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Lokesh decries Jagan GO denying benefits to PG students


The Jaganmohan Reddy Government’s GO on cancellation of fee reimbursement for the PG students studying in private colleges triggered a fresh controversy in AP. The Opposition parties have quickly seized the opportunity to attack the ruling party. TDP National General Secretary Nara Lokesh launched a scathing attack and demanded withdrawal of the GO keeping in view the bright future of the students and for their future careers. The YCP regime should give fee reimbursement and restore all the benefits that were being given to the students.

Mr Lokesh asserted that it was not correct on the part of the Chief Minister to play risky games with the lives and careers of the youth. The Telugu Desam Party would categorically condemn such anti-student policies of the Government. As a responsible Opposition party, the TDP would continue to fight on behalf of the students. He asked whether the children of the weaker sections and the backward classes were not eligible for taking up studies abroad. The foreign education programme was being deliberately crushed since the YCP came to power. The students, who were studying abroad, were facing problems with the Jagan Reddy regime’s policies. The CM should not think that only his children must have good foreign education but not those of the weaker sections.

Mr. Lokesh deplored that the CM made loud statements and promises for the poorer sections, women and youth before elections, but after coming to power he was giving an empty hand. Jagan Reddy had no credibility which the people of AP had realised in just 18 months of this misrule. The weakening of the NTR foreign education programme had dealt a severe blow to the students of the weaker sections.

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Has TDP become a sinking boat due to Lokesh incapabilities?


Ministers are attacking and commenting badly on the personality of Ex Minister Nara Lokesh at every given opportunity. They are saying that it is because of lack of confidence in Lokesh capabilities that MLA Vallabhaneni Vamsi and Telugu Yuvatha President Devineni Avinash have shifted their loyalty. YCP is trying hard to convince that CM Jaganmohan Reddy has no role in the party change of TDP leaders.

The TDP is being forced to go on the defensive when rivals dismiss Lokesh as an inefficient and incapable leader. In a latest personal attack, Minister Kodali Nani repeatedly described Lokesh as a ‘Pappu’ (fatty person). He says that the 4 TDP MPs have also joined BJP because of their losing trust in Lokesh.

Nani referred to Vamsi remarks, saying that the TDP is going to sink like a broken boat under Lokesh who became the weakest point. Even Dharmadhikari Satyam, who brought out sunken boat from the Godavari river, will not be able to help the TDP. Nani says Lokesh is flattening TDP by walking over it like a road roller. It’s true that some leaders formed a coterie around Lokesh and hurt other leaders within TDP. If Chandrababu Naidu doesn’t solve this, the party will look more helpless before YCP personal attacks.

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‘Cinema chupista mama’: Lokesh tells Modi


AP CM’s son and Minister Nara Lokesh has launched a scathing attack on PM Modi ahead of general election. Lokesh says the TDP gave a foretaste of its power by spoiling the winning chances of the BJP in Karnataka elections last year. That was just a trial run but the actual power of TDP would be shown to the Modi-Duo in the coming election in AP. ‘We will show a big cinema to Modi. We will show him the power of AP people’, said CM’s son.

The TDP is making strong efforts to defeat the YCP-BJP secret alliance in AP. The party has placed special focus on how to win the Lok Sabha seats by fielding winning candidates. Lokesh says by winning all the 25 MP seats in the state, the TDP is going to decide who is going to be the next prime minister of India. For sure, Chandrababu Naidu will be playing a far bigger role than expected in national politics.

Lokesh has also attacked Jaganmohan Reddy for his collusion with Telangana CM KCR despite knowing the fact that the TRS chief described Andhras as ‘rakshasas’ (demons) who have no right to stay in Telangana state. The Federal Front of KCR and his friendship with Jagan are a big drama which is meant only to support the Modi-Shah duo.

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Pawan Kalyan compares Lokesh with KTR


Pawan Kalyan started attacking Lokesh on 14th March and since then he has been targeting Lokesh in all his speeches. Yesterday also he targeted Lokesh and compared him with KTR and told while KTR has the eligibility to become CM, but Lokesh doesn’t have such eligibility.

Pawan told, before becoming minister, KTR had the experience of fighting for people during the movement and moreover, he entered the legislative houses after people elected him. Then Pawan questioned what eligibility does Lokesh have to become CM. So, Pawan was indicating that Lokesh was never elected by the people and still want to become CM.

Pawan didn’t spare Jagan also. Pawan told, he didn’t come into politics to earn thousands of crores like Jagan. He also reminded that he had extensively toured tribal areas of Adilabad and Araku and told these tribal people still dont have access to potable water.

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Pawan Kalyan fires on Jagan and Lokesh


Pawan Kalyan is all set to start his West Godavari tour today. Since last two days Pawan Kalyan has been meeting several people at Bhimavaram. Students , lawyers, doctors fans Muslim representatives were among those who met him.

While speaking to all of them, he fired salvos on Jagan and Lokesh. He criticized Lokesh as he said, the one who became Minister back door wants to become Chief Minister. He also criticized Jagan as he said the one who has been in jail for so long wants to become Chief Minister. He questioned, don’t we have better alternatives. He didn’t spare Chandrababu also as he commented that, “Chandrababu always says that he will build Singapore like capital but he never promises he will provide Singapore like transparent ruling. He also added that if Lokesh or Jagan get a chance to make laws, we can easily imagine what the plight of those laws will be. Because both of them will first think, whether the law they are making will help them personally or not. He also made a satirical comment that if Jagan becomes Chief Minister he might go for a law to abolish all courts as he doesn’t like courts.

He has been meeting various groups throughout the day yesterday. janasena public meeting will be around 4 o’clock this evening and on Kalyan is also planning for one day Diksha in support of Aqua farmers tomorrow.

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Minister’s dashboard: Lokesh goes hi-tech in administration

Nara Lokesh, cabinet Minister for Information Technology, Panchayati Raj and Rural Development in Andhra Pradesh, goes hi-tech in his administration. At least, that’s the impression one gets after seeing his ministerial dash board ( http://www.mydepartments.in/PRRWS/ministerHomePage ).

The dashboard has the details of developmental activities, spending in his ministries, various G.Os related to his ministries and many other statistics. It has pages for – Panchayat Raj, PR ENC, Rural development, Rural water supply and IT E&C. In fact, the dashboard contains the details categorized by ministry, by year, by scheme, and by department. Even though having a dashboard and monitoring the progress of various tasks through the dash board and making the administration transparent is not a new thing, as several chief ministers, union ministers also already have dashboards, but state minister having a dashboard and that too with such minute details is rare and probably, it is not an exaggeration if one says no other minister at state level in India has this kind of a detailed dash board.

For example, fibre grid dash board gives the statistics at the level of village, mandal, zone and district level – like how many villages are connected, how many working and how many not working.

Or if you check the page for NTR Sujala, it gives the details of mother plants, remote dispensing units and the health status of overall scheme. The details provided in the dashboard seem to be transparent for e.g. NTR Sujala page clearly says, out of 27 mother plants, only 7 plants are in good health status while 20 are in bad status and out of 368 remote dispensing units, 275 are in good state and 93 are in bad state. It not only gives statistics but also gives details of which plant is actually in bad status. Or if you check Panchayat Raj department overview, it gives the details of each and every scheme, the total amount spent on that and corresponding government order for that. It is surprising to see the details of various schemes and the amounts spent on those schemes in 12,952 villages being present in the dash board and that too the statistics are available for each and every year.

‘A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity’, quotes Dalai Lama. This applies to governance too and transparent administration is one thing that everyone aspires for, in a democratic country. But until RTI act, it was very difficult in India to get the details of any information related to governance. But RTI also, was a provision given to citizens. There was not much initiative from rulers across the states in India to make their governance transparent except for some CMs and some union ministers. Even some of these dashboards that have been created are not giving comprehensive details. But Lokesh’s dashboard stands out as it tries to capture details at very minute level and gives details at very micro level. Probably this dashboard may become a trendsetter among other ministers across the country. Of course, if that happens, it would be a welcome change in the country.


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Nandi Fiasco – Nara Lokesh’s intolerance to criticism


Nara Lokesh, son of AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu and Minister for Panchayat Raj and Rural Development, has waded into a needless controversy by calling Tollywood personalities ‘non-resident Andhras.’ The phrase NRAs sounds good but it is not music to ears of lakhs of Andhras residing in Hyderabad.

His reaction (or is it outburst?) is the outcome of widespread criticism of AP State film awards, given recently to Telugu movies, actors, actresses, etc. The Nandi awards have kicked up a row in the Telugu film fraternity as well as among the people and critics. How could one movie, Legend, corner all the awards is the common refrain.

Even before the storm calmed down – some award winners have threatened to return — Lokesh, obviously piqued by the adverse media coverage and disparaging remarks, let his anger out. That too, in a rustic way. His tone and tenor must have ruffled a few feathers in the Telugu film industry. Sample this press report: “Some people fly from Hyderabad, stay here (AP) for half a day and run away…They don’t have a moral right to criticise the state government’s selection of film personalities for Nandi awards.”

He further said, “Those sitting in Hyderabad are criticising the government, but they have no stakes in the state.” Did he mean that only those with AP ration cards or voter cards can criticize the TDP government and nobody else?

It’s an undisputable fact that the whole Telugu media and the entertainment industry are concentrated in Hyderabad. Leading producers and directors, though all of them are from Andhra, are based here. And, thankfully, so far, none has coined the word NRA and the credit goes to Lokesh.

Film industry can’t develop overnight, or in a few years’ time. He should have been aware that in the composite State of Madras, that city was the epicentre of South Indian cinema and cradle for cine artistes, actors, directors, producers and even lighting boys. His grandfather NTR too walked into fame from baby steps he took in Madras. Only after NTR became the chief minister of united Andhra Pradesh, he initiated efforts to move the Telugu film industry from Madras to Hyderabad, offering a lot of incentives.

Over a period of time, seaside Visakhapatnam and touted ultramodern Amaravati can become ‘film cities.’ Just because Nandi awards are being criticised, an AP minister calling compatriots living in Hyderabad non-resident Andhras is ridiculous. His remarks only show his level of intolerance to criticism.

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Lokesh’s deadline for IT tower missed again


Minister of IT&C Nara Lokesh set deadline of October 15th for the completion of Millennium IT tower in his foremost trip to Vishakapatnam after taking charge. But only 70 percent of the work is completed so far and the remaining work is expected to be accomplished by December, reports DC.

The initial deadline for construction of the first phase of Millennium Tower was set August 2017 by APIIC. The project will cost around Rs.185 crore for both the phases, with tower A costing Rs 140 crore while tower B costing 45crore.

The Millennium Tower at Hill 3 in Rushikonda entrusted by the Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (APIIC) to a reputed construction firm will provide around 3 lakh sqft to companies planning to set up offices.

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Mahaa News 2.0: With blessings from Lokesh moves to Amaravati


In an attempt to revive the dwindling Mahaa News, TDP MLA from Parchur Yeluri Sambasiva Rao acquired the channel. Prominent journalist from ABN, Murthy has reportedly joined the channel. It was founded by Inaganti Venkata Rao co-owned by TDP MP Sujana Chowdary.

The channel will operate as purely Andhra Pradesh channel, on the lines of V6 or T-News in Telangana. The channel is acquired for a whopping sum of Rs 55 crore. While Rs 10 crore went in as down payment, the remaining will be apparently cleared in next one year. TDP national general secretary Nara Lokesh reportedly assured Rs 50crore revenues to the channel.

It may be noted that, IVR’s openly showered love for TDP. He wrote books on both Late N T Rama Rao and N Chandrababu Naidu. Though the channel was launched in 2012 with pomp, it failed to appeal the audience. Hope this new change in ownership and incentives from the second head in TDP will resurrect the channel.

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Lokesh says his father cannot be alternative force to NDA or UPA


Minister of IT&C Nara Lokesh believes that Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu’s services are needed more for the new Andhra Pradesh and so there is no question of his father rising as an alternative force to NDA or UPA. He further clarified that his father doesn’t have any ambitions in national politics.

He is of the view that the country needs strong leadership like Narendra Modi and that the BJP is not using YSRCP on the MNREGS issue to target the ruling party in the state.

He held that Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy’s Padayatra will zero impact on people of Andhra Pradesh and TDP is hardly concerned about it. In an interview with Deccan Chronicle, Lokesh asked “Several people carry out Padyatra from Varanasi to Kanyakumari, as part of holy trip. Does it mean all of them are eligible for the post of Prime Minister?”

The MLC responding to the ongoing controversy of Revanth Reddy said that whatever opinions expressed by the Telangana TDP leader are his personal and do not represent the party.

He denied the rumours of caste-based politics by TDP in Rayalaseema to woo Reddy community. Furthermore he said that new faces will be given a chance in 2019 elections.

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Why did Lokesh skip Paritala’s marriage?


The grand wedding of Paritala Sriram in Anantapur on Sunday was attended by who’s who from the Telugu speaking states including the Chief Ministers. However, the discernible future head of TDP- Nara Lokesh’s absence raised several eyebrows. His schedule did not seem to be cramped either to skip the wedding.

If reports are to be believed, Lokesh apparently did not get over Paritala family’s behaviour during the course of the defection of Gottipati Ravi Kumar. Of the several chaotic situations created in the ruling party due to Operation Akarsha, the defection of Gottipati from YSRCP to TDP changed the political dynamics among the leaders.

The defection which was allegedly negotiated by ABN’s chief Radha Krishna, was reportedly opposed by the Partiala family due to their relations with Karanam Balaram in Prakasham district. It may be noted that Karanam and Gottipati are said to be arch rivals. Lokesh purportedly had to intervene and reprimand the Paritalas. Surprisingly, Gottipati attended the event and was found mingling well with the Paritala family.

Ostensibly, Lokesh has not yet discounted the Anantapur leader’s on the issue. The minister who is being projected as the imminent for the party should take a leaf out of Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao book.

KCR on Sunday set aside the bifurcation issues and went to Anantapur, where was district in charge during his stint with TDP. Lokesh definitely needs to stand above these trivial issues and plan better.

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Lokesh’s does the math, says it is 175/175


BJP Rajya Sabha Member Amit Shah these days is singing the tune of ‘Mission 350+’ seats in 2019 elections. Taking a leaf out of his book, Andhra Pradesh Minister of IT&C Nara Lokesh is maintaining 175 tempo – the number of assembly constituencies. Sky is the limit for the MLC who recently prophesied that TDP will win in all the 175 constituencies in the 2019 assembly elections.

The TDP national general secretary stood by his prediction, in response to the query by TV9 reporter if they will win in Opposition leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s constituency Pulivendula. Despite the TV9 reporter dropping hints that he is being unrealistic, Lokesh sang the same 175 tune.

While Amit Shah is making strategic moves to secure 350+ seats in the 543 constituencies, Lokesh kept chanting 175 number.He even said that if the assembly constituencies are increased to 225, TDP will win in 225 constituencies.

It evident from his words that this is not a merely slip of tongue but being done tactically. Political parties in the power are bound to amplify things, to show their strength and weaken the opposition parties, but this over-exaggeration is ridiculous.

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Minister Lokesh says will create 1 lakh jobs in 2 years


Andhra Pradesh Minister of IT Nara Lokesh said that it his aim is to create one lakhs jobs in the next two years. Minister Lokesh met Real Estate Developers to discuss on the potential of Vizag’s real estate sector and sought investments on Thursday.

Lokesh explained the IT policy brought by the TDP government for the development of IT in the state. He realised that there is lack of office space for IT companies in the state. To get one lakh jobs at least 1crore sft is needed. He said that they will develop 90 lakh sft specifically for the IT sector alone in the next 18 months.

Lokesh said that almost 70 percent of IT jobs are from small and medium enterprises. He said that IT firms are expressing interest to setup operations in Andhra Pradesh.

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Lokesh inaugurates Vizag Tech Hub with 8 IT companies


Andhra Pradesh Minister of IT Nara Lokesh officially launched the AP Electronics and Investment Agency Tech Hub with eight IT companies at Vishakapatnam on Thursday. Lokesh said that eight national and international organisations will be set up in the Tech Hub. He vowed to create 2500 IT jobs within next two years. He said that plans are being drafted to attract more IT companies to Visakhapatnam.

The Tech Hub which was formerly called Cyber Tower will provide plug and play facility to IT players. The new eight units would create employment opportunities for about 600 people.

The eight units which deal with IT consultancy, IT/ITES services, projects and products launched include Amzur InfoTech Pvt Ltd, Virtual Guard Services Pvt. Ltd, Apex Content Solutions, IDA Automation Pvt. Ltd, Venture offshore Infomatrix Pvt. Ltd, Inventrax, Vismaya Premedia Services and Jiva Digital Services.

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Four months after taking oath, Minister Lokesh says not every CM’s son is like Jagan

Four months after taking oath as the Minister Panchayath Raj, Rural Development, IT&C, Nara Lokesh says it is difficult for youngsters to be successful in politics. He said that he is moving forward with his political career by abiding to the principles of his grandfather and founder of TDP NT Rama Rao.

In these 100days, he said that he has learnt a lot about Andhra Pradesh Politics using the feedback from peers and his dad. Furthermore, he wants to bring about policies where in youngsters can be accommodated into politics.

Speaking to leading Telugu News channels, about his portfolio IT&C, Lokesh said in Andhra Pradesh IT&C is a big challenge and especially with situations which are problematic. He is certain that Vishakapatnam will compete with all other IT cities indisputably. He said HCL is one big players, and the government is in discussions with Franklin Templeton. He said to create the eco-system in Andhra Pradesh, the government is extensively focusing on new age technologies – like Fintech, Drones, block chain, cyber security and IOT.

He said that he is appealing to Telugu NRIs to invest in the state and that there is momentum in that direction. He said that in last 4months, 7 policies were brought by his ministry to cater to the needs of different sizes of IT firms.

Minister for Panchayath Raj and Rural Development aspires to strengthen the village infrastructure by laying roads in villages, giving LED street lights, underground drainage system, constructing permanent Anganwadi centers, Panchayti offices, providing current and LPG.

He said that by 2019 all the villages will have cement roads. Lokesh hopes that in the next one year, 5000kms and the following year 6000kms of internal village roads will be laid. Also as part of special package from centre, Lokesh requested the CM to allot Rs 4000cr for interlink roads for villages.

He says they have been very meticulous rolling out NREGS. After he became a minister, he put up third party quality inspection to avoid discrepancies when cumulating funds from centre, state and finance commission.

By October2,2018 – Lokesh is confident that 40lakh led street lights will be set up in villages across Andhra Pradesh. As of today, 20lakh lights have been installed.

The Minister said that as part of the Special package from the centre, the Chief Minister promised to allocate 8000 crore rupees for drinking water. His team is working on drafting the water grid program to give tap water to all the households in AP. By 2019 he is not sure if he can give drinking water to everyone, but wants to ensure at least 6 districts will get water.

Speaking about Amaravati, Lokesh said that if it takes time to construct a home, it would take a lot of time to construct Capital. He says, 50years down the lane, people should not repent the structures, so the government is taking time to deliberate on designs.

He said that until Amit Shah or Narendra Modi break ties with them, BJP is an ally of TDP. He said that Pawan Kalyan is a friend of TDP and that they will always work together on people’s issues.

Lokesh said that Jagan will do his Padayatra on the cement road laid by TDP, under the street lights setup by them and will meet the people who are withdrawing pensions from the government.

The TDP legislator came down heavily on Opposition leader’s channel Sakshi and called it “Donga paper, Donga Channel”. He says the paper runs with the strategy “If you cannot convince people, confuse them”

Lokesh held that not every CM’s son is like Jagan. For the past 30 years there were no allegations against him, but suddenly in last three years a lot of accusations of corruption surfaced against him. He said that the opposition makes these allegations without any proofs. The Minister reminded that he always challenged Jagan for debate.

Lokesh alleged that from the time he became minister, not one YSRCP leader has come to him requesting funds for their constituency. He accused the YSRCP legislators and Sarpanchs for neglecting their constituencies.

While TDP is going ahead with Development Agenda, he said opposition is displaying confrontation behaviour.

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Lokesh responds on being called Pappu

Minister of Panchayat Raj and IT&C Nara Lokesh responded on being tagged as “Pappu” on social media and by YSR Congress party leaders. He said, “If a Pappu can start schemes which no one anticipated like Jalavani, installing 40lakh LED blubs underground drainage system in villages, then I am one”.

Citing his achievements as party general secretary, of crossing 50-lakh mark in 2015 and 75 lakh member in 2016 as part of TDP membership drive and giving Financial assistance to 2000 families through insurance scheme, he said “If Pappu can do all this thing, then I am Pappu or if Uppu(salt) does it then I am uppu”

Speaking to TV9, Lokesh said that on one hand people call him “Pappu” and on other they call him “corrupt”. He left it to the social media mongers to decided what he is.

The Minister said that he is responsible for people and not the few petty people who run hate campaign on social media.

Answering to the question on google returning Lokesh’s picture when searched for AP Pappu, Lokesh said he is indifferent to such things and questioned, “What can they do more than that? They will write two articles and run four programmes and nothing more than that”

He said that he is doing good things in a systematic way, which the TDP leaders, karyakartas and even the 4.5crore people take cognizant.

Lokesh said that that these social media campaigns don’t demoralise him as he works for the people and is answerable to them and not the tell-tales.

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ABN News Channel in hands of Lokesh??

A wise politician will own media house but the wisest ones get their hands on TRP toppers. The political affiliation of ABN Andhra Jyothi has taken a next step, wherein Minister of IT&C Nara Lokesh is now aggressively offering creative ideas and instructions to the media house. Due to these consultations on how to present news, rumors surfaced that the channel was purchased by Lokesh.

Vemuri Radha Krishna is not a kind of person to give away ownership on the channel which is among the top three in TRPs. However, Lokesh’s intervention allegedly increased as the media house is availing over hundred crores rupees worth services from the government. The Panchayat minister advises only his close associates on how to go about and not everyone.

The media house prior to receiving instructions from Lokesh, used to write counter stories and has been saving the grace of Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu. It has gone easy on arch rival TRS and K Chandrashekar Rao as well. According to the unwritten rule book, the media house shall not give prominence in broadcasting the news related to YSR Congress party and Left parties. This media house being an ally of a political party has surrendered itself and is now dutifully following the instructions.

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Lokesh asks Nani to restrain from speaking on Travels Controversy

Minister of IT&C Nara Lokesh asked Kesineni Nani to avoid talking about the Travels Controversy. This reaction from the minister comes after exchange of words between Transport Minister Acham Naidu and the Vijayawada MP.

It may be noted that Kesineni Nani slammed the Revenue department for failing to take action against private bus operators who have been obtaining permits from North Eastern States. Responding to Arunachal’s decision, Minister Acham Naidu said that their department has not received any official information, but only got a Whatsapp message. Subsequently he wrote to the Arunachal government seeking details of the buses illegally running in AP. Reacting to the comments of Vijayawada MP, he said that Nani’s comments are his personal views.

In a retaliation, Nani said that, only Chandrababu and Lokesh statements are considered as official statements and all other statements by TDP leaders are personal. The MP speaking to ABN news channel said that some of the officers are not abiding by the law bringing a bad name to TDP government. He complemented Arunachal Pradesh CM for quick action over the complaints he made.

This incident did not go unnoticed by Lokesh who asked Nani to avoid speaking on the controversial topic. He allegedly advised the MP that such contentious statements are causing damage to the party image. He affirmed that upon his return from Portugal, they would take up the issue. The MP gave an explanation to the MLC about his conversation with media and affirmed that TDP, Chandrababu and Lokesh are imperative for him.

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Chandrababu blows his own horn, asks parents to change thinking

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu asked parents to think forward about the future of their children. In the fast forward society, he called for a change in thought process of parents. He said, despite belonging to a family with agriculture background, he managed to send his only son Nara Lokesh for higher education abroad. He said that he said the same in assembly when Former Chief Minister Late Y S Rajashekar Reddy was alive.

Naidu taking a jibe at the opposition leader said that Jagan’s father, sent him to the US for higher studies but the YSRCP chief ran away from America without completing his education. He said unlike Jagan, his son and daughter-in-law studied in Stanford University and returned home with degree. Blowing his own trumpet, Naidu held that he did not want his family to depend solely on politics, so he inspired them to work hard. He took pride for his wife and daughter-in-law for being successful entrepreneurs. Speaking about the third generation, Nara Devansh, the TDP chief said he was happy that when late NTR was CM, Lokesh was born, and now when he is CM, his grandson took birth born.

Naidu said that change in thoughts will bring about change in life. Speaking to the students selected for foreign studies, he said there are immense opportunities out there for better education and enhancing skills. He asked the students should to grab these opportunities and make the most out of them. The TDP national party president said that his government will always encourage intelligent and hardworking students. CM said the future of children is based on the decision taken by the parents.

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Lokesh challenge to Jagan puts YSRCP in jitters


Vijayawada: The open challenge thrown by Minister for IT, Panchayat Raj and Rural Development Nara Lokesh to Opposition leader Y S Jaganmohan Reddy for an open debate on development had fixed YSR Congress leaders. The YSR Congress leaders across the State have reacted to Lokesh’s challenge finding fault with the young Minister for challenging the Leader of Opposition.

Lokesh had blamed Jaganmohan Reddy alleging that the Opposition leader is obstructing the developmental projects in the State. He cited the example of the government bringing Kia Motors to set up a car manufacturing unit in Ananthapur district and alleged that Jaganmohan Reddy had instigated the farmers there not to give their lands for the factory. Similarly, he said that Jaganmohan Reddy had tried to mislead the farmers of the capital villages against land pooling and the farmers of Godavari district against the Pattiseema Project. He also accused Jaganmohan Reddy of spreading misleading and false campaign against him and the TDP through Sakshi media group. He recalled a photograph in which he was speaking to Home Minister Chinarajappa during the party meeting and said that the Sakshi media had misrepresented the facts to create rift between two castes.

The IT Minister said that his father Chandrababu Naidu was working hard to develop the State despite having no office in the temporary capital. He said that the government in the last three years had mobilized over Rs 1.35 lakh crore investments to the State. He felt that Jaganmohan Reddy, instead of supporting the government was creating hurdles for the government at every stage. He dared Jaganmohan Reddy for an open debate on the developmental initiatives of the government.

However, the challenge had caused jitters for the YSR Congress as the leaders while refusing to accept the challenge try to find fault with Lokesh. The YSR Congress spokesman Ambati Rambabu wanted the TDP to accept CBI probe into the corruption charges against the government. He discounted the open debate and said that the debate would not serve any purpose but wanted the TDP to accept for the CBI enquiry.
Former minister and YSR Congress senior leader K Pardhasaradhi also discounted the challenge by Lokesh and asked Lokesh to tender open apology for his charges against Jaganmohan Reddy. He dared the ruling party leaders to come for debate on Polavaram and Pattiseema projects.

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