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Lokesh promises to solve diploma engineers issues

Vijayawada: Minister for IT, Panchayat Raj and Rural Development Nara Lokesh on Tuesday promised to solve the problems of the Panchayat Raj diploma engineers. However, he wanted them to give him time to study the problems and solve them in a phased manner.

Lokesh attended the 40th anniversary celebrations of the Panchayat Raj Diploma Engineers Association. He regretted that the successive governments have neglected the genuine request of the diploma engineers who have been asking for promotions. He said that the diploma engineers are working in the grassroots levels mingled with the people. They were playing key role in the development of the villages, he said. He further added that he would discuss the issue with the senior officials of the department and see that the diploma engineers are given promotions.

The Minister wanted the engineers to back the efforts of the government in developing the villages. He said that migration to the cities would stop if the villages are developed and basic infrastructure like health, education, sanitation, drinking water and electricity are provided. He said that he had set a target of 10,000 kilometres of cement roads in the State and wanted the engineers to help him.

Lokesh said that he had assumed charge just 45 days ago but was able to understand the problems of the departments he was holding. He said he would be available for the people and employees to learn their problems and wanted them to meet him any time.

Diploma Engineers Association president Shaik Riaz Ahmmad, APNGOs president P Ashok Babu, Panchayat Raj Engineer-in-Chief C V S Rama Murthy, employees JAC leaders S Chandrasekhar Reddy, A Vidyasagar Rao and others were present.

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Minister Lokesh makes his debut on Quora


Andhra Pradesh Government is taking unyielding measures against individuals on social media who make derogatory comments. On the other hand Minister for Panchayath Raj, Rural Development Nara Lokesh made his debut on Quora this week. The IT minister answered five questions out of which four were related to AP and Amaravati, one about his father.

His debut on Quora will pave for many more politicians to follow his foot-steps and join the incredible platform. The number of Indian politicians on Quora is countable. While politicians do not want to be answerable to anyone, this step by Lokesh could be considered as another way of apprising social media users about the government’s initiatives.

However most of the questions answered by the minister are old. There are several other questions on topics which Lokesh can choose to answer. It is absolutely necessary if he replies to the queries which have remain unanswered for longtime now in the minds of people, through this medium.

Quora calls itself a place to “gain and share knowledge” and a platform to ask questions and connect with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers. Lokesh is using social media to become more people friendly and this time optimistically to gain and share knowledge. However, it may be recalled that the TDP government is allegedly going to set up a Social Media Regulatory Authority (SMRA) to exercise greater control over social media platforms. Evident from the recent arrests, the government is trying its best to regulate the social media through all possible means. This debut of the minister is hopefully to answer the questions of his choice and not another extortion technique.

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Lokesh emulates Dad in using technology


Vijayawada: The young Minister for IT, Panchayat Raj and Rural Development, Nara Lokesh, is emulating his father, Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu in adapting to the technology in conducting his Ministerial business. He held a video conference with the district Collectors on the availability of drinking water in the districts.

The Minister using the teleconference system introduced by his father told the district Collectors to have the regular monitoring of the drinking water from the village level. He had directed them to get ready to meet any eventuality in the middle of the summer if people have problems in having access to the drinking water. The Minister announced the introduction of a toll free number to receive complaints from people about drinking water. He said that the call center established by the department had come as handy for the officials to rush to the aide of the people providing drinking water this summer. He wanted the official to plan ahead of the summer next year and see that all the drinking water tanks and ponds in the villages across the State are filled in advance.

The Minister is also monitoring the availability of the officials to the calls and said that he would take the officials response in assessing their performance. He wanted the officials to have separate plans to provide drinking water for the people and livestock. He also directed them to focus on the Uddanam area in north Andhra region and the drough-hit Markapur area of Prakasam district to provide regular water supply.

The Minister directed the officials to open more drinking water centers in the villages and towns to make safe and protected drinking water available. He had directed the Collectors to identify the villages where new water plants are required and take steps to establish them at the earliest. The Minister wanted the officials to have better coordination between the officials of the panchayat raj and rural water supply for better results.

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Lokesh wants to compete with his Dad, but says he can’t


Vijayawada: Andhra Pradesh Minister for IT, Panchayat Raj and Rural Development, Nara Lokesh, said that he wanted to compete with Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu in the work, but could not. “I have been working hard and fast to meet my own targets. But, I feel that I am far behind when I see the performance of the Chief Minister. He is ahead of us all,” Lokesh quipped with a smile on his face as he emerged out of the brief Assembly session on Tuesday.

In a chit chat with the media persons in the Assembly corridors, Lokesh said that the next 100 days were very important for him as he was tied up with mobilising HCL and three other IT companies to have their operations in Andhra Pradesh. He said that the HCL is getting ready to have its base in Visakhapatnam, the three other companies have also initially agreed to move to Vizag. He further said that some of the IT employees now working in Hyderabad were also interested in moving to Visakhapatnam. However, he said that the government had to provide facilities for these companies and employees in the next 100 days.

The Minister said that the government in the next 100 days would provide 15000 jobs in the IT sector starting with the HCL. He expressed confidence that he would be able to handle this great plan and turn Visakhapatnam as the next destination for the IT industry.

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All-rounder Chandrababu is batsmen, bowler and umpire: Lokesh

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is known to be obsessed with controlling everything however small or large be the task. While the world terms it micromanaging, Lokesh referred to him as an all-rounder. In the absence of father who is busy touring US, Nara Lokesh ensures to remind people of 18hours of hard work the TDP president puts in each day.

The Minister of Panchyath Raj said that Chandrababu is an all-rounder and keeps running like a 27year old. He said “In a cricket match there will be two teams with 12players including extras, but in Andhra Pradesh there will be only one person in the team who is Chandrababu Naidu”. Lokesh said Chandrababu is not only bowler, batsmen, wicket keeper but also umpire. This comparison with cricket team itself sounds bizarre.

If the government is elected democratically, Lokesh statements make TDP government look monarchic. The Minister of IT might want to explain the game the chief minister is playing where he is the sole player in the state.

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Minister Lokesh’s advice to Jagan


Andhra Pradesh Minister of Information and Technology Nara Lokesh said that Opposition Leader Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy has no instinct of extending co-operation for the development of the state. The Minister for Panchayath Raj also said that his father and Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu works 18hours a day while the opposition party at the international level is stooping to new lows in politics.

Chandrababu is touring the US to attract investments, while Jagan is claiming that he went to beg funds. He advised the YCP leader to stop playing dirty politics and start behaving like a decisive opposition party.

It may be recalled that the YCP took serious objection to Chandrababu belittling the prestige of Telugu people in the US while “begging for funds and investments”. YCP spokesperson Ambati Rambabu said it was outrageous on the part of Chief Minister to tell the Governor of California that Andhra Pradesh had no capital city and the division of the state was half-baked and done in a haste.

On the other hand, responding to the e-mail sent to Irving police by YCP followers, Lokesh tweeted that the incident only shows the desperation of Jagan. He further said that YCP’s criminal tactics won’t work both in AP or in the US. By doing this despicable act, the Rural Development minister said that YCP’s dirty politics has been exposed to the world.

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Lokesh to spruce up Visakhapatnam for Mahanadu

Visakhapatnam: Minister for IT, Panchayat Raj and Rural Development, Nara Lokesh, is sprucing up the beach city for the three-day Mahanadu to be held for three days from May 27. Lokesh, who is now in Visakhapatnam, grabbed the opportunity to visit the venue for the Mahanadu on Saturday and held discussions with the party leaders on the arrangements to be made for the mega event.

This being the first Mahanadu for him as Minister, Lokesh is taking special care to monitor the arrangements in every minute detail. Minister for Human Resources, Ganta Srinivasa Rao, besides others is taking care of the food arrangements for the party leaders and activists to be present during the three days. Party State president and Minister for Power, K Kalavenkata Rao, another Minister Ch Ayyannapathrudu from the region have already got into action preparing the rank and file for the mega event.

Lokesh, who has already been elevated by giving him membership of the two prominent Cabinet committees, Industrial Promotion Board and the Land Allocation Committee for Amaravati, is marching ahead making his mark in the State administration. The absence of Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu had come in as a blessing in disguise for him to establish himself as next in command, both in the party and the government as well.

The Mahanadu arrangements are set to give him a greater opportunity to have his word and prove his leadership qualities. A month after his elevation as the Minister, Lokesh now looks different. He is giving least priority to the criticism on him by the Opposition and also the comments against him in the social media. “My concern is not to counter the criticism. I am focusing more on the developmental works, particularly in the IT and Rural Development sectors. While the IT will bring more jobs for the people, the rural development would change the face of the State and that itself would counter the criticism,” he quipped during a chit chat with the media persons before leaving for Visakhapatnam.

With this changed attitude of ignoring the Opposition criticism, Lokesh looks different as he gained greater experience in politics and administration to be the successor to the master of politics, Chandrababu Naidu. His initiatives in making the next Mahanadu are also set to be a greater opportunity to prove his abilities and energies.

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Lokesh’s style of governance extolled


Andhra Pradesh Minister of IT and Panchayat, Nara Lokesh seems to have taken the stones thrown at him with grace. The first steps he took to reach out to people is his Twitter Darbar. There is a huge response to Lokesh’s initiative of resolving people’s grievances using social media. In fact, overwhelmed with his kin’s performance, TDP supremo and Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu has asked all senior leaders and ministers to follow the footsteps of Lokesh and reach out to people using the internet. Both the father and son duo, believe that the government could win the confidence of individuals through social media.

Chandrababu apparently also directed the ministers to be available in the Secretariat every Monday and Thursday for the party leaders and the public. In an almost empty secretariat, on Thursday which is the day for public grievances, there was only one Minister – Lokesh who patiently took up the requests and heard the problems of the public. He ordered the officials to address the urgent grievances immediately. Further he said he will personally look into some of the grievances. Even though Minister Narayana was in the secretariat he did not take up the grievances.

Earlier Lokesh held that he would like to bring in his own style of governance and help people in distress. It is apparent that his style is being liked not only by his father but also folks on twitter who are thanking the minister.

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Lokesh asks Jagan to prove charges or apologise


Vijayawada: Andhra Pradesh IT Minister Nara Lokesh took serious note of the criticism on him by Leader of Opposition Y S Jaganmohan Reddy.
Interacting with the media persons, Lokesh referred to the comments made on him by Jaganmohan Reddy during the latter’s Rythu Deeksha in Guntur the other day. Jaganmohan Reddy had said that people were calling Lokesh as Pappu for his inapt handling of things. He also said that some leaders were calling Lokesh as Locash as the young Minister was insisting on commissions for every work done in the State.

Reacting to these comments, Lokesh dared Jaganmohan Reddy to prove his charges. He said he had dedicated his life for the service of the people and had never indulged in any case. He alleged that Jaganmohan Reddy had misused the office of his father as Chief Minister and had amassed wealth landing finally in the jail. Unlike Jaganmohan Reddy, he was serving the people with commitment and dedication, Lokesh said. He wanted Jaganmohan Reddy to prove the charges or tender an open and unconditional apology to the people of the State. He said that if Jaganmohan Reddy failed to prove or apologise, people of the State would teach him a fitting lesson.

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Lokesh has big plans for AP elections

Vijayawada: It looks like Minister for IT and Rural Development, Nara Lokesh, has his own plans for the next round of elections to the State. He seems to be not interested or not ready to buy the plans of his father, particularly on early elections this time too.

It was in last week at the TDP seniors meeting, Chandrababu Naidu had hinted at early polls. A clear poll strategist, Chandrababu Naidu wanted to have the elections in the last quarter of the 2018, between October and December. The year 2018 has two important States going for polls, Gujarat in January and Karnataka in May. Though there are a few more States that are scheduled to have elections in the year, Chandrababu Naidu wants to ride on the success of the NDA in Gujarat and Karnataka and replicate the victory in Andhra Pradesh. It is said that Chandrababu Naidu is confident of seeing the NDA victory in these two States that would build a positive image for the Modi-Naidu combination to benefit the TDP in the State.

It is for this reason Chandrababu Naidu wants to have elections ahead of the Schedule, at least six months in advance. With day in and day out reviews on the Polavaram and Amaravati progress of works, the TDP supremo is confident of winning the mandate to complete the unfinished task. He strongly believes that these two projects are the vote catchers for him.

However, Lokesh seems to be not ready to subscribe to his father’s strategy. Though a novice in politics the young Minister is not prepared to lose even a single day of the term that people have given him in 2014. He wants to complete the full term and seek a fresh mandate at the end. “Where is the reason to cut short the term by a year or even six months,” he asked the media persons when the question of early elections was posed to him.

Lokesh, who is asserting his position in the government and who is projected as the future leader of the party, is developing strong views on elections. While victory is what that matters to a politician, Lokesh seems to be having some big plans of his own to say no to a statement of his father on advancing the elections in the State.

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TDP cadre disgruntled with Lokesh’s PRO

Some are born great like NTR, some achieve greatness like Chandrababu Naidu and some hire Public Relations officers. Telugu Desham Party is known to have brought businessmen into the politics. Another trend set by the party is merger of media and politics. Evidently the trend is being followed by Minister Lokesh who appointed TV9 reporter as his PRO.

Chaitanya Reddy who hails from a town Anaparthy in East Godavari was hand-picked by Lokesh. The duo had developed a real camaraderie after Chaitanya was posted as TDP beat reporter for TV9. Consequently, once Lokesh sworn in as minister, his reporter friend was given a weighty position.

On the contrary, the Chaitanya’s father is known to have campaigned for YSRCP in the 2014 elections. The family is said to be anti-TDP and this is not going down well with the local yellow-party cadre. The TDP leaders are not happy with the appointment of the TV9 reporter as PRO.

Public relations fail when there is no integrity. Lokesh needs to prioritise party needs before personal relationships. Furthermore, needs to be cognizant of past history when doing such political appointments.

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Chandrababu heeds to Brahmani’s wish: Lokesh to be Vijayawada Parliamentary in-charge

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu is making moves to rope in his daughter-in-law Brahmani into mainstream politics, after making the path seamless for his son Nara Lokesh into the cabinet. Chandrababu hinted at a snap poll and asked his party cadre to gear up for the same. Subsequently, TDP supremo has reintroduce district in-charge ministers, the arrangement which was dismissed two months back. The system of district in-charge Ministers this time comes with a slight modification. Chandrababu introduced the ministers as in-charges of parliamentary segments.

Minister of IT Lokesh is bestowed with the responsibilities as the in-charge to the Vijayawada parliamentary constituency. Brahmani is keen on contesting from the Vijayawada constituency and looks like Chandrababu heeded to her request. To get a strong hold in the Parliamentary constituency for his family, the CM is making effective moves and one such is appointing Lokesh as the in-charge.

This seems to be a well-planned move by the TDP chief especially after the souring relationship with the present Vijayawada MP Kesineni Nani. The TDP MP who was instructed to apologise to transport commissioner, recently announced the shutting of Kesineni Travels. It is now a cake walk for the CM to side-line Nani and allot the seat to Brahmani.

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Unsolicited advice to KTR, Lokesh about ‘Twitter Darbar’

Andhra Pradesh Panchayati raj Minister Nara Lokesh in last three days is taking up grievances related to villages on twitter. On the other hand, KTR has been addressing such issues on twitter for quite some time now. While KTR is picky, Lokesh who is a debutant is on problems resolving spree. While the ministers want to lead, let’s hope, they don’t end up nit-picking.

Lokesh’s twitter feed is an outright evidence that there are several problems to be addressed, a few of which have remained unresolved since ages. The twitter grievance redressal system, practiced by these two privileged ministers, is more like a lottery system where only few twitterati are blessed.

Sometimes tweets are judged by the amount of publicity they can generate for the minister.

There is category of requests wherein the minister in his position can hardly do anything. Like –

Lost passport when a person is abroad. A sensible individual should reach out to the Indian Embassy out there rather than reaching to unrelated ministry of IT or Panchayat. Even if anyone knocks on the ‘Twitter Darbars’, there is hardly anything the prince can do apart from rerouting the request through Ministry of External affairs or embassy.

Another practice is tweeting the newspaper clips about needy citizens and seeking assistance from the “Twitter Darbaars”. Even before the advent of twitter, ministers or officials or at times NRIs have reached out to such people as the whole purpose of publishing it, is to get the attention.

There are many similar requests on twitter which are receiving blessings from the ministers. In such cases, if feasible reduce the red-tapism at those embassies or in departments. On a positive note, these blessings are useful for some, but equality should be given importance over publicity. Will the prince ever be able to reach out to the under privileged who do not have access to him? There are established rules and guidelines in place for certain set of complaints. It is absolutely conclusive that few of the tweeple either have lost trust in the machinery or are unaware of the processes.

Cynical about something, without recommending viable solution, is a bad practice. Here are better plans:

At the government level – Programs like “Mee Kosam” in Anantapur and GHMC portal acknowledge the complaint, give a ticket number and the status can be monitored online or sent as a SMS to the aggrieved. On similar lines setting up a call-center or online portal will be the most viable option. Government can also setup a panel with separate twitter handle in which they can request the users to give their ticket numbers if unresolved for some time (SLA model)

At the leaders’ level – Instead of directly taking up unrelated issues the leaders should drive the tweeple to lodge the complaint or request at above said authoritative systems first. If the prince tweets only he will earn praise, if his entire machinery works, his kingdom will get the due credit.

At the twitterati level – While tweeting is easier than walking down to the office, it is important to google before tweeting and become knowledgeable about the rules and processes. A twitter user who constantly seeks the prince’s blessings for merely likes or retweets, is indirectly becoming the desperado for those deprived.

The said approach will also allow the public servants to be fully vested in what they are doing, so they need not bear the brunt of the minister at first itself. Moreover, such system will reduce the burden on the ministers to search through the hundreds of tweets aimed at them each day. Follow-ups do help in rare and exceptional circumstances. However, it should not become a standard practice for basic things too

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TDP government acts against Social Media trolls

As anticipated Nara Lokesh , TDP government is sick of the trolls and has acted against them. Recently reports surfaced that the Andhra Pradesh’s minister for panchayati raj, rural development and information technology, has allegedly indicated at a closed-door meeting that he is contemplating action against those making scathing posts and morphing photos of the party and the leaders.

AP assembly secretary filed a complaint with Tulluru Police and consequently the Administrator of Facebook page “Political Punch” inturi RaviKiran was arrested. Allegedly Kiran is running office right next to sakshi office hiring 8 persons for morphing and spamming in social media. The Tulluru police detained him at Shamshabad today at 3:30am in the morning. The page is known for morphing of photographs of Lokesh, belittling the dignity of TDP leaders and portraying them in poor light.

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Jagan planning to foment trouble in state : Lokesh


While YSR CP president Jaganmohan Reddy is about to sit on fast in Guntur today , TDP national general secretary Nara Lokesh accused Jagan of attempting to foment unrest in the state and TDP would not allow it to happen. In the first strong political reaction after being elevated to the stop slot in the party, Lokesh said Jagan was inciting certain sections of the society in the state and his indefinite fast was part of the conspiracy.

Jagan is sitting on fast in Guntur’s Nallapdu road to put pressure on the state and centre to accord special status to Andhra Pradesh. To participate in the fast, Jagan left by car from Hyderabad. Before reaching the venue he would visit the Kanaka Durga temple in Vijayawada to seek blessings for Goddess.

Already, thousands of supporters of YSRC are pouring into Guntur to witness the inauguration of Jagan’s fast.

Lokesh now reacted on the fast defending his father solo performance even at the age of 65 years. “We have information that the YSRC leader is inciting youth and students to damage the public property by sending messages through Whats App. If there is any such eventuality, the TDP will fight it out and put pressure on the government to prosecute Jaganmohan Reddy by including him as accused no. 1,” Lokesh said. Termed Jagan as ‘Dongabbai’ Lokesh said YSRC leader was attempting to obstruct the development of the state.

“Starting from the capital city, Jagan is continuously raising objection to every developmental program the TDP government initiated . He had incited people at Pattiseema project, Machilipatnam port and Bhogapuram airport to oppose the land acquision. If it is not stalling development, then what is it?” Lokesh asked. When he needed 33 acres of land in Bangalore for palace, how could Jagan oppose the farmers offering 33,000 acres to construction of new capital city, which is going to serve the entire state for ages, he said.

Lokesh asked Jagan and other YSR followers to return the lands taken by them during the regime of YS Rajasekhara Reddy. “Without creating a single job, Rajasekhara Reddy’s government grabbed 5.75 lakh acres of land from farmers . Where is the this land?.”

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Lokesh mobilizing youth support to father


Nara Lokesh Babu , who is going to play key role in party affairs today participated in an impressive gathering of students and youth in Kandukur, Prakasham district. Lokesh inaugurated the TDP Cadre Training Centre at Prakasam Engineering College. He is expected to concentrate on recruiting and moulding the students and youth for the TDP ideology of development of the state. According to party sources, Lokesh Babu is given responsibility of mobilizing youth to support TDP governments policies, which of late attracting criticism from opposition parties. “In Andhra Pradesh, students are not actively involved in TDP politics. The students activity is confined to the Left parties and BJP, and to some extent Congress. TDP doesn’t have an effective student and youth wing. Lokesh will concentrate on this aspect and mobilize youth opinion in favor of Chandrababu Naidu’s efforts to make Andhra Pradesh, a global destination of investment, which is going to create job in lakhs,” TDP sources involved in the Lokesh activities told Telugu 360.com

A senior party leader and politburo member, who doesn’t want his name quoted told this correspondent that Naidu wants to channelize youth energy to silence opposition onslaught on the developmental projects of TDP government.

“Chandrababu Naidu seems to have observed that Prime Minister Modi was being robustly defended by youth globally for his initiatives. He has highest youth following among the contemporary political leaders in India. Such a support is needed to rebuild any country or state. TDP president also wants harness youth power. Lokesh is on the job of mobilizing support Andhra youth wherever they are. Lokesh is given the responsibility of building youth force,” he said.

Already pressure is building on Lokesh to enter party organization and become in-charge of organizational matters. In a recent high level meeting party held in Vijayawada, politburo member and senior most leader of the party, Kala Venkatarao suggest to CM to appoint Lokesh as secretary-general of the party and make him in charge of organization. Naidu, though diplomatically chose not to respond to the suggestion in public, is indirectly encouraging his son to become the youth and student leader of the party.
The Kandukuru meeting, said the TDP leader, had proven the young Naidu’s capacity to attract the youth and sustain dialogue with them for longer time. “This is the quality of the leader”, he added.
Now we have to watch keenly the moves Lokesh takes to become the self-made leader or end up as son of Chandrababu Naidu.

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New NRI affairs advisor is Lokesh nominee


From NTR Trust Bhavan to AP secretariat, it is the writ of Lokesh that runs in Andhra Pradesh. Though Lokesh, only son of chief minister Chandrababu Naidu, holds no important post either in government or Telugu Desam party, his endorsement is necessary for many appointments and launching of new schemes. Lokesh Naidu has his men posted in every nook and cranny of the government and the party. Every minister’s peshi has his nominee as either PS or PRO. Now, his long arm has extended up to NRI affairs and investments department in government as well. The state government on Thursday appointed Dr Ravikumar Vemuru, a gastroenterologist from US, as advisor to the government, much to the disappointment of many veteran NRI supporters of Telugu Desam. Party sources said Ravikumar is the nominee of Chinna Babu, as Lokesh is called fondly among his admirers in the party.

Ravikumar, an alumnus of Guntur Medical College, is a Texas based doctor and came closer to Telugu Desam party just before the 2014 election. During elections, it is said, the doctor worked as fund raiser and attracted the attention of Lokesh Naidu, who managed the election with his team, to the satisfaction of party president. Ravikumar, reportedly was one of the facilitators of Lokesh’s US tour in May 2015. Lokesh tour, ostensibly to woo the American investors, was a ‘grand success’ thanks to the efforts half a dozen Telugu NRIs, of them Ravikumar is the key figure. He managed some high -profile appointments which include Governors.

Party sources confided to Telugu360.com,that besides offering his private jet to junior Naidu to tour various places in US, Ravikumar did much of the ground work for Lokesh successful trip. On May 11, Lokesh had a meeting with Texas governor Mr.Greg Abbott, in which Ravikumar was also present (see picture below) along with half a dozen Telugu NRIs. Impressed by Ravi connections and influence, Lokesh got him appointed as advisor to the high profile assignment of investment and NRI affairs.

Though the move disappointed many NRI TDP supporters, who expected some recognition for their long association with the party, Ravikumar has to prove his existence felt in the field he was chosen to handle. He has been given a respectable responsibility to channel the NRI resources to make Andhra Pradesh, which is in the throes of bifurcation, cynosure of India.



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