

The well-known activist also reminded K. Chandrasekhar Rao of his word during the Telangana movement that after the formation of the state, he will be in the forefront for civil liberties.

“Doesn’t he know about our work,” Haragopal had asked.

He had also demanded that KCR rein in the police which act recklessly, and cautioned that if the police are not controlled, it would not be good for the Telangana government, which may have to pay a price in the next elections.

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BRS mulls campaign in all constituencies of Maharashtra Assembly


In a major exercise to expand in Maharashtra, Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) is planning a campaign in all 288 Assembly constituencies by highlighting Telangana development model.

BRS national president and Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao suggested the BRS leadership to take up the campaign. He asked them to constitute nine committees in every village with the participation of all sections of people.

Leaders from different parties and social organisations from Maharashtra continue to join BRS. For a second consecutive day several leaders joined the BRS in the presence of CM KCR at Pragati Bhavan, his official residence on Thursday.

Addressing the leaders, KCR said that the Telangana development model mainly the welfare of people and the farmers should be spread widely through leaflets, booklets, social media, posters, hoardings etc. The BRS chief said that the party is working with a spirit of extending Telangana schemes to the people of Maharashtra as well. He noted that people from all walks of life including farmers are extending support to the BRS.

KCR lamented that the Maharashtra government is not able to provide irrigation water to the farmers of Maharashtra despite the state being blessed with abundant water resources. Many leaders became Chief Ministers and Union Ministers, but the people of Maharashtra have not been taken care of, he remarked.

The BRS leader said that the Telangana government introduced Dharani portal and took up digitization of revenue records. The registration process is completed within 10 minutes and transparent services are being provided to the farmers through Dharani. He said many measures were taken for the development of the agricultural sector including introducing Rythu Bandhu, Rythu Bhima, 24 hours free electricity and free irrigation to the farming community.

Maharashtra has been the focus of KCR ever since he turned Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) into BRS late last year to expand the party across the country. He already addressed five public meetings in the neighbouring states.

At his previous public meeting on May 19, he had announced a month-long programme to expand BRS across Maharashtra.

Inaugurating a training camp for the party leaders, he had said the BRS will undertake an extensive campaign to expand in over 45,000 villages and 5,000 municipal wards in civic bodies.

He asked party workers to go to five villages every day, interact with people and dine with Dalits.

KCR said party flags will be hoisted in every village. ‘Ab ki Baar kisan sarkar’ caps will be distributed. Leaders will address the meetings. Books and pamphlets will be distributed in every village.

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KCR lays foundation for BRS Centre for Excellence & HRD


Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) launched work on Centre for Excellence and Human Resource Development here on Monday, which will provide training to the party leaders.

BRS national President and Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao laid the foundation stone for Bharat Bhavan at Kokapet in Hyderabad.

Stating that political parties are the pillars of the democratic governments, he called for developing more effective leadership in tune with the aspiration of the people of the country.

KCR, as the Chief Minister is popularly known, said that to prepare youth as the future leaders, education and training in political, social, economic, cultural and ideological fields are imperative.

“Today’s India needs effective leadership that understands the aspirations of the people of the country. It is our responsibility to develop leadership and help them to contribute to the development of the society,” he said.

“We will invite great intellectuals and Nobel laureates who have experience in the respective fields from all over the world and provide leadership training. We will develop a leadership that helps to give good governance to the people. Thus, we will work to consolidate the democratic structure of the country,” he said.

The BRS chief said that experienced political scientists, economists, sociologists, writers, professors, retired officials and others, who contributed to the development of the society, will be invited from across the country to provide training in political, social and economic fields. Social activists, politicians and leaders from all over the country will have access to the comprehensive information available at the Bharat Bhavan.

KCR said that facilities will be provided for those who come here for training. The centre will be have training classrooms, mini halls with projectors, spacious meeting halls, digital libraries with latest technology, and luxury rooms for accommodation.

The Chief Minister said that the newspapers of the country and abroad, works and books of world intellectuals belonging to the world’s political, social and philosophical fields will be made available in the centre. A facility to watch local, domestic and international media channels will be set up in the information centre. A platform will be created to study the progress taking place in the social, economic, political and cultural fields around the world. Systems will be set up to analyse and compile the news articles from time to time.

He said that there will be special training classes for awareness about social media which is affecting people regularly. Senior technical teams will also work towards introducing the latest technology in the media. Information will be available to study the welfare and development sectors in the training.

KCR said that the construction of the building will be undertaken on a small part of the land allotted to Bharat Bhavan and the rest of the land will be filled with greenery. Those who come to the centre for leadership training will undergo training in a pleasant environment.

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BRS leader Sravan condemns humiliation of wrestlers


Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) senior leader Dr Dasoju Sravan on Monday condemned the humiliation of wrestlers during a protest in New Delhi on Sunday.

He slammed the Narendra Modi government for the treatment meted out to wrestlers on the occasion of the inauguration of new Parliament building.

Dasoju Sravan, who is also BRS Hyderabad district incharge, participated in the ‘Athmeeya Sammelan’ held under the leadership of MLA Danam Nagendar at Khairatabad on Monday.

“Parliament is the representative house of people from all sections in India. It is home for both legislation making and raising issues. But when women wrestlers protested on the occasion of new Parliament inauguration, to raise the issue of sexual abuse by BJP MP, they were brutally assualted and humiliated. Is this the way PM Modi’s government treats our Olympic winning women wrestlers? That too on the day when the new Parliament is being inaugurated,” questioned Sravan.

He also expressed displeasure over the new Parliament inaugural saying the event appeared more like the “coronation” of Narendra Modi.

“The inauguration of the new Parliament building appeared more like the coronation of Narendra Modi rather than the inaugural event of a key institution in Indian democracy. Narendra Modi has set aside all the democratic practices and traditions and conducted himself like monarch during the parliament inauguration. This is a serious slight towards opposition parties and democratic principles,” he said.

Stressing that the “autocratic” and the “undemocratic” Modi government will soon be shown the door, Sravan urged Telangana’s people to be alert about “crooked tactics” of the BJP and the Congress.

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KTR slams Centre over treatment meted out to wrestlers


Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) working president K.T. Rama Rao has slammed the Centre for the treatment meted out to wrestlers during their protest in New Delhi.

“Can any responsible leader from Govt of India tell us why it has to be this way?,” KTR asked on Twitter.

“These are champions who brought us glory on world stage! They deserve our support and respect,” he said.

KTR, who is also a state minister, was reacting to a tweet by wrestler Sakshi Malik, who posted a video clip in which police personnel are seen dragging the wrestlers.

Police had detained protesting wrestlers who were trying to march towards the new Parliament when it was being inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The wrestlers, who started the march from the site of protest at Jantar Mantar, were stopped by the police from proceeding towards the new Parliament. There was a scuffle when the protesters breached the security cordon.

Wrestlers Vinesh Phogat, Sakshi Malik and Bajrang Punia were detained by the Delhi Police. They along with their supporters wanted to hold ‘Mahila Mahapanchayat’ near the new Parliament building demanding arrest of Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) chief Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh for allegedly sexually harassing women wrestlers including a minor.

Brij Bhushan Singh is a BJP MP from Kaiserganj in Uttar Pradesh.

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Telangana CM announces Rs 105 crore for formation day fete


Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao on Thursday decided to provide Rs 105 crore for the decennial celebrations of Telangana state formation, beginning on June 2.

At a meeting with district collectors at Dr B.R. Ambedkar Telangana Secretariat, the chief minister announced that the money will be released to the collectors for state-wide celebrations.

KCR directed the officials to ensure that the 21-day-long celebrations are organised in a grand manner highlighting the sacrifices made by the martyrs and the state’s achievements during the last 10 years.

He recalled that as a result of six decades of struggle and sacrifices, the Telangana state was achieved in the democratic and parliamentary way. He said the progress made by Telangana in a short period has made the nation proud.

Ministers, government advisors, Chief Minister’s advisors, chief secretary, secretaries in Chief Minister’s Office, district collectors, superintendents of police, Director General of Police and other top officials were participating in the day-long meeting.

The Chief Minister directed officials to ensure conduct of the daily programmes from village to the state level in a festive atmosphere. He gave directions to them on the programmes to be held in villages, constituencies and districts.

He asked the district collectors to coordinate with ministers, MLAs and other public representatives for smooth conduct of the celebrations.

KCR will inaugurate the celebrations on June 2 by paying tributes to Telangana martyrs at Gun Park in Hyderabad. Later, he will unfurl the national flag at Telangana secretariat premises and address the participants.

As per the schedule already announced, daily programmes will be held to highlight the progress achieved by the state in sectors like electricity, agriculture, irrigation, healthcare and industry.

The programmes will also highlight various schemes being implemented for welfare of farmers and other sections of people.

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Telangana plans wide range of activities for formation day celebrations


From farmers’ day to celebrations at water bodies and from literature day to tribal festival, a wide range of activities are scheduled as part of the 21-day long decennial celebrations of Telangana Formation Day, beginning June 2.

The Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) government has planned grand celebrations to highlight the state’s achievements during the last nine years.

Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao is holding high-level review meetings with ministers and officials almost on a daily basis to personally finalise the activities during the celebrations and monitor the preparations.

Apparently with an eye on the assembly elections scheduled to be held in November-December, the KCR government is going all out to celebrate the formation day in a grand manner to highlight what it calls the rapid strides made by the state across sectors.

KCR will inaugurate the celebrations on June 2 by paying tributes to Telangana martyrs at Gun Park in Hyderabad. Later, he will unfurl the national flag at Dr. BR Ambedkar Telangana secretariat premises and address the participants. Ministers will participate in the celebrations to be held in the districts.

June 3 will be celebrated as Telangana Farmers Day. The State Agriculture department will organise several programmes at Rythu Vedikas to highlight the achievements of the state’s agriculture sector, free electricity, Rythu Bandhu, Rythu Bima and other schemes. Public representatives and officials will participate in the community dine with all the farmers.

Safety Day (Suraksha Day) will be observed on June 4. The State Police department will organise programmes to explain the efforts of the police to maintain law and order in the state, friendly police policy and the efficient services.

To highlight the achievements of the energy sector June 5 will be celebrated as ‘Telangana Vidyuttu Vijayotsavam’. There will be meetings at constituency level to explain the qualitative change achieved by the state in the power sector. Singareni celebrations will also be held on the same day.

Telangana Industrial growth Festival will be held the next day (June 6) to highlight progress achieved in the industrial sector.

June 7 will be celebrated as Irrigation water day. Meetings will be organised in each constituency to explain the progress achieved in the irrigation sector. The State Irrigation department will hold a state-level meeting in Hyderabad which will be attended by KCR.

According to the Chief Minister’s Office, June 8 will be celebrated as ‘Oorura Cheruvula Panduga’ (celebrations at Water bodies in every village) Cultural programmes including Batukamma and Bonalu will be held. Fishermen will take out rallies and meetings on the embankments of the pond are planned. Leaders and people join the lunch near the ponds.

‘Telangana Sankshema Sambaralu’ (Celebrations of welfare programmes) will be held on June 9. Meetings will be held with the beneficiaries of Asara Pensions, Kalyana Lakshmi and other welfare schemes extended by the government at the constituency level.

Telangana Good Governance day will be celebrated on June 10. Meetings will be organised in all the district headquarters and programs will be held to convey the benefits of making government systems more accessible to the people through administrative reforms in the state.

Telangana Literature Day will be celebrated on June 11. District level kavi Sammelanams and state level programmes will be held.

Telangana Run will be held on June 12. The state police department will organise the event in all the constituency centres. Youth, students, public representatives, officials and others will participate.

Telangana Women’s Welfare Day will be celebrated on June 13 to explain the programmes and welfare schemes being implemented by the government for the welfare of women. Awards will be given to the best women employees.

Telangana Medical Day on June 14 will highlight the revolutionary developments in the medical and health sector. The health department will explain to people the medical facilities provided to them by strengthening the infrastructure. The Chief Minister will lay the foundation stone for the construction of a new building of a 2,000 bed super specialty hospital and expansion of NIMS, Hyderabad.

Telangana Palle Pragathi Day on June 15 will showcase the progress achieved by Telangana villages which have become a role model for the country. This will be followed by Telangana Pattana pragathi Day on June 16 to highlight progress achieved by urban bodies.

Telangana Tribal Festival will be celebrated on June 17. Meetings will be held in the newly-formed tribal villages. Officials will explain the measures taken by the government for tribal welfare.

The government has also planned the Telangana Drinking Water Festival on June 18. As Telangana region suffered a lot due to drinking water scarcity in the erstwhile united Andhra Pradesh , the programme will highlight transformation of Telangana into a 100 per cent drinking water supply state through Mission Bhagiratha.

Under Telangana Green Festival (Haritha utsavam) on June 19, a large-scale plantation programme will be taken in all villages and towns across the state. The programme will explain the efforts made to increase greenery in the state by the state Forest Department and the improvement of forest cover in the state.

June 20 will be celebrated as Telangana Education Day. Meetings will be organised in all educational institutions across the state highlighting the achievements in the field of education.

Telangana Spiritual Day will be held on June 21 with various programmes at temples, mosques, churches and other places of worship.

The celebrations will conclude on June 22 with Telangana Martyrs Commemoration Day. People in villages, towns, cities and schools will pay homage to the martyrs and observe silence. A big rally will be taken out in memory of martyrs at Tank Bund in Hyderabad. KCR will inaugurate the newly-constructed Martyrs Memorial near Tank Bund.

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K’taka poll result will have no bearing on T’gana, says KTR


Telangana’s ruling party Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) has said that the results of assembly elections in Karnataka will have no bearing on Telangana.

“Just the way The Kerala Story failed to amuse people of Karnataka, similarly Karnataka election results will have no bearing on Telangana,” BRS working president and Telangana minister K.T. Rama Rao, popularly known as KTR, tweeted on Saturday.

KTR, who is currently on a visit to the UK, thanked the people of Karnataka for rejecting ‘ugly and divisive politics’.

“Let Hyderabad and Bengaluru compete healthily for investments & creating infrastructure for the greater good of India,” said KTR, minister for information technology and industries.

KTR, who is the son of BRS president and Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao, conveyed his best wishes to the new Congress government in Karnataka.

KTR’s assertion that the Karnataka verdict will have no bearing on Telangana came after Telangana Congress chief A. Revanth Reddy claimed that this poll result will be repeated in Telangana.

Assembly elections in Telangana are scheduled to be held towards the year-end.

BRS, which formed the first government in the new state in 2014 and retained power in 2018, is confident of scoring a hat-trick.

The Congress, which failed to make a mark despite claiming credit for carving out Telangana state, is hoping that 2023 will reverse its political fortunes in the state.

The Congress camp is apparently upbeat over the result in Karnataka, where the BJP failed to retain power.

Congress leaders believe that the party will repeat its performance in Telangana despite BJP’s claims of emerging as the key challenger to the BRS.

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Aggressive BJP, spirited Congress working overtime to stymie BRS


The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Congress will be the main challengers to the ruling Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) in the Telangana assembly elections scheduled to be held by the year-end.

From just one assembly seat and a negligible vote share in 2018, the BJP has become the main challenger to the ruling party, leaving the Congress party behind.

With four Lok Sabha seats in 2019, two assembly by-poll victories and an impressive performance in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) elections, the BJP had a dramatic emergence in the state politics to challenge the KCR-led TRS, now rechristened as the BRS.

Under the leadership of Bandi Sanjay Kumar, the BJP is in aggressive mode to achieve its Mission 2023. Aiming to turn Telangana into its second gateway to south India after Karnataka, the entire national leadership of the BJP is focusing on the state.

With KCR looking to expand the BRS beyond Telangana with the slogan of ‘Ab ki baar kisan sarkar’ and challenge Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the BJP is looking to go all out to keep him engaged on his home turf.

For the first time since the formation of Telangana state in 2014, the BJP sees bright poll prospects. By adopting Hindutva politics and also targeting KCR over family rule and alleged corruption, the saffron party appears confident of storming to power.

In the 2018 Assembly elections, the TRS had retained power by winning 88 seats. The BJP could win just one seat. It finished second in only nine constituencies and in most of the seats its candidates forfeited their deposit.

However, the BJP sprang a surprise in the Lok Sabha elections held a few months later. The party not only retained Secunderabad but also wrested three other seats from the TRS — Karimnagar, Nizamabad and Adilabad.

Two wins in byelections had also given a boost to the BJP. However, the BJP’s hopes to score a hat-trick of byelection victories in Munugode were dashed by the BRS in November last year.

An impressive performance in the GHMC in the 2021 polls also boosted the saffron party’s morale. The party, which roped in its top central leaders including Amit Shah and party president J. P. Nadda to run an aggressive campaign, drastically improved its tally in the 150-member municipal body to 48 from just four in the previous elections.

Following the victories, the saffron party started to see a realistic chance for itself in the coming election and it is for this reason that the party is putting in all its energy here.

Hectic activity in the party camp during the last few months, a series of visits by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union home minister Amit Shah, BJP national president J. P. Nadda and several Union ministers, BJP national executive meeting held in Hyderabad all indicate the importance the party is giving to Telangana.

Political analysts believe that the BJP is looking to unleash an aggressive blitz.

As the elections draw nearer, the saffron party is likely to intensify efforts to capitalise on sensitive issues for polarisation along religious lines.

The BJP has been raking up emotive issues which could help in garnering the votes of the majority community, especially in constituencies in and around Hyderabad and other urban pockets of the state.

After Bandi Sanjay became the BJP state president in 2020, the party went into overdrive to draw political mileage from sensitive issues. In what is seen as an attempt to challenge the AIMIM on its home turf, he launched his state-wide Praja Sangram Yatra from Bhagyalaxmi temple abutting the historic Charminar.

In fact this temple, whose legality was questioned several times in the past sparking communal tension, has become the focal point of the BJP’s politics over the last couple of years.

However, despite its big claims and attempts to project the next election as a BRS versus BJP battle, the fact remains that the saffron party does not have a strong presence on the ground across the state. The BJP’s presence is considered to be limited to north Telangana and some parts of Greater Hyderabad.

Political analysts say that except the Modi model of governance, the BJP has no other selling proposition in Telangana. However, even this is being countered by the BRS by calling it a failed model.

The BJP’s Mission 2023 may be impeded by the crowded political space in the state. The presence of multiple parties may lead to a split in the anti-incumbency votes, thus helping the BRS.

An alliance with the Jana Sena Party (JSP) led by actor Pawan Kalyan, the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and the YSR Telangana Party (YSRTP) could give it an edge but political observers say it is too early to comment on pre-poll alliances.

Pawan Kalyan has an alliance with the BJP in neighbouring Andhra Pradesh but there is no clarity if it will be extended to Telangana.

Coming to the Congress party, a series of defections after the 2014 and 2018 elections, a humiliating defeat in the by-elections and infighting has left the party demoralised in its former stronghold.

Despite the defeats in two Assembly elections even after claiming credit for carving out Telangana state, the Congress party failed to learn the lessons and remains a divided house.

In both 2014 and 2018, the Congress was at least the main rival for the BRS but this time the party will be facing the polls even without this status.

The resignation of the sitting MLA from Munugode constituency, Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy and his defection to the BJP to force the by-election late last year dealt another blow to the Congress. It faced more embarrassment with its candidate finishing a poor third and forfeiting the deposit.

In 2014, the Congress won 22 seats in the 119-member Telangana Assembly. In 2018 it faced another disaster. It could win just 19 seats, though it had forged electoral alliances with the TDP, the Left parties and some smaller parties.

The appointment of Revanth Reddy as the new state president by the central leadership in 2021 after ignoring several seniors and strong contenders triggered an open revolt by a section of leaders, who saw Revanth as an outsider as he had defected to the Congress from the TDP just before the 2018 elections.

The change of guard could not bring any change in the party’s fortunes. Several seniors started openly attacking Revanth Reddy for sidelining them.

The continuing slide raised new questions on the leadership of Revanth Reddy, whose style of functioning also irked some seniors. Recently when he packed the party panels with his loyalists, the seniors raised the banner of revolt and launched a movement to save the party. They called it a fight between the real Congress leaders and migrants from other parties.

The allegation by seniors that AICC in-charge Manickam Tagore is siding with Revanth Reddy forced the central leadership to intervene and replace him with Manikrao Thakare.

Though the Congress appears to have yielded ground to the BJP as the main challenger, the grand old party still has some base in a few districts.

The maiden public meeting of Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi in Telangana on May 8 brought some cheer in the party camp. The party leaders remain hopeful that as the elections draw nearer, the Congress will gain in strength to capture power in Telangana.

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BRS looks to accelerate activities with permanent office in Delhi


BRS national president and Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao will inaugurate party’s central office building in Delhi on Thursday, and with this, the party is looking to accelerate its activities.

The work on four-storied building for the BRS, which started last at Vasant Vihar in the centre of Delhi, is now ready for inauguration.

The BRS was launched with the agenda of comprehensive development across the country and empowering farmers’ rule in the country.

With the inauguration of central office in the national capital, the activities of BRS will be accelerated.

KCR will enter the office, built with perfect vastu, by performing rituals and special pujas and occupy his seat.

Telangana Roads and Buildings Minister Prashanth Reddy and Rajya Sabha MP Joginapalli Santosh Kumar have been constantly monitoring the works related to the construction of BRS Bhavan in the national capital and overseeing the inauguration activities.

The BRS Bhavan with four floors is built on an area of 11,000 square feet. Lower ground will have a media hall and servant quarters. A canteen, reception lobby and four chambers for General Secretaries are built on ground floor.

KCR’s chamber, other chambers and conference halls are established in the first floor. A total of 20 rooms are available on the second and third floors, including the President’s Suite, the Working President’s suite and the remaining 18 other rooms.

It was in 2021 that KCR had laid foundation stone for the building.

KCR had inaugurated temporary office of BRS at Sardar Patel Marg in Delhi on December 14, 2022.

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KCR confident of BRS hat-trick in Telangana with over 100 seats


Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) President and Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao on Thursday exuded confidence that the party will retain power in the state by winning more than 100 seats in 119-member Assembly.

Addressing the general body meeting to mark party’s formation day, he said the BRS would score a hat-trick in the Assembly elections scheduled later this year.

“BRS won 63 seats in the first assembly election and 88 seats in the second assembly election. The BRS party will win more than 100 in the next election,” he said.

“Coming to power again in Telangana is not a big task. The priority is to win more seats than before,” he told the participants including ministers, MPs and state legislators.

KCR said two leaders should also take responsibility from the government in every assembly constituency. He called for connecting with people through programmes like Palle Nidra (Night halt in villages).

He said Zilla Parishad chairpersons, MPs and district in-charges should play the role of in-charges in the assembly constituencies where the BRS legislators are not available. The process should be completed within 3 to 4 months.

The BRS pulled up some MLAs over complaints against them. He warned them that if they didn’t mend their ways, they would be expelled from the party.

He asked the party leaders to take steps to reduce discontent among the cadre. He also wanted them to educate people about the government schemes, interact with them and mingle with them regularly.

The BRS chief said that the party will reach out to masses through producing TV ads and films. He said if necessary, the party will also run a TV channel.

Stating that in some villages, government lands are lying idle, he asked the party leaders to submit the details of such lands with survey numbers to his office. Suitable lands will be distributed to the poor to construct the houses immediately.

KCR recalled the formation of TRS to realise the dream of Telangana people and explained its evolution as a national party BRS to fulfil the aspiration of the people of the country.

“The achievement of Telangana state proved to the country that anything can be achieved in a parliamentary way. Now, we are moving ahead to keep the country on the path of progress with a slogan of Aab Ki Bar Kisan Sarkar,” he said.

Referring to losses suffered by farmers due to untimely reasons, he said the agriculture department should sensitise the farmers to complete harvesting before the unseasonal rains.

He announced that the government will purchase all crops including maize and sorghum like in the past.

KCR said that the state government is implementing an action plan to sustain agriculture and the welfare of farmers.

He listed out the achievements made by Telangana during the last nine years. The CM claimed that investments are flooding the state.

He pointed out that Andhra Pradesh’s per capita income of Rs 2,19,518 is Rs 1,00,000 less than Telangana’s per capita income. The per capita income of 16 to 17 states is much less than this.

The state registered surprising growth in every sector like electricity, roads, paddy procurement, agriculture, livestock, fisheries.

KCR said that Telangana also tops in per capita electricity consumption.

He slammed the Maharashtra government saying it has no vision.

“Maharashtra government says that it will go bankrupt if it implements Telangana schemes. The Telangana state implemented the schemes successfully without going bankrupt,” he said and claimed that people of Maharashtra are visiting Telangana to see the progress of the state.

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KCR launches 22nd formation day celebrations of BRS


Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) on Thursday completed 22 years with the party president and Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao launching the formation day celebrations.
This is the first formation day after Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) changed its name to Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS).

KCR hoisted the BRS flag at Telangana Bhavan, the party headquarters, to formally inaugurate the party formation day celebrations.

Accompanied by BRS general secretary K. Keshava Rao and other senior leaders, he paid floral tributes to Telangana Thalli.

KCR is also presiding over BRS general body meeting, which is expected to set the tone for Assembly elections scheduled to be held later this year.

The meeting, attended by 300 BRS leaders including ministers, MPs, MLAs and MLCs, will discuss and pass a few resolutions including political resolutions.

In view of the summer, BRS has decided not to hold plenary on formation day. BRS working president K. T. Rama Rao announced that a massive public meeting BRS Maha Sabha will be held at Warangal on October 10.

TRS was floated by KCR on April 27, 2001 after resigning from the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) to revive the movement for statehood to Telangana.

Telangana came into existence as a separate state on June 2, 2014. BRS formed the first government in the new state and retained power in 2018.

As a precursor to the formation day celebrations, meetings of party delegates were held at constituency level on April 25. These meetings were presided over by Assembly in-charges and local MLAs. Party’s district unit presidents will coordinate the programmes.

The BRS held party meetings titled Athmeeya Sammelan across the state during the last few weeks to discuss various issues including the development achieved by the state under BRS rule, welfare schemes being implemented by the state government and the programmes undertaken by the party.

On the occasion of party formation day, BRS leader K. Kavitha recalled that KCR began the journey with a handful people and went on to achieve a separate state and placed Telangana at the top position in the country during the nine-year rule.

Kavitha noted that BRS is now working for the country’s development and for farmers’ rule.

KCR’s daughter tweeted that while yesterday BRS struggled for liberation of Telangana Thalli, today it is striving for the golden future of Bharat Mata.

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Losing state party status derails BRS plans for Andhra Pradesh


The Election Commission’s (EC) decision to withdraw state party recognition to Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) in Andhra Pradesh is a setback to the party which was hoping to contest next year’s elections in that state on its poll symbol ‘ambassador car’.

The party, formerly known as Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS), headed by Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao had appealed to the EC not to derecognise the party as it plans to contest the elections in the neighbouring state next year.

The party leaders say that they were not surprised by the EC’s move. BRS working president K.T. Rama Rao said since the BRS had not contested the elections in Andhra Pradesh in 2019, the action of the EC was a “mere technicality”.

The BRS lost the state party status in Andhra Pradesh as it did not meet the norms and conditions prescribed by the EC.

The poll panel pointed out that the BRS did not contest Assembly and Lok Sabha elections in 2019 in Andhra Pradesh. “Hence, the poll performance of the party did not match any of the criteria laid down for recognition as a state party in the state.”

The BRS leadership also did not appear before the Commission to clear the issues raised by the EC in a letter sent to the party high command. The party, however, had made a request to the EC in this regard.

In March, the BRS had requested the EC not to derecognise the party in Andhra Pradesh as it plans to contest the 2024 elections. The EC had issued a notice asking the party why it should not be derecognised in Andhra Pradesh since it had not contested the Assembly and Parliamentary elections in 2019.

It was in 2004 that the EC recognised the TRS as a regional political party in undivided Andhra Pradesh. As the 2014 elections were held a few weeks before the formal bifurcation of the state, TRS remained a registered party.

In 2018, TRS contested the Assembly elections in Telangana but did not contest the simultaneous Assembly and Lok Sabha elections in neighbouring Andhra Pradesh in 2019. Hence, the EC had served the notice about the recognition status in Andhra Pradesh.

The notice was issued by the EC as part of its routine practice to periodically review the status of recognised parties based on performance in Lok Sabha or Assembly elections.

Since TRS has been recently renamed BRS and it plans to contest the next elections in Andhra Pradesh, the party leadership had urged the EC to keep its status as a recognised party in Andhra Pradesh intact. With respect to other states, it had said it will seek recognition when it gets mandatory seats and vote share.

Political analysts say the EC move is a setback for the BRS which is planning a foray into Andhra Pradesh politics by contesting Assembly elections scheduled next year.

“BRS will contest all 175 seats in the next Assembly elections as well as all 25 parliamentary constituencies, in Andhra Pradesh,” said BRS chief in Andhra Pradesh Thota Chandrasekhar.

Since the BRS is also looking to expand its footprints to Maharashtra soon by contesting the local body elections, its plans are likely to be hampered as it will not get the ‘car’ symbol. The party will have to opt for a free symbol.

It was on December 8, 2022, that the TRS officially became the BRS after the Election Commission gave its consent to the change in the name of the party taken by the TRS general body on October 5, 2022.

The party subsequently opened its national office in Delhi and appointed the party president in Andhra Pradesh.

As the party looks to expand its presence into states like Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Odisha with the 2024 Lok Sabha elections as the target, it hopes to get recognition as a national party from EC with a common election symbol.

“Since the ambassador car symbol given to us has not been allotted to any party in the country, we will request the Election Commission to recognise BRS as a national party. This will give us the flexibility to contest in multiple states,” BRS working president K.T. Rama Rao had said earlier.

However, it is still unclear if the BRS can get the common symbol to contest across states.

Party symbols are allotted only to recognised parties in accordance with the Election Symbol Reservation and Allotment Order of the ECI (Election Commission of India), 1968.

As per the EC’s guidelines, to secure recognition from the ECI as a national party, a party seeking such a status needs to have its presence in no fewer than four states with a vote share of six per cent or four seats in the Parliament representing all four states.

As per EC norms, a political party should fulfil the following conditions to be eligible for recognition as a state party in a state: Secure not less than six per cent of the votes in the last Assembly elections, win two MLA seats; Secure not less than six per cent of the vote in the state in the last Lok Sabha elections and win one Lok Sabha seat; Win at least three per cent of the total Assembly seats in the last Assembly elections; Win at least one Lok Sabha seat for every 25 members allotted to the state in the last general elections; Should secure not less than eight per cent of the votes in the last general elections held to the Lok Sabha or the Assembly in the state.

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